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2nd of June 2013 at Warhammer World, Nottingham


Welcome one and all to the Events Pack for Legendary Battlefields: Middenheim. Whether you are a slavering Orc or an icy Elf, there are few in the Old World who have not heard of towering might of Middenheim, the City of the White Wolf. It lies in the northern part of the Empire, located on top of five hundred feet of rock and accessible only by a few massive viaducts, this city is an enduring of the Empires might, an impregnable fortress atop an unassailable mountain. But for all its power, Middenheim is far from invincible. The mountain upon which it sits, the Ulricsberg, is a deathtrap - full of tunnels within which lurk horrors that have never seen the light of the sun and worse besides. So gather your might and marshal your forces Middenheim awaits. John Bracken Captain of the White Wolves


Legendary Battlefield: Middenheim is a day of gaming which will see you play in a colossal game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle between two factions. Each faction will consist of roughly twenty players, with each player taking their own 2,500 points army, using the rules described under What you will need to bring. These armies will then do battle over the course of the day, in an effort to either burn Middenheim to the ground, or to save it from the nefarious attackers and keep the city safe. Each turn will be timed to ensure the event runs to schedule and there will be a break for a meal (which is provided) after two full game turns. After the game there will be awards dished out for painting, gaming and good sportsmanship. Thats the basics of what you need to know, but if you want further details on how everything will work on the day, read on!


Both a domineering mountain and thriving city, Middenheim is a true wonder of the Old World. A sheer cliff face, known as the Ulricsberg, provides Middenheim with an immediate and effective defence against all attackers. Few indeed are the creatures that can indiscriminately assault a city that is over five hundred feet in the air! The Ulricsberg itself is a honeycomb of tunnels; some dug by the Dwarfs that first helped build the city and the rest by far less wholesome creatures. Many attempts have been made over the centuries to cleanse the Ulricsberg of its fouler denizens, but each pyrrhic effort only leaves the city weaker, so the majority of entrances are sealed, and the shadows forgotten. It is upon this mountain, in the northern part of the Empire, within the Province of Middenland that the City of Middenheim proper is situated. A mighty fortress in and of itself, its high walls are lined with artillery and the most disciplined of troops. Indeed it has been said that Middenlanders are amongst the hardiest warriors in the Empire, raised on a diet of hardship and battle. As is any capital city in the Empire, it is ruled directly by an Elector Count known locally as a Graf. The current incumbent is a fierce warrior and general, Boris Todbringer. A dour man who takes his duties seriously, he is often seen leading armies into the Drakwald forest, to make war upon the tribes of Beastmen that live beneath the leaves. The city itself is known as the City of the White Wolf and is the center of worship for the cult of Ulric - patron God of Winter, battle and wolves. The temple of Ulric sits at the center of the City and is perpetually bathed in chilly winds and resonates with the howling of wolves. Inside the temple lies the Flames of Ulric, a ame that has burned an icy cold blue for centuries a potent symbol of Ulrics might.



Every player that attends Legendary Battlefield: Middenheim will need to bring the following: Your army, you will need a 2,500 point fully painted and based Warhammer army, chosen from any current and official Army Book or Warhammer Forge production following the normal rules. Your copy of the Warhammer Rulebook. Any Army Books, Storm of magic or Warhammer Forge books you will be using on the day. Gaming materials; Dice, templates, tape measures etc. Glue for emergency repairs. A copy of your army list to keep with you on the day.
A note on Army Selection:

As is ever the case with games this size, there are a few changes to army selection we have made in order to ensure the smooth running of the event, along with some clarification as to how to take large monsters in your army from various publications. You may spend up to 2,500 points in the normal way from any current and official Army Book or Warhammer Forge production.
You may choose to include units from the Storm of Magic expansion in your Army List. These units are treated as Special choices in all respects. You may choose to include units from Warhammer Forges Monstrous Arcanum expansion in your Army List. These units are treated as Special choices in all respects. A Note on Magical Items:

Due to the complexities created by a game of this size we have decided to restrict the magic items and wargear that can be taken to the list below. Any magic items you take from the rule book or your army book will have no effect in the game (including any inherent magical items possessed by special characters). Below is the full complement of Magic Items which you may include in your army list when playing in the Middenheim.
Magic Weapons Blades of the White Wolf 35 points

Paired Weapons. The Bearer has Weapon Skill 10.

