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By: Sheretha Maniece-Barrios

Purpose of Child Protective Services Protective services are legally mandated, non-voluntary services for families encompassing specialized services for maltreated children via abused, neglect, and/or dependent and those who are in imminent risk of harm due to the actions of, or lack of protection by childrens parent or caregiver. Child Protective Services, a division of the Scotland county Departments of Social Services, is designed to protect children from further harm and to support and improve parental/caregiver abilities in order to assure a safe and nurturing home for each child. Generally, such services provided in the homes of these families are preventive, rehabilitative, and non-punitive with efforts directed toward identifying and remedying the causes of the maltreating behavior. This is accomplished through consent and cooperation of the parent/caregiver or, in the event conditions pose serious issues for the child's safety, through the agency's petition to the court.

Guardian ad Litem child advocacy program (GAL) Consisting of trained community volunteers who are appointed by a district court judge to investigate and determine the needs of abused and neglected children petitioned into the court system by the Department of Social Services. The Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Volunteer compose independent recommendations to the court for services, focusing on the needs of each child. The Guardian ad Litem advocates for a permanent and safe home for every child within the shortest time possible. Reaching Excellence and Accountability in Practice (R.E.A.P.) Our intent is to improve our child welfare system by definin g successful outcomes and focusing on the processes and supports needed to achieve those outcomes.

Investigations Assessments Case Management Foster Care Kinship Care Adoption

Child Neglect Physical Abuse Sexual Abuse Domestic Violence within homes

Family Assessments Investigative

Making home visits Conducting Family Assessments Making contact with absentee parents or absentee parents relative contact Work First Contact Criminal Records of all in household Central Registry of all in household Family Collaterals (at least two) School Collateral Private interviews of each person in the home

Also consist of Medical Records Child Medical Examinations (CME) Alleged perpetrators Criminal Record Check (including pending charges) Central Registry Check Department of Corrections Check Probation office Primary Doctor or Pediatrician Contact Officer assigned (LPD or SCSD) Reporter Contact Service Provider Contact

Clerks Office Contact Domestic Violence Contact L E Contact

Foster Care Is regulated care for orphaned, neglected, or delinquent children in a substitute home full-time until the child returns home, is adopted, or ages out. CPS also assists with Foster Cares Service deliveries of court efficiency reunification and concurrent planning Ultimately adoption

Assisting clients with services and referrals Driving them to appointments of Medical and Mental Health Requiring Drug screens Parenting classes Domestic Violence classes Mental Health 1/26/2014.