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Volume III Issue I January 2014

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A MESSAGE FROM YOUR VICE - CHANCELLOR 2 3 5 6 A University, in which we all can take pride: Today, I can take pride in my association with GTU, said Mr. Haren Shah1 , while inter-acting with some creative young students. GTU is a University, in which its students and faculty members can take pride, not because it has become a great university but because it is taking highly innovative steps for becoming a great place for learning and which is being considered as an example to follow by all the other technological Universities in India. It is great to hear words of appreciation from GTUs friends. But what is more important is that we all -the students, faculty members and GTU officers should do our job in the best possible manner for making our University great. Once anyone decides that he would strive to be the best in his job, he/ she will start taking pride in his/ her work. Then one will automatically start appreciating, what is being accomplished at GTU by all of us jointly and one will start looking at the shortcomings of our system as jobs, which remain to be done. In the natural course, the pride in ones work will lead one to take pride in GTU. I suggest we should immediately start working towards becoming the best in our part of the job and we must not wait till everyone else does, what he/ she is supposed to do. At the University, each one of us has to work to progressively improve the service to our stake-holders till it becomes the best in the world. We can legitimately cite many reasons for not being able to do our job well. But there are two over-riding reasons of why our service must not be the second best. These are our self-respect and our pride in GTU. The Faculty members have to make their classes, laboratories and workshops voyages of discovery. The old methods of teaching must be replaced and improved day by day. The exam papers for mid-sem or the end-sem or the quizzes must not ask for rote-learning and should be designed to evaluate the degree of understanding of the concepts. We have to ensure that every student is evaluated fairly during the semester and at the end-semester exams. The practical examinations and Viva voce examinations must be conducted well so that every student is able to get grades, which he/ she deserve. Students have to work with the management to ensure that during the semester the classes, laboratories and workshops are conducted on every single day starting from the first day to the last. They are to work jointly with the faculty to make their class-work interesting and useful. They should use libraries, visits the industries and exploit other resources outside the class-room to enhance their learning. They should assess their own soft skills and see that before they graduate, they acquire the ability to communicate well. When our researchers work sincerely and hard, when our institutions work with discipline and with their first focus on students and when our students take pleasure in 1

Brainstorming by Educational Leaders 3rd CONVOCATION of GTU MoU with SIAS International University, China TRIBOLOGY Experts across the World at GTU Asian & African Students enrolled in GTU International Experience Program with USA, Canada & Germany International Students Celebrating Rakshabandhan at C. M. House MoU with BOSCH Rexroth Phase I Completion of Vishwakarma Yojana Felicitation of Vishwakarma Yojana by Shri Bhupendra Sinh Chudasama CCCI Technology Education Excellence Award 2013 AICTE ChairmanProf. Mantha at GTU GCSR Program of MBA Introducing Bridge Course in Engineering New 5 year Integrated Course IEEE Explore User Awareness Program GTU XITIJ 2013The Youth Festival GTU SPIRIT 2013The Sports Festival Leadership Excellence Meet List of Workshops, Seminars & FDP at GTU


7 8 10 10 11




13 14 15 15 15 16 16 18 18



Lets Communicate FDP with IIT Gandhinagar & IEEE Combating Cyber Crime MoU with GUDA Seminar on Sustainable Energy PHOTO GALLERY

20 20 21 21 21 22

their studies, GTU will become an academic power-house, which would attract the best of students and researchers. Jointly we can make the University a great place of learning. Jointly we can make GTU a University in which we may take pride. Jointly we can raise the reputation of the University so that every student gets a job, he/ she wants. Let each one of the members of GTU family decide to work for the objective. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal Vice-Chancellor GTU

Mr. Haren Shah is the Co-Chair of GTU Innovation Sankul, Gandhinagar and is the founder CEO of Peach Computers. He was participating in a workshop where young students of GTU were presenting their ideas and their work, as budding entrepreneurs.

Brainstorming by Educational Leaders to Re-design the Structure of Universities of INDIA at the seminar organized by GTU
Themes of Sessions Organised
Innovations, Linking Academia to Industry and Creating Supportive Ecosystem, Creating facilities at Universities for creative work, IPR and Entrepreneurial Systems at Universities Project-based Learning, Designoriented education and making the work in class-rooms, laboratories and workshops exciting Re-designing the Structure of Universities and Public Policy Regime in India for coping with Challenges of the 21st Century Dignitaries like Professor Rameshwar Rao, Vice-Chancellor, JNTU , Hyderabad , Dr. B. Thimme Gowda, Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University , Professor Anil Gupta, IIM Ahmedabad , Dr. Harkesh Mittal, Member Secretary & Head , National S & T Entrepreneurship Develo pment Board, Secretary, Technology Development Board chaired different sessions. All the educationists present at the event appreciated the initiative taken by Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU. The seminar was organized as pre-summit event of National Education Summit (NES) organized on 10th 11th January, 2014 at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar by the Government of Gujarat.

GTU organized 2 days seminar on Re-designing the Structure of Universities For Coping with Challenges of the 21st Century on 8th and 9th January 2014 at GTU Chandkheda Campus. Vice- Chancellors and Directors of more than 70 universities across the nation came together on one platform and discussed various strategies to take the education in India to the next level. Around 44 Vice-Chancellors of the universities other then Gujarat state remained present at the seminar. Honourable, Minister for Education, Higher & Technical Education, Law and Judiciary, Food & Civil Supplies, Consumer affairs, Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development, Government of Gujarat Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasma and Dr. Jayanti Ravi, IAS & Commissioner of Higher Education at Government of Gujarat attended the inauguration ceremony and welcomed all the Vice-Chancellors to join National Education Summit which was scheduled at Mahatma Mandir during 10th & 11th January 2013. Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has conducted extensive research on the theme of Designing the

Structures of Technology Universities (DSTU) in India since 27th April 2011. This research project is designed to scientifically study the evolution of the university system and to develop disruptive strategies to meet the challenges of the 21st century. During the DSTU project many of the educationists who participated in the previous meetings of DSTU from all over the country were of the opinion that the ideas of governance being discussed at DSTU were applicable to all the traditional Universities in the Indian sub-continent. At the seminar, Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU drew attention towards issues related to basic structure, bequeathed to the affiliating type Universities of India by the template designed by East India Company. Under the DSTU project it is also being studied that, whether it is this genetic weakness, which has led to a complete absence of all Universities from the Indian subcontinent to be absent from all the lists of the top-ranking 200 Universities of the world. Sessions on different themes were organized during both the days. 2

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More than 60000 students of GTU conferred degrees on the 3rd Annual Convocation of GTU

The administrative campus of Gujarat Technological University truly turned into a University Campus when thousands of students of GTU came to receive their degrees at the 3rd Annual Convocation. Around 6500 people including students, parents, academicians and other dignitaries witnessed the grand 3rd Annual Convocation of Gujarat Technological University on Thursday, 16th January, 2014 at GTU Chandkheda Campus. It was a great experience to watch the proud parents of the 143 students who had been awarded gold medals. A total of 62687 students were eligible to get degree/diploma at the 3rd Annual Convocation. Her Excellency Shrimati Kamala, the chancellor of GTU and Governor of Gujarat led the procession at the

beginning of the event and received the guard of honour. Dr. G.P. Vadodaria, I/C Registrar of GTU delivered the welcome speech and introduced the guests of the event. On the occasion while presenting the Annual Report, Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice-Chancellor of GTU pointed towards the example of Shri Parakram Sing Jadeja, Jyoti Industries, Rajkot, who had instituted stipends for 25 students, who are working on their Final Year projects. He invited other industries and businesses to

collaborate with the University for the training of the final year students which can be beneficial for industries as well as for students. GTU presented the Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy to Padmashri Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. Dr Vijay Bhatkar is one of the most acclaimed IT leaders of India. He is best known as the architect of India's first supercomputer and as the founder Executive Director of C-DAC, India's national initiative in supercomputing. On the occasion he said that I feel pleasure to receive honorary doctorate in philosophy in presence of Honourable Chancellor, Dr. Mantha and Dr. Akshai Aggarwal. Dr. Bhatkar being a leader of IT industry also mentioned about the leap India has taken in the IT industry on global platform. He also praised the progress and

