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Uninstalling Oracle 10g Manually from Windows XP

List of additional steps to do for cleaning the system completely after uninstall using universal installer. # Stop any Oracle services that have been left running. Start->Settings->Control Panel->Services Look for any services ith names starting ith !Oracle" and stop them. # #un regedit and delete the follo ing keys $some may have slightly different names in your registry%& '()*+C,##)-.+,S)#/SO0.12#)/O#2CL) '()*+LOC2L+32C'4-)/SO0.12#)/O#2CL) '()*+LOC2L+32C'4-)/S*S.)3/CurrentControlSet Services/)ventLog/2pplication/ '()*+LOC2L+32C'4-)/S*S.)3/CurrentControlSet Services/Oracle56Console '()*+LOC2L+32C'4-)/S*S.)3/CurrentControlSet Services/Oracle78g+home '()*+LOC2L+32C'4-)/S*S.)3/CurrentControlSet Services/OraclService -ote that the services control panel ill still sho the old services until you reboot. # 5elete the Oracle home directory C&/Oracle # 5elete the Oracle Program 0iles directory& C&/Program 0iles/Oracle # 5elete the Oracle Start 3enu shortcuts directory& C&/5ocuments and Settings/2ll ,sers/Start 3enu/Programs/Oracle9 1here 9 indicates the name of your install. Look for and remove all Oracle directories from that location. # #emove Oracle refereces from the path. .o edit your path go to& Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->2dvanced->)nvironment :ariables )dit both of the environment variables user P2.' and system P2.'. #emove any Oracle references in them. # #emove Oracle.5ata2ccess and any Polic.Oracle files from the ;2C hich is at& C&/1indo s/assembly/

In the past I've had many problems uninstalling all Oracle products from Windows systems. Here's my last resort method: Uninstall all Oracle components using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI . !un regedit.exe and delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ORACLE "ey. #his contains registry entires for all Oracle products. $elete any references to Oracle services left behind in the following part of the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Servi e!/Or"# . It should be pretty obvious which ones relate to Oracle. !eboot your machine. $elete the %C$%Or" le% directory& or whatever directory is your O!'()*+,'-*. $elete the %C$%&rogr"'(File!%Or" le% directory. *mpty the contents of your %C$%te')% directory. *mpty your recycle bin.

't this point your machine will be as clean of Oracle components as it can be without a complete O- reinstall. !emember& manually editing your registry can be very destructive and force an O- reinstall so only do it as a last resort. If some $))s can't be deleted& try renaming them& the after a reboot delete them.