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Lesson Plan for 10/04

Carlson Elementary TEAM VI

NOTES: Angela, et. al., please bring name tags including Xavier and Ariana [spellings?] Dr. Neill: Need a Drum

To establish pitch (so-mi) by having students sing back pitches To establish the difference between four voice types (whisper, speaking, singing, loud) To establish class rules To establish an internal beat

Behavioral Objectives:
To have them recognize their own name and peers names, and adding pitch To have them follow the teacher imitate the four types of voices (whisper, speak, sing, loud) To have them sing and get used to SO-MI while playing a game To follow the set of rules for music class and remember them

*Steve: Name Game (Name tags) 1. Begin by singing (falsetto) Hello class, where is Ana? Ana sings: I am Ana. 2. Teammates model for, Class singing: Hello Ana. Repeat with Angela and Margaret. 3. Explain Circle-Up 4. Continue until all nametags are handed out. Transition! (clap rhythm) *Ana Carolina: Rules 1. Tell class they have until count one to be on a spot on the carpet facing Ana, then count 54321 2. State that there are a state of rules for music class Raise your hand for permission to speak Respect each other and your teacher Stay on task Sing, speak and listen when its time Have fun in class 3. Learn rules through call and response

4. Use hand motions for each rule after they repeat them after Ana

5. Lastly, demonstrate different four voice types (whispering, talking, singing, and loud voice styles)

Transition! (clap rhythm) *Margaret: I Did See a Chimpanzee 1. 2. 3. 4. Model it Chunk it Singing with Motions Without words, just motions

Transition! (clap rhythm) *Angela: Hickory Dickory Dock -Speak chant in full -have them clap while teacher chants again -chunk it -add motions 1. Whispering Voice 2. Speaking Voice 3. Singing Voice * Ana: Internalized Beat 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Model to students speaking One for the money and clapping/walking to drum beat Start slow just speaking and clapping/tapping body part Speed up to medium and just clap Do fast while singing and clapping Repeat sequence but with walking to drum beat versus just clapping

*Angela: Oh How I Like To Sing 1. Model and sing just the first verse

2. chunk 3. Add motions * Steve, Angela, Ana: Goodbye song 1. Instruct class to circle up 2. Model to students how to retrieve name tags 3. Retrieve name tags singing Touch your knees and touch your toes, now stand up its time to go - Stop in front of student and get their name tag -Continuously keep singing until all name tags are taken up

**Margaret will be making sure students are following all class rules