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Vol. 2. No. 13.

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Saturday. 30th July.,1949



Soccer interest is focussed on the Yugo~lav t'eam, just arrived in Australia. The forthcoming "Tests" against them have already aroused much speculation among players and fans throughout the counfry. The key question is: "Just how good are the Yugoslavs?"

tau g1V'C'" an ~ustraha11 SIdea four-goal start-;-

";.c T~~a~~~er? - A..."~ygc~~y..::e~mrt,"... says-they }..."stand out: --They are light

(~ver~geweight is only 11 stone), youl}g-and they hope to get

permission to replace injured players. Mr. Dixon writes:

and still win. But Australian selectors, flatly, do. not agree. And the Vi~tor~a~ selectors a~e quIetly confident that we will 'gIve them theIr money's worth." Th fi t " T t " .11 b 1 d . S d e rs h es d WI t th epM aye ney on 30 Ib m y C . kt T-- l

G d A t 6 0 W d d A ugust roun on ugus Victorian .n e nes ay,take 10, the following team will the'

; t e secon a

e ourne rlC e

On J.uly 20 ~he much-h~rald~d Yugoslav team arrIved at Kmgsford SmIth atrport. The . of two managers, 17 payers party consIsts and 1 ' . , . a tramer, ThIs IS the team., Goalkeeper: Vladim~r Beata. Backs: Ljubomir Kokeza SIavko Lusfica. Half~bdcks: Bozo Broketa Ivo Mrcic, Ervin , Katnic, TonciRadovnikovic, Ivo Radovnikovic. d I' F d D ' D orWar s: ragutm rvo Je lC, A nte M aId inic, Andrija Krstulovic, Frane Matosic (Cap.), Bernard V:!,lkas, Miljenko Batinic, Vojko Andrijasevie; Fr-:tnko Vidjak, Anti Vulic. Krstulovic, Bati~ic and Vidjak are centreforwards. Managers are Iva Raic and Milenko


field against tm Yugoslavs at the M..C.G.:Goals: Weight (Park Rangers). '-' Back,,: Kennedy (Moreland), White (Sandringham City). , ' ~alf-backs: Glibert (M.oreland) , Jack (BrIghton), Drennan (Sunshme Utd,). Forwards: Hardman (Moreland), Wilson (Park Ra?gers) , Grix, (Moreland), Stoddart (Sth.-Yarra) , Barr (BrIghton).: ..Reser,ves: Sinclair, McDougall and Ristich
'H'll BrIghton), Box 1) .
(of Holborn and MrFeeters (of







Th e tour IS ' sponsore d b y th e Y ugos 1av government, and expense would seem to be no

The selectl<?n ,,;as announced by the secretary <?f ~he VIctOrIan Amateur Soccer Football AssocIatIon (Mr. S, Beaton). A special article by V. J. M. DIXON giv,esa preview of the Yugoslav team. Three thmgs

object, But the tourists found "trouble" as soon as they arrived. The weather was colder than they had expected, and then they had difficulty ,,;ith the o.fficia,Isover the matter of cIgarettes.. TheIr mam dIfficulty was
~-,* ,,~

Page 2 SOCCER NEWS :",c"":~C',~--~':~~.:'!1 ' " "'::;i'~d?iC", .

that they could not speak English and exptanations were not easy. But their fi~st "work-out" (on. top o~ a mayoral recept1on at that!) was 1mpreSS1ve. They "shook the kinks out" at the Sydney Cricket Grol1nd. Later, they defeatedNew South Wales-and confirmed the critics' opinions. Remember, they had then been in the country for only two days-:-and the N.S,W. team was almost a "Test" line-up. That makes it even more outstanding. And! it augurs well for their to~r. , News of the personaKt1es m the team comes through their interpreter, Mr. Alagich. They have Olympic players among them-Broketa (left back) and V ukas (outside left)) both played in the Olympic team in the final against Sweden at Wembley Stadium. Ivo Radovnikovic has played in 120 international matches. He is 29. The team is a light one and the players are young. Average weight is about 11 stone; all, except the captain (Matosic) , are in their twenties. They have expressedone hope-they want to be allowed, during the tour, to make.replace. ments of injured players. What the attituBe. of the Au~'ralian authorities on this will be remains to be seen. How good they are, also remains to be seen. Their early win over New South Wales is a pointer and one Sydney "expert" believes that they could give an side four go~ls start and still lickAustralian them. But Australian selectorsdon't think so. Neither, do Victorian selectors. They are confident in their boys. To the visitors they. just say: "The very best of luck." * * *