Summary and comparison of Number of Students Eligible for Annual Convocation

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Course name Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Pharmacy Diploma in Engineering Diploma in Pharmacy Master of Business Administration Master of Computer Applications Master of Engineering Master of Pharmacy Post degree diploma course (PDDC) TOTAL 3 Students Eligible for Annual Convocation 1st Convocation 14358 182 3498 346 366 18750 2nd Convocation 14672 3736 19435 942 6049 1197 786 1279 48172 3rd Convocation 26448 3072 22447 193 5119 2142 1333 1854 79 62687

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Gujarat can be a trend setter in Education

were the words of Dr. S. S. Mantha,

Chairman of AICTE and the Chief Guest of the Event. Dr. Mantha said that generally in India and particularly in Gujarat GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) has improved from 14 to 19 but it needs to improve further as these numbers are too small compared to the rest of the world. Dr. Mantha motivated all the students graduating and inspired not to layback in difficult times saying that Success and failure are two sides of the coin. He also encouraged students to try and chase their dreams. achievements of India in the fields of space and nuclear science sharing the example of recent success of Mangalyaan project. Dr. Bhatkar said that India has also emerged in the Research and Development sectors, since a large number of Multi-national companies have set up their research and development centres in India. Dr. Bhatkar said that GTU has become known for its new initiatives and achievements over a short period of time. He also praised GTU for its efforts towards the project on Re-designing the structure of the universities of 21st century. H.E. Dr. Shrimati Kamlaji conferred the degrees on all the students and delivered the presidential speech. Dr. Kamlaji talked about the Importance of Quality in Education. She said that GTU was working to improve the quality of technical education. She mentioned of all India Awards, won by GTU. She called upon the students of GTU to face the challenges of life with courage. GTUs convocation was live telecasted on web for the students who were unable to come in-person to receive the degree. The event turned out to be a major success with presence of thousands of students with their parents.

Gold for Girls at Convocation

GTU awarded degrees in 9 different courses and awarded gold medals to course and branch toppers. Out of 9 course toppers 7 are the female students. Except Diploma Engineering and M.Pharm all rest of the awards of Engineering , Management and Pharmacy have gone to girls this year. However out of total 143 Gold medal winners of branch and course topper of the 3rd convocation around 40 were the female students.

Achieving excellence against all odds at Convocation

Out of the thousands of students present to receive the degree in the 3rd Annual Convocation we also found some students who had achieved excellence against all odds. Kumar Nishant Krishnakumar is the Branch Topper of M.E. in Civil Engineering. He received his gold medal on 16th January 2014. Nishant belongs to Jharkhand and his father is an auto-rickshaw driver. It is needless to say how important and challenging his journey might have been. Nishant said that his parents have supported him throughout his education. He said that his mother used to stay awake until he finished his study late at midnight around 3 oclock. One other student Mitesh Himmatbhai Motisariya achieved 2 Gold Medals for topping the branch as well as the course in M.Pharm in Quality Assurance. Mother of Mitesh has studied till 5th standard while his father has studied till 7th standard only. Both of them were proud to see Mitesh being awarded Gold Medals at the event.

- Inspiring Success Stories

pensioner and his elder sister supported him financially during his further education. During his interview he said that when he wanted to pursue his M.E., he could not get any sponsorship. It was a very difficult decision to leave the job to opt for further education. During his meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, he said that he would start working for his doctorate. His mother said that she wanted him to do as well in his doctorate work as he has done in his Masters. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU felicitated these three special students and also met their families. Success stories of such special students are the inspiration for the society and they are the true heroes for the university.

From left : Mitesh, Nitin & Nishant with Dr. Akshai Aggarwal. Vice Chancellor of GTU

During his meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, Himmatbhai said that it was for the first time in his life that he had entered a University. Out of all, one of the mature students was Nitinkumar Rasiklal Prajapati. Nitin has been awarded a Gold Medal in M.E. in Instrumentation and Control. He is currently working at PDPU. Nitin had pursued his B.E. about 10 years back. After completing his B.E., he worked in the industry. Then he gave up his job and worked for his Masters at GTU. Nitins Mother was a school teacher and a 4

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GTU signed MoU with SIAS International Software Park to establish Software Lab & Training Centre in JINSHUI KEJIAO New City , China

1. I/C Registrar of GTU Dr. G.P. Vadodaria with Mr. Baomin Du, Deputy Director, Jinshui Kejiao New City, and Mr. Wei Wang, Project officer, SIAS International Software Park 2. SIAS International University , China 3. SIAS International Software Park, China

On Thursday, 28th November 2013, Gujarat Technological University signed two Memorandums of Understanding with SIAS International University of China , JINSHUI KEJIAO New City (China) & Sias International Software Park. One of the MoU signed between Sias International University and GTU is based on the principle of reciprocity offering exchange programs for scholars, students, academic information and other academic exchange program. It will also offer an opportunity to enhance the research and educational process with mutual understanding. Professor Li Hai Jun of SIAS International University & Dr. G.P. Vadodaria , In charge Registrar of GTU signed the MoU. Most of the business districts are currently developed in the coastal areas of China but now government is developing and promoting the New City named Jinshui Kejiao in the central district of China which is well connected with main CBDs of China. SIAS International University is developing the SIAS International Software Park where they have dedicated separate wings for USA & India. Investors from silicon valley will be invited for investing in the wing made for USA while one another wing is made for global countries. The second MoU was signed between Mr. Baomin Du, Deputy Director of JINSHUI KEJIAO New City (China), Mr. Wei Wang of SIAS International Software Park and Dr.

G.P.Vadodaria , I/C Registrar of GTU. As per the MoU, GTU will locate a Software Lab & Training Centre at the Sias' soonto-be available facilities at the JINSHUI in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. The SIAS will avail appropriate space and professional support including office services, technology infrastructure and business expansion plans assistance to GTU for the lab establishment. Sias will assist GTU to apply preferential policies which is mainly provided in the respects of revenues, financial support, talent introduction and

Highly Company were invited as chief guest. Impressed with the GCSR program of GTU, Mr. Jagat Shah announced that ICEC will sponsor a visit to China for the student preparing the best presentation on the country. GTU has signed MoU with SIAS International University on 28th November 2013 as a result of the talks initiated with the help of Mr. Jagat Shah, Chairman - India China Economic & Cultural Council (ICEC) after the event of 5th October 2013. GTU has signed MoU with many foreign universities across the world including University of Alberta (Canada), Laurentian University (Canada), Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Hochschule Wismar University of Applied Sciences Technology Business and Design ( Germany), Kansas State University ( U.S.A.). 172 students of GTU went to foreign universities for summer programs in the year 2013. On the occasion Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU said that by far, International Experience Program of GTU is the largest International Program in the country. No other University has a program which is even 20 % of GTU's IEP. After successful International Experience program with Canadian, American and German Universities, GTU students can now also go to a University in China for studies.

