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I VINAY S. BHUSA (Roll No. 02) TYBMS student of Sant Gadge Maharaj College of Commerce & Economics declare that the project entitled MARKETING STRATEGY OF MONGINIS is a report carried out by me under the supervision and guidance of Prof. C. Karunanidhi (BMS Co-ordinator) & Prof. Deepak Salve. The information submitted is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

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STRATEGY OF MONGINIS submitted to Mumbai University for Bachelor Management studies (BMS), is a record of independent research work carried out by Vinay S. Bhusa, student of TYBMS Sant Gadge Maharaj College of Commerce & Economics, under my supervision and guidance. The information submitted is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

Prof. C. Karunanidhi (BMS Co-ordinator) (External Examiner)

Dr. K.Y. Shinde (Principal)


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It gives me pleasure to submit this project to the University of Mumbai as a part of curriculum of my BMS course. I take immense pleasure in thanking Prof. Deepak Salve for their valuable assistance in completion of this project. I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Respected Prof. C.Karunanidhi (BMS Co-ordinator)ofSant Gadge Maharaj College of Economics & Commerce,who simultaneously is my project guide also, without whose guidance, inspiration and motivation; I could not have completed this project successfully. I take immense pleasure in thanking them for their valuable assistance in completion of this project. Finally, yet importantly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my beloved parents for their blessings, my friends/classmates for their help and wishes for the successful completion of this project.



UNDERTAKING I VINAY S. BHUSA (Roll No. 02) TYBMS student of Sant Gadge Maharaj College of Commerce & Economics,have done this project report entitled MARKETING STRATEGY OF MONGINIS I Undertake that I have collected all the data personally for this project report and my guide is guided me from time to time, it is confirmed that the project is an original work. Theinformation submitted is true and original to the bestof my knowledge.

Place: Date: (VINAY S. BHUSA)


Executive Summary

Monginis traces its roots back to its humble beginning, to a time when it was a favorite with the Europeans in Mumbai. Little excuse was needed for the Englishman to pick up a Monginis cake whenever there was an occasion in his family. A birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or even teatime would not be complete without Monginis. In the 1960s, Monginis was bought over by the Khorakiwala family and after that history was made. By 1971, the idea of having a nationwide franchise network and reaching out to customers in their neighborhoods was born. Today: The 42,000-sq-ft HACCP certified headquarters of Monginis is the place from where all the yummy stuff emerges from. It is the nationwide headquarters, to which all manufacturing and cake shop franchisees report. It is the fountainhead of ideas that are good enough to eat. For Monginis, the breakthrough came in 1971 when the idea of franchising struck us. It was a novel idea, wherein there was a perfect marriage of business expansion and providing opportunities to promising entrepreneurs by making them partners in our achievements in the form of franchisees. The project also presents data on types & categories of cakes, savories and confectionaries and a brief study of monginis cake manufacturer, the biggest player in the field of cake manufacturer with preference to its presence, market share, product offerings, marketing strategies, strengths and weaknesses, success factors.Also the implication of ordering systems, logistics management. The project also throws light on the preference made by the Indian people in context with monginis-cake manufacturer,growth,opportunities and strategies adopted for the growth of monginis cake maufacturing in the lights of available feedback through questionnaire. Finally, the project gives information about the story of monginis its products and the ways in which, Indian consumers and the cake lovers are experiencing, celebrating and giving an monginis an successful edge.


CHAPTERS 1. PARTICULARS INTRODUCTION: Cakes Monginis:AnIntroduction Vision,Core Values,PrivacyPolicy Festive OccasionandImportantDays Importance of Candles 2. MARKETING STRATEGIES: Marketing mix TrainingsessionsandSalesPrograms Competitorsof Monginis 3. UNIQUE APPROACHES: Corporategifting Franchise Opportunities ExpansionandGrowthPlans
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ANALYSIS: Pie diagram Articles

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CONCLUSIONANDSUGESSTIONS: Bibliography Annexure Questionnaire

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Monginis traces its roots back to its humble beginning, to a time when it was a favorite with the Europeans in Mumbai. Little excuse was needed for the Englishman to pick up a Monginis cake whenever there was an occasion in his family. A birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or even tea-time would not be complete without Monginis.

The shop, located in Mumbai's Fort area, was a favourite with Europeans. Run as it was by two Italian brothers, Monginis was a must at every celebration. Even then Monginis cakes, pastries and savouries were baked to perfection and were in great demand.


In the 1960s, Monginis was bought over by the Khorakiwala family and after that history was made. By 1971, the idea of having a nationwide franchise network and reaching out to customers in their neighborhoods was born. Today: The 42,000-sq-ft HACCP certified headquarters of Monginis is the place from where all the yummy stuff emerges from. It is the nationwide headquarters, to which all manufacturing and cake shop franchisees report. It is the fountainhead of ideas that are goodenoughtoeat. The Monginis headquarters is also a model bakery with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities designed to produce a wide range of cakes, gateaux and pastries, tongue-tickling savouries and a variety of any-time snacks. Here quality assurance steps at each and every stage of the manufacturing process ensure world-class soft n fresh cakes, snacks and baker's ware. Monginis headquarters has a well-equipped lab and has gained the HAACP certification since past 2 years for maintaining and assuring best of the Hygiene and quality standardsof our products and for our customers. Recently, Monginis commissioned a factory at Bhiwandi near Mumbai admeasuring 6 lakhssq.ft.


Ideas and Innovations

Ideas and innovations make it possible for the high-level excitement to be sustainedinthe brand. Pioneers of a fantastic Cross delivery System which connects 11 manufacturing Franchisees through an intricate network to simplify the means so that your beloveds can get a cake delivered in any part of India ordered from anywhere in the world. A helpline 022-40786702 attending to customers to assist to make any Celebration possible even at a short notice. An Interactive website which allows online bookings of our products from all across the world to be delivered in parts of India, where we have a presence. Pioneers in the introducing corporate cakes with Company Structures, logos and Products too.

This project aims at understanding the overall monginis cake manufacturer in India,Different franchising areas, Different product categories in the market,various factors affecting the growth and success of monginis cake in India,the challenges and opportunities which the market offers and the changing trends in the monginis-cake. The project also covers a brief study of monginis products with reference to above points.


Birthday Cake story

History of Birthday Cakes Cakes date back to ancient times; however, they were very different then. According to food historians, ancient Egyptians were the first to show evidence of advanced baking skills. The ancient Greeks made round or moon-shaped honey cakes or bread and offered it at the temple of Artemis:The Moon Goddess. A later tradition of birthday cakes started in Germany in the middle ages. Sweetened bread dough made in the shape of baby Jesus, in swaddling cloth, was used to commemorate his birthday. This special birthday cake later re-emerged in Germany during children's birthday celebrations a.k.a. Kinder Fest. Germans also baked another special kind of layered cake called Geburtstagorten. This was sweeter than the ubiquitous coarse, bread-like cake.