Prahran.. only one point behind again, together in fourth position. Yallourn, fighting to keep out of the relegation zone, may give serious opposition to Box Hill in this afternoon's match at Yallourn, and a win at this stage would certainty boost their prospects of remaining in the top division for season 1950. On the other hand, a defeat for Yallourn would make the relegation question a keen struggle right to the end of the league programme. Western Suburbs, at the bottom of the lad~ der" look to, be in a v,ery hopeless position to avo1d relegat1on. The1r match to-day at Sunshine Park against the divisional champions, Brighto&, gives them no hope of improvj~~ their position, and at this stage it seems ~ evitable that they must take their place in second grade next season. At Campbell Reserve, Moreland, the. home team will be out to avengethe 3-1 defeat it when Bradford met them at Footscray. This game appears to be the most interesting of the First Division contests this afternoon, and on their good showing last Saturday against Brighton, Moreland looks to be the winners. Middle Park will be the setting for another stirring contest, where Park Rangers will nave as its visitors, the improved South Yarra side. When these two teams last met it was a battle of ,~actics from start to finish with Rangers comIng out on top to the extent of 2-0. The young Rangers combination has shown rapid improvement since then, and them is indicated. .. another win for The Olympic Park contest will be between Prahran and Sunshine United, where the latl--" team will be giving its best in an effort) achievevi<:tory. 'In second last place, and wiTh only one point separating them from Y~llourn, who are just out of the relegation zone, Sunshine willl?ave r:nuch to gain from a win at this st~ge, espec1ally 1f Yallourn are defeated by Box

Box Hill's drawn game with Park Rangers last ~atu~d.ay, won for, Brighton t~e 1949 Prer:nIersh1p Pennant W1th seven pOInts clear of Its nearest opp~nents, tl?e seasI~e.~s could,. afford to be beaten I~ all .of Its rer:namm,g !?ur l~ague games, and stul wm the FIrst DIvIsIon tItle. ,The bat~le for runners-up ~nd the fig?t to.avo!d, ~elegatlonare now the mam features m thIS dIvIsIon. The secondteam, Box Hil~, is only one point ,ahead of Park Rangers,~wIth Moreland and

Hul. The only game in the SecondDivision which looks at all inte,resting is that between Ring~ wood and Sandrmgham, to be played at Ri-ngwood, but, the leaders, Sandringham; should ha.vever.y lIttle trouble in improving their firm grip whIch they have on the premiership title. ' Of the . other games ,oa Hak h sh ou Id avenge ItS surprise defeat by Hakoah when these teams last met at Olympic Park, and South Melb" University and Yarraville should all win.

age P. W, L. D. F. A. Pts. LEAGUE TABLES, #

P. W. L. D. F. A. -Pts.
, , , ,

Heidelberg. Olympic.' Will' town. Yarravill-e. University. * JUNIOR Under 19 Division.. Yalloum.. 15 14 Box Hill. . 14 11 Preston. 15 11 West Subs. 15 9 Brighton. 15 7 Hakoah.. 14 6' Sth. Yarra. 15 6 Park Rangers 15 5 1 1 3 3 7 8 9 9 0 2 3 0 1 3 76 54 31 0 2 1 3 1 0 0 1 41 27 39 34 14 10 12 13 21 11 16 22 25 21 39' 44' 6 24 13 LEAGUE LADDERS, 28 24 23 21 15 12 12 11 30 25 21 * 15 15 14 14 14 5 4 3 3 1 * 9 9 10 11 13 1 2 1 0 0 27 15 29 9 8 51 42 46 74 44 11 10 7 6 2

