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T.S. Eliot (18881965). The Waste Land. 1922.

The Waste Land


is the %&'ellest (onth) *&eedin+ Lila%s o't o, the dead land) (i-in+ .e(o&/ and desi&e) sti&&in+ #'ll &oots 0ith s1&in+ &ain. Winte& 2e1t 's 0a&() %o3e&in+ Ea&th in ,o&+et,'l sno0) ,eedin+ little li,e 0ith d&ied t'*e&s. S'((e& s'&1&ised 's) %o(in+ o3e& the Sta&n*e&+e&see With a sho0e& o, &ain4 0e sto11ed in the %olonnade) nd 0ent on in s'nli+ht) into the Ho,+a&ten) nd d&an2 %o,,ee) and tal2ed ,o& an ho'&. Bin gar keine Russin, stamm aus Litauen, echt deutsch. nd 0hen 0e 0e&e %hild&en) sta/in+ at the a&%hd'2e5s) ./ %o'sin5s) he too2 (e o't on a sled) nd I 0as ,&i+htened. He said) .a&ie) .a&ie) hold on ti+ht. nd do0n 0e 0ent. In the (o'ntains) the&e /o' ,eel ,&ee. I &ead) ('%h o, the ni+ht) and +o so'th in the 0inte&.



What a&e the &oots that %l't%h) 0hat *&an%hes +&o0 !'t o, this ston/ &'**ish6 Son o, (an) 7o' %annot sa/) o& +'ess) ,o& /o' 2no0 onl/ hea1 o, *&o2en i(a+es) 0he&e the s'n *eats) nd the dead t&ee +i3es no shelte&) the %&i%2et no &elie,) nd the d&/ stone no so'nd o, 0ate&. !nl/ The&e is shado0 'nde& this &ed &o%2) (8o(e in 'nde& the shado0 o, this &ed &o%2)) nd I 0ill sho0 /o' so(ethin+ di,,e&ent ,&o( eithe& 7o'& shado0 at (o&nin+ st&idin+ *ehind /o' !& /o'& shado0 at e3enin+ &isin+ to (eet /o'4 I 0ill sho0 /o' ,ea& in a hand,'l o, d'st. Frisch weht der Wind Der Heimat u, !ein "risch #ind, W$ wei%est du& 97o' +a3e (e h/a%inths ,i&st a /ea& a+o4 The/ %alled (e the h/a%inth +i&l.:





;7et 0hen 0e %a(e *a%2) late) ,&o( the H/a%inth +a&den) 7o'& a&(s ,'ll) and /o'& hai& 0et) I %o'ld not S1ea2) and (/ e/es ,ailed) I 0as neithe& Li3in+ no& dead) and I 2ne0 nothin+) Loo2in+ into the hea&t o, li+ht) the silen%e. (d und %eer das !eer. .ada(e Sosost&is) ,a(o's %lai&3o/ante) Had a *ad %old) ne3e&theless Is 2no0n to *e the 0isest 0o(an in E'&o1e) With a 0i%2ed 1a%2 o, %a&ds. He&e) said she) Is /o'& %a&d) the d&o0ned $hoeni%ian Sailo&) (Those a&e 1ea&ls that 0e&e his e/es. Loo2<) He&e is Belladonna) the Lad/ o, the Ro%2s) The lad/ o, sit'ations. He&e is the (an 0ith th&ee sta3es) and he&e the Wheel) nd he&e is the one=e/ed (e&%hant) and this %a&d) Whi%h is *lan2) is so(ethin+ he %a&&ies on his *a%2) Whi%h I a( ,o&*idden to see. I do not ,ind The Han+ed .an. "ea& death */ 0ate&. I see %&o0ds o, 1eo1le) 0al2in+ &o'nd in a &in+. Than2 /o'. I, /o' see dea& .&s. E>'itone) Tell he& I *&in+ the ho&os%o1e (/sel,? !ne ('st *e so %a&e,'l these da/s. Un&eal 8it/) Unde& the *&o0n ,o+ o, a 0inte& da0n) %&o0d ,lo0ed o3e& London B&id+e) so (an/) I had not tho'+ht death had 'ndone so (an/. Si+hs) sho&t and in,&e>'ent) 0e&e e-haled) nd ea%h (an ,i-ed his e/es *e,o&e his ,eet. "lo0ed '1 the hill and do0n @in+ Willia( St&eet) To 0he&e Saint .a&/ Woolnoth 2e1t the ho'&s With a dead so'nd on the ,inal st&o2e o, nine. The&e I sa0 one I 2ne0) and sto11ed hi() %&/in+ 9Stetson< 7o' 0ho 0e&e 0ith (e in the shi1s at ./lae< That %o&1se /o' 1lanted last /ea& in /o'& +a&den) Has it *e+'n to s1&o't6 Will it *loo( this /ea&6 !& has the s'dden ,&ost dist'&*ed its *ed6 !h 2ee1 the #o+ ,a& hen%e) that5s ,&iend to (en) !& 0ith his nails he5ll di+ it '1 a+ain< 7o'< h+,$crite %ecteur-.m$n sem/%a/%e,.m$n 0r1re-2
II. A .E !" 8HESS









