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ntil now The Burgh Equestrian Centre has been the home of Stan and Leoni van der Burghs gorgeous imported Warmbloods. The Burgh also made a big contribution as one of the sponsors and hosts of the Young Horse Performance Series. The facilities are immaculate and include a large Clopf fibre arena, a smaller Clopf fibre arena, a large Grass arena and smaller Sand arena. In addition to this there are 15 brick and 40 wooden stables on the premises. The main arenas provide ample seating for spectators and a picturesque Clubhouse provides for the catering needs. Enter the Oosthuizen family, Pieter and Chrisna and their large family including five kids (plus one) and various pets and horses. Our horse journey started with the enthusiasm of a good friend and her daughter. We decided to take the kids for horse riding for a trail month to see if they would enjoy it. Two months later we bought our first horse, Amber Rose, a unique mare with a BIG appetite. After Amber came Tequila and soon we were filling more stables. I spent most afternoons driving

to the stables as the kids became more and more involved. The horses became our family hobby and consumed our weekends very soon. Seeing as we already owned enough horses and other animals, and were spending most of our time away from home, we put our house on the market and started hunting for our own piece of land. After a frustrating year, we finally set foot the soft Clopf of The Burgh. And as they say: The rest is history! In early December the big move started and also all the work that needed to be done to get ready for our big vision for The Burgh. We are now the proud owners of 18 horses, each with their own special place in our hearts and on the yard. The Burgh is now functioning as a full livery and riding school. Our graded Show Jumping events are on the calendar for 2014 and we have many more events planned for this year and the future. The Young Horse Performance Series will

definitely be an on-going project for The Burgh that we are very excited about. Our kids will be starting to compete for the first time this year and 2014 is jam packed with challenges that we would not be able to face without an excellent team. The stables are in the very capable hands of Nicole de Villiers, who helped us to select our dedicated trainers, instructors and grooms. Nicole, who is mostly known for her involvement in vaulting, also has many years experience as a show jumper, in show administration, stable management and training of competitive riders. Together we all make a dedicated team with a joint motto: Bread will feed your body, but a horse will feed your soul

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What a great issue to start off the year! Some awesome products, horses for sale, events and so much more! Our main article questions what a sport horse really is. If you dont know the answer, go have a look on page 8,9 and 10. We also feature the great Contender in this issue, who passed at the grand age of 30. Have you ever heard horsey people say something about a horse and you have no idea what they mean? Go look at our article on horsey jargon! 2014 Is the Year of the Horse. We take a look at some of the potential struggles horse owners might face in the year ahead and ask your opinion on possible solutions. Take a look and send through your suggestions. As always, enjoy this issue, happy riding and see you next time!



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Conviently off Beyers Naude Drive, near Honeydew, Kellow Park Stables is the leading livery yard in our area. The only livery yard in the area to offer instruction for all levels from beginner to advanced competition in both Dressage and Show Jumping. Superb arenas and large open style brick stables overlook the hills of the Cradle of Humankind. The yard has a calming effect on horse and rider alike. All horses are kept on individual diets in optimum condition. Owners can choose between private, smaller paddocks, or the herd environment in large grassy paddocks. All show prep and trucking is done for you, and we have vets, farriers and saddle fitters on call. This owner managed yard has been operating successfully for over 20 years and we have produced many successful riders and horses. More importantly, it is a home from home for the people who make up our special family.

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t is a developing trend as SA finds itself with more and more home breeders that more and more horses simply do not belong to any breed. Traditionally professional breeders tended to stick to their breed of choice and the purity of the breed was of utmost importance. The riding population left breeding to breeders and were fortunate enough to be able to access pure bred specimens of their chosen breeds at fairly affordable prices. While the English Thoroughbred has been a closed studbook for hundreds of years, many dont realise that the same applies to many other breeds, and even studs. Within the Boerperd population, individual horses can often be identified as having come from a particular stud, as studs were family affairs, and many introduced no new outside stock to their breeding herds for a hundred years or more. Breeds that have evolved more recently, such as Warmbloods, started off by bringing Thoroughbred and Arabian blood into their herds of cold blooded draught types, but through careful selection and recording of pedigrees these soon became identifiable as a specific breed, and today one could not suggest that the result of a simple outcross of draught horse to Thoroughbred can be considered a Warmblood. Warmbloods around the world are developed through local studbooks, but such is the globalised market now that the top Warmblood stock in the world has been influenced by blood from all of the leading studbooks in Europe, and that Warmblood studbooks around the world consistently strive to acquire that blood and bring their own population of Warmblood horses in line with the leading studbooks. So the Warmblood as a breed falls under many studbooks and few (Trekhener is an example) are closed to new blood. These horses that dominate all Olympic disciplines unequivocally can perhaps be considered mongrels then, but mongrels with pedigree it must be stressed. While serious breeders of all breeds are generally purists, there is nothing to stop anybody breeding any stallion to any mare, and hobby breeders are producing horses that have been bred often for reasons that would never cross the mind of a professional breeder. Crossing a Thoroughbred to a Clydesdale to add athleticism to these slow, gentle giants, or a Warmblood to a coloured horse to try and make a horse Warmblood in type but with a colour that is unusual and therefore desirable. In fact anything goes. In the mind of their breeders,

these horses are produced to be the best of both breeds. A Boerperd to a Warmblood must make a better dressage horse, an Appaloosa to a Thoroughbred must add power and colour to a flighty, delicate athlete. While this can only be proven one way or another over time, the studbooks or breed societies that handle the breeding, recording, and ultimately the integrity of their respective breeds are simply not buying into this, and the result is horses that dont have a home anywhere. These are being referred to more and more as Sport Horses, and marketed as such. In the past a horse of unknown breeding was called a cross breed, or a farm horse, and these horses were known to be hardy, good-doers which were good pleasure riding horses. They lived out, didnt need the farrier, and were mostly immune to AHS. Still, anyone with any competitive aspirations generally avoided cross breeds and looked to Thoroughbreds, Arabs, Warmbloods, etc to meet their requirements for sport. Now the term Sport Horse is used, and this can describe any horse really. Can it walk, trot and canter? Its a dressage type then, and can be seen to be a Sport Horse. If it can pop around a track of 50cm jumps, its a sport horse. In a nutshell, Throughbreds are sport horses, so are Arabs and Warmbloods, Friesians and Boerperds, Nooitgedachters, Welsh ponies and Appaloosas too. American Saddle Horses also meet the requirements. So all Warmbloods are sport horses, but not all sport horses are Warmbloods. Well known is the Irish Sport Horse, which is derived from crossing heavy Irish draught horses originally with English Thoroughbreds, and later with European Warmblood horses. They were not originally considered to be Warmblood horses and so the term Sport Horse was used. Today it is a recognised studbook in international competition, but it must be said that the intention was never to incorporate horses of any breed. Basically, a sport horse as it refers to the incorporation of any breed, with or without a known pedigree has become a widely used description to try and add value to cross-breed horses when selling them, but is not an actual breed. It is a term that has become widely used in fairly recent times within the equestrian community to accompany the trend of breeding horses (which is a costly process) which ultimately do not belong to any established breed in their own right, but which have a potential use in an equestrian sporting discipline. Herein lies the problem. These horses have no inherent value such as that which can be attached to pedigreed stock from recognised breeds. They are what they are. You cant get money for them based on their potential, because there is no way to gauge the potential. There is no history in the parentage to suggest whether they may possess the hidden traits required to excel in the sport.