Ar-Ulrics Destroyer 25 points

The wielder of this weapon has the Always Strikes First special rule.
Hammer of Ulric 20 points

The wielder has +1 Attack

Graf Todbringers Mauler 20 points

Close Combat Attacks made with this weapon are resolved at +1 Strength.
The Iceshard 15 points

Attacks made by this weapon are made at Initiative 10

The Wolf Blade of Ulric 10 points

The Bearer Causes Fear.

Magic Armour Cloak of the White Wolf 25 points

Shield. Bearer has a 1+ armour save against shooting attacks.

Shield of the Teutogen 20 points

Shield. The Bearer gains Magic Resistance (1)

The Armour of the Watch 20 points

Heavy Armour. Wearer is granted a 6+ Ward Save.

Extra Spiky Shield 10 points

Shield. The Bearer counts his armour save as being 2 points higher than normal, rather than the usual 1 point that a shield would normally grant.
The Wolf Helm 10 points

The Wearer counts his armour save as being one higher than normal. The wearer has a 2+ Ward Save against aming attacks.
Cloak of Troll Hide 5 points

The bearer has the Regeneration (6+) special rule.

Shard of the Glacier 5 points

The bearer has a 2+ Ward Save against aming attacks

Shield of Purefrost 5 points

Shield. The Bearer counts his armour save as being 2 points higher than normal, rather than the usual 1 point that a shield would normally grant.

Talismans Graf Todbringers Eye Patch 5 points

This item grants the bearer a 5+Ward Save against wounds caused in close combat by models that have the Fly special rule.
The Glittering Cloak 5 points

One use only. Allows the bearer to re-roll a single failed armour save.
Arcane Items Staff of Mind-Numbing Cold 25 points

One use only. If the wizard rolls on the miscast table, he can re-roll the result.
Ice Dragon Fang 20 points

One use only. The wizard can declare that he is using the fang immediately before casting a spell. If he does so, two extra dice are added to the power dice that he is going to roll. You still need to roll at least one dice from the power pool.
Ar-Ulrics Disdain 25 points

Models in a unit with this banner have Magic Resistance (1)

Focussing Totem 15 points

The wizard adds +1 to all channel attempts.

The Concentration Breaking Rock 15 points

One use only. The bearer can choose to increase one of his dispel results by an additional D6 after his other dispel dice have been rolled. This extra dispel dice can contribute to dispelling with irresistible force.
Banner of the Wolf Hunt15 points

Models in a unit with this banner have +1 to their Movement characteristic.

The Standard of Icy Blood 5 points

One use only. A unit with this banner can re-roll its first failed Leadership test. Magic Standards
The Banner of Winters Howl 5 points

A unit with this banner causes Fear in models with the Fly special rule.
The Standard of Rime 5 points

A unit with this banner have a 6+ Ward Save against all Stomp and Thunderstomp attacks.
Enchanted Items Potion of Winters Might 20 points

One use only. Can be drunk at the start of any players turn. The imbiber has +3 Strength until the end of the turn.
Potion of Permafrost 20 points

One use only. Can be drunk at the start of any players turn. The imbiber has +3 Toughness until the end of the turn.
Draught of Dragon Blood 5 points

One use only. Can be drunk at the start of any players turn. The imbiber has the Immune to Psychology and Devastating Charge special rules until the end of the player turn.
Potion of Wolfs Speed 5 points

One use only. Can be drunk at the start of any players turn. The imbiber has +3 Movement until the end of the turn.


These guidelines have been created in order to ensure everyone has a great hobby experience at all of our events. The intention is that, whilst ensuring everyone can take full advantage of their creative urges, there is no confusion over what models represent and that the event is relaxed and enjoyable for all.