The 8hai& she sat in) li2e a *'&nished th&one) Alo0ed on the (a&*le) 0he&e the +lass Held '1 */ standa&ds 0&o'+ht 0ith ,&'ited 3ines "&o( 0hi%h a +olden 8'1idon 1ee1ed o't ( nothe& hid his e/es *ehind his 0in+)


#o'*led the ,la(es o, se3en*&an%hed %andela*&a Re,le%tin+ li+ht '1on the ta*le as The +litte& o, he& Be0els &ose to (eet it) "&o( satin %ases 1o'&ed in &i%h 1&o,'sion4 In 3ials o, i3o&/ and %olo'&ed +lass Unsto11e&ed) l'&2ed he& st&an+e s/ntheti% 1e&,'(es) Un+'ent) 1o0de&ed) o& li>'id;t&o'*led) %on,'sed nd d&o0ned the sense in odo'&s4 sti&&ed */ the ai& That ,&eshened ,&o( the 0indo0) these as%ended In ,attenin+ the 1&olon+ed %andle=,la(es) "l'n+ thei& s(o2e into the la>'ea&ia) Sti&&in+ the 1atte&n on the %o,,e&ed %eilin+. H'+e sea=0ood ,ed 0ith %o11e& B'&ned +&een and o&an+e) ,&a(ed */ the %olo'&ed stone) In 0hi%h sad li+ht a %a&3Cd dol1hin s0a(. *o3e the anti>'e (antel 0as dis1la/ed s tho'+h a 0indo0 +a3e '1on the s/l3an s%ene The %han+e o, $hilo(el) */ the *a&*a&o's 2in+ So &'del/ ,o&%ed4 /et the&e the ni+htin+ale "illed all the dese&t 0ith in3iola*le 3oi%e nd still she %&ied) and still the 0o&ld 1'&s'es) 9D'+ D'+: to di&t/ ea&s. nd othe& 0ithe&ed st'(1s o, ti(e We&e told '1on the 0alls4 sta&in+ ,o&(s Leaned o't) leanin+) h'shin+ the &oo( en%losed. "ootste1s sh',,led on the stai&) Unde& the ,i&eli+ht) 'nde& the *&'sh) he& hai& S1&ead o't in ,ie&/ 1oints Alo0ed into 0o&ds) then 0o'ld *e sa3a+el/ still. 9./ ne&3es a&e *ad to=ni+ht. 7es) *ad. Sta/ 0ith (e. S1ea2 to (e. Wh/ do /o' ne3e& s1ea26 S1ea2. What a&e /o' thin2in+ o,6 What thin2in+6 What6 I ne3e& 2no0 0hat /o' a&e thin2in+. Thin2.: I thin2 0e a&e in &ats5 alle/ Whe&e the dead (en lost thei& *ones. 9What is that noise6: The 0ind 'nde& the doo&. 9What is that noise no06 What is the 0ind doin+6: Eothin+ a+ain nothin+. 9#o 7o' 2no0 nothin+6 #o /o' see nothin+6 #o /o' &e(e(*e& Eothin+6: I &e(e(*e& Those a&e 1ea&ls that 0e&e his e/es. 9 &e /o' ali3e) o& not6 Is the&e nothin+ in /o'& head6: B't ! ! ! ! that Sha2es1ehe&ian Ra+;










It5s so ele+ant So intelli+ent 9What shall I do no06 What shall I do6 I shall &'sh o't as I a() and 0al2 the st&eet With (/ hai& do0n) so. What shall 0e do to=(o&&o06 What shall 0e e3e& do6: The hot 0ate& at ten. nd i, it &ains) a %losed %a& at ,o'&. nd 0e shall 1la/ a +a(e o, %hess) $&essin+ lidless e/es and 0aitin+ ,o& a 2no%2 '1on the doo&. When Lil5s h's*and +ot de(o**ed) I said) I didn5t (in%e (/ 0o&ds) I said to he& (/sel,) HURR7 U$ $LE SE ITS TI.E Eo0 l*e&t5s %o(in+ *a%2) (a2e /o'&sel, a *it s(a&t. He5ll 0ant to 2no0 0hat /o' done 0ith that (one/ he +a3e /o' To +et /o'&sel, so(e teeth. He did) I 0as the&e. 7o' ha3e the( all o't) Lil) and +et a ni%e set) He said) I s0ea&) I %an5t *ea& to loo2 at /o'. nd no (o&e %an5t I) I said) and thin2 o, 1oo& l*e&t) He5s *een in the a&(/ ,o'& /ea&s) he 0ants a +ood ti(e) nd i, /o' don5t +i3e it hi() the&e5s othe&s 0ill) I said. !h is the&e) she said. So(ethin+ o5 that) I said. Then I5ll 2no0 0ho to than2) she said) and +i3e (e a st&ai+ht loo2. HURR7 U$ $LE SE ITS TI.E I, /o' don5t li2e it /o' %an +et on 0ith it) I said) !the&s %an 1i%2 and %hoose i, /o' %an5t. B't i, l*e&t (a2es o,,) it 0on5t *e ,o& la%2 o, tellin+. 7o' o'+ht to *e asha(ed) I said) to loo2 so anti>'e. ( nd he& onl/ thi&t/=one.) I %an5t hel1 it) she said) 1'llin+ a lon+ ,a%e) It5s the( 1ills I too2) to *&in+ it o,,) she said. (She5s had ,i3e al&ead/) and nea&l/ died o, /o'n+ Aeo&+e.) The %he(ist said it 0o'ld *e al&i+ht) *'t I53e ne3e& *een the sa(e. 7o' are a 1&o1e& ,ool) I said. Well) i, l*e&t 0on5t lea3e /o' alone) the&e it is) I said) What /o' +et (a&&ied ,o& i, /o' don5t 0ant %hild&en6 HURR7 U$ $LE SE ITS TI.E Well) that S'nda/ l*e&t 0as ho(e) the/ had a hot +a((on) nd the/ as2ed (e in to dinne&) to +et the *ea't/ o, it hot; HURR7 U$ $LE SE ITS TI.E HURR7 U$ $LE SE ITS TI.E Aooni+ht Bill. Aooni+ht Lo'. Aooni+ht .a/. Aooni+ht. Ta ta. Aooni+ht. Aooni+ht. Aood ni+ht) ladies) +ood ni+ht) s0eet ladies) +ood ni+ht) +ood ni+ht.










