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MDS Diagnostics Training

About This Session
InSite Radio System Management Software
Network Wide Radio Configuration SCADA Compatibility w/DDE, ODBC InSite 6
Basic Interface
Diagnostic Modes NetworkView Functionality

InSite 6 Features
Equipment List Features
Pull-down Menus

New Radio Found

Automatic Radio Search screen
10,000 radios in 30 minutes

Network Wide Diagnostic Collection

Alarms, RSSI, SNR, Supply V, Reg. V, Temp., Power

Radio Configuration menu

Broadcast Settings RTU RESET

Quick Alarm Status Ping

InSite 6 Features (2)

Report Generation DDE Control Items ODBC Configuration Parameters
allows for entry of UserID and Password for SQL Server and all other network resident databases

Dial-Up Networking (DUN) for

SMTP e-mail
TCP/IP connections

Diagnostics PC Connection

Indirect Connection Method #2Dial-Up Networking (TCP/IP) via the Internet

Indirect Connection Method #1Modem

Network Wide Diagnostics

1004 1003 Null Modem Null RJ-11 Node 1002

Unit Address 1000



1001 Full Duplex Node

x710A/E x790A/E

Network Wide Diagnostics

Diagnostic Encapsulation
Payload data message in user's protocol The MDS Frame encapsulates both data and diagnostics together. Non-intrusive diagnostic message

The MDS Frame includes a header, control bytes, and a CRC-16 check.

Data Diagnostics

Data X790 RF Link X710 Diagnostics

Configure Equipment List

Configure Equipment List

Double click in the field box opens drop menu selections

Configure Equipment List

The InSite Interface

NetworkView is a new GUI frontend for your operators

ODBC to your SQL database

DDE to your SCADA application

SMTP E-mail Alarms to your technician

Internal Data Standard Spreadsheet Text Files

Network View

InSite 6 Functionality
NetworkView "Diagnostic Detective"
provides a single entry point for user

RS-232, COS Dial-up Modem TCP/IP

Network Wide LEDR II

Data Retrieval
Internal Database ODBC DDE

Visual Audible SMTP E-mail

Diagnostic Detective

Diagnostics Polling

Diagnostics Polling

Network Wide Radio Configuration

Network Wide Radio Configuration

Network Wide Radio Configuration

Network Wide Radio Configuration


WhiteRadio did not respond GreenRadio responded; radio is OK YellowRadio responded; a minor alarm condition is present

RedRadio responded; a major alarm condition is present

BlueNew radio found that is not on the Equipment List for this radio system Gray(unused grid square)

SCADA SQL Database

Its DEMO Time!