Arabs are known to make good Endurance horses. Saddle horses are known for their gaits. Thoroughbreds are known for their speed. Warmbloods are known for their jump, and their movement. But what is a sport horse known for? It depends. It depends on what the sport horse is. But the question once again What exactly is a sport horse? still stands, because what a sport horse is cannot be clearly defined, other than to say that they must be judged on their own merits. The issues stem from the market. Not every horse owner wants a competition horse. In fact many dont even want a horse they can ride. Often they want something unique or rare, and these unique attributes must be visible. Somehow a beautiful cross-breed is not a glamorous as a beautiful sport horse. Often people pay very high prices for horses that have no real functional value, purely because of their rarity. It is easy to justify if the horse has the relevant paperwork to attest to just how special it is. On the other end of the market are the buyers that really want a well bred competition horse,

but who might lack the budget for a highly bred Warmblood or Arabian horse. A sport horse can be made to sound like something real, as good as a pure bred horse, at an affordable price. There is nothing wrong with this, if the horse can do the job it doesnt matter how it is bred. It matters when a description is given to a horse that makes it sound superior to what it actually is in order to obtain a higher price. There are many really good sport horses. Some are highly bred, good quality animals which really can and do succeed in sport. These horses must never be undermined by being lumped in with a population of mediocre, poorly bred horses which lack true quality. Making poor breeding decisions happens all the time within any breed, but when uneducated breeders start crossing breeds it is rarely with top quality specimens to start with. The old cross breeds were useful because they were a product of firstly natural selection, and then secondly numerous in quantity so that the better examples could be chosen and ridden. They had good qualities such as their toughness and resistance to disease. A poorly planned crossing

of two horses from different breeds could end up producing the equine equivalent of Frankensteins monster. The message to breeders is clear dont con yourself that you can reinvent the horse. Developing a breed takes many generations and stringent selection criteria. The breeds that have been successfully developed survived for a reason. The policies of recognised breed societies, while not always perfect, always have a clearly defined goal. You can breed what you want, but you run the risk of breeding horses that have no real use or value. To buyers beware make sure you know what you are buying. Horses of mixed parentage must be recognised as just that. Purebred horses that are described as sport horses are an anomaly there is no good reason for a purebred horse of a specific breed to be described as a sport horse unless it has not been accepted by the breed society that oversees that specific breed. These could be horses that are not really purebred, or by stallions that have not been approved for breeding.

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The Great Contender

Dies at age 30
movers and he can often be found in the pedigree of dressage horses too.

know anything about it. When I learnt one day that Klatte genuinely believed he was the new owner, I did not send him away just like that Never treat He won the 1987 Adelheidsdorf stallion performance your clients with disrespect at least not when test with a jumping index of 146.6! More importantly, they act in good faith. We talked about it and Contender was a real breeding stallion who came to a compromise. The stallion was leased to produced the goods. He went on to be the 1-b Oldenburg for a number of years. main premium vice champion in Oldenburg on the basis of his excellent first crop of foals. His showjumping progeny include Meredith An impressive dark bay stallion, he stood 171cm Michaels-Beerbaums Checkmate 4, Nick and stood over ground. For many years he stood Although a Holsteiner, he spent the early part Skeltons former ride Carlo 273 and Ludger as one of the big 3 stallions in Holstein, which of his breeding career in Oldenburg. Norbert Beerbaums top mare Chiara 222. are limited to 350 mares per season. He was Boley, the manager of the Holstein Verband, oversubscribed, with over 700 mare applications tells the story of how Contender came to stand Thomas Mohr, director of the Maas J. Hell stallion received each year for his service. in Oldenburg:- I bought Contender as a foal. station said about Contender He has proven Eventually he was brought to the selection, what he has for the breed, he gives lots of power. He was by the Cor de la Bryere son Calypso and halfway through his performance , Klatte He is the sire of many horses on the international II, out of the Ramiro/Ladykiller xx mare Gofine. from Oldenburg had expressed his interest in the showjumping scene. He is a great stallion you As a jumping sire he produced countless top stallion over a pint of beer. Things developed so either like him or you dont like him, but he had performers, over 127 approved sons, and over enthusiastically with a number of studbook people set his footmark. He is comparable to Grannus in 60 state premium mares in Holstein. He also, that Klatte already believed he had bought the Oldenburg, or Pilot in Westfalia, but he needs a like his dam sire Ramiro, produced many good stallion, while I, the authorised person, did not special mare, a blood type mare.

0 years is a good innings for any horse, and of course horses die every day, but in our lifetime perhaps a dozen or so can be regarded as great horses. These stallions left behind a legacy that changed the face of breeding forever. Contender was one such stallion.


Norbert Foley, when asked where Contender fitted into the breeding mix next to Capitol and Cor de la Bryere, said He has all the good blood in his pedigree. He has Cor de la Bryere, he has Ladykiller xx, he has Ramiro. I think he is able to do everything he produces good horses with quality, scope he is somewhere between the 2, the mix. He is not as big and strong as Cassini, but he has good performers and produces good rideability. There are a lot of good offspring from him in the market, the Contender offspring move better than those from Cassini and Capitol. While semen from Contender was never available outside Holstein and Oldenburg, his blood lives on through his many sons and daughters. In South Africa Contender blood can be found through his sons, notably the SAWHS licenced stallions Clarinius (Contender/Capitol I), Con Coriano (Contender/Coriano) and Conlanc (Contender/ Lancer). Offspring of sons Cameron and Conti who stood at stud in Namibia are also to be found. A small number of his daughters also stand at stud in South Africa. For breeders making use of frozen semen, Contender can be found as the sires sire of Contendros Bube (dressage) and Commodor (jumping), and as the dams sire of jumping stallions Quintender and Chacco-Blue, as well as the dressage stallion Sir Oldenburg.


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14/15 February Kyalami Equestrian Park We proudly present Mr Poul Graugaard of the Danish Warmblood Stud Book as international judge. He will judge the SA Warmblood classes.