The &i3e&5s tent is *&o2en? the last ,in+e&s o, lea,

8l't%h and sin2 into the 0et *an2. The 0ind 8&osses the *&o0n land) 'nhea&d. The n/(1hs a&e de1a&ted. S0eet Tha(es) &'n so,tl/) till I end (/ son+. The &i3e& *ea&s no e(1t/ *ottles) sand0i%h 1a1e&s) Sil2 hand2e&%hie,s) %a&d*oa&d *o-es) %i+a&ette ends !& othe& testi(on/ o, s'((e& ni+hts. The n/(1hs a&e de1a&ted. nd thei& ,&iends) the loite&in+ hei&s o, %it/ di&e%to&s4 #e1a&ted) ha3e le,t no add&esses. B/ the 0ate&s o, Le(an I sat do0n and 0e1tF S0eet Tha(es) &'n so,tl/ till I end (/ son+) S0eet Tha(es) &'n so,tl/) ,o& I s1ea2 not lo'd o& lon+. B't at (/ *a%2 in a %old *last I hea& The &attle o, the *ones) and %h'%2le s1&ead ,&o( ea& to ea&. &at %&e1t so,tl/ th&o'+h the 3e+etation #&a++in+ its sli(/ *ell/ on the *an2 While I 0as ,ishin+ in the d'll %anal !n a 0inte& e3enin+ &o'nd *ehind the +asho'se. .'sin+ '1on the 2in+ (/ *&othe&5s 0&e%2 nd on the 2in+ (/ ,athe&5s death *e,o&e hi(. White *odies na2ed on the lo0 da(1 +&o'nd nd *ones %ast in a little lo0 d&/ +a&&et) Rattled */ the &at5s ,oot onl/) /ea& to /ea&. B't at (/ *a%2 ,&o( ti(e to ti(e I hea& The so'nd o, ho&ns and (oto&s) 0hi%h shall *&in+ S0eene/ to .&s. $o&te& in the s1&in+. ! the (oon shone *&i+ht on .&s. $o&te& nd on he& da'+hte& The/ 0ash thei& ,eet in soda 0ate& 5t, 6 ces 7$i8 den0ants, chantant dans %a c$u,$%eT0it t0it t0it D'+ B'+ B'+ B'+ B'+ B'+ So &'del/ ,o&%5d. Te&e' Un&eal 8it/ Unde& the *&o0n ,o+ o, a 0inte& noon .& E'+enides) the S(/&na (e&%hant Unsha3en) 0ith a 1o%2et ,'ll o, %'&&ants 8. i. ,. London? do%'(ents at si+ht) s2ed (e in de(oti% "&en%h To l'n%heon at the 8annon St&eet Hotel "ollo0ed */ a 0ee2=end at the .et&o1ole. t the 3iolet ho'&) 0hen the e/es and *a%2 T'&n '10a&d ,&o( the des2) 0hen the h'(an en+ine 0aits Li2e a ta-i th&o**in+ 0aitin+) I Ti&esias) tho'+h *lind) th&o**in+ *et0een t0o li3es) !ld (an 0ith 0&in2led ,e(ale *&easts) %an see