Progress, a Sweet Progress

The first icing was made from a boiled composition of the finest available sugar, egg whites and various flavors. It was then poured on the cake, which was put back into the oven for a while. The cake was soon crowned with a hard, glossy, ice-like covering. Molded cakes and fancy icing was hugely popular in Victorian times. The art of baking cakes progressed through the ages, and it was not until the middle of the 19th century that the modern cakes as we now know it was born. The taste and appearance was enhanced with extra-refined white flour and baking powder (insteadof yeast).




CHAPTER 2 :About Monginis

The Story of the Rising Cake
Monginisis a major Indian pastry, cake and general bakery chain, based in 11 Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Cairo, the Capital of Egypt. The Monginis brand name originated over 100 years ago, when 2 Italian brothers set up a catering firm in south Mumbai. Monginis catering service including cakes, pastries and savories were in great demand. To the last detail, complete with a wedding cake it was Monginis that breathed life and fun into the European wedding in Mumbai. After it was bought over by the Khorakiwalas in 1960s, the brand has remarkably grown to become thenational leader in cakes. In 1971, for the first time in India, a plan of having an exclusive franchise cake shop was conceptualized. Mr. H.T. Khorakiwala, the founder president of national association if bakery industry, who spear headed the operations, realized that to grow it was necessary to focus on production standards and distribution. The retail management was best left to the shop owners who were in a better position to offer personalized services to the customer. The success of the first franchise cake shop sparked off a getting up of a chain of franchise cake shops all across India, which is nearing the 500 mark. Monginis has emerged as one of the largest food store in India. At the sprawling 150,000 sq. feet combined manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and its twin city Thane. The organization today owns the state of art manufacturing facilities to produce a whole range of cakes and bakery products both Owen fresh and supplied daily to all cakeshops.


Basic Information
Company Name: Business Type: Product/Service (We Buy): M/s. Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer Cakes, Gateaux, Breads, Burgers, Savouries

Cookies Shop No. 9, Pritam Estate Opposite Babubhai Jagjivandas Dadar East, Mumbai-400014 Monginis, Pita Wich


Brands: Company Website URL: Ownership & Capital Year Established:



Partnership Business Owner



Factory Size: 30,000-50,000square meters Off. Link Road, Opp.CityMall,Andheri(West), Mumbai- 400053 In House 8 5- 10People 5- 10People

Factory Location:

QA/QC: No.of Production Lines: No.of R&D Staff: No.of QC Staff:



Core Vision Values Quality Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions


Core Vision
Every organization operates itself with a vision in their mind so that the activities of each and every person involved with the organization leads to same direction. The core vision of Monginis is as follows: 1. To help people celebrate their happiness and make those moments memorable in their lives. 2.All Monginis products and services shall be offered with the same love, care and

affection as if; they were meant for the most beloved person (or a family member).Creating value-for-money products without compromising on quality in terms of taste or appearance. 3.Good intentions in dealing with one another amongst the stakeholders (shareholders, suppliers, employees, franchisees, dealers and consumers) breed (or yield) good products and services. 4. Our vision is to become a national cake company with one thousand Monginis cake shops through forty manufacturing franchisee units spread over the metrocities of India.


Monginis follows a simple "doughnut principle" whereby the customer remains that valued creamy centre around whose satisfaction all activity revolves. 1. We shall make products, keeping in mind the feelings of the end consumer in mind, be it son, daughter, father, mother and make the products with the same love and affection as it were made for a family member. We strongly believe thatgood intentions breed good products. 2. Value for money: We shall offer consistently value for money products. 3. Fairness: We shall be fair in all dealings with the stake holders (shareholders, suppliers, employees, franchisees, dealers, consumers). 4. Monginis shall constantly strive to build strong relationships based on

understanding each other and mutual cooperation; 5. We shall value and respect the contribution of all Monginites from workers to senior level managers, suppliers, service providers, franchisees and dealers. 6. Excellence: We shall constantly innovate and maintain excellence in our day-to- day work and in the quality of the goods and services we provide.


Privacy Policy
Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. does not sell, trade, or rent our personal information. 1. When Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. uses other agents, contractors, corporations or business partners to perform services on its behalf or as part of a joint promotion, Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. will ensure that this entity protects the user's personal information in a manner, which is consistent with the aforementioned statement.

2. Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. may provide aggregate statistics about their customers, sales, traffic patterns and elated site information to reputableagents.

3. Contractors, corporations or business partners, but these statistics willinclude no personally identifying information.

4. An industry standard for encryption over the Internet, to protect the Data. When we type in sensitive information such as credit card details, it will be automatically converted into codes before being securely dispatched over theInternet.

5. If we make an online booking with Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd., they will record our personal details. Our data may be used for the following purposes: accounting, billingandaudit, credit orotherpaymentcard verification, security, administrative and legal purposes, systems testing,maintenance and development, customer relations and to help them in

anyfuturedealingswithus, for example by identifying our requirements andpreferences.


ISO 22000: 2005 Food safety management system certified organization.

Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd is now an ISO 22000: 2005 food safety management system certified organization. We were certified by SAI GLOBAL, and the registration covers production and supply of cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates and savories. Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd has a well devised food safety policy which penetrates to the root level and ensures food safety and security to the customers. Monginis was awarded HACCP certification in 2005.


Terms and Conditions

1. Product price mentioned is inclusive of delivery charges, local taxes and transaction fees. Hence, no additional charges are applicable to the product.

2. Orders are accepted from around the world, for deliveries only in select cities of India.

3. Lead time for deliveries is 3 working days.

4. All deliveries will be executed between 12 noon - 6 pm. 5. Unavailability of the recipient, for any reason will be treated as cake delivered.

6. There will not be any refund of money in case of incorrect recipient's shipping address / telephone number. 7. On account of unforeseen circumstances like floods / natural calamity / etc. The delivery service may be withdrawn.

8. We deliver cakes only in our defined cities shown in the store locator.

9. All cakes are delivered in boxes, along with a gift card for personalized messages.



Birthdays and Anniversaries Festivals Friendship Day Monginis has something to offer for every important day in a persons life. People trust Monginis whenever they think of gifting cakes to their near and dear ones for their birthdays, anniversaries, house warming ceremony or for any other occasion like Rakshabandhan, Bhaidooj, Christmas, Sankranti, Easter, Holi, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Friendship Day, Teachers Day, Childrens Day, Valentines Day, New Year Day, etc. You just name the occasion and Monginis will give you the signal Go Ahead Celebrate. Every state in India is famous for its festivals it celebrates.

