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There are a number of ways we can look at MIS; the two major ways in which we can consider MIS

are firstly technical and secondly behavioural. To gain a complete picture of MIS in the modern organization we need to consider both perspectives. Technical approach: The technical approach emphasises scientific modelling of businesses, technology and capabilities of systems. It is concerned with the mathematical and the normative models. Physical technology forms the back bone of such an approach. Such an approach mainly finds much needed contributions from the disciplines like computer science, management science, and operational research. Management science emphasises models of decision making and management. Combining this with an understanding of technical issues and computer science, this provides the technical approach to modern management. o Computer science: allows data warehousing, there is simulation modelling. It is inbuilt in the system. o Operations research: deals with transportation, LPP, Simulation etc. which helps in decision making. o Management science: management science emphasises models of decision making and management. Behavioural approach: The behavioural approach looks at the psychological, sociological and economic aspects of the system. It is based on the impact of the behaviour and also on the response of the people in the organization to the MIS. Motivational feasibility forms a very important and demanding part of such an approach towards MIS development. This approach deals with issues of: design, implementation, business integration and management. It consists of: o Sociological approach: looks at (design, implementation, business integration, and management) aspects from the point of view of how groups work together and the nature of the organization. o Psychological approach looks at how people perceive and use information systems, especially with respect to decision making. o The economic approach looks at how IT system affects control structure and costs both within a company and in markets. Modern approach to MIS: Today the study of MIS involves using both the technical and behavioural approaches. All perspectives are required to understand the impact of IT system in an organizations. Therefore, it is only through the use of all perspectives that a complete picture can be achieved. This holistic approach is the modern approach to MIS. Top down approach: under top down approach we define the activities of the organization, nature of organization and constraints upon which it operates. Firstly, crucial strategic implication of MIS is set, and then other operational activities are specified to achieve such strategic goals. It develops a model of information flow in the organization which acts as a guide for designing the information system. Management takes the initiatives in formulation of major objectives, policies and plans and such are communicated to the lower level for its efficient operation. Bottom-up approach: the bottom up approach starts with the lowest-level management of the hierarchy and proceeds progressively through higher level of management. First of all day to day activities are identified, then information requirement is identified and system at the lower level is also developed. Finally all
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Prepared By: Saroj Lamichhane

the subsystems are integrated i.e. lower level subsystems are integrated with the top level management so that information need could be fulfilled.

Prepared By: Saroj Lamichhane

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