t the 3iolet ho'&) the e3enin+ ho'& that st&i3es Ho(e0a&d) and *&in+s the sailo& ho(e ,&o( sea) The t/1ist ho(e at tea=ti(e) %lea&s he& *&ea2,ast) li+hts He& sto3e) and la/s o't ,ood in tins. !'t o, the 0indo0 1e&ilo'sl/ s1&ead He& d&/in+ %o(*inations to'%hed */ the s'n5s last &a/s) !n the di3an a&e 1iled (at ni+ht he& *ed) Sto%2in+s) sli11e&s) %a(isoles) and sta/s. I Ti&esias) old (an 0ith 0&in2led d'+s $e&%ei3ed the s%ene) and ,o&etold the &est; I too a0aited the e-1e%ted +'est. He) the /o'n+ (an %a&*'n%'la&) a&&i3es) s(all ho'se=a+ent5s %le&2) 0ith one *old sta&e) !ne o, the lo0 on 0ho( ass'&an%e sits s a sil2 hat on a B&ad,o&d (illionai&e. The ti(e is no0 1&o1itio's) as he +'esses) The (eal is ended) she is *o&ed and ti&ed) Endea3o'&s to en+a+e he& in %a&esses Whi%h still a&e 'n&e1&o3ed) i, 'ndesi&ed. "l'shed and de%ided) he assa'lts at on%e4 E-1lo&in+ hands en%o'nte& no de,en%e4 His 3anit/ &e>'i&es no &es1onse) nd (a2es a 0el%o(e o, indi,,e&en%e. ( nd I Ti&esias ha3e ,o&es',,e&ed all Ena%ted on this sa(e di3an o& *ed4 I 0ho ha3e sat */ The*es *elo0 the 0all nd 0al2ed a(on+ the lo0est o, the dead.) Besto0s one ,inal 1at&oniGin+ 2iss) nd +&o1es his 0a/) ,indin+ the stai&s 'nlitF She t'&ns and loo2s a (o(ent in the +lass) Ha&dl/ a0a&e o, he& de1a&ted lo3e&4 He& *&ain allo0s one hal,=,o&(ed tho'+ht to 1ass? 9Well no0 that5s done? and I5( +lad it5s o3e&.: When lo3el/ 0o(an stoo1s to ,oll/ and $a%es a*o't he& &oo( a+ain) alone) She s(oothes he& hai& 0ith a'to(ati% hand) nd 1'ts a &e%o&d on the +&a(o1hone. 9This ('si% %&e1t */ (e '1on the 0ate&s: nd alon+ the St&and) '1 H'een Ii%to&ia St&eet. ! 8it/ 8it/) I %an so(eti(es hea& Beside a 1'*li% *a& in Lo0e& Tha(es St&eet) The 1leasant 0hinin+ o, a (andoline nd a %latte& and a %hatte& ,&o( 0ithin Whe&e ,ish(en lo'n+e at noon? 0he&e the 0alls !, .a+n's .a&t/& hold Ine-1li%a*le s1lendo'& o, Ionian 0hite and +old. The &i3e& s0eats











!il and ta& The *a&+es d&i,t With the t'&nin+ tide Red sails Wide To lee0a&d) s0in+ on the hea3/ s1a&. The *a&+es 0ash #&i,tin+ lo+s #o0n A&een0i%h &ea%h $ast the Isle o, #o+s. Weialala leia Wallala leialala EliGa*eth and Lei%este& Beatin+ oa&s The ste&n 0as ,o&(ed +ilded shell Red and +old The *&is2 s0ell Ri11led *oth sho&es So'th=0est 0ind 8a&&ied do0n st&ea( The 1eal o, *ells White to0e&s Weialala leia Wallala leialala 9T&a(s and d'st/ t&ees. Hi+h*'&/ *o&e (e. Ri%h(ond and @e0 Undid (e. B/ Ri%h(ond I &aised (/ 2nees S'1ine on the ,loo& o, a na&&o0 %anoe.9 9./ ,eet a&e at .oo&+ate) and (/ hea&t Unde& (/ ,eet. ,te& the e3ent He 0e1t. He 1&o(ised Ja ne0 sta&t.5 I (ade no %o((ent. What sho'ld I &esent6: 9!n .a&+ate Sands. I %an %onne%t Eothin+ 0ith nothin+. The *&o2en ,in+e&=nails o, di&t/ hands. ./ 1eo1le h'(*le 1eo1le 0ho e-1e%t Eothin+.: la la To 8a&tha+e then I %a(e B'&nin+ *'&nin+ *'&nin+ *'&nin+ ! Lo&d Tho' 1l'%2est (e o't ! Lo&d Tho' 1l'%2est











$hle*as the $hoeni%ian) a ,o&tni+ht dead) "o&+ot the %&/ o, +'lls) and the dee1 seas s0ell nd the 1&o,it and loss. %'&&ent 'nde& sea $i%2ed his *ones in 0his1e&s. s he &ose and ,ell He 1assed the sta+es o, his a+e and /o'th Ente&in+ the 0hi&l1ool. Aentile o& De0 ! /o' 0ho t'&n the 0heel and loo2 to 0ind0a&d) 8onside& $hle*as) 0ho 0as on%e handso(e and tall as /o'.



