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As the definition itself, Neocolonialism came from the word neo meaning new, thus new colonialism. It is refer as the idea that some countries can control their former colonies (or other less developed countries) by political, economic and cultural pressures. According to research, there are three tools of neocolonialism; the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the World Trade Organization (WTO). These three tools could be summarized into simpler words. First is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), its main purpose is to offer financial and technical assistance. Second is the World Bank, the name itself gives us the idea of its role. The World Bank, it gives financial support for the economic development of a country thus, to reduce the number of poverty. And lastly, the World Trade Organization (WTO) which facilitates the trades of the economy, and I quote The stated goal of the World Trade Organization is to facilitate trade by removing barriers including tariffs, and to act as a mediator when trade disputes arise. It has been said that these tools were made to protect the people of every state, to reduce the number of poverty, to increase the rate of economic progress, to develop social programs and to be strong enough to withstand in foreign competition. If then so, why does Philippine doesnt exhibit and perform any of those so called transformation? Are these tools really useful? Does it really made to benefits the weaker economy or to strengthen the strongest economy? The country Philippines can be a good example of neocolonialism. In spite of its independence it still depends itself on other country. Specifically, Philippines are still obediently following some American policy prescriptions. Despite of the leaders it had, it still depends on the aids and support of America. Unfortunately, Most of the previous presidents claimed that this notion would be helpful for the economic progress, and yet, there is still no evidence of it.

Many critics said that Philippines exhibit different form of neocolonialism, such as military neocolonialism, cultural neocolonialism and political neocolonialism. Each has its own disadvantages and somehow brought some advantages to few people. The Philippines has been a compliant military neo-colony, having allowed the U.S. to maintain a strong military presence since independence in 1946. Isnt it tragic that even the duty of the country to protect its own people still depends on a foreign countrys capabilities? In history, it has been stated that The Philippines allowed U.S to used Philippines as their permanent military bases. Since then, there was collaboration between the United States and Philippines armed forces. They allowed American soldiers to trained the Philippine soldiers, they give them several exercises and trainings; some were given an opportunity to have their advanced training in the U.S. As a result, Filipino soldiers were sent to participate in American wars. They were sent and used to defend not for their own country but for the sake and safety of the other. They sacrificed their lives for the benefits of the foreign strangers. Philippines are also too much dependent on U.S when it comes to military equipments. The effect of neocolonialism in our culture can be seen everywhere, it can be seen in media, language, values, norms and even in religion. Some people may not tend to notice it, but if they look deeper into it they will realize that, they, themselves were part of this built-in neocolonialism. If you will observe most of our culture were influenced by a foreign culture, specifically an American culture. One example could be the Filipino T.V show like Philippine Idol which originally came from the reality show American Idol. The fast food chain McDonalds, which offers potato fries, pasta and hamburger, has a Pinoy style version which is the famous Jollibee. This Filipino fast food chain has been offering the same variety of foods but on a different twist, a Filipino style. It is evidently seen that American culture has been adapted to this country.

And lastly, political neocolonialism; Philippine government tends to depend and varies their policies on U.S government. Does these benefits the Filipino? As developing country, Philippines seek support to a powerful country which can provide the needs and maintenance of the state. The political leader who expressed an extreme support to the favors of U.S will be rewarded, and shall gain extra favors. An excellent recent example is President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who voiced strong support for the U.S. Governments Global War on Terrorism. Her administration was rewarded with increased military aid and economic aid, as well as support for her controversial domestic political and economic programs. Neocolonialism is a sign of weak independence. Its true that it benefits the people, but these people are not the majority, these are the powerful person who has the capacity to know, to control and to witness this kind of system. They are the government, the foreign investors, the bureaucrats, the elite, the middle man, the oligarchs and the U.S government. They are the one who actively participating in the process and they are the one who continuously receiving the incentives. The question now is where is the common good? Wheres the goal of reducing the poverty? Does neocolonialism defined poverty as power? The victims of this system are almost the entire population of the country they are the less indigent people, the average Filipinos and the poor Filipinos. These people are the one who depends on the support of the government. Since the government, seems to be so obedient to the neighboring country, their own people tends to be left behind. They didnt receive the enough support they need because of the system. However, some Filipinos try to strive for more by working abroad to get an opportunity, to perform their potentials and to earned for a living. This result to a low economic progress, and this would also mean of going back to the system not until it becomes the process.

