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1)acid base theory proposed by... lawry bransted 2)ACEIs contraindicated in ...

Renal artery bilateral stenosis 3)lack of sense of taste in side effect of which drug erapa!il ci!etidine captopril nifedifine ") large olu!e parenteral re#iure sterile water $bacteriostatic water for in%$distilled water $sterile water for in% etc &)another !c#s was too about water for in% ')perkinson disease is characteri(ed by ... loss of dopa!energic trans!ission in neostratal pathway ))antipsycotic !echanis!of action .. !ostly its decrease dopa!energic acti ity *)which one was has asopressr acti ity.. differnt options were thr but rite answer was phenylpronal!ine +) which of the follwing is not guanethidine side effect ... dnt re!eber the options wh i ha e !ade wrong !yself.but see by urself. 1,)perphena(ine is ... antie!etic$ anti hypertinsi e$antihista!ine etc..... 11)a(alastine is .... 12)cariac action potential phase , ... arious opptions were there regarding -a eflu. in flu. depolari(arion repolari(ation...but correct answer was fast depolari(artion and sod influ.. 13) agian like abo e about cardiac action potential phase 1 what happen.... 1") one !c#s was about alpha 1 action.. 1&)okay about two !c#s was anticancer. which one is anti!etabolite... another one was which one is not an alkylating agent..answer was cisplatin co( other were alkylating agent. 1')do.urubicin side effect... cardio to.icity 1)) olu!e of distribution depend on arious factor....its there in /0E 3,,1",, 1*)all of the stat!ents are true for filtration e.cept.... can be used for heat resistant organis! $ heat labile organis!$for icous substances$$so!e other. 1+)diphtheria is caused by which organis!..... coryne bacteriu!

2,)which of the follwing is not 23C .. neutrophils reticulosyte ly!phocyte granulocyte esinophil 21)which of the follwing cause tachycardia.... captopril $$hydrala(ine nifedipine etc..!y answer hydrala(ine 22)so!e four fi e #uestion were fro! calculation which were easy . 23) class " antiarryth!ic therputically belong to which group.... calciu! channel blockers 2")all are sideffect of thia(ide diuretics e.cept .....hypoglyce!ia 2&) i found an !c#s or two about anticholenergic side effect. 2') best route for ad!istration of !orphine.... 2)) p.r.n !eans..... 2*)!orphine in e!ergency ...I4 2+) probenecid increase the seru! concentration of penicillin by which !echanis!.... by co!peting tubular secreation $$ or tubular absopption etc 3,)two !c#s were fro! anticancer classifications like which one is not alkylating agent $$$ which onw not anti!etabolite etc

dont re!eber the others. but they were easy too$so study sle !aterials and lippencot especially A-/ C4/ C-/ re!ianing atleat u !ust know the cleassfications besic !echanis!s $$ u can easily so e all the #uestions .. 56A-7/