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Aquinowho is popularly known as g Cory Aquino was the eleventh president of the Republic of the Philippines and was the first woman president of the country as well as Asia. She was the widow of the late Senator Benigno Aquino whose assassination in !"# triggered the political unrest which culminated in the bloodless revolution. Childhood and Education Mara Corazn "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino was born on $anuary %&' !## in (arlac in a rich Co)uangco clam. *er father was $ose Co)uangco while her mother was +emetria Sumulong. She was the fourth in the family of si, siblings' namely- Pedro' $osephine Reyes' (eresita .opa' $ose $r.' and /aria Pa0 (eopaco. She studied in St. Scholastica and Assumption Convent of /anila. She studied abroad in the Ravenhill Academy of Philadelphia and 1otre +ame Convent School both in 1ew 2ork and the College of /ount Saint 3incent. She finished Bachelors of Arts ma)or in 4rench .anguage and minor in /athematics in the year !&#. Married Life She was studying in law in 456 when she stopped to marry Benigno 71inoy7 Aquino' $r. in !&8. (hey had five children' four daughters and a son. (hey are /a. 5lena A.Cru0' Aurora Cora0on A. Abellada' 3ictoria 5li0a A. +ee' 9ristina A. 2ap better known as 9ris Aquino' the actress and (3 host and Benigno Aquino ::: or 1oynoy who was elected Senator of the Philippines. She remained plain housewife while her husband 1inoy Aquino became a mayor at age %% and governor of (arlac. *e became the youngest senator when elected in !;<. =hen martial law was declared by President 4erdinand /arcos in September !<%' 1inoy Aquino was among those who were arrested and sentenced to death. *e was allowed together with the family to fly to Boston for health reason. (he family stayed there for three years. Cory Aquino was not with 1inoy Aquino when he returned and was assassinated in the /anila :nternational Airport on August % ' !"#. Cory Aquino returned to the Philippines to bury her husband with two million people in attendance. Life as a President Cory Aquino became active in the protests against /arcos. After a compromise was reached with the political party of Salvador .aurel' she was drafted to run in the snap presidential election when against /arcos. Although Comelec declared President 4erdinand /arcos winner' the tally of 1amfrel showed otherwise.

>n 4ebruary %%' !";' $uan Ponce 5nrile and 4idel Ramos severed their loyalties from the /arcos administration. People power were called to protect the two who were holed up in a military camp. >n 4ebruary %&' !";' President Cora0on Aquino was sworn in as President of the Philippines at the Club 4ilipino while /arcos took his oath in the /alacanan Palace. (hat night' /arcos family fled with the help of the 6S government to *awaii. 9ahit nanalo si /arcos sa bilangan ng C>/5.5C' nagpapakita naman ng ibang bilang ang 1A/4R5.. 1ang Pebrero %%' !";' inilunsad ang People Power matapos na humiwalay sina $uan Ponce 5nrile at 4idel Ramos sa administrasyon ni /arcos. Life as President She received numerous awards during the first year of her administration- among this was the =oman of the 2ear of the (ime /aga0ine. She signed the Comprehensive Agrarian Reforn which mandated the distribution of land to farmers?tenants. She was severely critici0ed when her family@s landholdings were e,empted because it was a corporate farm. :t was also during her administration when the Constitution in !#& was replaced by the new Constution which was drawn by the Constitutional Convention and was ratified in a plebiscite. *er governance was considered poltically unstable as coups after coups were made by the dissatisfied military people. 1ature calamities brought havoc to the country during her term. (here was the strong earthquake in Baguio' the eruption of /t. Pinatubo and the storm that sunk a ferry with hundreds pf people. Life After presidency Cory Aquino endorsed Alfredo lim during the !!% presidential election. *e place fifth. She became active in the protests against the Arroyo government. She was critici0ed when she apologi0ed to e,APresident 5strada for )oining the People Power %. She was diagnosed with cancer in /arch %BB".

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