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Generic Guidelines for the PIEAS MS Fellowship Test: 1.

The test would be having 10 questions from English that would be simple and comprising of the grammar or comprehension. But one question may possess the four questions itself. This would be placed to consume your time. So do not let them succeed in it. Its easy and finish it maximum in 10 minutes. 2. Physics, the 20 questions, would basically covers BSc Physics, if you have some book, go through it. Every question of it would be a numerical itself so if you will solve the end problems of FSc Physics (both years) it would get you memorize the basic formulae and they would help you there in real. Calculators will be allowed so you just need an equation to solve the problem. The fluid mechanics or the portion related to fluids will dominate the physics portion. 3. Mathematics, 20 questions, would NOT surely be the basic algebra, but it would be from the course, "Complex Variables & Transforms" and especially the TRANSFORMS. So it would be better if you prepare the 'Digital Signal Processing' for Maths portion as it would be comprising of the 'Transforms and their inter conversion', go strongly through the Fourier Series, Fourier Transform and Laplace Transform and other UGLY things like that. Graphical visualisation of the things would also help. 4. The above three would make your one section and you all have to score 50% in this section to qualify for the interview, apart from the other section. 5. Section B, would be comprising of 50 questions from your respective field, for this to prepare, go through your core subjects, revise all basics concepts. It would relatively be easy (as Computer Engineering ka to bohat asan tha), but its not TRUE always. 6. According to the survey report of URGE, only two percent students of UCET pass this test and qualify for the next round and the main reason is that they take the Section A (English, Physics, Mathematics) for granted, and eventually fail to score 50% in this section. The Section A would relatively be more tough. And in order to pass the test one has to pass both the section separately. 7. CHEATING is an organized ethical crime. I would not advise you to do so but if you are planning to seek some help from the neighbourhood, then let me tell you that there might not be questions shuffle or change but there is surely an options shuffle, means the right answer for a certain question will be an option 'a' for you and option 'c' for your neighbour at the same time, so be careful. This is true for section A. In section B, there would not be any shuffle. So you can consider 'seeking help' for Section B. But again, CHEATING IS PROHIBITED TO HEALTH. DISCLAIMER: The information shared is on the basis of personal and some fellows experience in PIEAS Test for the year 2009. So URGE would not be responsible for any harm come to you by following these guidelines. But if you get pass the test, you have to give credit to URGE. WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK TO ONLY THOSE WHO WILL GET INTO THE BATTLE FIELD AFTER PREPARATION GO, TELL THEM