Ahmedabad is also called Karnavati and Amdavad. Ahmedabad is famous for its diversified culture and various festivals such as Uttrayan (Festival of Kites), Navaratri (Festival of

RasGarba), and Rathyatra (Festival of Lord Jagannath). Looking at the speed at which the city was progressing, Monginis felt a need to be present there and began its operations in the year 2003. Today Monginis has 17 exclusive cake shops in Ahmedabad. In the city of Ahmedabad cake shop of Monginis means a treasure of cakes made with exotic flavours, variety of shapeand in different sizes. Fifteen million people live in Mumbai - industrialists, film-stars, artists, workers, teachers and clerks - all living cheek-by-jowl in soaring skyscrapers and sprawling slums. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and speak over a dozen tongues, adding colour, flavour and texture to the Great Mumbai Melting Pot. Mumbai a commercial capital of India is also home to Monginis. Monginis has 180 exclusive cake shops in Mumbai alone spread across the length and breadth and covering virtually every part of the city.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

These important days are celebrated by each and every one with great excitement and enthusiasm. People never stop celebrating, especially birthdays. Its once in a year occasion, which no one wants to skip. The joy of sharing happiness issimply irresistible. Monginis have come up with the widest variety of birthday cakes. Wedding is one of the most important days of one's life and cakes have become an integral part of this joyous celebration. Special wedding cakes, like the ones in the wedding cake special range by Monginis, make the occasion even more special. Monginis, a leader in Cakes offers wedding cakes like bashful blush; Indian wedding theme; Lilac cascade and ecstasy in ivory. These are the most popular wedding cake variants which can be customized as per the customers requirement.


Festivals like Christmas, Easter, and RakshaBandhan are incomplete without sweetness. To make such festivals more delightful and add sweetness to such days Monginis is always the right choice. Cakes in various shapes and designs forexample Santa Claus cake, Xmas Tree cake for Christmas; Easter egg shape forEaster celebrations, Rakhi shaped cake showing a feeling of warmth between a brother-sister relationship.

Friendship Day
Human beings flock together and have always valued the importance of friends in their lives. To celebrate this noble feeling it was deemed fit to have a day dedicated to friends and friendship. This beautiful idea of celebrating Friendship Day was joyfully accepted by Monginis. This Friendship Day, share the sweetness of your friendship with the latest range of Cakes especially designed for this memorable occasion. Monginis has introduced Rose for a Friend Cake. Throughout the year, you & your friends haveshared a lot of special moments; youve laughed together, cried together, had bothgood times & bad; so go ahead & celebrate this day.



Why Candles? Happy Birthday Jingle WhyCandles?

This tradition is attributed to the early Greeks, who placed lit candles on cakes to make them "glow like the moon". They believed the smoke emanating from candles carried their wishes and prayers to Gods. The range of candles available today is immense and innovative. Simple or fancy, the common factor is that people usually make a silent wish before blowing out candles on their birthday cake. It is believed that blowing them all out in a single breath signals that the wish will cometrue, and that the person will enjoy good luck in the coming year.

Happy Birthday Jingle

The very popular, 100-year-old 'Happy Birthday to You' song has become an indispensable part of birthday celebrations across the world. Today, the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes 'Happy Birthday to You' as one of the three most popular songs in the English language the other two being 'Auld Lang Syne' and 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow.' The Birthday Song is popular all over the world and has been translated into dozens of languages. However, the English version is most popular, and is even sung in places where English is not a primary language. The copyright of the song has been extended several times and is now not due to expire until at least 2030. It therefore follows that one cannot use the "Happy Birthday to You" lyrics for profitwithout paying royalties.


Chapter 2


Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix Logistics management Social Networking Sites


Marketing Strategies
Ushering in the summer, Monginis Foods Ltd. is planning to roll out a slew of marketing and promotional initiatives to promote its existing as well as new products. As a part of marketing strategy, Monginis is planning to enhance its brand visibility at their outlets by setting up special Monginis lollipops but this attempt proved to be a failure. In addition the company is also planning to focus on school promotions to promote its existing range of bar cakes and slice cakes in the Indian market place. Monginis is targeting 600 schools to reach out to children. The promotion campaign will involve 3 steps. One, schools will be enrolled and approached. Second, schools will be given an opportunity to visit Monginis bakery for an entire day. Third, Monginis will host drawing contests and quiz contests. Monginis has launched Monginis Brownies priced at Rs.5 at all Monginis cake shops. They have also come up with Monginis Khari in a mid-sized pack priced Rs.20. They are also planning to introduce new exotic varieties in fresh cream cakes targeted at Sec A&B priced between Rs. 100 and Rs.300 soon. In order to position Monginis as a strong cake brand which offers benefits of being soft and fresh, the company had come up with a television commercial in the year 2006-07. On a regular basis, it advertises through the print media. According to Mr. JagdeepKapoor, MD, Samita Marketing Consultants Pvt. Ltd.; the brand marketing strategy consultants for Monginis, the objective is to build Monginisbrand with a clear target of 1000 franchise cake shops.


Recently, Monginis started digital marketing and are getting a good response. Monginis have become very active in the cyber world by online advertising through reputed portals like yahoo, rediff, sify, etc. and even by using social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut,etc. On mobiles, they have started an SMS push on relevant occasions and even started forwarding SMS birthday wishes to their loyal set of consumers on their birthdays.

Marketing Mix of Monginis 1. Product:

Monginis has wide range of products; their main product being fresh cakes for all occasions. Monginis also has chocolates, pastry and cake and chocolates combo in their product line. It also sells packaged cakes which are available at their stores and also at other retail stores. Monginis also has different kind of breads and a variety of snacks for dine-in customers in veg and nonveg variety. It has also started home deliveries and online bookingand gifting system. PRODUCTS Personalised Birthday Cakes/Pastries and more:


Every area has a new hangout, a cake shop! The cake shops differ in variety, quality, price and more. The oldest known brand of cakes is Monginis. Thisis brand which owns the maximum number of outlets in the city. Some of the flavours of Monginis include: Black Forest, Dutch truffle, Butterscotch and Pineapple are some of the popular choices. The range starts from Rs.150 for half kilo cakes and so on. There are a variety of cakes one could choose from for their kids special day. To mention a few cakes, of fancy shapes like alphabets, numerals and cartoons. The other famous cake shops are Ribbons &Ballons,Merwans, Birdys, Cakes & More, Croissants and more. The cakes can range from a minimum of Rs.150/ and go up till an approximate of Rs.1500 too. A kilo of blueberrycheesecake is a total hit the season. For kids, cartoon characters like Mr.Bean, Doremon, Ben10 etc are charged somewhere in the same figures. They have the most delicious array of cream cakes, fresh fruit cakes and a variety of fancy cartoon-shaped cakes. At Rs.400 a kilo for the fancy cakes, it definitely is value for money. The new fantasies of personalised cakes are 'Photo Cakes'. An imprint of the image of your loved ones or your child on the cake is a hit amongst children. These could range of an approximate Rs.500 a kilo. Check out the list of cake shops below to know more and block it for your love, your child!


