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For AICTE Diploma Courses With Effect From 2011-12

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education

Institute Code :- 1221 Academic Year :- 2013 2014 Term :-Third Sem. Subject :-Propessional Practice Course :- CE . Name of Teacher: - Mrs.Chougule A.U.

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5 The field visits may be arranged in the following areas / industries: i) Completed Residential/Public building for planning principles ii) Residential/Public building under construction for sub /super structure detailing iii) Civil engineering structure during concreting work iv) Civil engineering structure during brickwork/stone masonry vi) Residential/Public building for finishing items vii) Ready mix Concrete plant
i) Quality in construction ii) New trends in civil engineering iii) Software for drafting iv) Low cost housing v) Building Bye laws vi) Body language

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following areas

vii) Equipments/machinery involved in earthwork 1. Problems of drinking water in rural area 2. Comparative study of various types of bricks. 3. Suitability of foundation for given site conditions of soil and loading. 4. New trends in concrete technology. 5. Formwork, centering and scaffolding 6. Advanced materials of construction. 7. Vertical communication for Tall buildings. 8. Cracks in structures causes, prevention, remedies. A group of four students is expected to collect information from the market regarding specifications and cost of any four items, used in building construction such as plumbing accessories, Floor tiles, Fasteners, Paints, Door panels, Glasswork, sunmica, foremica, etc. and submit a report on comparative study.





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For AICTE Diploma Courses With Effect From 2011-12

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education

LABORATORY/ASSIGNMENT /SHEET/ JOB/PROJECT ACTIVITY PLANNING (LP) Institute Code :1221 Course and Code : CE5E Subject Code: ECO-12137 Semester :Fifth Name of Faculty :Mr. Awasare V. G.
Sr. No 1 Name of Experiment/ Date of Assignment/Sheet/Job/Project Performance Activity Planned To understand the importance of estimation and costing. Types of estimate and purpose of estimate. Read civil engineering drawings and Prepare Check list of items of following type of Civil Engineering works. To collect the market rates of various civil engineering materials, Labors, and higher charges. To understand the different types of approximate estimate for civil work To prepare detailed estimate of a residential building (Part -1) Taking out quantities and measurement sheet. To Preparing Rate analysis of different items of civil engineering works. To prepare detailed estimate of a residential building (Part -ii) Prepare abstract sheet on basis of meas. Sheet in Ex. 5 To prepare detailed estimate of two storied (framed st.) residential building. (Mini project) To prepare detailed estimate for a Community well/ jack well/ septic tank To prepare detailed estimate for Hume pipe/ slab culvert Detailed estimate of RCC members i.e. Column footing, beam, slab. Preparing detailed estimate of WBM road. Study of software available for civil engineering estimate. Date of Completion Remark

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