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Study with your whole mind

Before class…
1. Decide your initial purpose,
2. Preview the Table of Contents of the entire text and PhotoRead it.

When you receive a reading assignment for a textbook…

1. Preview and PhotoRead the chapters + PhotoRead 1 or 2 chapters on either side
2. Use rhythmic perusal to read the chapter summary and study questions at the end
3. Super read and dip to find answers.

When attend class…

1. Create mind maps during lecture for all class notes
2. For instant review of entire lecture, take multiple mind maps and combine into 1
3. Super read and dip to find specific information from the reading assignment if you
need it
4. To handle vague feelings, skitter or rapid read anything else.
5. Mind map important finds you need to memorize.

Before writing reports…

1. Use syntopic reading
2. Super read and dip in most important texts to get core concepts
3. Mind map your 1st draft and thus write the mind map

When studying for tests…

1. Look over mind maps
2. PhotoRead assignments
3. Rapid read to review chapters assigned for the test
4. Listen to Memory Supercharger Paraliminal CD the night before exam/tests.
Study cycles

In blocks of 20 to 30 min, containing emtnal preparation and physical breaks.

1. Gather all reading materials you intend to use in front of you

2. Take 3-5 min to state your purpose and enter the ideal state of mind
 Consider your desired outcome
 Enter ideal state and repeat affirmations in present state
 ‘I’m ready to absorb Ch. 5 and 6 of this physics text to prepare for class tomorrow
and answer the questions at the end of chapter’
 ‘As I study for the next 20 min, I do so with full alertness and effortless
 ‘When I’m studying, I feel refreshed, relaxed and confident’
 ‘When I call upon this information in the future, I relax and let go. The information
flows freely through my mind. I easily retrieve the information I desire’.

3. Begin your study in the flow state of relaxed alertness

 Preview briefly
 For the remainder of the 20 min, use whatever combination of PhotoReading,
activating or rapid reading
 100% Concentration!

4. Take a 15-min break.

 Move completely away from study area, both physically and mentally
 Keep your commitment to build self trust

5. Go back to step 2 and repeat the cycle 2 more times.

 Give yourself a 15-min break before beginning another study cycles

6. Play pleasant music softly in the background to add to your relaxation. Listen to
Personal Genius before studying and Memory Supercharger after studying to solidify