Party Preparations/Kid's Birthday Party Requirements/Event Organisers: So for the perfect look now! Most of the gift shops or even kirana stores sell the stack of streamers, balloons etc. It is a big NO-NO to buy from them. Reason being there are various stores now who would sell you cost qualitative products. It would be wiser to choose from thier lot and plan a wholesome birthday for your little one. Party Hunterzz, a store in Mumbai is famous for the entire elegant as well as wicked shopping decor you would need for a birthday. For a teenager's neon theme party you would find ample variety of neon glasses, light tiaras, badges with beam lights etc. The Party Shop at Crawford Market is a good deal to buy the stuff too. It is like a one stop shop for your party needs.

The place a variety of balloons, streamers, face masks , party caps and birthday banners, disposable plates and glasses, birthday candles and paper napkins. Party decor is one the most required item in a birthday, unless people like us suggest you to go for personlised theme event birthday organisers. Mentioned below are some of the best ones who organise birthdays from the range of Rs.3000 to a whooping of Rs. 2.5 lakhs! So bacha parties look out for them and suggest your mummas and papas to hire them. For parents, get rid of the event planning tension and be at ease at your little naughty one's birthday!


Return Gifts/Memorable: Some of the most replicated gifts like tiffin boxes, piggy banks, stationery kits, puzzles, pencil pouches and much more! There are so many other articles like play art, shopping vouchers,funskool gifts, monopoly, chart area and other board games which With the mind boggling range available in the market, it is indeed very difficult to choose the perfect return gift for your little ones special guests. The best thing is to buy in bulk! The Party Shop in Crawford Market, offers many return gift options like fancy pencil sets (Rs.10-20), crayons / paint sets (Rs.35-80), water bottles (Rs.90 onwards) and wrist watches (Rs.95 onwards) and so on. Premsons Bazaar also offers a variety at competitive rates. Pick up fancy straws, funny glasses, puzzles, pouches, slings bags between price ranges of Rs. 35-200.

For teenagers, personalised mugs, photo-frames, T-shirts etc are an added delight for the youth gifting. Though, these are well recieved here than given by teenagers as return gifts. It would be too kiddish right chicas? So either way considers the options for gifting. These gifts range between Rs.100 and Rs.200.


Corporate Gifting Ideas

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill


A quote is apt especially in a corporate setting. Corporate gifting is an investment in relationships which are vital for future any organization. And, what other better article to strike a right chord than gifting food consumables. Because, as the popular saying goes, the way to mans heart is through the stomach. A recent survey by American Express revealed that almost half of corporate gift selections are now food-related, replacing the flowers and gift cards that have dominated earlier. Flexibility, choice and the near-universal appeal of indulgent foods allow businesses to easily find a custom solution that invokes a positive feeling and a sense of bonding in recipients.

Corporate Gifting Occasions Birthdays / Anniversaries:

Logo Cake
People are most receptive and are happy on their birthdays / anniversaries. Its a landmark in their lives. There cannot be any other better timing to approach them than these.


Why Cakes for Corporate Gifting? Cakes are strongly associated with celebrations and happy moments; If organization is targeting birthdays / anniversaries for gifting, then there cannot be a better gift than the Cake to create an everlasting impression; For festive occasions like Xmas / New Year, cake is the most appropriate gift. Last but not the least; it stands out in a clutter of gifts one receives on popular occasions.

Why Monginis Cakes for Corporate Gifting? Monginis is no. 1 Cake brand in India. It is ISO 22000 certified company; It is committed to making personalized deliveries across 37 cities in India and saves you atrouble of handling logistics. It is flexible enough to give you unlimited creativity; It has ample experience in handling corporate gifting of reputed companies.

Logo Cake - Different Ideas


Monginis Products At A Glance

Monginis sells itself as "The Cake Shop ", producing ready-made as well as order-made cakes for catering and carry-out. Individual cake slices are also kept in Monginis stores for dine-in customers. Be it chocolate cakes or cakes in general, Monginis has mastered the art of making cakes over a period of time. A specialist in making cakes begins right from selecting right quality ingredients in precise quantities, blending them together to the best of knowledge and baking to the level of perfection. The soft and moist sponge so made is then sumptuously layered and coated with cream flavored with dark chocolate or milk chocolate or with various fruit flavours. The chain sells both Indian and Western savouriesincluding samosas, cutlets, puffs and doughnuts. Apart from these, snack foods and breads are also sold at Monginis shops. Monginis has a product line for diabetics, and offers themed products duringDiwali, Christmas, Easter, EID and other festivals. Fast food Snacks include more than 50 items like Burgers, Pizzas, Patties, Cornato (bread cone with garlic chicken), Cornizza (veg version), Hotdog & so on. Monginis produce more than 30 different gateaux primarily in round, square and heart shape both in egg and eggless category. Monginis has cakes in regular, premium and super premium segments in which Black forest, truffle Dutch premium Shimmer and premium Zanzibar are most popular cake family among customers.

2. Price
Price of Monginis cakes is reasonable as compared to its competitors. The prices of cakes vary on their size. On an average a half kg cake would cost something around 200 and it goes up to a 1000 depending on the size and the flavor.


3.Place Monginis cake shop is present in 12 major cities in India. It has around500 retail outlets or franchise all over India. All the cities have a production unit from which the goods are supplied daily. Goods which are unsold are taken back by the company and are given away in charity if in consumable condition or else destroyed. Manufacturing Franchisee Network CITY Mumbai Kolkata Pune Hyderabad Rajkot Nasik Goa Baroda Ahmadabad Surat Orissa YearofEstablishment 1972 1991 1995 1996 1998 1999 2000 2000 2003 2004 2005 No. ofCake Shops 165 115 48 7 10 10 29 24 19 14 5

Now Monginis, after launching its 4th successful Bake Shop in Hyderabad is all set to open the same in other cities. In the Bake Shop, customers will be able to view freshly baked products coming out of the oven and cakes decorated in their presence.


4. Promotion:
Monginis has used media such as TV, print, web, hoardings, etc. to advertise its products. It regularly comes out with offers on festive occasions. Recently to promote its cakes and chocolates it came out with a range of a special cakes and chocolates for all those SSC (Xth Standard) students who passed out this year. It has also planned for chocolate baskets for the boys and girls. The successful boys can be gifted with a blue coloured basket filled with assorted chocolates and decorated with a Doll (Boy). And, similarly the girls can be gifted with a pink coloured basket filled with assorted chocolates anddecorated with a Doll (Girl).

