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Name : KHAIRIL ANWAR Class : V B NPM : 10460054

Assalamualaaikum warahmatullohiwabarokaatuh. Good morning ladies n gentelmans. Praise and gratitude I prayed to god ALLOH SWT almight for the implementation of the event on this day well. I say thank you for the time and to the oapportunity that has been in invite I wish to reiterate the importance of creativity in preserving culture Indonesia. We know that, the culture of Indonesia stretches from sabang to merauke. Having dozens of rich cultural heritage in art. Many people are amazed and want to claim Indonesian culture as the culture of their nation. Hence, it than we as the younger generation is better if we realize that culture is an irreplaceable treasure. Culture can not created with ease, especially with such a time. It has been a lot of efforts to preserve the culture of Indonesia, but these efforfs have not been maximum. One of legendary Indonesia culture is batik. Batik is one of culture production that has worldwide and in recent times, batik began to receive attention from the younger generation. Batik day is a day in whice all parties were invited to use the batik. This is especially good for the younger generation and culture survival batik itself. Creativity batik will grow by itself with demand. Style modern clothing and age appropriate will make batik as a mean of creativity for young designers. Make a spear batik fashion formal, semi-formal and informal. Devise an original batik fashion yet very trendy if worn by every level of generation. Beside batik, there are also other fabrics that are not less beautiful fabrics such as songket, ulos fabrics and so on. It is we as a younger generation process their culture without losing its originality. Make batik as one of the fashion icons of cool and attractive to young people. Beside batik, Indonesia culture it most often in the area of interest is dance. Indonesia is no less exotic dance and graceful in comparision with other countries. Lots of foreign tourism coming to Indonesia just to see native dance Indonesia. Have you ever witnessed a culture festival or welcome important guest who come to Indonesia. The art of music and dance present extraordinary. In my opinion the area of dance should be introduced among the students so that the scene is no less exciting contest with a cheerleading competition. Combination the native dance with modern dance, like one concept of dance in one of the most popular events in Indonesia. Remove connotation that the native dance was not hanging out. Be creative and make the dance area native Indonesia as one of the subject in the dances of interest.

Beside creativity, promotion factors also more important. Indonesia arts to promote their foreign ideas interesting and unique. Thus the Indonesian arts gained international recognition and is not easy to duplicate. Never bored in the creative, everlasting the Indonesia culture, quicken your identity as an Indonesia. I think thats all from me. I wish what I said in this speech can be inspiration and motivation for us to be good generation in the future. Thank you for your attentions, and I am so sorry for my mistake.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.