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intro | INTRODUCTION ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER (heteafer referred to as ASL) is somewhat ‘f misnomer che connotation of “Advanced” suggesting that whichis ‘ore dffcak, While t's tr tet ASL in ll ite depth ry well be more ‘etiled in any respects dan the original basic game, its out bie that Iris for simpler in application than the whole of alts predecessor's part To the purist, ASL should play Tar more smoothly than even basle SQUAD LEADER. For ASL is moce than just a compilation ofthat which as gone before (although reorganization plays asignificant role in he greater play silty ofthe game). Rather, AST is new game forged from corabat tals ‘f nine years of anstant evolution ex simulation gaming's wide'y ‘ckaowedged leader in te fel, Veteran squad leaders will find thatthe systom itself hes changed in myriad ways and thar rules and conseqyent lacus employed cautless times inthe past may no longer apply. ASL ‘ill require caretil serutiny by veteran apd novice players ale; those expecting to use it merely asa handy reference book toa sytem already Teamed willbe surprises by the extent of inherent change. ASE is @ new ‘game complete unto izelf and entirely separate from its predecessors. Do hot blond old and new rides. When you play AST sou should wse only that Sahih ir tachi hero Wehave tried to keep 0a minimum the vast amount of verbiage required to thoroughly cover Such an enormous system by beral use of sbbrevia- thors and elimination cf sich commen caveat “"onles specified other= wise”. Readers should chock the Gosia) forthe meaing of a unforiiar term or phrace (the Glossary always cefine/reeronces any abbreviated or capitalized term) and keep in rind that any SSR always wakes prece ‘dence Over the game system. References to the Desgner’s Notes found the end ofeach chapter are made in ihe form of footrowes to applicable rules. In this way, the historical relevance or design intent of a tule cn te given in considerable deta without interference vith the prevetaton ‘ofthe ris themselves. Players should find it hell in learning the gare to rfer to these Designer's Notoe ae they come other. Thereater, they teed rarely be consulted Although we have spared no expense in illastrating these cule, certain practical limitations were athered to. The player should be alert rom the ftir tha al statins posed spins the aekpreand of the full-color ‘apboard lack the red and white symbology acualy proved on mary ofthe vehicle counters. Therefore, most vehicle counters depsted th ‘rll appear somewhat dfferet tram the actual countere but ate stil Considere te represent the counters provided in the game system without ASL does nct bear the burden of mary of the nial design exroes that Plagued SQUAD LEADER and ts progeny. Maay cummbersonic concepts ff the orginal game have heen removed w alow for a more detalled, yet ‘Smpler, handling of cormbat at this level. This, an TUrE, has allowed the deletion of entire rule sections whose main contribution wo the od system ‘was measure in terms of complexiy and increase playing ime. The cope ‘ofthe psme system has heen narrowed to move