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Paper-I (Classical Poetry) 100

Paper-II (Drama-I) 100

Paper-III (Fiction-I) . 100

Paper-IV (Prose) ... 100

Paper-V (American Literature) . 100

Total 500



The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Farie Queen (Book 1, Canto-1)
Paradise Lost Book-I (line 1-100 & 5 Speeches of Satan) Book-IX (Speeches of Adam & Eve) i. When I Consider Everything That Grows ii. Shall I Compare Thee to A Summers Day? iii. Weary with Toil, I Haste Me to My Bed iv. Why Didst Thou Promise Such A Beauteous Day? v. That Thou Hast Her It Is Not All My Grief vi. Take All My Loves, My Love, Yea Take Them All vii. What Is Your Substance, Whereof Are You Made viii. O, How Much More Doth Beauty Beauteous Seem

2. 3.



5. JOHN DONNE (Selection from Love & Divine Poems) i. The Good Morrow ii. Goe, and Catch a Falling Star iii. The Sunne Rising iv. Song: Sweetest Love, I do not Goe v. A Valediction of Weeping vi. A Valediction- Forbidding Mourning vii. The Expiration viii. Holy Sonnet-------Hymne to God, The Father ix. Holy Sonnet--------A Hymne to Christ x. Holy Sonnet--------A Hymne to God,My God. 6. Alexander Pope Rape of the Lock (canto 1, 2, 5)

Reading List
B.Rajan The Lofty Rhyme Beer, P. (1972) The Metaphysical Poets. McMillan. Bowden, M. (1967) A Commentary on the Prologue. MacMillan. Daiches, D. (1971) Milton. Hutchinson & Co. Dyson, A.E(ed) (1966) Heroic Poetry. McMillan. Fraser, G. (1978) Alexander Pope. Routledge & Kegan Paul. Kermode, F. (1971) Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne (Introduction). Routledge & Kegan Paul. Leishman; The Monarch of wit. Quennell, P. (1968) Alexander Pope. Weildfeld & Nicolson. Rudrum, A. (1968) Milton. McMillan.


Oedipus Rex Jew of Malta Othello The Tempest Importance of Being Earnest

Reading List

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Joseph Andrews Pride and Prejudice A Tale of Two Cities The Mill on the Floss Tess of the dUrbervilles

2. 3. 4. 5.

Henry Fielding Jane Austin Charles Dickens George Eliot Thomas Hardy

Reading List
Allen, W. (1954) The English Novel: A Short Critical History. Penguin Allot, M. (1959) Novelists on the Novel. Routledge and Kegan Paul Bradbucy, M. (1973) Possibilities: Essay on the State of Novel. OUP Bradbury, M, (ed)(1966) Forster: A Collection of Critical Essays. Prentice Hall . Bradbury, M. (ed)(1975) E.M.Froster: A Passage to India. McMillan Casagrande, P.J(1982) Unity in Hardys Novels: Repetitive Symmetries. McMillan Cavaliero, G. (1979) A Reading of E.M. Froster. McMillan Dyson, A.E.(ed) (1976) Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park. The Anchor Press Ltd. E.M.Foster: Aspects of English Novel Ernest Baker: History of English Novel Ernest Baker: History of English Novel Gray, B. (1989) Georage Eliot and Music. McMillan Hardy, B.(1970) Critical Essays on George Eliot. Routledge Kegan Paul Karl, F.R. (1975) A Readers Guide to the Development of English Novels in the Eighteenth Century. Thomas & Hudson Karmer, D(1975) Thomas Hardy: The Forms of Tragedy . McMillan Kennedy, A.(1979) Meaning and Signs in Fiction . McMillan Mansell, D. (1973) The Novels of Jane Austen: An Introduction .McMillan Martin, J. S. (1976) E.M Forster: The Endless Journey. CUP Peck, J. (1983) How to Study a Novel. McMillan Pinion, F,B(1981) A George Eliot Comparison. McMillan Pinion, F.B (1977) Thomas Hardy: Art and Thought. McMillan

1. Sir Francis Bacon (Essays) 2. Jonathan Swift

Of Truth, Of Revenge, Of Ambition, Of Studies, Of Great Places, Of Friendship, Of Adversity, Of Simulation & Dissimulation Gullivers Travels (Book 1& 4)

3. Lytton Strachey Selection from Eminent Victorians 4. Bertrand Russell Selection of Essays

(i) (ii) i. ii. iii. iv. v. Vi.

End of General Gordan Florence Nightingale Philosophy and Politics The Future of Mankind Philosophy For Laymen The Functions of a Teacher Ideas That Have Helped Mankind Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind

5. Edward W. Said

Introduction to Culture & Imperialism

Reading List
Carr, B. (1975) Bertrand Russell: An Introduction. Georage Allen and Unwin. Hawkins, M. J. (1972) Introduction in Francis Bacon: Essays. JM Dent and Sons. Rawson, C. J. (1973) Gulliver and the Gentle Reader. Routlege and Kegan Paul. Russel, B. (1940) Introduction in An Inquiry Into meaning and Truth. Georage Allen and Unwin. Speck, W.A. (1970) Swift. Arco. Vichers, B. (1978) Francis Bacon and Renaissance Prose. Longman Williams, K. (1969) Jonathan Swift. Georage Allen and Unwin Williams, K. (1970) Swift the Critical Heritage. Routlege and Kegan Paul

Poetry Walt Whitman


i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii.

There was A Child Went Forth I Saw in Louisiana A Live-Oak Growing Ones-Self I Sing Poets to Come O Captain! My Captain! To A Stranger Shut Not Your Doors The Carols Mending Wall After Apple Picking The Road Not Taken Tree at my Window Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Acquainted with the Night The Pasture Meeting and Passing Melodic Trains The Painter After The Last Bulletin Still Citizen Sparrow

Robert Frost

John Ashbery Richard Wilbur Drama Eugene ONeill Arthur Miller Novel Ernest Hemingway Tony Morrison

i. ii. i. ii.

Mourning becomes Electra (Homecoming) The Crucible

A Farewell to Arms Jazz

Reading List Corrigon, Robert W.ed. Arthur Miller: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century View) Dusenburgh , Winifred , (1960), The Theme of Loneliness in Modern American Drama. Lathem, E.C.(1969), The Poetry of Robert Frost Nitche, G. W.(1969), Human Values in the Poetry of Robert Frost . Thompson, Lawrence, (1942), Fire and Ice: The art and Thought of Robert Frost