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Company Profile Established within the year 2000, at Mumbai, geographic region, India, we "R.S Engineering" square measure leading makers and suppliers of a large vary of Water apparatus & Treatment Plants. The vary offered by R.S Engineering includes permeation Water Treatment Plant, Water Filtration Plants and different choices that square measure created obtainable by R.S Engineering in eachcustomary furthermore as custom-made operations and construction specifications as demanded by the purchasers. Having a large demand within the market, these Water apparatus & treatment Plants and different associated systems square measure backed by use of quality material furthermore as latest technology support that assure in them optimum performance standards furthermore as longer service life. Here, our experience lies in giving the solutions for each tiny furthermore as massive scale industrial setups furthermore as for business and residential institutions, therefore with success meeting the rising market demands. Further, our experience conjointly lies in with success providing service support as prison guard resolution suppliers for comes pro Renate by the purchasers. The concerned business operations handled by experienced management light-emitting diode by Mr. Shaikh Shakil Ahmed, United Nations agency has with him around fourteen years of wealthy business expertise in handling the procedures involving production furthermore as mercantilism of Water apparatus & treatment Plants. His visionary steering within the concerned business operations guides the team to with success fulfil the wants of many business sectors. Further, the support of recent technology primarily based production unit conjointly enable R.S Engineering to keep up consistent operation standards and win optimum production standards each quality and amount wise. Presently, quite 100,000 customers unfold throughout the country as well as in states like state, geographic region, Gujarat, Rajasthan and metropolis square measure creating economical use of our Water apparatus & treatment Plants to match up to their method demands.

Our Strengths We are the manufacture, fashionable technology support and team of old professionals, we tend to square measure with success matching up with the rising market necessities of Water setup & treatment Plants like Water Filtration Plants, Water Treatment Plants, drinking water Plant, all a number of our strengths during this field include: Expertise in providing gaoler project solutions as per specific demands of our customers Expertise in serving up to the instrumentation demands of residential, industrial and industrial functions Well developed network of dealers and distributors in geographical region, Goa, Gujarat, Kolkata, Rajasthan that permit R.S ENGINEERING. to expeditiously handle the sales and repair necessities Having made expertise of provision treatment plants and different instrumentation to quite 50,000 customers based mostly across the country Expertise in utterly understanding client's wants and incoming at correct analysis of complexness of desired project work Conduct web site visits for chalking down factors associated with project therefore on guarantee actual solutions square measure delivered Maintaining continuous communication with shoppers and finishing comes at intervals outlined time pointers



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numerous trade sectors. Matching up with the stress of providing wonderful water purification, these water softening units notice usage in guaranteeing complete removal of metal ions and metallic element from water that successively leads to removal of water hardness still as in different water the filtration applications in numerous trade sectors. as per Here, client's

our experience conjointly lies provided tips. Technical Features: MOC Model Model-no Operating Pressure PRE Filter Media Resin Type Resin Make Resin Type Resin Quality Regenerant Regeneration tank Piping Conductivity Meter

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FRP OR MS New Series FRP/ MS - 2 no. DM /FRP-M.P.V / SMV 3 TO 5 KG Sand Filter Resin Cation Indion 220-H HCL FRP-PP PVC/MS For showing conductivity/TDS

Features :

High quality Water Softeners recognized for providing superior water purification Support removal of metal & metallic element ions from water for removing hardness of water Mainly realize application for chemical process of water that creates water additional soft and pure System commercially used for hindrance of scaling & corrosion as a result of presence of metal and metallic element salts Assisting the removal of salt presence from water, so creating it light-weight Available in varied output capacities System includes multiport/ individual valves, FRP pressure vessel, assortment system for internal distribution &assortment, venture support for salt injection, salt tank, piping support, take a look at kit et al. Treated water quality having hardness that's but five ppm Systems out there in numerous diameters Pre-assembled systems that area unit plant tested and compact in end Systems simple to put in, use and maintain Multi port management valve that enables for straightforward operations Packed rosin media support to supply for quality filtered water