Philippines are rich from natural resources. Filipinos are blessed with abilities and capabilities. Neocolonialism cannot be considered as a healthy way towards progress. For this country doesnt need any foreign country for its development because the initial movement should start itself to the people, especially to the political leaders. The economic problems such as poverty and unemployment can deduce by selfimprovement. The political leaders can done these by means of avoiding corruption, by thinking the common good and not the owninterest of an individual. Somehow, Building a relationship with other nation may not be a sign of neocolonialism but of unity; collaborating with other countries may not be a form of alliance but a form of friendship; and seeking help and support to other countries may not be a form of being dependent but a form of building relation. As the title of a book said, and I quote Neocolonialism the last stage of imperialism


The third State Of the Nation Address of our President, his Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III was given last July 23, 2012. Every SONA is like fashion day for every politicians, why? Its because this is the time where each one of them is the main stream of the nation, where every positive and good deeds they made were broadcasted. They are just like models in a runway full of cosmetics that hide whats not supposed to be shown. Kung may abusadong mapang-api, siya ang lalabanan ko. Kung may makita akong mali sa sistema, tungkulin kong itama ito. As a citizen I am glad to hear those statements from a President. The fact that he wants to act according to his will gives a great impact to the society. Most of the previous presidents only aim for power and self-improvement, yet theres one person who portray himself as maka-masa person. This person gives hope and light to every Filipino lives. I was raised in an environment wherein to be democratic is not a big issue. I can express, at least barely my feelings in terms of myself or even what is happening around me. As a mature, my grandparents develop a sense of patriotism in me. They encourage me to get involved especially in a world of politics. They introduced me to the different political figure in our place and thus being acquainted in their world and their basics as to what it is in their world. To give a reaction to a certain disclose such as the SONA is not a new task for me. It has been an automatic task especially for us students to exercise our freedom of expression by giving reaction especially to the SONA. In the words of one of the blogger online, It has become a tradition that teachers in high schools and colleges give their students an assignmentto make a reaction paperon the Presidents State of the Nation Address. Thus, on my part, this is not the first time for me to give reaction

especially with SONA. However, as I read the whole cover to cover transcribed SONA statement of the President I find myself excited and found myself in front of my computer keying my reaction as what on my side, my reaction to the Presidents SONA this year 2012. At 4:04 in the afternoon, the President started to deliver his report to the nation. The delivery in Filipino was very favorable on my part. Not because I do not understand much English but there are million beside me who would appreciate more the SONA in our own National Language. The reports were indeed exceptional, nowadays, you would really feel that you can be truly proud to be a Filipino. Indeed, its more fun in the Philippines. The educational real in the Philippines was one of the reports, it has been said that to have a good education here in the country you need money, however according to him Free education - 4.57 million students who could not go to school before due to poverty are now able to study. Not a bad number. Fortunate for those who are included in this data and unfortunate also to those who are not yet included in the data presented by the President. I would always remember my mother pointing in me that education is the most powerful key if you want to succeed in life. The primary concern about classrooms has been also reported that Backlog of over 2 million chairs to be addressed by 2012; backlog of over 66,000 classrooms to be addressed by 2013. For the budget well, State universities and colleges will get a 43.61% budget increase in 2013. TESDA Secretary Joel Villanueva commended for reforms and effective implementation of technical education scholarships and other vital programs. Indeed, TESDA plays an important role in todays global challenges. The need for technical workers would be addressed by programs being presented by the department. If those out-of-school youth would just take this

opportunity true enough, there will be a lower number of unemployed Filipino in the county. Infrastructures were booming. In my own province, I could feel the traffic caused by roads construction, in fairness to this administration I can really feel the sincerity to help the country overcome the poverty and the problem through its infrastructure. Though its traffic I know that once its done I will one of the citizen who will benefit and reap the fruits of inconvenience. The sensitive RH bill was also mentioned. However, I still believed that being a Catholic individual, raised in the Catholic School and even through the guidance of the late then President Corazon Aquino, he will not be persuade by the pressure coming from his political people circle. He should remember that one of the factors that he is the President now is the Catholic population who willingly gave their vote in his favor. The controversial topic about the past administration was also taken up. Forgive and forget ang lahat ng atraso ng mga naglubog sa atin sa bulok na estado? Ang magpatawad, maaari; ang makalimot, hindi. To make responsible those people who committed crime and abused especially to the judicial and political system of the country. As a student and a citizen of the Philippines, hearing the SONA is not a new issue. But my question is how true these data are? Sometimes it easy to present data, easy to present something which is good but the questions of what is the reality bothers me. But the challenge remains the same. The SONA report was just a piece of paper written by someone under his administration. A piece of speech which was practiced by the President to be good or perfect in his delivery. To make change and to have change there should also have my participation. REFERENCE: (quotations)