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PMP SmartStart Guide

I decided to go with Cheetah Learning because the company was founded by a rocket scientist. They better know how to do Project Management!
2011 Cheetah Learning LLC The PMI Logo is a trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which is registered in the United States and other nations.


August 2011


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CHEETAH LEARNING - 2008 PMI Professional Development Provider of the Year for PMP Exam Prep.

2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

Congratulations. Downloading your free Cheetah SmartStart Guide for the PMP exam puts you on the fast track toward Project Management Professional (PMP) certication. More than 500,000 people have downloaded this guide since its release in July 2001, learning from the valuable tips and tactics we include for passing the PMP exam and then keeping the guide as a handy reference. We designed the guide so you can easily read through it in 30 minutes, dividing it into four sections for easy access to information: PMP What, PMP Why, PMP How and PMP The Cheetah Way. So get comfortable for the next half hour, and nd out what you According to PMIs Project Management need to know to be prepared for the PMP exam.
Salary Survey Sixth Edition, despite the recent recession affecting many professions, project managers have reported salary increases. The survey also indicated that PMP certication clearly carries added value. Overall, PMPs are getting paid more than non-PMPs ($10,000 more on average in 6 major countries).




At Cheetah, we do things differently. Much of the information in the following pages you would have to pay for by attending a formal PMP exam-prep class. But Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP is designed to get you to pass the PMP exam, not just prepare for it. So we provide these tools to prep for the exam for free in this guide. Enough said. Lets take a look at what Project Management and the PMP certication are.

According to, median salaries those who hold the PMP credential can be up to 30% higher than their non-credentialed colleagues. Why? Because the more successful people and organizations are with projects, the more successful they are overall. There is no secret to Project Management success; its the science of getting things done. But when did it start and how has it evolved?

The Science of Project Management Every person and every organization does projects. Projects have been around for as long as the Earth has existed, and Project Management has continued to evolve. In todays fastpaced, business-oriented world, we now have modern Project Management standards, tools and techniques to quickly and efciently reach our milestones and complete our projects. Modern Project Management has been evolving since the days of World War II and the Manhattan Project, which is its birthplace. To successfully create the worlds rst nuclear weapons, the brains behind the effort developed new methods of planning, execution and control. The Manhattan Project had enormous unknowns and overwhelming logistics. Three secret cities were built to support the project, each with close to 20,000 residents. It was an enormous undertaking to plan,

Studies indicate that only 25% of all projects worldwide succeed in achieving budget, schedule, and quality objectives. However, these same studies indicate a 75% success rate for projects that employ modern Project Management concepts, tools, and techniques. These facts, coupled with our new ANSI Standard, are the driving forces behind todays enormous interest in modern Project Management.

2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

execute, and control the process of building, populating, and sustaining the cities. Many of the concepts and tools we use today in Project Management were developed during the Manhattan Project. More than 20 years later, in 1969, the Project Management Institute (PMI) was established to create industry standards, advance the science of Project Management and promote professional responsibility. In 1984, a small handful of project managers became the rst PMPs, and three years later, PMI published the industrys rst comprehensive set of accepted Project Management standards, The Project Management Body of Knowledge (The PMBOK Guide). The PMBOK Guide was updated in 1996, 2000, 2004 and again in December 2008 with the release of The PMBOK Guide -Fourth Edition.

In Harold Kerzners must-read book, In Search of Excellence in Project Management, he studies 200 of the worlds top corporations. His ndings indicate that only 29 of the 200 companies

In September 1999, The PMBOK Guide became a formal American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard, ANSI/PMI 99-001-1999. Now, with The PMBOK Guide serving as an ANSI Standard, industries throughout the world have uniform tools and techniques to manage projects, along with a worldwide Project Management common language.

Although the ANSI Standard is quickly being embraced worldwide by industries, governments, institulent or on the right track. We have a tions and academia, there is still a lot of catching up to do. PMI estimates there are 20 million professionlong way to go before a high Projectals currently working in Project Management worldManagement maturity level is achieved wide, of this only about 400,000 hold PMI accreditathroughout the industry as a whole. tion. While some professions within the information technology sector have made major strides in adopting modern Project Management practices, we cant forget that every part of an organization is involved in project work and can benet tremendously by adopting modern Project Management techniques.
achieve his highest rating as excel-

For example, look at the marketing department in a standard company. Marketing expenditures are typically 10% to 20% of a companys gross revenue, so a company generating $100 million in revenue spends $20 million in marketing. People in marketing are managing multi-million-dollar projects with minimal Project Management skills, and research shows that projects managed without using modern Project Management techniques have a 75% failure rate. Couldnt marketing professionals drive signicant improvement in their organizations marketing projects by becoming certied in Project Management? Denitely! And its not just the marketing department that could benet. The same can be said for professionals who work in engineering, product development, facilities management all areas of an organization where projects are the life blood of day-to-day life. The PMP Credential As the Project Management professions ag bearer, PMI does extraordinary work to advance the science and application of modern Project Management. One of its signicant accomplishments and on-going programs is the formal certication of project managers the Project Management Professional program. This program helps ensure the highest professional and ethical standards within the community of practicing Project Management professionals. Earn 2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

ing the PMP credential increases peoples career options, gives them more ability to inuence the successful outcome of their projects and provides more opportunities for increasing their salary. It offers similar benets for organizations that employ people who are PMP certied. What does this all mean for you? It means there is a rapidly growing demand for Project Management Professionals to lead the worlds industries using effective Project Management techniques. Check out a few of the large, web-based employment sites. Search for PMP or PMI and see how many employers are looking for PMP/PMI-certied project managers. Check back next week, and the number most likely will have grown.