,te& the to&%h=li+ht &ed on s0eat/ ,a%es ,te& the ,&ost/ silen%e in the +a&dens ,te& the a+on/ in ston/ 1la%es The sho'tin+ and the %&/in+ $&ison and 1la%e and &e3e&*e&ation !, th'nde& o, s1&in+ o3e& distant (o'ntains He 0ho 0as li3in+ is no0 dead We 0ho 0e&e li3in+ a&e no0 d/in+ With a little 1atien%e He&e is no 0ate& *'t onl/ &o%2 Ro%2 and no 0ate& and the sand/ &oad The &oad 0indin+ a*o3e a(on+ the (o'ntains Whi%h a&e (o'ntains o, &o%2 0itho't 0ate& I, the&e 0e&e 0ate& 0e sho'ld sto1 and d&in2 (on+st the &o%2 one %annot sto1 o& thin2 S0eat is d&/ and ,eet a&e in the sand I, the&e 0e&e onl/ 0ate& a(on+st the &o%2 #ead (o'ntain (o'th o, %a&io's teeth that %annot s1it He&e one %an neithe& stand no& lie no& sit The&e is not e3en silen%e in the (o'ntains B't d&/ ste&ile th'nde& 0itho't &ain The&e is not e3en solit'de in the (o'ntains B't &ed s'llen ,a%es snee& and sna&l "&o( doo&s o, ('d=%&a%2ed ho'ses I, the&e 0e&e 0ate& nd no &o%2 I, the&e 0e&e &o%2 nd also 0ate& nd 0ate& s1&in+ 1ool a(on+ the &o%2 I, the&e 0e&e the so'nd o, 0ate& onl/







Eot the %i%ada nd d&/ +&ass sin+in+ B't so'nd o, 0ate& o3e& a &o%2 Whe&e the he&(it=th&'sh sin+s in the 1ine t&ees #&i1 d&o1 d&i1 d&o1 d&o1 d&o1 d&o1 B't the&e is no 0ate& Who is the thi&d 0ho 0al2s al0a/s *eside /o'6 When I %o'nt) the&e a&e onl/ /o' and I to+ethe& B't 0hen I loo2 ahead '1 the 0hite &oad The&e is al0a/s anothe& one 0al2in+ *eside /o' Alidin+ 0&a1t in a *&o0n (antle) hooded I do not 2no0 0hethe& a (an o& a 0o(an ;B't 0ho is that on the othe& side o, /o'6 What is that so'nd hi+h in the ai& .'&('& o, (ate&nal la(entation Who a&e those hooded ho&des s0a&(in+ !3e& endless 1lains) st'(*lin+ in %&a%2ed ea&th Rin+ed */ the ,lat ho&iGon onl/ What is the %it/ o3e& the (o'ntains 8&a%2s and &e,o&(s and *'&sts in the 3iolet ai& "allin+ to0e&s De&'sale( thens le-and&ia Iienna London Un&eal 0o(an d&e0 he& lon+ *la%2 hai& o't ti+ht nd ,iddled 0his1e& ('si% on those st&in+s nd *ats 0ith *a*/ ,a%es in the 3iolet li+ht Whistled) and *eat thei& 0in+s nd %&a0led head do0n0a&d do0n a *la%2ened 0all nd '1side do0n in ai& 0e&e to0e&s Tollin+ &e(inis%ent *ells) that 2e1t the ho'&s nd 3oi%es sin+in+ o't o, e(1t/ %iste&ns and e-ha'sted 0ells. In this de%a/ed hole a(on+ the (o'ntains In the ,aint (oonli+ht) the +&ass is sin+in+ !3e& the t'(*led +&a3es) a*o't the %ha1el The&e is the e(1t/ %ha1el) onl/ the 0ind5s ho(e. It has no 0indo0s) and the doo& s0in+s) #&/ *ones %an ha&( no one. !nl/ a %o%2 stood on the &oo,=t&ee 8o %o &i%o %o %o &i%o In a ,lash o, li+htnin+. Then a da(1 +'st B&in+in+ &ain Aan+a 0as s'n2en) and the li(1 lea3es Waited ,o& &ain) 0hile the *la%2 %lo'ds Aathe&ed ,a& distant) o3e& Hi(a3ant. The B'n+le %&o'%hed) h'(1ed in silen%e.










Then s1o2e the th'nde& # Datta9 0hat ha3e 0e +i3en6 ./ ,&iend) *lood sha2in+ (/ hea&t The a0,'l da&in+ o, a (o(ent5s s'&&ende& Whi%h an a+e o, 1&'den%e %an ne3e& &et&a%t B/ this) and this onl/) 0e ha3e e-isted Whi%h is not to *e ,o'nd in o'& o*it'a&ies !& in (e(o&ies d&a1ed */ the *ene,i%ent s1ide& !& 'nde& seals *&o2en */ the lean soli%ito& In o'& e(1t/ &oo(s # Da+adh7am9 I ha3e hea&d the 2e/ T'&n in the doo& on%e and t'&n on%e onl/ We thin2 o, the 2e/) ea%h in his 1&ison Thin2in+ o, the 2e/) ea%h %on,i&(s a 1&ison !nl/ at ni+ht,all) aethe&ial &'(o'&s Re3i3e ,o& a (o(ent a *&o2en 8o&iolan's # Dam+ata9 The *oat &es1onded Aail/) to the hand e-1e&t 0ith sail and oa& The sea 0as %al() /o'& hea&t 0o'ld ha3e &es1onded Aail/) 0hen in3ited) *eatin+ o*edient To %ont&ollin+ hands I sat '1on the sho&e "ishin+) 0ith the a&id 1lain *ehind (e Shall I at least set (/ lands in o&de&6 London B&id+e is ,allin+ do0n ,allin+ do0n ,allin+ do0n :$i sasc$se ne% 0$c$ che g%i a00ina ;uand$ 0iam ceu che%id$n;! s0allo0 s0allo0 Le :rince d<=uitaine > %a t$ur a/$%ie These ,&a+(ents I ha3e sho&ed a+ainst (/ &'ins Wh/ then Ile ,it /o'. Hie&on/(o5s (ad a+aine. #atta. #a/adh3a(. #a(/ata. ?hantih shantih shantih