manageable proportions fndone more in keeping witha gamecon this scale Therefore, if distant ‘ocaod rate isnt foun hers it hasn's been forgotton it has een re ‘moved! While dis wil dovbcns cause contertation to giognards who Find tele favorite bit of rules wrivia removed from play, the end result fs that ASL plays sooner and ion evel more nveasoe to he majerhy of players. CCoscentrate on what the ral de allow; nat on what they dont specifically [rOAIIL For example ia rue sates tata MMIC can perform a paricalar fection, then only that unie type ean perform it—don't think tax several 'SMC Can ¢o it simply because te rules don st that type as being unable to doit. Play by what the rues specifically allow or disallow, sot by what thes don't specially prohibit. For example rule C13.8 prohiits bazooka Fire ata tafget two oF more levels higher in an adjacent hex. "The rules ‘sy nothing about firing» bazooka ata Lower elevation target or ata target tivo or mcee levee highor in a nom adjacent hex; therefore such Fre is allowed, ASL is sll a bit much for the uninitiated. Without the comforts of Programmed Instruction, the wealth of detail is likely to be too much for the nevice. ASE assumes at leas a working knowledge ofthe game system ty the reader, so possession and mastery of asic SQUAD LEADER should te considered 1 prerequisite, However, for those who have ignored the ‘emings on the bo and purchased SL without fist having played SQUAD LEADER, » special chapter will eventually be included to help the Urintistel through what ust sem to them «maze of ech res with 4 humorous, easy reading approach. Ifyou find yourself overwhelmed by ASE, wait fr the SQUAD LEADER TRAINING MANUAL Chipier to get a firmer grasp on the basic fundamentals of the game system. oF purchase the base SQUAD LEADER gate a benef from is Programred Instcion approach, ‘ASL comes in only owo Mavors: a complete tase system, and ‘Optional rales hicn can Re incorporated imo the ormer Dy muiuel consent. The Ist of Optional rule inthe Index should be checked and agred upon before choosing sides in any scenario, should also be pointed cut hat SL isnot kecessarilycornpatible with previously Published sceraros. Alincugh yeu may well beable to play such scemros ‘th ASL, we make no clams sto play balance, design validity, oF com pletcness of auch atoms, ASZ is'a distinct game in ks own right and Sur design die was jadged beer spent with scenarios designed aad play tested exclusively for this sytem. Therefore, wien purenasing additonal Scenarios or mosules for use with the ASL system, the buyer woud Jo well to look for the distinctive ASL logo on the product be sure that ithas heen designed and playest for use with ASE rules ar component ‘ASL incorporates an update and improverneat of no less thas four major previously published games and several new ones in one package. Future faditons tothe sytem (suchas Japanese ASL) wll ls be accomodated inthis binder format as simple chapter additions or changes fo the pases tea present. Ini. we strove to inch as many othe ereial con ponents of the SQUAD LEADER seas at posible to redace the cost of the ew game systersto the established player. However, at development progressed and the me system continaed to improve omits old founds tions, became increasingly obvicus that neurly all the original counters had tobe replaced. To attempt anything less would have been to resort to the 1ype of ‘pach job” mentality that necesitated the need for ASL Inthe first place. Italso would have been a consiat source of confusion taphiyers sho bad to fice ordering and separating defunct counters from wali ones.