At Cheetah Learning, we have helped people from a wide variety of professions become PMP certied and have some amazing success stories about how people have dramatically improved their careers because of this certication. From the HR manager who, on a whim, decided to become PMP certied and in two years was the Executive Director of Human Relations with a $40,000 pay raise, to an Environmental Consultant who became PMP certied to improve his business and saw a jump from $250,000 to $750,000 in just six months, and a middle-school teacher who went through the program and is now leading curriculum development projects for her school district. Getting the PMP credential was the critical element to launching themselves into amazing career success. Everyone does projects its part of life. By becoming a professional in how you pursue projects, you move your career in the right direction. Its easy to tell someone you can get things done, that you are a project manager. But when you have a PMP certication to prove it, your story rings true. If you want a sure way to advance your career, become PMP certied.

The following table shows which parts of an organization gain the most by having certied Project Management Professionals. Look at your own organization and determine which areas spend a signicant amount of time and/or money on projects. Those are the groups that benet tremendously from having PMP-certied staff to lead projects. This is where you, as a PMP, can deliver signicant value, and its where you can have tremendous inuence in motivating others to obtain their PMP credential, while beneting your career and your organization.

2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

PMP Value for Various Departments in Organizations

New Product Development Marketing Sales Customer Service Engineering Manufacturing/Production IT HR Finance Accounting Administration Legal

Time Spent on Projects Overall

High Moderate Low Low High Low High Moderate Moderate Low Low Moderate

Money Spent on Projects

High High Low Low High Moderate High Moderate High Low Low High

Value of PMPs in the Department

High High Low Low High Moderate High Moderate High Low Low High



PMP Certication Process Overview The stated purpose and goal of PMIs Project Management Certication Program is the development, maintenance, evaluation, promotion, and administration of a rigorous, examination-based, professional certication program of the highest caliber. In 2006, the PMP credential process received ISO 17024 accreditation. The certication program supports the international community of Project Management Professionals and is designed to objectively assess and measure professional knowledge. PMP program requirements and eligibility standards are applied fairly and impartially, and are consistent with applicable laws. To achieve PMP certication, you must satisfy all the educational and experiential requirements established by PMI and must demonstrate an acceptable and valid level of understanding and knowledge about Project Management that is tested by the PMP certication examination. Educational and Experiential Requirements In order to be considered eligible to take the PMP exam, you must meet PMIs experience and education requirements. You can choose to qualify in one of two categories. Category 1 At the time of application, you must hold a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree and have a minimum of 4,500 hours of Project Management experience within the ve Project Management Process groups. Groups are explained on the next page. Your Experience Verication Form(s) must show a total of at least 4,500 hours, and the project dates must indicate that you have at least three years of Project Management experience within the eight-year period prior to the application. You must include at least 36 unique (non-overlapping) months of Project Management experience on the Experience Verication Form(s) to satisfy the three-year requirement. Cheetah students learn the terminology required by PMI to make sure their efforts on projects count towards eligibility for the PMP exam.

2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

If you dont have the Project Management experience to pursue the PMP certication, consider earning your CAPM certication instead. We offer a PM Fundamentals Online Certicate Program that prepares you to take, and pass, the CAPM exam. Required Documentation 1.Date of completion of your baccalaureate or equivalent university degree. 2.Experience Verication Form(s) meeting criteria listed above. 3.Thirty-ve (35) hours of PM training prior to applying for PMP eligibility for people who register and pay for Cheetahs Exam Prep for the PMP online or classroom course, we offer an online course that when successfully completed (as veried by a course completion certicate) may be used to satisfy this requirement, if needed. This is only available to people who register and pay for Cheetahs Exam Prep for the PMP course. Project Management Process Groups Initiating Processes: Recognizing that a project or phase should begin and committing to do so. Planning Processes: Devising and maintaining a workable scheme to accomplish the business need that the project was undertaken to address. Executing Processes: Coordinating people and other resources to carry out the plan. Monitoring and Controlling Processes: Ensuring that project objectives are met by monitoring and measuring progress and taking corrective action when necessary. Closing Processes: Formalizing acceptance of the project or phase and bringing it to an orderly end. Category 2 You can qualify under this category if at the time you apply, you do not hold a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree but hold a high-school diploma or equivalent secondary-school credential and have a minimum of 7,500 hours of Project Management experience within the ve process groups. The number of hours on your Experience Verication Form(s) must total at least 7,500 hours, and the project dates must indicate that you have at least ve years of Project Management experience within the eight-year period prior to the application. You must indicate at least 60 unique (non-overlapping) months of Project Management experience on the Experience Verication Form(s) to satisfy the ve-year requirement. Again, Cheetah students learn how to position their project efforts in the correct terminology to ensure they meet eligibility requirements for the PMP exam. If you are unable to meet the requirements to sit for the PMP exam, consider earning your CAPM certication. Our PM Fundamentals Online Certicate Program is designed to help you prepare for, and pass, the CAPM exam. Required Documentation 1.Experience Verication Form(s) meeting criteria listed above. 2.Thirty-ve (35) hours of PM training prior to applying for PMP eligibility for people who register and pay for Cheetahs Accelerated Exam Prep for the PMP online or classroom course, we offer an online course that when successfully completed (as veried by a course completion certicate) may be used to satisfy this requirement, if needed. This is only available to people who register and pay for the Cheetahs Accelerated Exam Prep for the PMP course.
2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

Accelerating Your Application Process The eligibility application includes your Experience Verication Forms that detail your Project Management work experience and educational background, and your examination application with appropriate fee. Your application and documentation must be in English and must be thorough and accurate. With the Cheetah process we show you in the section that follows how you can reduce the time needed to le your application from eight hours to two hours. Our accelerated online or classroom program, Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP course, helps you every step of the way to move you quickly and easily through the exam-prep process, from conrming your eligibility and thoroughly preparing you for the exam to sitting for the exam on the fth day. Be sure to share Cheetahs exam-prep process and success rate with your employer when requesting your choice for PMP training. Filing Your Application Summarize your Project Management experience, including the project names and companies for which you did the projects. The verication form has to summarize your project experience by Project Management phase. If you are a Cheetah student, and you have questions about lling this out, contact our career counselors for help. Click on our Work Verication Spreadsheet link to see a sample. File Your Information Online By Going To: org/certapp/Default.aspx. This online form is available through PMI to le your application. Its best to rst become a member ( before ling this form as the exam fee drops from $550 to $405 for members.

