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Questions Two ball is thrown upward, the other ball has its initial Luminous efficiency is least for The image of a concave lens is greater than the object when Converging lens is used as magnifying lens Which is not a unit of force? Two astronaut in Earth and moon.. A simple harmonic in an oscillator is not dependent on its When a light ray enters a glass air interference from the glass side at the critical angle, the angle of refraction is To maintain certain velocity at constant power must beThe disintegration of a nucleus into two medium weight parts is called _____. What law of thermodynamics states that conversion of heat to work is limited by the temperature at which conversion occurs? Gravity is an example of what kind of force? An object undergoes simple harmonic motion. Its maximum speed occurs when its displacement from its equilibrium position is _____. For the horizontal flow of a liquid through a tube, the sum of the pressure and the kinetic energy per unit volume of the fluid is constant. This is known as Each point on a wavefront may be regarded as a new source of disturbance. This is known as Light-weight nuclei are combined to form heavier, more stable nuclei. This process is called ______. What law in thermodynamics states that if two bodies are in thermal equillibrium with a third body, they are also in thermal equillibrium with each other? Answer 4 times the other low wattage light bulb p is less than 2f Less than f Kilogram Same, different frequency 90degrees FV Fission Second law of thermodynamics Conservative force


Bernoullis Principle Huygens Principle Fusion Zeroth law

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Among the engines mentioned below, which has the lowest efficiency? Among the engines mentioned below, which has the highest efficiency? Which statement among those given below is CORRECT about Carnot engines that operate between the absolute temperatures T1 & T2? The blurring of image distortion of light formed from concave mirror In Balmer formula, R represent for what? what is the type of refrigerant that is normally used in refrigerator? Why the sky is blue. What Earth's Atmosphere color looks like from space Hyperopia, commonly known as being Myopia, commonly known as being Spherical lenses suffer from? The flag of Spain is yellow and red, if viewed from a yellow light source the color would be yellow and? In a convex lens when the object is placed at a distance beyond 2F from the lens, the image of the object is formed Wave that cannot be polarized? Light wave with the lowest wavelength is The closed end of the pipe must be a ____; Similarly, the open end must be an _______ . In a nuclear reactor, what is not needed. Nuclear Fission produces? The period of a simple pendulum is dependent on its. Heat transfer by convection is common The binding energy per nucleon is Buoyancy occurs in fluids. As the depth increases Four metals are heated on a furnace with different temperatures. The one with the highest temperature appears to be white.

gasoline engine Carnot Engine maximum efficiency is possible SPHERICAL ABERRATION Redberg constant Gas that is easy to liquefy because molecules in the air scatter blue light Black Farsighted Nearsighted Both Chromatic and Spherical Aberration Black BETWEEN F AND 2F ON THE OTHER SIDE Sound Wave Red Node, Antinode A free source of neutron 2 or 3 more neutrons length in gases and liquids. greatest for nuclei with intermediate size. the pressure increases. white.

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The coating on the surface of a thin glass which has an index of refraction in between that of a glass and of the air prevents reflection For an excess number of neutrons , radioactivity occurs by the radioactive emission of If volume is held constant while the temperature is raised , the pressure increases uniformly in all directions because A solid disk is to roll in an incline plane. A hole is punched in the center of the disk so as to form a doughnut like structure. At the bottom of the incline plane Coherent source- a source whose light has If a single wavelength source is used to illuminate a screen with two small slits, the light emerging from the two slits is coherent In a thermodynamic system, an ideal gas is held at constant temperature while it does work on its environment. The work done by the system is The Operation of A Refrigerator The process where Ice becomes water Vapor, The Temperature is _______ When the Nucleus undergoes Radiation Decay, the new mass is ________ In a Simple Harmonic Motion, when the amplitude is doubled, what else is doubled? When the surface of a metal is heated, it appears to be moving.. Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission: Wavelength of light plays no role in _________ With 1 kg of Air at 1 atm.. additional of 1 Kg.. And Temperature is increased.. The new pressure is A yoyo being swung in circle need not posses A light that deviates the most Each Point on a wavefront maybe regarded as a new source of disturbance. This is known as:

with 1 wavelength only. electrons molecules have greater speed and strikes more often at the wall. the speed of the solid disk is greater than the speed of the doughnut. the same frequency and constant phase relationship. Principle of linear superposition of light work(W). Heat Engine Below the Triple point of Water - no answer Maximum Speed Lower density than that of the environment The binding energy per nucleon is greatest for nuclei with intermediate size. Polarization 2 atm Angular Acceleration Blue(from the given choices). Huygens Principle