After many successful International Experience programs with Canadian, American and German Universities GTU students can now go to China University too.
life services assurance, etc. Global Country Study Report of GTU MBA program was introduced in GTU MBA in the year 2011 in which students learn about different aspects of specific country. Two of the GTU MBA colleges are preparing study report on China in the year 2013. On 5th October 2013 GTU celebrated National Day of China with some of the Chinese students where Mr. Jagat Shah, Chairman - India China Economic & Cultural Council (ICEC) and Mr. Roy Han, GM- Sales, Shanghai 5

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Bringing Academicians, Researchers & Corporates together from all over the World - International Conference on TRIBOLOGY
TRIBOLOGY is still quiet unknown word for non engineering people but it can straight away relate to the daily life of a common man. Today, across the world massive research is going on in Tribology. It is said that effective application of Tribology can directly affect on a nations GDP improvement. For example effective application of tribology can reduce the depreciation of the machineries of the industries. It can also improve the fuel efficiency of the machines and we all know that the fuel cost can directly impact on the inflation and GDP of the country. Making a remarkable move in the direction GTU organized a three day International Conference on Advances in Tribology and Engineering System in word Tribology was introduced by Mr. Peter Jost in 1966 in Oxford Dictionary. In a survey conducted in UK it was observed that they can save 125000 million pounds in a year with an efficient application of Tribology. He said that the word Tribology is new to people but the science is generations old sharing the example of Hand Grinding Mill which works on the tribology science. association with L.D.Institute of Engineering at GTU Ahmedabad Chandkheda Campus on 15th to 17th October 2013. The three day international conference hosted more than 200 participants including industrial professionals and academicians from India as well as abroad. This is the first and largest International Conference of GTU Engineering stream said Dr. Akshai GTU had received 46 research papers on the subject from all over India and abroad. Papers selected by a committee formed by GTU on equal emphasis of theoretical calculations and experimental results in different areas of Tribology were presented at the conference. A book combining all 46 research papers is published by an Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU at the inauguration ceremony of the conference. The conference was organized to bring academicians, researchers and industry people on a single platform to share knowledge. Dr. K.N. Mistry, professor of GIDC degree engineering college, Navsari& Dean GTU has worked with Leeds University in UK which is pioneer in research in Tribology. He said that the International Publishing house Spinger Publications which was unveiled at the beginning of the event. 9 eminent speakers from foreign countries like Spain, china, France, USA addressed the conference while 9 speakers from all over India delivered the sessions on different topics of Tribology Science. Total 23 corporate giants participated in the three day conference including 6 foreign companies. Dr. M.N Patel, Principal of L.D. Institute of Engineering shared that they had also organized one day seminars on

the topic earlier and had received good response which motivated them to bring the event on a large and international scale. He also said that the faculties and students need to think and gain knowledge towards new and emerging technologies like Tribology. Researches from all over the world and India presented their work on Tribology on 16th& 17th October 2013. The conference marked a major success with the presence of eminent researchers in the field from BARC , IITs & Foreign Universities.

Dr. N.L.Soni , Head of Fluid power & Tribology division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Presented the Design and Development of Water Lubricated Bearing used in Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)

Dr. Harish Hirani from IIT Delhi Presented his research on Lubrication by Molybdenum Disulphide. He is also working on Permanent Magnetic Bearing.

Prof. Stphane PANIER , Mines Douai , Polymers and Composites Technology & Mechanical Engineering Department, 941 Rue Charles Bourseul BP 10838 - 59508 Douai Cedex , FRANCE Presented his research done on Hot-spotting in Railway Disc Brakes which is being used in many of the European Rails currently. 6 Back to Index

GTU Campus goes Global - International Students from more than 12 Asian and African Countries joined the University
Campus of Gujarat Technological University truly turned into an international campus when students from more than 12 countries of Asia and Africa arrived. Gujarat Technological University has enrolled many International students with the help of Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The first batch of 86 students were enrolled on 1st August 2013 at GTU Chandkheda Campus. All the students have got scholarship for pursuing their studies in India. Students have come from Bangladesh, Srilanka, Myanmar, Congo, Afghanistan , Zambia, Bhutan, Nepal , Nigeria and many other countries. Out of 86 students 68 students have come to study Bachelor of Engineering while the rest have taken admission in B. Pharm , MBA or MCA so far. Chief Guest of the event Minister of Education, Government of Gujarat Shri Bhupendersinh Chudasama welcomed all the foreign students and ensured the parents of foreign students about the safety of their child in the state of Gujarat. Students were quite excited about their new beginning in this new country. good, it is very different and is very green. I have come here to get good education. He also mentioned that he used to watch many Hindi films and had last seen Ashique 2. Kin Cho Cho Sint & Lin Ko Ko from Myanmar also has come to study MBA. They said that they were quite impressed with the business industry and economy of Gujarat. They find people of Gujarat very helpful, friendly and kind. Two girls Pema and Dorji have come to study Mechanical Engineering from Bhutan. They said that our land is rich with nature, environment and rich in bio-diversity. They said that they have been to West Bengal in the past but they find Gujarat very clean. Kalyani Warnukulasuriya from Srilanka, mother of a student named Sachith enrolled in B.E. Mechanical said that her son has got the Nehru Memorial Scholarship to study. She was satisfied with the environment and will be flying back to Srilanka on 6th August 2013. The students were quite excited about their new beginning. Enrolment of these foreign students in Gujarat Technological University is a new benchmark of quality education in Gujarat, India.

Shri Bhupendersinh Chudasama with Dr. Akshai Aggarwal

Mr. Makrand Shukla , Regional Officer of Indian Council for Cultural Relation , Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India led the group of all foreign students and parents. He said that their team has been receiving all the foreign students and arranging their accommodation since last three days and so they have developed a bonding with them. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU also welcomed foreign students and motivated them to work hard and study well. Zohoruddin, an Afghan student enrolled in MBA said that Gujarat is very

Students of Myanmar, Africa & Nepal at Gujarat Technological University International Student Registration Desk 7 Back to Index

USA, Canadian & German Universities hosted GTU Students of Pharmacy Management & Engineering

Campus of Kansas State University , USA Campus of Laurentian University , Canada & Campus of Wismar University , Germany

To study in a foreign university is a dream moment for any student. This dream of many students at GTU came true in the months of June, July & August 2013 when 172 students went to the universities of Canada, USA & Germany under International Experience Programme. GTU has signed MoU with several foreign universities for International Experience Programme under which the Student of GTU can visit foreign universities. A group of 96 students of pharmacy & computer science , led by two faculty members went to Laurentian University in Canada in June 2013. Another group of 62 students went to USA under the same program with Kansas State University. A group of 62 students of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering studied at KSU

for 8 weeks. The students attended the classes on the special subjects in these universities during the program and GTU will give the credits for the same. During the summer of 2012, 18 students had visited Kansas State University, USA. Out of 110 Visa applications only18 students were granted the Visa. During the summer of 2011, when the International Experience Program was initiated, all the 106 students were denied the Visa. Since the Visa denials were not permitting the program to grow a team of two officers from the International office of Kansas State University, Professor Mohammad Hosni, Dean of Engineering at KSU and the Vice-Chancellor of GTU called a meeting in November 2012 on the issue of Visa Denials in Mumbai. The team visited the Mumbai Consulate and discussed the issue. The result is that there have been only two denials of Visa by the US Consulate and 62 students
Date 17th June to 15th August 2013

have been granted the Visa in 2013. The third group of 14 MBA students went to University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design, Wismar, Germany. They also visited German industries for the management studies in Germany. International Experience Program was launched in the summer of 2011 when 24 Students of GTU affiliated colleges went to the University of Alberta, Canada. This program not only offers the exposure to the education in foreign universities but also a chance to learn new language, customs and meet high profile people of foreign countries like meeting the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce. The International experience program can be a benchmark for their career progress in future.


Stream Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Pharmacy

Subjects 1. Thermal Engineering (Code- 181904) 2. Refrigeration and Air conditioning ( code- 181901 ) 1. Digital Signal Processing (Code-171003) 2. Wireless Communication

Kansas State University, USA

Laurentian University, Canada

17th June to 2nd August 2013

1. Pharmacology III (Code- 270006) 2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry-X(Medicinal Chemistry) (Code-280003- Sem VIII) 1. Web Data Management (Code-170708) 2. Wireless Communication &Mobile Programming (Code-170702N)

Computer Science MBA 8the July to 17th August 2013

Wismar, Germany

Main Subjects 1. International Marketing Strategic Management (2830001). 2. International Marketing Consumer Behaviour (2830101). Additional Subject 1. Business Ethics

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Photo Gallery of GTU Students in Foreign Universities




International Students of GTU celebrated Rakshabandhan at C. M. house with Shri Narendra Modi , Chief Minister of Gujarat
festival with many of the ladies dressed in traditional outfits waiting for their chance to tie a Rakhi to Shri Narendra Modi. All the students tied the holy thread of bondingRakhi to Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat at the event. Mr. Modi was quite humble while talking to international students. He also asked an Indonesian student about the experience of surviving the tsunami that had hit Indonesia in the year 2004. Presence of the national media at the event itself was the evidence of the uniqueness of the event. International Students enjoyed their first Indian festival celebration and where else could be the better place then C M Bunglow for them to celebrate.