There is a science to preparing people for the PMP exam. The key is not in the what, its in the how. At Cheetah, we are masters of the how of using accelerated learning in our curriculum design. Others may copy us, but they dont compare to us. We guarantee you will pass the PMP exam not just learn about Project Management. Our methodologies are unusual, probably not like anything youve experienced before. So put what you know aside, dont argue with success, and well show you how to pass the PMP exam guaranteed.

PMI audits 5-6 percent of accepted certication applications, so dont even stretch the truth. During the audit process, PMI requires formal verication by your employer(s) and schools of all information. This process is designed to maintain quality in the certication program. If incorrect information is found during the audit process, you will have your certication of eligibility revoked.

Application Processing Time PMI states it will process your certication application within 5-to-10 working days, though you will nd it usually is much faster than that when ling online. Occasionally, PMI does experience delays during peak demand periods. At those times, it can take up to six weeks to process your application. Once your application is submitted you will be asked for exam payment (You pay PMI direct for the exam as they are the ones who grant the certication). They will respond to your exam payment with an Eligibility Letter that includes information that you use to schedule your exam at (Note: Approximately ve-to-six percent of those paying for exams are selected for a random audit that must be completed before your eligibility is conrmed.) Eligibility Duration You must take the PMP exam within one year of receiving your approval to test, since you cannot renew it. If it expires, you have to apply and pay again. You can request a partial refund if you decide not to take the exam after you have been approved. PMI will, however, retain $200 to cover processing costs.
2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

Contact Hours of Project Management Education You are required to have a minimum of 35 hours of formal Project Management training prior to applying for eligibility. Most people have some form of Project Management training, since training from a wide variety of sources is considered valid. (See PMI requirements outlined in the contact hours of the PM Education section that follows.) However, if you dont have the 35 hours, we offer a free online course that satises this requirement. People must register and pay for our online or classroom Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP course to qualify for the online course offering and must successfully complete the course as veried by a course completion certicate before reporting and submitting an application to PMI.

When people submit their PMP eligibility application online with PMI, it takes approximately 5-10 days for PMI to respond by requesting payment for the exam. (You pay PMI for the exam as they are the ones who actually grant the certicate). Once you pay PMI for your exam, you will either be informed that you were chosen for a random audit (about 5% of candidate are) or you will be issued an eligibility letter which includes information you will need to schedule your exam at

You must verify at least 35 contact hours of specic instruction that addressed learning objectives in Project Management. Document all education hours regardless of when they were accrued. The course work must be completed at the time of application. The course hours may include content on project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, procurement, and integration management. You can satisfy the educational requirements by demonstrating the successful completion of courses, workshops and training sessions offered by one or more of the following types of education providers: 1. PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)* 2. PMI Component organizations* 3. Employer/company-sponsored programs 4. Training companies or consultants 5. Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment 6. University/college academic and continuing education programs * Courses offered by PMI R.E.P.s, PMI Components (chapters, specic interest groups, colleges), or PMI, are pre-approved for contact hours in fulllment of the educational eligibility requirement. NOTE: One hour of classroom instruction equals one contact hour. If you have completed a university or college course on Project Management that met for three hours per week for 15 weeks, you would document 45 contact hours. If only a portion of a course dealt with Project Management, only the hours spent on project management can be applied toward the total. The following education does not satisfy the education requirements: PMI chapter meetings* Self-study (e.g., reading books) * If at least one hour of a chapter meeting is spent conducting a learning activity, the hour(s) spent in that activity can be counted towards the educational eligibility requirement. Refer to the PMI Credential Examination Policies & Procedures section in this handbook for details on next steps after you submit your application.
2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

PMI Professional Development Program Once you have successfully completed the certication process and passed the exam, you are ofcially PMP Cheetah Learning is a Registered Educacertied. Congratulations! Keep in mind that you must tion Provider (R.E.P) of PMI, which means still satisfy PMIs Professional Development Program to maintain your certication. You must earn a minimum of that after you have obtained your PMP 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three credential you use as a resource to fulll years and agree to adhere to PMIs Project Management the contact hours you need to maintain Professional Code of Professional Conduct. Detailed your PMI credential. Cheetah is also information on the program is included in the mailing you receive once you pass the exam. Cheetah Learning authorized to grant Continuing Education offers online, cutting-edge Project Management courses Units by the International Association for that allow you to earn your PDUs whenever its conveContinuing Education and Training. nient, including a 2PDU-of-the-Month Club that delivers an online course to you each month to help you easily earn your 60 PDUs. We also offer a number of free career-success development tools to our PMP students. Our goal is to ensure that our students are the most successful people on the planet. Be sure to share our goals along with your own when you meet with your employer to discuss your PMP training options. The PMP Exam Once you get your eligibility letter, its time to focus on the PMP exam. For many PMP candidates, the exam is the most challenging part of the certication process. So lets take a look at what youll encounter. Computer-based Examination Administration The PMP exam is offered via computer at approximately 1,700 testing centers worldwide, with 300 in North America. The testing centers in North America are operated by the Prometric organization. When you receive your PMP eligibility letter, you must schedule a date/time directly with the testing center. Detailed information is provided with your letter. As soon as you nd out that PMI has processed your online application, you can call Prometric to schedule your exam or go to When you arrive for the exam, you must sign in. The exam proctor calls your name to start the exam in the Being relaxed is the best way to pass this exam. order in which you have signed in. Before starting your Eat an adequate meal before the exam, and learn exam, you must show two forms of identication along stress-reduction techniques for when things get with your eligibility letter. One must be a government form tense. Drive to the exam location several days of identication such as a drivers license or a passport that has your picture and signature. The other can be a before your exam to be sure you know how to credit card or your PMI membership card, as long as it get there. Make sure to bring healthy snacks and has your signature. The test center will give you a locker water for your breaks. outside of the testing room for your belongings. Some centers watch to make sure you empty everything out of your pockets, including your wallet. You will not even be allowed to bring in your own pen. Many test centers do not let you access your locker during the exam. If you bring snacks and water, which you will nd necessary, you can keep it on top of the lockers.



