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The Book Of Enoch With YAHWEH's Name Restored

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Chapters 1-36 The Parable of Enoch

Introduction to the Book of Enoch

We first learn of Enoch in Genesis 5 but it leaves us with questions. Hebrews 11 has the answers and Jude quotes Enoch! How did Jude come to know the words of Enoch? he! are not in the "cri#tures. he answer is $es% is he &ook of Enoch. ' book which is actuall! quoted not onl! b! Jude% but also James the natural brother of $'H"H('. he quote in )Jude 1*+15, - )1 Enoch 1./, is as follows. 01n the seventh )2eneration, from 'dam Enoch also #ro#hesied these thin2s% sa!in2. 3&ehold% the "overei2n came with his kodesh m!riads% to e4ecute 5ud2ment on all% and to convict all the un2odl! of all their un2odl! deeds which the! have committed in such an un2odl! wa!% and of all the harsh thin2s which un2odl! sinners s#oke a2ainst him3.0 What is the &ook of Enoch and where did it come from? Enoch was the 2randfather of 6oah. he &ook of Enoch cha#ter 78.1 0'nd after that m! 2randfather Enoch 2ave me all the secrets in the book and in the #arables which had been 2iven to him% and he #ut them to2ether for me in the words of the book of the #arables.0 his makes it #ossible for the &ook to have survived the flood as its not too hard to acce#t that 6oah would have taken his Great Grandfathers writin2s with him onto the ark. he &ook of Enoch was e4tant centuries before the birth of $'H"H(' 9essiah and !et is considered b! man! to be more 9essianic in its theolo2! than Jewish. 1t was considered scri#ture b! man! earl! 9essianic 'ssemblies. he earliest literature of the so+called 09essianic :athers0 is filled with references to this m!sterious book. he earl! second centur! 0E#istle of &arnabus0 makes much use of the &ook of Enoch. "econd and hird ;entur! men like Justin 9art!r% 1renaeus% <ri2in and ;lement of 'le4andria all make use of the &ook of Enoch. ertullian )17=+>?= ;.E, even called the &ook of Enoch 0Hol! "cri#ture0. he Ethio#ic ;hurch even added the &ook of Enoch to its official canon. 1t was widel! known and read the first three centuries after $'H"H(' 9essiah. his and man! other books became discredited after the ;ouncil of @aodicea. 'nd bein2 under ban of the authorities% afterwards it 2raduall! #assed out of circulation. 't about the time of the Arotestant Beformation% there came to be a renewed interest in the &ook of Enoch which had lon2 since been lost to the modern world. &! the late 1*==3s rumors be2an to s#read that somewhere a co#! of the lon2 lost &ook of Enoch mi2ht still e4ist. Curin2 this time man! books arose claimin2 to be the lon2 lost book and were later found to be for2eries. he return of the lon2 lost &ook of Enoch to the modern western world is credited to the famous e4#lorer James &ruce% who in 1DD? returned from si4 !ears in 'b!ssinia with three Ethio#ic co#ies of the lost book. 1n 18>1 Bichard @aurence #ublished the first En2lish translation. he famous B.H. ;harles edition was #ublished in 1/1>. 1n the followin2 !ears several #ortions of the Greek te4t surfaced. hen with the discover! of cave * of the Cead "ea "crolls% seven fra2mentar! co#ies of the 'ramaic te4t were discovered. he &ook of Enoch is divided into five basic #arts% but it is the he &ook of Aarables )?D+D1, which 2ives scholars the most trouble for it is #rimaril! concerned with a fi2ure called 0the messiah0E 0the ri2hteous one0E 0the chosen one0 and 0the son of man.0 ;ha#ter *7.1+> F1G here 1 beheld the 'ncient of da!s whose head was like white wool% and with him another% whose countenance resembled that of a man. His countenance was full of ma5est!% like that of one of the kodesh an2els. hen 1 inquired of one of the an2els% who went with me% and who showed me ever! secret thin2% concernin2 this "on of manE who he wasE whence he wasE and wh! he accom#anied the 'ncient of da!s. F>G He answered and said to me% his is the "on of man% to whom ri2hteousness belon2sE with whom ri2hteousness has dwealtE and who will reveal all the treasures of that which is concealed. for $'HWEH of s#irits has chosen himE and his #ortion has sur#assed all before $'HWEH of s#irits in everlastin2 u#ri2htness.0

he o#enin2 verses of the &ook of Enoch tell us that the revelations in this book were not meant for Enoch3s 2eneration% rather a remote 2eneration% and of course the book would make more sense to the 2enerations after $'H"H(' 9essiah. We know that the earl! 9essianic 'ssemblies made use of the &ook of Enoch% but it was then all but lost% until recent times. Aerha#s this book was meant for our 2eneration% as it is widel! available toda! after bein2 concealed for over a millennia. )Enoch 1.1+?, he words of the blessin2 of Enoch% wherewith he blessed the elect and ri2hteous% who will be livin2 in the da! of tribulation% when all the wicked and the ones that know not $'HWEH and $'H"H(' are to be removed. 'nd he took u# his #arable and said +Enoch a ri2hteous man% whose e!es were o#ened b! $'HWEH% saw the vision of the Hodesh <ne in the heavens% which the malakim showed me% and from them 1 heard ever!thin2% and from them 1 understood as 1 saw% but not for this 2eneration% but for a remote one which is for to come. Enoch in Hebrew is Hanoch

INTRODUCTORY VISIONS ND P R !"ES O# ENOC$ The r%&hteo's an( the )%c*e(
1:1 he b!essin" of Enoch: with which he b!essed the e!ect and the ri"hteo#s who wo#!d be $resent on the da% of trib#!ation at the time of the remo&a! of a!! the wicked ones' 1:( And Enoch) the b!essed and ri"hteo#s man of YAHWEH took #$ his $arab!e whi!e his e%es were o$en and he saw) and said) * his is a kodesh &ision from the hea&ens which the ma!akim showed me: and + heard from them e&er%thin" and + #nderstood' + !ook not for this "eneration b#t for the distant one that is comin"' + s$eak abo#t the e!ect ones and concernin" them', 1:- And + took #$ with a $arab!e sa%in") *YAHWEH of the #ni&erse) the .odesh /reat One) wi!! come forth from H+S dwe!!in"', 1:0 *And from there HE wi!! march #$on 1o#nt Sinai and a$$ear in H+S cam$ emer"in" from hea&en with a mi"ht% $ower' And e&er%one sha!! be afraid) and Watchers sha!! 2#i&er', 1:3 *And "reat fear and tremb!in" sha!! sei4e them #nto the ends of the earth', 1:5 *1o#ntains and hi"h $!aces wi!! fa!! down and be fri"htened' And hi"h hi!!s sha!! be made !ow6 and the% sha!! me!t !ike a hone%comb before the f!ame', 1:7 *And earth sha!! be rent as#nder6 and a!! that is #$on the earth sha!! $erish' And there sha!! be a 8#d"ment #$on a!!) inc!#din" the ri"hteo#s', 1:9 *And to a!! the ri"hteo#s HE wi!! "rant sha!om' HE wi!! $reser&e the e!ect) and !o&in":kindness sha!! be #$on them' he% sha!! a!! be!on" to YAHWEH and the% sha!! $ros$er and be b!essed6 and the ;i"ht of YAHWEH sha!! shine #nto them', 1:< *Beho!d) He wi!! arri&e with ten mi!!ion of the kodesh ones in order to e=ec#te 8#d"ment #$on a!!' He wi!! destro% the wicked ones and cens#re a!! f!esh on acco#nt of e&er%thin" that the% ha&e done) that which the sinners and the wicked ones committed a"ainst H+1',

(:1 E=amine a!! the acti&ities which take $!ace in the sk% and how the% do not a!ter their wa%s) and e=amine the !#minaries of hea&en) how each one of them rises and sets6

each one is s%stematic accordin" to its res$ecti&e season6 and the% do not di&ert from their a$$ointed order' (:( And !ook at the earth and t#rn in %o#r mind concernin" the action which is takin" $!ace in her from the be"innin" to the end: how a!! the work of YAHWEH as bein" manifested does not chan"e' (:- And beho!d the s#mmer and the winter) how the who!e earth is fi!!ed with water and c!o#ds and dew6 and he ca#ses rain to rest #$on her'

-:1 E=amine and obser&e e&er%thin":and the trees) how a!! their !ea&es a$$ear as if the% wither and had fa!!en) e=ce$t fo#rteen trees whose !ea&es do not fa!! b#t the o!d fo!ia"e remains for abo#t two to three %ears #nti! the new !ea&es come'

0:1 And a"ain) e=amine the da%s of the s#mmer) how the heat of the s#n is #$on the earth and dominates her' And as for %o#) %o# wi!! cra&e shade and she!ter on acco#nt of the heat of the s#n6 and the earth sha!! b#rn with scorchin" heat) and %o# are not ab!e to wa!k on the earth or on the rock on acco#nt of the heat'

3:1 Obser&e how the &erdant trees are co&ered with !ea&es and the% bear fr#it' >a% attention concernin" a!! thin"s and know in what manner HE fashioned them' A!! of them be!on" to H+1 who !i&es fore&er' 3:( H+S work $roceeds and $ro"resses from %ear to %ear' And a!! H+S work $ros$ers and obe%s H+1) and it does not chan"e6 b#t e&er%thin" f#nctions in the wa% in which YAHWEH has ordered it' 3:- And !ook at the seas: he% do not $art6 the% f#!fi!! a!! their d#ties' 3:0 B#t as for %o# ha&e not been !on":s#fferin" and %o# ha&e not done the commandments of YAHWEH) b#t %o# ha&e trans"ressed and s$oken s!andero#s!% "ra&e and harsh words with %o#r im$#re mo#ths a"ainst H+S "reatness' Oh) %o# hard:hearted) ma% %o# not find $eace? 3:3 herefore) %o# sha!! c#rse %o#r da%s) and the %ears of %o#r !ife sha!! $erish and m#!ti$!% in eterna! e=ecration6 and there wi!! not be an% merc% #nto %o#' 3:5 +n those da%s) %o# sha!! make %o#r names an eterna! e=ecration #nto a!! the ri"hteo#s6 and the sinners sha!! c#rse %o# contin#a!!%:%o# to"ether with the sinners' 3:7 B#t to the e!ect there sha!! be !i"ht) 8o%) and $eace) and the% sha!! inherit the earth' o %o#) wicked ones) on the contrar%) there wi!! be a c#rse' 3:9 And then wisdom sha!! be "i&en to the e!ect' And the% sha!! a!! !i&e and not ret#rn a"ain to sin) either b% bein" wicked or thro#"h $ride6 b#t those who ha&e wisdom sha!! be h#mb!e and not ret#rn a"ain to sin' 3:< And the% sha!! not be 8#d"ed a!! the da%s of their !i&es6 nor die thro#"h $!a"#e or wrath) b#t the% sha!! com$!ete the desi"nated n#mber of the da%s of their !ife' 3:1@ And $eace sha!! increase their !i&es and the %ears of their ha$$iness sha!! be m#!ti$!ied fore&er in "!adness and $eace a!! the da%s of their !ife'

The fall of an&els
5:1 +n those da%s) when the chi!dren of man had m#!ti$!ied) it ha$$ened that there were born #nto them handsome and bea#tif#! da#"hters' 5:( And the an"e!s) the chi!dren of hea&en) saw them and desired them6 and the% said to one another) *Aome) !et #s choose wi&es for o#rse!&es from amon" the da#"hters of man and be"et #s chi!dren', 5:- And Sem%a4) bein" their !eader) said #nto them) *+ fear that $erha$s %o# wi!! not consent that this deed sho#!d be done) and + a!one wi!! become res$onsib!e for this "reat sin', 5:0 B#t the% a!! res$onded to him) *;et #s a!! swear an oath and bind e&er%one amon" #s b% a c#rse not to abandon this s#""estion b#t to do the deed', hen the% a!! swore to"ether and bo#nd one another b% the c#rse' 5:3 And the% were a!to"ether two h#ndred6 and the% descended into 'Ardos) which is the s#mmit of Hermon' 5:5 And the% ca!!ed the mo#nt Armon) for the% swore and bo#nd one another b% a c#rse' 5:7 And their names are as fo!!ows: Sem%a4) the !eader of Arakeb) Rame'e!) am'e!) Ram'e!) Ban'e!) E4e2e!) Bara2%a!) As'e!) Armaros) Batar'e!) Anan'e!) Ca2e'e!) Sasomas$we'e!) .estar'e!) #rDe!) Yama%o!) and Ara4%a!' 5:9 hese are their chiefs of tens and of a!! the others with them'

7:1 And the% took wi&es #nto themse!&es) and e&er%one res$ecti&e!% chose one woman for himse!f) and the% be"an to "o #nto them' And the% ta#"ht them ma"ica! medicine) incantations) the c#ttin" of roots) and ta#"ht them abo#t $!ants' 7:( And the women became $re"nant and "a&e birth to "reat "iants whose hei"hts were three h#ndred c#bits' 7:hese "iants cons#med the $rod#ce of a!! the $eo$!e #nti! the $eo$!e detested feedin" them' 7:0 So the "iants t#rned a"ainst the $eo$!e in order to eat them' 7:3 And the% be"an to sin a"ainst birds) wi!d beasts) re$ti!es) and fish' And their f!esh was de&o#red the one b% the other) and the% drank b!ood' 7:5 And then the earth bro#"ht an acc#sation a"ainst the o$$ressors'

9:1 And A4a4'e! ta#"ht the $eo$!e the art of makin" swords and kni&es) and shie!ds) and breast$!ates6 and he showed to their chosen ones brace!ets) decorations) shadowin" of the e%e with antimon%) ornamentation) the bea#tif%in" of the e%e!ids) a!! kinds of $recio#s stones) and a!! co!orin" tinct#res and a!chem%' 9:( And there were man% wicked ones and the% committed ad#!ter% and erred) and a!! their cond#ct became corr#$t' 9:- Amasras ta#"ht incantation and the c#ttin" of roots6 and Armaros the reso!&in" of incantations6 and Bara2i%a! astro!o"%) and .okarer'e! the know!ed"e of the si"ns) and

am'e! ta#"ht the seein" of the stars) and Asder'e! ta#"ht the co#rse of the moon as we!! as the dece$tion of man' 9:0 And the $eo$!e cried and their &oice reached #nto hea&en'

<:1 hen 1ichae!) S#rafe!) and /abrie! obser&ed caref#!!% from the sk% and the% saw m#ch b!ood bein" shed #$on the earth) and a!! the o$$ression bein" wro#"ht #$on the earth' <:( And the% said to one another) * he earth) from her em$t% fo#ndation) has bro#"ht the cr% of their &oice #nto the "ates of hea&en', <:- *And now) EOF kodesh ones of hea&en) the so#!s of $eo$!e are $#ttin" their case before %o# $!eadin") 'Brin" o#r 8#d"ment before the 1ost Hi"h'', <:0 And the% said to YAHWEH of the $otentates) *For HE is YAHWEH of masters) and the A;1+/H Y of "ods) and the .+N/ of kin"s) and the seat of H+S s$!endor stands thro#"ho#t a!! the "enerations of the wor!d' YOGR NA1E is .odesh) and b!essed) and ma"nifacent thro#"ho#t the who!e wor!d', <:3 *YOG ha&e made e&er%thin" and with YOG is the a#thorit% for e&er%thin"' E&er%thin" is naked and o$en before YOGR si"ht) and YOG see e&er%thin"6 and there is nothin" which can hide itse!f from YOG', <:5 *YOG see what A4a4'e! has done6 how he has ta#"ht a!! forms of o$$ression #$on the earth' And the% re&ea!ed eterna! secrets which are $erformed in hea&en and which man !earned', <:7 *1oreo&er Sem%a4) to whom YOG ha&e "i&en $ower to r#!e o&er his com$anions) co:o$eratin") the% went in #nto the da#"hters of the $eo$!e on earth6, <:9 *and the% !a% to"ether with them:with those women:and defi!ed themse!&es) and re&ea!ed to them e&er% kind of sin', <:< *As for the women) the% "a&e birth to "iants to the de"ree that the who!e earth was fi!!ed with b!ood and o$$ression', <:1@ *And now beho!d) the .odesh One wi!! cr%) and those who ha&e died wi!! brin" their s#it #$ to the "ate of hea&en' heir "roanin" has ascended into hea&en) b#t the% co#!d not "et o#t from before the face of the o$$ression that is bein" wro#"ht on earth', <:11 *And YOG know e&er%thin" e&en before it came to e=istence) and YOG see this thin" b#t YOG do not te!! #s what is $ro$er for #s that we ma% do re"ardin" it',

1@:1 And then s$oke the 1ost Hi"h) the /reat and .odesh One? And HE sent As#r%a! to the son of ;amech) sa%in") 1@:( * e!! him in 1Y NA1E) 'Hide %o#rse!f?' and re&ea! to him the end of what is comin"6 for the earth and e&er%thin" wi!! be destro%ed' And the Be!#"e is abo#t to come #$on a!! the earth6 and a!! that is in it wi!! be destro%ed', 1@:- *And now instr#ct him in order that he ma% f!ee) and his seed wi!! be $reser&ed for a!! "enerations', 1@:0 And second!% YAHWEH said to Ra$hae!) *Bind A4a4'e! hand and foot and throw him into the darkness?, And he made a ho!e in the desert which was in B#da'e! and cast him there6

1@:3 he threw on to$ of him r#""ed and shar$ rocks' And he co&ered his face in order that he ma% not see !i"ht6 1@:5 and in order that he ma% be sent into the fire on the "reat da% of 8#d"ment' 1@:7 And "i&e !ife to the earth which the an"e!s ha&e corr#$ted' And he wi!! $roc!aim !ife for the earth: that he is "i&in" !ife to her' And a!! the chi!dren of the $eo$!e wi!! not $erish thro#"h a!! the secrets of the an"e!s) which the% ta#"ht to their sons' 1@:9 And the who!e earth has been corr#$ted b% A4a4'e!'s teachin" of his own actions6 and write #$on him a!! sin' 1@:< And to /abrie! YAHWEH said) *>roceed a"ainst the bastards and the re$robates and a"ainst the chi!dren of ad#!ter%6 and destro% the chi!dren of ad#!ter% and e=$e! the chi!dren of the Watchers from amon" the $eo$!e' And send them a"ainst one another so that the% ma% be destro%ed in the fi"ht) for !en"th of da%s ha&e the% not', 1@:1@ * he% wi!! be" %o# e&er%thin":for their fathers on beha!f of themse!&es:beca#se the% ho$e to !i&e an eterna! !ife' he% ho$e that each one of them wi!! !i&e a $eriod of fi&e h#ndred %ears', 1@:11 And to 1ichae! YAHWEH said) *1ake known to Sem%a4a and the others who are with him) who fornicated with the women) that the% wi!! die to"ether with them in a!! their defi!ement', 1@:1( *And when the% and a!! their chi!dren ha&e batt!ed with each other) and when the% ha&e seen the destr#ction of their be!o&ed ones) bind them for se&ent% "enerations #nderneath the rocks of the "ro#nd #nti! the da% of their 8#d"ment and of their cons#mmation) #nti! the eterna! 8#d"ment is conc!#ded', 1@:1- *+n those da%s the% wi!! !ead them into the bottom of the fire:and in torment:in the $rison where the% wi!! be !ocked #$ fore&er', 1@:10 *And at the time when the% wi!! b#rn and die) those who co!!aborated with them wi!! be bo#nd to"ether with them from henceforth #nto the end of a!! "enerations', 1@:13 *And destro% a!! the so#!s of $!eas#re and the chi!dren of the Watchers) for the% ha&e done in8#stice to man', 1@:15 *Bestro% the in8#stice from the face of the earth' And e&er% ini2#ito#s deed wi!! end) and the $!ant of ri"hteo#sness and tr#th wi!! a$$ear fore&er and he wi!! $!ant 8o%', 1@:17 *And then a!! the ri"hteo#s ones wi!! esca$e6 and become the !i&in" ones #nti! the% m#!ti$!% and become tens of h#ndreds6 and a!! the da%s of their %o#th and the %ears of their retirement the% wi!! com$!ete in $eace', 1@:19 *And in those da%s the who!e earth wi!! be worked in ri"hteo#sness) a!! of here $!anted with trees) and wi!! find b!essin"', 1@:1< *And the% sha!! $!ant $!easant trees #$on her:&ines' And he who $!ants a &ine #$on her wi!! $rod#ce wine for $!enit#de' And e&er% seed that is sown on her) one meas#re wi!! %ie!d a tho#sand meas#res and one meas#re of o!i&es wi!! %ie!d ten meas#res of $resses of oi!', 1@:(@ *And %o# c!eanse the earth from a!! in8#stice) and from a!! defi!ement) and from a!! o$$ression) and from a!! sin) and from a!! ini2#it% which is bein" done on earth6 remo&e them from the earth', 1@:(1 *And a!! the chi!dren of the $eo$!e wi!! become ri"hteo#s) and a!! nations sha!! worshi$ and b!ess 1E6 and the% wi!! a!! $rostrate themse!&es to 1E', 1@:(( *And the earth sha!! be c!eansed from a!! $o!!#tion) and from a!! sin) and from a!! $!a"#e) and from a!! s#fferin"6 and it sha!! not ha$$en a"ain that + sha!! send these #$on the earth from "eneration to "eneration and fore&er',

11:1 *And in those da%s + sha!! o$en the storerooms of b!essin" which are in the hea&ens) so that + sha!! send them down #$on the earth) o&er the work and the toi! of the chi!dren of man', 11:( *And $eace and tr#th sha!! become $artners to"ether in a!! the da%s of the wor!d) and in a!! the "enerations of the wor!d',

Drea+ ,%s%on of Enoch- h%s %ntercess%on for the fallen an&els
1(:1 Before these thin"s ha$$ened Enoch was hidden) and no one of the chi!dren of the $eo$!e knew b% what he was hidden and where he was' 1(:( And his dwe!!in" $!ace as we!! as his acti&ities were with the Watchers and the kodesh ones6 and so were his da%s' 1(:- And +) Enoch) be"an to b!ess YAHWEH of the mi"ht% ones and the .+N/ of the #ni&erse' 1(:0 At that moment the Watchers were ca!!in" me' And the% said to me) *Enoch) scribe of ri"hteo#sness) "o and make known to the Watchers of hea&en who ha&e abandoned the hi"h hea&en) the kodesh eterna! $!ace) and ha&e defi!ed themse!&es with women) as theirs deeds mo&e the chi!dren of the wor!d) and ha&e taken #nto themse!&es wi&es: 1(:3 he% ha&e defi!ed themse!&es with "reat defi!ement #$on the earth6 neither wi!! there be $eace #nto them nor the for"i&eness of sin' 1(:5 For their chi!dren de!i"ht in seein" the m#rder of their be!o&ed ones' B#t the% sha!! "roan and be" fore&er o&er the destr#ction of their chi!dren) and there sha!! not be $eace #nto them e&en fore&er',

$%s %ntercess%on for .a./el
1-:1 As for Enoch) he $roceeded and said to A4a4'e!) * here wi!! not be $eace #nto %o#6 a "ra&e 8#d"ment has come #$on %o#', 1-:( * he% wi!! $#t %o# in bonds) and %o# wi!! not ha&e an o$$ort#nit% for rest and s#$$!ication) beca#se %o# ha&e ta#"ht in8#stice and beca#se %o# ha&e shown to the $eo$!e deeds of shame) in8#stice) and sin', 1-:hen + went and s$oke to a!! of them to"ether6 and the% were a!! fri"htened) and fear and tremb!in" sei4ed them' 1-:0 And the% be""ed me to write for them a memoria! $ra%er in order that there ma% be for them a $ra%er of for"i&eness) and so that + ma% raise their memoria! $ra%er #nto YAHWEH of hea&en' 1-:3 For) as for themse!&es) from henceforth the% wi!! not be ab!e to s$eak) nor wi!! the% raise their e%es #nto hea&en as a res#!t of their sins which ha&e been condemned' 1-:5 And then + wrote down their memoria! $ra%ers and the $etitions on beha!f of their s$irits and the deeds of each one of them) on acco#nt of the fact that the% ha&e $ra%ed in order that there ma% be for them for"i&eness of sin and a !en"th of da%s' 1-:7 And + went and sat down #$on the waters of Ban:in Ban which is on the so#thwest of Hermon:and + read their memoria! $ra%ers #nti! + fe!! as!ee$'

1-:9 And beho!d a dream came to me and &isions fe!! #$on me) and + saw a &ision of $!a"#es so that + ma% s$eak to the chi!dren of hea&en and re$rimand them' 1-:< And #$on m% awakenin") + came #nto them whi!e the% were a!! conferrin" to"ether) in ;es%a'e!) which is !ocated between ;ebanon and Sanser) whi!e wee$in" and with their faces co&ered' 1-:1@ And + reco#nted before them a!! the &isions that + had seen in s!ee$ and be"an to s$eak those words of ri"hteo#sness and to re$rimand the Watchers of hea&en'

Enoch Repr%+an(s the 0atchers of $ea,en
10:1 his is the book of the words of ri"hteo#sness and the chastisement of the eterna! Watchers) in accordance with how YAHWEH the .odesh and /reat One had commanded in this &ision' 10:( + saw in m% s!ee$ what + now s$eak with m% ton"#e of f!esh and the breath of the mo#th which YAHWEH the /reat One has "i&en to man so that he man ma% s$eak with it :and so that he ma% ha&e #nderstandin" with his heart as YAHWEH the /reat One has created and "i&en it to man' 10:- Accordin"!% HE has created me and "i&en me the word of #nderstandin" so that + ma% re$rimand the Watchers) the chi!dren of hea&en' 10:0 + wrote down %o#r $ra%ers :so it a$$eared in &isions :for %o#r $ra%ers wi!! not be heard thro#"ho#t a!! the da%s of eternit%6 and 8#d"ment is $assed #$on %o#' 10:3 From now on %o# wi!! not be ab!e to ascend into hea&en #nto a!! eternit%) b#t %o# sha!! remain inside the earth) im$risoned a!! the da%s of eternit%' 10:5 Before that %o# wi!! ha&e seen the destr#ction of %o#r be!o&ed sons and %o# wi!! not ha&e their treas#res) which wi!! fa!! before %o#r e%es b% the sword' 10:7 And %o#r $etitions on their beha!f wi!! not be heard :neither wi!! those on %o#r own beha!f which %o# offer wee$in" and $ra%in" :and %o# wi!! not s$eak e&en a word contained in the book which + wrote'

Enoch/s ,%s%on
10:9 *And beho!d + saw the c!o#ds: And the% were ca!!in" me in a &ision6 and the fo"s were ca!!in" me6 and the co#rse of the stars and the !i"htnin"s were r#shin" me and ca#sin" me to desire6 and in the &ision) the winds were ca#sin" me to f!% and r#shin" me hi"h #$ into hea&en', 10:< And + ke$t comin" into hea&en #nti! + a$$roached a wa!! which was b#i!t of white marb!e and s#rro#nded b% ton"#es of fire6 and it be"an to fri"hten me' 10:1@ And + came into the ton"#es of the fire and drew near to a "reat ho#se which was b#i!t of white marb!e) and the inner wa!!s were !ike mosaics of white marb!e) the f!oor of cr%sta!) 10:11 the cei!in" !ike the $ath of the stars and !i"htnin"s between which stood fier% cher#bim and their hea&en of water6 10:1( and f!amin" fire s#rro#nded the wa!!s) and its "ates were b#rnin" with fire' 10:1- And + entered into the ho#se) which was hot !ike fire and co!d !ike ice) and there was nothin" inside it6 so fear co&ered me and tremb!in" sei4ed me' 10:10 And as + shook and tremb!ed) + fe!! #$on m% face and saw a &ision' 10:13 And beho!d there was an o$enin" before me and a second ho#se which is "reater than the former and e&er%thin" was b#i!t with ton"#es of fire' 10:15 And in e&er% res$ect it e=ce!!ed the other :in s$!endor and "reat honor :to the

e=tent that it is im$ossib!e for me to reco#nt to %o# concernin" its ma8est% and "reatness' 10:17 As for its f!oor) it was of fire and abo&e it was !i"htnin" and the $ath of the stars6 and as for the cei!in") it was f!amin" fire' 10:19 And + obser&ed and saw inside it a !oft% throne :its a$$earance was !ike cr%sta! and its whee!s !ike the shinin" s#n6 and + heard the &oice of the cher#bim6 10:1< and from beneath the throne were iss#in" streams of f!amin" fire' +t was diffic#!t to !ook at it' 10:(@ And YAHWEH the /reat 1a8est% was sittin" #$on it :as for H+S "own) which was shinin" more bri"ht!% than the s#n) it was whiter than an% snow' 10:(1 None of the an"e!s was ab!e to come in and see the face of the E=ce!!ent and the S$!endid One6 and no one of the f!esh can see H+1 10:(( the f!amin" fire was ro#nd abo#t H+1) and a "reat fire stood before H+1' No one co#!d come near #nto H+1 from amon" those that s#rro#nded the tens of mi!!ions that stood before H+1' 10:(- HE needed no co#nci!) b#t the most kodesh ones who are near to H+1 neither "o far awa% at ni"ht nor mo&e awa% from H+1' 10:(0 Gnti! then + was $rostrate on m% face co&ered and tremb!in"' And YAHWEH ca!!ed me with H+S own mo#th and said to me) *Aome near to me) Enoch) and to 1Y kodesh Word', 10:(3 And HE !ifted me #$ and bro#"ht me near to the "ate) b#t + contin#ed to !ook down with m% face'

Enoch %nterce(es to Y $0E$ #or The 0atchers of hea,en an( the%r 1'(&+ent
13:1 B#t HE raised me #$ and said to me with H+S &oice) *Enoch), + then heard) *Bo not fear) Enoch) ri"hteo#s man) scribe of ri"hteo#sness6 come near to 1E and hear 1Y &oice', 13:( *And te!! the Watchers of hea&en on whose beha!f %o# ha&e been sent to intercede: '+t is meet for %o# that %o# intercede on beha!f of man) and not man on %o#r beha!f', 13:- *For what reason ha&e %o# abandoned the hi"h) kodesh) and eterna! hea&en6 and s!e$t with women and defi!ed %o#rse!&es with the da#"hters of the $eo$!e) takin" wi&es) actin" !ike the chi!dren of the earth) and be"ettin" "iant sonsH, 13:0 *S#re!% %o# #sed to be kodesh) s$irit#a!) the !i&in" ones) E$ossessin"F eterna! !ife6 b#t now %o# ha&e defi!ed %o#rse!&es with women) and with the b!ood of the f!esh be"otten chi!dren) %o# ha&e !#sted with the b!ood of the $eo$!e) !ike them $rod#cin" b!ood and f!esh) which die and $erish', 13:3 *On that acco#nt) + ha&e "i&en %o# wi&es in order that seeds mi"ht be sown #$on them and chi!dren born b% them) so that the deeds that are done #$on the earth wi!! not be withhe!d from %o#', 13:5 *+ndeed %o#) former!% %o# were s$irit#a!) ha&in" eterna! !ife6 and immorta! in a!! the "enerations of the wor!d', 13:7 * hat is wh% former!% + did not make wi&es for %o#) for the dwe!!in" of the s$irit#a! bein"s of hea&en is hea&en'', 13:9 *B#t now the "iants who are born from the #nion of the s$irits and the f!esh sha!!

