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The Millennium School, Dubai



Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the adjectives given in Brackets. 1. Your handwriting is better than mine. ( good ) 2. He is the fastest bowler of our team. ( fast ) 3. This dress is as beautiful as that one. ( beautiful ) 4. He is an intelligent police officer. ( intelligent ) 5. Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world. ( high ) 6. Her voice is not as sweet as her sisters. ( sweet ) 7. Today is colder than yesterday. ( cold ) 8. This chair is more comfortable than the other one. ( comfortable )


Fill in the blanks as directed in the brackets. 1. Shailesh has finished his work. (Finish write in present perfect tense) 2. His parents are listening to the radio all evening. (Listen write in present continuous tense) 3. When I reached the station, the train had left. (Left write in past perfect tense) 4. When I saw him, he was playing the guitar. (Play write in past continuous tense) 5. Tomorrow at 6pm my aunt will be flying to Paris. (Fly rite in Future continuous tense) 6. I will return the book after reading. (Return write in Simple Future tense) 7. The night was as cool as a cucumber. ( insert a simile ) 8. The baby was as soft as a lamb. ( insert a simile ) 9. Tom was frightened and looked as pale as a rabbit. ( insert a simile )


Choose the correct option. 1. Our team played well and won the trophy. ( team, bouquet, herd ) 2. Kindness is a noble virtue. ( Kind, Kindness , Kindly ) 3. The audience enjoyed the concert. ( audience , fleet , bunch ) 4. The soldier was awarded for his bravery. ( brave, bravery, bravely ) 5. Have you ever travelled a foreign country? ( travel ) 6. I had thought that the people here would be very helpful. ( think )


Complete the following sentences using the antonym of the word given in brackets: 1. I entered through the exit. ( entrance ) 2. When I reached home my sister was awake. ( asleep ) 3. When the problem aroused my friend disappeared (appeared) from the scene. 4. My application was accepted. ( rejected ) 5. This problem is very easy (difficult) to solve. 6. You must always encourage (discourage) your friend to do good.