2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC


Once you have taken care of your personal belongings, your proctor will give you ear plugs, scratch paper and two pencils. PMI added a calculator function to the exam so you cannot bring a programmable calculator to the test. The proctor then takes you to your specic testing station, which is separated from the other stations by partitions that look like ofce cubicle walls. Depending on the test center, the room may be dimly or brightly lit. It might be hot or cold, so dress in layers just in case. You may also have a desk lamp. The computer screen is normally 19 to give you a large viewing area, and the test questions are presented one at a time in plain black and white to avoid screen clutter. Some people nd the computer screen is too close to their face, and they have a hard time viewing the questions. If you have trouble viewing close up, bring your glasses.

You do not have to start the exam when you rst sit down. We recommend you do the tutorial rst, then start the exam. Cheetah test takers are able to quickly record the key PM concepts and equations on scratch paper provided by the test center when they rst arrive. This keeps them calm when they encounter difcult questions that require working through complex calculations or thought processes. It also makes them feel less rushed to get their answers down before they forget them.

If you have special considerations, such as ADD, a visual impairment, cerebral palsy, etc., you can contact PMI and request special consideration. Usually you have to provide a doctors note specifying the condition and request additional time or help, such as a reader if you have a visual impairment. In our experience, PMI is generous in giving extended time for the test or providing a resource if needed. Do not be shy about requesting this consideration as you want to pass the test the rst time. The consideration must be approved and in place before you receive your eligibility. The test center cannot provide special consideration unless it is part of your eligibility. When you sit down at your testing station, the proctor helps start the exam process. You are given the option of doing the computer tutorial before starting. Denitely do this, since it will help you get acclimated to the testing environment. Once you start the exam, a clock also starts showing how much time you have remaining to complete the exam. The tutorial IS NOT PART OF THE FOURHOUR TEST. The exam is 200, multiple-choice questions, randomly selected by category from a bank of thousands of possible questions. No two exams are identical. You have four hours to complete all 200 questions.

Most people nd the examination process very stressful, but those who go through the exam after the Cheetah Exam Prep course are encouraged and supported by following our diet, exercise, lifestyle and attitude plan to signicantly decrease their stress levels. Our program also improves their focus and

Passing Score concentration, even under the most difcult The PMP exam has 200 multiple-choice questions, with circumstances. Course participants say they 175 of those items scored and 25 unscored. There are have never felt better passing the exam is two levels of information provided on your score sheet. One is the overall examination results, which tells you sure to help with that overall feeling of well whether you passed or failed. The other is a diagnostic being. representation of your prociency level per domain. Each domain is accompanied by one of three possible prociency levels procient, moderately procient, or below procient. There is not a minimum or maximum number of domains in which you need to demonstrate prociency in order to pass the exam. Your pass/fail score is based on your overall performance, not on how many questions you answered right or wrong in a particular domain or chapter. Note: The 25 unscored items are placed randomly
2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC


throughout the exam and not counted against your grade. However, you do not know which questions are unscored.

You have a little more than one minute per ques-

Even with our coaching and our intense immersion aption during the exam. The best strategy is to anproach, every once in a while we have people who dont swer the easy questions rst since you dont score clear the gate, even though they report they have never more points by answering the hard ones. failed an exam in their life. You not only have to thoroughly know your stuff, you also have to have a variety of real-world experience to work through the questions. The people from our Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP course who score very high on the exam have a wide range and depth of PM experiences, are able to completely immerse themselves in the four-day classroom or four-week online program and are able to use the techniques taught in the program to relax and focus during the exam. Re-examination If you dont clear the gate with a raw score (number of correctly answered items on the examination) to pass on your rst attempt, you can take the exam again just submit a Re-examination Form to PMI. There is no waiting period to submit the form or to re-take the exam. You can usually reschedule your exam within two weeks, but you must submit your re-examination form within one year from the original test date. Once PMI processes the re-examination fee, they send you a new eligibility letter containing testing information and identication code. You are allowed to test three times in a year. If you dont pass, you must wait a year to reapply to sit for the exam again. The re-examination fee is $275.00 USD for PMI members and $375.00 USD for non-members. We get a number of students through our program that didnt pass the exam the rst time through when they were using their own self-study approach or one of the other exam-prep programs on the market. We love having them in our class the pass rate for that group is very high with our approach. Exam Questions Be careful if youre practicing with an exam database that gives you short questions with ve answers that is the previous format when the exam was 320 fact-oriented, multiplechoice questions. Thank goodness PMI took a different approach! With the old exam, candidates were given eight hours to complete it. So if you knew your facts and gures, you could whip through the exam questions pretty easily. With the new format, all of this has changed. Todays exam is designed to fully test your understanding of modern Project Management concepts, standards, tools, and techniques not to see if you can regurgitate a boatload of facts and gures. The questions are designed to test both your understanding and your practical application abilities, so you see a wide variety of question types.

2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC


The exam includes some simple, factual questions such as these two examples: Which of the following is used to ensure the description of the product of the project is correct and complete? Verify Scope Procurement Audit Conguration Management Project Management Information System

Some exam questions offer you all correct answers to choose from while others ask you to choose the best answer where none of the choices are what you would choose to do in real life. You have to read some of these questions three or four times to understand them. Take your time, check your work, and answer each question from the PMI perspective.