‘Thetefore, we decided to establich a iem foundation for ASE ‘with an entirely new sot of counters spetialy designed for the insove {doa ofthe new system, The only previously pablished components com Dletely usable in ASL ae te mapbourds which can be purchased separately by ml. However, many old counters (such as the Target Acquisition urters) can be Used unchanged in ASL and others (Sach as the squad ‘courters) can be pressed into service for large DY soensrios with oly ‘minor inconvenience. Players ae urge to make ASL Module #1 BEYOND VALOR ther first acquisition as it contains athe updated counters for ‘0 oppering nationalities ar well ae the informatinal counters needed toplay the ASE game ayster, Those 20 wishing to purchase this mode ‘may mail-order the individual counter sheets therein as befits thoir own ‘heeds. A reduced illustration (frock und tack) ofall such eemponents is nce herein, “The loosleat binder format isa frst for our compeny and acknowledges the ils of s constantly evolving system. Although we would like (> say ‘tha hiss the final word, experience has aught us thr perfection is a eisive target an amos impossible on ascae this large. Hewever, players Should find it easy to augment any additions to ASL by posing them to the binder as new modules become available, Errata and changes, the inevitable miscreants of a system a rch in deal as this, may be cleanly ‘ncorporsted into the binder by simply replacing obwodet pages with nest, ‘ones containing bath the cld rules andthe hanges iphlighves with a gray Scroen. Such medications wil be made avelale by mail atthe specified ‘ate in exchange for the Regisiretion ecupor locate herein us pe the i ‘structions prited thereon. Nevertheless, those atcipaing frequent pay ‘would do well to reisforce te icivigual pages with Pinder rng supPOrS ‘whieh are available in mos: stationery stores. Although ASL isnot designed with poeta play in mind, we have noticed the efor of SQUAD LEADER enthusiast inthe past who have tented tw play iby mail, We still don't advocat- postal play of ASL; the game ‘system has io many phases o make the game easy played in that medium. However, for those 50 inclined, we will evemualy provige a chapter on postal play suggestions so that al irterested partes wil atleast have & ‘common backpround when aterpting todo bate through the mail. You ‘will also Find insige chapter entities DELUXE ASL which provides the iecessry tale modifeatione(cwslly simplifications) for laying ASL on ‘ mapboard scale roughly 2.5 ums the andard sce. DELUXE AS allows (he use of pancram miniatre figures with ity 2.2” hexes and, more importantly tall but eliminates stacking and counter facing dffculies, thereby grouly increasing playebility, DELUXE ASL