All of your models must be fully assembled, fully painted, based and fully represent what is on your army list (including any equipment selected from the above list). Fully based means that the base of every model in your army has had some texture added to the entire base, replete with an appropriate paint job. The only exception is the clear ying bases for Doom Divers and other similar models. 4

Every miniature and component must be produced by Games Workshop (Citadel, Forge World or Warhammer Forge).  We know many people like to take the opportunity to convert models for thematic and creative reasons. We actively encourage this, but do ask that if you are going to do so, please check with the events team first. We may ask you to make allowances at the event in order to ensure there is no confusion for your opponents.

 A proxy miniature is a model that is standing in for something else and has not been changed in any way. Examples include using plastic Warriors of Chaos as Chosen or plastic Chaos Spawn as Fiends of Slannesh.  We do not allow any proxy miniatures at our events. If Games Workshop produces a model for a unit entry, we expect you to use the correct model, for the sake of clarity to your opponent. (For conversions, please see the point above in the Miniatures section).  If you wish to personalize your units and/or convert/kit bash plastic or Citadel Finecast kits to create your own unique models that fit your vision of your army, please check with the events team first. We may ask you to make allowances at the event in order to ensure enjoyment of your opponents.

 We do ask that you try and resolve any rules problems yourselves using your rulebooks. If you cant, or you need help, feel free to call over a member of staff. Remember the most important rule everyone is here to have fun! If you have any questions regarding the Rules of Engagement, please feel free to contact us with any other queries (Details at the end of this pack).


Graf Todbringers Defenders

When you arrive in Warhammer World you will be greeted by a member of the Events Team who will ask you what Faction you wish to be a part of. The Factions you may choose from are: - The Graf has readied every ally he can muster and sent hopeless letters to everyone he thinks might help him against this monstrous onslaught. Help will need to come soon however, as the evil Lord Baloroth has made fell pacts with his gods in order to ensure his armies swift and unseen approach in the heart of winter. Are you ready to do what is right and defend the people of Middenheim against this numberless horde? Only the mightiest and most stalwart of heroes can hope to prevail.
Lord Baloroths Marauders

- Blood for the Blood God! Riding atop his monstrous Juggernaut, Lord Baloroth wants nothing more than to reduce Middenheim to smouldering ashes in the name of his wrathful god. He has assembled a horde of howling maniacs and driven them hard through the Realms of Chaos with the help of Wulfrik the Wanderer and has assaulted Middenheim in the depths of winter. This has gained him the element of surprise but he needs swift victory winter is unforgiving atop the Ulricsberg and Ulric himself is at the height of power. The most vicious murderers and most callous killers have joined his cause will you? Once you have declared your allegiance you will then introduced to your Faction Leader. Your Faction Leader will be the one responsible for leading you to a glorious victory (or ignominious defeat) and will show you where you can set up, deploy models and place casualties/reserves. Once you are in position its a good idea to get your models out on the spare tables, ready to be deployed there will be strict time limits in place to make sure everyone gets started on time! In addition Bugmans bar will be open in case you want to get some breakfast or get that all important cup of tea to start your day! After that, deployment will start and the game will begin.


The Faction Leaders will do a roll off to see who deploys first. Whoever rolls higher will deploy first, and take the first turn. Each faction will have ten minutes to deploy their entire force so dont dally around! Once both factions have deployed, the side that deployed first begins their first turn.


Each game turn will last one hour, with each faction taking up to thirty minutes to take their turn. The time limit will be available to see clearly and will be quite strictly adhered to, in order to ensure that the game finishes on time.


In a game of this size, the magic phase could threaten to take a very long time, so we have come up with the Legendary Battlefield Magic Phase Management rules (LBMPM)! Each phase, the faction leaders will have a deck of cards from which each of his players will draw a card. This card will state how many dice your wizards may use to cast or dispel that phase. You may channel magic dice as normal, though no dice can be saved from phase to phase for any reason at all.
The whole battlefield

Having 50 players all stop because a Screaming Bell or something else affects everything on the battlefield would be a nightmare (trust us we tried it!). As such, any spell, ability, Weapon, miscast result or anything else that says it affects the whole battlefield, all opponents units, every model on the same side or something similar will only affect models on the same Realm of Battle tile as the user/ caster and all
Realm of Battle tiles touching it (including diagonally).


