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Click here to print HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED Corporate Office 15/1, Cubbon Road, Bangalore-560 001 Selection of Management Trainees (Technical) Admit Card for Online Selection Test (To be handed over to the Invigilator at the Test Centre) Roll Number Date of Online Test Reporting Time Application No. Name Gender Email ID Fathers Name Category Date of Birth Discipline Instructions:
1. C andidates are required to produce the Admit Card and original & valid Identity Card, which bears their photograph and date of birth (i.e., Voters ID card / Driving License / Aadhaar C ard / Passport / PAN C ard / ID C ard issued by the C entral / State Govt. / PSU for their employees / ID C ards issued by Government Agencies authorized for the purpose / C ollege ID C ard where the candidate has studied last along with a copy of which duly attested by the Gazetted officer) to prove their identity at the Registration Desk / Invigilator, failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the Online Test. 2. C andidates are required to occupy their allotted seat at the Online Test venue 15 minutes before Test time. C andidates are not permitted to leave the seat till the completion of total duration of Test. In case of reporting after the stipulated time, candidates will not be permitted to appear for Online Test. However, due to exigencies, they may be allowed upto 15 minutes from the start of Test time. In such cases, the duration of the test will be reduced to that extent. 3. Mobile Phone, C alculator & any other Electronic Gadgets will not be allowed inside the Test centre. 4. C andidates are required to appear for the Online Test at their own expense, on the date, time and venue, as mentioned above. No request for change of date, time & venue of the Test will be entertained. 5. C andidates are advised to read the details of Online Test which are enclosed herewith.
I he re by de clare that the inform ation subm itte d by m e in the O nline Application is true and com ple te to the be st of m y k nowle dge and be lie f. I unde rstand that in the e ve nt the inform ation furnishe d by m e in any part is false or incom ple te , m y candidature will be re vok e d / te rm inate d without any re fe re nce to m e .

TAEB07048901 16-Nov-2013 08:00 AM MTT1143698 K.SATHISH

Password Language Opted Test Time

EFLY2K English 09:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Test Venue: HAL Test Centre, Male United Institute of Technology Periyanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu- 641 020 S.KUMAR OBC 25-Jan-1992 Aeronautical

the the the the

Signature of the Candidate (To be signed in the presence of the invigilator at the Test Venue)

Signature of the Test Centre Invigilator

(D Vijay Kumar) Senior Manager(HR)




Information on Online Selection Test

The Test will comprise of 160 Multiple Choice Questions, in three sections, as mentioned below:
Part I : General Awareness - 20 Questions Part II : English & Reasoning - 40 Questions Part III : Academic Subject - 100 Questions

There is no negative marking. No break is allowed between the sections of the Test. The duration of the Test is 150 minutes. Candidates are not permitted to leave the seat till the completion of total duration of the Test. The questions will appear in English. Every question will have 4 answer options. Candidates are required to choose the option that is most appropriate. They should indicate their answer by clicking on the circle adjacent to the option they think is right. Candidates who have opted the Hindi language as medium of Test, will get the questions in both Hindi & English. Candidates can go to any question directly by clicking on the question number, which will appear at the bottom of the screen in blue color. In other words, he / she can move between Parts I to III at his / her will. The answered questions will be marked green color with a If the candidate is doubtful of the answer for a question, he / she can mark the question for review without answering and such questions will be indicated with ' ' under the question number. This question number will appear in red color. To unmark this, he / she has to click on the unmark review button. If the candidate has answered a question and would like to review the answer at a later stage he / she can opt so and such question numbers will be indicated in yellow color with a " ". To unmark this, he / she has to click on unmark review button. If the candidate wants to change his / her answer for any question, he / she may select the question and change the answer by clicking on the appropriate option. Timer display at the top of the screen indicates the time through out the test. The test closes automatically once the allotted time of 150 Minutes are over. In case the candidate wants to review the answers in the remaining time, he / she can do so. In case the candidate answers all the questions before the allotted time, he / she can clicks on the submit button to complete the Test only after 2 hours of the Online Test. The candidate is required to ensure that he / she clicks on the submit button as a sign of completion. Once it is submitted, he / she will not be able to go back to the test. Once the candidate completes the test, he / she will be able to see the screen indicating completion of test with a thank note. The candidate needs to raise his / her hand on completion of the test and handover the used rough work paper to the Invigilator.