E!TES Eot onl/ the title) *'t the 1lan and a +ood deal o, the in%idental s/(*olis( o, the 1oe( 0e&e s'++ested */ .iss Dessie L. Weston5s *oo2 on the A&ail le+end? Fr$m Ritua% t$ R$mance (.a%(illan). Indeed) so dee1l/ a( I inde*ted) .iss Weston5s *oo2 0ill el'%idate the di,,i%'lties o, the 1oe( ('%h *ette& than (/ notes %an do4 and I &e%o((end it (a1a&t ,&o( the +&eat inte&est o, the *oo2 itsel,) to an/ 0ho thin2 s'%h el'%idation o, the 1oe( 0o&th the t&o'*le. To anothe& 0o&2 o, anth&o1olo+/ I a(

inde*ted in +ene&al) one 0hi%h has in,l'en%ed o'& +ene&ation 1&o,o'ndl/4 I (ean @he A$%den B$ughB I ha3e 'sed es1e%iall/ the t0o 3ol'(es <ttis <d$nis 6siris. n/one 0ho is a%>'ainted 0ith these 0o&2s 0ill i((ediatel/ &e%o+nise in the 1oe( %e&tain &e,e&en%es to 3e+etation %e&e(onies.

Line 2K 8,. EGe2iel II) i. 2L. 8,. E%%lesiastes MII) 3. L1. I. @ristan und "s$%de, I) 3e&ses 58. N2. Id. III) 3e&se 2N. N6. I a( not ,a(ilia& 0ith the e-a%t %onstit'tion o, the Ta&ot 1a%2 o, %a&ds) ,&o( 0hi%h I ha3e o*3io'sl/ de1a&ted to s'it (/ o0n %on3enien%e. The Han+ed .an) a (e(*e& o, the t&aditional 1a%2) ,its (/ 1'&1ose in t0o 0a/s? *e%a'se he is asso%iated in (/ (ind 0ith the Han+ed Aod o, "&aGe&) and *e%a'se I asso%iate hi( 0ith the hooded ,i+'&e in the 1assa+e o, the dis%i1les to E((a's in $a&t I. The $hoeni%ian Sailo& and the .e&%hant a11ea& late&4 also the 9%&o0ds o, 1eo1le): and #eath */ Wate& is e-e%'ted in $a&t II. The .an 0ith Th&ee Sta3es (an a'thenti% (e(*e& o, the Ta&ot 1a%2) I asso%iate) >'ite a&*it&a&il/) 0ith the "ishe& @in+ hi(sel,. 6K. 8,. Ba'delai&e? 9"o'&(illante %itO) %itO 1leine de &C3es) !P le s1e%t&e en 1lein Bo'& &a%%&o%he le 1assant.: 6L. 8,. "n0ern$, III. 555Q? 9si l'n+a t&atta di +ente) %h5io non a3&ei (ai %&ed'to %he (o&te tanta n5a3esse dis,atta.: 6N. 8,. "n0ern$, II. 252Q? 9H'i3i) se%ondo %he 1e& as%olta&e) 9non a3ea 1ianto) (a5 %he di sos1i&i) 9%he l5a'&a ete&na ,a%e3an t&e(a&e.: 68. 1heno(enon 0hi%h I ha3e o,ten noti%ed.

QN. 8,. the #i&+e in We*ste&5s White De7i%. Q6. I. Ba'delai&e) $&e,a%e to F%eurs du !a%.
II. A .E !" 8HESS

QQ. 8,. <nt$n+ and C%e$,atra, II.) ii. l. 19K. 92. La>'ea&ia. I. <eneid, I) Q26? de1endent l/%hni la>'ea&i*'s a'&eis in%ensi) et no%te( ,la((is ,'nalia 3in%'nt.

98. S/l3an s%ene. I. .ilton) :aradise L$st, II. 1NK. 99. I. !3id) !etam$r,h$ses, II) $hilo(ela. 1KK. 8,. $a&t III) l. 2KN. 115. 8,. $a&t III) l. 195. 118. 8,. We*ste&? 9Is the 0ind in that doo& still6: 126. 8,. $a&t I) l. LQ) N8. 1L8. 8,. the +a(e o, %hess in .iddleton5s W$men /eware W$men.

