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Microsoft Excel Training Courses (w.e.f. 1st Nov, 2013)

Full Course_3: Three Month @ Rs. 3700. (Monday to Friday)
Getting started
Starting and closing Excel Tour the Excel Window Work with Excel Ribbon Working with smart Tags Configure Excel Options

Essential List Management

Entering & Editing Excel Data

Learning the Layout of a Worksheet Exploring the Types of Data You Can Use Entering Text and Values Entering Dates and Times Modifying Cell Contents Insert a Symbol Selecting cells before entering data Using Ctrl+Enter to place information into multiple cells simultaneously Using AutoFill to enter a series of values Using AutoComplete Feature Select a Range Move or Copy a Range Insert or delete cells, rows, and columns Hiding rows and columns Freeze Panes

Working with Tables

Sorting a Range Sort a Report into a Custom Sequence Filter a List Advanced Filter Find and Replace Remove Duplicates Outlining Data Consolidating Data Data Validation Creating a Table Inserting a Totals Row in a Table Add or remove table rows and columns Resize a table Naming a table Convert a table to a range of data Format an Excel table Using formulas in Excel tables Add a Comment to a Cell Protect worksheet or worksheet elements Protect a Workbook's Structure and Windows Share a Workbook with Other Users Restrict Access in a Shared Workbook Track Workbook Changes Accept or Reject Workbook Changes Remove a Workbook from Shared Use

Advanced Formulas

More Functions


ROW, COLUMN Formulas SMALL, LARGE Formulas IFERROR & ISERROR Formulas Using Formulas with Conditional Creating Charts Change the layout or style of a chart Formatting Chart elements Working with Chart Titles Applying Styles to Chart elements Add data labels Show or hide a legend Display or hide chart axes or gridlines Move a chart Display a data Table. Save a chart as a template Insert Sparklines

Working with Excel Ranges

Collaborating with other people

Pivot Tables

Formatting Excel Ranges

Formatting Groups on Home Ribbon Formatting using Format Cells dialog box Apply an Autoformat to a Range Applying a Cell Style Apply a Conditional Format to a Range Changing Column Widths and Row HHeights

Formulas & Functions

Formula Basics
Absolute vs. Relative References Using Named Ranges IF Formula Counting Formulas Summing Formulas

General Analysis Tools

Scenarios Goal Seek Data Tables

Create a PivotTable Modify PivotTable Data and Layout Compute PivotTable Sub and Grand Totals Create a PivotTable Calculated Field Hide Rows or Columns in a PivotTable Sort a PivotTable Create a PivotChart

Managing Excel Worksheets

Managing Excel Workbooks

Excel's Backstage View Create a New & Blank Workbook Save & Open a Workbook Apply a document theme Apply Fonts to a Workbook: Workbook Effects Using Workspace Files

Insert or delete a worksheet Move or copy worksheets Rename a worksheet Drag data between open workbooks in Excel Hide or Unhide worksheets or workbooks View two worksheets side by side View multiple worksheets at the same time Coloring a Worksheet Tab Grouping Worksheets Worksheets Gridlines Working with Graphics

Introduction to Macros

Lookup Formulas

VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP Formulas Lookup Formulas MATCH Formula INDEX Formula INDEX + MATCH Combination

Displaying the Developer Tab Where to Save Macros Running macros: Assigning to Quick Access Toolbar, Shapes, Pictures and keyboard shortcuts

Text Formulas

& Operator and CONCATENATE Formula LEFT, MID & RIGHT Formulas FIND, REPLACE, SUBSTITUTE Formulas LOWER, UPPER, PROPER Formulas TEXT Formula REPT Formula

Date & Time Formulas


Print Preview Page Orientation Adding Headers & Footers Printing a Selection, Setting a Print Area

Working with Dates WEEKDAY Formulas Converting Dates from Text Working Day Related Formulas

Please note courses & fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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