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Michael P.

1470 S. Edison St. #2 Salt Lake City UT 84115 (858) 866-6389 Objective To obtain a position as Family Support Professional Team Lead for AIM group 2. Experience Rise Services Family Support Professional (October 2013-Present) Provide assistance to people receiving support through the implementation of the RISE Mission, Vision, and Values. Assist people (as applicable to the person) with the following supports: Daily living, Hygiene, Mobility, Encouraging relationships, Accessing their community, provide/arrange transportation, Therapeutic objectives, Behavioral supports to include redirecting and/or physically supporting people using approved techniques, Adequate supervision, Medication and medical issues when indicated, Shall follow medical protocols and doctor's orders and implement specialized interventions for dealing with unique health needs as required, Other needs of the person/family as identified by the team. Act as an appropriate role model and support people in using appropriate language, dress, table manners, respect, and other behavior as needed.

U.S. Marine Corps Support Equipment Manager (May 2008 May 2012) Used logistical management techniques, supply procedures, technical publications and automated data processing equipment to conduct, reconcile, and report inventories. Implemented aviation asset management program in conjunction with set naval policies and procedures. Inventoried and accounted for up to 75 million dollars in government assets quarterly. Worked cross functionally with several departments to coordinate accurate delivery and embarkation of mutli-million dollar assets. Responsible for record keeping and logging any and all shipping procedures. Maintained constant stream of communication between all necessary parties involved in orders, resulting in 0 mishaps during mission critical times. Updated and corrected inventories and reported all discrepancies to executive leadership. Maintained constant flow of workload and delegated assignments to crew leaders. Enforced safety and equal opportunity workplace. Maintained accurate calibration on specific assets as required by set naval policies and procedures.

Michael P. Greene
Education Salt Lake Community College Miramar Community College Asset Management Course U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp Valley High School Graduated Graduated Diploma Salt Lake City, UT (January 2014-Present) San Diego, CA (September 2012-May 2013) Meridian, MS. (November 2008) Paris Island, SC. (August 2008) Sandy, UT. (June 2006)

*Military Awards and certifications available upon request. *Personal and professional references available upon request.