17 February - Gauteng Mr Poul Graugaard of the Danish Warmblood Stud Book joins our inspectors. To have your horse inspected contact Frances Cheboub 061 445 4646


14-16 March Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm Mr Jan Crome-Sperling joins us once again from Germany to judge the Young Warmblood Horse Festival at Presidents Cup. The classes (all run in the main Wax arena at Maple Ridge) include:Potential Dressage Horse under saddle for 4, 5 and 6 year olds Potential Event Horse under sadlle for 5, 6 and 7 year olds. Potential Show Jumper under saddle for 4,5,6 and 7 year olds. (1st leg of YHPS) Loose Movement classes for foals, 1,2,3 and 4 year old horses. Free Jumping classes for 2,3 and 4 year old horses. To enter contact Frances 061 445 4646 or Tarryn 071 170 6182 Entries close 5 March 2014


18 & 19 March Gauteng & surrounds 20 or 21 March Western Cape Mr Jan Crome-Sperling from Germany joins our inspectors. Gauteng contact Frances Cheboub 061 445 4646 Western Cape contact Nadine Maheri 084 810 9241

make sure that your official SAWHS papers. horse qualifies for

When breeding,


contact us. +27-11-702-2220

Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm

Presidents Cup
12th year celebration

Support South Africas Top Children, juniors & Adult Showjumping 18th March Final Day 23rd March South African Warmblood Society presenting Young Horse Festival 14th, 15th, 16th March Free Jumping, Loose Movement, Ridden Classes 1st Leg of The Young Horse Performance Series
In collaboration with


Live acoustic artists on Sunday 23rd March


and what it really means...

The professionals in the industry involved with selection, training, buying or selling of horses all use some unusual terminology to describe different types of horses and traits that many display. A simple word or two can instantly sum up everything they need to know instantly about a horse. Here are a few of these slang terms and what they really mean:MUG-CATCHER This is a horse that appears to be the real deal. It seems superior in every way. Possessing extraordinarily good looks, presence and a massive textbook jump, or amazing movement, it normally gets sold as a young horse for a big price. Even the professionals can be taken in by them. Shortly thereafter, it gets sold again, also for a good price. Thats because it just isnt what it is cracked up to be. It never lives up to your expectations. Either it is not trainable, or despite its huge jump, battles to get around a track. Still, when it gets sent off to be sold, you can be sure that the first person to look at it will buy it. Over time these horses develop a reputation, and so they become progressively cheaper, and end up in a hack home. One thing you can be sure of, they will soon be on the market again. POLE KICKER This is a reference to a jumping horse that isnt particularly careful. Also known as a 4-faulter, it will jump everything reliably, but will always have a rail or two down. Its not because the jumps are too big it will have a rail down over 1.40m or 90cm. Its a horse that just finds rails for no obvious reason. These horses will rattle their way up the grades, even jumping in 1.50m classes, but never emerging as real contenders. Riders often hang onto them for years, hoping that they will improve, but when the chips are down its a sure thing that they will have a fence down.

TYRE KICKER This term refers not to a horse but rather to a person who is shopping for a horse. They come and look at horses, often riding many horses, but ultimately are not seriously in the market to buy a horse. They are also known as Window Shoppers or Joyriders. In extreme cases they will even arrange for vettings of a horse with no intention of PADDOCK PERFORMER buying. They will try expensive horses and then tell This term refers to that amazing horse that can jump you their budget is actually a fraction of what the anything at home, everything in the warm-up arena, horse they are trying is priced at. but lets you down in the ring. They will enter the ring casually, but will either refuse a jump or stand LOTS OF CHROME up in the corner once their round is underway. Not This describes a horse that is flashy and has a lot always, but often enough to be a major problem. of markings, or is an unusual and desirable colour. When buyers come to try them, they feel amazing They are easy to sell and come at a premium. Buyers and jump everything. Take them to another property just see the flash and tend to overlook conformation to try and they still produce the goods. Take them to shortcomings, or lack of talent. Dealers love them a show and they will slam on the brakes. because they never sit with a horse like this for long.

ALLERGIC TO WOOD Refers to a horse that appears to have been touched up. A horse that seems to be super careful and a little anxious, it infers that the horse is jumping differently to how it has been known to jump, and that some rapping may have taken place, causing the horse to jump bigger and be hyper-aware of its legs. LIPSTICK BRIGADE This is a derogatory term describing a stereotype of horse owner, normally female and middle-aged, who purchase often expensive horses but are essentially non-riders. They have all the latest gear and attire, and spend most of their time primping at the stables themselves, their horse and the property. They enjoy watching their horses being schooled by the latest in-demand work rider three times a week, and are at every equestrian event to be seen with whatever minor celebs might be there.




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PICKET & PADDOCK Call RICHARD Cell: 082.809.1080 199 Valley Rd, Mnandi, CENTURION We specialize in all types of stables. Face brick Plastered / unplastered Tiled / corrugated iron / Cromod ek Barn style or simple layout Wooden We also offer Building plans Plumbing & electrical


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Walking distance of KEP & ICB. Breeders of 100% European Sporthorses. Quality stallion services available. QUALITY STABLING AVAILABLE Experienced grooms to assist you with keeping your horse in peak condition. Roughage fed 24/7. SUPERB FACILITIES Auto-matic Horse Walker, dressage and jumping arenas. Well maintained, quality services. Expert tuition available: Springbok rider - Jonathan Clarke, George Philippides and more! Experienced work riders to assist with working and/or competing.

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echnically 2014 is not the Chinese Year of the Horse, rather approximately 11 months of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 coincide with this event on the Chinese calendar. The last Year of the Horse was 12 years ago, and came at a time when equestrian sport was starting to emerge from the doldrums in SA. Consider that in 1999 the SA Derby was not held at all, and from 2000 started up again at Kyalami Equestrian Park with a fraction of the fanfare we have seen in recent years. A small field of 16 horses was all that could be scraped together to compete in the event, whereas in 2013 a full field of 30 horses took part, and more were available had the event not been restricted to top qualifiers. It would seem then that huge progress has been made between the last Year of the Horse just 12 years ago, and now. Ironically, as we enter the Year of the Horse, equestrian sport faces perhaps its biggest challenge in SA ever! While money flowed and celebs schmoozed at the last Derby, KEP is now under threat of no longer existing, and SA Showjumping are trying desperately to save it as a show venue for the future. This can be attributed partly to the restructuring of the equestrian sport in SA, partly to years of questionable management, and partly to the economic climate that has seen the gap between the elite riders and owners in the sport, and the average owner/rider competing in the lower tiers of the sport. Hopefully for the sport, a solution can be found and the venue can be saved. This merely highlights some fundamental issues faced by SA horse owners the cost of horses and how to keep on top of these huge costs. Many complaints about the cost of competing at a graded level are simply an extension of the overall socio-economic environment in which we live every day. The plummeting exchange rate coupled with drought in the NW province, as well as strong inflationary pressures mean that the luxury of