An African Student tying Rakhi to Shri Narendra Modi & Group of Foreign Students with Dr. G.P.Vadodaria and Mr. Makrand Shukla at C.M. House
Rakshabandhan at Chief Ministers Bunglow on 20th August 2013. Dr. Vadodaria, I/C & COE of GTU & Mr. Makrand Shukla of Indian Council for Cultural Relation led the group of International Students to the C. M. Bunglow. The venue was on the full swing of

It had been even less then a month of arrival of the International students in Gujarat for pursuing their education and these international students started celebrating the Indian Festivals and Indian Culture. All the female international students of GTU and ICCR celebrated

Rupees 5 Crore will be invested for the establishment of Centre for Excellence in different zones across Gujarat
On Saturday, 18th May 2013, at Paryavaran Mandir,GTU and a well known German Company named Bosch Rexroth signed MoU to start an Industry Institute partnership in the Field of Automation technologies. Bosch Rexroth is one of the worlds leading specialist in the field of drive and control technologies with more then 500000 customers across the globe. Dr. Johanners Thomas Grobe, the Managing Director of Bosch Rexroth (India) Ltd. visited Ahmedabad to sign the MoU with GTU. The primary objective of this MoU is to start an industry institute partnership in the field of automation technologies with Financial and technological participation with Bosch Rexroth. It is a concept of Technological Institute in GTU, where the aim will be to bridge technology gaps between Industry and academia with hands on experience and new pedagogical methods. These centres will be called Centre for Dr. Johannes Grobe, MD Bosch-Rexroth Signing MoU for GTU-CoE Excellence. This centre will act as a centre to transfer current technologies to students and evolve into research and innovation centre for UG and PG programs. Under this program, Bosch-Rexroth will train 12 faculties from GTU at their Facility in Mysore and 2 faculties at their plant in Germany after GTU finalizes the institute where these centres are to be 10 established. Rupees Five Crore will be invested for the establishment of Centres for Excellence in different zones across Gujarat which will be well equipped with the modern tools for learning new edge engineering. This centre will act as a centre to transfer current technologies to students and evolve into a research and innovation centre where focus will be on Training, Knowledge transfer, Projects, Application , Research and Innovation. GTU has invited expression of interest from the institutes willing to establish the Centre in their zone. Establishment of such centre can provide the best environment to the next generation Engineers to experiment and innovate.

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Atma Gaon ki, Suvidha Shaher KiVishwakarma Yojna Phase I Completion

Gujarat Technological University is allotted an important and prestigious project of Vishwakarma Yojana by the Government of Gujarat through Commissionarate of Technical Education Department. Under this project students and faculties of GTU affiliated colleges are working towards Rurbanization of the Villages in Gujarat. Honble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi has described it as Creating Big Village "with a Rural Soul possessing all urban amenities that a city may have. Vishwakarma Yojana is a project framed to provide the benefits of real world experience to the engineering students and simultaneously apply their technical knowledge in the development of infrastructure in rural development with the aim of Atma Gaon Ki Suvidha Shaher Ki. As a part of Implementation of Vishwakarma Yojana Phase- I, the students of Engineering Colleges affiliated with Gujarat Technological University have successfully completed the Techno Economic survey study of 68 villages. The project is undertaken on Design to Delivery basis. Vishwakarma Yojana is designed for the development of Rurban Villages identified by Government of Gujarat. Phase I of the project included the study of 68 villages of 25 districts while more than 150 villages are allotted for techno-economic survey in second phase. 200 students of 28 degree and diploma engineering colleges worked under the guidance of 33 nodal officers in Phase I while 700 students will be involved in the second phase of the project. The first phase of the project aimed to study the existing status and Techno-economic situation of the villages in terms of basic and public amenities, essential commodities and infrastructural facilities for the need of the people considering the population growth of the villages and expansion of the area. Students and Faculties of GTU affiliated Engineering and Architecture colleges conducted the survey. Local Revenue Authorities, TDO, DDO, Sarpanch and other officials of respective villages were consulted. The Survey process is completed during Phase I. Now, a combined project report will be submitted to the Government of Gujarat for further implementation of the proposed development in Rurban villages. The project has catered to the village needs. Starting from a Physical infrastructure facilities (Water, Drainage, Road, Electricity, Solid waste Management, Storm Water Network, Telecommunication & Other), Social infrastructure facilities (Education, Health, Community Hall, Library, Recreation Facilities & other) and renewable energy (Rain water harvesting, Biogas plant, Solar Street lights & Other) for Sustainable development and many more such development plans are made for different villages in Phase I. The report of Phase I included the survey results, gap analysis and study reports on different development parameters of villages. It also includes the development suggestions with the drawings and plans with estimated quantity of material required for construction. Students working on the project are offered stipend. The students will get the real life professional experience by working in the project while villages and government will get the privilege of the knowledge of GTU Students. All the students and faculties associated with Vishwakarma Yojna Phase I were felicitated by GTU. Phase II of Vishwakarma Yojna has started with the new academic year and Phase II will have the theme of Green Technology as per Dr. Akshai Aggarwal Vice Chancellor of GTU. Methodology Used in the Phase I Village Allocation Survey Form Crafting Visit of Village Data Collection & Presentation Data Analysis Recommendations & Suggestions Designing Proposals

Infrastructural Facilities identified

Planning of Schools as per villages requirementNursery, Primary Education, Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools Planning of Health & CleaningC.H.C./P.H.C. Planning & Building of Internal Roads Facilities related to drinking water and health Solid & liquid Waste Management , Drainage , Waste Water Collection, Processing & Disbursing Street lights / Solar Lights Tree Plantation , Building and Maintaining Public Properties 11 Irrigation Management like Water Harvesting, Check dam ,dredging lakes, dredging farm-ponds and helping farmers for irrigation partnership, Drip & Sprinkle methods. Construction of Burial Planning of the land for park, tree plantation, land/Moist saving. Training & Awareness for Disaster Management like Flood & Earth qucke Co-operative Facilities Back to Index

Criticizing the society will not work, we also have to be responsible - Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama
On 23rd November 2013, Saturday GTU had organized felicitation of all the students and faculties associated with Vishwarkarma Yojna Phase I and inauguration of the International Seminar on Ethical Dilemmas in Corporate Governance and Business Leadership at conference hall of GTU Chandkheda Campus. Honourable, Minister for Education, Higher & Technical Education, Law and Judiciary, Food & Civil Supplies, Consumer affairs, Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development, Government of Gujarat Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasma attended the event as chief guest. Along with Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU Dr. M.N. Patel, Principal of L.D. College of Engineering, Dr. G.P. Vadodaria , In charge Registrar & COE , GTU , Mr. Sushil Handa, founder of Claris Life Sciences, Mr. Shailesh Thaker, Knowledge Inc. and Dr. Indrajit Patel Honorary Director of GTU graced the event. Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasma thanked Dr. Akshai Aggarwal for completing the work of Vishwakarma Yojna Phase I as it was directed by Chief Minister of the State. He also showed willingness of meeting the entire team of nodal officers associated with the project in a special meeting to understand the problems they might have faced during the project at village level. Throwing light on the topic of ethics Shri aware and interested in working in Vishwakarma Yojna which can offer real-time experience to them. While on ethics he said that Indian Villages are still retaining ethical values more than urban areas in India and so today both the events complement each other. Another special guest at the event Mr. Sushil Handa of Claris life sciences said that ethics comes from the values that our family has taught us in our childhood similarly it is very important to be a role model of your own children when you teach them ethics. He also said that ethics takes you a long way while unethical ways can give you only temporary achievement. A DPR book of Vishwakarma Yojna Phase I was presented to Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama at the event combining all the 68 villages of Phase I. In the second session all the students & Faculties associated with Vishwakarma Yojna Phase I were felicitated by the university. While on the other hand Swami Nikhileswaranandaji, Head of Ramakrishna Mission, Vadodara, Dr. Charles Savage - President Knowledge Era Enterprises International Germany, Shri. Guruji G. Narayana, Chairman, Emeritus of Excel Industries Limited and Dr. Shailesh Thaker of Knowledge Inc. took over the session on lessons of ethics from different episodes of Mahabharata.