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Total Entropy of the Universe __________ as Irreversible process occurs. Arbitrary point, pivoted Metals are good conductors of heat Electron captures have the same effect in the nucleus Man stands on a sensitive scale, inhales deeply, what will be the weight To emit electromagnetic radiation the object used as a medium has a temperature: Photoelectric effect can be understood by what principle: Which of these radiation have the highest ability to penetrate matter: Temperature is held constant volume is increased the molecules in the container will: Sphere A is rolled in an inclined plane with friction as sphere B is rolled frictionless on the : 630 nm 430nm and 9500 nm how many rainbow spectrum Observer is in motion with respect to 2 events time runs-slowly time lengthening: Crest to trough and trough to crest A ball has momentum p strikes the wall and bounce back: The region in the electric field between two parallel points: Electrons revolve around the hydrogen atoms At distance time graph, a straight line upward to right corresponds the motion at High frequencies are found in Two or more atoms join together to form a stable group All real images The higher the frequency An object that has a momentum must also have Radiation of atoms of photons or small particles When vapor condense into liquid In the formula E = mc2, the c represents the The Van der Waal forces arises from

Increases Less than 1 they have free electrons Positive Beta Decay depends on the expansion of the lungs and the amount of the volume of air above 0 kelvin none Gamma Rays strike of the walls often softly plane B reaches the bottom first 1 time dilation destruction interference D 2p Uniform throughout the region Exactly de Broigle wavelength and its circumference Constant speed X-rays Energy given off Can appear on screen The shorter the wavelength Kinetic energy Ionization radiation It evolves heat Speed of light Asymmetric charge distribution

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The center of gravity of an object A sound wave travelling from air into water, the property that remains unchanged is its The hydrogen atoms of a hydrogen molecule are sticking together An example of longitude wave is Which of the following is NOT needed in fission reactor? What are the horizontal forces which results into an equilibrium Consider a source which radiates sound energy in all directions. If you double your distance from the sound source, what is the sound intensity? The electric and magnetic field in a radiation field

Is maybe outside the object Frequency Because their electrons spend theirtime outside the. Than the. Sound Wave Special kind of neutrons 20,20 and 20 N of its original value

They are perpendicular to each other The silver and lead is in thermal contact, the specific heat of silver is greater that the specific heat Impossible to know without their of lead, what is the change in thermal energy masses From someone.The only elastic modulus that is for liquids Bulk Modulus What particle least penetrate Alpha particles The rotational analog of mass in linear motion Moment of inertia An object is under simple harmonic motion; its maximum speed is in ________ displacement Zero from equilibrium point. The conversion of mechanical energy into heat is 1 The fuel in diesel engine is ignited by The hot air compressed ignited by it work Number Equal to the difference of the heat exhausted and the heat output 1/9th of the original value The speed of the particle the length of the wire

100. Which of the following cant be changed by physical means? The _____ of photons that directly hit the surface of the steel is proportional to the energy being 101. reflected. 102. The total heat produced by the heat engine. If the distance from the earth to the sun will be multiplied by 3, how much will the gravitational pull of the sun to the earth? 104. The speed of the packet is the same as 105. The stress of the wire is not affected by 103.

106. The heat released during _____ is the absorbed by the refrigerant. 107. Which of the following does not describe the total energy of the object? 108. What is the relationship of the momentum with equal kinetic energy after collision? 109. 110. 111. 112. Airplanes fly: Refrigerator used: Large probability of vital atomic structure Stone is in the center o the earth

Vaporization Shape of the object m1>m2 Weight increases Gaseous easy to liquefy It is most likely as it has Mass is equal ang weight decreases Only moving particles express weights Isobaric process Frequency Gravitational pe Higher than Three times Negative Shear Speed Higher pressure lowers the boiling point of water Varies somewhat on the earths surface Why atoms can be stable Relative humidity decreases 1m and 2m

113. Theory of...... 114. Process involving carnot engine 115. Shone light not exist 116. Same mas roll down the inclined pane When using a pulley, the work done when the block is in the bottom is _____ the block is at the 117. top. 118. Coefficient of volume expansion if _____ the linear expansion 119. ______potential________work done 120. When equal and opposite forces are exerted on an object in the same line of action, the object is under _____.