be ca!!ed e&i! s$irits #$on the earth) beca#se their dwe!!in" sha!! be #$on the earth and inside the earth', 13:< *E&i! s$irits ha&e come o#t of their bodies' Beca#se from the da% that the% were created from the kodesh ones the% became the Watchers6 their first ori"in is the s$irit#a! fo#ndation' he% wi!! become e&i! #$on the earth and sha!! be ca!!ed e&i! s$irits', 13:1@ * he dwe!!in" of the s$irit#a! bein"s of hea&en is hea&en6 b#t the dwe!!in" of the s$irits of the earth) which are born #$on the earth) is in the earth', 13:11 * he s$irits of the "iants o$$ress each other6 the% wi!! corr#$t) fa!!) be e=cited) and fa!! #$on the earth) and ca#se sorrow' he% eat no food) nor become thirst%) nor find obstac!es', 13:1( *And these s$irits sha!! rise #$ a"ainst the chi!dren of the $eo$!e and a"ainst the women) beca#se the% ha&e $roceeded forth from them',

Destr'ct%on an( Death of the 2%ants3 an( there 0%ll be no Shalo+
15:1 *From the da%s of the s!a#"hter and destr#ction) and the death of the "iants and the s$irit#a! bein"s of the s$irit) and the f!esh) from which the% ha&e $roceeded forth) which wi!! corr#$t witho#t inc#rrin" 8#d"ment) the% wi!! corr#$t #nti! the da% of the "reat conc!#sion) #nti! the "reat a"e is cons#mmated) #nti! e&er%thin" is conc!#ded #$on the Watchers and the wicked ones', 15:( *And so to the Watchers on whose beha!f %o# ha&e been sent to intercede : who were former!% in hea&en : sa% to them), 15:- '*Yo# were once in hea&en) b#t not a!! the m%steries of hea&en are o$en to %o#) and %o# on!% know the re8ected m%steries' hose ones %o# ha&e broadcast to the women in the hardness of %o#r hearts and b% those m%steries the women and men m#!ti$!% e&i! deeds #$on the earth'', e!! them) * herefore) %o# wi!! ha&e no sha!om?,

Enoch/s To'r of the Earth an( Sheol - The f%rst 4o'rne5
17:1 And the% !ifted me #$ into one $!ace where there were the ones !ike the f!amin" fire' And when the% so desire the% a$$ear !ike men' 17:( And the% took me into a $!ace of whir!wind in the mo#ntain6 the to$ of its s#mmit was reachin" into hea&en' 17:- And + saw chambers of !i"ht and th#nder in the #!timate end of the de$th toward the $!ace where the bow) the arrow) and their 2#i&er and a fier% sword and a!! the !i"htnin"s were' 17:0 And the% !ifted me #$ #nto the waters of !ife #nto the occidenta! fire which recei&es e&er% settin" of the s#n' 17:3 And + came to the ri&er of fire which f!ows !ike water and em$ties itse!f into the "reat sea in the direction of the west' 17:5 And + saw a!! the "reat ri&ers and reached to the "reat darkness and went into the $!ace where a!! f!esh m#st wa!k ca#tio#s!%' 17:7 And + saw the mo#ntains of the dark storms of the rain% season and from where the waters of a!! the seas f!ow' 17:9 And + saw the mo#ths of a!! the ri&ers of the earth and the mo#th of the sea'

The Cornerstone of the Earth an( the Storeroo+s of all the 0%n(s
19:1 And + saw the storerooms of a!! the winds and saw how with them he has embroidered a!! creation as we!! as the fo#ndations of the earth' 19:( + saw the cornerstone of the earth6 + saw the fo#r winds which bear the earth as we!! as the firmament of hea&en' 19:- + saw how the winds ride the hei"hts of hea&en and stand between hea&en and earth: hese are the &er% $i!!ars of hea&en' 19:0 + saw the winds which t#rn the hea&en and ca#se the star to set :the s#n as we!! as a!! the stars' 19:3 + saw the so#!s carried b% the c!o#ds' + saw the $ath of the an"e!s in the #!timate end of the earth) and the firmament of the hea&en abo&e' 19:5 And + ke$t mo&in" in the direction of the west6 and it was f!amin" da% and ni"ht toward the se&en mo#ntains of $recio#s stones :three toward the east and three toward the so#th' 19:7 As for those toward the east) the% were of co!ored stones :one of $ear! stone and one of hea!in" stone6 and as for those toward the so#th) the% were of red stone' 19:9 he ones in the midd!e were $ressin" into hea&en !ike the throne of YAHWEH) which is of a!abaster and whose s#mmit is of sa$$hire6 19:< and + saw a f!amin" fire' 19:1@ And + saw what was inside those mo#ntains :a $!ace) be%ond the "reat earth) where the hea&ens come to"ether' 19:11 And + saw a dee$ $it with hea&en!% fire on its $i!!ars6 + saw inside them descendin" $i!!ars of fire that were immeas#rab!e in res$ect to both a!tit#de and de$th' 19:1( And on to$ of that $it + saw a $!ace witho#t the hea&en!% firmament abo&e it or earth!% fo#ndation #nder it or water' here was nothin" on it :not e&en birds :b#t it was a deso!ate and terrib!e $!ace' 19:1- And + saw there the se&en stars which were !ike "reat) b#rnin" mo#ntains' 19:10 hen the ma!ak said to me) * his $!ace is the #!timate end of hea&en and earth: it is the $rison ho#se for the stars and the $owers of hea&en', 19:13 *And the stars which ro!! o&er #$on the fire) the% are the ones which ha&e trans"ressed the commandments of YAHWEH from the be"innin" of their risin" beca#se the% did not arri&e $#nct#a!!%', 19:15 *And he was wroth with them and bo#nd them #nti! the time of the com$!etion of their sin in the %ear of m%ster%',

The ppearances the Sp%r%ts of the n&els )ho "ea( the People %nto Error
1<:1 And Grie! said to me) *Here sha!! stand in man% different a$$earances the s$irits of the an"e!s which ha&e #nited themse!&es with women' he% ha&e defi!ed the $eo$!e and wi!! !ead them into error so that the% wi!! offer sacrifices to the demons as #nto "ods) #nti! the "reat Ba% of I#d"ment in which the% sha!! be 8#d"ed ti!! the% are finished', 1<:( *And their women whom the an"e!s ha&e !ed astra% wi!! be $eacef#! ones',

1<:- So +) Enoch) + saw the &ision of the end of e&er%thin" a!one6 and none amon" h#man bein"s wi!! see as + ha&e seen'

Na+es of archan&els
(@:1 And these are names of the kodesh ma!akim who watch: (@:( S#r#'e!) one of the kodesh ma!akim :for he is of eternit% and of tremb!in"' (@:- Ra$hae!) one of the kodesh ma!akim) for he is of the s$irits of man' (@:0 Ra"#e!) one of the kodesh ma!akim who take &en"eance for the wor!d and for the !#minaries' (@:3 1ichae!) one of the kodesh ma!akim) for he is obedient in his bene&o!ence o&er the $eo$!e and the nations' (@:5 Sara2a'e!) one of the kodesh ma!akim who is set o&er the s$irits of mankind who sin in the s$irit' (@:7 /abrie!) one of the kodesh ma!akim who o&ersee the /arden of Eden) and the ser$ents) and the cher#bim'

Enoch/s secon( 4o'rne5- prel%+%nar5 an( f%nal place of P'n%sh+ent of fallen stars
(1:1 And came to an em$t% $!ace' (1:( And + saw there neither a hea&en abo&e nor an earth be!ow) b#t a chaotic and terrib!e $!ace' (1:- And there + saw se&en stars of hea&en bo#nd to"ether in it) !ike "reat mo#ntains) and b#rnin" with fire' (1:0 At that moment said +) *For which sin are the% bo#nd) and for what reason were the% cast in here', (1:3 hen one of the kodesh ma!akim) Grie!) who was with me) "#idin" me) s$oke to me and said to me) *Enoch) for what reason are %o# askin" and for what reason do %o# 2#estion and e=hibit ea"ernessH, (1:5 * hese are amon" the stars of hea&ens which ha&e trans"ressed the commandments of YAHWEH and are bo#nd in this $!ace #nti! the com$!etion of ten mi!!ion %ears) accordin" to the n#mber of their sins', (1:7 + then $roceeded from that area to another $!ace which is e&en more terrib!e and saw a terrib!e thin": a "reat fire that was b#rnin" and f!amin"6 the $!ace had a c!ea&a"e that e=tended to the !ast sea) $o#rin" o#t "reat $i!!ars of fire6 neither its e=tent nor its ma"nit#de co#!d see nor was ab!e to estimate' (1:9 At that moment) what a terrib!e o$enin" is this $!ace and a $ain to !ook at? (1:< hen Gra'e!) one of the kodesh ma!akim who was with me) res$onded and said to me) *Enoch) wh% are %o# afraid !ike thisH, + answered and said) (1:1@ *+ am fri"htened beca#se of this terrib!e $!ace and the s$ectac!e of this $ainf#! thin"', And he said #nto me) * his $!ace is the $rison ho#se of the an"e!s6 the% are detained here fore&er',


The 2ather%n& Of So'ls T%ll The Da5 Of 1'(&+ent

((:1 hen + went to another $!ace) and he showed me on the west side a "reat and hi"h mo#ntain of hard rock ((:( and inside it fo#r bea#tif#! corners6 it had Ein itF a dee$) wide) and smooth thin" which was ro!!in" o&er6 and it the $!ace was dee$) and dark to !ook at' ((:- At that moment) R#fae!) one of the kodesh ma!akim) who was with me) res$onded to me6 and he said to me) * hese bea#tif#! corners are here in order that the s$irits of the so#!s of the dead sho#!d assemb!e into them :the% are created so that the so#!s of the chi!dren of the $eo$!e sho#!d "ather here', ((:0 * he% $re$ared these $!aces in order to $#t them i'e' the so#!s of the $eo$!e there #nti! the da% of their 8#d"ment and the a$$ointed time of the "reat 8#d"ment #$on them', ((:3 + saw the s$irits of the chi!dren of the $eo$!e who were dead) and their &oices were reachin" #nto hea&en #nti! this &er% moment' ((:5 + asked R#fae!) the an"e! who was with me) and said to him) * his s$irit) the &oice of which is reachin" into hea&en !ike this and is makin" s#it) whose s$irit is itH, ((:7 And he answered me) sa%in") * his is the s$irit which had !eft Abe!) whom Aain) his brother) had ki!!ed6 it contin#es to s#e him #nti! a!! of Aain's seed is e=terminated from the face of the earth) and his seed has disinte"rated from amon" the seed of the $eo$!e', ((:9 At that moment) + raised a 2#estion re"ardin" him and re"ardin" the 8#d"ment of a!!) *For what reason is one se$arated from the otherH, ((:< And he re$!ied and said to me) * hese three ha&e been made in order that the s$irits of the dead mi"ht be se$arated' And in the manner in which the so#!s of the ri"hteo#s are se$arated b% this s$rin" of water with !i"ht #$on it), ((:1@ *in !ike manner) the sinners are set a$art when the% die and are b#ried in the earth and 8#d"ment has not been e=ec#ted #$on them in their !ifetime), ((:11 *#$on this "reat $ain) #nti! the "reat Ba% of I#d"ment :and to those who c#rse there wi!! be $!a"#e and $ain fore&er) and the retrib#tion of their s$irits' he% wi!! bind them there fore&er :e&en if from the be"innin" of the wor!d', ((:1( *And in this manner is a se$aration made for the so#!s of those who make the s#it and those who disc!ose concernin" destr#ction) as the% were ki!!ed in the da%s of the sinners', ((:1- *S#ch has been made for the so#!s of the $eo$!e who are not ri"hteo#s) b#t sinners and $erfect crimina!s6 the% sha!! be to"ether with other crimina!s who are !ike them) whose so#!s wi!! not be ki!!ed on the da% of 8#d"ment b#t wi!! not rise from there', ((:10 At that moment + b!essed YAHWEH of S$!endor and + said) *B!essed be m% So&erei"n R#!er) YAHWEH of ri"hteo#sness who r#!es fore&er',

The f%re of the l'+%nar%es of hea,en
(-:1 And from there + de$arted and went to another $!ace in the direction of the west #nti! the e=treme ends of the earth' (-:( And + saw a b#rnin" fire which was r#nnin" witho#t rest6 and it did not diminish its s$eed ni"ht and da%' (-:- And + asked) sa%in") *What is this thin" which has no restH, At that moment) Ra"#e!) one of the kodesh ma!akim) who was with me) answered me and said to me)

* his thin" which %o# saw is the co#rse of the fire and this) the fire which is b#rnin" in the direction of the west) is the !#minaries of hea&en',

The se,en +o'nta%ns of the north)est an( the tree of l%fe
(0:1 From there + went to another $!ace of the earth) and he showed me a mo#ntain of fire which was f!amin" da% and ni"ht' (0:( And + went in its direction and saw se&en di"nified mo#ntains :a!! different) one from the other) of $recio#s and bea#tif#! stones) and a!! di"nified and s$!endid in res$ect to their &is#a!i4ation and bea#tif#! in res$ect to their facade :three in the direction of the east) one fo#nded on the other) and three in the direction of the north) one #$on the other) with dee$ and crooked ra&ines) each one of which is remo&ed from the other' (0:he se&en mo#ntains were sit#ated in the midst of these ra&ines and in res$ect to their hei"hts a!! resemb!ed the seat of a throne which is s#rro#nded b% fra"rant trees' (0:0 And amon" them) there was one tree s#ch as + ha&e ne&er at a!! sme!!ed6 there was not a sin"!e one amon" those or other trees which is !ike it6 amon" a!! the fra"rances nothin" co#!d be so fra"rant6 its !ea&es) its f!owers) and its wood wo#!d ne&er wither fore&er6 its fr#it is bea#tif#! and resemb!es the c!#stered fr#its of a $a!m tree' (0:3 At that moment + said) * his is a bea#tif#! tree) bea#tif#! to &iew) with !ea&es so handsome and b!ossoms so ma"nificent in a$$earance', (0:5 hen 1ichae!) one of the kodesh and re&ered ma!akim :he is their chief :who was with me) res$onded to me'

The 6%n&(o+ Of Y $0E$ an( The re)ar( of The R%&hteo's n( Chac%5(
(3:1 And he said #nto me) Enoch) *What is it that %o# are askin" me concernin" the fra"rance of this tree and %o# are so in2#isiti&e abo#tH, (3:( At that moment) + answered) sa%in") *+ am desiro#s of knowin" e&er%thin") b#t s$ecia!!% abo#t this thin"', (3:- He answered) sa%in") * his ta!! mo#ntain which %o# saw whose s#mmit resemb!es the throne of YAHWEH is indeed H+S throne) on which the .odesh and /reat So&erei"n R#!er of 1a8est%) the Eterna! .in") wi!! sit when HE descends to &isit the earth with "oodness', (3:0 *And as for this fra"rant tree) not a sin"!e h#man bein" has the a#thorit% to to#ch it #nti! the "reat 8#d"ment) when he sha!! take &en"eance on a!! and conc!#de e&er%thin" fore&er', (3:3 * his is for the ri"hteo#s and the chaci%d' And the e!ect wi!! be $resented with its fr#it for !ife' He wi!! $!ant it in the direction of the northeast) #$on the kodesh $!ace :in the direction of the ho#se of YAHWEH) the Eterna! .in"', (3:5 hen the% sha!! be "!ad and re8oice in "!adness) and the% sha!! enter into the kodesh $!ace6 its fra"rance sha!! $enetrate their bones) !on" !ife wi!! the% !i&e on earth) s#ch as %o#r fathers !i&ed in their da%s',

(3:7 At that moment) + b!essed YAHWEH of 1a8est%) the Eterna! .+N/) for HE has $re$ared s#ch thin"s for the ri"hteo#s $eo$!e) as HE had created them and "i&en it to them'

1er'sale+ an( %ts s'rro'n(%n&s
(5:1 And from there + went into the center of the earth and saw a b!essed $!ace) shaded' with branches which !i&e and b!oom from a tree that was c#t' (5:( And there + saw a kodesh mo#ntain6 #nderneath the mo#ntain) in the direction of the east) there was a stream which was f!owin" in the direction of the north' (5:- And + saw in a second direction) another mo#ntain which was hi"her than the former' Between them was a dee$ and narrow &a!!e%' +n the direction of the !atter mo#ntain ran a stream' (5:0 +n the direction of the west from this one there was %et another mo#ntain) sma!!er than it and not so hi"h) with a &a!!e% #nder it) and between them besides) another &a!!e% which is dee$ and dr%' (5:3 he &a!!e%s were narrow) formed of hard rocks and no tree "rowin" on them' (5:5 And + mar&e!ed at the mo#ntains and + mar&e!ed at the &a!!e%s: + mar&e!ed &er% dee$!%'

The acc'rse( ,alle5
(7:1 At that moment) + said) *For what $#r$ose does this b!essed !and) entire!% fi!!ed with trees) ha&e in its midst this acc#rsed &a!!e%H, (7:( hen) Grie!) one of the kodesh ma!akim) who was with me) answered me and said to me) * his acc#rsed &a!!e% is for those acc#rsed fore&er6 here wi!! "ather to"ether a!! those acc#rsed ones) those who s$eak with their mo#th #nbecomin" words a"ainst YAHWEH and #tter hard words concernin" H+S S$!endor' Here sha!! the% be "athered to"ether) and here sha!! be their 8#d"ment) in the !ast da%s', (7:- * here wi!! be #$on them the s$ectac!e of the ri"hteo#s 8#d"ment) in the $resence of the ri"hteo#s fore&er' he mercif#! wi!! b!ess YAHWEH of S$!endor) the Eterna! .+N/) and a!! the da%', (7:0 *+n the da%s of the 8#d"ment of the acc#rsed) the mercif#! sha!! b!ess H+1 for the merc% which HE had bestowed #$on them', (7:3 At that moment) + b!essed YAHWEH of S$!endor and "a&e H+1 the $raise that befits H+S 1a8est%'

1o'rne5 to the east
(9:1 And from there + went in the direction of the east into the center of the mo#ntain of the desert6 and + saw a wi!derness and it was so!itar%) f#!! of trees and seeds' (9:( And there was a stream on to$ of it) and it "#shed forth from abo&e it' (9:- +t a$$eared !ike a waterfa!! which cascaded "reat!% as if toward the direction of west of the northeast6 water and dew ascended from it a!! o&er'

The Tree of 1'(&+ent
(<:1 hen + went into another $!ace in the desert6 and + a$$roached the easter!% direction of this mo#ntain' (<:( And there + saw the tree of 8#d"ment which has the sme!! of r#bbish6 its tree !ooked !ike that of frankincense and m%rrh'

!ea't%f'l Tree an( a #ra&rant C%nna+on Tree
-@:1 And be%ond it :be%ond those abo&e the easter!% mo#ntains :it is not far' And + saw a $!ace which is a &a!!e% of water that is end!ess' -@:( And + saw a bea#tif#! tree which resemb!es a tree whose fra"rance is !ike that of mastic' -@:- And in the direction of the sides of those &a!!e%s) + saw a fra"rant cinnamon tree' And o&er these) + $roceeded in the easter!% direction'

7o'nta%ns 0%th Trees
-1:1 And + saw other mo#ntains with trees in them' here f!owed from them the trees somethin" !ike nectar) ca!!ed sarara and "a!ban#m' -1:( And o&er these mo#ntains) + saw %et another mo#ntain and in it there were a!oe trees) and the who!e forest was f#!! of trees !ike st#rd% a!mond trees' -1:- And when one $icks the fr#it it "i&es the most $!easant odor'

The 2ar(en of R%&hteo'sness an( The Tree of 0%s(o+
-(:1 And after e=$eriencin" this fra"rant odor) whi!e !ookin" toward the northeast o&er the mo#ntains) + saw se&en mo#ntains f#!! of e=ce!!ent nard) fra"rant trees) cinnamon trees) and $e$$er' -(:( From there + went o&er the s#mmits of the mo#ntains) far toward the east of the earth' + then $assed o&er the Er%thraean Sea and went far from it) and $assed o&er the head of ma!ak C#t#'e!' -(:- And + came to the "arden of ri"hteo#sness and saw be%ond those trees man% other !ar"e ones "rowin" there :their fra"rance sweet) !ar"e ones) with m#ch e!e"ance) and s$!endor' And the tree of wisdom) of which one eats and knows "reat wisdom) was amon" them' -(:0 +t !ooked !ike the co!ors of the carob tree) its fr#it !ike &er% bea#tif#! "ra$e c!#sters) and the fra"rance of this tree tra&e!s and reaches afar' -(:3 And + said) * his tree is bea#tif#! and its a$$earance bea#tif#! and $!easant?, -(:5 hen the kodesh ma!ak Ra$hae!) who was with me) res$onded to me and said) * his &er% thin" is the tree of wisdom from which %o#r o!d father and a"ed mother) the% who are %o#r $rec#rsors) ate and came to know wisdom6 and conse2#ent!% their e%es were o$ened and the% rea!i4ed that the% were naked and so the% were e=$e!!ed from

the "arden',

The 2ates of $ea,en
--:1 And from there + went to the e=treme ends of the earth and saw there h#"e beasts) each different from the other :and different birds a!so differin" from one another in a$$earance) bea#t%) and &oice' And to the east of those beasts) + saw the #!timate ends of the earth which rests on the hea&en' --:( And the "ates of hea&en were o$en) and + saw how the stars of hea&en come o#t6 --:- and + co#nted the "ates o#t of which the% e=it and wrote down a!! their e=its for each one: accordin" to their n#mbers) their names) their ranks) their seats) their $eriods) their months) as Grie!) the kodesh an"e! who was with me) showed me' --:0 He showed me a!! thin"s and wrote them down for me :a!so in addition he wrote down their names) their !aws) and their com$anies'

1o'rne5 to the north
-0:1 From there + went in the direction of the north) to the e=treme ends of the earth) and there at the e=treme end of the who!e wor!d + saw a "reat and ma"nificent seat' -0:( here a!so + saw three o$en "ates of hea&en6 when it b!ows co!d) hai!) frost) snow) dew) and rain) thro#"h each one of the "ates the winds $roceed in the northwester!% direction' -0:hro#"h one "ate the% b!ow "ood thin"s6 b#t when the% b!ow with force thro#"h the two other "ates) the% b!ow &io!ence and sorrow #$on the earth'

1o'rne5 to the )est
-3:1 And from there + went in the direction of the west to the e=treme ends of the earth) and saw there three o$en "ates of hea&en) 8#st !ike the one that + saw in the east in res$ect to the n#mber of its e=its'

1o'rne5 to the so'th
-5:1 And from there + went in the direction of the so#th to the e=treme ends of the earth) and saw there three o$en "ates of the hea&en from where the so#th wind) dew) rain) and wind come forth' -5:( From there + went in the direction of the e=treme ends of the hea&en and saw there o$en "ates of hea&en) with sma!! "ates abo&e them) in the direction of the east' -5:hro#"h one of these sma!! "ates $ass the stars of hea&en and tra&e! westward on the $ath which is shown to them' -5:0 And when + saw this + b!essed :and + sha!! a!wa%s b!ess :YAHWEH of 1a8est%) who $erformed "reat and b!essed mirac!es in order that he ma% manifest H+S "reat

deeds to H+S ma!akim) the winds) and to the $eo$!e so that the% mi"ht $raise the effect of a!! H+S creation :so that the% mi"ht see the effect of H+S $ower and $raise H+1 in res$ect to the "reat work of H+S hands and b!ess H+1 fore&er'

2 HANOCH ENOCH 2 37 -71 "he Book of the #i$i%itude&' 37 HANOCH - ENOCH 37

INTRODUCTION !oo* T)o-7:1 he &ision which Enoch saw the second time :the &ision of wisdom which Enoch) son of Iared) son of 1aha!a!e!) son of .enan) son of Enosh) son of Seth) son of Adam) saw: -7:( his is the be"innin" of the words of wisdom which + commenced to $ro$o#nd) sa%in" to those who dwe!! in the earth) *;isten) %o# first ones) and !ook) %o# !ast ones) the words of the .odesh One) which + teach before YAHWEH of Hosts', -9:- *+t is "ood to dec!are these words to those of former times) b#t one sho#!d not withho!d the be"innin" of wisdom from those of !atter da%s', -9:0 *Gnti! now s#ch wisdom) which + ha&e recei&ed as + recited it in accordance with the wi!! of YAHWEH of Hosts) had not been bestowed #$on me before the face of YAHWEH of Hosts' From H+1) the !ot of eterna! !ife has been "i&en to me', -7:3 * hree thin"s were im$arted to me6 and + be"an to reco#nt them to those who dwe!! #$on the earth',

Co+%n& 4'(&+ent of the )%c*e(
-9:1 he first thin": When the con"re"ation of the ri"hteo#s sha!! a$$ear) sinners sha!! be 8#d"ed for their sins) the% sha!! be dri&en from the face of the earth) -9:( and when the Ri"hteo#s One sha!! a$$ear before the face of the ri"hteo#s) those e!ect ones) their deeds are h#n" #$on YAHWEH of Hosts) HE sha!! re&ea! !i"ht to the ri"hteo#s and the e!ect who dwe!! #$on the earth) where wi!! the dwe!!in" of the sinners beH and where the restin" $!ace of those who denied the NA1E of YAHWEH of the S$iritsH +t wo#!d ha&e been better for them not to ha&e been born' -9:- When the secrets of the Ri"hteo#s One are re&ea!ed) HE sha!! 8#d"e the sinners6 and the wicked ones wi!! be dri&en from the $resence of the ri"hteo#s and the e!ect) -9:0 and from that time) those who $ossess the earth wi!! neither be r#!ers nor $rinces) the% sha!! not be ab!e to beho!d the faces of the kodesh ones) for the ;i"ht of YAHWEH of Hosts has shined #$on the face of the kodesh) the ri"hteo#s) and the e!ect' -9:3 At that moment) kin"s and r#!ers sha!! $erish) the% sha!! be de!i&ered into the hands of the ri"hteo#s and kodesh ones) -9:5 and from thenceforth no one sha!! be ab!e to ind#ce YAHWEH of Hosts to show them merc%) for their !ife is annihi!ated'

The ho+e of the r%&hteo's
-<:1 And it sha!! come to $ass in those da%s that the chi!dren of the e!ect and the kodesh ones wi!! descend from the hi"h hea&en and their seed wi!! become one with the chi!dren of the $eo$!e' -<:( And in those da%s Enoch recei&ed the books of 4ea! and wrath as we!! as the books of haste and whir!wind' he So&erei"n R#!er of the S$irits sa%s that merc% sha!! not be #$on them' -<:- +n those da%s) whir!winds carried me off from the earth) and set me down into the #!timate ends of the hea&ens' -<:0 here + saw other dwe!!in" $!aces of the kodesh ones and their restin" $!aces too' -<:3 So there m% e%es saw their dwe!!in" $!aces with the kodesh ma!akim) and their restin" $!aces with the kodesh ones) and the% interceded and $etitioned and $ra%ed on beha!f of the chi!dren of the $eo$!e) and ri"hteo#sness f!owed before them !ike water) and merc% !ike dew #$on the earth) and th#s it is in their midst fore&er and e&er' -<:5 And in those da%s m% e%es saw the E!ect One of ri"hteo#sness and of faith) and ri"hteo#sness sha!! $re&ai! in H+S da%s) and the ri"hteo#s and e!ect ones sha!! be witho#t n#mber before him fore&er and e&er' -<:7 And + saw a dwe!!in" $!ace #nderneath the win"s of YAHWEH of Hosts6and a!! the ri"hteo#s and the e!ect before H+1 sha!! be as intense as the !i"ht of fire' heir mo#th sha!! be f#!! of b!essin"6 and their !i$s wi!! $raise the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts) and ri"hteo#sness before H+1 wi!! ha&e no end6 and #$ri"htness before H+1 wi!! not cease' -<:9 here #nderneath H+S win"s + wanted to dwe!!6 and m% so#! desired that dwe!!in" $!ace' A!read% m% $ortion is there6 for it has it been reser&ed for me before YAHWEH of Hosts' -<:< +n those da%s) + $raised and $ra%ed to the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts with b!essin"s and $raises) for HE had stren"thened me b% b!essin"s and $raises in accordance with the wi!! of YAHWEH of Hosts' -<:1@ And + "a4ed at that $!ace #nder H+S win"s) and + b!essed and $raised) sa%in") *B!essed is HE) and ma% HE be b!essed) from the be"innin" and fore&er more', -<:11 * here is no s#ch thin" as non:e=istence before H+1' E&en before the wor!d was created) HE knows what is fore&er and what wi!! be from "eneration to "eneration', -<:1( * hose who do not s!#mber b#t stand before YOGR s$!endor) did b!ess YOG' he% sha!! b!ess) $raise) and e=to! YOG) sa%in") *.odesh) .odesh) .odesh) YAHWEH of Hosts6 the s$irits fi!! the earth', -<:1- And at that $!ace #nder H+S win"s m% e%es saw others who stood before H+1 s!ee$!ess and b!essed H+1) sa%in") -<:10 *B!essed are YOG and b!essed is the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts fore&er and e&er', And m% face was chan"ed on acco#nt of the fact that + co#!d not withstand the si"ht'

The #o'r 0%n&s Of Y $0E$ n( The #o'r 7ala*%+
0@:1 And after that) + saw a h#ndred tho#sand times a h#ndred tho#sand) ten mi!!ion times ten mi!!ion) an inn#merab!e and #nco#ntab!e m#!tit#de who stand before the

S$!endor of YAHWEH of Hosts' 0@:( + saw them standin" :on the fo#r win"s of YAHWEH of Hosts :and saw fo#r other faces amon" those who do not s!#mber) and + came to know their names) which the ma!ak who came with me re&ea!ed to me6 and he a!so showed me a!! the hidden thin"s' 0@:hen + heard the &oices of those fo#r faces whi!e the% were sa%in" $raises before YAHWEH of S$!endor' 0@:0 he first &oice was b!essin" the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts' 0@:3 he second &oice + heard b!essin" the E!ect One and the e!ect ones who are c!in"in" onto YAHWEH of Hosts' 0@:5 And the third &oice + heard intercedin" and $ra%in" on beha!f of those who dwe!! #$on the earth and s#$$!icatin" in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts' 0@:7 And the fo#rth &oice + heard e=$e!!in" the demons and forbiddin" them from comin" to YAHWEH of Hosts in order to acc#se those who dwe!! #$on the earth' 0@:9 And after that) + asked the ma!ak of Sha!om) who was "oin" with me and showed me e&er%thin" that was hidden) *Who are these fo#r faces which + ha&e seen and whose &oices + ha&e heard and written downH, 0@:< And he said to me) * he first one is the mercif#! and forbearin" 1ichae!6 the second one) who is set o&er a!! disease and e&er% wo#nd of the chi!dren of the $eo$!e) is Ra$hae!6 the third) who is set o&er a!! e=ercise of stren"th) is /abrie!6 and the fo#rth) who is set o&er a!! actions of re$entance #nto the ho$e of those who wo#!d inherit eterna! !ife) is >han#e! b% name', 0@:1@ So these are H+S fo#r ma!akim: the% are of YAHWEH of Hosts) and the fo#r &oices which + heard in those da%s'