In games of this size, its highly likely that one players army can be utterly obliterated in one giant cloud of gunpowder, or eaten by some horrific monstrosity from beyond the realm of Men. This would make for a rather brief (not to mention unsatisfying) event so in order to mitigate this effect, whilst still maintaining the achievement of actually killing big gribblies and units, we have our Council of Regeneration. Simply put, each Faction can bring units back from the grave each turn. The number of these units will be decided on the day by the Games Master each faction can expect to have the same number of units brought back each turn. These units will be brought back to full starting size (not including any characters that may have been in them at the start of the game) and brought into play as for ongoing reserves. If particularly gruesome units are repeatedly brought back into play, the magic summoning them will be inevitably weakened and this will have a similar effect on the unit in question. Precisely which units will be brought back depends entirely on the whim of your Faction Leader so if you need help on a ank or really need that dragon then let him know asap!


Middenheim is a vast city and will not fall easily to any one attack. Protected at once by sheer cliffs, thin viaducts and the presence of one of the eldest of Empire pantheon, any attacking force must hold the following objectives for as long as possible. It goes without saying that the defenders need to hold these points as well! At the end of the game, the Faction Leaders will total the number of Objective Points they have attained. Whichever side has the most will achieve victory in Middenheim! Your Faction gains Objective Points by holding Vital Objectives at the end of the Enemy turn. The amount of Objective Points gained from each objective are listed below. 6

The Ancestral home of Graf Todbringer - 5 Objective Points. This ancient Imperial building is the Ancestral home of the Todbringer line. The current head of the household and Elector Count of Middenheim Boris spends more time in the fortress proper but this building serves to house the rest of his extended family in safety. A clear target for the attentions of Lord Baloroth it is as valuable to the defenders as it is for the attackers. The Northern Viaduct - 5 Objective Points. As the main point of ingress for the attacking hordes, holding on to this viaduct is essential to even think of continuing the attack, let alone press forwards deeper into Middenheim. A massive construct that provides the attacker with not only a ready source of reinforcements but an easy escape route should everything go wrong. This is hugely important to both factions and will no doubt be a locus of bitter ghting. Shrines of Ulric - 3 Objective Points each.

The Empire God of Winter maintains a strong prescene in Middenheim and there are visible symbols of his power dotted throughout the city. They can emanate freezing blasts of ice, cause weapons to freeze and shatter and inspire fear in enemies as warriors nearby take on the terrifying aspect of the wolf. Treat Shrines as Sinister Statues from page 125 of the Warhammer Rulebook.
Shrine to Chaos - 3 Objective Points each.

These hastily built shrines have been assembled from all manner of chaotic debris rubble, bodies and other, less denable motley. These resonate with the power of the Blood God both friend and foe alike are susceptible to ts of white hot anger and fall upon their enemies with a rabid bloodlust. Treat a Shrine to Chaos as an Altar of Khaine from page 124 of the Warhammer Rulebook.
Tunnel Entrances - 2 Objective Points each.

There are horrors lurking beneath Middenheim, festering in the depths of the Ulricsberg. These creatures rarely see daylight and emerge only during times of great unrest in Middenheim, when the city milita are too busy to patrol the hundreds of entrances to the tunnels. Anyone going near these deathtraps are in danger of being snatched from their kinsmen and dragged screaming below to a horrible fate. Treat all terrain within 6 of a Tunnel Entrance as Khemrian Quicksand from Page 121 of the Warhammer Rulebook.


Throughout the day your Faction leaders will be keeping a weather eye on the battlefield looking for opportunities for you to prove yourself in the fires of war. Should such an opportunity arise (or better still be brought to their attention by you, the players) then they may see fit to assign you a Secret Mission. Should you accomplish this mission then you will earn vital Objective Points for your Faction. These results of these missions will be kept secret from general knowledge until the very end where they will be revealed. Every Legendary Battlefield held thus far at Warhammer World has been decided by the Objective Points gained through Secret Missions so be sure to do your level best to achieve them!


