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Unit 8 Study Guide

Canadian geography Review the location of: Rocky Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Canadian Shield, Hudson Bay, Great Lakes, Pacific Ocean, and St. Lawrence River Canadian Government What is Legislature? What is Canadas Legislative Branch? What is the Head of Canadian Governments title? How is the Prime Minister chosen? What system of government does Canada have? What is the difference between a Presidential Democracy and a Parliamentary Democracy? Who is Canadas symbolic Head of State? What is her title? What leaders does a Constitutional Monarchy have?

Canadian History How did Canada gain its independence? What war decided which European country would control Canada? Who won it?

Canadian Culture What are Canadas official languages? Which language is spoken the most in Canada? Which religion is worshipped the most in Canada? Protestantism and Catholicism are both what religion? Where do most French Canadians live?

What natural resource first brought the French to Canada? Who are the native people of Canada? What does Secede mean? What does Sovereign mean? What is the British Commonwealth? What is the Quebec Independence Movement? Why was it started? What group of people started it? What was the outcome? What is a separatist? Why does Canada want to keep Quebec as a province?