15 10
14 6 7 1 36' 31 13

5 0 50 25 20


14 I5 15 15 15 14/ 15 12 8 7 8 8 5 5 0 4 4 6 6 5 7 10 12 0 2 4 5 7 1 1 0 0 1 47 57 67 23 40 12 18 26 22 28 29 25 22 18 15 2 3 4 1 1 4 3 46 40 36 46 45 30 31 15 26 35 19 22 18 35.17 42 17 29 14 32 13

First D,vIsion, Brighton. . Box Hill.". Park Rangers Moreland.. Prahran . . Bradford. . South Yarra Sunshine. . 15 West, Subs. . 15 ~:onl Ivlslon.. Sand'ham, 15 Sth, Melb. . 15 Hakoah. 15 Ringwood 14 University. 15

Yalloum . . 15
4 2 14 12 11 9 7 1 1 34 -!!t7 22 55 9 5




d D'"

. Preston.. Heidelberg. Under 17 Division.

Sth. Melb: Preston.. Sunshine.. 15 15 15 Yarraville . 14 Olympic---, "...15 Will'town . 15 Th Ir ' d D' .. , IVISlon"

15 15
2 ,2 1 9 II 12 3 1 2 22 13 18 39 60 61 7 6 4

3 5

7 9

5 26 1 25

35 37

11 11

15 1'1: 9

Coburg . . 15 1.5 Metters Bradford..

Brighton.. Sand'ham. Park Rangers Ringwood. Northcote.

8 7 15
15 14 14 14 14

5 2 2 28 17 16 18 6 36 39 8
6 5 5 4 3


14 21. 14 10 15 7 1.3 6 13 6 13 5 12 4 1 3 7 6 6 8 8 I. 1 1 1 1 0 0 56 42 43 38 23. 17 23 16 25 36 24 '22 35 47 25 21 15 13 13 10 8


1 0




8 8 8 9 11

1 1 1 1 0

20 22 13 10 9

37 28 42 28 49

13 11 11 9 6

"---"ghton . . 14 woodlands A 14
D '" R FIrst ' IVls,lon eserves,

George Cross Fifers . . . Northcote . Y.C.W.M. . Woodlands. Macedonians Metters. .

U.,der 15 Division.

1 1 1 1 4 5 7 7 7 12 0 0 1 1 0 1 5.2 71 80 51 52 45 25 25 15 11 1 130 39 7

69, 54

5 2 11 28 14 28 3'1 21 40 18 40 16 3415 36 11 45 4

Box Hill..
Sth, Melb. Preston...
Ringwood. Sunshine.

14 14
15. 15

12 10
7 5

2 3
7 6

0 1
1 4

80 43
51 39

11 25 Nortnicote. Brighton.. West Subs. Sand'ham. Park Rangers 14 15 14 14 14 5 4 4 1 1 6 7 7 10 12 3 4 3 3 1 36 24 25 19 20 51 10 64 5 116 . Central Gippsland Schoolboy Soccer Association at Yallourn,

24 21
27 15 17 " 14

Park Rangers Brighton. . Prahran. . Sth, Yarva. Box Hill. . Yalloum . . Bradford. . Moreland'

15 14 15 14 1':5 10 15 8 15 8 15 7 15 3 [5 1

13 12 11 5 3

Sunshine. 14 1 11 West Subs . 14 1 12 . Second Division Reserves, Sand'ham . 15 14 1 Hakoah . . 14 13 1 Sth. Melb. . 14 10 3 .

2 1
0 0 1

8 22
61 65 55

79 64

4 3
11 28 11 26 2fJ. 21

St. Andrews St. Johns 'A' Morwell . . Y. Rangers. Y Methodists St, Johns 'B'