rapbeoards are ld in boxed modules containing four 11°27" mounted, goemorphic boards and a pid of 10 specally designed seenanos By simplifying the game eystem aad making it more socossible, we expect to bsue new mapboards, cotatios, and « host of ether accessories in far less time thn in Years pet, For thoos who ake the Une to learn ASL, 4 lifeime of rch gaming experiences les shead. We have spared no x= Fetse in cur atempt to make ASE. the cefiative tactical WIL combat Sysem. BEYOND VALOR ERRATA: ASL Scenario 9 Russian radio should have coveact values 6/7/8, not S167 SRA German HMG may be Bere Sighted ‘THE NUMRERING SYSTEM: ASL is divided into major chapters lettered from A through M. Mastery ofthe firs four chapters is all ats necessary play mest ASL. scemaros The remsining chapters are primarily sccessories ans pertain to special {meres Esch chapter is eparatd rom the cher by aheavy stock divider ge which Its i Table of Contonss as well av pertinent gover rules fra all the chars and tables referred 1 in that chapter. The individual ‘ules ofthat chapter are given numeral case and subcase reference codes Ir reeretce Is made to rule without referring to a chapter leter, the reference is toa rule in the same chapter. Ifa numerical cade is receded by alter, then the reference is toa rule in another chapter as idersified by that letter. Lastly. whenever @ seeming commadiction appears berwren Pale cases, the higher alpho.mumeric rule cave lwaye takes precedence, barring mention ofa specific excepion (eg., BI 3-2 higher numbered fale eon AD TABLE OF CONTE) INFANTRY & BASIC GAME RULES Persoanel Counters ‘The Mapboard Basic Sequence of Pay Infancy Moversent, Sincking Limits Line of Sight (LO8) Fire Atwcks| Detemsive Fire Principles Machine Guns &e SW Malfunction Morale Clove Combet (Comealintt Cavalry ‘TERRAIN RULES (Open Ground ‘Shellholes Road Sanken Road Elevated Rosd Bridge Sewers & Tunes Walls & Heoges| Hill its Brush Woods Orchard Grain . ORDANCE & OFFBOARD ARTILLERY Cormpoure Artitery (OBA) Gus Classifications The To Hit Process Gun de Ammo Type Basic TH? Med Firer Raed To Hit DM Target Based To Hit DRM. 7. To Kill Tobles ii 14, Snipers 15) Heat of Rate 16. Battlefield Integrity 17, Wounds: 18, Field Promotions 18, Unie Substitution Prisoners 21. Coptured Equipment 22, Flamethrower & Moiotovs 23, Demolition Charges 24, Smoke 2S, Nationality Distinctions 26, Victory Conditions Marsh Crag Graveyard Galles Stream & Crest Stats ‘Water Obstacles Valley Buildings Rubble Fire Wire Ertrenchments Minefiele Roadblock Pillbox 8. Special Ammunition 8. Moras, 10. Gun & Ammo Moverent TL, Gun as Targets 12) Recelless Ries 13, Light Ani-Tenk Weapon (LATW) sae <> a zeae ) Tai nee NORTH AFRICA 1H. DESIGN YOUR OWN 1. Purchasing an Order of Bate 13, Russian OB 20 2: German OB 7 ToBe Continued 1. CAMPAIGN GAME, Availble (+. peLuxe ast. ( S4 ) 1. Miniasres 1 2. Converting ASL Rules to Deluxe ASL 2 (os SQUAD LEADER TRAINING MANUAL iii L. POSTAL ASL Available Later M. ASL ANALYSIS ‘Avallable Later N. ASL ARMORY To Be Continued (0. Ren Onnricnbes ¥. KamPF@ruPPr PEPER — indies | @ INDEX & GLOSSARY: ‘When mumeraus refeences ar even fra single entry, abrief parenthetical