Your most recent project status report contains the following information: EV=3,500, AC=4,500 and PV=4,200. The schedule variance is: +1,000 +700 -700 -1,000 Many questions will require you to eliminate the incorrect answer, such as: Inputs to develop schedule include all of the following except: Network Diagrams Risk Register Activity Resource Requirements Project Scope Statement Heres one more: PMIS is a tool in which of the following processes: Perform Integrated Change Control Direct and Manage Project Execution Monitor and Control Project Work Develop Schedule There are also some ll-in-the-blank type questions. The examples up to this point represent the easier types of questions on the exam. The more difcult questions, which comprise most of the exam, are those that present a hypothetical situation and then ask you for the best response. Here is an example: Youve been hired to manage a multinational team of engineers to build a bridge across an isthmus. The team completed the project on time and within budget. At the ribbon cutting ceremonies, you are presented with the keys to the city and a vacation package for two. Your most appropriate action would be to: Gracefully accept both Accept the key to the city but decline the vacation for two Accept both but return the vacation for two in private after the ceremony Decline both
2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC


These questions can be very challenging, especially if youre anxious and tired. First, the question is long and drawn out. Then it requires you to make a judgment call rather than selecting a clear answer. With this type of question, you must stay focused, clearly understand what is being asked, and then use a combination of your training and practical experience to select the best answer. In this example, all four options are logical, but one will be better than the others. Here, the best answer is the second one, according to PMIs Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Many candidates get this type of question wrong because they either fail to fully understand what the question asked, or they dont understand the concepts behind PMIs Standards. If you have studied the right materials,know The PMBOK Guide, can draw on a solid experiential background in Project Management and stay focused throughout the exam, you will do ne with all question types.

During the test, mark the questions on the computer if you dont immediately know the answer, so you can easily nd them when you go back to check them later. By the time Cheetah students get to the exam, theyre already in the habit of recording whether they knew the answer immediately, could narrow their choices or had no idea. This allows them to focus on the questions they know and move through the exam quickly. Then they have time to go back to the ones they marked. Not only does this save time during the exam, but it builds your condence as you answer the easier questions so your mind is clear for the more difcult ones.


Preparation and Study There is an unlimited amount of advice within the Project Management community concerning what to study and how to prepare to successfully pass the PMP exam. There are scores of good reference books and commercial exam-prep courses available. Regardless of the approach and sources of information you decide to use, there are two basic musts. First, you must have an effective combination of both practical experience and formal training in modern Project Management to pass the PMP exam. You cannot succeed without both.

We participate in a variety of Internet discussion boards where we hear a number of different takes on the PMP exam. Some people say the rst 50 questions are the hardest; others say the rst 10 questions were especially challenging or that there were many long and complex questions throughout. Each PMP exam is randomly generated so there is no typical test. To ensure Cheetah students are prepared for whatever is on their particular exam, we prepare them in two ways. First, they learn how to stay relaxed and focused even under difcult situations. Second, Cheetah instructors and training developers are constantly reviewing the most current edition of The PMBOK Guide and integrating fresh, updated material into our courses. Thats one reason why were your best chance to pass the PMP exam.

When people can absorb new information in at least three different formats and contexts, they can more quickly and easily recall that information. When studying for the PMP exam, nd a variety of formats that present the information on the test and review your study material at least three times.

Second, assuming you satisfy the experiential criteria for certication, you must acquire formal training in modern Project Management concepts, standards, tools, and techniques. Most candidates who take the exam have solid experience and training in several Project Management areas. For example, a PMP candidate may be expert in Scheduling, Network Diagramming and Cost Estimating but weak in Risk Management and Procurement Management. Very few candidates have solid training and experience in all areas of

2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

modern Project Management, yet the PMP exam requires a thorough understanding of all areas to pass. That being the case, you need some formal training to at least reinforce your weaker areas and ensure you are using the proper PMI terminology.

Here is a general outline of what you must have down cold before taking the exam:
A thorough understanding and working knowledge of the current PMBOK Guide: Project Management Context and Framework Project Management Processes and the Five Process Groups All Nine Project Management Knowledge Areas 1.Project Integration Management 2.Project Scope Management 3.Project Time Management 4.Project Cost Management 5.Project Quality Management 6.Project Human Resource Management 7.Project Communications Management 8.Project Risk Management 9.Project Procurement Management Multiple sets of Inputs/Tools and Techniques/Outputs 42 Dened Project Management Processes 54 Common Project Management Acronyms 381 Project Management Term Denitions A thorough understanding of and working skills with: Network Diagramming Earned Value Analysis Project Scheduling General Management Practices Change Control Systems Work Authorization Systems Work Breakdown Structures Strategic Business Planning Project Task Interdependencies Estimating General Accounting Standards Quality Control Quality Assurance Conict Management Motivation Theory Communications Management Risk Management Contracts Administration Procurement Management PMP Professional Responsibility

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There are many sources of information and training available to help you prepare for the exam. The important thing to recognize is that your sources need to include all of the listed items. The PMBOK Guide is an essential part of your study materials. You must know it inside and out, understanding that The PMBOK Guide is an industry standard. It is not a teaching guide or textbook, so it may be difcult to read and intuitively understand. Remember that you cannot learn modern Project Management from The PMBOK Guide alone. Successful preparation requires supplementing your The PMBOK Guide studies with other material that addresses the basics of modern Project Management. There are many excellent texts and desk references available, written by experts in Project Management. Some offer in-depth and comprehensive information, while others are good for quick answers to common Project Management tools and techniques. Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling (8th edition, 2001) by Harold Kerzner, Ph.D., provides most of the supplementary information you need. It is a 1,200-page, small-print text that takes some time to master. It is a good idea to focus your supplemental study only on those areas that track with The PMBOK Guide. Use The PMBOK Guide to identify the areas you need to study and then go to the other PM references for that supplemental information. There are 29 questions on the PMP exam to address Professional Responsibility. The best single source of study material in this area is PMIs Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, available at PMIs web site. The concept and practice of respecting cultural differences is an integral part of Professional Responsibility. Therefore, any material that addresses this topic may be a good source for supplemental study.

Make sure the PMP exam prep method that you use reects the changes in PMIs Role Delineation Study (RDS), which will change approximately 30% of the content of the PMP exam after 31 August 2011

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Updates to the PMP Certication Exam The PMP exam will change on 31 August 2011 when questions from PMIs Role Delineation Study (RDS) are introduced. While this does not impact professionals who currently have their PMP, people who are planning on taking the PMP exam after 31 August 2011 should be prepared for these changes. The major changes from the old and new exam are the following: About 30% of the content will change to reect the role of a PMP as dened by the RDS. The Professional and Social Responsibility content area (Domain 6)will now be tested in every domain, and not just as its own domain on the PMP exam. PMIs Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct will be integrated and emphasized as in each phase of the projects lifecycle.