Y $0E$ of $osts3 an( the fo'r ,o%ces )h%ch I hear( %n those (a5s8
01:1 And after that) + saw a!! the secrets in hea&en) and how a kin"dom breaks #$) and how the actions of the $eo$!e are wei"hed in the ba!ance' 01:( And there + saw the dwe!!in" $!ace of the sinners and the com$an% of the kodesh ones6 and m% e%es saw the sinners :those who den% the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts :bein" e=$e!!ed from there and bein" dra""ed off6 and the% co#!d not stand sti!! beca#se of the $!a"#e which $roceeds forth from YAHWEH of Hosts'

Cos+%c secrets
01:- And there m% e%es saw the secrets of !i"htnin" and th#nder) and the m%steries of the winds) how the% are distrib#ted in order to b!ow #$on the earth) and the secrets of the c!o#ds and the dew + saw there from where the% $roceed in that $!ace and how from there the% satiate the d#st of the earth' 01:0 At that $!ace) + a!so saw sea!ed storerooms from which the winds of the storerooms of hai! and the winds of the storerooms of mist are distrib#ted6 and these c!o#ds ho&er o&er the earth from the be"innin" of the wor!d' 01:3 And + saw the storerooms of the s#n and the moon) from what $!ace the% come o#t and to which $!ace the% ret#rn) and their s$!endid ret#rn :how in their tra&e! one festi&a! is ce!ebrated more than the other' he% do not de$art from their orbit) neither increase nor decrease it6 b#t the% kee$ faith one with another: in accordance with an oath the% set and the% rise' 01:5 From the first is the s#n6 and it e=ec#tes its co#rse in accordance with the commandment of YAHWEH of Hosts :H+S NA1E sha!! $ersist fore&er and e&er'

01:7 After that is fo#nd both the hidden and the &isib!e $ath of the moon6 and the $ath of its orbit it com$!etes b% da% and b% ni"ht at that $!ace' And the two wi!! "a4e direct!% into' the s$!endor of YAHWEH of Hosts' he% "i&e thanks) the% $raise) and the% do not economi4e on ener"%) for their &er% essence "enerates new $ower' 01:9 S#re!% the man% chan"es of the s#n ha&e both a b!essin" and a c#rse) and the co#rse of the moons $ath is !i"ht to the ri"hteo#s on the one hand and darkness to the sinners on the other) in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts) who created the distinction between !i"ht and darkness and se$arated the s$irits of the $eo$!e) and stren"thened the s$irits of the ri"hteo#s in the NA1E of H+S ri"hteo#sness' 01:< S#re!%) neither an ma!akim nor Satan has the $ower to hinder6 for there is a 8#d"e to a!! of them) HE wi!! "!ance) and a!! of them are before H+1) HE is the 8#d"e

The bo(e Of 0%s(o+ n( In%9'%t5
0(:1 Wisdom co#!d not find a $!ace in which she co#!d dwe!!6 b#t a $!ace was fo#nd for her in the hea&ens' 0(:( hen Wisdom went o#t to dwe!! with the chi!dren of the $eo$!e) b#t she fo#nd no dwe!!in" $!ace' So Wisdom ret#rned to her $!ace and she sett!ed $ermanent!% amon" the ma!akim' 0(:hen +ni2#it% went o#t of her rooms) and fo#nd whom she did not e=$ect' And she dwe!t with them) !ike rain in a desert) !ike dew on a thirst% !and'

7ore secrets of the cos+os
0-:1 And + saw other !i"htnin"s and the stars of hea&en' And + saw how HE ca!!ed them each b% their res$ecti&e names) and the% obe%ed H+1' 0-:( And + saw the im$artia! sca!es for the $#r$ose of ba!ancin" their !i"hts at their widest areas' And their nat#res are as fo!!ows: heir re&o!#tions $rod#ce !i"htnin"6 and in n#mber the% are as man% as the ma!akim6 the% kee$ their faith each one accordin" to their names' 0-:- And + asked the ma!ak who was "oin" with me and who had shown me the secret thin"s) *What are these thin"sH, 0-:0 And he said to me) *YAHWEH of Hosts has shown %o# the $rotot%$e of each one of them: hese are the names of the kodesh ones who dwe!! #$on the earth and be!ie&e in the NA1E of YAHWEH of the Hosts fore&er and e&er',

00:1 And + saw another thin" re"ardin" !i"htnin": how some stars arise and become !i"htnin" and cannot dwe!! with the rest'

"ot of 'nbel%e,ers- ne) hea,en an( ne) earth8
03:1 his is the second $arab!e concernin" those who den% the NA1E of YAHWEH of

the Hosts and the con"re"ation of the kodesh ones' 03:( Neither wi!! the% ascend into hea&en) nor wi!! the% reach the "ro#nd6 s#ch wi!! be the !ot of the sinners) who wi!! den% the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts) those who in this manner wi!! be $reser&ed for the da% of b#rden and trib#!ation' 03:- On that da%) m% E!ect One sha!! sit on the seat of s$!endor and make a se!ection of their deeds) their restin" $!aces wi!! be witho#t n#mber) their so#!s sha!! be firm within them when the% see m% E!ect One) those who ha&e a$$ea!ed to m% s$!endid name' 03:0 On that da%) + sha!! ca#se m% E!ect On to dwe!! amon" them) + sha!! transform hea&en and make it a b!essin" of !i"ht fore&er' 03:3 + sha!! a!so transform the earth and make it a b!essin") and ca#se m% E!ect One to dwe!! in her' hen those who ha&e committed sin and crime sha!! not set foot in her' 03:5 For in sha!om + ha&e !ooked with fa&or #$on m% ri"hteo#s ones and "i&en them merc%) and ha&e ca#sed them to dwe!! before me' B#t sinners ha&e come before me so that b% 8#d"ment + sha!! destro% them from before the face of the earth'

The Son of 7an3 to )ho+ belon&s r%&hteo'sness3 an( )%th )ho+ r%&hteo'sness ()ells
05:1 At that $!ace) + saw the One to whom be!on"s the time before time' And his head was white !ike woo!) and there was with him another indi&id#a!) whose face was !ike that of a h#man bein"' His co#ntenance was f#!! of s$!endor !ike that of one amon" the kodesh ma!akim' 05:( And + asked the one :from amon" the ma!akim :who was "oin" with me) and who had re&ea!ed to me a!! the secrets re"ardin" the One who was born of h#man bein"s) *Who is this) and from whence is he who is "oin" as the $rotot%$e of the Before : imeH, 05:- And he answered me and said to me) * his is the Son of 1an) to whom be!on"s ri"hteo#sness) and with whom ri"hteo#sness dwe!!s' And He wi!! o$en a!! the hidden storerooms6 for YAHWEH of Hosts has chosen Him) and He is destined to be &ictorio#s before YAHWEH of Hosts in eterna! #$ri"htness', 05:0 * his Son of 1an whom %o# ha&e seen is the One who wo#!d remo&e the kin"s and the mi"ht% ones from their comfortab!e seats and the stron" ones from their thrones' He sha!! !oosen the reins of the stron" and cr#sh the teeth of the sinners', 05:3 *He sha!! de$ose the kin"s from their thrones and kin"doms' For the% do not e=to! and ma"nif% H+1) and neither do the% obe% H+1) the so#rce of their kin"shi$', 05:5 * he faces of the stron" wi!! be s!a$$ed and be fi!!ed with shame and "!oom' heir dwe!!in" $!aces and their beds wi!! be worms' he% sha!! ha&e no ho$e to rise from their beds) for the% do not e=to! the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts', 05:7 *And the% ha&e become the 8#d"es of the stars of hea&en6 the% raise their hands to reach YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h whi!e wa!kin" #$on the earth and dwe!!in" in her' he% manifest a!! their deeds in o$$ression6 a!! their deeds are o$$ression' heir $ower de$ends #$on their wea!th' And their de&otion is to the "ods which the% ha&e fashioned with their own hands' B#t the% den% the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts', 05:9 *Yet the% !ike to con"re"ate in H+S ho#ses and with the faithf#! ones who c!in" to YAHWEH of Hosts'

Pra5er of the r%&hteo's
07:1 *+n those da%s) the $ra%ers of the ri"hteo#s ascended into hea&en) and the b!ood of the ri"hteo#s from the earth before YAHWEH of Hosts', 07:( * here sha!! be da%s when a!! the kodesh ones who dwe!! in the hea&ens abo&e sha!! dwe!! to"ether' And with one &oice) the% sha!! s#$$!icate and $ra% :ma"nif%in") $raisin") and b!essin" the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts :on beha!f of the b!ood of the ri"hteo#s ones which has been shed' heir $ra%ers sha!! not sto$ from e=ha#stion before YAHWEH of Hosts :neither wi!! the% re!a= fore&er :#nti! 8#d"ment is e=ec#ted for them', 07:- +n those da%s) + saw Him :the Antecedent of ime) whi!e He was sittin" #$on the throne of his s$!endor) and the books of the !i&in" ones were o$en before Him' And a!! His $ower in hea&en abo&e and His escorts stood before Him' 07:0 he hearts of the kodesh ones are fi!!ed with 8o%) beca#se the n#mber of the ri"hteo#s has been offered) the $ra%ers of the ri"hteo#s ones ha&e been heard) and the b!ood of the ri"hteo#s has been admitted before YAHWEH of Hosts'

The Son of 7an- The ntece(ent of T%+e- $IS 4'(&+ent
09:1 F#rthermore) in that $!ace + saw the fo#ntain of ri"hteo#sness) which does not become de$!eted and is s#rro#nded com$!ete!% b% n#mero#s fo#ntains of wisdom' 09:( A!! the thirst% ones drink of the water and become fi!!ed with wisdom' hen their dwe!!in" $!aces become with the kodesh) ri"hteo#s) and e!ect ones' 09:- At that ho#r) that Son of 1an was "i&en a name) in the $resence of YAHWEH of Hosts) the Before ime6 e&en before the creation of the s#n and the moon) before the creation of the stars) He was "i&en a name in the $resence of YAHWEH of Hosts' 09:0 He wi!! become a staff for the ri"hteo#s ones in order that the% ma% !ean on Him and not fa!!' He is the ;i"ht of the "enti!es and He wi!! become the ho$e of those who are sick in their hearts' 09:3 A!! those who dwe!! #$on the earth sha!! fa!! and worshi$ before Him6 the% sha!! ma"nif%) b!ess) and sin" the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts' 09:5 For this $#r$ose He became the Ahosen One6 He was concea!ed in the $resence of YAHWEH of Hosts $rior to the creation of the wor!d) and for eternit%' 09:7 And He has re&ea!ed the wisdom of YAHWEH of Hosts to the ri"hteo#s and the kodesh ones) for He has $reser&ed the $ortion of the ri"hteo#s beca#se the% ha&e hated and des$ised this wor!d of o$$ression to"ether with a!! its wa%s of !ife and its habits in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts6 and beca#se the% wi!! be sa&ed in His Name and it is His "ood $!eas#re that the% ha&e !ife' 09:9 +n those da%s) the kin"s of the earth and the mi"ht% !andowners sha!! be h#mi!iated on acco#nt of the deeds of their hands' herefore) on the da% of their miser% and weariness) the% wi!! not be ab!e to sa&e themse!&es' 09:< + sha!! de!i&er them into the hands of 1Y e!ect ones !ike "rass in the fire and !ike !ead in the water) so the% sha!! b#rn before the face of the kodesh ones and sink before their si"ht) and no $!ace wi!! be fo#nd for them' 09:1@ On the da% of their weariness) there sha!! be an obstac!e on the earth and the% sha!! fa!! on their faces6 and the% sha!! not rise #$ a"ain) nor an%one be fo#nd who wi!!

take them with his hands and raise them #$' For the% ha&e denied YAHWEH of Hosts and H+S 1essiah' B!essed be the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts?

0%s(o+3 an( po)er of the Elect One
0<:1 So wisdom f!ows !ike water and ma8est% is meas#re!ess before Him fore&er and e&er' 0<:( For His mi"ht is in a!! the m%steries of ri"hteo#sness) and o$$ression wi!! &anish !ike a shadow ha&in" no fo#ndation' he E!ect One stands before YAHWEH of Hosts6 His s$!endor is fore&er and e&er and His $ower is #nto a!! "enerations' 0<:- +n Him dwe!!s the s$irit of wisdom) the s$irit which "i&es tho#"htf#!ness) the s$irit of know!ed"e and stren"th) and the s$irit of those who ha&e fa!!en as!ee$ in ri"hteo#sness' 0<:0 He sha!! 8#d"e the secret thin"s' And no one wi!! be ab!e to #tter &ain words in His $resence' For He is the E!ect One before YAHWEH of Hosts accordin" to H+S "ood $!eas#re'

$%s 7erc5 n( $%s 1'(&+ent
3@:1 +n those da%s) there wi!! be a chan"e for the kodesh and the ri"hteo#s ones and the ;i"ht of da%s sha!! rest #$on them6 and s$!endor and honor sha!! be "i&en back to the kodesh ones) on the da% of weariness' 3@:( He hea$ed e&i! #$on the sinners6 b#t the ri"hteo#s ones sha!! be &ictorio#s in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts' He wi!! ca#se the others to see this so that the% ma% re$ent and forsake the deeds of their hands' 3@:here sha!! not be honor #nto them in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts' B#t thro#"h His Name the% sha!! be sa&ed) and YAHWEH of Hosts sha!! ha&e merc% #$on them) for H+S merc% is considerab!e' 3@:0 HE is ri"hteo#s in H+S 8#d"ment and in the s$!endor that is before H+1' O$$ression cannot s#r&i&e H+S 8#d"ment6 and the #nre$entant in H+S $resence sha!! $erish' 3@:3 YAHWEH of Hosts has said that from henceforth HE wi!! not ha&e merc% on them'

Res'rrect%on of the (ea(
31:1 +n those da%s) Sheo! wi!! ret#rn a!! the de$osits which she had recei&ed and he!! wi!! "i&e back a!! that which it owes' 31:( And He sha!! choose the ri"hteo#s and the kodesh ones from amon" the risen dead) for the da% when the% sha!! be se!ected and sa&ed has arri&ed' 31:- +n those da%s) the E!ect One sha!! sit on 1% throne) and from the conscience of his mo#th sha!! come o#t a!! the secrets of wisdom) for YAHWEH of Hosts has "i&en them to Him and ma"nified Him' 31:0 +n those da%s) mo#ntains sha!! dance !ike rams6 and the hi!!s sha!! !ea$ !ike kids satiated with mi!k' And the faces of a!! the ma!akim in hea&en sha!! "!ow with 8o%)

beca#se on that da% the E!ect One has arisen' 31:3 And the earth sha!! re8oice6 and the ri"hteo#s ones sha!! dwe!! #$on her and the e!ect ones sha!! wa!k #$on her'

The +etal +o'nta%ns
3(:1 After those da%s) in the same $!ace where + had seen a!! the secret &isions) ha&in" been carried off in a wind &ehic!e and taken to the west) m% e%es saw there a!! the secret thin"s of hea&en and the f#t#re thin"s' 3(:( here were there a mo#ntain of iron) a mo#ntain of co$$er) a mo#ntain of si!&er) a mo#ntain of "o!d) a mo#ntain of co!ored meta!) and a mo#ntain of !ead' 3(:- And + asked the ma!ak who was "oin" with me) sa%in") *What are these thin"s which + ha&e seen in secretH, 3(:0 And he said to me) *A!! these thin"s which %o# ha&e seen ha$$en b% the a#thorit% of H+S 1essiah so that He ma% "i&e orders and be $raised #$on the earth', 3(:3 hen this ma!ak of sha!om answered) sa%in" to me) *Wait a !itt!e) and a!! secret thin"s which encirc!e YAHWEH of Hosts wi!! be re&ea!ed #nto %o#', 3(:5 *As for these mo#ntains which %o# ha&e seen with %o#r own e%es :the mo#ntain of iron) the mo#ntain of co$$er) the mo#ntain of si!&er) the mo#ntain of "o!d) the mo#ntain of co!ored meta!) and the mo#ntain of !ead :a!! of them) in the $resence of the E!ect One) wi!! become !ike a hone%comb that me!ts before fire) !ike water that "#shes down from the to$ of s#ch mo#ntains) and become he!$!ess b% His feet', 3(:7 *+t sha!! ha$$en in those da%s that no one sha!! be sa&ed either b% "o!d or b% si!&er6 and no one sha!! be ab!e to esca$e', 3(:9 * here sha!! be no iron for war) nor sha!! an%one wear a breast$!ate' Neither bron4e nor tin sha!! be to an% a&ai! or be of an% &a!#e6 and there wi!! be no need of !ead whatsoe&er', 3(:< *A!! these s#bstances wi!! be remo&ed and destro%ed from the s#rface of the earth when the E!ect One sha!! a$$ear before the face of YAHWEH of Hosts',

The Scene of 1'(&+ent
3-:1 1% e%es saw there a dee$ &a!!e% with a wide mo#th' And a!! those who dwe!! #$on the earth) the sea) and the is!ands sha!! brin" to it "ifts) $resents) and trib#tes6 %et this dee$ &a!!e% sha!! not become f#!!' 3-:( he% sha!! f#!fi!! the crimina! deeds of their hands and eat a!! the $rod#ce of crime which the sinners toi! for' Sinners sha!! be destro%ed from before the face of YAHWEH of Hosts :the% sha!! $erish eterna!!%) standin" before the face of H+S earth' 3-:- So + saw a!! the ma!akim of $!a"#e co:o$eratin" and $re$arin" a!! the chains of Satan' 3-:0 And + asked the ma!ak of sha!om) who was "oin" with me) *For whom are the% $re$arin" these chainsH, 3-:3 And he answered me) sa%in": * he% are $re$arin" these for the kin"s and the $otentates of this earth in order that the% ma% be destro%ed thereb%', 3-:5 *After this) the Ri"hteo#s and E!ect One wi!! re&ea! the ho#se of His con"re"ation' From that time) the% sha!! not be hindered in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts',

3-:7 *And these mo#ntains sha!! become f!at !ike earth in the $resence of His ri"hteo#sness) and the hi!!s sha!! become !ike a fo#ntain of water' And the ri"hteo#s ones sha!! ha&e rest from the o$$ression of sinners',

The 2reat Da5 Of 1'(&+ent of *%n&3 potentates an( the ar+%es of .a./el
30:1 hen + !ooked and t#rned to another face of the earth and saw there a &a!!e%) dee$ and b#rnin" with fire' 30:( And the% were brin"in" kin"s and $otentates and were throwin" them into this dee$ &a!!e%' 30:- And m% e%es saw there their chains whi!e the% were makin" them into iron fetters of immense wei"ht' 30:0 And + asked the ma!ak of sha!om) which was "oin" with me) sa%in") *For whom are these im$risonment chains bein" $re$aredH, 30:3 And he said #nto me) * hese are bein" $re$ared for the armies of A4a4'e!) in order that the% ma% take them and cast them into the ab%ss of com$!ete condemnation) and as YAHWEH of Hosts has commanded it) the% sha!! co&er their 8aws with rock% stones', 30:5 * hen 1ichae!) Ra$hae!) /abrie!) and >han#e! themse!&es sha!! sei4e them on that "reat da% of 8#d"ment and cast them into the f#rnace of fire that is b#rnin" that da%) so that YAHWEH of Hosts ma% take &en"eance on them on acco#nt of their o$$ressi&e deeds which the% $erformed as messen"ers of Satan) !eadin" astra% those who dwe!! #$on the earth',

The &reat 4'(&+ent of the #loo(

30:7 And in those da%s) the $#nishment of YAHWEH of Hosts sha!! be carried o#t) and the% sha!! o$en a!! the storerooms of water in the hea&ens abo&e) in addition to the fo#ntains of water which are on earth' 30:9 And a!! the waters sha!! be #nited with a!! other waters' hat which is from the hea&ens abo&e is masc#!ine water) whereas that which is #nderneath the earth is feminine' 30:< And the% sha!! ob!iterate a!! those that dwe!! #$on the earth as we!! as those that dwe!! #nderneath the #!timate ends of hea&en' 30:1@ On acco#nt of the fact that the% did not reco"ni4e their o$$ressi&e deeds which the% carried o#t on the earth) the% sha!! be destro%ed b% the F!ood?

Y $0E$ p'ts a s%&n %n the hea,ens3 an( %t shall beco+e a s5+bol of fa%th bet)een 7E an( the+ fore,er
33:1 And after that the Antecedent of ime re$ented and said) *+n &ain ha&e + destro%ed a!! those who dwe!! in the earth', 33:( And YAHWEH swore b% H+S own "reat NA1E that from thenceforth HE wo#!d not do as HE had done to a!! who !i&e #$on the earth' And HE said) *+ sha!! $#t #$ a si"n in the hea&ens) and it sha!! become a s%mbo! of faith between 1E and them fore&er) as !on" as hea&en is abo&e the earth) which is in accordance with 1Y command',

#%nal 4'(&+ent of .a./el an( the fallen an&els

33:- *When + wo#!d "i&e consent so that the% sho#!d be sei4ed b% the hands of the an"e!s on the da% of trib#!ation and $ain) a!read% + wo#!d ha&e ca#sed 1Y $#nishment and 1Y wrath to abide #$on them : 1Y $#nishment and 1Y wrath), sa%s YAHWEH of Hosts' 33:0 *.in"s) $otentates) dwe!!ers #$on the earth: Yo# wo#!d ha&e to see 1Y E!ect One) how He sits in the throne of s$!endor and 8#d"es A4a4'e! and a!! his com$an%) and his arm%) in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts?,

35:1 hen + saw there an arm% of the ma!akim of $#nishment marchin") ho!din" nets of iron and bron4e' 35:( And + asked the ma!ak of sha!om) who was wa!kin" with me) sa%in" to him) * o whom are the% "oin") these who are ho!din" the netsH, 35:- And he said to me) * he% are "oin" to their e!ect and be!o&ed ones in order that the% ma% be cast into the cre&ices of the ab%ss of the &a!!e%', 35:0 * hen the &a!!e% sha!! be fi!!ed with their e!ect and be!o&ed ones6 and the e$och of their !i&es) the era of their s$!endor) and the a"e of their !eadin" others astra% sha!! come to an end and sha!! not henceforth be reckoned'

The str'&&le of Israel )%th %ts ene+%es

35:3 *+n those da%s) the an"e!s wi!! assemb!e and thr#st themse!&es to the east at the >arthian and 1edes' he% wi!! shake #$ the kin"s so that a s$irit of #nrest sha!! come #$on them) and stir them #$ from their thrones6 and the% wi!! break forth from their beds !ike !ions and !ike h#n"r% h%enas amon" their own f!ocks', 35:5 *And the% wi!! "o #$ and tram$!e #$on the !and of 1Y e!ect ones) and the !and of 1Y e!ect ones wi!! be before them !ike a threshin" f!oor or a hi"hwa%', 35:7 *B#t the cit% of 1Y ri"hteo#s ones wi!! become an obstac!e to their horses' And the% sha!! be"in to fi"ht amon" themse!&es6 and b% their own ri"ht hands the% sha!! $re&ai! a"ainst themse!&es' A man sha!! not reco"ni4e his brother or a son his mother) #nti! there sha!! be a si"nificant n#mber of cor$ses from amon" them' heir $#nishment is indeed not in &ain', 35:9 *+n those da%s) Sheo! sha!! o$en her mo#th) and the% sha!! be swa!!owed #$ into it and $erish' h#s Sheo! sha!! swa!!ow #$ the sinners in the $resence of the e!ect ones',

V%s%on of a 0hole rra5 of Char%ots "oa(e( 0%th People (,anc%n& Upon the %r
37:1 And it ha$$ened afterward that + had another &ision of a who!e arra% of chariots !oaded with $eo$!e6 and the% were ad&ancin" #$on the air from the east and from the west #nti! midda%' 37:( And the so#nd of their chariots was c!amoro#s6 and when this commotion took $!ace) the kodesh ones in hea&en took notice of it and the $i!!ars of the earth were shaken from their fo#ndations6 and the so#nd of the noise co#!d be heard from the e=treme end of the sk% #nto the e=treme end of the earth in one ho#r' 37:hen a!! sha!! fa!! down and worshi$ YAHWEH of Hosts' Here ends the second


The Eternal "%&ht of the R%&hteo's an( Elect Ones
39:1 And + be"an to s$eak another $arab!e concernin" the ri"hteo#s and the e!ect: 39:( *B!essed are %o#) ri"hteo#s and e!ect ones) for s$!endor is %o#r $ortion', 39:he ri"hteo#s ones sha!! be in the !i"ht of the s#n and the e!ect ones in the ;i"ht of Eterna! ;ife which has no end) and the da%s of the !ife of the kodesh ones cannot be n#mbered' 39:0 he% sha!! seek !i"ht and find ri"hteo#sness with YAHWEH of Hosts' Sha!om be to the ri"hteo#s ones in the Sha!om of the Eterna! YAHWEH? 39:3 After this) it sha!! be to!d to the kodesh ones in hea&en that the% sho#!d scr#tini4e the m%steries of ri"hteo#sness) the "ift of faith' For the s#n has shined #$on the earth and darkness is o&er' 39:5 here sha!! be a !i"ht that has no end) and the% sha!! not ha&e to co#nt da%s an%more' For a!read% darkness has been destro%ed) !i"ht sha!! be $ermanent before YAHWEH of Hosts) and the !i"ht of #$ri"htness sha!! stand firm fore&er and e&er before YAHWEH of Hosts'

The l%&htn%n&s an( the th'n(er:
3<:1 +n those da%s) m% e%es saw the m%steries of !i"htnin"s) and of !i"hts) and their 8#d"ments6 the% f!ash !i"hts for a b!essin" or a c#rse) accordin" to the wi!! of YAHWEH of Hosts' 3<:( And there a!so saw the secrets of the th#nder and the secrets of how when it reso#nds in the hei"hts of hea&en its &oice is heard in the earth!% dwe!!in"s' He showed me whether the so#nd of the th#nder is for sha!om and b!essin" or for a c#rse) accordin" to the Word of YAHWEH of Hosts' 3<:- After that) a!! the m%steries of the !i"hts and !i"htnin"s were shown to me that the% "!ow with !i"ht for b!essin" and for contentment'

$ea,enl5 9'a*e3 the &reat +onsters3 an( +5ster%es of nat're:
5@:1 +n the %ear fi&e h#ndred) in the se&enth month) on the fo#rteenth da% of the month in the !ife of Enoch6 in the same $arab!e + saw that the hea&en of hea&ens was 2#akin" and tremb!in" with a mi"ht% trem#!o#s a"itation) and the forces of YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h and the ma!akim) ten tho#sand times a mi!!ion and ten mi!!ion times ten mi!!ion) were a"itated with "reat a"itation' 5@:( And the Antecedent of ime was sittin" on the throne of H+S s$!endor s#rro#nded b% the ma!akim and the ri"hteo#s ones' 5@:hen a "reat tremb!in" and fear sei4ed me and m% !oins and kidne%s !ost contro!' So + fe!! #$on m% face' 5@:0 hen) 1ichae! sent another ma!ak from amon" the kodesh ones and he raised me

#$' And when he had raised me #$) m% s$irit ret#rned6 for + had fainted beca#se + co#!d not withstand the si"ht of these forces and beca#se hea&en has stirred #$ and a"itated itse!f' 5@:3 hen) 1ichae! said to me) *What ha&e %o# seen that has so dist#rbed %o#H, * his da% of merc% has !asted #nti! toda%6 and he has been mercif#! and !on":s#fferin" toward those that dwe!! #$on the earth', 5@:5 *And when this da% arri&es :and the $ower) the $#nishment) and the 8#d"ment) which YAHWEH of Hosts has $re$ared for those who do not worshi$ the ri"hteo#s 8#d"ment) for those who den% the ri"hteo#s 8#d"ment) and for those who take H+S NA1E in &ain : wi!! become a da% of co&enant for the e!ect and in2#isition for the sinners', 5@:7 *On that da%) two monsters wi!! be $arted :one monster) a fema!e named ;e&iathan) in order to dwe!! in the ab%ss of the ocean o&er the fo#ntains of water6, 5@:9 *and the other) a ma!e ca!!ed Behemoth) which ho!ds his chest in an in&isib!e desert whose name is B#nda%in) east of the "arden of Eden) wherein the e!ect and the ri"hteo#s ones dwe!!) wherein m% "randfather was taken) the se&enth from Adam) the first man whom YAHWEH of Hosts created', 5@:< hen asked the second ma!ak in order that he ma% show me how stron" these monsters are) how the% were se$arated on this da% and were cast) the one into the ab%sses of the ocean) and the other into the dr% desert' 5@:1@ And he said to me) *Yo#) son of man) accordin" to the de"ree to which it wi!! be $ermitted) %o# wi!! know the hidden thin"s', 5@:11 hen the other ma!ak who was "oin" with me was showin" me the hidden thin"s: what is first and !ast in hea&en) abo&e it) beneath the earth) in the de$th) in the e=treme ends of hea&en) the e=tent of hea&en6 5@:1( he storerooms of the winds) how the winds are di&ided) how the% are wei"hed) how the winds di&ide and dissi$ate) the o$enin"s of the winds) each accordin" to the stren"th of its wind6 the $ower of the !i"ht of the moon and how it is the ri"ht amo#nt) the di&isions of the stars) each accordin" to its nomenc!at#re) and a!! the s#bdi&isions6 5@:1- the th#nders) accordin" to the $!aces where the% fa!!) and the s#bdi&isions of the !i"htnin"s accordin" to their f!ashin" of !i"ht and the &e!ocit% of the obedience of the who!e arra% of them' 5@:10 So the th#nders ha&e their res$ecti&e moments of rest with $atience6 and each th#nder is marked b% its res$ecti&e so#nd' Neither the th#nder nor the !i"htnin" becomes dis8oined one from the other6 both "o to"ether in a sin"!e bree4e and do not $art' 5@:13 For when the !i"htnin" f!ashes !i"ht) the th#nder #tters its so#nd6 a!so) at that moment) the wind ca#ses the th#nder to come to rest and di&ides e2#a!!% the time between each one of them' For the reser&oir of their moments of th#nderin"s is !ike the sand) so each one of them is restrained with a brid!e and t#rned back b% the $ower of the wind and dri&en in this manner a!! o&er the n#mero#s corners of the earth' 5@:15 Now) the sea bree4e is masc#!ine and stron" and accordin" to the $ower of its stren"th it ho!ds back the air and) in this manner) is dri&en and dis$ersed amon" a!! the mo#ntains of the wor!d' 5@:17 he frost:wind is its own "#ardian and the hai!:wind is a kind messen"er' 5@:19 he snow:wind has e&ac#ated its reser&oir6 it does not e=ist beca#se of its stren"th6 there is in it on!% a bree4e that ascends from the reser&oir !ike smoke) and its name is frost'

