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Archbold High School Sponsorship Proposal

The Fightin Bluestreaks

As Prepared by Breon Price

Overview This proposal is meant to outline the mutual benefit that a sponsorship relationship would offer to our student athletes in their pursuit and development of a multitude of skills that will serve them for years to come. The money received from sponsorship will go to keeping the district and its pupils competitive both academically and athletically.

Mission Statement It shall be the purpose of Archbold High School Athletic Department to provide a well-planned and well-balanced program of interscholastic athletics for our students. Competitive sports are an important part of the total education program for students in our school. Student-Athletes develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, while participating in athletics. The Athletic Department will offer athletic programs that will instill pride and reinforce a sound value structure that helps promote an individuals self-image, as well as the image of the school district and the community.

History While a relatively young building, the history of Archbold Area Schools District runs deep into its penultimate school at 600 Lafayette Street. The Bluestreak charge was adopted after legendary Archbold coach M.A. Farber became so enthralled watching Sandusky play. It was also chosen because of the highly unlikely nature of them playing each other at any point given the obvious size differences. Before the Bluestreak name was adopted, the schools teams were simply known as the Archbold team. With a record amount of Northwest Ohio Athletic League titles, Archbold has long lead the NWOAL in nearly every category- spanning football, volleyball, and both boys and girls basketball.

Goals Under the leadership of current Athletic Director Allan M. Gladieux, the Bluestreaks seek to serve the students in a number of distinct areas. Providing a safe atmosphere to live and work Offering students an opportunity to be successful Develop an understanding of the intrinsic value of learning and the interdependent nature of our society Employing personnel who are student centered and whose teaching style recognizes the importance of students actively involved in the learning process

Developing partnerships with parents to maximize the students learning outcomes Developing strategies which maximize teachers direct instructional time with students The organization will be committed to the fines quality of service to our demographics- the student athletes, community, and the staff

Profile The Bluestreak athletic sponsorship team realizes a corporate relationship would offer a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship that would serve our community in an entirely new way. While one of the areas largest employers, attracting thousands of viewers to websites, athletic events, and academic locations each an every month, utilizing local area business would only serve to perpetuate a relationship. It goes without saying that mothers and fathers of student athletes would see the relationship as a result of a close relationship, and would surely be encouraged to do everything in their power to continue the sponsorship of their children, by responding with increased economic activity. As a nearly continuous goal of the Archbold School District has been both improving and expanding its academic and athletic offerings, it is necessary to reach beyond the normal state funding to continue our successful programs. It is an exciting opportunity for us to be able to offer our relationship as a way to accomplish these goals.

Sponsorship Objectives The goal of reaching out to corporate partners is to allow Archbold to expand its athletics and grow its extra-curricular program offers to all levels of student ability and status. We are aiming for a goal of 15 corporate sponsors, 5 for each of our three tiers, to be included in on-field signage, newsletters, websites, and even jersey spots. Initial funds will be specifically aimed at Astroturfing a new football field. While upgrading the fields turf and facilities will be primary, utilizing funds to improve and fill an field house with new and up to date equipment for student athletes to train on. Our ultimate fundraising goal is $500,000, phasing in the Astroturf immediately. Phase 1: Astroturf- $250,000 Phase 2: Facilities (bleachers, entrances, boxes, etc.)- $100,000 Phase 3: Updating field house machines- $150,000

We are aiming towards local companies that share the same goals and ideals as the Archbold school system- bettering students through athletics in the ultimate goal of pushing for more community involvement and a stronger next generation. We believe that Sauders Manufacturing stands as an excellent example to our students. As a company that employs a full half of the towns residents and is a truly international brand, we believe that pairing of Sauders with Archbold would not only be an enormous sign of stability for the school, but a gracious and endearing move that would surely ingratiate the townspeople even further.

Company Benefits -Nearly exclusive level of association with the only high school in the area; a testament to the commitment Sauders has to the community -Little or no effort required for a continuing advertising experience; reinforcing the aforementioned commitment at every home game, newsletter, yearbook release, press release, and webpage. -The quintessential philanthropic endowment to a school that has graduated scores of Sauders employees for generations.

Sponsorship Option #1 The Bluest BlueStreak $100,000 -Sauders Logo on the field, with website in each endzone. -Full 2-page ad in yearbook -Company logo on football jerseys -Company logo on soccer jerseys -Company logo on water tower overlooking baseball field -Right side ad space on all pages of Archbold High School Athletics websites -Half page brochure-sized ad on weekly announcements -15 second plug on morning announcements -Renaming of the road leading directly to the high school as Sauders Street -Official Sauders Executive Suite for all home football games

Sponsorship Option #2 The Navy BlueStreak $50,000 -10x10 ad on football scoreboard -1 page ad in yearbook -Access to 2 field passes per home football game -Sauders branded golf balls for golf team -Sauders logos on all volleyball shoes -Sauders logo on indoor wall of gymnasium

Sponsorship Option #3 The Baby BlueStreak $10,000 -5x5 banner on Archbold football stadium -Official sponsorship plug before Star-Spangled Banner at all home football games -Cheerleaders reciting an official Sauders cheer at least 3 times per football game -Incorporating Sauders at least 15 times into Archbold radio live action sports broadcasts -Pop-up on initial athletics website upon visiting

Sponsorship Option #4 The Off BlueStreak $5,000 -Backpage of football program ads -Official announcement at all chess tournament openings -Leaflets at junior varsity basketball games

A Note To our Sponsors We are willing to customize and adapt our proposed sponsorship opportunities for the needs of our clients. Also, of our sponsorship levels, there can, of course, be donations of any size in between the actual options. These will be met with our forever gratitude and also an honorable mention in the yearbook. We sincerely hope that this opportunity will be something that can be mutually beneficial for many years to come. We will do everything in our power to support and promote the good works of Sauders and encourage our patrons to be your patrons as well.

Evaluation Methodology Upon reviewing your opportunities, it will obviously be contingent upon your return on investment. While it is obviously for a greater good, any marketing department will of course need tangible results for spending large amounts of money. As a way to keep your investment returning the benefits to you, we have devised a way to measure actual benefits: -Providing you with analytics on the website, and showing how many hyperlink connections are used weekly. -Track the number of leaflets and yearbooks that are sold each year


We want to thank you for being a Corporate Sponsor for Archbold High School. This document, when signed by all parties, confirms that all parts of the package are to be honored by both parties. We hope that this sponsorship will improve your companys reputation and image in Toledo and also help Archbold High School maintain its current excellence of extra-curricular program offerings. This corporate activities sponsorship is for one calendar year (365 days) and must be renewed each new calendar year.