horses is becoming less attainable to a large portion of people. The economic downturn has already seen more than 5 years of pain, and many horses have been sent to the farm or put down due to owners having to cut their budgets. 2014 promises more pain, with maize prices already up 30%, and grass prices having not recovered from the dry season 2 years ago. This season sees high grass prices already, and we can predict fairly confidently that they will reach record highs as we enter the second half of the year in Gauteng. Rising fuel prices and tolls will have an inflationary effect on feed, but the higher feed and grass prices will seem mild compared to the impending shavings crisis. For the last few years many companies have been manufacturing shavings locally, adding to the pool of shavings coming out of woodworking factories, but for them the operating costs are set to rise dramatically. Timber that was freely available locally has been depleted and now has to be transported some distance from outlying areas. More staff, vehicles and machinery are required to produce the same shavings, and high fuel costs mean that the effects are considerable. Already horse owners are finding shavings supply tight, but anticipate a dramatic shortage approaching Easter and early winter, resulting in some hefty price increases. Stable yards are under continuous pressure in a fragmented market which is unregulated. Consumers are their own worst enemies as the proliferation of low-end yards charging low fees fragments the industry and affects sustainability of facilities as yards are operating off smaller bases. The effect of this means that stabling prices, especially outside the main Kyalami and surrounds will stay in the lower range, but a drop-off in horse care can already be seen in many set-ups, especially condition of Thoroughbred horses. The graded competition circuit will remain under pressure and training shows will continue to flourish as they are becoming the only option available for most horse owners who compete fairly infrequently.

Horse welfare organisations will continue to be stretched to new limits, and the number of horses requiring aid will continue to rise. All in all, the Year of the Horse is likely to be not the best year for horses. What can you do to ease the pressures ahead? We are inviting innovative cost-saving ideas from readers to help horse owners and yards fight the high costs of keeping horses. We also want new ideas to assist with fund-raising for equine charity and aid organisations. Send through your ideas the and it may be published.


artwork by Kathleen de Villiers

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Written by Di Amour Equine Thermographer

Equine Thermography
So what is Equine Thermography and why should we use it? I am asked all the time, whats that? Thermography is nothing new! It has been used in Industry and the Military for over 50 years. It is a study of thermo dynamics or temperature range relating to an object. Equine thermography has been developed for use in the same way Medical thermography is applied. In South Africa it is a recent introduction, taken on board with skepticism, but it is an incredibly useful tool for assisting in diagnosis of certain problems. The hand held or stationary camera focuses onto your Equine, under certain scanning protocols, and scans a pattern of temperature ranges on the area the thermographer is focused. The image is taken,say of the front legs, stored onto a PC and then analysed by a trained thermographer. The report of the images is compiled by the trained thermographer for the client to submit for diagnosis to their referring Veterinarian, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Farrier. These images are not like an XRAY. It is a fusion of colour patterns and the colours indicate the surface temperature in varying ranges from blue, being the coldest, through green, yellow, orange, red, with white being the hottest. As a result of understanding thermal patterns combined with a thorough knowledge of the skin and anatomy, the Equine thermography is able to guide the referring professional to an injury site with pinpoint accuracy, and this is the incredible advantage of a Thermography scan when the referring professional is not too sure of the exact origin, for it is very easy to mistake the referred pain as the origin. This technical breakthrough for the Equine industry is establishing itself in South Africa, but very slowly! Like all new technologies there is always suspicion! This happens, but I believe that it is the duty of the genuine/qualified operator to inform the public how to recognize the cheap and ineffective versions, so you, the owner of the horse, obtain the correct results when calling in an Equine Thermographer. Equine Thermography assists with diagnosis of neurological and musculoskeletal injuries in horses. This is shown via the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system in the Dermatomes. It is the most effective technique for the study of skin temperature distribution. By measuring bi-lateral anatomical sites and identifying significant changes, thermal imaging is an objective, non-invasive diagnostic tool. It provides information about acute and chronic conditions, and is useful in distinguishing aggravated from residual tissue injury. This imaging technology provides information on the normal and abnormal functioning of the sensory and sympathetic nervous system, vascular dysfunction, myofascial trauma and local inflammatory processes. Thermography is a safe and effective means of evaluation of vasomotor instability due to irritation or injury of spinal roots, nerves or sympathetic fibres. While thermography cannot be used to indicate pain, it is useful in detecting associated vasomotor instability and complex pain states associated with arthritis, soft tissue injuries, low back disease or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The diagnosis of neurological and musculoskeletal abnormalities by thermography is based on associated thermal asymmetry between normal and abnormal sites, a change in normal temperature gradients in limbs or between medial and lateral digits, or a disturbance of the normal physiological temperature distribution pattern. It is shown that the surface temperature of the equine body is symmetrical. It is a reflection of blood flow in the dermal microcirculation, and the control of this microcirculation is autonomic and specifically sympathetic. Though this is not a new phenomenon, it is relatively new to horse owners in South Africa. This is a highly sensitive system of temperature reading, and what has been found happening is the importation of inferior industrial cameras which show temperature changes and are designed for use only in the industrial field. All are hand held cameras but there are some that have their computer on stand with the electronic cables running to it. There is however, even in these advanced cameras a hand held grip attachment which allows the DITI technician to scan safely under the belly and under the foot. These are the most advanced cameras and this system guarantees accurate veterinary diagnostic reporting performed by qualified veterinary surgeons. These reports are returned via email to the Equine owner within 48 hours of scanning and are prepared for referral to your own veterinary surgeon by the thermographic technician. With all scanning a series of images are taken, and on the report will appear anterior, posterior and lateral views of the study. Therefore the advanced cameras with Veterinary or Medical programming are the only ones that can be accurately used in the Equine field, and the reporting is not diagnostic unless processed by a Veterinarian. A qualified DITI technician is not qualified to diagnose a condition. This is strictly for the Veterinarian, the Chiropractor, the Physiotherapist or the Farrier. These thermographic reports are valuable aids to pinpoint diagnostics and are time savers for Chiropractors and Physiotherapists working with a thermal report. I have worked with many Sport Horses who have had a variety of problems, and have had many different scans and X-rays that have not located the problem, but Thermal scanning has pin pointed the problem. However this is not the only mirror to the soul! But thermographic/dermatome mapping is an excellent diagnostic addition. In 1982 the Food and Drug Administration published its approval and classification of thermography as a diagnostic screening procedure in humans and was later introduced for Equine Screening Procedures. On a thermogram you should see the temperature scale, date and time of scanning. The colour coding is relative to temperature, with white being the hottest ranging through red, orange, yellow, green, blue and black as the coldest. It is as a result of this technology that pre-race screening is of huge value to race horse owners and trainers. Being a reasonably affordable scanning medium, it is the best tool for early detection in associated limb and lung complications in young race horses. Early detection of stress fractures and joint deterioration issues are exposed before they are apparent to the trained eye. These tests are generally done at least 14 days prior to a race to ensure that no further damage is done to an area that did not appear to be a problem. Though we do scan regions of interest such as just a foot or knee or hip, it is always better to do a full body scan, for sacrum problems can show up as referred problems from the neck and head, all being linked by the spinal column. The images will also show imperfect symmetry and therefore will often require only Chiropractic assistance, therefore saving considerable time and discomfort to the horse. This type of scanning not only saves the owner money but will probably ensure the horse runs a truer race. The main clinical value is therefore in the early identification of inflammatory/and or neurological processes involving soft tissue and bone. For more information, scan bookings or training courses, I can be contacted on :- 0845629818 or email me, We travel country wide. Training and purchases of cameras can also be done through us at Shumba Valley Equestrian Centre and Academy of Equestrian Studies.