5@:1< And the wind and the mist do not dwe!! to"ether with them in their reser&oirs' B#t the mist has its own reser&oir) for its co#rse is s$!endid' +t has !i"ht and darkness both in the rain% season and the dr% season6 and its reser&oir is itse!f a ma!ak' 5@:(@ he dwe!!in" $!ace of the dew:bree4e is in the e=treme ends of hea&en and is !inked to"ether with the reser&oirs of the rain in both its co#rses of the rain% season and the dr% season6 a!so the c!o#ds of the dew and the c!o#ds of the mist are associated feedin" each other m#t#a!!%' 5@:(1 When the rain:wind becomes acti&ated in its reser&oir) the ma!akim come and o$en the reser&oir and !et it o#t6 and when it is s$ra%ed o&er the who!e earth) it becomes #nited with the water which is #$on the earth6 5@:(( and when so e&er it #nites with other waters) it #nites with the water #$on the earth which is for the #se of those who dwe!! on the earth) for it is no#rishment for the earth sent from YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h in hea&en' So in this manner there is a meas#rin" s%stem for the rain "i&en to the ma!akim' 5@:(- A!! these thin"s + saw as far as the "arden of the ri"hteo#s ones' 5@:(0 And the ma!ak of sha!om who was with me said to me) * hese two monsters are $re$ared for the "reat da% of YAHWEH when the% sha!! t#rn into food', 5@:(3 *So that the $#nishment of YAHWEH of Hosts sho#!d come down #$on them in order that the $#nishment of YAHWEH of Hosts sho#!d not be iss#ed in &ain b#t s!a% the chi!dren with their mothers) and the chi!dren with their fathers) when the $#nishment of YAHWEH of Hosts comes down #$on e&er%one' After that there sha!! be the 8#d"ment accordin" to H+S merc% and H+S $atience',

The 7eas're+ent of the 2ar(en of E(en an( the 1'(&+ent an( Pra%se of the Elect One
51:1 + saw in those da%s that !on" ro$es were "i&en to those ma!akim6 and hoistin" #$ their own res$ecti&e $ortions of the ro$es) the% soared "oin" in the direction of the northeast' 51:( And + asked the ma!ak) sa%in" #nto him) *Wh% ha&e those ma!akim hoisted these ro$es and "one offH, And he said #nto me) * he% ha&e "one in order to make meas#rements', 51:he ma!ak who was "oin" with me a!so said #nto me) * hese ma!akim are the ones who sha!! brin" the meas#rin" ro$es of the ri"hteo#s ones as we!! as their bindin" cords in order that the% mi"ht !ean #$on the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts fore&er and e&er' hen the e!ect ones sha!! be"in to wa!k with the E!ect One', 51:0 * hese are the meas#rements which sha!! be "i&en to faith and which sha!! stren"then ri"hteo#sness', 51:3 *And these meas#rements sha!! re&ea! a!! the secrets of the de$ths of the earth) those who ha&e been destro%ed in the desert) and those who ha&e been de&o#red b% the wi!d beasts) and those who ha&e been eaten b% the fish of the sea' So that the% a!! ret#rn and find ho$e in the da% of the E!ect One' For there is no one who $erishes before YAHWEH of Hosts) and no one who sho#!d $erish', 51:5 *And those who are in hea&en abo&e and a!! the $owers recei&ed a command :one &oice and one ;i"ht !ike fire', 51:7 *And Him) the First Word) the% sha!! b!ess) e=to!) and honor with wisdom' he% sha!! be wise in #tterance in the s$irit of !ife and in YAHWEH of Hosts',

51:9 *HE $!aced the E!ect One on the throne of s$!endor6 and He sha!! 8#d"e a!! the works of the kodesh ones in hea&en abo&e) wei"hin" in the ba!ance their deeds', 51:< *And when He sha!! !ift #$ His co#ntenance in order to 8#d"e the secret wa%s of theirs) b% the Word of the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts) and their cond#ct) b% the method of the ri"hteo#s 8#d"ment of YAHWEH of Hosts) then the% sha!! a!! s$eak with one &oice) b!essin") honorin") e=to!!in") sanctif%in" the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts', 51:1@ *And He wi!! s#mmon a!! the forces of the hea&ens) and a!! the kodesh ones abo&e) and the forces of YAHWEH :the cher#bim) sera$him) o$hanim) a!! the ma!akim of "o&ernance) the E!ect One) and the other forces on earth and o&er the water', 51:11 *On that da%) the% sha!! !ift #$ in one &oice) b!essin") honorin") and e=to!!in" in the S$irit of faith) in the S$irit of wisdom and $atience) in the S$irit of merc%) in the S$irit of 8#stice and sha!om) and in the S$irit of "enerosit%' he% sha!! a!! sa% in one &oice) 'B!essed is He and ma% the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts be b!essed fore&er and e&ermore'', 51:1( *A!! the &i"i!ant ones in hea&en abo&e sha!! b!ess Him6 a!! the kodesh ones who are in hea&en sha!! b!ess Him6 a!! the e!ect ones who dwe!! in the "arden of ;ife sha!! b!ess Him6 e&er% S$irit of ;i"ht that is ca$ab!e of b!essin") honorin") e=to!!in") and sanctif%in" YOGR b!essed NA1E sha!! b!ess Him6 and a!! f!esh sha!! honor and b!ess YOGR NA1E with an e=ceedin"!% !imit!ess $ower fore&er and e&er', 51:1- *For the merc% of YAHWEH of Hosts is "reat in 2#antit%) and HE is !on": s#fferin"' A!! H+S works and a!! the dimensions of H+S creation) HE has re&ea!ed to the ri"hteo#s and the e!ect ones in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts',

Con(e+nat%on of the R'l%n& Class an( !lesse(ness of the R%&hteo's Ones
5(:1 h#s YAHWEH commanded the kin"s) the "o&ernors) the hi"h officia!s) and the !and!ords and said) *O$en %o#r e%es and !ift #$ %o#r e%ebrows :if %o# are ab!e to reco"ni4e the E!ect One?, 5(:( And YAHWEH of Hosts has sat down on the throne of H+S s$!endor) and the s$irit of ri"hteo#sness has been $o#red o#t #$on Him' he Word of His mo#th wi!! do the sinners in6 and a!! the o$$ressors sha!! be e!iminated from before His face' 5(:- On the da% of 8#d"ment) a!! the kin"s) the "o&ernors) the hi"h officia!s) and the !and!ords sha!! see and reco"ni4e Him :how He sits on the throne of H+S s$!endor) and ri"hteo#sness is 8#d"ed before Him) and that no nonsensica! ta!k sha!! be #ttered in His $resence' 5(:0 hen $ain sha!! come #$on them as on a woman in tra&ai! with birth $an"s :when she is "i&in" birth the chi!d enters the mo#th of the womb and she s#ffers from chi!dbearin"' 5(:3 One ha!f $ortion of them sha!! "!ance at the other ha!f6 the% sha!! be terrified and de8ected6 and $ain sha!! sei4e them when the% see that Son of 1an sittin" on the throne of His s$!endor' 5(:5 hese kin"s) "o&ernors) and a!! the !and!ords sha!! tr% to b!ess) honor) and e=to! Him who r#!es o&er e&er%thin") Him who has been concea!ed' 5(:7 For the Son of 1an was concea!ed from the be"innin" and YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h One $reser&ed Him in the $resence of H+S $ower6 then HE re&ea!ed Him to the kodesh and the e!ect ones'

5(:9 he con"re"ation of the kodesh ones sha!! be $!anted) and a!! the e!ect ones sha!! stand before Him' 5(:< On that da%) a!! the kin"s) the "o&ernors) the hi"h officia!s) and those who r#!e the earth sha!! fa!! down before Him on their faces) and worshi$ and raise their ho$es in that Son of 1an6 the% sha!! be" and $!ead for merc% at His feet' 5(:1@ B#t YAHWEH of Hosts H+1SE;F wi!! ca#se them to be frantic) so that the% sha!! r#sh and de$art from His $resence' heir faces sha!! be fi!!ed with shame) and their co#ntenances sha!! be crowned with darkness' 5(:11 So HE wi!! de!i&er them to the ma!akim for $#nishments in order that &en"eance sha!! be e=ec#ted on them :o$$ressors of H+S chi!dren and H+S e!ect ones' 5(:1( +t sha!! become 2#ite a scene for 1Y ri"hteo#s and e!ect ones' he% sha!! re8oice o&er the kin"s) the "o&ernors) the hi"h officia!s) and the !and!ords beca#se the wrath of YAHWEH of Hosts sha!! rest #$on them and H+S sword sha!! obtain from them a sacrifice' 5(:1he ri"hteo#s and e!ect ones sha!! be sa&ed on that da%6 and from thenceforth the% sha!! ne&er see the faces of the sinners and the o$$ressors' 5(:10 YAHWEH of Hosts wi!! abide o&er them6 the% sha!! eat and rest and rise with that Son of 1an fore&er and e&er' 5(:13 he ri"hteo#s and e!ect ones sha!! rise from the earth and sha!! cease bein" of downcast face' he% sha!! wear the "arments of s$!endor' 5(:15 hese "arments of %o#rs sha!! become the "arments of ;ife from YAHWEH of Hosts' Neither sha!! %o#r "arments wear o#t) nor %o#r s$!endor come to an end before YAHWEH of Hosts'

The hopeless en( of the *%n&s3 r'lers3 an( lan(lor(s
5-:1 +n those da%s) the "o&ernors and the kin"s who $ossess the !and sha!! $!ead that HE ma% "i&e them a !itt!e breathin" s$e!! from the ma!akim of H+S $#nishment to whom the% ha&e been de!i&ered6 so that the% sha!! fa!! and worshi$ before YAHWEH of Hosts) and confess their sins before H+1' 5-:( he% sha!! b!ess and ma"nif% YAHWEH of Hosts and sa%) *B!essed is YAHWEH of Hosts :YAHWEH of kin"s) YAHWEH of r#!ers) and the 1aster of the rich :YAHWEH of s$!endor and YAHWEH of wisdom', 5-:- JYOGR $ower e=$oses e&er% secret thin" from "eneration to "eneration and YOGR s$!endor is fore&er and e&er' Bee$ are a!! YOGR m%steries :and n#mber!ess6 and YOGR ri"hteo#sness is be%ond acco#ntin"', 5-:0 *Now we ha&e come to know that we sho#!d honor) ma"nif% and b!ess YAHWEH of kin"s :H+1 who r#!es o&er a!! kin"s', 5-:3 1oreo&er) the% sha!! sa%) *Wo#!d that someone had "i&en #s a chance so that we sho#!d honor) $raise) and ha&e faith before H+S s$!endor?, 5-:5 * his time) howe&er) we are be""in" for a !itt!e rest b#t find it not6 we $#rs#e it) b#t $roc#re it not' ;i"ht has &anished from before #s and darkness has become o#r habitation fore&er and e&er6, 5-:7 *beca#se we ha&e former!%) neither had faith) nor honored the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts) and kin"s) nor honored YAHWEH in a!! H+S creation' We had $#t o#r ho$es #$on the sce$ters of o#r em$ires', 5-:9 *Now on the da% of o#r hardshi$ and o#r trib#!ation HE is not sa&in" #s6 and we

ha&e no chance to become be!ie&ers' For o#r So&erei"n R#!er is faithf#! in a!! H+S works) H+S 8#d"ments) and H+S ri"hteo#sness6 and H+S 8#d"ments ha&e no res$ect of $ersons', 5-:< *So we wi!! &anish awa% from before H+S face on acco#nt of o#r deeds6 and a!! o#r sins are cons#med b% ri"hteo#sness', 5-:1@ F#rthermore) at that time) %o# sha!! sa%) *O#r so#!s are satiated with e=$!oitation mone% which co#!d not sa&e #s from bein" cast into the o$$ressi&e Sheo!', 5-:11 After that) their faces sha!! be fi!!ed with shame before that Son of 1an6 and from before H+S face the% sha!! be dri&en o#t' And the sword sha!! abide in their midst) before H+S face' 5-:1( h#s sa%s YAHWEH of Hosts) * his is the ordinance and the 8#d"ment) before YAHWEH of Hosts) $re$ared for the "o&ernors) kin"s) hi"h officia!s) and !and!ords',

The fallen an&els
50:1 hen + saw in that $!ace other m%sterio#s faces' 50:( And + heard the &oice of an an"e! sa%in") * hese are the an"e!s who descended #$on the earth and re&ea!ed what was hidden to the chi!dren of the $eo$!e) and !ed the chi!dren of the $eo$!e astra% to commit sin',

Enoch/s pre(%ct%ons concern%n& the Del'&e an( h%+self
53:1 +n those da%s) Noah saw the earth) that she had become deformed) and that her destr#ction was at hand' 53:( And Noah took off from there and went #nto the e=treme ends of the earth' And he cried o#t to his "randfather) Enoch) and said to him) three times) with a bitter &oice) *Hear me? Hear me? Hear me?, 53:- And + said #nto him) * e!! me what this thin" is which is bein" done #$on the earth) for the earth is str#""!in" in this manner and is bein" shaken6 $erha$s + wi!! $erish with her in the im$act', 53:0 At that moment) there took $!ace a tremendo#s t#rb#!ence #$on the earth6 and a &oice from hea&en was heard) and + fe!! #$on m% face' 53:3 hen Enoch) m% "randfather) came and stood b% me) sa%in" to me) *Wh% did %o# cr% o#t so sorrowf#!!% and with bitter tearsH, 53:5 *An order has been iss#ed from the co#rt of YAHWEH a"ainst those who dwe!! #$on the earth) that their doom has arri&ed beca#se the% ha&e ac2#ired the know!ed"e of a!! the secrets of the an"e!s) a!! the o$$ressi&e deeds of the SatanDs) as we!! as a!! their most occ#!t $owers) a!! the $owers of those who $ractice sorcer%) a!! the $owers of those who mi= man% co!ors) a!! the $owers of those who make mo!ten ima"es6, 53:7 *how si!&er is $rod#ced from the d#st of the earth) and how bron4e is made #$on the earth :, 53:9 *for !ead and tin are $rod#ced from the earth !ike si!&er :their so#rce is a fo#ntain inside which stands a ma!ak) and he is a r#nnin" ma!ak', 53:< After that) m% "randfather) Enoch) took ho!d of me b% m% hand and raised me #$ and said to me) */o) for + ha&e asked YAHWEH of Hosts re"ardin" this t#rb#!ence which

is takin" $!ace on the earth', 53:1@ He contin#ed to sa% to me) *Beca#se their o$$ression has been carried o#t on the earth) their 8#d"ment wi!! be !imit!ess before me' On acco#nt of the abstract thin"s which the% ha&e in&esti"ated and e=$erienced) the earth sha!! $erish to"ether with those who dwe!! #$on her', 53:11 *And those who ta#"ht them these thin"s wi!! ha&e no ha&en fore&er) beca#se the% ha&e re&ea!ed to them the thin"s which are secret :to the condemned ones6 b#t) as for %o#) m% son) YAHWEH of Hosts knows that %o# are $#re and kindhearted6 %o# detest the secret thin"s', 53:1( *He has $reser&ed %o#r name for the kodesh ones6 he wi!! $rotect %o# from those who dwe!! #$on the earth6 he has $reser&ed %o#r ri"hteo#s seed for kin"shi$ and "reat s$!endor6 and from %o#r seed wi!! emer"e a fo#ntain of the ri"hteo#s and kodesh ones witho#t n#mber fore&er',

7ala*%+ %n Char&e of the #loo(
55:1 After this he showed me the an"e!s of $#nishment who are $re$ared to come and re!ease a!! the $owers of the waters which are #nder"ro#nd to become 8#d"ment and destr#ction #nto a!! who !i&e and dwe!! #$on the earth' 55:( B#t) YAHWEH of Hosts "a&e an order to the ma!akim who were on d#t% that the% sho#!d not raise the water enc!os#res b#t "#ard them :for the% were the ma!akim who were in char"e of the waters' hen + !eft from the $resence of Enoch'

Y $0E$/s Pro+%se to Noah- P'n%sh+ent of the n&els an( 6%n&s
57:1 +n those da%s) the Word of YAHWEH came #nto me) and said #nto me) *Noah) %o#r !ot has come #$ before 1E :a !ot witho#t b!ame) a !ot of tr#e !o&e', 57:( *At this time the ma!akim are workin" with wood makin" an ark and when it is com$!eted) + sha!! $!ace 1Y hands #$on it and $rotect it) and the seed of !ife sha!! arise from it6 and a s#bstit#te "eneration wi!! come so that the earth wi!! not remain em$t% witho#t inhabitants', 57:- *+ sha!! stren"then %o#r seed before 1E fore&er and e&er as we!! as the seeds of those who dwe!! with %o#6 + sha!! not $#t it to tria! on the face of the earth6 b#t it sha!! be b!essed and m#!ti$!% on the earth in the NA1E of YAHWEH', 57:0 And the% sha!! im$rison those an"e!s who re&ea!ed o$$ression in that b#rnin" &a!!e% which m% "randfather Enoch had former!% shown me in the West amon" the mo#ntains of "o!d) si!&er) iron) bron4e) and tin' 57:3 + a!so saw that &a!!e% in which there took $!ace a "reat t#rb#!ence and the stirrin" of the waters' 57:5 Now) when a!! this took $!ace) there was $rod#ced from that bron4e and fire a sme!! of s#!f#r which b!ended with those waters' 57:7 his &a!!e% of the $er&ersi&e an"e!s sha!! contin#e to b#rn $#niti&e!% #nderneath that "ro#nd6 in res$ect to its tro#"hs) the% sha!! be fi!!ed with ri&ers of water b% which those an"e!s who $er&erted those who dwe!! #$on the earth sha!! be $#nished' 57:9 hose waters sha!! become in those da%s a $oisono#s dr#" of the bod% and a $#nishment of the s$irit #nto the kin"s) r#!ers) and e=a!ted ones) and those who dwe!!

on the earth6 !#st sha!! fi!! their so#!s so that their bodies sha!! be $#nished) for the% ha&e denied YAHWEH of Hosts6 the% sha!! see their own $#nishment e&er% da% b#t cannot be!ie&e in H+S NA1E' 57:< +n $ro$ortion to the "reat de"ree of the b#rnin" of their bodies wi!! be the transm#tation of their s$irits fore&er and e&er and e&er) for there is none that can s$eak a nonsensica! word before YAHWEH of Hosts' 57:1@ So the 8#d"ment sha!! come #$on them) beca#se the% be!ie&e in the deba#cher% of their bodies and den% the s$irit of YAHWEH' 57:11 And these waters wi!! #nder"o chan"e in those da%s6 for on the one hand when those an"e!s are bein" $#nished b% these waters) the tem$erat#res of those fo#ntains of water wi!! be a!tered and become hot) b#t on the other hand when the an"e!s "et o#t) those waters of the fo#ntains sha!! be transformed and become co!d' 57:1( hen + heard 1ichae! the ma!ak res$ondin" and sa%in") * his &erdict b% which the an"e!s are bein" $#nished is itse!f a testimon% to the kin"s and the r#!ers who contro! the wor!d', 57:1- For these waters of 8#d"ment are $oison to the bodies of the an"e!s as we!! as sensationa! to their f!esh6 hence the% wi!! neither see nor be!ie&e that these waters become transformed and become a fire that b#rns fore&er'

The 7ala* 7%chael D%sc'sses the 1'(&+ent )%th Raphael8
59:1 After that) he "a&e me instr#ctions in a!! the secret thin"s fo#nd in the book of m% "randfather) Enoch) and in the $arab!es which were "i&en to him6 and he $#t them to"ether for me in the words of the book which is with me' 59:( On that da%) 1ichae! addressed himse!f to Ra$hae!) sa%in" to him) * he $ower of the s$irit "rabs me and ca#ses me to "o #$ on acco#nt of the se&erit% of the 8#d"ment concernin" the know!ed"e of the secrets' Who is ab!e to end#re the se&erit% of the 8#d"ment which has been e=ec#ted and before which one me!ts awa%H, 59:- 1ichae! contin#ed to s$eak f#rther) sa%in" to Ra$hae!) *Who is he whose heart does not become sordid in res$ect to this matter and whose reins do not become stirred #$ from the Word of the I#d"ment which has been $rono#nced a"ainst them', 59:0 hen it ha$$ened that when the% stood6 before YAHWEH of Hosts) 1ichae! said to Ra$hae! this) * he% sha!! not $ros$er before the e%e of YAHWEH6 for the% ha&e 2#arre!ed with YAHWEH of Hosts beca#se the% are make in the ima"e of YAHWEH', 59:3 * herefore) a!! that which has been concea!ed sha!! come #$on them fore&er and e&er6 for neither an ma!ak nor a man sho#!d be assi"ned his ro!e6 so those e&i! ones a!one ha&e recei&ed their 8#d"ment fore&er and e&er',

Na+es an( 7%s(ee(s of the #allen an&els
5<:1 After this 8#d"ment) the% sha!! fri"hten them and make them scream beca#se the% ha&e shown this know!ed"e of secret thin"s to those who dwe!! on the earth' 5<:( Now beho!d) + am namin" the names of those an"e!s? hese are their names: he first of them is Sem%a4) the second Arista2is) the third Armen) the fo#rth .okba'e!) the fifth #r'e!) the si=th R#m%a!) the se&enth Ban%#!) the ei"hth Ne2a'e!) the ninth Bara2e!) the tenth A4a4'e!) the e!e&enth Armaros) the twe!fth Betr%a!) the thirteenth Basas'e!) the

fo#rteenth Hanan'e!) the fifteenth #r'e!) the si=teenth Si$Wese'e!) the se&enteenth Yeter'e!) the ei"hteenth #ma'e!) the nineteenth #r'e!) the twentieth R#m'e!) and the twent% :first A4a4'e!' 5<:hese are the chiefs of their an"e!s) their names) their cent#rions) their chiefs o&er fifties) and their chiefs o&er tens' 5<:0 he name of the first is Ye2on6 he is the one who mis!ed a!! the chi!dren of the an"e!s) bro#"ht them down #$on the earth) and $er&erted them b% the da#"hters of the $eo$!e' 5<:3 he second was named Asb'e!6 he is the one who "a&e the chi!dren of the kodesh an"e!s an e&i! co#nse! and mis!ed them so that the% wo#!d defi!e their bodies b% the da#"hters of the $eo$!e' 5<:5 he third was named /ader'e!6 this one is he who showed the chi!dren of the $eo$!e a!! the b!ows of death) who mis!ed E&e) who showed the chi!dren of the $eo$!e how to make the instr#ments of death s#ch as the shie!d) the breast$!ate) and the sword for warfare) and a!! the other instr#ments of death to the chi!dren of the $eo$!e' 5<:7 hro#"h their a"enc% death $roceeds a"ainst the $eo$!e who dwe!! #$on the earth) from that da% fore&ermore' 5<:9 he fo#rth is named >inem'e6 this one demonstrated to the chi!dren of the $eo$!e the bitter and the sweet and re&ea!ed to them a!! the secrets of their wisdom' 5<:< F#rthermore he ca#sed the $eo$!e to $enetrate the secret of writin" and the #se of ink and $a$er6 on acco#nt of this matter) there are man% who ha&e erred from eternit% to eternit%) #nti! this &er% da%' 5<:1@ For h#man bein"s are not created for s#ch $#r$oses to take #$ their be!iefs with $en and ink' 5<:11 For indeed h#man bein"s were not created b#t to be !ike ma!akim) $ermanent!% to maintain $#re and ri"hteo#s !i&es' Beath) which destro%s e&er%thin") wo#!d ha&e not to#ched them) had it not been thro#"h their know!ed"e b% which the% sha!! $erish6 death is now eatin" #s b% means of this $ower' 5<:1( he fifth is named .asad%a6 it is he who re&ea!ed to the chi!dren of the $eo$!e the &ario#s f!a"e!!ations of a!! e&i! :the f!a"e!!ation of the so#!s and the demons) the smashin" of the embr%o in the womb so that it ma% be cr#shed) the f!a"e!!ation of the so#!) snake bites) s#nstrokes) the son of the ser$ent) whose name is aba'ta' 5<:1- And this is the n#mber of .asb'e!) chief e=ec#tor of the oath which he re&ea!ed to the kodesh ones whi!e he was sti!! dwe!!in" in the hi"hest in s$!endor' 5<:10 His name was then Be2a6 and he s$oke to 1ichae! to disc!ose to him his secret name so that he wo#!d memori4e this secret name of his) so that he wo#!d ca!! it #$ in an oath in order that the% sha!! tremb!e before it and the oath' 5<:13 He then re&ea!ed these to the chi!dren of the $eo$!e) and a!! the hidden thin"s and this $ower of this oath) for it is $ower and stren"th itse!f' he E&i! One $!aced this oath in 1ichae!'s hand' 5<:15 hese are the secrets of this oath :and the% are s#stained b% the oath: he hea&en was s#s$ended before the creation of the wor!d) and fore&er? 5<:17 B% it the earth is fo#nded #$on the water6 from the hidden $!aces of the mo#ntains come bea#tif#! waters) from the be"innin" of creation) and fore&er? 5<:19 B% that oath) the sea was created6 and he $#t down for it a fo#ndation of sand which cannot be trans"ressed at a time of its an"er) from the be"innin" of creation) and fore&er? 5<:1< And b% that oath the de$ths are made firm6 the% stand sti!! and do not mo&e

from their $!aces from the be"innin" of creation) and fore&er? 5<:(@ B% the same oath the s#n and the moon com$!ete their co#rses of tra&e!) and do not de&iate from the orah made for them) from the be"innin" of creation) and fore&er? 5<:(1 And b% the same oath the stars com$!ete their co#rses of tra&e!6 if the% ca!! their names) HE ca#ses them to res$ond from the be"innin" of creation) and fore&er? 5<:(( ;ikewise the waters and their so#!s) a!! the winds and their $aths of tra&e! from a!! the directions of winds6 5<:(- the &oice of the th#nder and the !i"ht of the !i"htnin" are ke$t there6 5<:(0 the reser&oirs of hai!) the reser&oirs of frost) the reser&oirs of mist) the reser&oirs of rain and dew are ke$t there6 5<:(3 A!! these be!ie&e and "i&e thanks in the $resence of YAHWEH of Hosts6 the% honor with a!! their mi"ht) and $!ease H+1 in a!! this thanks"i&in"6 the% sha!! thank) ma"nif%) and e=a!t YAHWEH of Hosts fore&er and e&er? 5<:(5 his oath has become dominant o&er them6 the% are $reser&ed b% it and their $aths are $reser&ed b% it so that their co#rses of tra&e! do not $erish' 5<:(7 hen there came to them a "reat 8o%' And the% b!essed) ma"nified) and e=to!!ed YAHWEH on acco#nt of the fact that the Name of that Son of 1an was re&ea!ed to them' He sha!! ne&er $ass awa% or $erish from before the face of the earth' 5<:(9 B#t those who ha&e !ed the wor!d astra% sha!! be bo#nd with chains6 and their r#ino#s con"re"ation sha!! be im$risoned6 a!! their deeds sha!! &anish from before the face of the earth' 5<:(< henceforth nothin" that is corr#$tib!e sha!! be fo#nd6 for that Son of 1an has a$$eared and has seated Himse!f #$on the throne of His s$!endor6 and a!! e&i! sha!! disa$$ear from before His face6 he sha!! "o and te!! to that Son of 1an) and He sha!! be stron" before YAHWEH of Hosts' Here ends the third $arab!e of Enoch'

Translat%on of Enoch an( V%s%on of Earl%est $'+an ncestors
7@:1 And it ha$$ened after this that his !i&in" name was raised #$ before that Son of 1an and to YAHWEH from amon" those who dwe!! #$on the earth6 it was !ifted #$ in a wind chariot and it disa$$eared from amon" them' 7@:( From that da% on) + was not co#nted amon" them' 7@:- B#t He $!aced me between two winds) between the northeast and the west) where the ma!akim took a cord to meas#re for me the $!ace for the e!ect and ri"hteo#s ones' 7@:0 And there + saw the first h#man ancestors and the ri"hteo#s ones of o!d) dwe!!in" in that $!ace'

V%s%on of the #%er5 $o'se an( the ntece(ent of Da5s
71:1 h#s it ha$$ened after this that m% s$irit $assed o#t of si"ht and ascended into the hea&ens' And + saw the sons of the kodesh ma!akim wa!kin" #$on the f!ame of fire6 their "arments were white :and their o&ercoats :and the !i"ht of their faces was !ike snow' 71:( A!so + saw two ri&ers of fire) the !i"ht of which fire was shinin" !ike h%acinth' hen + fe!! #$on m% face before YAHWEH of Hosts'

71:- And 1ichae! the ma!ak) one of the chief ma!akim) sei4in" me b% m% ri"ht hand and !iftin" me #$) !ed me o#t into a!! the secrets of merc%6 and he showed me a!! the secrets of ri"hteo#sness' 71:0 He a!so showed me a!! the secrets of the e=treme ends of hea&en and a!! the reser&oirs of the stars and the !#minaries :from where the% come o#t to shine before the faces of the kodesh ones' 71:3 He carried off m% s$irit) and + Enoch) was in the hea&en of hea&ens' here + saw :in the midst of that !i"ht :a str#ct#re b#i!t of cr%sta!s6 and between those cr%sta!s ton"#es of !i&in" fire' 71:5 And m% s$irit saw a rin" which encirc!ed this str#ct#re of fire' On its fo#r sides were ri&ers f#!! of !i&in" fire which encirc!ed it' 71:7 1oreo&er) sera$him) cher#bim) and o$hanim :the s!ee$!ess ones who "#ard the throne of H+S s$!endor :a!so encirc!ed it' 71:9 And + saw co#nt!ess ma!akim :a h#ndred tho#sand times a h#ndred tho#sand) ten mi!!ion times ten mi!!ion) encirc!in" that ho#se' 71:< 1ichae!) Ra$hae!) /abrie!) >han#e!) and n#mero#s other kodesh ma!akim that are in hea&en abo&e) "o in and o#t of that ho#se) 1ichae!) Ra$hae!) /abrie!) >han#e!) and n#mero#s other kodesh ma!akim that are co#nt!ess' 71:1@ With them is the Antecedent of ime: H+S head is white and $#re !ike woo! and H+S "arment is indescribab!e' 71:11 + fe!! on m% face) m% who!e bod% mo!!ified and m% s$irit transformed' hen + cried with a "reat &oice b% the s$irit of the $ower) b!essin") ma"nif%in") honorin" and e=to!!in"' 71:1( And those are the b!essin"s which went forth o#t of m% mo#th) bein" we!!: $!easin" in the $resence of that Antecedent of ime' 71:1hen the Antecedent of ime came with 1ichae!) /abrie!) and Ra$hae!) >han#e!) and a h#ndred tho#sand and ten mi!!ion times a h#ndred tho#sand ma!akim that are co#nt!ess' 71:10 hen a ma!ak came to me and "reeted me and said to me) *Yo#) son of man) who art born in ri"hteo#sness and #$on whom ri"hteo#sness has dwe!t) the ri"hteo#sness of the Antecedent of ime wi!! not forsake %o#', 71:13 He added and said to me6 *HE sha!! $roc!aim sha!om to %o# in the name of the wor!d that is to become' For from here $roceeds sha!om since the creation of the wor!d) and so it sha!! be #nto %o# fore&er and e&er and e&er', 71:15 *E&er%one that wi!! come to e=ist and wa!k sha!! fo!!ow %o#r $ath) since ri"hteo#sness ne&er forsakes %o#' o"ether with %o# sha!! be their dwe!!in" $!aces6 and to"ether with %o# sha!! be their $ortion' he% sha!! not be se$arated from %o# fore&er and e&er and e&er', 71:17 So there sha!! be !en"th of da%s with that Son of 1an) and sha!om to the ri"hteo#s ones6 his $ath is #$ri"ht for the ri"hteo#s) in the NA1E of YAHWEH of Hosts fore&er and e&er'