121. In vacuum, all protons have the same ____. 122. Pressure cooker cooks food more rapidly than ordinary pot with loose lid because ____. 123. The gravitational acceleration of an object. _____. 124. Classical Physics is unable to account for ______. On a day that the partial pressure of water vapour remains constant, what will happen if the 125. temperature rises? 126. What pairs of displacement that cannot be added to form a resultant displacement of 2m?


According to Hookes law, the force exerted to elongate an object by an amount x is proportional to ___.

x2 Removes heat and transports it elsewhere All have the same frequency, all have narrow beam Both have nonzero angular velocity Entropy Decrease Probability distribution Allotropy Carbon Shape Mass defect Depends on the intake and exhaust temperature Amplitude Pascals Principle 1 N.s Candela Two Adiabatic, Two isothermal 90 degree Conservative Force Beta Particle

128. A refrigerator ______. 129. Which of the following properties are the characteristic of light beam in laser? 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. A fly and a mosquito are on a phonograph record, the fly is on the outer edge and the mosquito is nearer to the center of the record, what is their angular velocity? refers to the measure of the disorder present in a given substance or system When diver descends under the ocean the buoyant force will tend to Are skewed by many causes, such as dense probability clouds Existence of element in different molecule... one or more substance Crystalline solid...diamond and graphite are two crystalline forms of The shear stress that acts on an object affects its The mass of nucleus is always less than the combined mass of its constituent particles by an amount called

138. In any process, the maximum amount of heat that can be converted to mechanical energy 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. The maximum displacement of an object undergoing harmonic motion on either side of equilibrium position is An external pressure exerted on a fluid is transmitted uniformly throughout the volume of the fluid this statement is known as____. The atomic bond, hydrogen chemically combined is________. Momentum expressed in___. The SI of luminous intensity. It is defined in terms of the light emitted by a small pool of platinum at its melting point. Not process of the Carnot Principle? When light is incident at the critical angle, it is refracted at the angle___? Gravity is an example of what kind of force? Reflected by thicker materials

an optical image formed by the apparent divergence of rays from a point, rather than their actual divergence from a point. Any rotating substance at sea level that has the same mass and the same angular velocity has 149. also the same 148. 150. Superconductivity occurs in a substance 151. Particles that made up the lattice of Van Der Waals crystals of a compound are 152. A woman who weighs 500 N is standing on the ground. The force the ground exerts on her 153. The most efficient heat engine is 154. The conversion of an element to a new element because in the change in the number of protons 155. Quarks are believe to made up the 156. Fusion reaction on earth use as a fuel is 157. In Lyman Series, Balmer Series, and Paschen Series, constant R is known as 158. In an elastic collision 159. Beats are the result of 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. Given a weight with two strings attached to both ends, what is the tension in both wires? Angular momentum from rest to motion. Find t Heat pump is widely known as If an atom is positively charged Atomic number is determined by The chemical characteristics of atoms are determined by their A horse pulling a wagon moves due to the The action-reaction in Newtons third law of motion applies to A heat engine is 100% efficient if the exhaust temperature is