10 9 10 .8 10 5 10 3 10 2 10 -

1 1 1 5 4 3 6 2 10 -

35 17 19 24 4

.5 14 12 32 47

17 10 9 6 0



.- Pag~4 JUNIOR . . . The ~rst rou~d of Jumor AssocIatIon Cup James (Sth. Melb.); Kinnersle,y(Metters); and Jarman (Northcote). Next Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon, the
State Under 15 Schoolboy team will playa practice game against RingwoOd; at Middle Park, commencing at 1.30 p.m. At 2.45 p.m. the State Under 19 team will playa practice game a team yet ;to be decided torian Under 15appointed Schoolboys, whilst Mr. J. Parker has been coach of the State Under 19 team, with Mr. J. Rickerby as manager.
Mr. W. Tomhnson, coach of Sth. Melbourne Juniors, has been appointed coach of the Vic-

contests IS to be played on August 20, and the. draws are as follows:Junior Cup (Under'19 Division). Preston v. Box Hill. Brighton v. Park Ra~gers. M11 der 17 D. .. ). I er Cup (U nl Ivls,on Coburg v. Park Rangers. Bradford v Sunshine Utd.
Yallourn v. Hakoah. West Subs. v: South Yarra.

Brighton v. Metters.


Byes: Sth. and Melb. Utd., Preston, Ringwood, Sandringham City. '

J. J. ListonCup (Under15 Division).

Sth. Melb. v. Sunshine. Utd. B~ighton v.Utd. Norihc.ote. RIngwood v. SandnnghamCIty: Byes: Preston, Metters, Box Hul, Western Suburbs and Park Rangers.
(All games will be played on grounds of first-named clubs.) ~. JUNIOR INTERSTATE TEAMS.
South Australia will arrive in Melbourne (jn





~ rtr ~

WJ ~'eJJ~

Lettersto the Editor

I was ImmedIately Interested to read In "Soccer News" of Saturday, July 16, an en-

August 22 to compete against the Victorian Under 19 team for the "Skolnik Cup." The game will be played on August 27. Present holders of the Cup are Victoria, who won it l~st season at Adelaide. The State selectors have selectedthe following 14 players to represent Victoria:Wookey, Williams, Kilchrist and Spen1er (Preston); Weir and Farrow (Brighton); Masson, Tribe and Davi~ (West. Subs.); Barnett. and Overall (~ox Hul) MuIrhead and Sullier (Park ; Bader (Hakoah) Rangers) . " ;

quiry "Can anything be done about refereesand Clubs getting together and teaching the laws and rules of the game to some of our young players." I will be only too pleased to give one night per week gratis to any club or clubs desirin~ tuition on the laws and rules of the game. W. Fleming (Refe,ree), Frat 1, 284 New Street, Brighton. * * * ...J
In reply emphatically to J: E. (Nipper) refute his claim Thompson, I that. a certain

. The proposed Interstate Schoolboys Carnlyal may have to be a~andoned or postponed ow!ng

amount of dirty Rangers' game.

play is' creeping into the Park

to the transI?~rt tIe-up cause~by the coal strIke, howtver a VISItby a.Tasmaman Schoolboy tear;n may ta~e place ~unng September. A serIesof mal gameshave been played over
the last few the weeks: folloWIng and 13 the State players selectors of 15 have to be chosen

As fpr the inside left being the chief sinner I would like to inform Mr. Thompson that the same player won the Club award for the best and fairest in 1948 and was runner-up in 1947.
Not bad for a dirty player! ,

I d Th "" " II b e se ecte . e remaInIn g two PIay ers WI . chosen next Monday mght. The players selected so far are:I Donshi, Collins, Harvey and Marr (Yallourn) ; Petherick (Sunshine) ; McIver (Preston 'tech.); Hirst and Costello (Box Hill); Mc-

.. (M I.ddl e Par k) . . !UII .."""""...~ 40! ~ ~..~ ... . . . . . . . . . ~~~. ~~. ~~. . .~~~ . ~,. . ~". ~'~".".".'



Gartney (Brighton) ;



SATURDAY AFTERNOON (Rear of Grand Stand)


Preston club is going "all out" to publicise the international match. An advertisement, much larger than that prescribed by the V.S.F.A., is to be inserted in the local paper, the extra cost to be met from club funds.

