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Primary Fighting Jews as Defending God

html Hence today I Believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty creator: by defending myself against the Jew I am fighting for the work of the Lord Adolf Hitler saw his executions of the Jews as a favor and responsibility to God. Hitlers take on cruelty Hitler said this statement regarding hit thoughts on cruelty Nature is cruel; therefore we are also entitled to be cruel. When I send the flower of German youth into the steel hale of the next war without feeling the slightest regret over the precious German blood that is being spilled, should I also not have the right to eliminate millions of an inferior race the multiples like vermin? This quote by Hitler infers that he believed that it was his right and responsibility to be cruel to the Jews because they were an inferior race. Ash pit survivors Photograph United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Two survivors at one of the human-ash pits in the Dora-Mittelbau concentration camp, located near Nordhausen. Germany, April-May 1945.

Full Interview with Holocaust Survivor, Theodore Haas Holocaust Survivor Denounces Anti-Gun Movement. Interviewer-Aaron Zelman On the night of the broken glass (Kristallnacht), Theodore Haas was abducted and taken to Dachau. When asked about the conditions there, his reply was that food rations were small. A quarter of a loaf of bread was expected to last three least 3 days. Punishments were harsh and on many occasions he was shot or stabbed. He now supports fire arms rights for Jews. Hitler Rise To Power: Date When German Dictator Became Chancellor Hitler, chancellor of Germany, is welcomed by supporters at Nuremberg

Invasion of The Soviet Union 1941 icle.php?ModuleId=10005164

On June 22, 1941 Germany invaded the Soviet Union, in the largest military operation of World War II. From the beginning Germany made its clear target of the Jews in the Soviet Union. With their own 3 million troops and 650,000 troops of allies they went around mass murdering Jewish males and physically annihilated Jewish communities in the Soviet Union. This invasion led up to the German domination of Europe reaching its furthest geographical extension Invasion of the Soviet Union June 1941 Photograph US Holocaust Memorial Museum This shows the damage of the invasion German troops just walking by the destroyed buildings in Zhitomir during the Soviet Union wartime.

The Nuremburg Laws The Nuremburg laws of 1935 were anti-Semitic laws in Nazi Germany that were first introduced at the Nuremburg Rally of the Nazi party. They were laws the denied the Jews from German life, and took away some of the Jews natural rights. These laws included: Jews cannot be German citizens Jews cannot employ Germans Jews cannot get married to non-Jews Jews cannot have kids with the non-Jewish People married to a Jew, lived, or have been in a Jewish community w as considered a full Jew Jews cannot work as a doctor, lawyer, physician, or any other well -paying job Anyone with four grandparents that were Jews, would be considered a full Jew Anyone with two grandparents that were Jewish, would be considered half Jewish Anyone with one grandparent that was Jewish, would be considered a quarter Jewish Quarter Jews cannot receive promotions in military positions Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936 Photograph United States Holocaust Memorial Museum In the Olympic Stadium, German spectators salute Adolf Hitler during the Games of the 11th Olympiad. Berlin, Germany, August 1936.

Nazi Persecution of Soviet Prisoners of War Photograph United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Column of Soviet prisoners of war from the Ukrainian front. Kharkov, Soviet Union, June 18, 1942. Proclamation of Adolf Hitler September 3rd 1939

Soldiers Photograph United States Holocaust Memorial Museum An African American soldier is among those members of the Soviet and US armed forces posing here upon the historic meeting of the two armies on the Elbe River. Torgau, Germany, April 26, 1945. World War II in Eastern Europe, 19421945 Photograph United States Holocaust Memorial Museum German soldiers in the Soviet Union during a December 1943 Soviet offensive on the eastern front. German troops invaded Soviet territory in June 1941 but faced counteroffensives following the battle of Stalingrad. December 16, 1943.

Secondary Autonomy and Responsibility in Nazi Germany 11 Dec. 2013 Summary: The struggle for the people of Germany to find their rights and responsibilities in society has played a major role in Nazi ideology. Nazis believed in the volk, which means that people are seen in a sense of their race, not as an individual. Hitler believed that the German people were of the greatest of races. The rights of a person were based on their goal of preserving the volk, or their perspective regarding it. The peace treaty between Germany and Russia had left the people of Germany responsible for paying for the costs of the war. This created conflicts between middle and working class people, leading to the depression. This gave the Nazi

