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City of West Palm Beach Sustainability Action Committee EECBG & Performance Contract Project Review

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meeting Objectives
Introductions Review Project Objectives Overview of Findings & Recommendations Open Discussion on Project Scope

Energy Systems Group

ESG is an Nationally Accredited Energy Services Company Founded in 1994 Licensed in 35 States & US Virgin Islands Over 230 Energy Services Professionals Subsidiary of Vectren Corporation Over $1.2 Billion in completed projects Over 300 Customers
ESG Clearwater Office

Project Objectives
City Wide EECBG and Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracts Reduce Utility Consumption & Expense Across City Support Achievement Citys Sustainability Plan Goals Fund Needed Work to Alleviate Strained Capital Budgets Implement Leading Technologies Such As LED Street Lighting

What is Performance Contracting?

Energy Efficiency and Capital Improvement Projects that are Funded Entirely Through Resulting Energy and Operational Savings Which is Guaranteed by the Energy Services Contractor Enabled by F.S. 489.145 Bundled Package of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that Provides an Overall Self-Funding Program Savings Must be Guaranteed by the ESCO Total Project Must Fully Fund in a Term of 20 Years or Less Project Cash Flow Must be Positive Each Year of the Term

100% Self Funded Projects

Guaranteed savings allows for funds that would have been spent on utilities to pay for project costs and other operational needs

Performance Guarantee & Measurement & Verification

Annual Savings Verification Report Each Year of Term M&V Procedures Follow the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Exact Methodology Determined by Project Scope, Acceptable Accuracy, and Cost Effectiveness WPB Project Relies on Retrofit Isolation Measures Where Pre & Post Measurements Will Be Taken For Each Individual ECM

Audit Process
Phase 1 Preliminary Analysis 1. Client Interviews Phase 2 Detailed Analysis 1. Detailed Modeling Phase 3 Final Development 1. ECM Design

2. Site Surveys

2. Cost Estimates

2. Project Financials

3. Potential ECMs 4. Client Review

3. Finalize ECMs 4. Client Review

3. Implementation Plan 4. Client Review

Scope of Audit
City Center City Center Garage Fire Station #1 Fire Station #2 Fire Station #3 Fire Station #4 Fire Station #5 Fire Station #6 Fire Station #7 Fire Station #8 City of West Palm Beach Police Stations and Garages Evernia Street Garage Clematis Street Garage Water Treatment Plant South Olive Park Gaines Park Vedado Park Pleasant City Coleman Park Howard Park Youth Empowerment Center Vickers House North Grassy Waters Preserve Wilderness Pavilion Everglades Pavilion City of West Palm Beach Compound Complex

ECM Recommendation Criteria

Total Energy & Environmental Impact Simple Payback & Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR) Overall Prioritization of the Measure Ability to Be Supported in a 15 Year Term Cash Flow Recurring Savings From Grant Selected Projects To Fund Future Sustainable Initiatives

Street & Park Lighting Measures

General Scope Replace / Retrofit Existing Street & Exterior Park Lighting with LED & Induction Fixtures Benefits Better Color Rendition Improved Efficiency Increased Product Life Commonality of Stock $ Savings $427,363 kWh Savings 2,380,291 lbs of CO2 5,712,699

General Lighting Measures

General Scope Retrofitting Existing Lighting Systems with High Efficiency Fluorescent & LED Systems Benefits Improved Efficiency Improved Lighting Quality Increased Product Life Commonality of Stock $ Saving $97,096 kWh Savings 982,364 lbs of CO2 2,357,674

Garage Lighting Measures

General Scope New Fluorescent Lighting Layouts & Controls at Police Station & Evernia St. Garages Retrofits Utilizing Fluorescent Lighting at City Center Garage Benefits Improved Lighting Levels & Color Rendition Improved Efficiency Optimization of Lighting System Performance $ Savings $87,907 kWh Savings 636,661 lbs of CO2 1,527,987

Water Conservation Measures

General Scope Low-Flow Toilets & Automated Flush Valves New faucets, Aerators, & Low-Flow Shower Heads Benefits Improved Efficiency Improved Sanitation $ Savings $3,240 kWh 4,181 Kgal 492 Therms 221 CO2 10,034

Small HVAC Measures

General Scope Programmable Thermostats & Commissioning of Existing DX Systems Benefits Replace End of Life Equipment Improve Efficiency Optimize Building Performance $ Savings $8,180 kWh Savings 111,826 lbs of CO2 270,784

Lift Station Measures

General Scope Installation of New Variable Frequency Drives & Controls & Solar Ventilation Fans Benefits Improved Efficiency $ Savings $70,560 kWh Savings 740,217 lbs of CO2 1,776,521

Police Department Chiller Measure

General Scope Replacement of Existing Chiller & Modification of Controls Settings Benefits Replace End of Life Equipment Improved Efficiency Optimized Building Performance $ Savings $14,047 kWh Savings 210,494 lbs of CO2 505,186

PC Project Financials
PC Project
Project Cost Simple Payback SIR Projected Term Savings Guaranteed Term Savings $ 7,855,965 12.19 yrs 1.05 $ 12,229,971 $ 11,749,591 $ 599,998 9.4 yrs $ 63,931

Grant Project
Project Cost Simple Payback Annual Savings

Total Impact on Sustainability

Annual Impact 5,067,035 kWh Saved 492 Gal Saved 8.8% Reduction in Electric $64k Grant Project Savings Environmental Impact
lbs. of CO2 Removed = 12,160,883 Grams of NOX Removed = 20,268,138 Grams of SO2 Removed = 50,670,345 Acres of Tree Planted = Cars Removed = 1,469 709
Actual KWH/Yr

Annual City Electric Consumption


Proposed KWH/Yr

Thank You

Clematis Street Fountain Measure

General Scope Replace Exiting Pumps & Drives Fill in Sumps Flush Mounted Multi-colored LED lighting system w/ controls Benefits Reduced maintenance Internet Capable Controls Improved Ascetics Address Current Codes