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All my life I've had to struggle to be free Though I see no end in sight I stand in line with men who made a vow to never stop the fight and to trust that you can comprehend a loss you've never known Will take a love that I have searched for But love I cannot find alone Chorus: ord teach me to love !how me how you care for others Cause my soul to burn within "or the fellowship of my brother #nly you can break the chains That have held before so long ord$ your my hope$ my only hope Teach me to love There's no power but the power of the cross That can melt my hardened heart And show me all the pride and arrogance That tear souls apart "or in%ustice that you suffer And for our nations shameful sin I humbly ask for your forgiveness We need to learn to love again !o daily I seek to know the Christ Who suffered for all men "or in &im I find a courage To ask again and again


'od and 'od alone created all these things we call our own "rom the mighty to the small the 'lory in them all is 'od and 'od's alone 'od and 'od alone reveals the truth of all we call unknown And all the best and worst of man wont change the (aster's plan it's 'od and 'od alone 'od and 'od alone is fit to take the universe's throne let every thing that lives reserve its truest praise for 'od and 'od alone 'od and 'od alone will be the %oy of our eternal home &e will be our one desire our hearts will never tire of 'od and 'od alone

We're pilgrims on the %ourney of the narrow road And those who've gone before us line the way cheering on the faithful encouraging the weary Their lives a stirring testament to 'od's sustaining grace !urrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses et us run the race not only for the pri)e But as those who've gone before us et us live to those behind us The heritage of faithfulness passed on through godly life Chorus: #h may all who came behind us find us faithful (ay the fire of our devotion light their way (ay the footprints that we leave lead them to believe And the lives we live inspire them to obey #h may all who come behind us faithful


*eath rides blacken clouds across the sky The !on of man lays down to die With every pounding blow upon the nail Thunder rumbles all through hell And from deaths barren womb the captives cry Who is there to free us should &e die &is grave becomes a door$ &e enters in To face the author of all sin *efying death and the grave &e takes their keys And with them every captives free Arise for our redemption draweth nigh Chorus: "or &e holds the keys &e holds the keys And though we've been held captive At long we are free "or &e holds the key

Against the gates of hell I now resist for the shackles that had torn my wrists After all our hopes and dreams have come ay before me now upon the ground and gone To sin I am no longer bound And our children sift through all we've left "or from death's barren womb &e heard my behind cry (ay the clues that they discover and the And loosed the chains that bound me to a lie memories they uncover Become the light that leads them to the road And to all the things that have kept you away we each must find that keep you defeated day after day after day The heartache that nobody sees that eats at your soul like a cruel disease &e who set the captives free It is &e$ It is &e who hold your keys


&alls ring with echoes of laughter ong after they've come and gone "or the memory of a tiny face and playful grin still brings a smile reminding us again That children are a treasure from the ord !ongs sweetly sung by the cradle +rayers whispered %ust before the bed And we taught them ,-esus loves you. in a simple song And we pray they don't forget their whole life long Children are a treasure from the ord

Who is -esus Christ2 The 3uestion echoes down 4mmaus 5oad *ead or raised to life The same doubts spoken first so long ago when a stranger came to two men on their %ourney And it was not long before their broken heart were burning

Chorus: !omewhere between where you are and 4mmaus a stranger wants to come and walk with you !omewhere along the way your heart will be burning drawn into the holy flame of truth Those bright and trusting eyes seem to take right now &e may be a stranger to you what will &e be when your %ourney's through us by surprise And they see what other older seem to miss !omewhere between where you are the (ay the gift of faith they hold grow as they savior wants to walk with you grow (ay they always know 'od will never let !ome ask &im into stay as night falls on their own 4mmaus 5oad them go !ome push &im away and never see the mystery unfold but those who takes to heart At si/ they're beginning their school days the word that has been spoken as &e breaks !i/teen and they're driving the car And at twenty0one we let them go on their the bread of life their will open first date but of course they'll be at home in bed by eight 1es$ children are a treasure from the ord &omes ring with echoes of laughter ong after they've come and gone And %ust knowing that our children really love the ord Is a faithful parent's passion and reward 1es$ children are a treasure from the ord Children are a treasure from the ord 1es$ children are a treasure from the ord