On the day of the match, transport will leave

the Preston ground for the M:C.G. In addition, eachsenior player will "adopt" a schoolboy and pay his expenses for the day. Other clubs . might copy. ~",;J ~ '-HARD GAME AT SURREY PARK. ~~;

A 2- 2 draw was a reasonableoutcome of this match at Surrey Park. Neither side could claim complete mastery over the other at any stage of the game. , In general, the defences held the respective forwards in check although the Park Rangers' full backs had .to m_oves~ar,tl~ -?n occasion tq cover fast-movmgiBi;;x Hll11 PlaYIng more open football. They gave the Rangers' forwards a lesson in keeping the ball mo~ing. Only one goal was scored In the first half. The ball came over from the Box Hill right wing ilnd Peterson (P .R.) misjudged the



0 N


bounce. McFeeters(B.H.) drove for goal and

gave Weight no chance. Park Rangers equalised early in the second half when Highet converted a corner from For~ rest. Bo" Hill regained the lead through MacDonald. Ranger,s' forwards pressedvigorously 1 finally Gillis pushed the ball through for 'mulcahy to beat Taylor with a hard shot. WHERE WAS THE REF?



. With no refereeturning up, and Woodlands' team 35 minutes late, Metters secretary (P. Mactook charge of the game. - donald) scored qui,kly when Metters' goalie Woodlands was beaten

by a fast driving shot. An~ther goal from 20 yards out put Woodlands two goals up by half time. In...the second half Metters opened up on both wings and had Woodlands worried. Two
quick bustling goals equalised. Metters' de-




fence played well but could not drive the ball far enough. Woodlands were unlucky failing to score when Metters' goalie, trying to clear, was ~aught and beaten outside the penalty area.

c,;6 Page

c: "'

";; '",..



':, :'\

' ...


moved smartly with Woodlands -storing' lrn 7' b . Sd ' h 20 Metters Under s eat an nng am I got b 0th goalsat*Hampto~.. BK 1nnersey one a beautiful header. * * * FORWARD LINE SHINES..
y h' I ' 4-3 the w !st e to W '

NextSatll;rday'theFirst team visit Ri?~wood win this the Second Div1s10n Champ1onsh1p
and are lookrng forward t,o ,a,gQod game',lf th~y

he1rs.. ' 1S t The Juniors are training hard and improy-:

ing. Peter Duckworth in goals for the Und~r 15 is playing wonderful football and a lot 1S expected of this:oy. * * A BUSY WEEK-END. A hectic game at Box Hill, a solid dour match at Middle Park with the Reserveteam and then the Fancy Dress Dance1at night made Saturday

South Yarra outplayed Western Suburbs to take a four goal victory on S'lturday. From the outset, South Yarr,a pressed,f<?rward ~nd only stout .defence-w1th I, !-llggrns playrng .well-kept them off. ~u~urbs counter~attacks
were ~PQut by poor fimshrng, Stoddart netted Yarra s .first goal after a good cr~ss fro:m Sharp. Shortly. afte~,he fou~d Subur?s goal1e .oqt of

the busiest for a long time. And that was Dr-" ,e all-the club had a pleasant, busy Sunday do J at Flinders Naval Depot.

place w1th a header. Half-time scores. Yarra 2, Suburbs O. . Resuming; Yarra attacked agarn. Good left wing work and a fine shot by R, Sharman got their third goal, Suburbs swung the play but their finishing was poor and within minutes Yarra h"ad scored again-this time, .from a. baR from Milla~ to Stoddart; who finished Witi? a left foot, dnve, Suburbs never really got gorng and their defence was overworked to peg the score to four goals. .' ~ The South Yarra Reserveshad an easy Will against Western Suburbs Rese~ve(7.-3);, .The team is shaping well, ~n~, with a f~w adJust~ ments. should be well rn 1t at the fimsh. * * *
lookIng 'forward Division. Wth

The Reserv~ game was a well fought game with Rangersbaving that little extra that kept Box Hill quiet. The game was specially marked by two fine goals-the secQndfor each club. James Wilson's was. a delight to see, whilst Box Hill's was a nice long drive from the left wing. Final s~qre: R.angers3, Box Hll 2. The ga~e at,~Jirlders ,wi,s a~eye;-9Pfne~ as regards the talent at, the Base, I underst~nd three or four of their players were unloadmg coal on the 'Duke' and so' were not available. However, Rangers had a mixture of Firsts and Reservesin equal proportions. After a most pleasant g~rneB.angersran out winners by four goals to nu. Navy are keen for a return' game some Sunday in the near future. . The Fancy Dress Dance was voted a huge success-by' all present. e~e~ "better than last

EXPECT was 'jubuant


PROMOTION. after last Satur-

year" was the general opinion.