BRAND MONGINIS Monginis is a leading brand of cakes in India. Generations have grown celebrating their birthdays with Monginis cakes and thus it has become synonymous with the Cakes. Making cakes is an art which Monginis has acquired over a long period of time but converting it into a viable business model was an icing on thecake. Today, brand Monginis stands tall on certain basic values like consistentquality, continuous innovation, value-for-money offerings and availability closest to the consumers.


At Monginis follows a principleofcreatingbrand ambassadors. Brandambassadors are not the celebrities who advertise the brand for money but common people who after experiencing its products get satisfied and share their experiences with their near and dear ones. Product innovation is a hallmark of Monginis. In this ever-changing world, the Cake designs, flavours and recipes keep changing. Monginis has a strong product development team which keeps a tab on the current trends and keeps making necessary alterations or develops new products altogether.

A tight control over the costs without letting the quality deteriorate is a skill acquired by the management team of Monginis through its experience of over 25+ years. The cost advantage gained is then translated in the form of valuefor moneyproducts for the end consumers.

Both physical and psychological accessibility for the consumers comes to a brand after years of hard work and personal attention. And Monginis strongly believes that the consumer should reach to its products without much effort and he /she should feel comfortable while entering and dealing in its shops. Monginissales staff is adequately trained in such a way that they not only sell the products but also make the consumers comfortable. They also do a considerable missionary work of educating the consumers on cakes. "Most Admired Retail Food Chain - Metros" Awards 2009-2010 Monginis wins Award "Most Admired Retail Food Chain - Metros" By Shoppers Consumer Insights Retail Asia Congress 2009-2010. Award Received by Mr.

KumailKhorakiwala - Joint MD Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd.


Monginis Clients Few of Our valuable and prestigious clients:

1. Indian Railways

13. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

2. Titan industries

14. Kores India Ltd.

3. Wipro

15. MGL 16. CGSL Citi Group Services Ltd.

4. Tata Group

5. GTL

17. Big 92.5 FM

6. Pantaloon Retail India Ltd.

18. Erica Pharmaceuticals

7. TCS

19. Saifee Hospital

8. Alkem Laboratories

20. Mahindra inter trade

9. Tata Teleservices

21. SAMSUNG electronics

10. Aditya Birla Group


11. Patni Computers

23. ICICI prudential life insurance

12. WNS

24. Life style international




Logistics Management Ordering system How a retailer places order through Net?


Logistics is the management of the flow of goods, information and other resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of consumers (frequently, and originally, military organizations). Logistics involvesthe integrationof information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging,

and occasionally security. Logistics is a channel of the supply chain which adds the value of time and place utility. Logistics management is that part of the supply chain which plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer and legal requirements. The backbone of any business is logistics. Monginis receives orders from the retail shops in the night a day before and all the products are manufactured throughout the night and the shops are supplied through company vans by early morning. All the products need to be delivered within a span of 1 3 hours time andthey follow the rule ferociously. All their vans are insulated and even carry insulatedshippers. Some of the vans are refrigerated, which ply on the long routes. A single van generally covers 3 to 4 Monginis shopsorders so that they can deliver the orders on time without any delays. They have a set of guidelines for logistics and their staff in the shops. They are well trained on these aspects and these guidelines are strictly followed. They also conductsurprise audits, just to ensure that the quality of the supply chain is maintained.


As mentioned in the earlier topic of logistics about when the retail shops place their orders for the next day it is equally important to know how their ordering system functions. Initially Monginis retail shops had to follow the telephonic ordering system. In this method they were provided a telephone help line number. The head of the retail shop have a checklist of items which contained all the items which Monginis prepares. The person has to place orders in different categories of cakes, pastries, savories, and namkeens etc. as per their requirements for the next day. This required manual efforts and was very time consuming method of order placing as the person has to name each and every item he requires. Also there were chances of mistakes being committed because of certain communication barriers which could lead to losses both to the bakery and the retail shop. To replace this method they came up with the fax system for placing orders. The fax system of placing order was practiced for a long period when the need for more innovation wasrequired now with increasing use of technology and innovation in every sector, Monginis has also come with a modern method for placing orders called as E-orderin, this method involves placing orders through net. It involves use of the most popular and appreciated way of communication that is internet. This method can be much relied upon for quick placements of orders and does not involve any tedious task. Under this method, every Monginis retail shop has to load a Dealer Software provided by Monginis in their computers. This software provides all the necessary facilities for placing order like for example the time of order, any particular shape for a cake, proper weights available in each category etc. A proper diagrammatic representation of how E-ordering functions is shown inthe file presented separately.



Training sessions
Annual get-to-gather

Training Sessions Monginis known for its excellent services with which it treats all its customers is the result of the excellent training sessions that are regularly conducted by Monginis for both the owners as well as the staff that is appointed by them. These sessions take place in the form of presentations by head of departments or senior manager or by any important person holding an authority at a higher position. The person owing a Monginis franchisee is expected to attend the meetings and seminars regularly as and when scheduled by Monginis so as to improvise their service quality and attract more and more customers and satisfy them in order to turn customerretention into customer loyalty towards their products. The training needs more of onthejob training which is provided in their model shops, where most of their successful franchisees train the new franchisees. Monginis sales team provides directions throughout the training programme and keeps providing additional inputs wherever required. Apart from extensive training to franchisees before the shop opens, they also provide a lot of support after the shop opens till it stabilizes, in terms of operations. They are also made aware


about the rising competition in Bakery line and how they can come up with innovative ways and ideas of displaying their products. The owner of the shop wishes to see his staff working the same way and with same dedication as he works to earn profit. Sales staffs are given training through regular sales programmes about how to display the products well, how to sell the product and also simultaneously make advertisement for their other products. For eg: when a staff member is selling a cake to a customer he should also ask or advertise or convince the customer to buy candles or a knife with it. The basic aim of these trainingis to develop communication skills of the staff in order to sell the products to thecustomers with respect and politeness.

Monginis Annual Meet/Celebration Monginis holds an Annual Meet or Celebration Party every year during the period of March or April in which it invites all the dealers of Monginis of that particular city where the party is held. The main objective of this get-to-gather is to bring all the dealers close to each other, know each other well, so that Monginis can function as one big united family. The party usually starts in the evening. Different varieties, shapes, weights of cakes of various designs or characters are displayed for the dealers to take a look at those as they arrive at the party. New variations, introductions in savouries and cakes are informed to the dealers, introduced by the Monginis bakery. Dealers are also given samples to taste and suggestions are expected from them. This is followed by a small conference meeting by the dealers, head of departments and the top management of Monginis in which important discussions are made. It also consistsof the growth report about Monginis as a whole.