Bhupendrasinhji said that a person with sanskara never faces the challenge of ethics. He said that today, we daily see news related to sexual exploitation and so today is the time of adding values to the society. He said that as Education Minister I am saying this very seriously that teacher can teach moral values to all the students starting from their early childhood to be a good human being. Give them morals that make them responsible citizens of tomorrow. Only criticizing the society will not work, we also have to be responsible Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU appreciated the work done by students and faculties in the Vishwakarma Yojna. He said that in phase I we faced some challenges as some of the colleges did not make it to the final level but finally we made it with project reports of the 68 villages in Phase I. But now colleges and students are more

GTUthe best university in Internationalization of its Faculty and Students

Paryavaran Mandir turned into a Gyan Mandir- Temple of Knowledge, when senior academicians , Vice-Chancellors and Registrars of Technological Universities across the country arrived for CCCI Technology Education Excellence Awards 2013. GTU has set up 25 GTU Innovation Sankuls. Each Sankul provides a platform for Colleges and industries in a geographic region to work together. Every Sankul is Co -Chaired by a senior academician and a Leader of the industry. The Consortium of Co-Chairperson Industry (CCCI) consists of the 25 Industry associates of the GTU Innovation Sankuls. CCCI announced Technological Education Excellence Awards 2013 to recognize the excellence in excellence. These included the technological universities of Punjab, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, UP, M.P., Hariyana, Orissa and many more. His Excellency Mr. Ndubuisi Vitus Amaku, the High Commissioner of Nigeria, the Chief Guest of the event presented the awards to the winners of different categories. Gujarat Technological University was awarded as the Best University in Internationalization of its Faculty and Students. Shri Shailesh Patwari, Co-Chairman of Naroda GTU Innovation Sankul and Chairman of NEPL Ltd. delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of CCCI at the end of the event.

Dr. Akshai Aggarwal with His Excellency Mr. Ndubuisi Vitus Amaku and Delegates from other Universities.

different aspects of working of technological University. The event was organized in association with CMAI Association of India. Several Universities from many states had sent their entries for the categories in which they achieved


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AICTE ChairmanProf. Mantha at NVEQF State level Seminar at GTU

Gujarat Technological University hosted a State Level Seminar on National Vocational Education Qualifications Framework on 26th September 2013 at Ahmedabad, Chandkheda Campus. 257 people from educational industry including directors, deans, trustees and HOD of different science, arts & commerce colleges across Gujarat attended the one day seminar. Chairman of AICTE Prof. Mantha visited GTU and shared the concept of NVEQF. NVEQF is designed to stimulate and support reforms in skill development and to facilitate nationally standardized and acceptable international comparability of ranging qualifications from secondary to doctorate level; a National Qualifications Framework (NVEQF) is being established by the Central Government. The major aim of the scheme is to prepare educated, employable and competitive human resources for various sectors of the economy and the global market .Gujarat

Prof. Mantha addressing Institute Representatives . Dr. Akshai Aggarwal with Prof. Vasuben Trivedi
Standard 9th standard school 10th standard school 11th standard school 12 standard school 1 year college 2nd year college 3 year college
rd st th

NVEQF Framework Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7

Certification Vocational Skill Certificate of Level 1 Vocational Skill Certificate of Level 2 Vocational Skill Certificate of Level 3 Vocational Skill Certificate of Level 4 Vocational Skill Diploma by Polytechnic Vocational Skill Certificate of Level 6 Vocational Skill Degree by University

Masters & Ph.D. will be Introduced later by AICTE

State has taken initiative to implement NVEQF for upgrading Vocational Education System.

IAS, Commissioner of Technical Education, Govt. of Gujarat, Shri A.M.Tiwari , IAS, Principal Secretary, Education , Gujarat State and Mr. N.K.Goyal , Advisor of GTU. AICTE Chairman, Prof. Mantha delivered a session on Framework of Vocational Education Qualification and shared some interesting facts about the education scenario. Vocational Education is the brainchild of Prof. Mantha. He said as per the statistics of year 2009-10 out of 280 lac students across the county only 108 lac students passed the 10th Board exam. It means nearly 50 % students failed.

Honourable Minister for State, Women and Child Development, Prof. Vasuben Trivedi graced the event as a chief guest while Dr.S.S.Mantha , Chairman of AICTE at New Delhi was the Guest of Honour. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal Vice Chancellor of the University also graced the event with Dr. G.P.Vadodaria, I/C Registrar & COE, GTU, Dr. Jayanti Ravi,

Many students discontinue their education after failing in 10th or 12th Board exams. Such students start working as skilled manpower but do not get a chance to grow due to lack of certification. The program will offer wide option to the students post S.S.C. & H.S.C. exams except regular education. AICTE has established various norms for the educational & practical training for the course. To offer this course educational institutes must match the norms set by AICTE. GTU has formed a board for NVEQF after the visit of Prof. Mantha to take this new educational course in the next phase.

Some Facts shared by Prof. Mantha about the NVEAF Entire Vocational Education will be divided in 7 level certificates. All the 7 levels will award separate certification to manage the dropouts in between. Each level will have 1000 hours of learning annually. Each level will have two methods of learning as Educational & Skill Training. In the beginning level the educational subjects will have more weightage while Skill training hours will increase periodically. By the last level certification the skill training will have more weightage then educational subjects. The first level certification will be introduced in standard 9 schooling and will run parallel as mentioned above. The certifications will have equivalent value parallel to the standards of schooling or college year. Educational institutes will be responsible for the academic part while skill training will be done by the technical training institute appointed with mutual understanding. Student will have options of pursuing the vocational education along with their regular academic education or can also choose to go for only vocational education. Students can take the admission in between based on their latest educational degree and assessment of skill test conducted by the technical trainer. (e.g. if a 12th pass students wants to freshly take the admission in the vocational education he can get the admission in level 5 directly, If he clears the technical test taken by the trainer required for level 5 or he will get the admission in the level that the trainer suggests.)


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National day celebration of world countries and knowledge sharing beyond borders
GTU has an extensive program of International studies in MBA. Under this program, GCSR was introduced with a vision to make MBA program more qualitative, practical oriented as well as enabling the students and faculties to enrich their management knowledge with global business perspectives in todays competitive scenario. In GCSR, the Faculties and Students of MBA Institutes have conducted studies of 70 countries in the year 2011-12 and 110 countries are being studied in the academic year 2013-14. GTU has initiated to celebrate the National Day of the countries selected in GCSR program to enhance the overall involvement of MBA students. The aim of the event is to strengthen the network among students, professors and other stakeholders with the selected country , to demonstrate and uphold the national pride and fellowship ,to discuss the environmental factors for exploring the
Date 26th October 2013 5th October 2013 Country National Day Celebration of Germany & Uganda National Day Celebration of China & Nigeria

business opportunities with the selected GCSR Country & to provide the platform to the faculties / students to interact with the diplomats / corporate leaders / Entrepreneurs of selected country for the program. GTU had invited various delegates from respective countries on their national day celebration at GTU to share the knowledge of their country with GTU MBA students. Visit of His Excellency Mr. Ndubuisi Vitus Amaku, the High Commissioner of Nigeria and H.E. Mr. Nugen Than Tan - Ambassador of Vietnam to India has opened new doors of opportunities for GTU in both the countries. While Mr. Roy Han, GM- Sales, Shanghai Highly company showed interest in recruiting more students from GTU. GTU has appointed Mr. Sunil Modi, Mr. K.H.Patel and Mr. N.K.Goyal as advisors. All the three advisors are taking
Name of participating institute

an active participation in supporting the GCSR program and related events. Meanwhile a GCSR program handbook was also launched to provide a guideline on the subject study. Groups of students of the respective colleges present their study on the specific country and also showcase the cultural art performance of the specific country which make the event live and interesting. National Day Celebration of China had turned out to be an outstanding event with the presence of Chinese students from EDI who shared presentation in Hindi. Impressed with GTU GCSR program Mr. Jagat Shah,
Chairman - India China Economic & Cultural Council announced to sponsor the visit of the student who prepares best presentation to China. GTU is constantly engaged in making G C SR p ro gr am m ore an d m or e interesting and global . National Day Celebration is an initiative in the same direction. Guest