.. ---'--

day's game. Having.beaten Olympic they were

to being promoted to the First three games to be played they, SOCCER





are seven points clear of the th,ir<t,team on ,the ladder. They are proud of their record. as Just b,eing a new club this season b,oth First and Reserve teams are leading their .respectivesections.' The First team were surprised by Olympic's s~ed and dash and fo~ ~ while were on the defence, but then combrnrng well together the t City took con,trol of,the game and ran out clear I

" Club Secret.~ncs ple,ase note that pqyment for SoccerNews must rn future be posted to W. W.,Tunn, 2 Lockhart St., Caulfield. LF 1859.
"'., ,.., ,.., ,., , , " , ,

Don McLennan, promoted from the seconds was und~r notice for some nice crosses,whilst Ralph White's' goal from a free kick 30 yards out was worth going a long way to see. The Res,erve t~a.mhad another win .and im~ proved their Pos~~!9.n on the ladder.

High-class La~les and Gents Tailor. Your Own Material Made Up. Latest American and Europ_ean Cut. 211 Lygon St., Carlton, N.3 Phone: FJ 3302; Priv, FJ 2937






Page 7




Coburg Juniors. having a bye, issued a challenge to the Old Buffers of the "club-the match to be played on the home ground, Before a good crowd. the juniors, anticipating an easy victory. attacked from the start, but clever goalkeeping by "Shadow" Barclay and the solid" work of the backs kept them at bay, Then the Old Buffers produced some of their former brilliance and attacked th,e junior goal incess~ antly. No score at half-tIme. After the change the juniors goaled and the O)d Buffers equalised. At the last minute the Old scored again to win. haveBuffers challenged again on their next The openjuniors Satur-

Yarraville club played a hard slogging game against Ringwood at Yarraville on Saturday under .bad ground conditions, The players were plodding through mud ankl~ deep' .and good football was out of the questIon, Rmgwood were lucky to collect the points as the Yarraville forwards' shooting for goal was very weak. The two best players on the ground were the respectivegoalkeepers,who were mainly respon~ible for the low score of 2~1, in favou~ of Rmgwood. -



SOCIAL EVENING. Y arraville SoccerClub will hold a Socia)

Evening on Saturday, August 6. in the Rechabite Ha.ll. Yarraville. Silver collection, all welcome. JUNIOR ASSOC.lAT'ION'S APPEAL. ,." The Jumor ~ssoclatlo~ wIshes ,to ackn9wledge tw9 donatIons receIved for ItS Carmval

"SOCCER NEWS" - SPECIAL SOUVENIR EDITION. Clubs are advised that next week's issue of "S9c,cer News" :v~ll be ,a" S,pecial Souvenir EdItion, for the VISIt to VIctOrIa of the Yugoslav team. Copies of this edition will be on sale at the Melbourne Cricket Ground both on

Saturday, August 6 (SecondTest match) and

Wednesday, August 10 (Yugoslavia v. Victoria) # wise notIfied the same q.uota of copIes wtll be fo.rwarded to club~ as m the, If cl~bs wI~h to change theIr order for thIS Issue, notlfi~ cation must be sent to Mr, J. A. Olsen, 314
. , ,Club ~ecretanes please note that u~less <?ther~

Fu.n~; one for 5 r~ceiv.eq from Mr. A. E.

Wtlhams, of North Preston, and the .other for
All members of the Junior Association desire to express their 'sincere appreciation to these

1/1/- from Cr. H. E. Parker. of Rmgwood.

two donors for the assistancethey have given. The Schoolboys' ~rnival was to have been held in Melbourne from July 30 to August 6.

lnkerman Street. East St. post Kilda, notweek. later than Tuesday morning's ofby next'
Cha.ngeof numb~rs to be forwarded will not be, r 'lved after thIS date. "-HAKOAH

. . .. ~ . .... ~".".". ... ... ... . . . . . . . . ~.. . . . . '. . . . . . . . . . . ~..'. ..