Birdys Brownie Point Ribbons and Balloons

The Bakery Line is one of the most upcoming businesses today because of the reason that children are born every minute and people will not stop celebrating their birthdays. Monginis, a very well-known brand in this business has gone as far away from the time it first started its operations. There is intense competition among leading cake shops of the town. Some of the competitors which Monginis has are Birdys, Brownie Point, Ribbons and Balloons, Denish Cake shop etc.


BirdyS Birdys is Indias gourment chain of Bakery and Pastries shops with 18 franchised outlets, at present,spread acrossthe city.The fast growingneighborhood hangout chain of cake shops create one appetizing idea after another from traditional to exotic recipes. Stuffed wholesome breads, savouries, European style chocolates, gateauxs and tea time favourites are just a few of irresistible products available. The outlets are catered to from a state-of-the-

artproduction facility where premium ingredients of highest quality are prepared by experienced teams.

Brownie Point Brownie point was started by Manish Khanna after returning from the US. He is one of the first to come up with a concept of serving Confectionery, Cakes & Deserts. Shaped cakes like Children's Shaped Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Desserts Cakes, Desserts, Brownies, Cheese Cakes, Picture Cakes Mousses etc, less than 1 roof. Catering to a lot of Bollywood Royalty like, John Abraham, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar & Family, Hritik Roshan, Dimple Kapadia, Poonam Dhillon, Sajid- Wajid, Nausheen Ali Sardar etc. Brownie Point is the ultimate resource for all of your party, wedding and event planning needs. Find Special Desserts, Cakes, Mousses, Pie, Quiche, Puffs, Burgers, Sandwiches, Croissants, Rolls and more.

Ribbons and Balloons Ribbons and Balloons is another famous chain of cake shops making exoticand premium cakes, gateauxs and other bakery products. The flavours and variety ofcakes are totally different from those of Monginis. Some of the products of Ribbons and Balloons are Chocolate Mousse, White bread, Brown bread, Garlic bread, English crunch cookies, Veg and Non-veg Croissant etc. They have their franchises at some of the posh areas of the city like Bandra, Powai, Santacruz and others.




SSC Students celebrate with Monginis Monginis to enter Health Food Segment Corporate Gifting

SSC Students celebrate with Monginis Monginis, a brand known for its lip smacking cakes, has come out with a range of a special cakes and chocolates for all those SSC (Xth Standard) students who will be passing out this year. Generally, all the students work very hard to cross this important milestone in their lives and the parents acknowledge their achievement by rewarding them withexciting gifts. This year parents have yet one more choice for gifting their childrencan think of rewarding their children with delicious cakes and chocolates fromMonginis.

Especially, for this occasion Monginis has planned for delicious Dutch Chocolate cakes made with a pure dark chocolate and garnished with a decoration of balloons made of jelly. For the


deserving ones Monginis has thought of a yummy strawberry mousse garnished with chocolate decorations on top. This year, Monginis has also planned for chocolate baskets for the boys and girls. The successful boys can be gifted with a blue coloured basket filled with assorted chocolates and decorated with a Doll (Boy). And, similarly the girls can be gifted with a pink coloured basket filled with assorted chocolates and decorated with a Doll (Girl). So, this year all the parents can treat their children with scrumptious offeringsfrom Monginis and reward them with what they like and relish the most.

Monginis to enter Health Food Segment Monginis, a bakery chain plans to foray into the health food segment. As per Virendra Ghole, Marketing Head, Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd (India), Health Foods though contribute a small segment in the food industry, are optimistic about its futuregrowth. We will be selling our health foods through our exclusive shops, modern trade, and a select A class retail shops. People are becoming health conscious and we are exploring new products, which address health concerns. As starters, we are looking at low-fat, high-fibre cookies and low-calorie ready-to-eat items Virendra Ghole, marketing manager, Monginis, said.


What is franchising? Why Franchising? Reasons to select a Monginis Franchise. Monginis seeks Franchisees Requirements for acquiring a new Monginis Franchisee Application Form Manufacturing Franchisee Network

What is Franchising? Franchise is a time tested method of manufacturing and selling goods and services by a contractual license which can be categorized into Permitting the Franchisee to manufacture and market the goods under and established brand,expertise and goodwill of the Franchisor with complete operational guidance. Permit the Franchisee shop to sell the products and run the business under obligation to runit in accordance with the Franchisor's system

Why Franchising? In India's emerging boom market, there are hundreds of successful product and services and an equal number of unsuccessful ones. India offers lot of potential for thefranchising community. Apart from Indiansbeing very entrepreneurial, franchising as a way of doing

business has been well accepted. Now Monginis offers you a franchise to operate the market with time tested and repeatedly proven management concepts and marketing techniques. In the U.S.A. it has been estimated that over 80% of new business fail in the first five years because they operate on a basis of trial and error method. However, every 17 minutes, a


franchise business opens in the United States. More than 540,000 franchises currently operate throughout the United States, generating nearly 60% of all retail sales. Franchise system offers financial independence and the chance to own an independent business. It is a system where you are in a business for yourself, but not all by yourself. You have the support and backing of a much larger and successful organization behind you.A Monginis franchise enables you to purchase the experience, reputation, brandawareness, training expertise and marketing support of the franchisor.

Why should one select a Monginis Franchise?

On selecting a Monginis franchisee one becomes the immediate beneficiary of trademark and goodwill associated with them and acquired over more than 35 years. Guidelines on various aspects for starting a Franchisee manufacturing unit including site selection, estimation of project cost, infrastructural requirements, related government formalities, parameters for assessing the potential of business in the area etc. Minimum risk in the selection of right machinery and equipments with proper installation and start up. Assistance and time to time guidance in the stage wise completion of franchise unit. Popularity of brand ensures short lead time and good sales response from day one.

Complete guidance regardingopening of franchise shops, like selection of location, shop infrastructure, internal decor, training of dealer salespersons etc. Access to new formulations, product recipe, specifications, expansion programs, operational manuals etc. Initial training provided at the Monginis Headquarters in the areas of Finance, Taxation, Systems Sales skills of your Field Staff Shop sales skills and shop management Training in Production Processes on the shop floor.


Training on the job extends even after unit starts operations, with key company persons remaining there to weed out the teething problems and assist you inensuring quality standard.



A Monginis franchise in Galleria Mall of Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Monginis, a Mumbai based leading bakery chain, is all set to open 50 new outlets via the franchise route by the end of 2010. The company also plans to double its retail distribution from the current retail network of 15,000 stores across the country.As told to Abha Garyali of Franchise India Holdings Limited (FIHL) by Virendra Ghole, Marketing Head, Monginis, We have set a target of adding 50more shops by the end of this year, to our current number of 558 shops in 38 cities.


