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CoCoCu Exam Questions

1.) Sample and example of English? Choose 1 sample for a short answer and 2 for a long one: Smoking harms you and other around you P !"#$E %&S$ P#!'$!'( )&*'+ ,- # $ EE

1 for a long answer and 2 for a short answer: .E$ P#!'$ P*S/ Sister reunited after 01 years at 2he2kout .hat 2an sample of English 3e an example of? 1 sample for a short answer and 2 for a long one: Silen2e %ost painting found 3y a tree $he 3ook was found 3y a tree 4eep off the grass

2.) Explain the 2on2ept of e5ui6alen2e in analysis of senten2es or 2onstituents? 7.) .hy is the 2on2ept of e5ui6alen2e important for analysing senten2es? 0.) .hat aspe2ts of language do linguisti2 models represent? 8.) .hat does a linguisti2 model re6eal a3out how language is per2ei6ed 3y the speaker? 9.) /ow does a linguist make a language model? .hy do linguisti2 models of language differ from how we per2ei6e reality? :.) .hat does a linguisti2 model re6eal a3out reality? ;.) .hat fa2tors need to 3e taken into a22ount when designing a model or a map? <.) /ow are texts interpreted?=.hat is it part of? 11.) 11.) 12.) 17.) 10.) /ow 2an senten2es 3e analysed? (rammati2al reasons for am3iguity? .hat is am3iguity? /ow does it appear=o22ur? .hy does it o22ur? /ow does am3iguity explain the way language works? /ow does am3iguity happen? .hat is +$C in how far is it rele6ant?


.hat is the +eri6ational $heory of Complexity?

19.) Explain a 2on2ept of am3iguity 3y referring to /ymes> possi3le? feasi3le and appropriate. 1:.) 1;.) 1<.) 21.) 21.) /ymes: .hat does he mean 3y the appropriate? /ymes: .hat does he mean 3y the possi3le? /ow is it different from the other three? /ymes: /ow are they appropriate and the possi3le linked? /ymes: /ow is the appropriate linked to the other 7 2on2epts? .hat does /ymes mean with the 0 maxims?

22.) .hat does /ymes mean when he says that people are 2ommuni2ati6ely 2ompetent in a language? 27.) 20.) 28.) 29.) /ow does /ymes des2ri3e 2ommuni2ati6e 2ompeten2e? .hat does 2ommuni2ati6e 2ompeten2e mean? /ymes: Communi2ati6e 2ompeten2e @0 2riteria) in relation to the 0 maxims? .hat is the 2oAoperate prin2iple? +o people always 2onform to it? .hy do we lie?

2:.) .hy do people not always say what they mean and mean what they say? !n2lude the Cooperati6e prin2iple. 2;.) 2<.) 71.) 71.) 72.) 77.) 70.) 78.) 79.) 7:.) 7;.) 7<.) 01.) 01.) +o people always ha6e to 2ooperate in order to 2ommuni2ate? .hat do words of a language say a3out the 2ulture of its speakers? /ow does language relate to=2onstitute so2ial identity? /ow do so2ial fa2tors influen2e language? @6ariation? language 6s diale2t) /ow 2an 6o2a3ulary so2ial norms? .hat is so2ial stratifi2ation? /ow 2ould 2orpora 3e used to show how people use language? /ow far 2an 2orpora 2apture how people use language? -our opinion Corpora: .hat do they tell us a3out a2tual language use? .hat does a 2orpus analysis re6eal a3out a language? .hat does 2orpus analyses tell us how language works? Explain and exemplify the relation 3etween linguisti2s and applied linguisti2s? /ow does applied linguisti2s differ from other linguisti2 theories? .hat is the use of linguisti2s?

02.) .hat is the s2ope and purpose of #pplied linguisti2s? .hat is the field of an applied linguist? 07.) 00.) 08.) 09.) 0:.) 0;.) 0<.) 81.) 81.) 82.) 87.) 80.) 88.) 89.) 8:.) /ow 2an linguisti2s 3e put into pra2tise? +ifferen2e 3etween theoreti2al? des2ripti6e and applied linguisti2s. .hat are the 7 kinds of pragmati2 meaning? +ifferen2e 3etween semanti2 and pragmati2 meaning +ifferen2es 3etween semanti2s and pragmati2s .hy does language 6ary and 2hange? .hat is language 6ariation? .hat 2auses language 6ariation? .hat different kinds of language 6ariation exist )a2tors a3out language 6ariation +ifferen2e 3etween diale2t and language=/ow we 2an differentiate 3etween them? /ow 2an a diale2t 3e distinguished from a separate language? .hat is a language? .ho says so and on what grounds? Explain the signifi2an2e of a 2ontext for interpreting a text .hat is a text? /ow far 2an it 3e des2ri3ed in grammati2al terms?

8;.) # text is defined as going 3eyond the senten2e. /ow 2an this 3e defined=answered in grammati2al terms? @+o you agree?) 8<.) 91.) 91.) 92.) 97.) 90.) 98.) 99.) .hat kinds of lexi2al meaning 2an 3e assigned to a word? /ow 2an a language 3e defined? +es2ri3e the phenomenon of hyperA2orre2tion. @%a3o6) elationship 3etween text and 2ontext +oris %essing A rea2tions on her 3ook. /ow 2an dis2ourse analysis explain this? $here are rules of use without whi2h the rules of grammar are useless. Comment. .hy are #ustrian and (erman one language? elationship 3etween expertise and experien2e.