A L L EN 's


Park last Satur-

Heidelberg visited Olympic

day, to be defeated 6~2 by Hakoah J.R.C. Hakoah put the pressqre on from the start, scored after 17 minutes and again two minutes later. Just ,before half-time Reissberg and Meyer both goaled, giving Rakoah a 4-nil lead in the second half, 15 Heidelberg got the their first goal from a penalty. minutes after second half started. Then Meyer received a pass from the wing, took it out of the air and goaled. The visitor's second reply c~me.from a ~orner. A corner gave Hakoah ~thelr sixth; Relssberg kicked the corner and Kopstein put the pall in.


Boots Made to Order. Price

. 27 I 6

Phone: Warragul 469,

but owirig~'tofhe'coarstrlkeCm6s(States could not arrange transport. There are possibiliti~s, however. that the CarnIval may be held m September. providi~~ the coal strike is. over by then and transport IS back to normal. The Junior Association would appreciateany further monetary assistance towards its Carnival Fund. and all donations will be gratefully ack~ nowledgedthroughlhese columns. The Junior Association Secretary is Mr. J. A. Olsen. 314 lnkermari Street. East St. Kilda. S.2. BRIGHTON V. BRADFORD. Pleasenote that the match between Brighton and Bradford on August 13 will not be played at Olympic Park, as listed. but will be played instead at Hurlingham Park. S. Beaton, Secrefary.
* * * ,

defence~ Time and again the Yugo's left wing broj{e away until Jen~ins. making his one mistake of the day. dropped a shot from Matosic which was sunk at once by inside right Vidjak., Third goal came from Andrijasevic. who had replaced Krstulovic (centre forward) at half~ backward and forward passesfrom Vidjak to time .';tnde~ ~greement with N.S. W. Pretty AndrlJaseVlc gave N.S.W. defenders little opcp~rtunity and the centre forward beat ienkins wIth a low shot on the corner. Highlight of the game was the wing play of Vukas (outside left) and Drvodjelic (outside right) who amazed the ~rowd wit? tricky footwork seldom seenbefore In Austraha. Goalkeeper Beara. whose agility was little short of marvellous. e.~sily dealt with Jl troubles except Marst.on s penalty.
For the 1st Test match on Saturday. at Sydney Showground, seven of the N,S.W. team

The Hon. Secretaryof t.he Central GIppsland Sc~oolboy Soccer AssocIation T. popula~ Evans) t~em::-a good effort with a Y(Mr. allourn
WrItes that they have 85 boys registered with

have been chosen. Team is as follows:G I' J" Marston k' ( N SW "Backs: (N.S. ) W,) , Drummond
oa. en lnS

tlon <1fonly about 5.000. The Association has two grounds available and the new changl' rooms are ex,cellent. "~ny club that grumj>le~ about tr~.velhng to Y all~urn have not the game at heart. Mr. Evcns WrItes.

(N.S. W.) . Half-backs: Lawne (Queensland). Wilson (N.S.W.). Gibb (Queensland). Forwards: Sanders (N.S. W.) . Johrts (N.S.W.),. Nunn (Queensland),. Hughes

(N.S.W.). Marshall (N,S.W.).

V. N.S.W. . By V. J. M. Dixon. No Victorians or South Australians have been chosen but 3 Queensl~ders are included. Nunn takes the centre forward position from


Hopes of a successfultour by the Yugoslavs wer~ more than stim:ulated ?y their easy ,;ictory overN.S.W.. PlaYlng theIr own vanati0n of the third back game. at no time were they troubled by the N..S.W.. attack. Parsons.
N.S. W. centre-forward (of Leichhardt). was never a danger Broketa. dwelling on him all

Parsons. Whose innocu9us efforts against Bro~ keta undoubtedly lost him t~e posit!on. Nunn. whom Metters have been trYlng to lnduce south from Qucensla,nd all the ye~r. ttl~y strengt,hen the for,ward Ilne. but ,the mcluSlon of G""b.
y.rho faued so badly agamst the South Afri }. IS ,harder to understand. A slow player. CJ11J'b

the time. never gave him a chance for his usual dangerous shooting. For the first 20 minutes play was even. but

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