In addition to the objectives and secret missions listed above, you can also earn Objective Points for your faction by destroying enemy Monsters - each of these gives your side an additional Objective Point.
The Legends Painting Competition

Over lunch time we will be holding the Legends Painting Competition in the gaming hall. This is an opportunity for you to show off your miniature painting skills. There are four categories for you to enter one miniature into each category once. Its worth taking note here that you do not have to use a model from your army on the day to enter the Legends Competition. You can in fact enter any model from your collection; if you have a brand new Warhammer miniature that you have spent weeks painting and want to show it off, here is your opportunity. Please note that if you DO use a model from your army on the day it must go back onto the battlefield in the same spot it was taken from. Once all of the models have been entered into the cabinet voting will open at 12:30pm and every player will get a vote on each category. At 12:55pm the voting will close and the models then go back to the battle, or case ready for 1:00pm.
Title: The Wrath of the Gods

We will provide markers for every model removed from the table to enter into the Legends Painting Competition if they are being used in the battlefield, to show where they ought to be put back. No true Champion of the Gods would seek to move these counters, and spawndom awaits any who dare trie with them!


The Categories are: Hero of Legend: Infantry, Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, Monstrous Cavalry. Beast of Legend: Swarms, War Beasts, Monstrous Beasts, Monsters. Engine of Legend: Chariots, War Machines. Monument of Legend: Any Warhammer scenery piece based on a Citadel kit.
Schedule 8:00am - Doors open Bugmans Bar serving their breakfast menu 9:00am - 9:10am Event Briefing 9:10am - 9:30am Introductions and Battle Plans 9:30am - 10:00am The Deployment Phase 10:00am - Legendary Battlefield begins 12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch time The Legends Painting Competition held in the gaming hall 1:00pm - Legendary Battlefield resumes 5:30pm - End of the game 5:45pm - Award Ceremony 6:00pm - Event Closes


Faction award The Hammer of Ulric: For the member of Graf Todbringers Defenders whom the Faction Leader most feels has played in the spirit of the

day. Basically this means getting stuck in and ensuring that your opponents have as much fun as you - such as not being afraid to take a risk to complete secret missions, accepting that challenge that you might otherwise think twice about etc.
The Blood Reaver of Khorne: For the member of Lord Baloroths Marauders whom the Faction Leader most feels has played in the spirit of

the day. Basically this means getting stuck in and ensuring that your opponents have as much fun as you - such as not being afraid to take a risk to complete secret missions, accepting that challenge that you might otherwise think twice about etc.
Hero of Legend: For the winner of the Hero of Legends painting competition. Beast of Legend: For the winner of the Beast of Legends painting competition. Engine of Legend: For the winner of the Engine of Legends painting competition. Monument of Legend: For the winner of the Monument of Legends painting competition. Artisan of Renown: Awarded to the player at the event that the Events Team feels has the best army. The Events Team will decide this by

looking at the various armies throughout the day as they are deployed, removed as casualties any opportunity we get really! We will be looking for the following: Quality of Painting - Is there a high technical quality of painting across the army? Appearance as a whole - Does the army look great as a whole on the table? Do the models complement each other? Originality - Are there conversions, or a colour scheme we havent seen before? Is your army unique? Theme - Does your army fit a cool theme? Centrepiece - Is there a great centrepiece model for the army, monsters / general etc? Extras - Have you got cool unit fillers, movement trays etc that add character?
Dietary Requirements:

If you have specific dietary requirements, please contact us beforehand using the details below, so we can do our best to accommodate you.
Contact Us

For any more information or to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us Phone - 0115 9004994 Email - Post - Warhammer World Events Team Games Workshop Willow Road Nottingham NG7 2WS For more information on upcoming events, get hold of last minute tickets and to see photos from the event, find us and follow us on Facebook GW Warhammer World 8

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