Courses conducted on Professional International Standards

EQASA Levels 1 -4 offered A fantastic range of courses are offered:Assorted selection of grooms courses Rider fitness camps fabulous fun Equine Thermography Course Muscle Massage Course Stable Management Horsemasters either the live in 9 month course or available on line Exciting facilities 70.80.90 and 1m Eventing tracks Hacking country to top most in South Africa Visits to top stud farms and AI Centre Fabulous accommodation, excellent food Super lecture room with great facilities This is a facility that offers fantastic variety in a beautiful setting on a farm in the Eastern Free State near Clarens

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Regular trips: JHB to Natal JHB to Free state JHB to Eastern Cape JHB to Western Cape JHB to Namibia Overnight stables in JHB for transit horses. All loading, unloading and driving done by myself. Full time groom with horses + cc tv cameras between driver and the horses.

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Superior livery at a top class establishment Horses fed according to their requirements Grass ad lib Individual paddocks 2x 70x55 arenas 1x 40x40 arena

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apital Studs Don Cumarco, 2 x SA Derby winner, is perhaps the most famous graduate of the SA YHPS, having won the 6 year old potential showjumper in 2009, and there are numerous other open showjumpers who cut their teeth in the series. The 2014 Young Horse Performance Series kicks off at the 1st weekend of the Presidents Cup at Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm, where the German judge Jan Crome-Sperling presides over the proceedings. The series continues to grow and confirm its status as the proving ground for young show jumping horses in South Africa. In 2013 the final was held for the first time at the SA Derby, which gives you an idea of the status of the series. The series consists of 5 legs held throughout Gauteng over the year, with classes per age division for winning show jumper for 5, 6 and 7 year olds judged as a standard show jumping competition with a jump off, as well as potential show jumper classes for each age group where the potential of the horses

as top showjumpers is assessed. For the first time the potential show jumper section has been extended to 4 year old horses, over a single round at 80cm. The support from breeders and competitors has seen this series grow, and Ursula and Craig Wearing have donated their 2013 series best SA Bred 5yr old prize money back to the series for 2014.Their winner Saratoga Ankhesanamun is a fine tribute to our South African Warmblood breeders and their endeavours to provide competitors with top class sport horses. Pieter Oosthuizen, the new owner of The Burgh Equestrian Centre, has generously offered to continue sponsoring and supporting the series. He takes over the reins from Stan van den Burgh who hosted and supported the series for a number of years. We would like to wish him success in his new venture. For the first time one of the legs will be held at Kellow Park Stables and Stud, who boast a new upgraded arena and top class equipment.

The YOUNG HORSE PERFORMANCE SERIES has become synonymous with punctilious organisation, prestigious venues, accredited course designers, world class equipment, respected judges, fierce competition and large cash rewards! It is both a place to showcase talent and for prospective buyers to spot a future champion. Who would want to miss the 2014 series? If you want to win it, you must be in it! The 2014 dates and venues are as follows: LEG 1 - 15th March Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm LEG 2 - 28th April The Burgh Equestrian Centre LEG 3 - 21st June The Burgh Equestrian Centre LEG 4 - 16th August Kellow Park Warmblood Stud & Stables FINAL - Galencia Properties SA Derby


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Cathago Z
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Article from

t is not only humans that sometimes experience difficulty having children. Horses too have a low birth rate, with many pregnancies failing within the first few weeks after conception. The reason is currently unknown but recent research by the team of Christine Aurich at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Vetmeduni) suggests that a particular class of blood cells may be involved.

horses -- as other animals -- have a variety of mechanisms to enable fertilization and a successful pregnancy. Maternal tolerance probably depends on wide-ranging changes to the maternal immune response. But what makes some mares better than others at adapting their immune systems? There are indications from work in humans and mice that a particular class of immune cell, the so-called regulatory T cells or Tregs (pronounced tea regs), might somehow be important in maternal tolerance. Aurich and her colleagues have now developed a highly sensitive assay to measure the proportion of Tregs in the blood of horses. They used their new technique to investigate over 100 mares that were presented for artificial insemination, correlating the results with the outcome of the resulting pregnancies. Of course, not all of the animals conceived.The scientists could find no association between the level of Tregs in the mares blood with the success of the insemination procedure. However, they did observe clearly lower numbers of Tregs in the blood of horses that suffered an early loss of pregnancy compared with those that either aborted much later (for whatever reason) or gave birth to live foals. The results suggest that high numbers of Tregs might somehow be required to suppress the mares natural immune reaction

against the conceptus. In other words, low levels of Treg cells in mares might cause pregnancy loss in the five weeks after fertilization. The differences in the levels of Tregs between horses in the successful pregnancy and the unsuccessful groups were too small to be useful to predict whether an individual mare is likely to suffer early pregnancy failure. Nevertheless, the results may help breeders solve the problem. There is evidence from human medicine that oestradiol may enhance the function of Tregs during pregnancy and treatment with this hormone could possibly benefit mares prone to losing the conceptus. Another possible course would be to expose mares to the stallions semen before implantation, which might increase the number of Tregs in the blood and the animals tolerance to the conceptus, thereby helping avoid early pregnancy losses. Aurich is optimistic: A number of reasons have been proposed to account for early pregnancy failure in the horse but our work suggests that a low level of Tregs may actually be among the most important factors. It can only be a matter of time before we find out how to solve the problem.