Go to and look for Tips to Help You Prepare for the Exam to nd guidelines on what you need to know to pass the exam after 31 August 2011. Self Study or Commercial Prep Surveys indicate that only 10% of all candidates take the self-guided study approach. With this method, you get what you put into it. If youre condent you can learn and assimilate all the material you need to know to clear the exam, and you can put in several hours per day for several months, try this route. Its not the fastest, but if you have more time than money (and you cant make money from your time), then its the way to go. The worst that will happen is you spend three-to-six months studying and dont pass the exam. Self-guided study certainly works for some candidates, but for most, it represents the longest and riskiest path. Types of Courses If passing the exam after investing hours of study time is important to you, then you might want to consider a prep course. But make sure your time is well spent. Some prep courses provide the same information you get in this guide and not much more, and there are many seminars and development courses from which to choose. PMI usually has a current list of Registered Education Providers on its web site. To ensure this type of training fullls the 35-hour, pre-exam training requirement, make sure you participate in a program offered by a Registered Education Provider. The list of companies offering exam PMP exam prep is extensive and dynamic. You may want to check out https://ccrs. to get the most up-to-date listing.

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There are a variety of options for commercial training, and there are pros and cons to consider with each approach.. For example, the majority of PMP prep courses are two or three days in length, cost about $1,700 (when you factor in travel costs), and promise the world in their promotional materials. However, all they really do is direct you on what to study and provide you with their recommended study materials, much of which we cover in this guide. You may still have to spend a few hundred hours studying on your own. Before signing up for one of these programs, talk directly with the provider to clearly understand what youre getting. Many guarantee that you will pass using their method, but there are all types of hoops you have to jump through to validate the guarantee in terms of pre-course and post-course studying. They also over promote their pass rate and simply rely on their students to report their own scores. At Cheetah Learning, our PMP coaches pay is based, in part, on whether their students pass, which we verify with PMI. So our pass rates are the ONLY documented pass rates in the industry that undergo a full, internal audit. Ask the provider youre considering if their instructors are compensated based on pass rate and how they are audited.

There are a number of honest and reputable companies that offer PMP exam-prep programs. But dont fall for deceptive advertising tactics. Ask the following questions:

Do you guarantee I will pass the exam? If so, nd out the terms of their guarantee. Ask if the company reimburses the fee to retake the exam if you dont pass. How do you document your pass rates? Many companies make undocumented claims about pass rates. If they dont verify every students results, be careful. Also ask how their instructors are compensated. Cheetah PMP coaches are compensated based on their students passing, so the Cheetah pass rate is internally audited. Do most people take the test immediately after the prep program? If the prep provider doesnt encourage you to take the exam immediately following the course, be guaranteed that you will have to do more studying after their program. Do I need to purchase extra prep material in addition to what I get in class? No, but you do need a copy of The PMBOK Guide, which is not part of Cheetahs course materials. Many other training companies, however, tell you what you need and what you should do and then leave you on your own to study. This can end up costing you more money and time than you thought, and may reduce your chances of passing the exam. At Cheetah, we teach you in class or online what you need to know to pass the PMP exam guaranteed. So how much is your time worth?

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Several of these providers offer hundreds of sample exam questions, typically available on CD-ROM, to help you prepare. Practicing with sample test questions is a valuable and very effective technique to help prepare for the exam and should be included in any PMP exam-prep program. However, this is certainly not an effective stand-alone study method. Be careful of any commercially available exam questions based on the old 320-question exam format. It can be very disorienting to prepare extensively using one style of test question and then nd a completely different style on the actual exam. Remember that no commercial training groups know what questions are on any given exam. If they claim to or claim they have written the exam, be careful. If you use their material you may violate PMIs Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and lose the PMP certication you worked so hard to attain. PMI has very strict rules against sharing with others what was on the exam. It is much more important to fully understand the standards, concepts, tools, and techniques. This way, you are prepared to effectively tackle any question presented in any format. If youre using one of these CDs to prepare, and you easily score in the high 90s, then the questions are not representative of what youll see on the exam. Some providers offer online options to get you through the certication process. These approaches give you access to their content and some are even instructor backed. You have to be disciplined, and some recommend you set aside at least 16 weeks to go through their programs. It is important that you clearly understand what youre getting into with a PMP examprep program. More than one-third of our students come to Cheetah after having gone through someone elses exam-prep course. If Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP is the right course for you, you should still be knowledgeable about what else is out there when you sit down with your employer to talk about PMP exam-prep training options.


PMP The Cheetah Way

With our complete immersion approach, Cheetah Learning is your best chance to pass the PMP. Our Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP online and classroom courses are designed to prevent the retention leak that happens when you continually start and stop the study process. In our four-day classroom course, you study the right material in the most efcient way to stimulate instant recall and accelerate learning. One of Cheetahs alumni, Pat McNabb, commented about the Cheetah Exam Prep course that .the attitude of importance, encouragement, and 24-hour-a-day focus is like a wave that sweeps you up and helps carry you through the exam. Someone asked me what I thought about taking a series of Saturday classes in prep for the exam. My thought is that this kind of learning would be too diluted to have the same impact of the solid four-day infusion that Cheetah delivers.

