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Obtain two stereo pair photos. Scan each photo separately. (I would recommend desaturating them to make them B&W. Open le"t photo in #hotoshop ($ust like your eye% the le"t photo is identi"iable by the "act that ob$ects within the scene are more to the right when o&erlayed with the other eye. (rom the color selector% select color )**(((( (bright tur+uoise . ,he e+ui&alent o" this in -.B is -/*** ./200 B/200.(,his is also called cyan . 1reate a layer abo&e the le"t photo and "ill it with this color. 3uplicate this layer and go to Image 4 5d$ust 4 In&ert. ,his will change the color o" this duplicate cyan layer to a red color (direct opposite . In -.B the color created will be -/200 ./*** B/***. Open the right photo and copy it% close it and in the le"t photo (the one to which you added the colored layers % paste it below the red layer. 8ow position the ' layers as "ollows9 ,he bottom is your right photo. 5bo&e it is the red layer. 5bo&e it is the le"t photo and abo&e this is the cyan layer. I" you wish to check the alignment o" the two photo pairs you can turn o"" red and cyan layers and ad$ust the opacity o" the le"t photo to 0*;. <ake sure both photos are on the same &ertical plane and shi"t up=down appropriately. When "inished change the opacity o" the le"t photo back to 1**;. ,urn on the cyan layer and change the trans"er mode to screen. <erge the cyan and le"t photo layers together. >ou should now see a &ery abstract cyan tinted image that will be hard to distinguish in areas. ,urn o"" this new cyan layer. ,urn the red and right photo layers back on and change the red trans"er mode to screen. (8ote9 >ou don?t need to merge these two i" you don?t want to. 5gain you?ll see an abstract red image similar to the cyan be"ore. ,urn on the new merged cyan=le"t photo layer and change the trans"er mode to multiply. #ut on glasses (red on le"t% cyan on right and you should now see the anaglyph.


>ou may wish to change the red=right layer?s opacity to somewhere between 7* and :*;. 3o this as you wear the glasses as it will make the ad$ustments easier. -emember in order to do this you need to add a white layer below the right photo (or red color=right photo merge so you don?t see the transparency s+uares beneath the photo i" you started with a transparent background. >ou could also mo&e this layer le"t or right to make ad$ustments to the alignment. 5t the end you can merge down the image by going to Image 4 (latten Image and sa&e it as a @#A. image with the +uality setting o" your choice "or simplicity so you don?t ha&e to sa&e it as a layered #hotoshop .psd picture.