J. K. Patel Institute of Management Institute Baroda & Noble Institute, Junagadh C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management Studies, Vadodara; L J Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad and Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhear Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar International students from Nigeria Tanzania of Shri Jairambhai Patel Institute of Business Management & Chinese Students of EDI

Mr. Dipendra Pal from the German House for Research & Innovation , DWIH Mr. Job Glass, Netherland Trade Office, Ahmedabad Mr. Jagat Shah, Chairman - India China Economic & Cultural Council (ICEC) Mr. Mr Roy Han, GM- Sales, Shanghai Highly company

21 September 2013

National Day Celebration of Chile & Qatar National Day Celebration of Afghanistan and Indonesia

Faculty of Management - Grow More Trust Him- Mr. K. H. Patel , Advisor of GTU GCSR Program matnagar, N. R. Institute of Business Management, Ahmedabad and Sunshine Institute of Management studies, Rajkot s L J Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad and Dr. Bharat Barad Institute of Management, Sutrapada Mr. Irawan Sutiono Project Manager, Inbisco India Pvt Ltd from Indonesia

17th August 2013

7th September 2013 National Day Celebration of Brazil and Vietnam

Smt. K. K. Patel MBA/MCA College, Palasar and Som Lalit Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Laxmi Institute of Management Studies, Sarigam All GCSR coordinator from MBA Institutes

H.E. Mr. Nugen Than Tan - Ambassador of Vietnam to India, Govt. of Vietnam Mr. Amit Dave, Head Corporate Strategies Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad Ms. Bhagyesh Soneji, CMD AMEDA Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Chairperson ASSOCHAM ,Gujarat His Excellency Mr. Ndubuisi Vitus Amaku, the High Commissioner of Nigeria,

19th May 2013 Workshop on African and Asian countries


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Transforming Young ones to be an Engineering Aspirant

Over the time it is observed that the first year engineering students find it difficult to cope up with the pace of teaching and new campus life. At certain level it affects their performance in the very first year of higher education which is the base of their graduation. Even a confident student ends up struggling with such issues. To deal with this situation a 6 week Bridge Course is introduced in GTU Engineering where all the Engineering fresher's will have some breathing space by learning some basic skills and subjects before their actual syllabus starts. Bridge course is aimed to act as a buffer for the new entrants, with an objective to provide adequate time for the transition to hard-core engineering courses. Students will be groomed for the foundation subjects of Mathematics, Elements of Engineering, Physics/Chemistry, English, Information and Communication Technology, Life Skills, State Cadet Corps. During these 6 weeks students can interact with their faculty and class mates which can help them in developing knowledge and confidence needed to take on bigger challenges as future engineers of this country. Bridge Course in GTU Engineering began on 22nd July 2013. The bridge course was completed on 31st August 2013 and the first academic year has begin on 1st September 2013. The bridge course exam is merged with related subjects of semester exams . There will be 10 to 20 % Weightage of bridge course related questions in 6 different papers of semester exams. Exams of two subjects - Life skills & State Cadet Corps (SCC) will be conducted by Institutes. Institutes will send the names of top 5 students of subjects Life skills & State Cadet Corps (SCC) to GTU and GTU will select best 3 students from these selected candidates and felicitate them.

New 5 Year Integrated programs in Management & Computer Applications

Gujarat Technological University recently introduced five years integrated courses in the stream of Management and Computer Applications which will offer an opportunity to achieve masters without any interruption. Masters of Applied Management (MAM) is a five year integrated program in management and another five year integrated course in computer applications will be awarding the degree of Master of Computer Applications (MCA). MAM & MCA , both the courses are AICTE approved and will be following the AICTE norms for the admissions and reservation. However the admission will be on the merit basis of class 12 results without any entrance exam for the academic year 2013-14. H.S.C. passed students of science stream with minimum 45 % in general category and 40 % in reserved category are eligible for MAM & MCA and General stream student can apply for MAM only. Total 27 GTU affiliated colleges will be offering MAM and 8 colleges will be running MCA Integrated courses. Students who discontinue the studies after three years or before five years will be awarded with Bachelors degree as BAM and BCA. The admission process in both the courses has begun and may continue till August or September 2013.

Half-day workshop on IEEE Xplore User Awareness Program at GTU

On 25 April 2013, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) had signed MOU with GTU for collaboration and had announced an offering of educational services and technical material to the students of GTU affiliated colleges in Gujarat. On 29th July 2013, GTU in partnership with IEEE organized a half-day workshop on IEEE Xplore User Awareness Program at GTU Gandhinagar campus. The workshop was organized to enhance the research skills of user in order to find the most relevant technical content in the IEEE Explorer digital library. More

than 150 faculty and students from various engineering colleges around Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar attended the workshop. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal , Vice Chancellor of GTU asked the students and faculty to 15

make use of worlds best platform for research papers effectively. This will improve the quality of research work and lead to higher quality publications from GTU and contribute to the society. Meghamala Nugehally and Dhanu Pattanashetti of IEEE highlighted various education initiatives of IEEE in India and shared some quick tips on better utilization of IEEE. Dr. Anil Roy from DAIICT Gandhinagar also addressed on how to publish a technical paper. This was the first workshop organized by GTU in association with IEEE to motivate the use of IEEE-Xplore which is a globally recognized platform and a great source of knowledge for engineering students worldwide. Back to Index


The students of Gujarat Technological University showcased their amazing talent during the GTU Youth Festival XITIJ 2013. XITIJ 2013 was the second Youth Festival for Diploma Colleges and third for the Degree Colleges of GTU. The youth festival took place in the month of September & October 2013. More than 3000 students across the state participated in XITIJ 2013. Institutes affiliated to GTU were divided in 5 different zones as Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Rajkot & Surat. Degree Colleges of respective zones had organized Zonal Youth Festival and winner of the Zonal Youth Festival took part in Inter Zone Youth Festival while Diploma Colleges had direct Inter Zone Youth Festival. Each zone had a theme of the year during the youth festival and they had decorated the entire venue on the theme. C. U. Shah College of Engineering, Wadhwan hosted the inter-zone of XITIJ 2013 during 18-19-20 Oct 2013. The Inter zone Xitij 2013 for diploma colleges was hosted by Tolani Foundation Gandhidham Polytechnic, Adipur, Kutch during 17-18-19 Oct 2013. It is true that nothing can stop this young 24x7 generation from cherishing and celebrating. The youth festival faced the hurdle of heavy rain in Ahmedabad Zone Ahmedabad Zone Gandhinagar Zone VV Nagar Zone Surat Zone Rajkot Zone Inter Zonal Diploma Inter Zonal Sanchay - 2013 Empowering Youth - 2013 XITIJ - 2013 XITIJ - 2013 Lead India 2013 Sparsh Zalawadno 2013 Innovation & Entrepreneurship - 2013 and all across the state in the month of September, which forced the university to postpone some of the competitions but it did not affected the enthusiasm of the students from taking part in this talent hunt. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, ViceChancellor of Gujarat Technological University awarded all the winners of the inter-zone grand final on 20th October 2013 at C.U.Shah College of Engineering, Wadhwan. Theme


To encourage the sportsmanship and physical wellness among the students of GTU affiliated colleges, university has organized a sports festival SPIRIT 2013. The sports festival started in the month of August 2013 and will end in February 2014. 18 different types of sports competitions are being organized during SPIRIT 2013. GTU had organized its first Athletic meet and Rifle shooting competition during October 2013 as part of sports festival of 2013 with major participation. 39000 students participated in the selection rounds of various competitions. Total 10300 selected students participated in various tournaments of SPIRIT 2013 16 Back to Index while highest participation was from Surat Zone with 2300 students. 2100 students from Ahmedabad Zone, 2100 students from Gandhinagar Zone , 1900 students from Rajkot Zone & 1900 students from Vallabh Vidhyanagar Zone participated in various sports competitions. Winners of GTU SPIRIT 2013 will get a chance to participate in National level sports competition which can offer them a bigger platform to achieve in the field of sports.