1Q6. D. S1ense&) :r$tha%ami$n. 192. 8,. @he @em,est, I) ii. 196. 8,. #a/) :ar%iament $0 Bees9 9When o, the s'dden) listenin+) /o' shall hea&) 9 noise o, ho&ns and h'ntin+) 0hi%h shall *&in+ 9 %taeon to #iana in the s1&in+) 9Whe&e all shall see he& na2ed s2inF9 19Q. 8,. .a&3ell) @$ His C$+ !istress. 199. I do not 2no0 the o&i+in o, the *allad ,&o( 0hi%h these lines a&e ta2en4 it 0as &e1o&ted to (e ,&o( S/dne/) 'st&alia. 2K2. I. Ie&laine) :arsi0a%. 21K. The %'&&ants 0e&e >'oted at a 1&i%e 9%a&&ia+e and ins'&an%e ,&ee to London:4 and the Bill o, Ladin+) et%. 0e&e to *e handed to the *'/e& '1on 1a/(ent o, the si+ht d&a,t. 218. Ti&esias) altho'+h a (e&e s1e%tato& and not indeed a 9%ha&a%te&): is /et the (ost i(1o&tant 1e&sona+e in the 1oe() 'nitin+ all the &est. D'st as the one=e/ed (e&%hant) selle& o, %'&&ants) (elts into the $hoeni%ian Sailo&) and the latte& is not 0holl/ distin%t ,&o( "e&dinand $&in%e o, Ea1les) so all the 0o(en a&e one 0o(an) and the t0o se-es (eet in Ti&esias. What Ti&esias sees, in ,a%t) is the s'*stan%e o, the 1oe(. The 0hole 1assa+e ,&o( !3id is o, +&eat anth&o1olo+i%al inte&est? F8'( I'none io%os et (aio& 3est&a 1&o,e%to est H'a() >'ae %ontin+it (a&i*'s5) di-isse) J3ol'1tas.5 Illa ne+at4 1la%'it >'ae sit sententia do%ti H'ae&e&e Ti&esiae? 3en's h'i% e&at 't&a>'e nota. Ea( d'o (a+no&'( 3i&idi %oe'ntia sil3a 8o&1o&a se&1ent'( *a%'li 3iola3e&at i%t' #e>'e 3i&o ,a%t's) (i&a*ile) ,e(ina se1te( E+e&at a't'(nos4 o%ta3o &'&s's eosde( Iidit et Jest 3est&ae si tanta 1otentia 1la+ae)5 #i-it J't a'%to&is so&te( in %ont&a&ia ('tet)

E'n% >'o>'e 3os ,e&ia(<5 1e&%'ssis an+'i*'s isde( "o&(a 1&io& &ediit +eneti3a>'e 3enit i(a+o. &*ite& hi% i+it'& s'(1t's de lite io%osa #i%ta Io3is ,i&(at4 +&a3i's Sat'&nia i'sto Ee% 1&o (ate&ia ,e&t'& dol'isse s'i>'e I'di%is aete&na da(na3it l'(ina no%te) t 1ate& o(ni1otens (ne>'e eni( li%et in&ita %'i>'a( "a%ta dei ,e%isse deo) 1&o l'(ine ade(1to S%i&e ,'t'&a dedit 1oena(>'e le3a3it hono&e. 221. This (a/ not a11ea& as e-a%t as Sa11ho5s lines) *'t I had in (ind the 9lon+sho&e: o& 9do&/: ,ishe&(an) 0ho &et'&ns at ni+ht,all. 25L. I. Aolds(ith) the son+ in @he Dicar $0 Wake0ie%d. 25Q. I. @he @em,est, as a*o3e. 26N. The inte&io& o, St. .a+n's .a&t/& is to (/ (ind one o, the ,inest a(on+ W&en5s inte&io&s. See @he :r$,$sed Dem$%iti$n $0 Eineteen Cit+ Churches9 ($. S. @in+ R Son) Ltd.). 266. The Son+ o, the (th&ee) Tha(es=da'+hte&s *e+ins he&e. "&o( line 292 to LK6 in%l'si3e the/ s1ea2 in t'&n. I. AFtterdGmmerung, III) i? The Rhineda'+hte&s. 2Q9. I. "&o'de) 5%i a/eth, Iol. I) %h. i3) lette& o, #e H'ad&a to $hili1 o, S1ain? 9In the a,te&noon 0e 0e&e in a *a&+e) 0at%hin+ the +a(es on the &i3e&. (The >'een) 0as alone 0ith Lo&d Ro*e&t and (/sel, on the 1oo1) 0hen the/ *e+an to tal2 nonsense) and 0ent so ,a& that Lo&d Ro*e&t at last said) as I 0as on the s1ot the&e 0as no &eason 0h/ the/ sho'ld not *e (a&&ied i, the >'een 1leased.: 29L. 8,. :urgat$ri$, I. 1LL? 9Ri%o&diti di (e) %he son la $ia4 9Siena (i ,e5) dis,e%e(i .a&e((a.: LKQ. D. St. '+'stine5s C$n0essi$ns9 9to 8a&tha+e then I %a(e) 0he&e a %a'ld&on o, 'nhol/ lo3es san+ all a*o't (ine ea&s.: LK8. The %o(1lete te-t o, the B'ddha5s "i&e Se&(on (0hi%h %o&&es1onds in i(1o&tan%e to the Se&(on on the .o'nt) ,&o( 0hi%h these 0o&ds a&e ta2en) 0ill *e ,o'nd t&anslated in the late Hen&/ 8la&2e Wa&&en5s Buddhism in @rans%ati$n (Ha&3a&d !&iental Se&ies). .&. Wa&&en 0as one o, the +&eat 1ionee&s o, B'ddhist st'dies in the o%%ident. LK9. "&o( St. '+'stine5s C$n0essi$ns a+ain. The %ollo%ation o, these t0o &e1&esentati3es o, easte&n and 0este&n as%eti%is() as the %'l(ination o, this 1a&t o, the 1oe() is not an a%%ident.