As any nervous first-time mother will confirm, the initial three months of pregnancy are the most risky time: many expectant women are reluctant to inform their friends or colleagues that they are pregnant until after this period is past. It is less well known that horses suffer from similar problems, with a considerable number of pregnancies failing to progress beyond the first five weeks. The explanation is still unclear but may relate to a problem with the mares immune system, as the latest work in the group of Christine Aurich in the Vetmedunis Centre for Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer strongly suggests. The fertilized egg, or conceptus, obviously contains contributions from the stallion as well as the mare, which means it somehow has to avoid being recognized and attacked by the mares immune system. Horse breeders talk about maternal tolerance of the conceptus and




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Kellow Laudanum
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Excerpts from

A Horsemans Diary
It was wonderful. A day of horse shopping was a treat, a chance to escape the routine and the crush. So many horses were found like this, and you could find a gem that had slipped between the cracks, fatten it up and train it into a real prospect. Of course, for every nice horse you looked at, you had to clock up the miles looking at a whole bunch of lame, wild, angry horses that had been described as wonderful talented prospects. I remember driving halfway up a mountain to a farm, where the horses were penned in on the top of a koppie. The 2 horses were supposed to be over 16h high, and so we made the trip. They turned out to be cross breeds around 14h or so, but we always looked at horses properly if we had made the effort to get there. I slipped through a narrow gate to try and get a decent view of them, and before I knew it the one had a good kick at me, and we were only offered their back ends by the horses. We were about to leave when we saw a very tall bay in an adjoining field. He was a proper 17h, and was apparently a Warmblood. This was always in doubt, but he seemed a nice type, although a little crazy. He was eating mielie leaves and a lot of mielie cobs with dried out corn still on them. This was his diet, and we figured it may be the cause of his high energy levels. After some haggling, we bought him for R1500, sure to make a profit. It took a long time to get him in the box, and he travelled badly. We also couldnt get a very good look at his teeth, so we were not sure about his age. We finally got him home and managed to get him tamer, put some work into him and tried to find a buyer. He was a stubborn thing, uncoordinated, and really untalented in every way. Try as we might, we battled to shift him. Some months later we let him go for R500 relieved to have sold him on. He turned out to be not such a bargain as we had thought. Sometimes we got lucky though. I found a thoroughbred gelding, around 8 years old, running in a field with a couple of saddler mares. He was 15.3h, but looked taller as he moved and carried himself just like a saddler. He had a boxy hoof, but we bought him for R2500 anyway, and took him home. He was f ier y and hot, and the f irst time I jumped him I felt nothing to excite me. He couldnt be sold, between the boxy hoof and the hot temperament, but what a wonderful horse he turned out to be! A heart of gold, he never refused, and trained into a fantastic show jumper and eventer. I still have pictures of him jumping big fences at shows with his eyes closed I dont think he was brave, but he just closed his eyes, leapt over the fence and hoped for the best. Many years after his death I have been fortunate to ride and own some wonderful, special horses, but none had more heart than he did. It was the best R2500 I ever spent!

uying horses these days seems to have become a virtual affair. So many people simply buy horses off the internet, especially in the lower price categories. They want loads of pictures, and your word as a dealer that the horses are fantastic, bombproof, talented, tall, well bred, etc.

In my day, people went horse shopping by phoning you. There were no pictures available, just a description, and the description was more often than not very far off the mark. You got in your car and drove. Of you wanted a bargain, you drove far, out of town to remote little farms and plots dotted around the countryside.


Gallagher Tape
an attractive equine fence at a low cost.

A Gallagher permanent tape fence is highly visible and simple to construct, making this type of fencing system a popular choice for horse owners. As Gallagher Tape is a low-strain fencing product, posts can be smaller than those required for an EquiFence system, enabling novice fencers to create

Why use Tape?

Gallagher developed the Turbo range of horse tape products, which offer safety, performance and longevity through an exclusive interconnected mixed metal weave, which prevents power loss if a metal strand breaks.

Use the following Gallagher electric fence components specifically designed for Turbo Tape
Turbo Tape - 40 mm 200m (G62454) - 12.5mm 200m (G62354) Gallagher Turbo Tape products are UV stablised with reinforced edging for long term reliability. A highly visible product with excellent conductivity, Turbo Tape is a safe option for equine fencing.

40mm Tape End Strain Insulator (G67013) Designed for strain insulation of fence start and end points

40mm Tape Insulator (G66910) Designed specifically for tape up to 40mm (1.5 ) wide. Includes rubber jaws to lock the tape and prevent abrasion from wind chatter.

Turbo horse tapes come in 12.5mm and 40mm sizes

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Ansley 1

Satinsky Equines in Training

Top Class Horse Care 14 Large Rubberised Brick Stables Large grass paddocks, horses out all day. 3 meals per day Beautiful outrides in secure boomed estate (gravel roads) Secure tack room Excellent grooms


Qualied SANEF/SANIP National Assessor/Coach Owner Resident/Established for over 30 years Horses out all day in large paddocks with ample grazing Well maintained private yard Excellent supervision and grooms Entertainment area with braai and jungle gym Situated in Muldersdrift
Contact: Charlene or Caroline: 082 452 4704/082 330 2661 /

Contact Ann: 072 604 9471


Contact Petronet for more information on 0833579742 /

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Contact 2014/01/20 Satinsky FEB 10:01 2014.indd AM George 0827755339

Professionally run livery yard in the heart of Kyalami. Walking distance of KEP and ICB.

Suberb Arenas Quality Stabling Available Expert Tuition Experienced work riders

Contact Andrea 082 459 4245

Superior livery Horses fed according to their requirements Grass ad lib Individual paddocks 3 Irrigated arenas Tack cleaning and numnah washing services Solarium Shower and kitchen and so much more! We cator for all ages and disciplines.


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BHS qualified owner trainer and instructor Lessons available for all ages and levels Backing, schooling and horses available for bait Based in chartwell area

Stableyard space available

Stableyard & Riding School Barn Style stables Indoor & Jumping Arena 24/7 Security Large Grass Camps

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Where Experience Counts


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With over 35 years experience producing horses and riders from 1m to 1.5m, Tossy Raynor, a former SA Champ, who worked and trained in Europe with Jan Tops, knows what it takes to get both horse and rider confident and happy as they progress up the grades.

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Gauteng Directory
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Advertise your stable yard with the standard size for R195 or with the double size for R350.

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Colleen : 082 894 9346

Barn-style stables at Upmarket yard on Bridle Pass Road, Close to all major show venues. Maximum security. Top class facilities including floodlit jumping arena, dressage arena and grass Derby arena, large lunge, Individual paddocks, three meals, solarium treatments, 24hour supervision, Clubhouse. Own instructors welcome.

Situated centrally in Pretoria at the Fort Klapperkop Heritage Site. Livery-permanent stabling available. Riding school-we cater for all levels. Holiday pony camps. 24 hour supervision. Great outrides in the Klapperkop Nature Reserve.

Riding School : Catherine : 0733153589 Livery : Henk : 0828811733. E mail :

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079 585 8569

Beautiful surroundings and lunge arena. Excellent rates.

Contact Lizl 0825580792 Portion 21, Zwartkrans, Sterkfontein, Krugersdorp

Stable Yard

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Well schooled, safe horses and ponies Horse riding lessons 2013/03/25 henk.indd Pony rides Out rides Open 7 days a week Competent, friendly horse riding instructors.