Categories of events
1. MUSIC a) Classical Vocal Solo ( Hindustani or Karnataki) b) Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion) c) Classical Instrumental Solo (Non-Percussion) d) Light Vocal (Indian) e) Western Vocal (Solo) f) Group Song (Indian) g) Group Song (Western) h) Folk Orchestra 2.DANCE a) Folk/Tribal Dance b) Classical Dance (Indian) 3. LITERATURE: a) Quiz b) Elocution c) Debate d) Extempore e) Poetry Recitation f) Poetry Completion (Pad-Purti) 4.THEATRE a) One Act Play b) Skits c) Mime d) Mimicry e) Mono Acting (EK Patriya Abhinay) 5.FINE ART a) On the Spot Painting b) Collage c) Poster Making d) Clay Modelling e) Cartooning f) Rangoli

GTU students participated in NSS day state level celebration organized during 22nd to 24th September 2013. GTU volunteers achieved three gold medals respectively in poster making, solo singing and elocution and one silver medal in short-film making bringing pride and glory to the university. GTU students will also participate in the National Youth Festival being organized at Rajkot this year as a part of the Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand .

- SPIRIT 2013
List of the Games 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Badminton (Girls) Badminton (Boys) Chess Hockey (Boys) Basketball (Boys) Kabbadi (Boys) Cross Country (B&G) Swimming (Aquatics) Cricket (Boys) 17 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Kho-Kho (Girls) Football (Boys) Handball (Boys) Handball (Girls) Volleyball (Girls) Basketball (Girls) Hockey (Girls) Kho-Kho (Boys) Tennis (Girls) Back to Index 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Judo Air Rifle/Pistol Shooting Wrestling Athletics Table Tennis (B&G) Tennis (Boys) Volleyball (Boys) Yoga

India can be one of the powerful nations of the world Prof. Aashish Nanda, Director, IIMA at Leadership Excellence Meet at GTU
Natural Resources and machineries are not the real asset of India. The real asset of India is its people. India can be one of the powerful nations with its people if they are given good education were the lines said by Dr. Aashish Nanda , the Director of Indias top management Institute IIM Ahmedabad at Leadership Excellence Meet organized by Gujarat Technological University on 19th October 2013 at its Chandkheda Campus. Mr. Nanda said that looking at the demography of India the time between 2010 to 2040 is the most important time for India to grow as India has high level of young population. He shared that for the first time ever in the history of the world, China will be the only country that will move from less developed country to medium developed country but their population will turn to be older by one generation. He said that in 20 years, China will come to the stage where Japan is today due to aging population. He said that this is the generation we have to give the resources and contributions that we can and take away the barriers from their entrepreneurial efforts. So educating this generation is absolutely critical. different types of leadership. He said that faculties must be aware of what their students think and their likes and dislikes. Mr. Bijoor motivated deans & faculties to try and reduce the generation and communication gaps they face with students by using social media. Use of social media can make them aware of what their students are sharing and talking about which can help them to connect with students. While Atika Dhandhia a trainer of Art of living from Delhi guided the audience on dealing with stress. She also shared some stress reliving meditation tricks. Dr. Shailesh Thaker, business coach and young power -house of motivation and leadership & Mr. Himanshu Buch a multi-talented author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer and stage actor led the second half of the leadership meet. More than 90 deans, faculties & administrative officers of GTU affiliated colleges and university employees attended the event. GTU had organized the Leadership Excellence Meet to enhance the Leadership skills among the leaders of the university & college employees.

Dr. Nanda appealed to educational institutes to maintain quality of education as they are responsible for the future of students. Dr. Ashish Nanda also threw some light on the efficient leadership in educational administration. He also praised GTUs efforts in developing technological education. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal , Vice Chancellor of GTU thanked Prof. Nanda for accepting the invitation and shared that the leadership skill is required in every department of every college of GTU so that every college can provide excellent training to the young generation. Harish Bijoor, Director of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. having presence across the markets of Hong Kong, Seattle, London, Dubai and the Indian sub-continent shared the presentation on

List of Workshops, Seminars & Faculty Development Programs

4-5 May 2013 4th May 2013 9th May 2013 19th May 2013 Workshop on Innovation Tools & TechniquesDesign GTU Chandkheda Campus Driven Innovation Workshop on Advanced MathematicsA Review GTU Chandkheda Campus

Workshop on Awareness of Cyber Crimes & Cyber Law GNLU Campus Workshop on Studies of African & Asian Countries GTU Chandkheda Campus GTU Chandkheda Campus GTU Chandkheda Campus

11th June 2013 & 28th Workshop on Vishwakarma Yojna June 2013 10th August 2013 17th August 2013 Workshop on Waste Management

Workshop on Active Learning Promotion Strategy Session GTU Chandkheda Campus GTU Chandkheda Campus

31st August 2013 & 1st SVCPD Faculty Development Program September 2013 7th September 2013

Workshop on Latest Trends of Computer Technology & ACPC Campus of GTU Usage of Internet Including Emails
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List of Workshops, Seminars & Faculty Development Programs

7th September 2013 Workshop on Training of Trainers on patent searching & ACPC Campus of GTU analysis report generation ACPC Campus of GTU

13th to 15th September Workshop on Entre Weekend 2013

14th & 15th September Workshop on Free Space Laser Communication & Ad- GTU Chandkheda Campus 2013 vanced FSO System 21st September 2013 21st September 2013 4the October 2013 5th October 2013 5th October 2013 12th October 2013 18th October 2013 19th October 2013 Seminar on Fundamentals of Tribology ACPC Campus of GTU

Workshop on Mentoring the Mentor of International GTU Chandkheda Campus Students Seminar on Fundamentals of Tribology Oracle Training Program Seminar on Fundamentals of Tribology NEN Workshop for S4 Extension Centres Workshop on Patent Search, Drafting & Filling Faculty Development Program for engineering students GIDC Engineering College, Navsari BISAG Gandhinagar G. H. Patel College of Engineering , Vallabh Vidyanagar GTU Chandkheda Campus ACPC Campus of GTU GTU Chandkheda Campus

25th & 26th October 2013 International Faculty Development Program for MBA GTU Chandkheda Campus faculties 30th & 31th October 2013 Workshop on Patent Search Drafting & Filling 16th & 17th November Workshop on SPSS Software Training 2013 18th to 22nd November Oracle Training Program 2013 18th November 2013 19th November 2013 Global Meet on NANO Tribology BISAG Gandhinagar GTU Chandkheda Campus BISEG, Gandhinagar

Seminar on Life Management Lessons from the Life of GTU Chandkheda Campus Sachin Tendulkar International Seminar on Ethical Dilemmas in Corporate GTU Chandkheda Campus Governance and business leadership Lessons from Mahabharata Workshop on Acquainting international students to Guja- GTU Chandkheda Campus rat Technological Universitys Higher Education System Faculty Development Program on Getting Good software GTU Chandkheda Campus projects done to derive rich awards Workshop on Sensitize the management and teachers of GTU Chandkheda Campus technical institutes to tackle the menace of sexual crime against women,
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23rd November 2013

7 December 2013

20 December 2013

21 December 2013

Lets CommunicateTraining program for GTU Alumni

Campus. Many of them were either searching a job or were unhappy with their current job. GTU Alumni Association has taken this initiative to polish their English language and personality. Gujarat Technological University had designed a Training program (phase wise) for all the graduates/post graduates for imparting training in the areas of: Gujarat Technological University Alumni association had organized 2 days training program for the members of alumni association. More than 140 students attended this two days training program on 18th & 19th November 2013 at GTU Chandkheda eminent speaker Shri Aashish J. Soni who is a renowned motivator, trainer as well as a social worker and has organized number of such programs for 8 years in USA and 9 years in India. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal Vice Chancellor of GTU said that life skills are very important for students to achieve bright future. Students learned Soft skills, Personality Development, Interview facing techniques part I & Part II on 19th September 2013. At the end of the program many students were inspired and feeling confident to face the interview and grow further in their career. This was the first kind of event organized for alumni students of GTU.

