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Elite impunity collapses as does willing suspension of disbelief Brains stumped to meaningless state rule of thumb dumb as a forest

not stumped until chainsaw fired up

The success of any government is as the success of the people one and same governed of SEE sane egalitarian essence !n"# f$%g&'list=()*+%,-.E/.*/0 121

1e facto 1emocracy emphasis false authentic constitution tactical orations of stringent enforcement of the 3ule of )aw meaningless version 4,,3(

3ule of )aw The 3ule of law in its most basic form is no one is above the law. (erhaps the most important application of the rule of law is the principle that governmental authority is legitimately e6ercised only in accordance with7 publicly disclosed laws7 adopted and enforced in accordance with established procedural steps that are referred to as due process. The rule of law is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy. ,ccording to modern ,nglo8,merican thin#ing7 hallmar#s of adherence to the rule of law commonly include

a clear separation of powers,

legal certainty,
the principle of legitimate e6pectation and e9uality of all before the law. The concept is not without controversy7 and it has been said that :the phrase the rule of law has become meaningless than#s to ideological abuse and general over8 use: "; (;E "eneral ;ver8use (roclamations ;nly Elusivity publicly disclosed laws *.. <2= The +onstitution of +anada is

the supreme law of Canada,

and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the +onstitution is7 to the e6tent of the inconsistency7

of no force or effect.

>ust a reminder ?? @@@ propaganda now fully engaged 4umungously accelerated from everyday BS AE?S Aever Ending ?ar Story ?atch the media cue their selected guests to the legal certainty the people donBt have a clue War Main article: War

The mushroom cloud of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, the final act of the World War II. War is a state of organized armed conflict between states or non-state groups. War is characterized b the use of lethal !iolence between combatants and"or upon ci!ilians to achie!e militar goals through force. #esser, often spontaneous conflicts, such as brawls, riots, re!olts, and melees, are not considered to be warfare. $e!olutions can be non!iolent or an organized and armed re!olution which denotes a state of war.

During the 20th century,

it is estimated that between

167 and 188 million people died as a result of war.


) common definition defines war as a series of militar campaigns between at least two opposing sides in!ol!ing a dispute o!er so!ereignt , territor , resources, religion, or other issues. ) war between internal elements of a state is a ci!il war. There ha!e been a wide !ariet of rapidl ad!ancing tactics throughout the histor of war, ranging from con!entional war to as mmetric warfare to total war and uncon!entional warfare. Techni*ues include hand to hand combat, the use of ranged weapons, na!al warfare, and, more recentl , air support. Militar intelligence has often pla ed a ke role in determining !ictor and defeat.

which often includes information, slanted opinion and disinformation, pla s a ke role in maintaining unit within a warring group, and or sowing discord among opponents. In modern warfare, soldiers and combat !ehicles are used to control the land, warships the sea, and aircraft the sk . These fields ha!e also o!erlapped in the forms of marines, paratroopers, na!al aircraft carriers, and surface-to-air missiles, among others. +atellites in low ,arth orbit ha!e made outer space a factor in warfare as well as it is used for detailed intelligence gathering, howe!er no known aggressi!e actions ha!e been taken from space
?ith 4,,3( added to the ,3SEA,) decoded ,rse Aeanderthal ,nti9uity )ogic Suspension e6pect total ?;E wipe out engagement

)ast )ost +ivili$ation Sumerians and the ,nnuna#i C Decharia Sitchin C A,D@ C Aibiru ,liens Dionist @nterest here for "old
Auclear ?ar ./.- B+ ,braham purported to surface about ./// B+ www.,men.@nfidels./ Say again the difference between ES @ra9 and 3ussia E#raine 3ussia has more obvious rights at scene +rime , than ES in @ra9 that EA declared illegal eh? @f ES in @ra9 had been dealt with then the world wouldnBt be in this pathetic stateFFF

S@A@STE3 Sane @nsanity Aormalcy @nherently Substantive Thic# E6posed 3egularly GG/Spirit8@ntent8(recedence8de8>ure8+onstitution8or83omans8208"aming8the8 System8de8Hacto*02%G/*2/To8Enited8Aations*G %*-/2/To8Enited8Aations8,gain ,t this time it would be prudent to mention there is a humungous difference between flowing with the winds of nature and being blown to thy Iingdom come

; ";1 &J ";1 "3@( ET TE &E ;ur "overnments ;ur 1estroyers &asticating Jahoos "old ;il 1ollar "olden 3ule @llusion (yrite and Jou &e Bi lingual B@ ,SS 8 Beware @des ,mbide6trous Split8personality Subterfuge*0KGK/S@A8&E8ES( Sane @nsanity Aormalcy &otivational Emotional Enough Said (assiveness

:Et tu7 Brute?: <pronounced Lt tu brutM= is a )atin phrase meaning

"and you, Brutus?"

or :and you too7 Brutus?:. The phrase is often used poetically to represent the last words of the 3oman dictator >ulius +aesar to his friend &arcus Brutus at the moment of his assassination. 4owever7 there is no evidence that +aesar actually said these words7 and the fame of the 9uotation is entirely due to its occurrence in ?illiam Sha#espeareNs play >ulius +aesar.L2ML.M The 9uotation is widely used in ?estern culture to signify the utmost betrayal by an une6pected person7 such as a friend.

Hacts must have root . ta#e root "od coherency :+atch ..: must have semblance . catch do" chase tail
(3@+I mi H@B@B (olitical 3eligious @llusion +harlatan Ileptocracy media inciting Hic#le @nherent Bias @gnorant Bliss

@ #now @ will never see a poem as lovely as a tree nor a brighter life form

Should #now which side you died for eh? Hor A?; stay with A?; media please. 1onBt let reality mess with your minds O rela6 let reality do it O with A?; bac# &aintain Status Puo (eewee 4erman O ?e #now what you are O but what am @? Sum thin Else eh? ?hen all said and done there will be chips to unscramble minds perchance there are survivors ES EA Britain @srael 22 www. 22.t#o./ www.,men.@nfidels./ www.oQT, Truth and Source Iill

";1 "old ;il 1ollars!E&;w38G(rvG& "4;ST "old 4eist ;lympic Subterfuge Titanic ";,) "host ;f ,ll )iving ,gainst A?; sort it out on JouTube please That would be A;? eh? "iven that 3ussia is well aware of A?; O if not for it O what can they do? @ran and +hina too ?hat if they are for it and simply Qust team wor# getting ?? @@@ underway eh? our albatross Truth

our Ammo A?; ,lamo

Enite A;? C Aew ;rder ?orld C +ut the &iddleban#ster That will get them QumpingFF!gt43%E R@t is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot changeS Tis a thin line that @ for one fail to see the differenceFFF www.+AA84,.com