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Congregation Stands

Congregation Kneels


Please turn off your cell phones upon entering the sanctuary.


Song Service: Pr. Perry Jr. & Clarine Opening Hymn Scripture Reading Opening Prayer Welcome Mission Report Program
Adult ClassMain SanctuaryIrwin Dixon Youth Class (15-18)BalconyRaquel Bodden Junior Class VestryAudrey Jovel
Cradle Roll, Kindergarten, Primary and Earliteen Classes available in the little church

o Todays Revived by His Word reading is Ecclesiastes 11. o Please keep reverence in Gods house. Please reserve balcony for overflow seating and mothers with young children. o 2014 Morning Watch Devotional Books available for purchase at the Adventist Book store. o Pathfinder meetings begin on Sabbath, March 1st. from 5:00pm 7:00pm. o There will be an ACS (Dorcas) meeting held at the home of sis. Fausta on Monday, Feb. 17th, at 7:00pm.
SPIRIT OF PROPHECY GEMSome parents do not understand
their children and are not really acquainted with them. There is often a great distance between parents and children. If the parents would enter more fully into the feelings of their children and draw out what is in their hearts, it would have a beneficial influence upon them. The father and the mother should work together in full sympathy with each other. They should make themselves companions to their children.2 Parents should study the best and most successful manner of winning the love and confidence of their children, that they may lead them in the right path. They should reflect the sunshine of love upon the household. Encouragement and CommendationYoung children love companionship and can seldom enjoy themselves alone. They yearn for sympathy and tenderness. That which they enjoy they think will please mother also, and it is natural for them to go to her with their little joys and sorrows. The mother should not wound their sensitive hearts by treating with indifference matters that, though trifling to her, are of great importance to them. Her sympathy and approval are precious. An approving glance, a word of encouragement or commendation, will be like sunshine in their hearts, often making the whole day happy.

The Cheerful Givers Plan: Tithe (10% of all income) Used to support the worldwide mission of the church Marked Offering (love offering of any amount) is used in the following ways: o Unspecified: 60% Local church Budget 20% Local conference development 20% World Missions o You may also specify your offering to fund specific departments such as: church budget, education, radio, poor fund, etc. Loose offering: Local church budget PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO MISION ADVENTISTA


ADORATION Clarine Ebanks


Convocation Participants Enter Doxology Praise God from whom all blessings flow Invocation Pr. Perry Jr. Opening Hymn Love at Home #652 Scripture Reading Ruth 1: 16, 17 Emmer Ebanks Pastoral Prayer Irwin Dixon Welcome Emmer Ebanks Worship in Giving Irwin Dixon Childrens Story The Junior Class Special in Song To Be Announced Sermon Family Companionship Pr. Perry Jr. Closing Hymn Tis Love that makes us Happy #579 Benediction Pr. Perry Jr. COMMUNION SERVICE

We Are Praying For (Updated weekly) (777) Revival & Reformation; Youth studying abroad; Lillybeth Greenwood; Jenna Hyde; Sam Sarmiento; Dawn Hyde; Elsabeth; Edier Gavarrete; Shari Pouchie; Raquels friend; Dolores Mann; Allan and Ivette Hyde; Odilias son; Valladares Family; Delano Meja; Gretel Hynds; Fausta Elwin; Mega-Building project.

The Adventist Home, p. 190

OFFICERS SERVING YOU Pastor: Perry Elwin, Jr. Head Elder: Emmer Ebanks Treasurer: Delano Mejia Church Clerk: Norma Francis SS Superintendant: Valjean Dixon Pathfinder Club Director: Dessery Barrett Bulletin Editor: Jenna Hyde

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