3 HANOCH - ENOCH 3 Book 3 72 -82 "he Book of He()en%* +u$in(rie'

The s'n
Book hree: 7(:1 he Book of the +tinerar% of the ;#minaries of Hea&en: the $osition of each and e&er% one) in res$ect to their ranks) in res$ect to their a#thorities) and in res$ect to their seasons6 each one accordin" to their names and their $!aces of ori"in and accordin" to their months) which Grie!) the kodesh ma!ak who was with me) and who a!so is their "#ide) showed me :8#st as he showed me a!! their treatises and the nat#re of the %ears of the wor!d #nto eternit%) ti!! the new creation which abides fore&er is created' 7(:( his is the first commandment of the !#minaries: he s#n is a !#minar% whose e"ress is an o$enin" of hea&en) which is !ocated in the direction of the east) and whose in"ress is another o$enin" of hea&en) !ocated in the west' 7(:- + saw si= o$enin"s thro#"h which the s#n rises and si= o$enin"s thro#"h which it sets' he moon a!so rises and sets thro#"h the same o$enin"s) and the% are "#ided b% the stars6 to"ether with those whom the% !ead) the% are si= in the east and si=6 in the west hea&en' A!! of them) are arran"ed one after another in a constant order' here are man% windows both to the !eft and the ri"ht of these o$enin"s' 7(:0 First) there "oes o#t the "reat !i"ht whose name is the s#n6 its ro#ndness is !ike the ro#ndness of the sk%6 and it is tota!!% fi!!ed with !i"ht and heat' 7(:3 he chariot on which it ascends is dri&en b% the b!owin" wind' he s#n sets in the sk% in the west and ret#rns b% the northeast in order to "o to the east6 it is "#ided so that it sha!! reach the eastern "ate and shine in the face of the sk%' 7(:5 +n this manner it rises in the first month thro#"h the ma8or "ate6 it $roceeds thro#"h this "ate which is the fo#rth amon" those si= o$enin"s which are !ocated in the direction of the east' 7(:7 B% this fo#rth "ate thro#"h which the s#n rises d#rin" the first month there are twe!&e o$en windows from which a f!ame f!ows) when the% are o$ened at the a$$ro$riate time' 7(:9 When the s#n rises in the east in the sk%) it "oes o#t thro#"h this fo#rth "ate for thirt% mornin"s and descends faithf#!!% thro#"h the fo#rth "ate in the western sk%' 7(:< B#rin" those thirt% da%s the da% dai!% becomes !on"er and the ni"ht ni"ht!% shorter) for thirt% da%s' 7(:1@ On that da%) the da% is !on"er than the ni"ht b% one ninth6 so the da% t#rns o#t to be e=act!% ten $arts and the ni"ht to be ei"ht $arts' 7(:11 he s#n rises from that fo#rth eastern "ate and sets in the fo#rth western one) and then it t#rns and comes into the fifth "ate of the east for thirt% da%s) thro#"h which it rises) and sets in the fifth "ate' 7(:1( At that time the da% f#rther becomes !on"er and becomes e!e&en $arts and the ni"ht shortens and becomes se&en $arts on acco#nt of the s#n' 7(:1- +t then ret#rns to the east and comes into the si=th "ate) risin" and settin" thro#"h that si=th "ate for thirt% one da%s) accordin" to the $rinci$!e of the "ate' 7(:10 On that da% the da% becomes !on"er than the ni"ht sti!! f#rther6 so the da% becomes twe!&e $arts and the ni"ht shortens and becomes si= $arts' 7(:13 hen the s#n is raised in s#ch a wa% that its d#ration shortens and ni"ht occ#rs6 the s#n ret#rns to the east and enters the si=th "ate) risin" and settin" thro#"h it for thirt% da%s' 7(:15 When thirt% da%s are com$!eted) the da% decreases e=act!% b% one $art) and becomes e!e&en $arts) and the ni"ht se&en'

7(:17 hen the s#n) !ea&in" the west b% that si=th "ate and "oin" to the east) rises thro#"h the fifth "ate for thirt% mornin"s and sets a"ain in the fifth "ate in the west' 7(:19 On that da% the da% decreases b% two $arts6 so the da% becomes ten $arts and the ni"ht ei"ht $arts' 7(:1< hen the s#n) de$artin" from that fifth "ate and settin" in the fifth "ate) in the west) rises in the fo#rth "ate for thirt% one da%s accordin" to the $rinci$!e of the "ate) and sets in the west' 7(:(@ On that da% the da% is a!i"ned with the ni"ht) so that the% become e2#a!6 so the ni"ht becomes nine $arts and the da% nine $arts' 7(:(1 hen the s#n) de$artin" from that "ate and settin" in the west) ret#rns to the east and comes o#t thro#"h the third "ate for thirt% da%s) and sets in the third "ate in the west' 7(:(( On that da% the ni"ht becomes !on"er than the da%6 it becomes !on"er than the $re&io#s ni"ht and the da% becomes shorter than the $re&io#s da%) for thirt% da%s6 so the ni"ht t#rns o#t to be e=act!% ten $arts and the da% to be ei"ht $arts' 7(:(hen the s#n) de$artin" from that third "ate in the west and ret#rnin" to the east) comes o#t thro#"h the second "ate in the east for thirt% da%s) and in the same manner it sets thro#"h the second "ate in the western sk%' 7(:(0 On that da% the ni"ht becomes e!e&en $arts and the da% se&en $arts' 7(:(3 hen the s#n) de$artin" on that da% from that second "ate and settin" in the west in the second "ate) ret#rns to the east and rises in the first "ate for thirt% one da%s) and sets on that da% in the western sk%' 7(:(5 On that da% the ni"ht !en"thens and becomes twe!&e $arts) whereas the da% shortens and becomes si= $arts' 7(:(7 h#s the s#n com$!etes its a$$earances) and "oes thro#"h those same c%c!es of a$$earances a second time) comin" o#t thro#"h a!! the o$enin"s for thirt% da%s and settin" a!so in the west o$$osite to it' 7(:(9 On that ni"ht the !en"th of the ni"ht decreases b% one ninth6 so the ni"ht becomes e!e&en $arts and the da% se&en $arts' 7(:(< hen the s#n) ret#rnin" and enterin" the second "ate which is in the east) res#mes its a$$earances for thirt% mornin"s) risin" and settin" as #s#a!' 7(:-@ On that da% the ni"ht becomes shorter) so the ni"ht becomes ten $arts and the da% ei"ht $arts' 7(:-1 On that da% the s#n) de$artin" from this second "ate and settin" in the west) ret#rns to the east and rises thro#"h the third "ate for thirt% one da%s) and sets in the western sk%' 7(:-( On that da% the ni"ht shortens and becomes nine $arts and the da% nine $arts' hen the ni"ht becomes e2#a! with the da%) and the da%s of the %ear add #$ to e=act!% three h#ndred si=t% fo#r da%s' 7(:-he !en"ths of the da% and the ni"ht as we!! as the shortness of the da% and the ni"ht) are determined b% the co#rse of the circ#it of the s#n) and distin"#ished b% it' 7(:-0 he circ#it becomes !on"er or shorter da% b% da% and ni"ht b% ni"ht res$ecti&e!%' 7(:-3 h#s this is the order for the co#rse of the mo&ement and the sett!ement of the s#n :that "reat !#minar% which is ca!!ed the s#n) for the d#ration of the %ears of the #ni&erse :in res$ect to its "oin" in and comin" o#t' 7(:-5 +t is that &er% !#minar% which manifests itse!f in its a$$earance as YAHWEH has commanded that it sha!! come o#t and "o in) in this manner'

7(:-7 And neither does it diminish in res$ect to its bri"htness nor take rest b#t contin#e to r#n da% and ni"ht' As for the intensit% of its !i"ht) it is se&enfo!d bri"hter than that of the moon6 ne&erthe!ess) the s#n and the moon are e2#a! in re"ard to their res$ecti&e si4es'

The +oon an( the ,ar5%n& a+o'nts of %ts %ll'+%nat%ons:
7-:1 After + saw this set of re"#!ations for the s#n + saw another set of re"#!ations concernin" the minor !#minar% whose name is moon' 7-:( +ts ro#ndness is !ike the ro#ndness of the sk%) and the wind dri&es the chariot on which it rides6 and it is "i&en !i"ht in &ar%in" meas#re' 7-:- +t's comin" o#t and its "oin" in chan"e e&er% month' +t's da%s are !ike the da%s of the s#n6 and when its !i"ht becomes e&en!% distrib#ted then it amo#nts to one se&enth of the !i"ht of the s#n' 7-:0 +t the moon rises in this manner: +ts head faces the easter!% direction) comin" o#t on the thirtieth da%) on that da%) that is) on the thirtieth da%) it comes into e=istence) and it a$$ears with the s#n in the "ate thro#"h which the s#n e=its6 and %o# ha&e the be"innin" of the month' 7-:3 Aonsiderin" ha!f of it to be di&isib!e into se&en $arts) the who!e disk of it is witho#t !i"ht) with the e=ce$tion of one:se&enth $art of the fo#rteenth $art of the !i"ht of the s#n) one se&enth of its ha!f !i"ht' 7-:5 On the da% when it recei&es one:se&enth $art of its one ha!f) as the s#n sets) it becomes e2#i&a!ent to one:se&enth !i"ht of one ha!f of it' 7-:7 hen when the s#n rises) the moon rises to"ether with it) takin" a $ortion of one ha!f of its !i"ht6 that ni"ht the moon) 8#st be"innin" its month!% 8o#rne% on its first !#nar da%) sets with the s#n and becomes dark) in res$ect to its thirteen $arts that ni"ht' On that da% it rises and shines with e=act!% one:se&enth $art of its semicirc!e' 7-:9 hen it comes o#t and recedes toward the east awa% from where the s#n rises) contin#in" to be bri"hter in one si=th of one se&enth of one ha!f of the !i"ht of the s#n d#rin" the remainin" da%s'

The S'n 7oon Relat%onsh%p %n Da5s3 7onths an( Years
70:1 F#rthermore) + saw another s%stem of rotation with its own re"#!ation whereb% the s%stem f#!fi!!s its month!% co#rse of mo&ement' 70:( A!! these thin"s :inc!#din" their fi=ed $ositions : Grie!) the kodesh ma!ak who is the "#ide of a!! of them) showed to me' And + wrote down their fi=ed $ositions as he showed them to me6 and + wrote down their months as the% were) as we!! as the &ariab!e as$ects of their i!!#mination #nti! the com$!etion of fifteen da%s' 70:he moon wanes in fifteen ste$s d#rin" a $eriod of fifteen da%s) and wa=es in fo#rteen ste$s in the east and the west res$ecti&e!%' 70:0 +n certain desi"nated months it a!ters its wester!% settin"s and in certain desi"nated months it f#!fi!!s its #n#s#a! co#rses of mo&ement' 70:3 For two months it the moon sets with the s#n) and #ses those two midd!e o$enin"s which are the third and the fo#rth "ate' 70:5 +t comes o#t for se&en da%s and com$!etes a circ#it as it ret#rns a"ain to the "ate

thro#"h which the s#n rises' +n this manner it wa=es and recedes from the s#n) enterin" the si=th "ate thro#"h which the s#n rises in ei"ht da%s' 70:7 When the s#n rises thro#"h the fo#rth "ate the moon comes o#t for se&en da%s) #nti! it starts comin" o#t thro#"h the fifth' +t then t#rns back toward the fo#rth "ate in se&en da%s) wa=in" as it recedes) and enters the first "ate in ei"ht da%s' 70:9 hen a"ain it ret#rns to the fo#rth "ate thro#"h which the s#n rises in se&en da%s' 70:< his is how + saw their fi=ed $ositions : how the moon rises and shines when the s#n sets : in those da%s' 70:1@ +f fi&e %ears are combined the s#n "ains fift% e=tra da%s6 conse2#ent!% one of those fi&e %ears "ains) and when it is com$!eted) it t#rns o#t to be three h#ndred si=t% fo#r da%s' 70:11 he "ain of the s#n and of the stars t#rns o#t to be ten da%s6 in three %ears) ten da%s e&er% %ear add #$ to thirt% da%s6 and the moon fa!!s behind the s#n and the stars for thirt% da%s' 70:1( he% brin" abo#t a!! the %ears $#ncti!io#s!%) so that the% fore&er neither "ain #$on nor fa!! behind their fi=ed $ositions for a sin"!e da%) b#t the% con&ert the %ear with $#ncti!io#s 8#stice into three h#ndred si=t% fo#r da%s' 70:1- +n three %ears there are one tho#sand and ninet% two da%s and in fi&e %ears one tho#sand ei"ht h#ndred and twent% da%s) so that in ei"ht %ears there are two tho#sand nine h#ndred and twe!&e da%s' 70:10 For the moon sin"!% in three %ears its da%s add #$ to one tho#sand si=t% two da%s) so that it fa!!s behind b% thirt% da%s in three %ears' 70:13 +n fi&e %ears the% add #$ to one tho#sand ei"ht h#ndred se&ent% da%s) so that it fa!!s behind b% fift% da%s in fi&e %ears' h#s it is for the moon' 70:15 +n ei"ht %ears the da%s add #$ to two tho#sand ei"ht h#ndred thirt% two da%s) so that it fa!!s behind b% ei"ht% da%s in ei"ht %ears' 70:17 +n this wa% the %ears are com$!eted with $recision) in accordance with their fi=ed $ositions in the #ni&erse and the fi=ed stations of the s#n which shine) the "ate thro#"h which it the s#n rises and sets for thirt% da%s'

The Three $'n(re( an( S%;t5 #o'r #%;e( Stat%ons of the Cos+os
73:1 he !eaders of the chiefs of the tho#sands) which are a$$ointed o&er the who!e creation and #$on a!! the stars) are co#nted to"ether with the fo#r !eaders of the seasons6 the% do not !ea&e from the fi=ed stations accordin" to the reckonin" of the %ear6 and the% render ser&ice on the fo#r da%s which are not co#nted in the reckonin" of the %ear' 73:( On this acco#nt) $eo$!e err in them) for those !#minaries scr#$#!o#s!% render ser&ice to the fi=ed $ositions in the cosmos) one in the first "ate of hea&en) one in the third) one in the fo#rth) one in the fifth) and one in the si=th' +n this manner the %ear is com$!eted scr#$#!o#s!% in three h#ndred and si=t% fo#r fi=ed stations of the cosmos' 73:h#s the si"ns) the d#rations of time) the %ears) and the da%s were shown to me b% the ma!ak Grie!) whom YAHWEH) A;1+/H Y of eterna! s$!endor) has a$$ointed o&er a!! the !#minaries of hea&en) both in hea&en and the wor!d : in order that the% : the s#n) the moon) the stars) and a!! the created ob8ects which circ#!ate in a!! the chariots of hea&en sho#!d r#!e in the face of the sk% and be seen on the earth to be "#ides for the

da% and the ni"ht' 73:0 ;ikewise Grie! showed me twe!&e wide o$enin"s in the sk%) a!on" the co#rse of the chariots of the s#n) from which the ra%s of the s#n break o#t and from which heat is diff#sed #$on the earth) when the% are o$ened d#rin" the desi"nated seasons' 73:3 heir o$enin"s affect the winds and the s$irit of the dew) 73:5 that is when the twe!&e wide o$enin"s are o$ened in the sk%) in the e=treme ends of the earth) thro#"h which a!so the s#n) the moon) the stars) and a!! the other hea&en!% ob8ects come o#t in the west' 73:7 here are man% o$en windows to the !eft and the ri"ht) b#t one window $rod#ces the heat at its desi"nated time in the manner of those o$enin"s thro#"h which the stars rise in accordance with their orders and set accordin" to their n#mbers' 73:9 + a!so saw chariots in hea&en r#nnin" in the #ni&erse abo&e those o$enin" so in which the stars that do not set re&o!&e' 73:< One circ#it is !ar"er than the rest of them a!!) and it circ!es the entire cosmos at the e=treme ends of the earth'

The t)el,e )%n(s an( the%r &ates
75:1 And + saw the twe!&e wide o$enin"s in a!! the directions thro#"h which the winds come o#t and b!ow o&er the earth' 75:( hree of them are o$en in the forefront of the sk%) three in the west) three in the ri"ht of the sk%) and three on the !eft6 75:- in other words the first three are those on the mornin" side fo!!owed b% three in the direction of the north6 the !ast three are those on the !eft) in the direction of the so#th fo!!owed b% three in the west' 75:0 hro#"h fo#r of the o$enin"s b!ow o#t winds of b!essin" and thro#"h ei"ht of them b!ow o#t winds of $esti!ence : when the% are sent in order to destro% the who!e earth) the water #$on her) a!! those who dwe!! #$on her) and a!! those which e=ist in the waters and the dr% !and' 75:3 he first "ro#$ of winds "oes o#t from those o$enin"s ca!!ed the easter!%' O#t of the first "ate) which is in the direction of the east and inc!ines toward the so#th) $roceed e=tir$ation) dro#"ht) $esti!ence) and destr#ction' 75:5 O#t of the second "ate !ocated direct!% in the center) $roceed rain) and fr#itf#!ness to"ether with dew' O#t of the third "ate) which is in the direction of the northeast) $roceed both co!d and dro#"ht' 75:7 After these winds) there "o o#t the so#ther!% ones thro#"h three "ates' Amon" these) o#t of the first "ate) which inc!ines in the direction of the east) $recede the winds of heat' 75:9 O#t of the centra! "ate) which is ne=t to it) $roceeds bea#tif#! fra"rance6 dew) rain) sha!om) and !ife' 75:< And o#t of the third "ate) in the direction of the west) $roceed dew) rain) %o#n" !oc#sts) and deso!ation' 75:1@ After these) there "oes the "ro#$ of the norther!% winds whose name is the Sea' here $roceed from the se&enth "ate) which is in the direction of the east) toward the so#th6 dew) rain) %o#n" !oc#sts) and deso!ation' 75:11 O#t of the centra! "ate $roceed !ife) rain) and dew direct!%6 and o#t of the third "ate) which is in the direction of the west) which inc!ines toward the northeast) $roceed

c!o#d) frost) snow) rain) dew) and %o#n" !oc#sts' 75:1( After these come the fo#rth "ro#$ of winds : the wester!%' O#t of the first "ate) which is in the northeaster!% direction) $roceed dew) frost) co!d) snow) and hoarfrost' 75:1- O#t of the centra! "ate $roceed dew) rain) sha!om) and b!essin"' And o#t of the !ast "ate) which is in the direction of the so#th) $roceed dro#"ht) deso!ation) b#rnin") and destr#ction' 75:10 h#s the twe!&e o$enin"s of the fo#r hea&en!% directions are com$!eted6 a!! their orders) a!! their e&i! effects) and a!! their beneficia! effects ha&e + re&ea!ed to %o#) O m% son) 1eth#se!ah?

The fo'r (%rect%ons3 the se,en +o'nta%ns3 an( the se,en r%,ers
77:1 he first direction is ca!!ed the Orient) beca#se it is the &er% first' 77:( he second is ca!!ed the So#th) beca#se YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h wi!! descend there) indeed beca#se the Eterna!!% B!essed wi!! descend there' 77:he third direction is the Occident) its name means the diminished) beca#se there a!! the !#minaries of the sk% wane and descend' 77:0 he fo#rth direction) whose name is the North) is di&ided into three $arts: One of them is the dwe!!in" of h#man bein"s6 the second the seas of water) !akes) forests) ri&ers) darkness) and c!o#ds6 and the third $art the "arden of ri"hteo#sness' 77:3 + saw se&en hi"h mo#ntains which were hi"her than a!! the mo#ntains of the earth6 o#t of them $roceeds frost6 and da%s and %ears tra&erse them in d#e season' 77:5 + saw se&en ri&ers #$on the earth) !ar"er than a!! the ri&ers6 one of them emer"es from the West and em$ties its water into the /reat Sea' 77:7 wo others come from the Northeast to the sea and em$t% their water into the Er%thraean Sea) in the East' 77:9 he fo#r remainin" ones come o#t of the side of the Northeast to their own res$ecti&e seas : two of them to the Er%thraean Sea and two of them to the /reat Sea) $o#rin" themse!&es therein6 some sa% to the se&enth desert' 77:< + a!so saw bi" is!ands in the sea and the !and : se&ent% two in the Er%thraean Sea'

Na+es of the s'n an( the +oon< )a;%n& an( )an%n& of the +oon
79:1 hese are the names of the s#n: the first) 'Or%ares and the second) omas' 79:( he moon has fo#r names: +ts first name is Asen%a6 its second) 'Ab!a6 the third) Banase6 and the fo#rth) 'Era' 79:hese are the two "reat !#minaries' heir ro#ndness is !ike the ro#ndness of the sk%6 and the ma"nit#de of their ro#ndness is e2#i&a!ent for both' 79:0 here are se&en more $ortions of !i"ht that mo&e in the s#n's s$here than in the moon's and it increases in meas#re #nti! se&ent% $ortions of the s#n are com$!eted' 79:3 he moon comes in and "oes o#t b% the western o$enin"s) and circ!es &ia the northeast and rises thro#"h the eastern o$enin"s #$on the face of the earth' 79:5 When the moon be"ins its c%c!e) it a$$ears in the sk% one ha!f of a se&enth $art6 it wi!! become f#!!% i!!#mined from the fo#rteenth da%6 79:7 it com$!etes its i!!#mination the fifteenth) becomin" f#!fi!!ed accordin" to the si"n

of the %ear and becomin" fifteen $arts' h#s the moon wa=es in fifteen $arts' 79:9 +n its wanin") the moon decreases on the first da% to fo#rteen $arts of its !i"ht6 on the second da%) it decreases to thirteen $arts of !i"ht6 on the third) to twe!&e $arts6 on the fo#rth) to e!e&en $arts6 on the fifth) to ten $arts6 on the si=th) to nine $arts6 on the se&enth) to ei"ht $arts6 on the ei"hth) to se&en $arts6 on the ninth) to si= $arts6 on the tenth) to fi&e $arts6 on the e!e&enth) to fo#r $arts6 on the twe!fth) to three $arts6 on the thirteenth) to one ha!f of the $recedin"6 on the fo#rteenth) a!! its !i"ht decreases to one ha!f of one se&enth6 and on the fifteenth) a!! the remainin" !i"ht disa$$ears' 79:< +n certain fi=ed months) the moon com$!etes its c%c!e e&er% twent% nine da%s) in certain others) e&er% twent% ei"ht' 79:1@ hen Grie! showed me another order concernin" when !i"ht is beamed into the moon) from which direction of the bri"ht s#n it is beamed' 79:11 B#rin" a!! the seasons when the moon is made to r#n its c%c!e) the !i"ht is bein" beamed into it the moon facin" the s#n #nti! the i!!#mination of the moon is com$!eted in the co#rse of fo#rteen da%s6 and when it is !it com$!ete!%) it radiates !i"ht in the sk%' 79:1( On the first da%) it is ca!!ed the new moon beca#se on that da% the i!!#mination be"ins to set #$on it' 79:1hese i!!#minations are com$!eted with e=actit#de on the da% when the s#n descends into the west) and the moon sim#!taneo#s!% rises in the east in the e&enin") shinin" d#rin" the ni"ht #nti! the s#n rises o$$osite it) and it is o&er a"ainst the s#n' 79:10 From the same side where !i"ht entered the moon) from there a!so it "rad#a!!% wanes #nti! a!! the i!!#mination disa$$ears and the da%s of the moon e=$ire) its disk em$t% witho#t !i"ht' 79:13 he moon coordinates) in res$ect to its da%s and seasons) fo#r three month di&isions' +n the co#rse of its recession it makes three months each in thirt% da%s and three months each in twent% nine da%s6 d#rin" this season it makes its recession) in the first $eriod) startin" in the first "ate) in one h#ndred and se&ent% se&en da%s' 79:15 +n the co#rse of its $ro"ression) it a$$ears three months each in thirt% da%s and three months each in twent% nine da%s' 79:17 B% ni"ht it a$$ears !ike a man) and b% da% it a$$ears !ike the sk%6 for there is no other thin" in it e=ce$t its !i"ht'

Concl's%on of the ,%s%on of astrono+%cal la)s
7<:1 *Now) m% son) + ha&e re&ea!ed to %o# e&er%thin"6 the r#!es concernin" a!! the stars of hea&en are conc!#ded here', 7<:( He showed me a!! their res$ecti&e r#!es for e&er% da%) for e&er% seasons a#thorit%) and for e&er% %ear6 the $rocession of each one accordin" to the commandment) e&er% month and e&er% week' 7<:he tota! decrement of the moon which it makes thro#"h and into the si=th "ate) for after the !i"ht of this si=th "ate is dis$osed of from the be"innin" of the decrement 7<:0 which it makes in ret#rnin" in the first "ate takes $!ace in her own season #nti! one h#ndred and se&ent% se&en da%s are f#!fi!!ed) fo!!owin" the r#!e of weeks) twent% fi&e weeks and two da%s' 7<:3 he moon fa!!s behind the s#n accordin" to the order of the stars e=act!% fi&e da%s d#rin" one $eriod Ki'e' in one ha!f %earL) and when the $!ace which %o# beho!d has been tra&ersed'

7<:5 S#ch is the a$$earance and the $ict#re of a!! the !#minaries which Grie! the chief ma!ak) who is their !eader) showed #nto me'

The Ve&etable n( #r'%t Shall Not 2ro) In Its Season
9@:1 +n those da%s) the an"e! Grie! res$onded and said to me) *Beho!d) + ha&e shown %o# e&er%thin") Enoch) and + ha&e re&ea!ed e&er%thin" to %o# so that %o# mi"ht see this s#n) this moon) and those that "#ide the stars of hea&en as we!! as a!! those who interchan"e their acti&ities and their seasons and rotate their $rocessions' 9@:( +n res$ect to their da%s) the sinners and the winter are c#t short' heir seeds sha!! !a" behind in their !ands and in their ferti!e fie!ds) and in a!! their acti&ities #$on the earth' He wi!! t#rn and a$$ear in their time) and withho!d rain6 and the sk% sha!! stand sti!! at that time' 9@:hen the &e"etab!e sha!! s!acken and not "row in its season) and the fr#it sha!! not be born in its $ro$er season' 9@:0 he moon sha!! a!ter its order) and wi!! not be seen accordin" to its norma! c%c!es' 9@:3 +n those da%s it wi!! a$$ear in the sk% and it sha!! arri&e in the e&enin" in the e=treme ends of the "reat !#nar $ath) in the west' And it sha!! shine more bri"ht!%) e=ceedin" the norma! de"ree of !i"ht' 9@:5 1an% of the chiefs of the stars sha!! make errors in res$ect to the orders "i&en to them6 the% sha!! chan"e their co#rses and f#nctions and not a$$ear d#rin" the seasons which ha&e been $rescribed for them' 9@:7 A!! the orders of the stars sha!! harden in dis$osition a"ainst the sinners and the conscience of those that dwe!! #$on the earth' he% the stars sha!! err a"ainst them the sinners6 and modif% a!! their co#rses' hen the% the sinners sha!! err and take them the stars to be "ods' 9@:9 And e&i! thin"s sha!! be m#!ti$!ied #$on them6 and $!a"#es sha!! come #$on them) so as to destro% a!!'