AF (Armor Factor): D1,6 [Achieving Final TK#: C7.11} [Aerial AF: (€7.12) [CC NA. A11.612] vs Minefield: B28.42; A-T Mines: B28.52] [Ds OBA: C135], AFPh (Advancing Fire Phase): A3.5 ‘AFPh Fire (bal! FP for non-ordaunce weaposs or To Hit Cate BIC for ordnance): A7.24 [Case B TH: C5.2] [Case CTH: C3.3} ‘AFPh SW/Gan Fire Limits: A441 & C52 (8 Bounding (First) Fre: 'D3.31] IMG: 9.2] [Moved Gans: C2.8] AEY (Armored Fighting Vehicle): D1.2 fs Unarmaored (vs ins): B28,42 ‘& 126.52] ‘AFV Combat: D3 [Infantry Advance vs AFV: A$.71] ABV Destruction Table: C7.7 APY Radio: Did APY Smoke Dispensers: DI3 ‘AFV/Wreck LOS Hindrence: D9.4 ‘AFV/Wreck TEM: 09.3 Air Burs: BI3.3 [Entrenchments: 827.3} [Residual FP: A826) (WP: ‘424 31) ‘Air Suppor: E ALL MPIMF Expenditure: D2.7 Allied Minors: A25.9 Allied Troops: A10.7 Alpine Fill Option: BIO.211 ‘Aternate Hex Grain (see Hex Grain for iDustration); 49.221 > Ambush: A114 {Attacks first in CC: A11.32] [Hand-o-Hand CC: 32.31] (Parisans: A25 241) {Suret Fightin: 11.8) American: A253 ‘Ammo Depledon: D3.71 ‘Ammo PP Reduction: C10.13 [Rider PP NA: D6.2} ‘Ammo Type TH Modifications: C4 ‘Ammunition: C8 [PlntifulSeatce: C1.211] Battle Hardening ‘Ammunition Depletion: C8.9 [2BLL & 4OLL EXC: C4.3 & C7.32) 3m Shortage: A19.131 Battery Access: C1,211] (Captured SW: I Residual FP: 8.221) Amphibians: D16 (Dei: B21.121) (Marsh: B16 42] (MP Allotment D1.1) [ond hexside: 821.13) Animal Drava Transport: D.2 & D12 (Bypass: D.2] ‘Aati‘Tank Ditch: 827.56 Amti-Tank (A-T) Mines: 828.5-.53 (Briges: H6.6) (Unhiden: 828.53) Anti-Tan Rifle: soe ATR ANZAC: 425.44 AP: Ant-Personsel AP (Armor Percing): (vs Guns: C11.$2} [HE Equivalency & Residual FP NA: CE.3I] [Limited Stowage: C8.8) [To Kill Table: C731} APCR/APDS: C8.1-2 [German 28LL & 4OLL EXC: C4,3 & C732} [Vs (Guns C11.52] [HE Equivalency: C531] [THA Moaicaton: C83 (To Kill Table! C132) [Residual FP NA:C8.31] |APh (Advance Phase): AA.7 (Board Entry Delay: A2 5} (Building Levels 'B23.422] [Sequence of Play: A3.7] ‘AR (Artillery Request): CL3 ‘Area Fire: A7.23 (Crest Infantry fring through Non-Crest Sats hexsides: 1320.94] [vs Dash A463} [vs Fording® 821.42} [rom Marsh: BI6.22] [Ordaaace: C4) [from Stearn: B20.5] ‘Area Target Acquistion: C5.521 ‘Ares Target Type: C3.33-.332 ‘Armored Hualfracks: sce Halfracks Anmor Ficior see AF Armor Leader: D3.6-.44 [DYO: 11.43) (Recall: DS.341) =P Armored Assault: D9.31 Armored Cupola: D9.5 ART (Anilloy): C2.2 [Conditional ROF: C25] (Gun Type: C2.22], ‘Amtifical Terrain (AFV, wreck, SMOKE): B.9 ‘Assault Engineers: H1.22 > Amul Fire: A736 (SS: 25.11] Assault Movement: A4.61 [Human Wave NA: A25.251) [Search NA: ‘812.152] [Wire: B25.4] ALT. Ant-Tanke AT Gun (Ani-Tank Gur): C2.2 (Gan Type: C2.22] [NT Conditional ROF: €2.5), ATMM (Anti-Tanit Magnetic Mine): C13.7 ATR (Anti-Tank Rife): C132 [vs Gun: C11.52, C1923) [HE ‘Bquivaiency: C8.31) [OVR FP NA: D7.11] [Residual FP NA: C13.25] ‘Auack DRM: 4.5 ATTACKER (the player whose Player Turn is curreatly being played): Al ‘Availabilty Table, DYO: H13 Axis Minors: A25.8 [Berserk EXC: A1S.1] B BA (Breakdown Number; weapon Is repaliable}: A9.7 [Ammo Shorage: ‘A19.131] [Guns: C2.28} [Inexperienced: A132] [Intensive Fie: 