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The Alternative Conference

Opening session in the DEBATING HALL The Fight Against Austerity. 12.30 1.30pm Gordon Maloney, NUS, Sasha Callaghan, Disability History Scotland, Ivan Cohen, People First Scotland and Carole Duggan from the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign. Suki Sangha from the Radical Independence Campaign will chair the session and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. There will be a short lunch break from 1.30 to 2.00pm - The Library Bar serves food and Hot drinks.

There is a choice of 4 workshops from 2.00 3.00

ALL TOGETHER NOW: Disability History Scotland and others ROOM Communities Fighting Back MIDDLE READING ROOM BALCONY

Community organising was vital in making the Bedroom Tax a dead duck in Scotland. Opposing cuts and privatisation of local services, sometimes by occupations; local resistance to open cast coal and now fracking; tenants struggles; fighting workfare, benefit cuts and ATOS: just a few examples of effective community action in Scotland recently. This workshop will hear speakers describe their first-hand involvement in community organising and will discuss what lessons we can learn for the future. We aim to come up with ways we can share experiences and coordinate action going forward.... The workshop will be chaired by Gail Morrow secretary of the Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation, and speakers include Karen Hendry from Glasgow, leading activist in the Anti Bedroom Tax Federation, in the fight against the closures of Day Centres in Glasgow, and in the occupation of Govanhill Baths. Stand Up to Racism and Fascism BALCONY ROOM On March 22, UN International Anti-Racism day there will be protests in Glasgow, London, around Europe and from New York to Melbourne.

You could have thought that racism was on the way out but since the start of the economic crises there has been a rise of racist and fascist parties across Europe, posing a danger not seen since the Second World War. How has racism managed to force its way back onto the mainstream political agenda and what are connections between racism, immigration and the economic crises. The workshop will feature Carole Duggan, aunt of Mark Duggan murdered by the metropolitan Police. Also with anti racist campaigners from Edinburgh. Liberation- the role of liberation politics in our movements LOFT BAR

"George Osborne's austerity is hitting women 4 times harder than men. Crisis centres, shelters and charities that support women and LGBT+ people are having their funding slashed. UKIP, a misogynist, homophobic, racist party are set to win a record number of seats in the EU elections. It is clear there is a problem but are our movements equipped to fight it? Join an interactive workshop, where we will discuss how to put liberation at the heart of our campaigns for a fairer society. We will have an open and honest discussion about the failings of left wing campaigns and organisations, and explore how we can work together to make our movements relevant and accessible to all. Facilitated by Fatima Osman and Andy Ashe

Choice of 4 workshops from 3.10 4.10

ANOTHER SCOTLAND IS POSSIBLE but how best to achieve it. Yes or No? The Indy debate with Jackie Baillie MSP and Cat Boyd RIC Chaired by Bill Scott, Director of Policy for Inclusion Scotland HALL Organised by Radical Independence Campaign Edinburgh DEBATING

Organising to win: Where next for the unions? BALCONY ROOM Unite the Resistance brings together trade unionists to push forward the fight against austerity and create networks of solidarity. Will be discussing the Hovis workers defeat of zero hours contracts, organising in the fast food industry and the excellent victory at Edinburgh College. Guest Speakers: Alan Milne (Bakers Union/Fast Food Rights campaign), Mike Cowley (EIS - Edinburgh College) Chair: Duncan Smith (Unison - local government, pc) Resisting benefit cuts and workfare and what's so great about working for a boss anyway? MIDDLE READING ROOM Horrendous benefit cuts some literally life-threatening are being accompanied by a hate campaign against claimants. Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty will introduce a discussion on how to effectively resist benefits cuts and workfare occupations and direct action against workfare exploiters as carried out by ECAP has pressurised many employers to pull out. We will also challenge the ideology whereby people are only judged to be of value if they are in employment - or an employer. This perverted sense of values means a single mother is considered not to be working while a stockbroker is! Work under capitalism IS exploitation - we need a vision of how today's defensive struggles can move towards revolutionary change to a classless co-operative world. _____________________________________________________________________ ___________ 1914-2014 Resistance to War LOFT BAR Britain has been involved in one or more wars non-stop since 1914. In this workshop we look at the rich history of resistance to war. There will be contributions from Edinburgh Stop the War, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, Edinburgh CND, Scotland against Criminalising Communities and the Scottish Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. There will also be space for you to contribute your ideas and experience. Final Plenary 4.20 5.20 DEBATING HALL

Unity in Action The Way Forward

Speaker from Real Democracy Now (Greece), Penny Gower, Edinburgh College, Owen Jones and Aamer Anwar. Maggie Chapman, Green Party Councillor will chair the session

Another World is Possible!