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All That Glitters Is Not Gold


Can you blame anyone for refusing to subscribe to Christianity these days? With
some of the biggest culprits & perpetrators of evil posing as Christians, including
some of the greatest dorks this world has ever seen running entire superpowers,
and the majority of believers falling for their scheme & voting for them... I can't.

On the other hand, what are you really buying into when you join an average
Christian church, these days? Does it even remotely resemble the life-style of
Christendom's Founder and His original followers, or is it just some artificial
mock-up of the real thing, just as you get a made-in-America mock-up of nearly
everything else on the planet?

No, I'm not blasting Christianity, I'm just trying to make you aware that there is a
counterfeit version of the Real Thing around that everyone's buying into, that's
poisonous. Not all that glitters is gold.

I've written before about how I perceive some outstanding Muslims or Hindus to
have been greater saints or even better "Christians" than the majority of their
officially pious & cross-flaunting counterparts, but I'm coming across more and
more situations in real life that seem to confirm my theory that God doesn't
judge you by your tag.

Of course, we Christians have the excuse that the Devil's on our trail and works a
lot harder at stopping us from being good than perhaps the average Joe who has
no reputation or standard to defend. But then it seems like an awful lot of us
Christian soldiers aren't very much of a bunch of fighters. We have big mouths &
think we're the greatest, sort of like the U.S. Army in little tiny 3rd World
countries. But when it comes to really fighting a real foe we turn chicken & run,
deserting our friends who bought into our "We'll defend you from the bad guys"
lines, when all we were interested in was their resources & 30 pieces of silver.

No wonder the Chinese are laughing at the elections in America, just as they're
probably laughing at the Western plastic version of Christianity. They've seen
real Christians refusing to deny their faith for decades in their own prisons, and
they can tell the difference between real fighters and a bunch of big-mouthed
pussies (in the sense of little kittens - no offense!)...

As long as Christians in the world are at large more selfish and materialistic than
their Hindu counterparts, more idolatrous in the worship of the things made or
bought by their own hands than any Muslim, and greater opponents and
obstacles to peace than the Buddhist population of the world, faith in Christ will
never be an attractive alternative to members of other religions.
As long as Christians, in their actions are living a lie that brings death to the
world, we'll have a hard time convincing them that Jesus is indeed the "Way, the
truth and the life."