The hea,enl5 boo* an( Enoch/s +%ss%on
91:1 hen he said #nto me) JEnoch) !ook at the tab!ets of hea&en6 read what is written #$on them and #nderstand each e!ement on them one b% one', 91:( So + !ooked at the tab!ets of hea&en) and read a!! the writin" on them) and came to #nderstand e&er%thin"' + read that book and a!! the deeds of h#manit% and a!! the chi!dren of the f!esh #$on the earth for a!! the "enerations of the wor!d' 91:- At that &er% moment) + b!essed the /reat YAHWEH) the .in" of S$!endor fore&er) for HE has created a!! the $henomena in the wor!d' + $raised YAHWEH beca#se of H+S $atience6 and + we$t on acco#nt of the chi!dren of the $eo$!e #$on the earth' 91:0 After that) + said: B!essed is the man who dies ri"hteo#s and #$ri"ht) a"ainst whom no record of o$$ression has been written) and who recei&ed no 8#d"ment on that da%' 91:3 hen the se&en kodesh ones bro#"ht me and $!aced me on the "ro#nd in front of the "ate of m% ho#se) and said to me) *1ake e&er%thin" known to %o#r son) 1eth#se!ah) and show to a!! %o#r chi!dren that no one of the f!esh can be 8#st before YAHWEH6 for the% are mere!% H+S own creation',

91:5 *We sha!! !et %o# sta% with %o#r son for one %ear) so that %o# ma% teach %o#r chi!dren another !aw and write it down for them and "i&e a!! of them a warnin"6 and in the second %ear) %o# sha!! be taken awa% from amon" a!! of them', 91:7 *;et %o#r heart be stron"? For the #$ri"ht sha!! anno#nce ri"hteo#sness to the #$ri"ht6 and the ri"hteo#s ones sha!! re8oice with the ri"hteo#s ones and con"rat#!ate each other', 91:9 B#t the sinners sha!! die to"ether with the sinners6 and the a$ostate sha!! sink to"ether with the a$ostate' 91:< B#t those who do ri"ht sha!! not die on acco#nt of the e&i! deeds of the $eo$!e6 it wi!! "ather on acco#nt of the deeds of the e&i! ones', 91:1@ +n those da%s) those se&en kodesh ones conc!#ded s$eakin" with me6 and then + ret#rned to m% $eo$!e) b!essin" YAHWEH of the #ni&erse'

((%t%onal astrono+%cal an( the fo'r epa&o+enal (a5s - calen(r%cal ,%s%ons
9(:1 Now) 1eth#se!ah) m% son) + sha!! reco#nt a!! these thin"s to %o# and write them down for %o#' + ha&e re&ea!ed to %o#) and "i&en %o# the book concernin" a!! these thin"s' >reser&e) m% son) the book from %o#r father's hands in order that %o# ma% $ass it to the "enerations of the wor!d' 9(:( + ha&e "i&en wisdom to %o#) to %o#r chi!dren) and to those who sha!! become %o#r chi!dren in order that the% ma% $ass it in t#rn to their own chi!dren and to the "enerations that are discernin"' 9(:- A!! the wise ones sha!! "i&e $raise) and wisdom sha!! dwe!! #$on %o#r conscio#sness6 the% sha!! not s!#mber b#t be thinkin"6 the% sha!! ca#se their ears to !isten in order that the% ma% !earn this wisdom6 and it sha!! $!ease those who feast on it more than "ood food' 9(:0 B!essed are a!! the ri"hteo#s ones6 b!essed are those who wa!k in the street of ri"hteo#sness and ha&e no sin !ike the sinners in the com$#tation of the da%s in which the s#n "oes its co#rse in the sk%' +t the s#n comes in thro#"h a door and rises for thirt% da%s to"ether with the chiefs of the tho#sands of the orders of the stars) to"ether with the fo#r which are added to determine the inter&a!s within the %ear) that is) the inter&a!s between the fo#r seasons of the %ear6 those that !ead them a!on" come in on fo#r da%s' 9(:3 On this acco#nt there are $eo$!e that err6 the% co#nt them the fo#rH in the com$#tation of the %ear: for the $eo$!e make error and do not reco"ni4e them acc#rate!%6 for the% be!on" to the reckonin" of the %ear' 9(:5 r#!%) the% are recorded fore&er: one in the first "ate) one in the third) one in the fo#rth) and one in the si=th' he %ear is com$!eted in three h#ndred and si=t% fo#r da%s' 9(:7 r#e is the matter of the e=act com$#tation of that which has been recorded6 for Grie!) whom YAHWEH of a!! the creation of the wor!d has ordered for me in order to e=$!ain the host of hea&en) has re&ea!ed to me and breathed o&er me concernin" the !#minaries) the months) the festi&a!s) the %ears) and the da%s' 9(:9 HE has the $ower in the hea&en) both da% and ni"ht so that HE ma% ca#se the !i"ht to shine o&er the $eo$!e6 s#n) moon) and stars) and a!! the $rinci$a!ities of the hea&en which re&o!&e in their res$ecti&e circ#its' 9(:< hese are the orders of the stars which set in their res$ecti&e $!aces) seasons)

festi&a!s) and months' 9(:1@ And these are the names of those which !ead the ones that come o#t and "o down in their a$$ointed seasons) which !ead them in their res$ecti&e $!aces) orders) times) months) a#thorities) and !ocations' 9(:11 he fo#r !eaders which distin"#ish the fo#r seasons of the %ear enter first6 after them enter the twe!&e !eaders of the orders which distin"#ish the months6 and the three h#ndred and si=t% ca$tains which di&ide the da%s and the fo#r e$a"omena! da%s) and !eaders which di&ide the fo#r seasons of the %ear' 9(:1( hese ca$tains o&er tho#sands are added between !eader and !eader) each behind a $!ace to stand6 b#t their !eaders make the di&ision' 9(:1- And these are the names of the !eaders which di&ide the fo#r seasons of the %ears which are fi=ed: 1a!ki'e!) He!a'emmeme!ek) 1i!a%'#!) and Nare!' 9(:10 he names of those who !ead them are 'Adnar'#!) '+%as#s'e!) 'E!#m'e! :these three fo!!ow the !eaders of the orders) as we!! as the fo#r which fo!!ow after the three !eaders of the orders) which fo!!ow after those !eaders of the stations that di&ide the fo#r seasons of the %ear' 9(:13 At the &er% be"innin") 1a!ki%a!) whose name is ca!!ed am'a%en :and the s#n rises and r#!es6 and a!! the da%s of his a#thorit% :d#rin" which he rei"ns :are ninet% one da%s' 9(:15 And these are the si"ns of the da%s which become manifest d#rin" the $eriod of his a#thorit%: sweat) heat) and dr%ness6 a!! the trees bear fr#it and !ea&es "row on a!! trees6 there wi!! be "ood har&est) rose f!owers) and a!! the f!owers which "row in the fie!d6 b#t the winter tree sha!! wither' 9(:17 And these are the names of the !eaders which are their s#bordinates: Berka'e!) Ca!ebsa'e!) and another additiona! one) a ca$tain of a tho#sand) named He!#%asaf :the da%s of the a#thorit% of this one ha&e been com$!eted' 9(:19 he ne=t !eader after him is He!a'emmeme!ek) whose name the% ca!! the bri"ht s#n6 and a!! the da%s of his !i"ht are ninet% one da%s' 9(:1< And these are the da%s of si"ns #$on si"ns #$on the earth: scorchin" heat and dro#"ht6 and trees wi!! $rod#ce their "!owin" fr#its and im$art of their ri$ened ones6 the shee$ sha!! seek one another and become $re"nant6 and a!! the fr#its of the earth are "athered in) and a!! that is in the fie!ds as we!! as the wine $ress' hese thin"s sha!! take $!ace in the da%s of his a#thorit%' 9(:(@ hese are the names) the orders) and the s#bordinates of those ca$tains o&er tho#sands: /eda'i%a!) He!%a'e!) and .i'e!6 and the name of the one that is added to"ether with them is a ca$tain o&er a tho#sand ca!!ed 'Asfa'e! :the da%s of the a#thorit% of this one ha&e been com$!eted'

4 HANOCH - ENOCH 4 Book I, 83 - ! "he -re($ ,i'ion' 83 HANOCH - ENOCH 83

V%s%on of the Del'&e

Book Fo#r' M 9-:1 Now) m% son 1eth#se!ah) + wi!! show %o# a!! the &isions which + saw) reco#ntin" them before %o#' 9-:( + saw two &isions before + "ot married6 and neither one of them resemb!es the other: he first one + saw when + was be"innin" to !earn books) and the second) before + "ot married to %o#r mother' First) + saw a scar% &ision re"ardin" which + $ra%ed to YAHWEH' 9-:- + was then s!ee$in" in m% "randfather 1aha!a!e!'s ho#se) and + saw in a &ision the sk% bein" h#r!ed down and snatched and fa!!in" #$on the earth' 9-:0 When it fe!! #$on the earth) + saw the earth bein" swa!!owed #$ into the "reat ab%ss) the mo#ntains bein" s#s$ended #$on mo#ntains) the hi!!s sinkin" down #$on the hi!!s) and ta!! trees bein" #$rooted and thrown and sinkin" into the dee$ ab%ss' 9-:3 here#$on a word fe!! into m% mo#th6 and + be"an cr%in" a!o#d) sa%in") * he earth is bein" destro%ed', 9-:5 hen m% "randfather) 1aha!a!e!) woke me #$ whi!e + was s!ee$in" to"ether with him and said to me) *What ha$$ened to %o# that %o# are cr%in" a!o#d !ike this) m% son) and wh% are %o# !amentin" in this mannerH, 9-:7 And + reco#nted to him the who!e &ision which + had seen' And he said #nto me) *How terrif%in" a thin" ha&e %o# seen) m% son? Yo# ha&e seen in %o#r dream a $owerf#! &ision :a!! the sins of the who!e wor!d as it was sinkin" into the ab%ss and bein" destro%ed with "reat destr#ction', 9-:9 *Now) m% son) rise and $ra% to YAHWEH of s$!endor) for %o# are a man of faith) so that a remnant sha!! remain #$on the earth and that the who!e earth sha!! not be b!otted o#t',' 9-:< 1% son) a!! the thin"s #$on the earth sha!! take $!ace from hea&en6 and there wi!! occ#r a "reat destr#ction #$on the earth' 9-:1@ After that) + rose and $ra%ed) made a $etition) and be""ed6 and + wrote down a!! the $ra%ers of the "enerations of the wor!d' + wi!! show %o# e&er%thin") m% son) 1eth#se!ah' 9-:11 Had + descended #nderneath and seen the sk%) the s#n risin" in the east) the moon descendin" in the west) the diminishin" of the stars) and the who!e earth) + wo#!d ha&e reco"ni4ed e&er%thin" #$on her' So + b!essed YAHWEH of 8#d"ment and e=to!!ed H+1' For HE has made the s#n to come o#t from the windows of the east6 so it ascended and rose #$on the face of the sk%) startin" to "o the wa% that it was shown'

90:1 hen + raised #$ m% hands in ri"hteo#sness and b!essed the .odesh and /reat One6 and + s$oke with the breath of m% mo#th and the ton"#e of f!esh which YAHWEH has made for the chi!dren of the f!esh) the $eo$!e) so that the% sho#!d s$eak with it6 HE "a&e them the breath and the mo#th so that the% sho#!d s$eak with it' 90:( B!essed are YOG) /reat .in") YOG are mi"ht% in YOGR "reatness) So&erei"n R#!er of a!! the creation of hea&en) .+N/ of kin"s and So&erei"n R#!er of the who!e wor!d' YOGR a#thorit% and .in"dom abide fore&er and e&er6 and YOGR dominion thro#"ho#t a!! the "enerations of "enerations6 a!! the hea&ens are YOGR throne fore&er) and the who!e earth is YOGR footstoo! fore&er and e&er and e&er' 9-:- For YOG ha&e created a!!) and a!! thin"s YOG r#!e6 not a sin"!e thin" is hard for YOG :abso!#te!% not a sin"!e thin" or wisdom6 YOGR throne has not retreated from her

station nor from before YOGR $resence' E&er%thin" YOG know) YOG see) and YOG hear6 nothin" e=ists that can be hidden from YOG) for e&er%thin" YOG e=$ose' 9-:0 he ma!akim of YOGR hea&ens are now committin" sin #$on the earth) and YOGR wrath sha!! rest #$on the f!esh of the $eo$!e #nti! the arri&a! of the "reat da% of 8#d"ment) #$on whom no "#i!e has been fo#nd' 9-:3 *Now) YAHWEH) and So&erei"n R#!er and /reat .in") + $ra% and be" so that YOG ma% s#stain m% $ra%er and sa&e for me a "eneration that wi!! s#cceed me in the earth6 and do not destro% a!! the f!esh of the $eo$!e and em$t% the earth so that there sha!! be eterna! destr#ction', 9-:5 *Bo now destro%) O m% So&erei"n R#!er) the f!esh that has an"ered YOG from #$on the earth) b#t s#stain the f!esh of ri"hteo#sness and #$ri"htness as a $!ant of eterna! seed6 and hide not YOGR face from the $ra%er of YOGR ser&ant) O YAHWEH',

V%s%on of ,ar%o's co)s
93:1 After this) + saw another dream6 and + wi!! show %o# e&er%thin") m% son' 93:( hen Enoch res$onded and said to his son) *1eth#se!ah: + sha!! s$eak to %o#) m% son) hear m% words and inc!ine %o#r ears to the dream &ision of %o#r father', 93:- *Before + married %o#r mother) Edna) + was seein" a &ision on m% bed) and beho!d a cow emer"ed from the earth) and that bo&id was snow:white6 and after it) there came forth one fema!e ca!f to"ether with two other ca!&es) one of which was dark and the other red', 93:0 * he dark ca!f "ored that red ca!f and $#rs#ed it o&er the earth6 thereafter + was not ab!e to sees that red ca!f', 93:3 *B#t the dark ca!f "rew bi") and it bro#"ht a!on" that fema!e ca!f6 and + saw that man% bo&ids) which resemb!ed it) $roceeded forth from it) and fo!!owed after them', 93:5 * hat first heifer de$arted from before the face of that first bo&id) and !ooked for that red ca!f) b#t co#!d not find it6 so she !amented o&er it with "reat !amentation) in searchin" for it', 93:7 *+ ke$t !ookin" #nti! that first cow came and 2#ieted her6 from that moment) she sto$$ed cr%in"', 93:9 *After that she bore two snow:white cows6 and after it she bore man% more cows as we!! as dark heifers', 93:< *+ a!so saw in m% s!ee$ that snow:white b#!!) and he "rew bi" !ikewise and became a "reat snow:white b#!!6 and there $roceeded forth from him man% snow:white cows which resemb!ed him', 93:1@ * hen the% be"an to "i&e birth to man% snow :white cows which resemb!ed them) each one fo!!owin" man% others',

V%s%on of the fallen stars a+on& the co)s
95:1 A"ain + saw a &ision with m% own e%es as + was s!ee$in") and saw the !oft% hea&en6 and as + !ooked) beho!d) a star fe!! down from hea&en b#t mana"ed to rise and eat and to be $ast#red amon" those cows' 95:( hen + saw these bi" and dark cows) and beho!d the% a!! chan"ed their catt!e

:sheds) their $ast#res) and their ca!&es6 and the% be"an to !ament' with each other' 95:- Once a"ain + saw a &ision) and + obser&ed the sk% and beho!d) + saw man% stars descendin" and castin" themse!&es down from the sk% #$on that first star6 and the% became bo&id amon" those ca!&es and were $ast#red to"ether with them) in their midst' 95:0 + ke$t obser&in") and beho!d) + saw a!! of them e=tendin" their se=#a! or"ans !ike horses and commencin" to mo#nt #$on the heifers) the bo&ids6 and the% the !atter a!! became $re"nant and bore e!e$hants) came!s) and donke%s' 95:3 So the catt!e became fearf#! and fri"htened of them and be"an to bite with their teeth and swa!!ow and to "ore with their horns' 95:5 hen the% be"an to eat those bo&ids' And beho!d) a!! the chi!dren of the earth be"an to tremb!e and to shake before them and to f!ee from them'

V%s%on of fo'r hea,enl5 be%n&s
97:1 A"ain + saw them commencin" to "ore and de&o#r one another6 so the earth be"an to cr% a!o#d' 97:( And + !ifted m% e%es #nto hea&en and saw a &ision: And beho!d) there came forth from hea&en a bein" in the form of a snow:white $erson6 one came o#t of that $!ace and three others with him' 97:hose ones which had come o#t !ast sei4ed me b% m% hand and took me from the "enerations of the earth) !ifted me #$ into a hi"h $!ace) and showed me a hi"h tower abo&e the earth) and a!! the hi!!s were firm' 97:0 One of them said to me) *Sta% here #nti! %o# see e&er%thin" that wi!! ha$$en to these e!e$hants) came!s) and donke%s) as we!! as to the stars and to the bo&ids) a!! of them',

V%s%on of the p'n%sh+ent of the fallen stars
99:1 + then saw one of those fo#r who had come o#t ear!ier sei4in" that first star) bindin" his hands and feet) and throwin" him into an ab%ss6 this ab%ss was narrow and dee$) em$t% and dark' 99:( A!so one of them drew a sword and "a&e it to those e!e$hants) came!s) and donke%s6 then the% be"an to attack one another) and on acco#nt of them the who!e earth was 2#akin"' 99:- And as + contin#ed to see in the &ision) beho!d) from that time) one of the fo#r) amon" those who had come o#t) was stonin" from the sk%) and "atherin" and takin" awa% a!! the mi"ht% stars) whose se=#a! or"ans were !ike the se=#a! or"ans of horses6 then he bo#nd a!! of them hand and foot) and cast them into the $its of the earth'

The 2reat #loo(
9<:1 hen one of those fo#r went to those snow:white b#!! and ta#"ht one of them a secret: he was born a b#!! b#t became a $erson6 and he b#i!t for himse!f a bi" boat and

dwe!t #$on it' hree cows dwe!t to"ether with him in that boat) and that boat was co&ered o&er them' 9<:( And a"ain + raised m% e%es towards hea&en and saw a !oft% roof) with se&en water torrents thereon) and those torrents f!owed with m#ch water into an enc!os#re' 9<:- A"ain + saw) and beho!d) fo#ntains were o$ened #$on the "ro#nd of that "reat enc!osed area) and the water be"an to swe!! and rise #$on the "ro#nd6 and + saw that enc!osed area #nti! the who!e "ro#nd was com$!ete!% co&ered with water' 9<:0 Water) darkness) and mist acc#m#!ated hea&i!% #$on it6 and + !ooked at the ascent of that water "oin" #$ and #$ #nti! it rose abo&e that enc!osed area) and was streamin" abo&e the enc!osed area6 th#s it was standin" abo&e the "ro#nd' 9<:3 And e&er%thin" that was in the enc!osed area6 and a!! those on the "ro#nd were "athered to"ether #nti! + saw them sinkin") bein" swa!!owed #$) and $erishin" in that water' 9<:5 Yet that boat was f!oatin" abo&e the water) tho#"h a!! the catt!e) e!e$hants) came!s) and donke%s were sinkin" to the bottom6 so + co#!d no !on"er see an%one of the anima!s for the% had no abi!it% to come o#t b#t on!% to $erish and sink into the dee$ water' 9<:7 A"ain + ke$t seein" in the &ision #nti! those cascadin" streams were dissi$ated from that hi"h cei!in") the fo#ntains of the earth were norma!i4ed) and other $its were o$ened' 9<:9 hen the water be"an to descend into them #nti! the "ro#nd became &isib!e) that boat sett!ed #$on the earth) the darkness &anished) and it became !i"ht' 9<:< hen the snow:white b#!!s which became a man came o#t from that boat to"ether with three cows' One of those three cows was snow:white) simi!ar to that first cow) and one of them red !ike b!ood' Now that first snow:white cow de$arted from them'

#ro+ the #loo( to the E;o('s

9<:1@ hen the% be"an to bear the beasts of the fie!ds and the birds' here arose o#t of them a!! c!asses of $o$#!ation: !ions) !eo$ards) wo!&es) snakes) h%enas) wi!d boars) fo=es) s2#irre!s) swine) hawks) ea"!es) kites) stri$ed crows) and ra&ens' Amon" them there was a!so born a snow:white cow' 9<:11 hen the% be"an to bite one another amon" themse!&es' hat snow:white cow which was born in their midst be"at a wi!d ass) and a snow:white cow with it6 and the wi!d asses m#!ti$!ied' 9<:1( And that cow which was born from him bore a b!ack wi!d boar and a snow:white shee$6 the former then bore hea!th% beasts and the !atter bore twe!&e shee$' 9<:1- When those twe!&e shee$ had "rown #$) the% "a&e awa% one of their own members to the donke%s) which in t#rn "a&e him awa% to the wo!&es6 so this shee$ "rew #$ in the midst of the wo!&es' 9<:10 hen the 1aster bro#"ht the e!e&en shee$ to dwe!! with him) and to $ast#re in the midst of the wo!&es6 and the% m#!ti$!ied and became man% f!ocks of shee$' 9<:13 hen the wo!&es be"an to fears them6 so the% tort#red them #nti! their !itt!e ones were bein" ki!!ed for the% cast awa% their !itt!e ones into a ri&er of "reat 2#antit% of water' So those shee$ be"an to cr% a!o#d on beha!f of their !itt!e ones and to com$!ain #nto their 1aster' 9<:15 hen one shee$ which had been sa&ed from the wo!&es f!ed and esca$ed to the wi!d asses' B#t + saw the shee$ contin#in" to !ament and cr% a!o#d6 and the% ke$t $ra%in" to their 1aster with a!! their stren"th #nti! the 1aster of the shee$ descended at

their entreatment) from a !oft% $a!ace) arri&in" to &isit them' 9<:17 He ca!!ed that shee$ which had esca$ed from the wo!&es and to!d him concernin" the wo!&es that he sho#!d warn the wo!&es not to to#ch the shee$' 9<:19 hat shee$ then went to the wo!&es in accordance with the word of the 1aster) to"ether with another shee$ which he had met) so the two of them went on and arri&ed to"ether into the assemb!% of those wo!&es) and s$oke to them and warned them not to to#ch the shee$' 9<:1< B#t thenceforth + saw how the wo!&es e&en intensified their $ress#re #$on the shee$' he%) the shee$) cried a!o#d6 the% cried a!o#d with a!! their stren"th' 9<:(@ hen their 1aster came to the resc#e of the shee$) where#$on the% be"an to whi$ those wo!&es' So the wo!&es be"an to make !amentations) b#t the shee$ thereafter became 2#iet and sto$$ed cr%in" a!o#d' 9<:(1 + contin#ed to see the shee$ #nti! the% de$arted from the $resence of the wo!&es) and the wo!&es #nti! their e%es were da44!ed6 %et the wo!&es went o#t to $#rs#e those shee$) with a!! their mi"ht' 9<:(( B#t the 1aster of the shee$ went with them as their !eader) whi!e a!! his shee$ were fo!!owin" him6 his face was s$!endid) adorab!e) and mar&e!o#s to beho!d' 9<:(- As for the wo!&es) the% contin#ed to $#rs#e those shee$ #nti! the% fo#nd them at a certain $oo! of water' 9<:(0 hen the $oo! of water was rent as#nder) and the water stood a$art on this and on that side before their &er% e%es) and their 1aster) their !eader) stood between them and the wo!&es' 9<:(3 hose wo!&es were sti!! not ab!e to see the shee$) and the shee$ wa!ked thro#"h that $oo! of water6 then the wo!&es fo!!owed the shee$ and ran after them into that $oo! of water' 9<:(5 hen when the% saw the 1aster of the shee$) the% t#rned in order to f!ee from before his face' B#t that $oo! of water "athered itse!f to"ether and immediate!% ret#rned to its norma! state) the water became f#!! and rose hi"h #nti! it co&ered com$!ete!% those wo!&es' 9<:(7 h#s + saw ti!! the wo!&es which $#rs#ed those shee$ $erished and were drowned'

#ro+ the E;o('s to the Entrance to the "an( of Canaan

9<:(9 So the shee$ $roceeded $ast that water and arri&ed in the desert) where there was no water or "rass6 b#t the% be"an to o$en their e%es and see' hen + saw the 1aster of the shee$ brin"in" them to a $ast#re and "i&in" them "rass and water' A!so that shee$ was !eadin" them as the% were $roceedin" forward' 9<:(< hat shee$ then ascended to the s#mmit of that !oft% rock6 and YAHWEH of the shee$ sent him to them' 9<:-@ And after that + saw the 1aster of the shee$ who stood before them) and His a$$earance was ma8estic) mar&e!o#s) and $owerf#!6 a!! those shee$ behe!d him and were afraid before his face' 9<:-1 A!! of them feared and tremb!ed beca#se of him) and cried a!o#d to that shee$ who was !eadin" them and to the other shee$ who was a!so in their midst) sa%in": *We are not ab!e to stand before the $resence of o#r 1aster and to !ook at him', 9<:-( hen that shee$ which was !eadin" them t#rned back and a"ain ascended to the s#mmit of that rock6 meanwhi!e the shee$ be"an to be dim:si"hted in their e%es) and went astra% from the $ath which he had shown them6 b#t that shee$ was not aware of it'

9<:-- So the 1aster of the shee$ became an"r% at them with "reat wrath6 and that shee$ became aware of it) and ha&in" descended from the s#mmit of that rock) came to the shee$ and fo#nd that the ma8orit% of them had been b!inded in their e%es and "one astra%' 9<:-0 And those who saw him became afraid) tremb!in" in his $resence) and wanted to ret#rn to their fo!ds' 9<:-3 So that shee$ took some other different shee$ to"ether with them and came to those shee$ which had "one astra%) s!a%in" them6 and the shee$ became fri"htened in his $resence' He) that shee$) th#s ca#sed those shee$ which went astra% to ret#rn) and bro#"ht them back into their fo!ds' 9<:-5 + contin#ed to see in that &ision ti!! that shee$ was transformed into a man and b#i!t a ho#se for the 1aster of the shee$) and $!aced the shee$ in it' 9<:-7 +) moreo&er) contin#ed to see #nti! that shee$) which had met the shee$ that was their !eader) fe!! as!ee$ and a!! the senior shee$ $erished) 8#nior ones risin" to take their $!aces' hen comin" into a $ast#re the% a$$roached a stream of water' 9<:-9 here that shee$ who was !eadin" them6 the one who had become a man6 de$arted from them) and a!! of them went to s!ee$' hen the rest of the shee$ so#"ht him6 and there took $!ace a "reat cr% o&er him' 9<:-< And + ke$t !ookin" ti!! the% 2#ieted down from cr%in" for that shee$) crossed that stream of water) and a!! of the shee$ sto$$ed' hose who were !eadin" them made a"reements with those whom the% fo#nd and the% !ed them' 9<:0@ + sti!! ke$t seein" the shee$ ti!! the% arri&ed at a &er% $!easant $!ace and in a !and bea#tif#! and s$!endid6 + saw those shee$ bein" satiated6 and that ho#se was in their midst in the bea#tif#! !and) b% which their e%es become o$ened'

#ro+ 1'(&es to the b'%l(%n& of the Te+ple

9<:01 And when their e%es become dim :si"hted #nti! another shee$ arose and !ed them) the% wo#!d a!! ret#rn and their e%es became o$ened' 9<:0( Now the do"s) fo=es) and the wi!d boars be"an to de&o#r those shee$ ti!! the 1aster of the shee$ raised #$ another shee$ one from amon" them :a ram which wo#!d !ead them' 9<:0hat ram be"an to fi"ht on a!! sides those do"s) fo=es) and wi!d boars #nti! he destro%ed a!! of them' 9<:00 hen that shee$ had his e%es o$ened6 and he saw that ram which was amon" the shee$) how he abandoned his own s$!endor and be"an to attack those shee$) to tram$!e #$on them) and went awa% witho#t di"nit%' 9<:03 So the 1aster of the shee$ sent the shee$ to another shee$ and $romoted him to become a ram and !ead the shee$ in $!ace of that shee$ which had abandoned his own s$!endor' 9<:05 After ha&in" "one to him) he s$oke to him $ri&ate!% and raised that ram) makin" him a 8#d"e and a !eader of the $eo$!e :thro#"ho#t this time the do"s were contin#in" to co&et the shee$' 9<:07 he first ram then $ersec#ted that second ram) so that !atter ram arose and esca$ed from before his the former's $resence6 and then + contin#ed to !ook #nti! those do"s to$$!ed that first shee$' 9<:09 B#t that second ram arose and !ed the !itt!e shee$' hat ram be"at man% shee$ and fe!! as!ee$ before a !itt!e shee$ became a ram in his $!ace) a 8#d"e and a !eader of those shee$' 9<:0< hose shee$ "rew and m#!ti$!ied) b#t a!! those do"s) fo=es) and wi!d boars

feared and f!ed before him' hat ram attacked and ki!!ed a!! the wi!d beasts6 and a!! the wi!d beasts were no !on"er ab!e to ret#rn amon" the shee$ or to rob abso!#te!% an%thin" from them' 9<:3@ hen that ho#se became "reat and s$acio#s6 a !oft% b#i!din" was b#i!t #$on it for that shee$) as we!! as a ta!! and "reat tower #$on it for the 1aster of the shee$6 that ho#se was !ow b#t the tower was rea!!% e!e&ated and !oft%' hen the 1aster of the shee$ stood #$on that tower) and the% offered a f#!! tab!e before him'

The t)o *%n&(o+s of Israel an( 1'(ah- the (estr'ct%on of 1er'sale+

9<:31 A"ain + saw those shee$) how the% went astra%) "oin" in di&erse wa%s and abandonin" that ho#se of his' hen the 1aster of the shee$ ca!!ed some from amon" the shee$ and sent them to the shee$) b#t the shee$ be"an to s!a% them' 9<:3( Howe&er) one of them was not ki!!ed b#t esca$ed a!i&e and f!ed awa%6 he cried a!o#d to the shee$) and the% wanted to ki!! him) b#t the 1aster of the shee$ resc#ed him from the shee$ and ca#sed him to ascend to me and sett!e down' 9<:3- He sent man% other shee$ to those shee$ to testif% to them and to !ament o&er them' 9<:30 hereafter + saw that) when the% abandoned the ho#se of their 1aster and his tower) the% went astra% com$!ete!%) and their e%es became b!indfo!ded' hen + saw the 1aster of the shee$) how he e=ec#ted m#ch s!a#"hter #$on them) in their f!ocks) #nti! those shee$ be"an to in&oke that s!a#"hter) and he &indicated his $!ace' 9<:33 He !eft them in the hands of the !ions) !eo$ards) and wo!&es) h%enas) as we!! as in the hands of the fo=es and to a!! the wi!d beasts6 and these wi!d beasts of the wi!derness be"an to tear those shee$ into $ieces' 9<:35 + saw how he !eft that ho#se of theirs and that tower of theirs and cast a!! of them into the hands of the !ions :e&en into the hands of a!! the wi!d beasts :so that the% ma% tear them into $ieces and eat them' 9<:37 hen + be"an to cr% a!o#d with a!! m% stren"th and to ca!! #$on the master of the !ions and to re&ea! to him concernin" the shee$) for he had fed them to a!! the wi!d beasts' 9<:39 B#t he remained 2#iet and ha$$% beca#se the% were bein" de&o#red) swa!!owed) and snatched6 so he abandoned them into the hands of a!! the wi!d beasts for food' 9<:3< He then s#mmoned se&ent% she$herds and s#rrendered those shee$ to them so that the% mi"ht $ast#re them' He s$oke to the she$herds and their co!!ea"#es) *From now on) !et each and e&er% one of %o# "ra4e the shee$6 and do e&er%thin" which + command %o#' 9<:5@ + sha!! hand them o&er to %o# d#!% co#nted and te!! %o# which amon" them are to be destro%ed6 and %o# sha!! destro% them? 9<:51 So he handed o&er those shee$ to them' hen ca!!in" another "ro#$ of she$herds) he to!d them) * ake notice and see e&er%thin" which the she$herds wi!! do to those shee$6 for the% wi!! destro% from amon" them a "reater n#mber than those which + ha&e commanded them', 9<:5( *Yo# write down e&er% e=cess and destr#ction that wi!! be wro#"ht thro#"h the she$herds :how man% the% destro% accordin" to m% command) and how man% the% wi!! destro% of their own accord? Write down e&er% destr#ction that each and e&er% she$herd ca#ses) a"ainst their records?, 9<:5- *And read a!o#d before me each $artic#!ar case :how man% the% destro% and how man% the% "i&e o&er to destr#ction :so that this ma% become a testimon% for me

a"ainst them) so that + ma% know a!! the deeds of the she$herds) and so that + ma% e&a!#ate them and see what the% do) whether the% act accordin" to m% command which + ha&e commanded them or not', 9<:50 *+f the% do not know it) do not re&ea! it to them) neither admonish them) b#t write down e&er% destr#ction ca#sed b% the she$herds :for each and e&er% one in his a$$ointed time :and e!e&ate a!! of it to me', 9<:53 And + saw ti!! those she$herds in their a$$ointed time $ast#red the shee$ and be"an ki!!in" and destro%in" man% in e=cess of what the% had been commanded6 and the% abandoned those shee$ into the hands of the !ions' 9<:55 So the !ions and the !eo$ards ate and de&o#red the ma8orit% of those shee$6 the wi!d boars a!so ate a!on" with them' hen the% b#rned that tower and $!owed that ho#se' 9<:57 And + became e=ceedin"!% sorrowf#! on acco#nt of that tower) for that ho#se of the shee$ was bein" $!owed6 thereafter + was #nab!e to see whether those shee$ co#!d enter that ho#se'

#ro+ the (estr'ct%on of 1er'sale+ to the ret'rn fro+ e;%le

9<:59 So the she$herds and their co!!ea"#es handed o&er those shee$ to a!! the wi!d beasts so that the% mi"ht de&o#r them' At the a$$ointed time) each one amon" them the she$herds recei&es the shee$ in a fi=ed n#mber6 and each one amon" them the she$herds hands them the shee$ o&er to the other the co!!ea"#e in a fi=ed n#mber' hen the% sha!! write down for the other the co!!ea"#e in a book how man% amon" them the shee$ wo#!d $erish' 9<:5< Each and e&er% one of them ki!!s and destro%s in e=cess of their order' So + be"an to wee$ and cr% a!o#d on acco#nt of those shee$' 9<:7@ +n this manner + saw that writer in m% &ision :how he writes down that which was destro%ed b% those she$herds) e&er% da%) and how he e!e&ates) $#ts down) and shows the who!e book to YAHWEH of the shee$6 e&er%thin" that each one has done6 e&er%thin" that each and e&er% one of them has e!iminated6 and e&er%thin" that the% ha&e "i&en o&er to destr#ction' 9<:71 he book was read before the 1aster of the shee$6 and he took it from his hand) read it) sea!ed it) and !aid it down' 9<:7( hereafter + saw the she$herds $ast#rin" for twe!&e ho#rs: beho!d) three of those shee$ ret#rnin") arri&in") enterin") and be"innin" to b#i!d a!! the $arts of that ho#se which had fa!!en down? he wi!d boars came and tried to hinder them b#t were #ns#ccessf#!'