Requirements for acquiring a new Franchisee

Any person who wants to start a new business or acquire a new franchisee has to know very well every minute detail about the particular firm or company. In todays competitive and advanced world there are chances that a new entrant mayface many difficulties to survive in the market or he may even have to quit themarket. A person invests his money with a view to earn profits from the work he performs. Similarly for acquiring a Monginis Franchisee there are some basic requirements which a person needs to follow. So far as cakes market is concerned, it is still growing, and there is a lot of potential for further growth also. So far as chocolate market is concerned, Monginis are into boutique chocolate segment. As far as bakery products are concerned, they always keep their focus on cakes. To become Monginis franchisee one should own a shop at high visibility/high traffic (pedestrian traffic) location. An aspiring franchisee has to pay one timesecurity of Rs one lakh which is refundable and non-interest bearing, one time franchisee fee of Rs 25,000, architects fee of Rs 25,000, cost of the interiors including counters, air conditioners, computer, etc. A franchisee has to pay a consolidated amount of Rs 8 to 10 lakhs which is not much, when compared with the renowned brands of the stature of Monginis. But, when it comes to investment of time and dedication, they are very demanding. They ask for 100 per cent time anddedication of the franchisee, because they know for sure that the level ofinvolvement of the franchisee makes or breaks the business. Monginis have specifications laid down for doing the interiors of the shops. The counters and equipments are supplied by the company approved vendors. The company has appointed an architect, who is responsible for maintaining the lookandfeel of the shops and for faultless execution; we have a panel of interior contractors.


Manufacturing Franchisee Network CITY Mumbai Kolkata Pune Hyderabad Rajkot Nasik Goa Baroda Ahmadabad Surat Orissa YearofEstablishment 1972 1991 1995 1996 1998 1999 2000 2000 2003 2004 2005 No. ofCake Shops 165 115 48 7 10 10 29 24 19 14 5

Now Monginis, after launching its 4th successful Bake Shop in Hyderabad is all set to open the same in other cities. In the Bake Shop, customers will be able to view freshly baked products coming out of the oven and cakes decorated in their presence.



Monginis plans 50 outlets by end this year ReadytoEat Segment


Monginis plans 50 outlets by end this year

After a recent store launch in Indore,Mumbaibased leading bakery chain; Monginis now plans to open 50 more outlets across the country by end of the year2010. The company also plans to double its retail distribution from the current retail network of 15,000 stores across the country. Elaborating on the Monginis' expansion plan, Zoher Khorakiwala, CMD of Monginis Pvt. Ltd, said, After Indore, the citieswhere we are planning to roll out our exclusive cake shops are Kanpur, Lucknow,Raipur, Chennai and Bangalore We are currently looking out for suitable franchising partners for these locations and it will take some time for us to decide on Monginis manufacturing franchisee. For opening new stores, on an average, Monginis is looking at the locationswith the minimum carpet area of 200 sq ft. Apart from opening more stores; ourstrategic business unit (SBU) is setting ambitious plans for the retail distribution expansion. Today, our packaged products are being retailed in the retail outlets of limited number of cities and we wish to increase our distribution in the retail network of all the metro cities and other developing towns. The retail expansion plan involves appointing more number of distributors and retailers, he added.


In addition to traditional and modern trade channels, the company is also active on on-line trade. Recently, it has launched an e-commerce site,, where customers can easily place their orders. Going by the changing conveniencedriven shopping habits among customers, we feel that the online business is veryimportant, said Khorakiwala. Monginis marked a turnover of Rs 214 crore in the last fiscal and has set a target to achieve five percent of this turnover in the next two years only through its online business. Further, through its retail expansion, company expects to grow at the rate of over 20 percent year-on-year. Besides, the cake major is also ready to extend itsportfolio into ready-to-eat (RTE) foods segment.

Monginis to enter ready to eat' segment: A New Division

Extending its franchise beyond cakes, the Mumbai-based Monginis Foods is planning to enter the ready to eat segment'. With its network of 500-plus stores across the country, the Rs 240crore cakes major are ready to extend its portfolio intonew categories. While the ready-to-eat segment may be crowded at the moment with big players such as ITC, there can still be room for one more player. Monginis intends introducing mainstream products in this segment and will set up a new manufacturing unit for the same. Almost two decades ago, Monginis had dabbled in ready-to-eat segment but did not fare well then. We will require a separate plant with different technology for entering the segment as it is unlike the cakes segment,'' Mr. Khorakiwala said. A separate division is expected to be floated within the company for the new segment. We will be extending the brand name of Monginis to the ready-to-eat segment and there will be a range of heat and serve products such as vegetablekormas and paneer. Considering that we already have our stores, it will easier to introduce these products as there are ready footfalls in such outlets,'' said Mr. Khorakiwala.


Besides, it Web site also offers both inter-city and intra-city deliveries and doubles up as an additional distribution channel for the company. Monginis is also planning to expand its operations to new markets in the African continent in countries such as Tanzania and Kenya. We intend setting up manufacturing units in these countries in partnership with local partners as we haveto make products to suit the palette of these countries, he said.


SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used toevaluate the

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. A SWOT analysis may be incorporated into the strategic planning model.

Strengths: 1)Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. has been there for a long time almost for 4 to 5 decades. 2)It has good coverage; it has around 500 retail stores all over India. 3)Has acquired a name in the world of bakery, food processing and packaged foods industry. 4)It has recently started offering home delivery and online booking and delivering system. 5)Prices of their products are quiet reasonable as compared to its competitors.


1)Monginis has fewer varieties in the range of cakes as compared to its competitors. 2)There have been cases of lack of consistency in quality because of Monginis being a franchise business. 3)Being a franchise business it has limited control over the location of the store. Hence some of its stores are not strategically located.

1) There is an opportunity for Monginis to make its presence felt in the malls which now-adays becoming a strategic location for such kind of products. 2) Getting more varieties in their product range by proper market research. 3) More services can be added to boost sales further and make the brand name stronger in the mind of the customers. 4) Promoting the online system properly by targeting corporates, NRIs, etc. 5) Getting in more customization options would be good for the customers. 6) Using the tag line what are you celebrating today? More effectively.

1) Monginis has threat from its competitors such as Birdys, Hang Out, Merwans, etc. 2) Cadburys and McDonalds are also a threat to it because they are also positioning their products on the lines of celebration.