party the perfect opportunity to take control of the Germany society. The Nazi party gained strength in numbers so, then continued with activating policies that represented the Nazi partys views of individuals. The Nazis then used their principle of race as a factor to determine the citizenship and rights of the people. They thought that all Germans should be united together. They also believed that all members of this race should have the same cultural and spiritual ideas, and if not, they may not be considered a German citizen. Their principles included paying the pure Germans to reproduce and have many children so, that they could have a large population of the perfect race of people. The Battle for Births Summary: The number of births, or birthrate was declining in Germany, and Hitler was receiving warnings about national death, and they were aiming to reverse this. In 1935, the martial health law banned the marriages and reproducing between what they deemed to be the hereditary healthy, and the people who were genetically unfit. For the people who were hereditary fit, it was their main concern to get married, and have children. The Biological State: Nazi Racial Hygiene, 1933-1939 Summary: Hitlers deputy stated Nazism as applied biology, because public health measures were being taken to lessen the number of less valuable and racially foreign, people so, that the national body would be stronger, and so that the dangerous genes could be removed from the population. Most of the physicians, scientists, and Nazis embraced this idea to create a healthier, superior race. German Foreign Policy, 19331945 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum After the Nazi rise to power, Adolf Hitler's government conducted a foreign policy aimed at the incorporation of ethnic Germans living outside German borders into the Reich; German domination of Western Europe; and the acquisition of a vast new empire of "living space" in eastern Europe. The realization of German hegemony in Europe, Hitler calculated, would require war, especially in Eastern Europe. The "racially inferior" Slavs would be driven east of the Urals, enslaved, or exterminated. Besides acquiring Lebensraum, Hitler anticipated that the "drive to the East" would destroy Bolshevism. German Foreign Policy, 19331945 Photograph United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Hitler reviews a parade celebrating the reintegration of the Saar region into Germany. Saar territory, Germany, March 1935.

German National Anthem (audio) Heinrich Himmler Chris Truman Heinrich Himmler was the leader of the SS. He became the most fears man in Germany during this time. His ultimate responsibility was to guard internal security in Nazi Germany. Hitler originally gave Himmler the job of choosing men to be the personal body guards of Hitler. Hitlers Supermen Hitler believed that there was a hierarchy of races, putting the Aryan races such as Germans, Swedes and so on the top. The darker your skin color, the lower on the scale you went, placing African Americans at the very bottom and they were also considered to mentally along with physically inferior to all the rest. This belief also leads to the experimentation of laboratory breeding. Hitlers Master Race Children Haunter By Their Past This was a new twist to Darwins original idea of Survival of the Fittest, but in a horrible way. Hitler took his supreme race and tried to mate them to stop the birthrates of the lower classes. This picture shows how the races were classified during Hitlers reign, according to his supreme race. History and meaning of the word Holocaust Summary: The word holocaust comes from a Greek word holokauston which is a translation of a Hebrew olah meaning completely burnt offering to God. That implies that the Jews or other racially unfit people were be exterminated as a sacrifice to God. Hitlers Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust Summary: There were four things that had to happen to cause the holocaust and the extermination of Jews. These things were: For the Nazis, including Hitler to decide to undertake the extermination of the Jews Obtain control over the Jews, and areas in which they lived Organize for the extermination of Jews & have adequate resources Induce a large number of people to carry out the executions

Holocaust encyclopedia Last updated June 10th 2013 In 1939 the SS officers employed by Hitler, obtained the responsibility of handling security issues involving Jewish citizens. SS members were supposed to guard Germany's "racial purity". Jews did. It has the right to marry Germans. A Jew and German could be killed for even kissing a Jew. "For a Polish forced laborer in the Reich accused of having had sexual relations with a German woman, this racial evaluation could mean the difference between life and death." Nazi Camps United States Holocaust Memorial Museum From 1933 to 1945, around 20,000 camps were established to imprison Nazi Germanys millions of victims. These camps were used for a range of purposes including forced-labor camps, transit camps which served as temporary way stations, and extermination camps built primarily or exclusively for mass murder. Most prisoners in the early concentration camps were German Communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, Roma (Gypsies), Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and persons accused of "asocial" or socially deviant behavior.. Nazi Germany-Dictatorship Summary: Germany became a dictatorship under the leader Hitler. He created a climate of fear and became the dictator of Germany. He was appointed chancellor by the head of government. After the death of their president Hindenburg, he combined both chancellors and the presidents positions, allowing him to much more power than the Weimar Republic could ever imagine. Before Hitler, Germany was a democracy. They all had fair, equal rights. In 1933, 50% of the people held seats that were against the Nazi party. So, it would be unlikely for Hitler to get the laws he wanted, passed. Hitler ordered for an election in 1933. The Nazi ideology 12/11/2013 Summary: A summarization of the Nazi ideology can be found in Mein Kampf My Struggle, an autobiograoghy of Hitler. It was written sometime between 1923 and 1924. In the book taking place after the Nazi takeover, Hitler introduces his worldview on the Nazi ideology of the new regime. Hitlers views included: The belief that Germany should be a world power, and had the possibility in becoming one. A love for the military, and any militaristic views Belief that the Aryan race is represented as creating cultures and the Jewish