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Doorinkuil, Walkerville (JHB South) 0835199704 -

Top show venue - Home of the Presidents Cup Accommodation - functions/conference venue Qualied FEI and SANEF Instructors Backing and training of young horses Stabling - full livery: long/short term
Contact Verity & Tarryn-Anne Combrink : 081 379 8519

Horseshoe Stable Yard

Plot 20, rd No2, Wheatlands e ad.indd 1 AH Randfontein

Full stabling Outside livery Dressage & jumping facilities 2013/01/26 6:37 PM blue moon.indd 1 Big electric paddocks Well trained grooms 24hr supervision Big, brick & wooden stables Retirement facilities Affordable, friendly yard Happy, healthy horses BHS instructor - all levels Regular training shows Theraputic riding for special needs Full & half bait Safe & friendly yard Small tack shop Pony camps & fun days

Riding School

Centurion: 084 350 7238 Rustenburg: 079 880 9343

Beautiful Surroundings Show venues Top Class Arenas Stabling - Excellent Rates Lessons/Outrides for All Ages Special Toddler Lessons

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Muldersdrift area Friendly, relaxed yard Long, safe outrides. Regular training shows and horses for sale.

Caryn 076 053 3294


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Spacious new paddocks, Flood-lit sand arena. 24 Hour supervision. Great outride routes in Randjiesfontein.

16 Barn-type stables in Glen Austin, Midrand

Large brick stables, individual, electric, shaded paddocks. Large lunge arena as well as a sand jumping arena. Club house & secure tackroom. Foaling & stallion facilities. Friendly & relaxed environmnet with immaculate facilities. Horses out all day. Own instructor welcome.



Advertise your horse for sale with a picture for R180. Email
My Guy
For Sale / To Lease. Boerperde cross, gelding, 14.3 h. Has competed at 1.1m jumping, currently graded 90cm, points for 1m. Multi-disciplined - Jumping, Equitation and Working Hunter. Represented Gauteng at Interschools and Champs. Very wellschooled, extremely honest, careful and kind. Unfortunately my daughter has outgrown him Call Louise 082 561 1098

Talented Dressage Horse

Phoenix Sherlock

Talented young dressage horse. 16.3h bay, Warmblood gelding. 7y/o. Currently doing Novice dressage. By Ubergabe, out of a Winterstar mare. POA. Contact 0828544488. Beaulieu, Midrand.

16.1h Warmblood Gelding. Perfect Junior Horse.10 y/o. School master. Currently jumping 1.2m. Top equitation Horse. 2013 Junior Derby Open Equitation Champion. POA. Contact 0828544488. Beaulieu, Midrand.

MidasTouch Wall Street

4yo, DOB 03.10.2009 SAW gelding by Waldemar out of a TB mare, 16hh. Has been to a few training shows., lovely horse. R75000neg. Contact Petronet 083 357 9742 for more info.

Satinsky Ketut
3yo, DOB 28.01.2011 SAW gelding by Locarno Shogun (Saliner/Sandro Song) out of a Drosselklang mare, will reach 16.3hh. Not yet under saddle. R55 000neg. Contact Petronet 083 357 9742 for more info.

7yo gelding by Pohlands Wasabi (Wachmann) out of a TB mare, 15.2hh. Has done training shows. R35 000neg. Urgent Sale Petronet 083 357 9742


Locarno Lucky Touch

4yo DOB 03.02.2009 Namibian WB gelding by Locarno Challnger (Conti/Contender) out of a Drosselklang mare, 16hh. Has been to some training shows and loves the country. R85000neg. Contact Petronet 083 357 9742 for more info.

Extremely well bred Friesian Stallion, exceptional movement. Will excel in dressage and Stud. Please call Rolynne 073 593 8252 for more info 16.1 very pretty chestnut mare 7 years old, very sweet and easy to ride. Jumping 70cm at training shows,moves well and would be a good all rounder.R25 000.00 or to full bait R3100.00. contact Gail 084 5111 432 1. 16.2h Bay 10y/o TB gelding. Jumping 1.10m. Honest uncomplicated, suit any rider. R35 000 neg. 2. 16h 12y/o Chestnut Warmblood gelding by Wachmann/Best by Test. Currently graded 1.20m. Will be a winning 1.30m/1.35m horse. Brave, easy and scopey. R150 000. 3. 16.2h Bay 6 y/o Warmblood mare. Bold and forward. Can make top class event horse. R80 000 neg. Contact Ryan 083 601 3075 16.1h chestnut South African Warmblood, 16 years old, C-grade jumper. Can still do a bit of everything and is a well schooled general riding horse. Contact Gail on 084 5111 432 Variety of young TB/WB crosses aged 3- 6 years old for sale or to bait - all basics done. Bred for show jumping or dressage.Contact Gail on 084 5111 432 Very pretty bay pony 13.3h Basuthu -thourough bred cross. Lovely movement and jump. Has jumped 90cm and done prelim dressage. Quite forward going so not a first pony. Contact Gail on 084 5111 432

Friesian Stallion

15.1hh Chestnut gelding by Alchemys Radamus (Burgraaf). Easy going, shows potential, scopy jump. Please call Rolynne 073 593 8252 for more info

Scopey Jump

Shetland Pony

El Salil Mesbah

Very cute shetland pony, has been used in school can jump small jumps, lovely on outrides on and off lead, has sadly been outgrown,loves kids price neg contact 0825546237

8 year old, 15.1hh Arab gelding. Impressive bloodlines. Suitable for dressage, showing, and has completed novice stage in endurance riding. Stunning movement and loving nature. For more info contact Rolynne 073 593 8252.


Advertise your horse for sale with a picture for R180. Email
Monsoon Night
4 y/o, Chestnut, Thoroughbred, mare. By Monsang out of Velvet Nights (Dolpour x Royal Prerogative) Has gone to training shows in show jumping and dressage. Will event as well. R 15 000. Contact: Anya: 079 494 4002

Gondor Dance For Tigger

Sire: Gondor Diamond Rock, Dam Sire: Rex Grannus Z. Excellent mover! Has done Dressage, Jumping and some Winter Classics. 6 Yrs old, 16.2hh. R120 000. Contact: 082 311 1345

TI Sophi

Sire: Shiraz, Dam Sire: Fabriano. Fantastic Jumper, awarded prizes at Maple Ridge Free Jumping Classes. 5 Yrs old, +-16hh. R110 000. Contact 082 311 1345.

Walking Base TI Quinta

Sire: Quartz DEclipse, Dam Sire: Fabriano. Beautiful mover. 4 Yrs old, 16.1hh. Fantastic temperament. R100 000. Contact: 082 311 1345.