Use of Social Networking Sites for Marketing


Monginis is very active on one of the most popular social networking site today followed by large group of people i.e. Facebook. Monginis regularly updates its Facebook account with latest news about Monginis, new products, new innovations etc. Monginis is followed by thousands of followers on Facebook whichprovides Monginis to be an effective marketing tool for its products. The Facebook account named Brand Monginis Foodshas a large amount ofdetailsrelated to Monginis. It has recent updates of Monginis in various newspapers,videos, links, photographs of cakes (various designs and shapes) etc.



ANALYSIS Table no.1 1. No of visitors visiting Monginis?

Mode No of visitors

Regular 38

Switch to others 62

0% 0%

Regular 38%

Switch to other 62%

Figure 1

From the above table no.1 and figure no.1 it is concluded that that 62% are regular customers and rest of 38% switch to other cake shops.


Table no.2
1. No of visitors preferring to go a Monginis shop on occasions?

Event No of visitors

Birthdays Anniversaries Festivals 24 7 10

Important days 5

Without Occasion 33

Birthdays 30% Without Occasion 42%

Festivals 13% Important days 6%

Figure 2

Anniversaries 9%

From the above table no.2 and figure no.2 it is concluded that 24% of customers prefer Monginis on occasion of birthday, 7% of customers prefer on occasion of anniversary, 10 % of customers prefer monginis on festivals, 5% on important days and 33% of customers prefer monginis even without any occasion.


Table no.3
2. What attracts you to a Monginis Shop?

Particular No of visitors

Brand name 20

Quality 27

Price 21

Taste 23

Taste 25%

Brand name 22%

Price 23%

Quality 30%

Figure 3

From the above table no.3 and figure no.3 it is concluded that 20% of visitors are attracted of the brand name, 27% of visitors because of quality, 21% because of price, 23% because of taste.


Table No.4 3. Favorite category of Product?

Items No of visitors

Cakes & Pastries 54

Savories 21

Confectionaries 20

Chocolates 5

Cakes & Pastries




5% 19%



Figure 4

From the above table no.4 and figure no.4 it is concluded that 54% of visitors prefer cakes and pastries, 21% prefer savories, 20% confectionaries, 5%chocolates.


Table No.5 4. Do you think price of ofits customers? Monginis products bothers pockets

Opinion No of people answered

Yes 36

No 64

Yes 36%

No 64%

Figure 5

From the above table no.4 and figure no.4 it is concluded that32% of customers do not bother their pockets while buying a monginis product and 18% do bother.


Analysis Report There was a mixed reaction of the people as per their variant choices but as per my analysis I found that majority of the people were eager about Monginis coming up with some kind of Health Drink may be fruit juices etc. Other category that was focused upon was Sugar-free products for diabetic people. Some other choices mentioned by people surveyed were more varieties in Savories, Macaroni products, French Fries and White and Brown Breads.



What kind of Gifting Programmes Monginis can handle? 1. Monginis can create a special bonding between you and your Customers / Clients.

2. Monginis can cater to your Shareholders and win them over.


3. Monginis can also help you in keeping your Employees happy.

4. Monginis can also handle the prestigious Corporate Special occasions.




CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTIONS Finally from the project I have got a complete idea about Monginis and how well it has been successful in maintaining its hold on this tough market competition. Every business in todays market situation is surrounded by number of challengesand competitors but how a company deals with them is very important. Even whilefacing tough competition Monginis is able to maintain its products prices toaffordable level is a major achievement. Monginis has come a long way in Bakery Business. Monginis offers a franchise to operate the market with time tested and repeatedly proven management concepts and marketing techniques. A Monginis franchise enables one to purchase the experience, reputation, brand awareness, training expertise and marketing support of the franchisor. Even customer confidence and value is quite efficiently acquired by Monginis through its practices. Thus Monginis punch-line rightly says, Go Ahead Celebrate



1.Mary Berry's Ultimate CakeBook by merry berry,2006


Questionnaire andAnalysis For the purpose of better understanding about Monginis I conducted a questionnaire which included some basic questions about Monginis inorder to know how well the customers are used to Monginis brand. The questionnaire was conducted in the geographic area of Mumbai. The sample size of the questionnaire is 50. The locations of research, in particular are CLARE- RAOD( BUYCULLA) MUMBAI CENTRAL The analysis is presented in form of Diagrammatic and Graphical representations. The questionnaire is as follows:



Name: ________________________________________ Age: __________ Occupation: ___________________

1. Are youaregularMonginis-visitor or youswitchtoother cake shopsalso? Regular Switchtoothers

2. Onwhatoccasionsdoyouprefer goingtoa MonginisShop? Birthdays Anniversaries



s Evenwithoutanyoccasion

3. Whatattractsyoutoa MonginisShop? Brandname Quality



4. Whatisyour mostfavorite categoryof product? Cakes&Pastries Savories





5. Doyouthinkprice ofMonginisproductsbotherspocketsof itscustomers? Yes No


Monginisdoesnotcomeupwithmuchadvertisement,butmakingagood Doyouthinkitshouldadvertise itselfonTV? Yes No


7. Doyoufind anydifficultyinlocatinga MonginisShop? Yes No

8. DoyouthinkMonginishasa threatfromother competitorsinitsline? Yes If yes, from whom? Ans: 9. No

Yes No

10.If youwere givenanopportunitytosay,whatother productcategory(s) wouldyoulike Monginistointroduceother thanthe existingones?


Thank you


Articles issued by various Newspapers

CHOCOLATE AND COOKIES SCORES OVER MITTHAI AND DRYFRUITS Crunchy cookies, especially those that are well packaged, seem to be in favour with the festival crowds. Cookie Man says that 30% of its turnover comes from Deepavali sales. Its gift packs range anywhere between Rs 150 and Rs 1,200. "The pack is customized and can include up to seven premium varieties of chocolates and chocolate-dipped cookies, apart from other varities," says Sandeep Sewal, Cookie Man senior vice-president( retail), which has bagged orders from nearly 300 companies this year. The Khorakiwala-owned cake shop Monginis is offering attractive hampers comprising cookies, chocolates and cakes. "As cakes are perishable items, we are expecting last minute orders," says Virendra Ghole, marketing head, Monginis. Despite sugar prices shooting up in recent months, Monginis is ready for the sudden spike in the number of customers at its 07 outlets across the country. "We are not increasing our pricing though our margins are under pressure at the moment," admits Ghole. Further, Monginis expects a 15%-20% rise over daily sales during the three days preceding Diwali. The Times of India Oct 15, 2011


DIWALI SALES According to Virendra Ghole, head, marketing, Monginis Foods, since healthconscious Indians are moving away from consuming mithais, we are introducing cookies and chocolates. Monginis hopes to achieve a 25% sales growth this Diwali compared to the same period last year. By the end of the current fiscal, it hopes to increase number of exclusive Monginis stores from 440 to 600. The Financial Express Sep 24, 2011