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micro automation


Drive technology

Speed control and positioning using standard drives

Positioning and variable-speed drive tasks with SIMATIC S7-200 and the MICROMASTER 420 inverters

Micro Automation Sets ready-torun combinations from the Siemens automation environment. Quickly implemented automation tasks at a favorable price in the world of micro automation simple, low-cost and pre-tested in working applications.

Direct the communications functionality integrated in SIMATIC S7-200 allows drives to be controlled without having to use analog modules or digital I/O. And more using the bus system, additional drives can be simply connected without requiring additional components. User-friendly through and through simple commands to control, monitor and parameterize the drives ensure fast and user-friendly engineering. At any time from any location the optional remote service, as described in SET 13, reduces plant downtimes. Embark on a new course with Siemens all of the data and the right contact partners for the Set, straightforward ordering or planning with different versions, immediately, directly and simply through the fastest way to a working solution.

PC RS-232 RS-485

3-ph. 380 V to 480 V AC




TD 200



Three-phase asynchronous motor

1 TD 200 text display: Operator control and visualization (start, stop, parameters for the micro-PLC and drives, setpoints),
diagnostics (fault messages)

2 SIMATIC S7-200 micro PLC: Central and distributed open-loop and closed-loop control, communication with the drives,
position is obtained using an encoder

3 MICROMASTER 420 inverters: PLC commands are converted into continuously variable-speeds of standard motors
and provides integrated motor protective functions

Applications Transport systems Conveyor belts, elevating platforms Building technology Controlling gates, fans and pumps Machine control Handling machines, feeding equipment, packaging machines

Technical component data

TD 200 text display Display Interface Degree of protection Messages Back-lit LCD, 2-line, 20 characters/line (ASCII) RS-485 interface to connect to SIMATIC S7-200 IP65 at the front Max. 80 messages in which process data and setpoints can be incorporated

SIMATIC S7-200 Power supply voltage Integrated I/O Program memory/data memory Program back-up Data back-up Programming language ports 20.4 to 28.8 V DC or 85 to 264 V AC up to 248 DI/DO and 35 AI/AO max. 16 kB/10 kB Maintenance-free in an integrated EEPROM EEPROM/high-performance capacitor/back-up battery LAD,FBD,STL max. 2 x integrated RS-485 communication ports

MICROMASTER 420, inverters Supply voltage Rated motor output Protective functions Serial ports Inputs and outputs 3-ph. 380 V480 V AC 10% 0.37 kW11 kW > V, < V, ground fault/short-circuit protection, stall/locked rotor protection, motor > T, inverter > T RS-232 and RS-485 for parameterization and communication (USS) Analog and digital (integrated)

Three-phase asynchronous motors Rated voltage; rated frequency /Y 230/400 V; 50 Hz

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MICRO AUTOMATION SET your planning tool

Choose from implementation plans that have proven success. You will find all the necessary components for the application (Micro Automation Set) in this overview, and also in the Internet. In cases where you require versions that are adapted to your particular system requirements, obtain
Printed in Germany Subject to change without prior notice 03/02 | Order No. E20001-A610-P273 -X-7600 | Dispostelle 06307 | 21C7543 MK.AS.MS.XXXX.52.207 WS 04022. |

the appropriate ordering data for specific component versions under
Your MICRO SET everything MICROSET 1AUTOMATION Alles, was Sie dazu brauchenthat you need Product Order No. 6ES7 272-0AA20-0YA0 6ES7 2 1 6 - 2 A D 2 2 - 0 X B 0 6SE6 42 0 - 2 U D 1 3 - 7 A A 0 Comments/Versions

1 2 3 4

TD 200 text display incl. connecting cable to S7-200 SIMATIC S7-200 MICROMASTER 420, inverters (without accessories, PC software is included) Three-phase asynchronous motor

1LA7 0 7 3 - 4 A B 1 0 Order No. 6XV1 830-0EH10 6ES7 972-0BA12-0XA0 6SE6 400-0BP00-0AA0 Order No. 6ES7 901-3BF21-0XA0 6ES7 830-2BC00-0YX0 6ES7 810-2BC02-0YX0 6SE6 400-1PC00-0AA0

Accessories PROFIBUS cable (from the CPU, interface 0 to MM 420, terminals 14, 15) Bus connector (for the PROFIBUS cable, only for the CPU side) Basic operator panel for Micromaster 4 (optional) Engineering software/tools PC/PPI cable (PC <--> CPU communication) STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 Instruction Library V1.1, operations for the USS protocol STEP 7-Micro/Win32 V3.2. PC to inverter connecting kit (optional) Your contact for the MICRO AUTOMATION SET For further information please contact your local Siemens partner , or local Siemens distributor. If you do not know your Siemens partner please contact the helpline.

Helpline: +49 180 5050 111

Your MICRO AUTOMATION SET in the Internet Contact partners, ordering data, and version information, as well as additional information and examples are provided under:

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