3.62] [Low Ammo BY : 3.71] [Sasiained Fire: A9.3}[Vebicalar: D371 XP: ALI] Backblast: C13.8 (RCL: C12.3-.4) —> Bailing Out: D6.24 (Bypass: 6.5] (Cavalry: A13.51] [Motoreyciisis: ‘D13.93} (ave io Terraia: DS.2i} Balance: A26.5 Barrel Length: 4.1 ‘Base Level (Usually the lowest level Location other thar seweritunne in 1 bex: however ifthe lowest level Location in a balding bex doesnt Allow VBM alorg a least one hexsie of that hex, the Base Level is that of the highest building level in that hex; EX: The Base Level of 20CT is 2.5; that of 20D7 is 0.): C1.323 ‘Batery Access: C121 > Bute Hardening: A153 (Batlefild Integrity: 416.3) 1 index | Battlefield Integrity “7 Battlefield Integrity: A16 [Prisoner Rejection: A20.3} BAZ (Bazooks): C13.4 (HE Equivalency: C8:31) Berserk: A1S.4 [Commissar; A2S.223} {Concealment NA: A12.12, 14] IFG: A1.54] (Fortified Bulding: B23.922] [Hand-to-Hand CC: 32.31], {Heat of Bate NA: ALS. 1] [Human Wave NA: 415.1] [experienced ‘A19.31] [Massacre: A20.4] {Opportunity Fire NA: A1S.432] [Pillhot: 1830.44) [Pin EXC: C13.31) [BF (counter abbreviation for Bow Flamethrower) Bicycles: D13.8 [DYO: 11.45] Blast Area: C1.S —SBlast Height (two levels higher than Base Level of hex): C1.223 Blaze (fully developed Fire): B25.) [Falling Rubble vs: 524.6] Blind Hex: A6.4 [Crest Line: B1023] Bad (F) F: counter abbreviation for Bounding (First) Fie) Bouts: {Crossing Frigid Stream: B20.7) [Drift B21.121] [Marsh NA: 16.42] Bocage: 19.5 [Uncerbelly Hit: D4.3) BMG (Bow MG): DI.8I [CC: AlL.61} ‘og: DB.2-.4 [Armor Leader: D3.48) (Bocage: B9. $4) (Breach: B9.S41] (Buildings: 823.41] [Bulldorer: 824.71} (Factory: 823.742] [Ford 1820.82] (Graveyard: B1S.41] (Marsh: B16.43] [Motorcycles NA: DAS.47] (Mudflat: B16.72] [OVR: D7.11] (Rabble: B24.121 & 326.4] [Stceam: 820.46] [Temporary Crew: A21.22] [VCA Change: C5.11] (Wire: 826.43) (Woods: B13.41-.42} Bombardment: C1.8 (DYO Cost: H1.33} ‘Bombs. Aerial: E (Heavy Payload: C.7] [vs Mines: B28.62] (Shelthole (Creation: B2.1} [vs Wire: H26.52) Booty Traps: B28.9 [Motoreyclists NA; D15.54] Bote Sighting: C6.4 (RCL: C12.24 (Resifual FP: A8.26| [Underbelly ite D4.3) —PBounding Fire (fire by 1 vehicle in the AFPh after movement to a new hex during the MPh): 5.3 ~PBounding First Fire (lite by a vehicle during its own MPh which enables 4 Vehicle to both move and fire in the same phase): C5.13 & D3.3 Bonus Infantry, DYO: H1.71 & HI.73 Bow MG: see BMG [BPV (Basic Poin. Value: the relative value of one unit or OBA battery for DYO/Ratlefield Integrity purposes): [Pervonnel: Al.4] (Batlfield Integrity: AL6.1) —paracketing: 6.52 Breach: (Bocage: B9 Sé1} [Fortified Building: 823.0271] [Rowhouse: 323.711] Breakdown: see BA ‘Bren Carriers: see Carriers Brew Ups: DS.7 ‘Bralge: BO (Bombardment vs: C1822] [Crest status NA: 820.9) [Falling ‘Rubble: B24.121] (Galles: BI9.1, .3 & B6.1} [Streams: B20.3} Bridge Collapse: BS 42 (Falling Rubble: 824.121] Bridge Demolition: A23.71 British: A2S.4 Broken Units: A10. [Battle Hardening: AIS.3) (Berserk: A1S.4] [Broken/shocked Passengers BU: D6.61] [CC: A11.16] [Concealment NA: A1212 & 14] (Crest status: B20.96] [ELR Replacement Na: A19.1) [FFMO/FENAM: 8.14] (Hero: 15.21] [Pin NA: 7.8] [Riders Bail Out: D6.23-.24] [TT NA: A4.8] Brush: B12 [Path BI3.6] BU (Buttoned Up): DS.2 {Interdicion NA: 410.532] [OT AFV: D661] [Pinsng: A7.82] [TH Penalty: C5.9] Builcings: B23 (Cavalry: A13.3] (Mineelds: B28 44) {Moworeycle: Is.45) [Rally DRM: A101) [Schuerzen Loss: D122) (TH 7 MultiLevels: €3.32-.33] [Towing NA imo: C10.1 & 4] ulldosert: BM.7..71 Bocage: B9. 