#ro+ the ret'rn of the e;%les to the be&%nn%n& of the $ellen%st%c per%o(
9<:7he% a"ain be"an to b#i!d as before6 and the% raised #$ that tower which is ca!!ed the hi"h tower' B#t the% started to $!ace a tab!e before the tower) with a!! the food which is #$on it bein" $o!!#ted and im$#re' 9<:70 Re"ardin" a!! these matters) the e%es of the shee$ became so dim :si"hted that the% co#!d not see :and !ikewise in res$ect to their she$herds :and the% were de!i&ered to their she$herds for an e=cessi&e destr#ction) so that the shee$ were tram$!ed #$on and eaten' 9<:73 he 1aster of the shee$ remained si!ent #nti! a!! the shee$ were dis$ersed into the woods and "ot mi=ed amon" the wi!d beasts) :and co#!d not be resc#ed from the hands of the beasts' 9<:75 he one who was writin" a book e!e&ated and showed it and read the "ra&e words of the 1aster of the shee$' He then $!eaded to him and be""ed him on acco#nt

of the shee$) whi!e manifestin" to him a!! the deeds of the she$herds and "i&in" testimon% before him a"ainst a!! the she$herds' 9<:77 hen takin" it) he $!aced that &er% book beside him in this manner and de$arted'

Th%r( Per%o(- fro+ le;an(er the 2reat to the 2raeco-S5r%an Do+%nat%on8
<@:1 hen + saw after that how thirt% se&en she$herds were $ast#rin" the shee$6 a!! of them com$!eted their d#ties in their own res$ecti&e $eriods) !ike the former ones6 and a!iens took the shee$ into their hands in order to $ast#re them in their own res$ecti&e $eriods :each she$herd in his own $eriod' <@:( After that + saw with m% own e%es a!! the birds of hea&en :ea"!es) &#!t#res) kites) and ra&ens :comin"6 the ea"!es were the ones who were !eadin" a!! the birds6 and the% be"an to eat those shee$) to di" o#t their e%es) and to eat their f!esh' <@:hen the shee$ cried a!o#d) for their f!esh was bein" eaten b% the birds' +) too) cried a!o#d and !amented in m% s!ee$ on acco#nt of that she$herd who was "ra4in" the shee$' <@:0 + ke$t seein" ti!! those shee$ were eaten b% the do"s) the ea"!es) and the kites6 and the% !eft neither f!esh) nor skin) nor sinew on them abso!#te!%) #nti! their bones stood there bare6 then their bones fe!! to the "ro#nd) and the shee$ became few' <@:3 + ke$t seein" ti!! twent% three she$herds $ast#red the shee$) and a!! of them com$!eted fift% ei"ht seasons in their own res$ecti&e $eriods'

#ro+ the r%&hteo's 7accabean to the Establ%sh+ent of the 7ess%an%c 6%n&(o+

<@:5 hen) beho!d !ambs were born from those snow:white shee$6 and the% be"an to o$en their e%es and see) and cried a!o#d to the shee$' <@:7 B#t as for the shee$) the% the !ambs cried a!o#d to them) %et the% the shee$ did not !isten to what the% the !ambs were te!!in" them b#t became e=ceedin"!% deafened) and their e%es became e=ceedin"!% dim:si"hted' <@:9 hen + saw in a &ision ra&ens f!%in" abo&e those !ambs) and the% sei4ed one of those !ambs6 and then smashin" the shee$) the% ate them' <@:< + ke$t seein" ti!! those !ambs "rew horns6 b#t the ra&ens cr#shed their horns' hen + ke$t seein" ti!! one "reat horn s$ro#ted on one of those shee$) and he o$ened their e%es6 and the% had &ision in them6 and their e%es were o$ened' <@:1@ He cried a!o#d to the shee$) and a!! the rams saw him and ran #nto him' <@:11 +n s$ite of this) a!! those ea"!es) &#!t#res) ra&ens) and kites #nti! now contin#e to ri$ the shee$) swoo$in" down #$on them and eatin" them' As for the shee$) the% remain si!ent6 b#t the rams are !amentin" and cr%in" a!o#d' <@:1( hose ra&ens "ather and batt!e with him the horned ram and seek to remo&e his horn) b#t witho#t an% s#ccess' <@:1- + saw thereafter the she$herds comin"6 and those &#!t#res and kites cried a!o#d to the ra&ens so that the% sho#!d smash the horn of that ram' B#t he batt!ed with them) and the% fo#"ht each other6 and he cried a!o#d) whi!e batt!in" with them) so that YAHWEH's he!$ sho#!d come' <@:10 + ke$t seein" ti!! that man) who writes down the names of the she$herds and

e!e&ates them before the 1aster of the shee$) came6 it is he who he!$ed him and re&ea!ed to him e&er%thin"6 th#s he!$ came down for that ram' <@:13 And + ke$t seein" ti!! the 1aster of the shee$ came #$on them in wrath) and a!! who saw him f!ed and fe!! a!! into darkness) from before his face' <@:15 A!! the ea"!es) &#!t#res) ra&ens) and kites "athered) with a!! the shee$ of the fie!d !inin" #$ with them6 and ha&in" th#s come to"ether in #nit%) a!! of them coo$erated in order to smash the horn of the ram' <@:17 + saw that man who was writin" a book b% the command of the 1aster) for he o$ened that book of the destr#ction which those twe!&e !ast she$herds ca#sed6 and he re&ea!ed before the 1aster of the shee$ that the% had m#ch "reater destr#ction than their $redecessors' <@:19 + ke$t seein" ti!! the 1aster of the shee$ came #nto them and took in his hand the rod of his wrath and smote the earth6 and a!! the beasts and a!! the birds of the hea&en fe!! down from the midst of those shee$ and were swa!!owed #$ in the earth) and it was co&ered #$on them' <@:1< hen + saw that a "reat sword was "i&en to the shee$6 and the shee$ $roceeded a"ainst a!! the beasts of the fie!d in order to ki!! them6 and a!! the beasts and birds of hea&en f!ed from before their face' <@:(@ hen + ke$t seein" ti!! a throne was erected in a $!easant !and6 and he sat #$on it for the 1aster of the shee$6 and he took a!! the sea!ed books and o$ened those &er% books in the $resence of the 1aster of the shee$' <@:(1 hen the 1aster ca!!ed those $eo$!e) the se&en first snow :white ones) and ordered them to brin" before him some from amon" the first stars that arose) and from amon" those stars whose se=#a! or"ans were !ike those of the horses) as we!! as that first star which had fa!!en down ear!ier' And the% bro#"ht them a!! before him' <@:(( He s$oke to the man who was writin" in his $resence :that man bein" one of those se&en snow :white ones : sa%in") * ake those se&en she$herds to whom + had handed o&er the shee$) b#t who decided to ki!! man% more than the% were ordered', <@:(- Beho!d) + saw a!! of them bo#nd6 and the% a!! stood before him' <@:(0 hen his 8#d"ment took $!ace' First amon" the stars) the% recei&ed their 8#d"ment and were fo#nd "#i!t%) and the% went to the $!ace of condemnation6 and the% were thrown into an ab%ss) f#!! of fire and f!ame and f#!! of the $i!!ar of fire' <@:(3 hen those se&ent% she$herds were 8#d"ed and fo#nd "#i!t%6 and the% were cast into that fier% ab%ss' <@:(5 +n the meantime + saw how another ab%ss !ike it) f#!! of fire) was o$ened wide in the midd!e of the "ro#nd6 and the% bro#"ht those b!inded shee$) a!! of which were 8#d"ed) fo#nd "#i!t%) and cast into this fier% ab%ss) and the% were b#rned :the ab%ss is to the ri"ht of that ho#se6 <@:(7 And th#s + saw those shee$ whi!e the% were b#rnin" :their bones a!so were b#rnin"' <@:(9 hen stood sti!!) !ookin" at that ancient ho#se bein" transformed: A!! the $i!!ars and a!! the co!#mns were $#!!ed o#t6 and the ornaments of that ho#se were $acked and taken o#t to"ether with them and abandoned in a certain $!ace in the So#th of the !and' <@:(< + went on seein" #nti! the 1aster of the shee$ bro#"ht abo#t a new ho#se) "reater and !oftier than the first one) and set it #$ in the first !ocation which had been co&ered #$ :a!! its $i!!ars were new) the co!#mns new6 and the ornaments new as we!! as "reater than those of the first) that is the o!d ho#se which was "one' A!! the shee$ were within it'

<@:-@ hen + saw a!! the shee$ that had s#r&i&ed as we!! as a!! the anima!s #$on the earth and the birds of hea&en) fa!!in" down and worshi$in" those shee$) makin" $etition to them and obe%in" them in e&er% res$ect' <@:-1 hereafter) those three who were wearin" snow:white c!othes) the former ones who had ca#sed me to "o #$) "rabbed me b% m% hand :a!so the hand of that ram ho!din" me :and ascended6 the% set me down in the midst of those shee$ $rior to the occ#rrence of this 8#d"ment' <@:-( hose shee$ were a!! snow:white) and their woo! considerab!e and c!ean' <@:-- A!! those which ha&e been destro%ed and dis$ersed) and a!! the beasts of the fie!d and the birds of the sk% were "athered to"ether in that ho#se6 And the 1aster of the shee$ re8oiced with "reat 8o% beca#se the% had a!! become "ent!e and ret#rned to his ho#se' <@:-0 + went on seein" #nti! the% had !aid down that sword which was "i&en to the shee$6 the% ret#rned it to the ho#se and sea!ed it in the $resence of the 1aster' A!! the shee$ were in&ited to that ho#se b#t it co#!d not contain them a!!' <@:-3 he e%es of a!! of them were o$ened) and the% saw the bea#tif#! thin"s6 not a sin"!e one e=isted amon" them that co#!d not see' <@:-5 A!so + noticed that the ho#se was !ar"e) wide) and e=ceedin"!% f#!!' <@:-7 hen + saw that a snow:white cow was born) with h#"e horns6 a!! the beasts of the fie!d and a!! the birds of the sk% feared him and made $etition to him a!! the time' <@:-9 + went on seein" #nti! a!! their kindred were transformed) and became snow: white cows6 and the first amon" them became somethin") and that somethin" became a "reat beast with h#"e b!ack horns on its head' he 1aster of the shee$ re8oiced o&er it and o&er a!! the cows' <@:-< + m%se!f became satiated in their midst' hen woke #$ and saw e&er%thin"' <@:0@ his is the &ision which + saw whi!e + was s!ee$in"' hen + woke #$ and b!essed the 1aster of ri"hteo#sness and "a&e H+1 honor' <@:01 And + we$t with a "reat wee$in") and m% tears co#!d not sto$) ti!! + had no more end#rance !eft) b#t f!owed down6 on acco#nt of what had seen #nti! e&er%thin" sho#!d come and be f#!fi!!ed' he deeds of the $eo$!e were a!so shown to me) each accordin" to its t%$e' <@:0( On that ni"ht + remembered the first dream and we$t on its acco#nt) and + was rest!ess beca#se + had 8#st seen that &ision'

5 HANOCH - ENOCH 5 .Ch 1 -1!7. "he "/o 0(*' of the 1i2hteou' (nd the #inner Inc%udin2 the A3oc(%*3'e of 0eek' 1 "he Book Of Enoch 1
Enoch/s a(+on%t%on to h%s ch%l(ren
<1:1 Now) m% son 1eth#se!ah) $!ease s#mmon a!! %o#r brothers on m% beha!f) and "ather to"ether to me a!! the sons of %o#r mother6 for a &oice ca!!s me) and the s$irit is $o#red o&er me so that + ma% show %o# e&er%thin" that sha!! ha$$en to %o# fore&er'

<1:( hen 1eth#se!ah went and s#mmoned his brothers) and ha&in" s#mmoned them to him) "athered his fami!% to"ether' <1:hen he Enoch s$oke to a!! of them) chi!dren of ri"hteo#sness) and said) *Hear) a!! %o# chi!dren of Enoch) the ta!k of %o#r father and !isten to m% &oice in #$ri"htness6 <1:0 for + e=hort %o#) m% be!o&ed) and sa% to %o#: ;o&e #$ri"htness) and it a!one' Bo not draw near #$ri"htness with an ambi&a!ent attit#de) and neither associate with h%$ocrites' B#t wa!k in ri"hteo#sness) m% chi!dren) and it sha!! !ead %o# in the "ood $aths6 and ri"hteo#sness sha!! be %o#r friend' <1:3 For + know that the state of &io!ence wi!! intensif% #$on the earth6 a "reat $!a"#e sha!! be e=ec#ted #$on the earth6 a!! forms of o$$ression wi!! be carried o#t6 and e&er%thin" sha!! be #$rooted6 and e&er% arrow sha!! f!% fast' <1:5 O$$ression sha!! rec#r once more and be carried o#t #$on the earth6 e&er% form of o$$ression) in8#stice) and ini2#it% sha!! infect the wor!d twofo!d' <1:7 When sin) o$$ression) b!as$hem%) and in8#stice increase) crime) ini2#it%) and #nc!ean!iness sha!! be committed and increase !ikewise' hen a "reat $!a"#e sha!! take $!ace from hea&en #$on a!! these6 the .odesh So&erei"n R#!er sha!! emer"e with wrath and $!a"#e in order that He ma% e=ec#te 8#d"ment #$on the earth' <1:9 +n those da%s) in8#stice sha!! be c#t off from its so#rces of s#cc#!ent fo#ntain and from its roots) !ikewise o$$ression to"ether with deceit6 the% sha!! be destro%ed from #nderneath hea&en' <1:< A!! that which is common with the heathen sha!! be s#rrendered6 the towers sha!! be inf!amed with fire) and be remo&ed from the who!e earth' he% sha!! be thrown into the 8#d"ment of fire) and $erish in wrath and in the force of the eterna! 8#d"ment' <1:1@ hen the ri"hteo#s one sha!! arise from his s!ee$) and the wise one sha!! arise6 and he sha!! be "i&en #nto them the $eo$!e) and thro#"h him the roots of o$$ression sha!! be c#t off' <1:11 Sinners sha!! be destro%ed6 b% the sword the% sha!! be c#t off to"ether with the b!as$hemers in e&er% $!ace6 and those who desi"n o$$ression and commit b!as$hem% sha!! $erish b% the knife' <1:1( * hen after that there sha!! occ#r the second ei"hth week :the week of ri"hteo#sness' A sword sha!! be "i&en to it in order that 8#d"ment sha!! be e=ec#ted in ri"hteo#sness on the o$$ressors) and sinners sha!! be de!i&ered into the hands of the ri"hteo#s', <1:1- *At its com$!etion) the% sha!! ac2#ire "reat thin"s thro#"h their ri"hteo#sness' A ho#se sha!! be b#i!t for the /reat .in" in s$!endor for e&ermore', <1:10 * hen after that in the ninth week the ri"hteo#s 8#d"ment sha!! be re&ea!ed to the who!e wor!d' A!! the deeds of the sinners sha!! de$art from #$on the who!e earth) and be written off for eterna! destr#ction6 and a!! $eo$!e sha!! direct their si"ht to the $ath of #$ri"htness', <1:13 * hen) after this matter ) on the tenth week in the se&enth $art) there sha!! be the eterna! 8#d"ment6 and it sha!! be e=ec#ted b% the ma!akim) of the eterna! hea&en : the "reat 8#d"ment which emanates from a!! of the ma!akim', <1:15 * he first hea&en sha!! de$art and $ass awa%6 a new hea&en sha!! a$$ear6 and a!! the $owers of hea&en sha!! shine fore&er se&enfo!d', <1:17 * hen after that there sha!! be man% weeks witho#t n#mber fore&er6 it sha!! be a time of "oodness and ri"hteo#sness) and sin sha!! no more be heard of fore&er', <1:19 *Now + sha!! s$eak #nto %o#) m% chi!dren) and show %o# the wa%s of

ri"hteo#sness and the wa%s of wickedness' 1oreo&er) + sha!! make a re&e!ation to %o# so that %o# ma% know that which is "oin" to take $!ace', <1:1< *Now !isten to me) m% chi!dren) and wa!k in the wa% of ri"hteo#sness) and do not wa!k in the wa% of wickedness) for a!! those who wa!k in the wa%s of in8#stice sha!! $erish',

<(:1 Book fi&e) which is written b% Enoch) the writer of a!! the si"ns of wisdom amon" a!! the $eo$!e' He is b!essed and nob!e in a!! the earth' +t is written for a!! the offs$rin" that dwe!! #$on the earth) and for the !atter "enerations which #$ho!d #$ri"htness and sha!om' <(:( ;et not %o#r s$irit be tro#b!ed b% the times) for YAHWEH the .odesh and /reat One has desi"nated s$ecific da%s for a!! thin"s' <(:he Ri"hteo#s One sha!! awaken from his s!ee$6 he sha!! arise and wa!k in the wa%s of ri"hteo#sness6 and a!! the wa% of his cond#ct sha!! be in "oodness and "enerosit% fore&er' <(:0 He wi!! be "enero#s to the Ri"hteo#s One) and "i&e him eterna! #$ri"htness6 he wi!! "i&e a#thorit%) and 8#d"e in kindness and ri"hteo#sness6 and the% sha!! wa!k in eterna! !i"ht' <(:3 Sin and darkness sha!! $erish fore&er) and sha!! no more be seen from that da% fore&ermore'

The pocal5pse of 0ee*s
<-:1 hen after that Enoch ha$$ened to be reco#ntin" from the books' <-:( And Enoch said) *Aoncernin" the chi!dren of ri"hteo#sness) concernin" the e!ect ones of the wor!d) and concernin" the $!ant of tr#th) + wi!! s$eak these thin"s) m% chi!dren) &eri!% +) Enoch) m%se!f) and !et %o# know abo#t it accordin" to that which was re&ea!ed to me from the hea&en!% &ision) that which + ha&e !earned from the words of the kodesh ma!akim) and #nderstood from the hea&en!% tab!ets', <-:- He then be"an to reco#nt from the books and said) *+ was born the se&enth d#rin" the first week) d#rin" which time 8#d"ment and ri"hteo#sness contin#ed to end#re', <-:0 *After me there sha!! arise in the second week "reat and e&i! thin"s6 deceit sho#!d "row) and therein the first cons#mmation wi!! take $!ace' B#t therein a!so a certain man sha!! be sa&ed' After it is ended) in8#stice sha!! become "reater) and he sha!! make a !aw for the sinners', <-:3 * hen after that at the com$!etion of the third week a certain man sha!! be e!ected as the $!ant of the ri"hteo#s 8#d"ment) and after him one other sha!! emer"e as the eterna! $!ant of ri"hteo#sness', <-:5 *After that at the com$!etion of the fo#rth week &isions of the o!d and ri"hteo#s ones sha!! be seen6 and a !aw sha!! be made with a fence) for a!! the "enerations', <-:7 *After that in the fifth week) at the com$!etion of s$!endor) a ho#se and a kin"dom sha!! be b#i!t', <-:9 *After that in the si=th week those who ha$$en to be in it sha!! a!! of them be b!indfo!ded) and the hearts of them a!! sha!! for"et wisdom' herein) a certain man sha!!

ascend' And) at its com$!etion) the ho#se of the kin"dom sha!! be b#rnt with fire6 and therein the who!e c!an of the chosen root sha!! be dis$ersed', <-:< *After that in the se&enth week an a$ostate "eneration sha!! arise6 its deeds sha!! be man%) and a!! of them crimina!', <-:1@ *At its com$!etion) there sha!! be e!ected the e!ect ones of ri"hteo#sness from the eterna! $!ant of ri"hteo#sness) to whom sha!! be "i&en se&enfo!d instr#ction concernin" a!! his f!ock', <-:11 *For what kind of a h#man bein" is there that is ab!e to hear the &oice of the .odesh One witho#t bein" shakenH Who is there that is ab!e to $onder H+S dee$ tho#"htsH Who is there that can !ook direct!% at a!! the "ood deedsH, <-:1( *What kind of a $erson is he that can f#!!% #nderstand the acti&ities of hea&en6 so that he can see a so#!) or e&en $erha$s a s$irit :or) e&en if he ascended into the hea&ens and saw a!! these hea&en!% bein"s and their win"s and contem$!ated them6 or) e&en if he can do what the hea&en!% bein"s doH :and is ab!e to !i&eH, <-:1- *What kind of a $erson is an%one that is ab!e to #nderstand the nat#re of the breadth and !en"th of the earthH o whom has the e=tent of a!! these been shownH, <-:10 *+s there $erchance an% h#man bein" that is ab!e to #nderstand the !en"th of hea&en) the e=tent of its a!tit#de) #$on what it is fo#nded) the n#mber of the stars) and the $!ace where a!! the !#minaries restH,

Enoch/s (,%ce to h%s Ch%l(ren an( to the R%&hteo's
<0:1 *Now) m% chi!dren) + sa% to %o#: ;o&e ri"hteo#sness and wa!k therein? For the wa%s of ri"hteo#sness are worth% of bein" embraced6 b#t the wa%s of wickedness sha!! soon $erish and diminish', <0:( * o certain known $ersons) the wa%s of in8#stice and death sha!! be re&ea!ed as soon as the% are born6 and the% sha!! kee$ themse!&es at a distance from those wa%s and wo#!d not fo!!ow them', <0:- *Now to %o#) those ri"hteo#s ones) + sa%: Bo not wa!k in the e&i! wa%) or in the wa% of death? Bo not draw near to them !est %o# be destro%ed?, <0:0 *B#t seek for %o#rse!&es and choose ri"hteo#sness and the e!ect !ife? Wa!k in the wa% of sha!om so that %o# sha!! ha&e !ife and be worth%?, <0:3 *Ho!d fast m% words in the tho#"hts of %o#r hearts6 and !et them not be erased from %o#r hearts? For + do know that sinners wi!! co#nse! the $eo$!e to $erform e&i! craft6 and e&er% $!ace wi!! we!come it) and e&er% ad&ice of the sinners ma% not diminish',

0oes Unto the S%nners

<0:5 *Woe #nto those who b#i!d o$$ression and in8#stice? Who !a% fo#ndations for deceit' he% sha!! soon be demo!ished6 and the% sha!! ha&e no sha!om', <0:7 *Woe #nto those who b#i!d their ho#ses with sin? For the% sha!! a!! be demo!ished from their fo#ndations6 and the% sha!! fa!! b% the sword' hose who amass "o!d and si!&er6 the% sha!! 2#ick!% be destro%ed', <0:9 *Woe #nto %o#) O rich $eo$!e? For %o# ha&e $#t %o#r tr#st in %o#r wea!th' Yo# sha!! oo4e o#t of %o#r riches) for %o# do not remember YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h', <0:< *+n the da%s of %o#r aff!#ence) %o# committed o$$ression) %o# ha&e become read% for death) and for the da% of darkness and the da% of "reat 8#d"ment', <0:1@ * h#s + s$eak and !et %o# know: For HE who has created %o#) HE wi!! a!so throw

%o# down #$on %o#r own ri"hteo#sness? here sha!! be no merc% for %o#', <0:11 *And HE) %o#r Areator) sha!! re8oice at %o#r destr#ction' O YAHWEH) YOGR ri"hteo#s ones sha!! be a re$roach to the sinners and the wicked',

Enoch/s Sorro) an( 7ore 0oes Unto the S%nners
<3:1 *Who wo#!d ind#ce m% e%es !ike a c!o#d of waters6 that + ma% wee$ o&er %o#) $o#rin" m% tears o&er %o# !ike a c!o#d of waters) so + wo#!d rest from the sorrow of m% heart?, <3:( *Who $ermits %o# to en"a"e in e&i! fi"htH I#d"ment wi!! catch #$ with %o#) sinners', <3:- *Yo# ri"hteo#s ones) fear not the sinners? For YAHWEH wi!! a"ain de!i&er them into %o#r hands) so that %o# ma% carr% o#t a"ainst them an%thin" that %o# desire', <3:0 *Woe #nto %o# who $rono#nce anathemas so that the% ma% be ne#tra!i4ed? Sa!#tar% remed% is far from %o#) on acco#nt of %o#r sins', <3:3 *Woe #nto %o# who reward e&i! to %o#r nei"hbors? For %o# sha!! be rewarded in accordance with %o#r deeds', <3:5 *Woe #nto %o#) witnesses of fa!sehood? And #nto those who $re$are o$$ression? For %o# sha!! $erish soon', <3:7 Woe #nto %o#) sinners) for %o# $ersec#te the ri"hteo#s? For %o# sha!! be handed o&er and be $ersec#ted thro#"h o$$ression' +ts %oke sha!! be hea&% #$on %o#'

$ope for the R%&hteo's Ones3 7ore 0oes for the S%nners
<5:1 *Be ho$ef#!) %o# ri"hteo#s ones) for the sinners sha!! soon $erish from before %o#r $resence' Yo# sha!! be "i&en a#thorit% #$on them) s#ch a#thorit% as %o# ma% wish to ha&e', <5:( *+n the da% of the trib#!ation of the sinners) %o#r chi!dren sha!! be raised hi"h #$ and be made o$en!% &isib!e !ike ea"!es) hi"her than the &#!t#res wi!! %o#r dwe!!in" $!ace be) %o# sha!! ascend and enter the cre&ices of the earth and the c!efts of the rock fore&er) !ike s2#irre!s) before the face of the o$$ressors) the sirens sha!! be b!own o&er %o#) wai!in" !ike the b#44in" of wi!d bees', <5:- *B#t %o#) who ha&e e=$erienced $ain) fear not) for there sha!! be a hea!in" medicine for %o#) a bri"ht !i"ht sha!! en!i"hten %o#) and a &oice of rest %o# sha!! hear from hea&en', <5:0 *Woe #nto %o#) %o# sinners? For %o#r mone% makes %o# a$$ear !ike the ri"hteo#s) b#t %o#r hearts do re$rimand %o# !ike rea! sinners) this &er% matter sha!! be a witness a"ainst %o#) as a record of %o#r e&i! deeds', <5:3 *Woe #nto %o# who eat the best bread? And drink wine in !ar"e bow!s) tram$!in" #$on the weak $eo$!e with %o#r mi"ht', <5:5 *Woe #nto %o# who ha&e water a&ai!ab!e to %o# a!! the time) for soon %o# sha!! be cons#med and wither awa%) for %o# ha&e forsaken the fo#ntain of !ife', <5:7 *Woe #nto %o# who carr% o#t o$$ression) deceit) and b!as$hem%? here sha!! be a record of e&i! a"ainst %o#', <5:9 *Woe #nto %o#) O $owerf#! $eo$!e? Yo# who coerce the ri"hteo#s with %o#r $ower) the da% of %o#r destr#ction is comin"? +n those da%s) at the time of %o#r

condemnation) man% and "ood da%s sha!! come for the ri"hteo#s ones',

The Sorro)f'l En( of S%nners3 Oppressors3 an( the R%ch< an( 7ore 0oes to the+
<7:1 *Be confident) %o# ri"hteo#s ones? For the sinners are d#e for a shame' he% sha!! $erish on the da% of the 8#d"ment of o$$ression' ake for "ranted this indis$#tab!e matter), <7:( *for YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h sha!! record %o#r destr#ction for %o# O sinners) and the ma!akim of hea&en sha!! re8oice o&er %o#r destr#ction', <7:- *What do %o# intend to do) %o# sinners) where wi!! %o# f!ee on that da% of 8#d"ment) when %o# hear the so#nd of the $ra%er of the ri"hteo#s onesH, <7:0 *+n res$ect to %o#r !ot) %o# sha!! become !ike them) the ones a"ainst whom %o# sha!! become witnesses) s#ch is the fact: Yo# ha&e become bedfe!!ows with sinners', <7:3 *+n those da%s) the $ra%ers of the ri"hteo#s ones sha!! reach #nto YAHWEH6 b#t for a!! of %o#) %o#r da%s sha!! arri&e', <7:5 *He sha!! read a!o#d re"ardin" e&er% as$ect of %o#r mischief) in the $resence of YAHWEH the /reat .odesh One' hen %o#r faces sha!! be co&ered with shame) and HE wi!! cast o#t e&er% deed which is b#i!t #$on o$$ression', <7:7 *Woe #nto %o#) sinners) who are in the midst of the sea and on the dr% !and6 %o# whose records are both e&i! and a"ainst %o#', <7:9 *Woe #nto %o# who "ain si!&er and "o!d b% #n8#st means6 %o# wi!! then sa%) 'We ha&e "rown rich and acc#m#!ated "oods) we ha&e ac2#ired e&er%thin" that we ha&e desired', <7:< *So now !et #s do whate&er we !ike6 for we ha&e "athered si!&er) we ha&e fi!!ed o#r treas#ries with mone% !ike water' And man% are the !aborers in o#r ho#ses'', <7:1@ *Yo#r !ies f!ow !ike water' For %o#r wea!th sha!! not end#re) b#t it sha!! take off from %o# 2#ick!% for %o# ha&e ac2#ired it a!! #n8#st!%) and %o# sha!! be "i&en o&er to a "reat c#rse',

