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Submitted by: Bai Marhama Ishak Submitted to: Dr. Taha H. Pido


Islam is religion who founded by Allaho Taala. It came from the root word salema means peace, submission, surrender, and obedience. Islams are slave of Allaho Taala. Islam is a universal religion, and a complete way of life. It is a dynamic and living religion. It is a religion of reason and wisdom. It satesfies the need of human inquiry. It satesfies the humanness of human beings. It is not only for the guidance and salvation of a particular individual or nation but for the guidance abd salvation of a particular individual or nation but for the human society as a whole. It regulates not only the internal life of a nation but also lays clear cut instructions in the international sphere. It is beautifully demonstrated into reality by the life and example of the last prophet. Mohammad was a prophet whose teachings from the islamic religion. As a islam persons and a slave of Allah Subhannah Huwa Taala, it is our responsibility to believe in Allahs words. To follow the teachings of Mohammad and to preay 5 times a day. Allah made us in this world to take care of the earth and to spread the words of Allah that has given to us by Archangel Gabriel.


6 Articles of Islam

We islams are not muslims without doing such things that we need to follow. I learn that th believe in the oneness of Allah is to believe in All His Angels, that they are pure, holy, obidient to the will of Allah, and truthful. I learn that Jibra-iil is the one who convey the divine message to Allah. Mika-iil the guardian of land, sea, and the water. Israfiil the one who keeps the lauhul muhfuuzh (protective board) which is all the actions are recorded, the suur( horn or trumpet) that is used in signalling on the destruction on the day of resurrection. Isra-iil the angel of death. Ridhwaan angel of heaven and angels. Maalik angel of hell. Raqiib the one who records the good deeds. Atiid the one who records the bad deeds. And Munkar/Nakiir they are assigned to ask the man rabbuka? mannabiyuka? and madinuka? To believe in all his angels is to believe in all his books the Taurah, Zabur, the Injil and the Quran. The Quran contains 114 chapters and 6287 verses. To believe in all his books is to believe in all his prophets as a messengers for the guidance of mankind. A model; for mankind and teaches mankind the commands of Allah.They are human beings and they are all males. Prophets has a 3 attributes. The As sifaatul waajibat, As sifaatul mustahiilat, and As sifaatul jaa-izaat. Yattasifuna bi sifaatil bashariyyah allati laa tanqusu maraatibuhumul aaliyah. They are Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim Musa, Isa, and Mohammad S.A.W. To believe in all his prophets is to believe also in the day of judgement that there are signs, the kiamat, the paradise and the hell.


Historical Sketch
In this historical sketch, I learn that Prophet Mohammad was born in Mecca in the year A.D 570. He received the revelation at the age of 40 and the first divine message was IQRA means to read and to writem I learn that Quran was the 1st principal source of law. It was revealed by Allah as a guidance to the right path. Sunnah was the record source of law after the Quran. It was supplementary. It comprises the sayongs of the prophet, his deeds and his tacit approval.