In the ,i&st 1a&t o, $a&t I th&ee the(es a&e e(1lo/ed? the Bo'&ne/ to E((a's) the a11&oa%h to the 8ha1el $e&ilo's (see .iss Weston5s *oo2)) and the 1&esent de%a/ o, easte&n E'&o1e.

L5Q. This is @urdus a$na%aschkae ,a%%asii, the he&(it=th&'sh 0hi%h I ha3e hea&d in H'e*e% 8o'nt/. 8ha1(an sa/s (Hand/$$k $0 Birds in 5astern E$rth <merica) 9it is (ost at ho(e in se%l'ded 0oodland and thi%2et/ &et&eats.F Its notes a&e not &e(a&2a*le ,o& 3a&iet/ o& 3ol'(e) *'t in 1'&it/ and s0eetness o, tone and e->'isite (od'lation the/ a&e 'ne>'aled.: Its 90ate&=d&i11in+ son+: is B'stl/ %ele*&ated. L6K. The ,ollo0in+ lines 0e&e sti('lated */ the a%%o'nt o, one o, the nta&%ti% e-1editions (I ,o&+et 0hi%h) *'t I thin2 one o, Sha%2leton5s)? it 0as &elated that the 1a&t/ o, e-1lo&e&s) at the e-t&e(it/ o, thei& st&en+th) had the %onstant del'sion that the&e 0as $ne m$re mem/er than %o'ld a%t'all/ *e %o'nted. L66Q6. 8,. He&(ann Hesse) B%ick ins Cha$s9 9S%hon ist hal* E'&o1a) s%hon ist G'(indest de& hal*e !sten E'&o1as a', de( We+e G'( 8haos) ,Sh&t *et&'n2en i( heili+e( Wahn a( *+&'nd entlan+ 'nd sin+t daG') sin+t *et&'n2en 'nd h/(nis%h 0ie #(it&i @a&a(aso,, san+. Ue*e& diese Liede& la%ht de& BT&+e& *eleidi+t) de& Heili+e 'nd Sehe& hU&t sie (it T&Snen.: NK1. 9#atta) da/adh3a() da(/ata: (Ai3e) s/(1athise) %ont&ol). The ,a*le o, the (eanin+ o, the Th'nde& is ,o'nd in the Brihadaran+aka.H,anishad, 5) 1. t&anslation is ,o'nd in #e'ssen5s ?ech ig H,anishads des Deda, 1. N89. NKQ. 8,. We*ste&) @he White De7i%, I) 3i? 9Fthe/5ll &e(a&&/ E&e the 0o&( 1ie&%e /o'& 0indin+=sheet) e&e the s1ide& .a2e a thin %'&tain ,o& /o'& e1ita1hs.: N11. 8,. "n0ern$, MMMIII) N6? 9ed io sentii %hia3a& l5's%io di sotto all5o&&i*ile to&&e.: lso ". H. B&adle/) <,,earance and Rea%it+, 1. LN6. 9./ e-te&nal sensations a&e no less 1&i3ate to (/sel, than a&e (/ tho'+hts o& (/ ,eelin+s. In eithe& %ase (/ e-1e&ien%e ,alls 0ithin (/ o0n %i&%le) a %i&%le %losed on the o'tside4 and) 0ith all its ele(ents ali2e) e3e&/ s1he&e is o1a>'e to the othe&s 0hi%h s'&&o'nd it.F In *&ie,) &e+a&ded as an e-isten%e 0hi%h a11ea&s in a so'l) the 0hole 0o&ld ,o& ea%h is 1e%'lia& and 1&i3ate to that so'l.: N2N. I. Weston) Fr$m Ritua% t$ R$manceB %ha1te& on the "ishe& @in+. N2Q. I. :urgat$ri$, MMII) 1N8. 9J &a 3os 1&e%) 1e& a>'ella 3alo& J>'e 3os +'ida al so( de l5es%alina) Jso3e+na 3os a te(1s de (a dolo&.5 $oi s5as%ose nel ,o%o %he +li a,,ina.: N28. I. :er7igi%ium Deneris. 8,. $hilo(ela in $a&ts II and III. N29. I. Ae&a&d de Ee&3al) Sonnet 5% Desdichad$. NL1. I. @/d5s ?,anish @raged+.

NLL. Shantih. Re1eated as he&e) a ,o&(al endin+ to an U1anishad. 9The $ea%e 0hi%h 1asseth 'nde&standin+: is a ,ee*le t&anslation o, the %ontent o, this 0o&d.