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Introduction to SIFE

SIFE stands for Students In Free Enterprise (for more information, see

SIFE is a global non-profit organization, supporting university students at more than 1,400
schools in over 40 countries. Students are empowered to teach ethical entrepreneurship in their
local communities. SIFE students are the “best and brightest” in their countries, demonstrate
practical managerial skills, have hands-on experience and are committed to sustainable

SIFE creates a global partnership with business and higher education that empowers university
students to discover their full potential and become the best business-minded leaders through
creating economic opportunity for their communities.

Working in partnership with business and higher education, SIFE establishes student teams on
university campuses. These teams are led by faculty advisors and they are challenged to develop
community outreach projects that reach six educational criteria:

• Market Economics
• Success Skills
• Entrepreneurship
• Financial Literacy
• Environmental sustainability
• Business Ethics

SIFE team members leverage their educational experiences, the expertise of their faculty
advisors, the support of their local business advisory boards and the resources of their institutions
to implement programs that create real economic opportunities for members of their communities.

The effectiveness of their programs judged at competition. Each national SIFE organization
conducts a national competition, which is judged by leaders from its business community. At
competition, SIFE Teams present the results of their educational outreach projects and compete
to determine which team was most successful at creating economic opportunity for others.

These programs therefore have highly leveraged downstream effects. Our tertiary students spent
literally thousands of voluntary hours working with communities (locally and overseas) to bring
about real and sustainable economic benefits to those whom they serve.

The strategic impact is twofold: developing tertiary students who are participating and changing
the communities they serve.

The winner of these competitions represents their respective countries to compete in the annual
SIFE World Cup held in major cities around the world. The last SIFE World Cup was held in
Singapore on 1 to 3 October 2008 and the 2009 SIFE World Cup will be held in Berlin, Germany
on 4 to 6 October 2008.

Currently, SIFE is represented in Asia in eleven countries. These include Australia, China, India,
Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

SIFE Vietnam

Plans are underway to launch SIFE program in Vietnam in 2009. A national competition will be
held on Friday 24 July 2009. This inaugural event will be hosted by the University of Economics,
Ho Chi Minh (UEH). Some of our major founding sponsors in Vietnam include KPMG, PepsiCo,
Kinh Do Group and HSBC.

Thus far, these universities have already enrolled into SIFE program: Foreign Trade University
(Hanoi); Thang Long University (Hanoi); National Economic University (Hanoi); University of
Economics, Ho Chi Minh; Foreign Trade University (HCM); Banking University; Open University,
RMIT (HCM). More are expected to enroll.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact

Ms Nguyen Thu Trang

Country Coordinator, SIFE Vietnam

KPMG Limited
16th Floor, Pacific Place
83B Ly Thuong Kiet Street +84 (4) 3946 1600 x 6336
Hanoi, Vietnam

Mr Dennis Lee

Regional Vice President and

Managing Director, Asia

7A Commonwealth Avenue +65 9828 5787

#04-658 Singapore 141007

For more information, please visit our website at