Self -%n('l&ence of the r%ch3 or%&%n of s%ns3 +ore )oes to s%nners
<9:1 *Now swear #nto %o#) to the wise and to the foo!ish) for %o# sha!! see man% thin"s #$on the earth', <9:( *For %o# men sha!! $#t on more 8ewe!r% than women) and more m#!tico!ored ornaments than a &ir"in' +n so&erei"nt%) in "rande#r) and in a#thorit%) in si!&er) in "o!d) in c!othin") in honor) and in edib!es6 the% sha!! be $o#red o#t !ike water', <9:- *For this reason) the% are de&oid of know!ed"e and wisdom) so the% sha!! $erish thereb% to"ether with their "oods and to"ether with a!! their s$!endor and honor' hen in dishonor) in s!a#"hter) and in "reat miser%) their s$irits sha!! be cast awa%', <9:0 *+ ha&e sworn #nto %o#) sinners: +n the same manner that a mo#ntain has ne&er t#rned into a ser&ant) nor sha!! a hi!! e&er become a maidser&ant of a woman6 !ikewise) neither has sin been e=$orted into the wor!d' +t is the $eo$!e who ha&e themse!&es in&ented it' And those who commit it sha!! come #nder a "reat c#rse', <9:3 *Wh% is a woman not "i&en a chi!dH On acco#nt of the deeds of her own hands

wo#!d she die witho#t chi!dren', <9:5 *+ swear to %o#) sinners) b% the .odesh /reat One) that a!! %o#r e&i! deeds are re&ea!ed in the hea&ens' None of %o#r deeds of in8#stice are co&ered and hidden', <9:7 * hink not in %o#r s$irit) nor sa% in %o#r hearts that %o# neither know nor see a!! o#r sins bein" written down e&er% da% in the $resence of YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h', <9:9 *From now on do know that a!! %o#r in8#stices which %o# ha&e committed #n8#st!% are written down e&er% da% #nti! the da% of %o#r 8#d"ment', <9:< *Woe #nto %o# foo!s) for %o# sha!! $erish thro#"h %o#r fo!!%? Yo# do not !isten to the wise) and %o# sha!! not recei&e "ood thin"s', <9:1@ *And now do know that %o# are read% for the da% of destr#ction' Ho$e not that %o# sha!! !i&e) %o# sinners) %o# who sha!! de$art and die) for %o# know for what reason %o# ha&e been read% for the da% of the "reat 8#d"ment) for the da% of an"#ish and "reat shame for %o#r s$irits', <9:11 *Woe #nto %o# obstinate of heart) who do e&i! and de&o#r b!ood? From where wi!! %o# find "ood thin"s that %o# ma% eat) drink) and be satisfiedH E&en from a!! the "ood thin"s which YAHWEH) the 1ost Hi"h) stocked in $!enit#de #$on the who!e earthH No sha!om e=ists for %o#?, <9:1( *Woe #nto %o# who !o&e #nri"hteo#sness? Wh% do %o# ha&e ho$es for "ood thin"s for %o#rse!&esH Bo know that %o# sha!! be "i&en o&er into the hands of the ri"hteo#s ones) and the% sha!! c#t off %o#r necks and s!a% %o#) and the% sha!! not ha&e com$assion #$on %o#', <9:1- *Woe #nto %o# who re8oice in the s#fferin" of the ri"hteo#s ones? For no "ra&e sha!! be d#" for %o#', <9:10 *Woe #nto %o# who wo#!d set at no#"ht the words of the ri"hteo#s ones? For %o# sha!! ha&e no ho$e of !ife', <9:13 *Woe #nto %o# who write down fa!se words and words of wickedness? For the% write down their !ies so that the% the $eo$!e ma% commit wicked acts) and the% ca#se others to commit wicked acts', <9:15 * he% sha!! ha&e no sha!om) b#t sha!! die 2#ick!%',

7ore )oes 'nto the s%nners
<<:1 *Woe #nto %o# who ca#se wickedness?, Who boast and honor fa!se words) %o# are !ost) and %o# ha&e no !ife of "ood thin"s6, <<:( *woe #nto %o# who a!ter the words of tr#th and $er&ert the eterna! !aw? he% reckon themse!&es not "#i!t% of sin) the% sha!! be tram$!ed on #$on the earth', <<:- *+n those da%s) be read%) %o# ri"hteo#s ones) to raise #$ %o#r $ra%ers as a memoria!) and $!ace them as a testimon% before the ma!akim6 and the% the ma!akim sha!! brin" the sins of the sinners for a memoria! before YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h', <<:0 *+n those da%s) the nations sha!! be confo#nded) and the fami!ies of the nations sha!! rise in the da% of the destr#ction of the sinners', <<:3 *+n those da%s) the% the women sha!! become $re"nant) b#t the% the sinners sha!! come o#t and abort their infants and cast them o#t from their midst6 the% sha!! a!so abandon their other chi!dren) castin" their infants o#t whi!e the% are sti!! s#ck!in"' he% sha!! neither ret#rn to them their babes nor ha&e com$assion #$on their be!o&ed ones', <<:5 *A"ain + swear to %o#) %o# sinners) for sin has been $re$ared for the da% of #nceasin" b!ood',

<<:7 *And those who worshi$ stones) and those who car&e ima"es of "o!d and of si!&er and of wood and of c!a%) and those who worshi$ e&i! s$irits and demons) and a!! kinds of ido!s not accordin" to know!ed"e) the% sha!! "et no manner of he!$ in them', <<:9 * he% sha!! become wicked on acco#nt of the fo!!% of their hearts6 their e%es wi!! be b!indfo!ded on acco#nt of the fear of their hearts) the &isions of their dreams', <<:< * he% sha!! become wicked and fearf#! thro#"h them) for the% wro#"ht a!! their deeds in fa!sehood and worshi$ed stone6 so the% sha!! $erish instant!%', <<:1@ *+n those da%s) b!essed are the% a!! who acce$t the Words of Wisdom and #nderstand them) to fo!!ow the $ath of YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h6 the% sha!! wa!k in the $ath of H+S ri"hteo#sness and not become wicked with the wicked6 and the% sha!! be sa&ed', <<:11 *Woe #nto %o# who s$read e&i! to %o#r nei"hbors? For %o# sha!! be s!ain in He!!', <<:1( * Woe #nto %o# who make sinf#! and deceitf#! meas#res? Who ac2#ire wor!d!% know!ed"e) for %o# sha!! be cons#med b% it', <<:1- *Woe #nto %o# who b#i!d %o#r ho#ses thro#"h the hard toi! of others) and %o#r b#i!din" materia!s are bricks and stones of sin) + te!! %o#) %o# ha&e no sha!om', <<:10 *Woe #nto %o# who re8ect the fo#ndations and the eterna! inheritance of %o#r fore:fathers? Who sha!! $#rs#e after the wind :the ido!6 for there sha!! be no rest for %o#', <<:13 *Woe #nto %o# who en"a"e in o$$ression and "i&e aid to in8#stice? S!a%in" %o#r nei"hbors #nti! the da% of the "reat 8#d"ment) beca#se he sha!! debase %o#r s$!endor', <<:15 *He wi!! insti!! e&i! into %o#r hearts' He wi!! aro#se the an"er of his s$irit) and destro% %o# a!! b% the sword' And a!! the kodesh and ri"hteo#s ones sha!! remember %o#r sins',

1!! HANOCH - ENOCH 1!!

#%nal 1'(&+ent of the S%nners3 the R%&hteo's3 an( the #allen n&els8 7ore )oes8
1@@:1 *+n those da%s) the father wi!! be beaten to"ether with his sons) in one $!ace6 and brothers sha!! fa!! to"ether with their friends) in death) #nti! a stream sha!! f!ow with their b!ood', 1@@:( *For a man sha!! not be ab!e to withho!d his hands from his sons nor from his sons' sons in order to ki!! them' Nor is it $ossib!e for the sinner to withho!d his hands from his honored brother' From dawn #nti! the s#n sets) the% sha!! s!a% each other', 1@@:- * he horse sha!! wa!k thro#"h the b!ood of sinners #$ to his chest6 and the chariot sha!! sink down #$ to its to$' 1@@:0 *+n those da%s) the ma!akim sha!! descend into the secret $!aces' he% sha!! "ather to"ether into one $!ace a!! those who "a&e aid to sin' And YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h wi!! arise on that da% of 8#d"ment in order to e=ec#te a "reat 8#d"ment #$on a!! the sinners', 1@@:3 *He wi!! set a "#ard of kodesh ma!akim o&er a!! the ri"hteo#s and kodesh ones) and the% sha!! kee$ them as the a$$!e of the e%e #nti! a!! e&i! and a!! sin are bro#"ht to an end' From that time on the ri"hteo#s ones sha!! s!ee$ a restf#! s!ee$) and there sha!! be no one to make them afraid', 1@@:5 * hen the wise $eo$!e sha!! see) and the sons of the earth sha!! "i&e heed to a!! the words of this book' he% sha!! know that their wea!th sha!! not be ab!e to sa&e them at the $!ace where their sins sha!! co!!a$se',

1@@:7 *Woe #nto %o#) sinners) when %o# o$$ress the ri"hteo#s ones) in the da% of hard an"#ish) and b#rn them with fire? Yo# sha!! be recom$ensed accordin" to %o#r deeds', 1@@:9 *Woe #nto %o#) %o# hard of heart) who are watchf#! to de&ise e&i!? Fear sha!! sei4e %o#) and none sha!! come to %o#r aid', 1@@:< *Woe #nto %o#) sinners) beca#se of the works of %o#r hands? On acco#nt of the deeds of %o#r wicked ones) in b!a4in" f!ames worse than fire) it sha!! b#rn, 1@@:1@ *And now) do know that %o#r deeds sha!! be in&esti"ated6 from the s#n) from the moon) and from the stars6 for hea&en b% the ma!akim) on acco#nt of %o#r sins which were committed #$on the earth' he decree is with the ri"hteo#s ones', 1@@:11 *E&er% c!o#d) mist) dew) and rain sha!! witness a"ainst %o#6 for the% sha!! a!! be withhe!d from %o#) from descendin" for %o#6 and the% sha!! not "i&e heed beca#se of %o#r sins', 1@@:1( *So then offer "ifts to the rain) that it be not hindered from descendin" for %o#6 $erha$s the dew ma% recei&e from %o# "o!d and si!&er in order to descend for s#re', 1@@:1- *+n descendin") the% sha!! fa!! #$on %o# :the frost and the snow with their co!d) and a!! the winds of the snow with their sco#r"es :and in those da%s %o# cannot stand before them',

1!1 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!1

The #ear of Y $0E$ that Nat're Teaches
1@1:1 *E=amine the hea&en) %o# sons of hea&en) and a!! the works of YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h6 and be afraid to do e&i! in H+S $resence', 1@1:( *+f HE c!oses the windows of hea&en and hinders the rain and the dew from descendin" #$on the earth beca#se of %o#) what wi!! %o# doH, 1@1:- *Or) if YAHWEH sends H+S an"er a"ainst %o# and %o#r deeds) is it not %o# who wo#!d entreat H+1H Beca#se %o# #tter bo!d and harsh words a"ainst H+S ri"hteo#sness) %o# sha!! ha&e no sha!om', 1@1:0 *Bo %o# not see the sai!ors of the shi$s) how their shi$s are tossed #$ and down b% the bi!!ows and are shaken b% the winds) and the% become an=io#sH, 1@1:3 *On this acco#nt it is e&ident that the% are sei4ed b% fear) for the% wi!! dischar"e a!! their &a!#ab!e $ro$ert% :the "oods that are with them :into the sea6 the% think in their hearts that the sea wi!! swa!!ow them #$ and the% wi!! $erish in it', 1@1:5 *+s not the entire sea and a!! her waters and a!! her mo&ements the &er% work of YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"hH Has HE not ordered her co#rses of action and her waters : indeed her tota!it% :with sandH, 1@1:7 *At H+S reb#ke the% become fri"htened) and she dries #$6 then her fish die and a!! that is in her' B#t %o#) sinners) who are #$on the earth) fear H+1 not?, 1@1:9 *Bid not YAHWEH make the hea&en and the earth and a!! that is in themH Who "a&e the know!ed"e of wisdom to a!! those who mo&e #$on the earth and in the seaH, 1@1:< *Bo not the sai!ors of the shi$s fear the seaH Yet the sinners do not fear YAHWEH the 1ost Hi"h',

1!2 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!2

Terror of the Da5 of 1'(&+ent- Co+fort to the S'ffer%n& R%&hteo's

1@(:1 *+n those da%s) when YAHWEH h#r!s o#t a"ainst %o# terror of fire) where sha!! %o# f!ee) and where sha!! %o# find safet%H When HE f!in"s H+S Word a"ainst %o#) wi!! %o# not faint and fearH, 1@(:( *A!! the !#minaries sha!! faint with "reat fear6 the who!e earth sha!! faint and tremb!e and $anic', 1@(:- *A!! the ma!akim sha!! f#!fi!! their orders' he chi!dren of the earth wi!! seek to hide themse!&es from the $resence of YAHWEH the /reat S$!endor) tremb!in" and confo#nded' Yo#) sinners) %o# are acc#rsed fore&er6 there is no sha!om for %o#?, 1@(:0 *B#t %o#) so#!s of the ri"hteo#s) fear not6 and be ho$ef#!) %o# so#!s that died in ri"hteo#sness?, 1@(:3 *Be not sad beca#se %o#r so#!s ha&e "one down into He!! in sorrow6 or beca#se %o#r f!esh fared not we!! the earth!% e=istence in accordance with %o#r "oodness6 indeed the time %o# ha$$ened to be in e=istence was a time of sinners) a time of c#rse and a time of $!a"#e', 1@(:5 *When %o# die) the sinners wi!! s$eak o&er %o#: 'As we die) so do the ri"hteo#s die' What then ha&e the% "ained b% their deedsH 1@(:7 *Beho!d) !ike #s the% died in "rief and in darkness) and what ha&e the% more than weH From now on we ha&e become e2#a!', 1@(:9 *What wi!! the% recei&e or what wi!! the% see fore&erH Beho!d the% ha&e s#re!% died6 and from now on the% sha!! ne&er see !i"ht fore&er'', 1@(:< *Now + te!! %o#) sinners) %o# ha&e satiated %o#rse!&es with food and drink) robbin" and sin) im$o&erishin" $eo$!e and "ainin" $ro$ert%) and seein" "ood da%s', 1@(:1@ *Ha&e %o# seen the ri"hteo#s) how their end comes abo#t) for no in8#stice is fo#nd #$on them #nti! their deathH, 1@(:11 *B#t the% $erished and became !ike those who were not) and descended into Sheo! :and their s$irits too :with an"#ish'

1!3 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!3

The T)o Dest%n%es of the R%&hteo's an( the S%nners- 7ore 0oes Unto the S%nners
1@-:1 J+ now swear to %o#) ri"hteo#s ones) b% the s$!endor of YAHWEH the /reat One and b% the s$!endor of H+S .in"dom6 and + swear to %o# e&en b% the A;1+/H Y One', 1@-:( *For + know this m%ster%6 + ha&e read the tab!ets of hea&en and ha&e seen the kodesh writin"s) and + ha&e #nderstood the writin" in them6 and the% are inscribed concernin" %o#', 1@-:- *For a!! "ood thin"s) and 8o% and honor are $re$ared for and written down for the so#!s of those who died in ri"hteo#sness' 1an% and "ood thin"s sha!! be "i&en to %o# :the offshoot of %o#r !abors' Yo#r !ot e=ceeds e&en that of the !i&in" ones', 1@-:0 * he s$irits of those who died in ri"hteo#sness sha!! !i&e and re8oice6 their s$irits sha!! not $erish) nor their memoria! from before the face of YAHWEH the /reat One #nto a!! the "enerations of the wor!d' herefore) do not worr% abo#t their h#mi!iation', 1@-:3 *Woe #nto %o# sinners who are dead? When %o# are dead in the wea!th of %o#r sins) those who are !ike %o# wi!! sa% of %o#) 'Ha$$% are %o# sinners? he sinners ha&e seen a!! their da%s', 1@-:5 * he% ha&e died now in $ros$erit% and wea!th' he% ha&e not e=$erienced

str#""!e and batt!e in their !ifetime' he% ha&e died in s$!endor) and there was no 8#d"ment in their !ifetime'', 1@-:7 *Yo# %o#rse!&es know that the% wi!! brin" %o#r so#!s down to He!!6 and the% sha!! e=$erience e&i! and "reat trib#!ation : in darkness) nets) and b#rnin" f!ame', 1@-:9 *Yo#r so#!s sha!! enter into the "reat 8#d"ment6 it sha!! be a "reat 8#d"ment in a!! the "enerations of the wor!d' Woe #nto %o#) for there is no sha!om for %o#?, 1@-:< *Now to the ri"hteo#s and kind ones d#rin" their !ifetime: Bo not sa%) '+n the da%s of o#r toi!) we ha&e s#re!% s#ffered hardshi$s and ha&e e=$erienced e&er% tro#b!e' We ha&e faced man% e&i! thin"s and ha&e become cons#med' We ha&e died and become few) characteri4ed b% the !itt!eness of o#r s$irit', 1@-:1@ *We ha&e been destro%ed and we ha&e fo#nd none whatsoe&er to he!$ #s with a word or otherwise' We ha&e been tort#red and destro%ed) and co#!d not e&en ho$e to see !ife from one da% to the other', 1@-:11 *We ho$ed to be the head and ha&e become the tai!' We ha&e moi!ed as we toi!ed b#t had no a#thorit% o&er o#r own toi!' We ha&e become the &ict#a!s of the sinners and the o$$ressors6 the% ha&e made their %oke hea&% #$on #s', 1@-:1( * hose who hate #s) whi!e "oadin" #s and encom$assin" #s) ha&e become masters o&er #s' We ha&e bowed o#r necks to those who hate #s) b#t the% had no $it% on #s', 1@-:1- *We wanted to "et awa% from them in order that we ma% esca$e and be at rest6 b#t we fo#nd no $!ace to which we mi"ht f!ee and be safe from them', 1@-:10 * hen) in o#r trib#!ation) we bro#"ht a char"e a"ainst them before the a#thorities) and cried o#t a"ainst those who were de&o#rin" #s) b#t the% the a#thorities neither wo#!d $a% attention to o#r cries nor wish to !isten to o#r &oice', 1@-:13 *B#t on the contrar% the% were assistin" those who were robbin" and de&o#rin" #s) those who were ca#sin" #s to diminish' he% the a#thorities concea! their the offenders' in8#stice and do not remo&e the %okes of those who de&o#r #s) scatter #s) and m#rder #s6 the% the a#thorities co&er #$ o#r m#rder6 and the% the a#thorities do not remember the fact that the% the offenders ha&e !ifted #$ their hands a"ainst #s'',

1!4 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!4

1@0:1 *+ swear #nto %o# that in hea&en the ma!akim wi!! remember %o# for "ood before the s$!endor of YAHWEH the /reat One6 and %o#r names sha!! be written before the s$!endor of YAHWEH the /reat One', 1@0:( *Be ho$ef#!) beca#se former!% %o# ha&e $ined awa% thro#"h e&i! and toi!' B#t now %o# sha!! shine !ike the !i"hts of hea&en) and %o# sha!! be seen6 and the windows of hea&en sha!! be o$ened for %o#' Yo#r cr% sha!! be heard', 1@0:- *Ar% for 8#d"ment) and it sha!! a$$ear for %o#6 for a!! %o#r trib#!ations sha!! be demanded for in&esti"ation from the res$onsib!e a#thorities : from e&er%one who assisted those who $!#ndered %o#', 1@0:0 *Be ho$ef#!) and do not abandon %o#r ho$e beca#se there sha!! be a fire for %o#6 %o# are abo#t to be makin" a "reat re8oicin" !ike the ma!akim of hea&en', 1@0:3 *Yo# sha!! not ha&e to hide on the da% of the "reat 8#d"ment) and %o# sha!! not be fo#nd as the sinners6 b#t the eterna! 8#d"ment sha!! be far awa% from %o# for a!! the "enerations of the wor!d', 1@0:5 *Now fear not) ri"hteo#s ones) when %o# see the sinners wa=in" stron" and f!o#rishin"6 do not be $artners with them) b#t kee$ far awa% from those who !ean onto

their own in8#stice6 for %o# are to be $artners with the "ood:hearted $eo$!e of hea&en', 1@0:7 *Now) %o# sinners) e&en if %o# sa%) 'A!! o#r sins sha!! not be in&esti"ated or written down)' ne&erthe!ess) a!! %o#r sins are bein" written down e&er% da%', 1@0:9 *So now + show #nto %o# that !i"ht and darkness as we!! as da% and ni"ht witness a!! %o#r sins', 1@0:< *Bo not become wicked in %o#r hearts) or !ie) or a!ter the words of a 8#st &erdict) or #tter fa!sehood a"ainst the Words of YAHWEH the /reat) the .odesh One) or "i&e $raise to %o#r ido!s6 for a!! %o#r !ies and a!! %o#r wickedness are not for ri"hteo#sness b#t for "reat sin', 1@0:1@ *And now + know this m%ster%: For the% the sinners sha!! a!ter the 8#st &erdict and man% sinners wi!! take it to heart6 the% wi!! s$eak e&i! words and !ie) and the% wi!! in&ent fictitio#s stories and write o#t m% Scri$t#res on the basis of their own words', 1@0:11 *And wo#!d that the% had written down a!! the words tr#thf#!!% on the basis of their own s$eech) and neither a!ter nor take awa% from m% words) a!! of which + testif% to them from the be"innin"?, 1@0:1( *A"ain know another m%ster%? that to the ri"hteo#s and the wise sha!! be "i&en the Scri$t#res of 8o%) for tr#th and "reat wisdom', 1@0:1- *So to them sha!! be "i&en the Scri$t#res6 and the% sha!! be!ie&e them and be "!ad in them6 and a!! the ri"hteo#s ones who !earn from them the Wa%s of r#th sha!! re8oice',

1!5 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!5

1@3:1 +n those da%s) he sa%s) *YAHWEH wi!! be $atient and ca#se the chi!dren of the earth to hear' Re&ea! it to them with YOGR Wisdom) for YOG are their "#ides6 and YOG are a reward #$on the who!e earth', 1@3:( *Gnti! + and m% son are #nited with them fore&er in the #$ri"ht $aths in their !ifetime and there sha!! be sha!om #nto %o#) re8oice) %o# chi!dren of r#th' Amen',

1!6 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!6

1@5:1 And after some da%s m% son) 1eth#se!ah) took a wife for his son ;amech) and she became $re"nant b% him and bore him a son' 1@5:( And his bod% was white as snow and red as a rose6 the hair of his head as white as woo! and his demdema bea#tif#!6 and as for his e%es) when he o$ened them the who!e ho#se "!owed !ike the s#n :rather the who!e ho#se "!owed e&en more e=ceedin"!%' 1@5:- And when he arose from the hands of the midwife) he o$ened his mo#th and s$oke to YAHWEH with ri"hteo#sness' 1@5:0 And his father ) ;amech) was afraid of him and f!ed and went to 1eth#se!ah his father' 1@5:3 And he said to him) *+ ha&e be"otten a stran"e son: He is not !ike an ordinar% h#man bein") b#t he !ooks !ike the chi!dren of the ma!akim of hea&en to me6 his form is different) and he is not !ike #s' His e%es are !ike the ra%s of the s#n) and his face a"!ow', 1@5:5 *+t does not seem to me that he is of me) b#t of ma!akim6 and + fear that a wondro#s $henomenon ma% take $!ace #$on the earth in his da%s', 1@5:7 *So + am beseechin" %o# now) be""in" %o# in order that %o# ma% "o to his "randfather Enoch) o#r father) and !earn from him the tr#th) for his dwe!!in" $!ace is

amon" the ma!akim', 1@5:9 When 1eth#se!ah heard the words of his son) he came to #s at the ends of the earth6 for he had heard that + was there' He cried a!o#d) and + heard his &oice and came to him6 and + said to him) *Beho!d) m% son) here + am) wh% ha&e %o# come hereH, 1@5:< hen he answered me and said) *On acco#nt of a "reat distress ha&e + come to %o#) on acco#nt of a "rie&o#s &ision ha&e + come near here', 1@5:1@ *Now) m% father) hear me: For #nto m% son ;amech a son has been born) one whose ima"e and form are not !ike #nto the characteristics of h#man bein"s6 and his co!or is whiter than snow and redder than a rose) the hair of his head is whiter than white woo!) and his e%es are !ike the ra%s of the s#n6 and when he o$ened his e%es the who!e ho#se !i"hted #$', 1@5:11 *And when he rose #$ in the hands of the midwife) he o$ened his mo#th and b!essed YAHWEH of hea&en', 1@5:1( * hen his father) ;amech) became afraid and f!ed) and he did not be!ie&e that he the chi!d was of him b#t of the ima"e of the ma!akim of hea&en' And beho!d) + ha&e come to %o# in order that %o# ma% make me know the rea! tr#th', 1@5:1hen +) Enoch) answered) sa%in" to him) *YAHWEH wi!! s#re!% make new thin"s #$on the earth6 and + ha&e a!read% seen this matter in a &ision and made it known to %o#' For in the "eneration of Iared) m% father) the% trans"ressed the Word of YAHWEH) that is the torah of hea&en', 1@5:10 *And beho!d) the% commit sin and trans"ress the commandment6 the% ha&e #nited themse!&es with women and commit sin to"ether with them6 and the% ha&e married wi&es from amon" them) and be"otten chi!dren b% them', 1@5:13 * here sha!! be a "reat destr#ction #$on the earth6 and there sha!! be a de!#"e and a "reat destr#ction for one %ear', 1@5:15 *And this son who has been born #nto %o# sha!! be !eft #$on the earth6 and his three sons sha!! be sa&ed when the% who are #$on the earth are dead', 1@5:17 *And #$on the earth the% sha!! "i&e birth to "iants) not of the s$irit b#t of the f!esh' here sha!! be a "reat $!a"#e #$on the earth) and the earth sha!! be washed c!ean from a!! the corr#$tion', 1@5:19 *Now) make known to %o#r son ;amech that the son who has been born is indeed ri"hteo#s6 and ca!! his name Noah) for he sha!! be the remnant for %o#) and he and his sons sha!! be sa&ed from the corr#$tion) which sha!! come #$on the earth on acco#nt of a!! the sin and o$$ression that e=isted) and it wi!! be f#!fi!!ed #$on the earth in his da%s', 1@5:1< *After that there sha!! occ#r sti!! "reater o$$ression than that which was f#!fi!!ed #$on the earth the first time6 for + do know the m%steries of the kodesh ones6 for HE) YAHWEH) has re&ea!ed them to me and made me know6 and + ha&e read them in the hea&en!% tab!ets',

1!7 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!7

1@7:1 hen + behe!d the writin" #$on them that one "eneration sha!! be more wicked than the other) #nti! a "eneration of ri"hteo#s ones sha!! arise) wickedness sha!! $erish) sin sha!! disa$$ear from #$on the earth) and e&er% "ood thin" sha!! come #$on her' 1@7:( *And now) m% son) "o and make it known to %o#r son ;amech that this son who has been born is his son in tr#th) and not in fa!sehood', 1@7:- And when 1eth#se!ah had heard the words of his father Enoch : for he re&ea!ed

to him e&er%thin" in secret : he ret#rned home' And he ca!!ed the name of that son Noah) for he wi!! comfort the earth after a!! the destr#ction'

1!8 HANOCH - ENOCH 1!8

1@9:1 Another Book of Enoch : which he wrote for his son 1eth#se!ah and for those who wi!! come after him) obser&in" the torah in the !ast da%s' 1@9:( Yo# who ha&e obser&ed the !aw sha!! wait $atient!% in a!! the da%s #nti! the time of those who work e&i! is com$!eted) and the $ower of the wicked ones is ended' 1@9:- As for %o#) wait $atient!% #nti! sin $asses awa%) for the names of the sinners sha!! be b!otted o#t from the Book of ;ife and the books of YAHWEH the .odesh One6 their seeds sha!! be destro%ed fore&er and their s$irits sha!! $erish and die6 the% sha!! cr% and !ament in a $!ace that is an in&isib!e wi!derness and b#rn in the fire : for there e=ists "ro#nd there as #$on the earth' 1@9:0 + a!so saw there somethin" !ike an in&isib!e c!o#d6 and tho#"h + co#!d see that it was com$!ete!% dark %et + co#!d not see the f!ame of its fire beca#se it was b#rnin" bri"ht!%6 and there were some thin"s !ike bri"ht mo#ntains which formed a rin" aro#nd it and which were tossin" it to and fro' 1@9:3 hen + asked one of the kodesh ma!ak who was with me) sa%in" to him) *What is this bri"ht thin"H For it is not a hea&en b#t mere!% the f!ame of a fire which is b#rnin" : and a &oice of wee$in") cr%in") and !amentin" as we!! as stron" $ain', 1@9:5 And he said #nto me) * his $!ace which %o# see) into it sha!! be taken the s$irits of sinners) b!as$hemers) those who do e&i!) and those who a!ter a!! the thin"s which YAHWEH has done thro#"h the mo#th of the $ro$hets) a!! of which ha&e to be f#!fi!!ed', 1@9:7 *For some of these thin"s were written and sea!ed abo&e in hea&en so that the ma!akim ma% read them the thin"s that are written and know that which is abo#t to befa!! the sinners) the s$irits of the ones who err) as we!! as those who defi!ed their bodies) re&en"ed themse!&es on YAHWEH) and worked to"ether with e&i! $eo$!e', 1@9:9 * hose who !o&e YAHWEH ha&e !o&ed neither "o!d nor si!&er) nor a!! the "ood thin"s which are in the wor!d) b#t ha&e "i&en o&er their bodies to s#fferin"', 1@9:< *Who from the time of their &er% bein" ha&e not !on"ed after earth!% food) and who re"arded themse!&es as a mere $assin" breath' And the% ha&e obser&ed this matter) YAHWEH ha&in" $#t them thro#"h m#ch testin"6 then HE recei&ed their $#re s$irits so that the% sho#!d b!ess H+S NA1E', 1@9:1@ *And + ha&e reco#nted in the books a!! their b!essin"s' HE has ca#sed them to be recom$ensed) for the% were a!! fo#nd !o&in" YAHWEH more than the fire of their eterna! so#!s6 and whi!e the% were bein" trodden #$on b% e&i! $eo$!e) e=$eriencin" ab#se and ins#!t b% them) the% contin#ed b!essin" H+1', 1@9:11 *So now + sha!! s#mmon their s$irits if the% are born of !i"ht) and chan"e those who are born in darkness : those whose bodies were not recom$ensed with honor as the% deser&ed for their faithf#!ness', 1@9:1( *+ sha!! brin" them o#t into the bri"ht !i"ht) those who ha&e !o&ed 1Y kodesh NA1E) and seat them each one b% one #$on the throne of his honor', 1@9:1- *And the% sha!! be res$!endent for a"es that cannot be n#mbered6 for the 8#d"ment of YAHWEH is ri"hteo#sness) beca#se HE wi!! "i&e faith : as we!! as the >aths of r#th : to the faithf#! ones in the restin" $!ace', 1@9:10 * hen the% sha!! see those who were born in darkness bein" taken into darkness) whi!e the ri"hteo#s ones sha!! be res$!endent',

1@9:13 * he sinners sha!! cr% a!o#d) and the% sha!! see the ri"hteo#s ones bein" res$!endent6 the% sha!! "o to the $!ace which was $rescribed for them concernin" the da%s and the seasons', Here ends the Re&e!ation of the Secrets of Enoch'