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Our four-week online course follows the same accelerated learning principles with the same successful results. One of our online exam-prep alumni, Jon Stevens, said that by the time I nished the course, I was averaging just below 90% on the practice tests and feeling very condent for the examI wouldnt hesitate to recommend the Cheetah online PMP exam-prep course to anyone. Our approach is modeled on accelerated learning techniques that have been proven over the course of 40 years, and it is supported by more than 18 certied Cheetah PMP coaches, the most in the industry, who are certied in coaching people using accelerated learning principles. Cheetahs method has the highest level of assurance that you will pass the exam NO MATTER WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE. If you dont pass the exam after completing our course, we reimburse the PMI-member exam retake fee ($275 USD). Even for the very small number of people who dont pass the exam the rst time with our approach, they do so the second time within a month. See our guarantee details beginning on page 22. Joining PMI Although there is no requirement to be a PMI member for PMP certication, it makes sense to join. Annual membership fees are low, and you receive numerous benets, including an immediate $150 USD discount on your certication exam fee. The discount alone basically pays for your rst year. As a member, you are part of the worlds largest network of Project Management Professionals and can enjoy the benets of staying well informed and networking with other professionals in the eld. About Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP We have extensive information about the online and classroom Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP courses on our web site at You also can call our Cheetah Learning PMP Exam Prep course hotline at 888-659-2013 and ask for Jean Steinmetz, or contact her directly at 860-712-1267. Class Offerings We offer our classroom program weekly in cities throughout the world. Check the current schedule by visiting our web site at If you have a minimum of eight people who are interested in participating in the program, we will consider hosting a public course in your area. Contact us to see if we can add your city to our event calendar. Since we also teach this course in-house, we can organize a class at your company if you have 10 or more people who need to become certied, providing all the benets of our public classes along with cost savings. If you cant make it to one of our classroom locations, be sure to learn about our online Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP exam course. Instead of four days in the classroom, you can go through the same preparation over a four-week period, spending 12-to-14 hours per week studying.
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Cost Comparison During our exam-prep PMP course, students learn how to analyze the risk of different project options known as Expected Monetary Value analysis. Getting the PMP certication is a project (its a temporary endeavor, unique, and has a denite beginning and end). And you have two ways of completing that project. You can choose between the Cheetah accelerated approach and the traditional approach (self-study). Each approach has associated risks and these risk events can have either a positive or a negative impact. Lets take a look at those risk events. The four basic risk events associated with pursuing the PMP are: Passing the PMP exam Failing the PMP exam Studying for the PMP exam Taking a PMP exam-prep course These risk events can happen whether you choose Cheetahs accelerated approach or the traditional approach. For each risk event, there exists a probability that it will occur and an associated cost (or gain) for that risk event. The expected monetary value (US pricing) for each risk event is calculated by multiplying the probability of the risk event times the cost (or gain) of that risk event occurring. With this information, we can calculate the expected monetary value for the risk events associated with each PMP pursuit option and determine an overall expected monetary value for the accelerated PMP pursuit approach vs. the traditional PMP pursuit approach. Table 1 shows the Expected Monetary Value Analysis for the Cheetah vs. the Traditional Approach for getting the PMP certication. A positive number represents a gain while a negative number represents a loss. The Expected Monetary Value Analysis shows that with the Cheetah approach to pursuing the PMP, there is an associated $4,450 gain. With the traditional approach, there is an associated $4,100 loss. This makes the Cheetah approach an $8,550 better option. Table 1. Expected Monetary Value Analysis Cheetah Approach Risk Probability of Impact $ Expected Event Occurring Monetary Value (P x I)
Pass the Test Fail the Test Study for the Test Take a Course 98% (our pass rate) 2% (our fail rate) 100% (our course is only a week long) 100% (Cost of course) +$10,000 (typical pay raise) $0 (we reimburse the cost of the retest) -$2,000 (40 hours x $50 per hour) -$3,350 (average cost of our classroom course)
2011 - Cheetah Learning, LLC

Traditional Approach Probability of Occurring

60% (standard pass rate)

Impact $

Expected Monetary Value(P x I)



+$10,000 (typical pay raise) -$275 (cost to retake the exam) -$9,000 (180 hours x $50 per hour) -$3,100 (average cost people spend on prep material and competitors programs)


40% (standard fail rate)



80% (% of people who study this much)


-$3,350 (avg. classroom cost)

90% (% of people who take a prep course)