Sire: Indoctro, Dams Sire: Voltaire. Has jumped 1.30m, AE Dressage and Showing. Fantastic movement and temperament. R250 000. Contact 082 311 1345

Beautiful Flashy Grey gelding, TB, 16.3h. 11 Y.O. Grandson of Wolf Power. Sire-Al Mufti, Dame-Power Filly. A kind and gentle nature. Talented but needs a quite, confident, gentle rider. Price negotiable, Urgent sale to the right home.Vanessa 083 584 8429

Arabian Power

Huge Scope
Very cute dark bay Tb gelding by doowaley 16hh 5yrs huge scope extremely carefull and very honest, professionally schooled currently competing at 1m and loves eventing will suit experienced rider wanting to compete up the grades, has lots of talent and great potential A truly brave and genuine all rounder horse, vetting welcome p.o.a call 0825546237

3 year old reg appoloosa x warmblood (contender) for sale. Spotted Pride AL Warlock. Gelding. Backed with basic's... very playful. Very sweet ride. Should mature to 16.1h. R60 000. A gorgeous all rounder.0828862139

Spotted Pride AL Warlock

Very Impressive horse with kind, gentle temperament. Moves beautifully, scopey jump, and keen brave attitude. A super prospect for dressage and show jumping. Contact Mandy 082-461-1443

Mac Var


16.2 h chestnut gelding, established show jumper, was a 1.30m horse. Very honest and forward going. Ideal to give a junior or adult confidence over smaller jumps now. full bait R3400.00 Contact Gail 084 5111 432 16.3h - 11year old chestnut Hanovarian gelding,very steady,lovely movement. Ideal for dressage rider wanting to go up the grades. Full bait R3000.00 contact Gail 084 5111 432


A range of foals, young stock and horses under saddle for sale.


Big handsome bay gelding 16.2hh a genuine schoolmaster, brave, honest and very safe to ride! Loves eventing and has competed up to1m ideal for a nervous or novice rider is a great confidence giver and has a lovely laid back temp an absolute sweetheart! R1300p/m chartwell. Pls call 0825546237

DeBruyn Equine
Call 0827744829

Bay gelding 16.1hh by tilden 14yrs competed up to 1.10m lovely temp, has lots of experience and well schooled, good on outrides, chartwell area R1000p/m call 0825546237


Show Calendar
8+9 February SUNLANDS Graded Dressage Preliminary-EM, & training dressage 16 February SUNLANDS Unaffiliated recreational show jumping, development Ride&go dressage & Utility - 16 February EQUIVEST EQUINE SPORTS CENTER Training/Graded dressage show. - 22 February MISTY MEADOWS

& other events


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Graded/Training jumping show. -

horsey horoscopes
ARIES (21 Mar 20 Apr)
Tension in your romantic life may be weighing down on you, but things look set to improve in the new month. As you become more relaxed, work relationships will improve too. YOUR HORSE you are starting to click better with your horse.

8/9 March MISTY MEADOWS Silver Star Dressage series 2nd 21 March PENNY PLACE Training show jumping show.- 23 March SUNLANDS Unaffiliated recreational show jumping, development Ride&go dressage & Utility - 29/30 March PENNY PLACE Graded Porche young riders & adults show jumping show. 18-23 March MAPLE RIDGE EQUESTRIAN FARM Presidents Cup 12th Year Celebration


LEO(24 Jul 23 Aug)

Work seems an unpleasant place to be . You may feel like you have to watch every step so that you dont tread on the wrong toes. YOUR HORSE - Break down barriers by taking a more relaxed approach to riding.

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov 21 Dec)

Routine is so important for you, without it you battle to function. Dont let others disrupt your routine or you will battle to get things done. YOUR HORSE Slowly but surely your problems will be solved.

The year started slowly but things are set to start rolling along now. Now is the time to make those travel plans you have been thinking about. YOUR HORSE Put some work in to your riding as the show season has begun.

TAURUS(21 Apr 21 May) VIRGO(24 Aug 23 Sep) CAPRICORN The future seems so promising (22 Dec 20 Jan)
except that a lack of finances is holding you back. You need to find more cash flow, or take a step back and wait. YOUR HORSE A creative new approach to schooling will give you new direction.

You may have felt like someone had been holding you back, but things will change and there will be no stopping you now. YOUR HORSE The more time you spend with your horse, the more you will like yourself.

Send us your show dates to feature them in this Horse Mag Show Calendar. Email - subject SHOWS

GEMINI(22 May 21 Jun) LIBRA(24 Sep 23 Oct)

Creatively you may have been feeling stunted, but the new year has brought new inspiration. You will find you are back to your old creative self. YOUR HORSE you are looking to find a greater bond with your horse right now.

Home improvements could be on the cards, but you will have to sort out issues with joint finances first or you wont make any headway. YOUR HORSE New motivation strikes and you will find time to ride.

AQUARIUS (21 Jan 19 Feb)

1. LEATHER BREASTPlATE/MARTINGAlE. Full size. Beautiful leather, BRAND NEW- R500. 2. WHITE MAGNETIC TENDON bOOTS, Large. In good conditionR300. 3. LEATHER GIRTH. BlACK with elastic. Size- 50 good condition R200. 4. LEATHER GIRTH. BROwN, no elastic. Size 48 good condition R200. 5. BlACK MARTINGAlE. Leather and webbing. Full size. Used once R250. 5.STAblE BANDAGES, set of 4. Bright pink in its bag. Brand new R300. 6. KIEFFER DRESSAGE SADDlE. 17 black. Medium fit. Excellent condition R4000. 7. TwEED RIDING SHOw JACKET. Blue/grey. 32/34 perfect condition R500. 8. LONG LEATHER RIDING bOOTS. Size 6. Medium calf. Good condition R1500neg. Caryn-0825726290/

Classifieds adverts are R1,50 per word or R190 with a picture. Email:

Take a break from family, which has been the cause of much irritation lately. You need the space to think and clear your head. YOUR HORSE Spending time with your horse gives you a clearer idea of what you want.

Family matters come to a head, and some compromise on your part will be required. You may not agree with everything but are still better working together for the same goals. YOUR HORSE Basic ground rules must be applied so that your horse knows the boundaries.

CANCER(22Jun 23 Jul) SCORPIO(24 Oct 22 Nov) PISCES(20 Feb 20 Mar)

Relationships may have been difficult as you struggle to understand exactly what your partner wants. One way or another things are about to change for the better. YOUR HORSE - Keep things straightforward and there can be no misunderstandings. If you have been battling to express your feeling for a loved one, its time to make them know exactly how you feel.

YOUR HORSE riding may be overwhelming as other emotions rule your life.

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Jet & Fling

04 JAN 2014
3 day s witho ut suga r

Illustrated by Kathleen de Villiers



So, Jet... Hows that New Years resolution going...?

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