541) Bunkers: B30.8 ‘Burble Terain (brush, buildings, grain, orchard, rubble, woods): B2S.1 Collateral Attack Burning Wreck: B2S.14 [Creation: AFV C7.6; Usarmored: 7.308] [TEM NA’ DIO] Buttoned Up: see BU ‘Bypass, Intatey: Aé.3 [Concealed enemy: 12.151] [EXK Flaying Area: ‘A2.6] (Grié Coorinates: A2,2] (Horses! Animal-Drawn: D,2) [Residual FP: 8.21) [Steam rermants NA: B20.1] Bypass, Vebicear: soe VBM c (C#: Canister Depletion Number (CA Covered Are, ifused in reference toa vehicle it refersto VCA/TCAY: (€2.2 [ecage: BO S31] (Changer ve Dash NA“ Ad 63) [Changes for fire ‘vs own hex! CS.S1] (Changing TCA without fio: D3.13} (Changing, ‘without fie: C3.22 & C1023) [Firing Within: C3.21} [Maintaining CA: D331] [MG: 9.21] [Pinned Gus: AT-81] [TCA/VCA: D.§] [Nehicular: D3.1-.12], CCAFP (Covered Ars Focal Point: the vertex of a hexside in front of « staddling VBM vehicle): D2.32 Caliber Size: see Gun Caliber Size Canal: B21.11 Canister: C84 Captures Equipment: A21 {Motoreysies NA: D1S.7} [Muliple ROF: ‘A2L. 12) Carriers: DS 8.84 [DYO: H1.43] Casualty MC: A10.31 Casualty Redaction (A combat result which eliminstes« HS or crew, and ‘wounds any SMC italics. A squad is Reduced to = HS.): A7.302 Toby Trap: BOR 9] (Casitty ME" A10.31} (CC: AIT. 11} [Crew Sol ‘Acme: A1I.621] (Fae: A1O.64] [laterdicton: A103} [PF To Hit DR: 13.36 (Cavalry (Personnel on horweback—not those on Wagons) 13 (Heat of Buttle NA: A1S.1) in Wire: 826.42} [Stationary Bypass: D2] CC (Close Combat): ALI [Armor Lender. D3.44] (Berserk: AIS 43) (BU: DS.2} [Bypass imo "7": AI3.151] [Cavaley: AL3.61] [CMG NA VCA: DI.82) (Cowsring NA: A7.9] (Creet= 820.94) [Hand-o-Hend 432.31] [Maman Wave: A25.291) [Infantry OVR: AS. 152] (On Wire: 1826.31] [Pltox: B30.6} [Reaction Fie: D7 2} [Unarmped Unis: A20 34), CCPh (Close Combat Phase): A3.8 CCT (Close Combat Table): ALL IL (CCV (Close Combat Value; CC Kill Number vs vehicles: squed 5, crew: 4, HS: 3, SMC: 2): AILS (CB (Crew Exposed): DS.3-.342 [Air Bursts BI3.3} [Halftrack Passengers: Det) (CB TEM: D5.31 & D9.1 DP cellars: 823.41 [Factory NA: R23.742] [Rubble NA: B24 4} (CH (Critical Hip: C3,7 (Bombardment NA: C18) [Deliberate Immobili- zation NA: C3.72} [vs Gun: C1i.4) [Harassing Fire: C3.75] (HD: (C3.9} (Improbable Hi: C3.0) [indirect Fire: C1.53} (Momar: C9.5] [BMattiple Hits: C3.8)[Plbox: 830,113] Rubble: C373] [WP: A24 31] ‘Charge (Special Cavalry Attcl): A13.6 [Woods Road: B13.4] Class, Personnel Types (E: Ble; 1: Is Line; 2: 2ad Line; GiC: ‘Green/Conscrpt): A1 25 Clearance (of rabble, mines, Wire, roadblock. Set DC, Flame): 824.7 (Prisoners: A20.5} (Roadhioce by HE: B20 $] [Wire by vehicles, DC, FFE: B26.51-.53] (Gifts: BL1 [Cres: NA: 820.9} [HD NA: D4.222} Climbing (ie at of ascending or descending a Cif hexsde): B11. 