On 18th November 2013 students learned Grammar Concept , Spoken English , Verbal Communication part I & Verbal Communication part II from

Have an ability of looking at things from the perspective of students to be a good teacher says Dr. Akshai Aggarwal
Gujarat Technological University, IIT Gandhinagar & IEEE had jointly organized a Faculty Development Program for Engineering Institutes in Gujarat between 13th November 2013. More than 200 faculties of different engineering streams took part in this 5 day training program. The training was organized at IIT Gandhinagar while the inauguration ceremony of the program took place at the Gujarat Technological University conference room with IEEE delegates and faculties from various government and non-government engineering colleges affiliated to GTU, IIT Gandhinagar. Prof. Michael Lightner is VP, Educational Activities, IEEE and also a professor and chair at department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. Prof. Lightener chaired the inauguration ceremony. Other dignitaries on the Dias were Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU, Mr. K V V Murthy,Professor of IIT Gandhinagar & Dr. Jayanti Ravi, Commissioner of Higher Education, Gandhinagar. Vice Chancellor of the largest Technological University of Gujarat , Dr. Akshai Aggarwal said that GTU is having the largest Faculty Development Programs in the country for its 17000 teachers across the state. He also shared his two formulas of good teaching. Dr. Aggarwal said that the first formula is that Besides teaching every teacher should read a journal of their field at least for 2 hours a day. It will enhance their knowledge of their own field. The second formula is to Have an ability of looking at things from the perspective of students which can help in making teaching more effective. Dr. Jayanti Ravi also agreed upon the view shared by Dr. Akshai Aggarwal of making the classroom teaching more interesting and active. She motivated all the faculties to keep learning saying that If we stop learning, we stop qualifying as teachers. Dr. Jayanti Ravi also mentioned about the National Program of Technology Enhanced learning being 20 conducted at national level with the help of Government of India, Engineering Institutes and IITs of India. The Faculty Development Program is jointly developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and IIT-Gandhinagar (IIT-GN) with the singular goal of improving the quality of engineering education in India and to bring it on par with international standards. The 5 day training program covered the following subjects 1. Circuit Analysis 2. Introduction to Electronics 3. Digital Systems 4. Electronic Devices 5. Effective Teaching Techniques (Pedagogy) for Engineering Faculty. The technical sessions were delivered by faculty from IIT-GN and the session on pedagogy were delivered by IEEE. The program was organized with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and skills of faculty at engineering institutions. Back to Index

Seminar on Cyber Warriors / Ethical Hackers MoU with Affordable to combat Cyber Crimes and Safe Web Space Housing Mission , Development GUDM
On 22nd November 2013 , Gujarat Technological University hosted a one day seminar on Cyber Warriors / Ethical Hackers to combat Cyber Crimes and Safe Web Space Development. Shri Pankaj Shah, President - GESIA, Ahmedabad. Along with GTU Vice Chancellor Dr. Akshai Aggarwal , Mr. Abhilash V. Sonwane of Cyberoam , Shri Manan ThakkarAdvocate of Cyber Security, Gujarat, Mr Saket Modi - CEO of Lucideus Tec, Shri Vineet Kumar - IPS, Chief Technical Officer - Jharkhand Police and Shri Ravi Saxena, IAS (Retd.) Former Additional Chief Secretary (IT), Gujarat attended this one day seminar. Dr. Akshai Aggarwal Vice Chancellor of GTU said that GTU offers Masters in IT Systems and Network Security with the help of C-DAC where many teachers from Pune, Bangalore & Calcutta come to train students. Young and talented IPS Chief Technical Officer of Jharkhand Police Shri Vineet Kumar shared a very interesting case of a cybercrime that Jharkhand police had solved of bank account hacking through debit card data hacking. While Shri Ravi Saxena, IAS (RET.) former additional chief secretary (IT), Gujarat shared that about the National Policy introduced on 6th July 2013 where government has proposed to train 500000 Cyber Warrior to condemn Cybercrime in India. Another young and talented speaker of the event was Mr. Saket Modi. known as ethical Hacker. He said that our parents and teachers have taught us how to cross roads safely but not about how to use Internet or social media safely. Most of us have started using Internet without any official training on it and so we dont know about the security measures of it. In the second session Mr. Vidit Baxi Director of Lucideus showed some very interesting session of live ethical hacking. The workshop was jointly organized by GTU & CMAI , New Delhi to spread the knowledge on cyber security and ethical hacking to combat cybercrimes.

GTU and Affordable Housing Mission, GUDM, Ahmedabad. Signed MoU on 19th September 2013 at GTU chandkheda Campus. Research & Consultancy Services Cell of GTU will provide the consultancy for the engineering capacity building and human resources development through training and development for Affordable Housing mission in Gujarat under the MoU signed. GTU will also produce the detailed project report for the Affordable Housing Mission and will p ro v i d e t he co n s ult ati o n fo r different aspects like structural designing, conventional and alternative construction technology, Quality assurance and many more. The MoU was signed by Mr. Hasmukh Vala, project specialist of affordable housing, GUDM, Government of Gujarat and Dr. G.P.Vadodaria, Acting Registrar and Controller of Examination, GTU. Civil branch of GTU will get a great opportunity of serving for the GUDM.

GTU faculties learned to make Solar Cooker in just Rs. 500 /India is facing the challenge of 9 to 11 % deficit in energy leaving 30 crore people in darkness. On the other hand world is depending on the resources like coal, petrol diesel which are limited sources and also create pollution that damages the environment of the earth. Development in the sector of sustainable energy is the key to all the problems that the world is facing today . Sustainable energy being an unlimited source of energy can be useful for todays & tomorrows generation. To motivate the use of sustainable energy GTUs Centre for environment and green technology and Indo-German Study Centre had organized one day International Seminar on Sustainable Energy on 20th October 2013 at GTU Chandkheda Campus. peoples mind that solar energy is an option for highly sunny areas only like Gujarat & Rajasthan by sharing a case study of a solar cooker created in the ladakh area of India by Indian Army where it is never very sunny. While Dr. Reinhard Doleschal professor of Hochschule Ostwestfalen Lippe , Germany shared the concept of Green Building Technology which can make buildings independent in terms of energy . Dr. Akshai Aggarwal , Vice Chancellor of GTU , Dr. G.P. Vadodaria I/ C Registrar of GTU , Dr. M.N.Patel, Principal of L.D.College of Engineering, Mr. Chandranshu Pandya , Retired wing commander and Mr. Rajnikant Patel, Advisor of GTU research & consultancy cell also remained present at the seminar. Back to Index

During the seminar Veljibhai Desai who is an expert of Green Technology gave a live demonstration of creating a Solar Cooker in just Rs. 500. Another speaker of the event Mr. Deepak Gadhiya is M.S. in Environment Engineering from Berlin University of Germany. He shared some of his very interesting creations of Green Technologies including indoor solar cooker to solar air conditioner. He also shared that it is a delusion in 21

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