+$4,450 USD

-$4,100 USD

Cheetah Students So who chooses to take the accelerated Cheetah approach to PMP certication? People who know how to get things done. Think about it. If you had a project manager who came to you and said this project has a 65% chance of being successful, and its going to take me six months, and one who said this project has a 98% chance of being successful, and it will take me a week, who would you think was the better project manager? There are a lot of copy cats out there, but theres only one Cheetah. They dont have our success rate or our follow-up programs. If youre serious about your success in Project Management, tell your employer that Cheetah Learning is not only your best chance of passing the PMP but the most logical choice from the three perspectives that drive all projects cost, schedule, and quality. Covered Costs The cost of the classroom Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP course is shown once you click on the Register for Class link next to your selected class, and you see the online course cost once you click through on the Register PMP Exam Prep Online Course link on the home page. The cost of the four-day class includes all class materials, equipment, lunch, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, trainers being available more than 14 hours each day at your convenience, and the guarantee that you will pass the exam. You just need to bring a copy of The PMBOK Guide with you. Our course cost does not include the price PMI charges to take the exam. You are required to pay the exam fee directly to PMI once you receive approval to test, and you are responsible for scheduling your own exam date. Cheetahs price reects very high value 98% success, four days of your time. You spend just one week to complete all exam preparation work and take the actual PMP exam. Once you factor in the cost of study materials, class fees and study hours, other exam-preparation options are considerably more costly and time consuming. The online course cost covers all materials, unlimited online access to your instructor and the Cheetah guarantee that you will pass the exam. The course cost does not include the fee PMI charges to take the exam, but it does reect very high value 99% success and four weeks of your time. When to Take the PMP Exam We highly recommend you schedule your exam on the Friday morning immediately following the last day of class (or the next day after completing the course) at the Prometric test facility either near where you are taking our classroom course or near your home if you completed our online class. Once registered for a classroom course, we provide a list of the closest Prometric centers to our class. Our online course kit provides a link to where you can view all Prometric locations and test times. Some people dont get their eligibility application in on time to reserve a seat at the exam location for that Friday. For those folks, we suggest they schedule their exam early the following week when they return to their home town. When you register for the Cheetah Exam Prep course, you receive a list of the Prometric testing facilities near the course location you selected. Cheetahs Guarantee We guarantee you will pass the PMP exam after participating fully in the program. Participation in the program means receiving your eligibility letter from PMI, having your exam scheduled for Friday of class week (or within seven days of the last day of class),
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scoring a 100% on your memory map, being on time and staying until the end of class and participating in all classroom and/or online activities. If you dont clear the exam the rst time, we set up a customized study/coaching program to prepare you for taking the exam again. Throughout the program, the coaches modify the material and presentations to t individual learning style differences. We have PMP exam-prep down to a science. Cheetah PMP coaches take extensive measurements throughout the course and can predict your score on the actual PMP exam within an average of 5 points. Our exam prep mission statement is to prepare you to pass PMIs PMP credentialing exam. Your coach is totally committed, dedicated and available to you during your online and classroom course to answer questions and work with you so you can pass the PMP exam. Your course includes sample tests so your coach can monitor your progress and readiness. Based on your individual performance and exam scores, your coach may suggest specic areas of study for you to review outside of class and possibly suggest rescheduling your exam a few days later to give you additional time to prepare. Our experience shows most people pass on their rst attempt. In the event that you fail the exam after taking our four-day class or completing our four-week online course, our guarantee offers you the following: Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP Four-Day Classroom Course If You Fail the Exam Notify your PMP Coach immediately so that s/he can create a customized study plan based on your actual exam results (fax or e-mail your score sheet from the Prometric testing center to your PMP coach) and all your activities throughout the four-day class. Your coach will be able to tell if you had trouble in a particular area of knowledge or if you had a test-taking technique issue. S/he will guide you through the process of rescheduling your second or third exam. Please note that you must take the second exam and/or third exam within 30 calendar days of the previous exam date. Cheetah Learning reimburses you for the retake after you take the exam a second time. We reimburse the PMI-member exam fee ($275 USD) up to two times once your application to retake the exam has been processed, you receive your NEW eligibility number, and you schedule your exam retake within the specied time period. In the event you do not pass the PMP exam after your third attempt, Cheetah Learning will fully refund the fee you paid us to take the course. Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP Four-Week Online Course If You Fail the Exam If you dont pass the exam on the rst attempt Cheetah Learning will either (a) extend your online access to our exam-prep class for an additional four weeks and reimburse you one PMI-member exam retake fee ($275 USD) once your application to retake the exam has been processed, you receive your NEW eligibility
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number and schedule your exam retake within 30 days of the previous exam date or (b) provide you with a promotion code to receive a $750 USD discount off our four-day exam prep classroom course at any of the scheduled locations in the United States. Our four-week, exam-prep course guarantee is valid ONLY if you complete the precourse work in two weeks, the Exam Prep Online course in four weeks, and you take your second exam within 30 calendar days of failing the rst time. Cheetahs Success Rate Since we started offering this program, nearly 40,000 participants, most of who are now PMPs, have gone through our Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP courses. We know what you need to know to pass the exam. We have it down to a science. This is not an add on course for us like it is for many PMP exam-prep providers and for companies that have tried to copy our program to offer it in-house on their own. Interestingly enough, we still get a great number of students from companies that have created their own Cheetah-like PMP exam-prep program. They just cant afford the hit to their career if they dont pass the exam. Preparing people to be successful, FAST, with the PMP exam is what we do. We have the most courses offered throughout the world, so we are also the fastest at rolling in new changes to the course to ensure our pass rate remains high. We are the best because we put all our energy into making sure our students are the most successful people on the planet. Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP is the course to take if you need to earn your PMP and want the assurance that you will pass the PMP exam the day immediately following your course. It is your best chance to pass the PMP exam. Many companies suggest their pass rate is well above the 90% range, but ask them to support their statistics. Some training companies make selected calls to students and seem to support their statistics that way through selective sampling. Others make a guess. Cheetah supports a 97% pass rate by tracking each and every student who comes to class. We verify they have passed by having them fax their score sheet to their Cheetah Coach AND check to make sure their name is listed on the PMI registry. And since our PMP coaches are paid, in part, based on their students success, all our pass rates are audited as part of their compensation. We support our students, if they happen to fail, to make sure they stay focused and attain their certication.

Become PMP certied and watch your career options soar. Register to take the Cheetah Exam Prep course today. Its your best chance to pass the PMP exam. Take your career in the right direction FAST. How to Register You can register at our web site,, or by contacting our registration hotline toll free in the United States at 888-659-2013 or from outside the United States at 604-536-2531. Once you register and pay, you have access to our ONLINE orientation kit to speed you through the PMP certication application and prepare you to pass the exam after four days in our classroom course or four weeks in our online class. Looking forward to becoming part of YOUR ongoing success story!

Cheetah PMP Exam Prep Team

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Cheetah PMP SmartStart Guide

Before 75% Projects Fail. No common way of doing projects causes chaos-less predictable outcomes. 98% people call themselves PMs without any credentials


After 75% Projects Succeed. Common way of doing projects creates opportunities because of more succesful outcomes. PMPs create more value for their organizations than non-PMPs

All people and organizations do projects. Project Success = Overall Success

Become Eligible with PMI Prove you have the project experience. 4500 hours with college degree 7500 without college degree. Prove you have the education 35 hours PM training


Pass PMP Certication Exam 4-hour test, 200 multiple choice questions. Test very tricky-65% pass rate Know PMBOK Be able to logically deduce correct answer very quickly Long Term Career Support Cheetah Learnings commitment is to help our students be the most successful people on the planet Cheetan PMPs learn how to learn. FAST. This stays with them for life Cheetah PMPs get access to numerous career development opportunities on an on going basis. (We share what we are learning) Cheetah Network enables Cheetah PMPs to tap into success, FAST

Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP Exam Start on Monday, PMP by Friday Offer the most classes worldwide Just-in-time course material ensures most current prep for every class 80% new business from word of mouth very satised client base CEO selected as one of the top 25 most inuential woman in PM worldwide due to PM teaching technique

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