169. Carnot engine is most efficient when 170. In nuclear power plants, a nuclear reactor provides

171. The suns energy comes from 172. Real objects in lens always appear 173. Real objects in spherical mirrors 174. The shape of the Earth is comparable to the shape of a The mass of earth is 1.3 that of the mass of moon. Relative to the earths gravitational force, 175. moons gravitational force is 176. Not part of the description of Bohrs model 177. In Quantum numbers, n=1 A satellite spaceship moving away from earth sends a signal to a ground station. Relative to the 178. spaceship, the received signal is 179. If you travel near the speed of light, you body will experience 180. Pure musical tone causes a wooden panel to vibrate. This is an example of 181. Paulis exclusion principle states that 182. Putting a satellite on its orbit does not depend on which of the following? 183. 10 billion electrons are present in a copper sphere, the electrons are 184. An object at rest can have 185. Sound waves does not travel in 186. The image formed by a converging mirror at which the object is far from the focus point is 187. Isotope of the same element has 188. Electrons in an atom 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. Which of the following could be associated with vectors? Which of the following transition emits a photon at its highest frequency? What happens to a neutron emitted in fission induced other nucleus into the fission? What refers to the measure of ionization produced by x-ray or gamma ray? What is the difference of the mass of an intact nucleus and the mass of separated nucleus? A rigid body moving in a uniform circular motion with distance R has _______.


195. The magnitude of electric field in space has magnitude of ________. 196. Lowest melting points are usually found on solids held together by _______. 197. The magnitude of resultant of two forces is minimum when the angle between them is ______. 198. A refrigerator exhausts 199. 200. 201. 202. A concave mirror provides virtual image when the distance from the object is A sonic boom is heard after a plane passed overhead. This means that the plane Two balls, one is 30 kg, at 10 m above ground. The two balls has the same A device made of a material that emits light when struck by ionized.. In a nuclear fusion, energy is released when binding energy is _________ for the larger nucleus 203. than the smaller nuclei. 204. In Lyman Series, Balmer Series, and Paschen Series, R is equal to _______ m-1. 205. An atom can be raised to an excited state by 206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. The amplitude of sound determines its Independent of size and shape of an object it is impossible to polarized Heat of vaporization is Which of the following set of horizontal forces is not in equilibrium If the real object is placed in the focal point of a concave mirror, the resulting image is Metals not due to gas variation of amplitude resulting to superposition......slight difference in frequency

1 COULOMB OF CHARGE PRESENT THERE VAN DER WAALS FORCE 180 MORE HEAT THAN IT ABSORBS FROM ITS CONTENTS LESS THAN F TRAVELS FASTER THAN SOUND ACCELERATION SCINTILLATION COUNTER GREATER 1.097x107m-1 Collision to another particle or atom Loudness Density Sound waves Greater than heat of fusion 20N, 40N, 80N Virtual and erect Form oxides Beats Varies in amplitude between 0A and 2A 2 or 3 neutrons Equal to the force exerted by the trailer on the automobile Blue

214. ................... 215. The fissioning of Uranium 235 in the reactor of a nuclear power plant produces An automobile that is towing a trailer on a level road is accelerating. The magnitude of the force 216. that the automobile exerts on the trailer is 217. Shortest wavelength

218. An object has a force k when cut into half, what is the force on each object 219. As the inclination angle increases 220. The acceleration of an object thrown upward 221. The image formed by a camera 222. The image formed in the retina 223. A man in mars 224. Weight is 225. The depth of an object submerged in water 226. Shutter speed and opening 227. Dispersion is a term use to describe the

228. Product of frequency and period 229. Not a unit of work 230. Unit of force 231. The sky is blue because 232. The slope of velocity time graph at that instant 233. Moment arm times distance 234. A stone is thrown upward. At the same time another stone is thrown directly downward. 235. Car A has a mass of 1000 kg with a velocity of 60kph. Car B has a mass of 2000 kg with a velocity of 30kph.

2k The normal decreases Is the same as when the object is thrown downward Always real Real and inverted Has the same mass but less weight The force with which it is attracted to earth Seems less than its actual depth 1/250 s & f/4 Spreading of light pulse as it travels down a fiber 1 Joule-second Newton The scattering of light is more for shorter wavelength Instantaneous acceleration Torque They have the same acceleration when they reach the ground The acceleration of A is twice of B Has no implication on their acceleration Speed of stone b is greater but the same acceleration At the top of the arc Amplitude

236. Two cars a traveling on a level road What is the implication on their acceleration? Stone A is thrown at the top of a building. At the same time, stone B is drop somewhere from the building. 238. Where is the velocity in an arc minimum 239. Simple harmonic oscillator is independent of 237.

240. No two electrons can have the same four quantum numbers 241. Photon is made up of 242. Glass is an example of 243. An amorphous solid

Paulis Exclusion Principle Elementary particles Amorphous solid Does not melt at a definite temperature but softens gradually