race is known as destroying cultures. Belief in social Darwinism way of life and social-Darwinist views such as: the strong survive, and the weak perish. He believed that these were a few of the aspects for his belief in the biological and cultural superiority of the Aryan race. It was also an important aspect of Hitlers and the Nazis ideology that the races shouldnt be mixed, and if they were than the Aryan race would not be purity of the blood. Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum In August 1936 Hitler was able to camouflage his Nazi dictatorship racism while hosting the summer Olympics. The games soft-pedaled Germanys plans of territorial expansion and created the image of a tolerant and peaceful Germany. At the end of the games Germanys expansionist policies and persecution of Jews accelerated, causing WWII and the Holocaust. Nazi Persecution of Soviet Prisoners of War United States Holocaust Memorial Museum On June 22, 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. Three million German soldiers were reinforced by Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, Slovak, and Croatian troops. Within weeks, German divisions conquered the Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. In September the Germans laid siege to Sevastopol and Leningrad, and by late October, the cities of Minsk, Smolensk, Kiev, Odessa, and Kharkov had fallen. Millions of Soviet soldiers were encircled, Nazi Racism To be a part of the Aryan race to the highest degree, you had to be tall, blond and blue eyed. If you werent a part of this higher race, you were then considered a poison to the country and was from there out, looked down upon and treated terribly.

Nazi rise to power Holocaust |The Nazi Regime 12/11/2013 Summary: In the aftermath of World War 1, Germany was in turmoil throughout the 1920s. This gave political leaders the perfect opportunity for the rise of extremist ideologies. Hitler offered solutions to all these problems that Germany was facing such as, hyperinflation, political chaos, payments to the war victors, and a possibility for a communists take over. The Jews and democracy known as International Jewry, were said to be

responsible for Germanys loss in World War 1. In 1933, Hitler was appointed as chancellor of Germany but, many people disagreed with Hitler becoming the head of government, since he was also the leader of a paramilitary fascist party. Others thought that if controlled, Hitler could be used as an effective figure against the communists party. Peoples Century, The Master Race To be considered a jew to Hitler and his army, you didnt necessarily have to believe a certain way. Anyone with a disability, colored skin or even homosexuality, was considered to be subhuman or a jew. This woman doesnt have a certain story to share but she represents an idea of how jews were treated, by having to where the star on her chest for everyone to see Segregation of Jews Summary: The Blood Protection law of 1935 started the biological segregation of Jews, and the sterilization of the racially foreign people. To further the biological segregation of Jews, Hitler and the Nazis had be rationalizing the complete emigration of the Jews. Adolf Eichmann, SS officer of Austria, organized the Kristallnacht in 1938 that persuaded the Jews that staying in the Reich was their only hope for survival. The SS Staff Published 2009 The SS was originally created to be Hitlers personal body guards when the program was started in 1925. Heinrich Himmler became the leader of the SS in 1929, when he expanded the size of the group. New recruits had to prove that they had no Jewish lineage. They were told that they were the elite of the Nazi Party and all of mankind

The SS (Schutzstaffel):Background & Overview Three different groups of SS members all had different responsibilities. Leibstandarte-this group was hitlers group of personal body guards. Totenkopfverbnde- these were the troops that you would find in a concentration camp. Verfgungstruppen- these men mixed in with Germanys ordinary army and was known for its extreme fighting techniques.

Victims of the Nazi Era: Nazi Racial Ideology United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The Holocaust is an event central to our understanding of western civilization, the nation state, and modern bureaucratic society as well as human nature. It was the premeditated mass murder of millions of innocent civilians. Driven by a racist ideology that regarded Jews as parasitic vermin worthy only of eradication, the Nazis implemented genocide on an unprecedented scale. They slated all of What was the Holocaust like in the Nazis point of view? view#slide=4&article=What_was_the_Holocaust_like_in_the_Nazis_point_of_view Summary: The Nazis considered the Holocaust as The Final Solution, for the Jewish Problem in Germany. The thought of it as revenge, and that the Jews were getting everything that they deserved for what they had done, or what Hitler has accused them of doing. World War II in Eastern Europe, 19421945 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Up until the winter of 1942 Germany was victorious in an almost unbroken chain of battles. Europe was under Germanys domination. This changed in the summer of 1942, Soviet forces defeated German advance on the Volga River causing German forces to go on the defensive. Beginnings the long retreat that was to end Nazi Germanys surrender on May 1945. Europe's Jews for destruction: the sick and the healthy, the rich and the poor, the religiously orthodox and converts to Christianity, the aged and the young, even infants cut off from supplies and reinforcements, and forced to surrender.