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1. PROPOSED POSITION : Safety Officer

2. NAME OF FIRM : International Company
4. DATE OF BIRTH : Sigli, 8 August 1975
5. NATIONALITY : Indonesia
6. ADDRESS : Jl. Teri Lrg. Pusara No.11 Jeulingke Village, Sub-district Syiah Kuala
Banda Aceh, NAD - Indonesia
 Current Phone Number : +62 852 604 33883
 Current E-mail Address :

7. EDUCATION 2001 : S1. Graduated from Technical Faculty, Majoring in Civil Engineering at
Abulyatama University Aceh Besar – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

 2009 : Security Awareness Training from United Nations Department of Safety
and Security Banda Aceh – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, April 28th.
 2008 : Training of Trainers on Administration, O & M Water and Sanitation from
International Organization for migration (IOM) in Gayo Luwes, Takengon
– Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, May 7th to 9th.
 2008 : Training Community Development from International Organization for
Migration in Lhokseumawe-Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, March 3rd to 4th.
 2008 : Training Environmental Awareness in IFRC Meeting Room Calang –
Aceh Jaya – Nanggroe Aceh Darusslam, January 19th.
 2007 : Training Disaster Preparedness and Early Warning System in Hotel
Rasamala Banda Aceh – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, August 30th to 31st.
 2005 : Training PHAST/Hygiene Program and Support from International
Federation of the Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent. Lubuk, Aceh Besar –
Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, July 28th to 30th.
 2003 : Training AutoCAD 2000 (2 Dimension) Program, Banda Aceh – Nanggroe
Aceh Darussalam, April 19th.
 2003 : Training Weight in Motion (WIM) from ARRB Transport Research
Australia in Padang – West Sumatra, January 6th to 10th.
 2002 : Training Road Traffic Safety and Vehicle Weight and Dimension
Enforcement. Bogor – West Java, March 19th to 22nd.


 2009 : Workshop Stress Management IOM Staff in the IOM sub-base Office
Lhokseumawe – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, April 28th.
 2007 : Workshop Project Management for NGOs in the Hotel Nanggroe, Banda
Aceh – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, August 27th to 29th.
 2007 : Workshop Conflict Resolution in the City Hall Calang, Aceh Jaya –
Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, August 20th to 21st.
 2003 : Workshop on Damage Prevention of Reinforced Concrete Structure Due
To Weak Detailing of Reinforcement During Construction Period in
Syiah Kuala University Banda Aceh – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, March
17th to 22nd.

Nasri Zahari. Z, ST Update Curriculum Vitae 1

EXPERIENCE : Indonesia


OF PROFICIENCY : speak write read
: English good good good
: Indonesia mother tongue


12.1 From: May 2008 to: Apr 2009 : (12 months)

Employer : International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Position Title : QA/QC Engineer

12.2 From: Jul 2007 to: Apr 2008 : (10 months)

Employer : Canadian Red Cross (CRC)
Position Title : Environmental Health Engineer

12.3 From: Jul 2006 to: Jun 2007 : (12 months)

Employer : International Medical Corps (IMC)
Position Title : Water and Sanitation Assistant Engineer

12.4 From: Jun 2005 to: Mar 2006 : (10 months)

Employer : Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC)
Position Title : Project Coordinator

12.5 From: Mar 2002 to: Feb 2005 : (35 months)

Employer : Sumatra Region Roads Project (SRRP)
Position Title : Assistant Engineer


13.1 Company Name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Date Joined: May 2008 Date Left: Apr 2009
Location: Lhokseumawe, North Aceh and East Aceh - Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Main project features: Community WATSAN Programs and Construction
Position Title: QA/QC Engineer
Activities performed: I was assigned as the Quality Control Engineer for the Lhokseumawe, Aceh Utara and
Aceh Timur District. During the period, I was monitored ongoing construction to assure the quality of site
engineer and contractor work meet with IOM standards; provided verification report to Project Officer as part
of the process for contractor payment; made recommendations based on field conditions to improve the quality
of project and coordinated closely with site engineer, community facilitators and regional coordinators to
finalize construction projects. I was demonstrated good skills in: reporting, team work and working in a multi-
cultural environment.

13.2 Company Name: Canadian Red Cross (CRC)

Date Joined: July 2007 Date Left: April 2008
Location: Calang, Aceh Jaya – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Main project features: Construction of Water and Sanitarian Facilities
Position Title: Environmental Health Engineer

Nasri Zahari. Z, ST Update Curriculum Vitae 2

Activities performed: I was in charge of designing those of Quarterly work plan, facilities, drafting, Bill of
Quantity, preparing contracts with contractors, supervising implementation of the work and finally checking the
quality control of the work done.

13.3 Company Name: International Medical Corps (IMC)

Date Joined: July 2006 Date Left: June 2007
Location: Ujong Rimba Sub District Sampoiniet, Aceh Jaya – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Main project features: Water and Sanitation Project
Position Title: Water and Sanitation Assistant Engineer
Activities performed: Assist the Water & Sanitation Coordinator in coordination of the programs; team
members of the water and sanitation department, construction and rehabilitation department. Supervise the staff
at the construction sites. Review, evaluate and monitor planning documents, budget projections and operating
costs, and construction schedules and actions needed to address problem areas and to help to ensure that
International Medical Corps projects are completed on time and in the budget. I was provided support to other
components (community mobilization, training).

13.4 Company Name : Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC)

Date Joined: June 2005 Date Left: March 2006
Location: Sigli – Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Main project features: Hygiene Promotion and Water and Sanitation Project in temporary living shelters
Position Title: Project Coordinator
Activities performed: I was worked with PMI volunteers for Program implementation in temporary living
shelters. I was assist PHAST program and training with communities, preparation work plans, schedules, report
and conduct technical assessment, prepare all necessary project plans, drawing, Bill of Quantity and budget

13.5 Company Name: Sumatra Region Roads Project (SRRP)

Date Joined: March 2002 Date Left: February 2005
Location: Aceh Tamiang – Nangroe Aceh Darussalam and Padang – West Sumatra
Main project features: Pilot Project Road Traffic Safety (Accident Black spot Identification Unit) and Vehicle
Weight Dimension Enforcement.
Position Title: Assistant Engineer
Activities performed: Assist in planning design infrastructure, survey, preparation work plans, schedules and
reports. Implementation program with Dinas Perhubungan Aceh. Monitoring and evaluation program Vehicle
Weight Dimension enforcement and conduct field assessment and identification accident traffic (black spot).


14.1 REFEREE 1 :
Referee name : Muhammad Lutfi
Position : QA/QC Coordinator
Company : International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Relationship to this person : Colleague
Current telephone : +62 812 695 6035 / +62 812 698 9337
Current e-mail address :

14.2 REFEREE 2 :
Referee name : Bimo Fahmi
Position : Project Coordinator West Java
Company : Islamic Relief West Java
Relationship to this person : Colleague
Current telephone : +62 813 605 56 555 / +62 812 699 0028
Nasri Zahari. Z, ST Update Curriculum Vitae 3
Current e-mail address :

14.3 REFEREE 3 :
Referee name : Hanizam Abd Ghani
Position : Field Project Manager
Company : International Medical Corps (IMC)
Relationship to this person : Colleague
Current telephone : +62 812 699 2745
Current e-mail address :

I the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this CV correctly describes myself, my
qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any willful misstatement described here in my lead to my
disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.

Nasri Zahari. Z, ST Date: 30/September/2009

(Signature of staff member or authorized representative of the staff) Day/Month/Year

Nasri Zahari. Z, ST Update Curriculum Vitae 4