4 (Heat ‘of Batle NA: A1S.1] [Scaling Bridge & Buildings: 523.424] ‘Close Defense Weapon System (Nahvereidigungswafley Al1.622 [Smoke ‘Capablity: DI3.24) (CMG (Coaxial MG): D1.82 [AA use: C2.6] Acquisition Lose: C6 5) fia Bypass: D1-221) (CC: Al1.62] (Mandatory Fire Direction NA* A9.d] [Seabilzed: D113), Coin (as oversy): (Destroyed Bridge: B6.331) (Moe: 821.6) ~Dollateral Auack: A.14 [CH: C3.74] [Residual FP NA: A822] 2 indies | Commando Coramando: 11.24 (Cinbing: B11.433] [DYO: 11.24] (Gurkha: A254) [Scaling: B23.424) Commissar: A25 22 [Disruption NA: A19.12] (RIPh Surrender NA: 420.211 Concealment: A12 (Bacage: B9.55} [CC: AI1.14-18; A11.19] [Effects ‘02 Rout: A10.533) (Mandatory Fle Dicection. 49.4 [Observer: Cl.6] [Pallbox: 30.7] (RCL: C12.22] [Residusl FP: A8.224] [Roofop: 1323.82) (Target Acquistion: 0.5, 21, & .57) [TH DRM: C6.2], (Trench; 527-54] [Voiding Dash: 4.63] (WP Loss: 24.31] Concealment Termin, nial Quilding, bush, rubble, woods, gran, marsh, corehard): A122 CConcenation FFE (an OBA Fire Mission with a seven hex Blast ‘Area): C15 Conditional ROF: C25 Conseripts: A19.2-3 Continuous Slope: B.S (Fire Lane: A9.22) (Height Advantage: B1.14} Control: A26.1 Correcting Fire: C1. COT (Cos of Terniin): B2 Counter (any of the diceut square pisces of the geme) Covered Are: see CA 9 Cowering: A7.9 rth @XC: AIS 45) [Fanatic NA: ALO.) (FT: 422.1] [Hero FG: A15.24] fiexperenoed Personal: A19.33][Retdaal FP NA: {A822} [SMC SW Usage: A.(2] crag: B17 Crest Line: B1011 (Bypass along: A434] [Rlevated Rosd: BS 21) Valley: 822.2) (crest Status: B20.9 [FFE ys: C152] Leadership: 42.8} [OVR: D7. 15] [Seup: A2.9} (Crow! A1.123.& C2. [Broken inherent crew: DS.311] [DYO: 1.212, W123, 11.4] [ELR & Hest of Batle NA: A1S.{] [Cun Movement 16.111) flaheren Vehicle: DS) (Survival: DS.6] (Temporary: A21.22] [Urproteced: D5.311) > Crew Small Arms: A11.621 Creal Hit: ace CH (CS# (Crew Survival Number forall PRC): DS.6 & DS. [Brew Up: DS.7) ‘of (Survival Number for Passengers/Riders only): DS.6 & D6.9 CT (Closed Topped; a fully-armored AFV which is not OT): DI.24 [BUICE Firing Restrictions: DS.2-3] CCulin Hedgerow Device: 89.541 [Underbelly Hit NA: Dé.34) Cumulative Terrain Effect: A. Cupola: see Armored Cupola Current: 21.121 CX (Counter Exhaustion) A451 [Advance into Difficult Terai: 4.72] [Assault Movement NA: At.61] [Berserk NA: Ai5.42] (Climbing B11.434] [CX DRM NA to Cavalry Charge: A13.6) (Deep Stream Eny: 620.43) [[nerdition NA: 410.333}, Cycle (4 metoeeyle without a sidecar): DIS.1 D Df APDS Depletion Number. See APCR Daisy Chala: B28.531 > Dah: A463 DC Demolition Charge): A23 {ys AFV: C7.246) (Assuut Movernent ‘A4.61] (Bersctk: 13.431} (Cowering NA: A7.9} [¥s Gun: C114] [vsitrom Pilibex: B30/31/830.46] [Pinned tucker NA: A781) [vs ‘Roadblock: 829.5} [Throw from: (Halftrack: D9.63) (Sidecar: D13.6)} [vs Wire: B26.45,.51] ee also Thrown & Set DC DD Task: DIS Deep Snow: {A-P Minefield: 828.3] (A-T Minefield: 828.51) (Brush BIZ.6) (Marsh: B1O.8} [Smoke NA: C1.71] DEFENDER (he yer whose Payer Turns nt resent Being payed: AL > Dey: D2.17 Elevation Change Deliberate immabilization Atempt: C8.7 Demolition: 423.7 Depletion Numbers: C89 [28LL & 40LL NA: C4.3) [Ammunition Shorage: A19.13 1) Depioyment: Al.31 [Automatic (Guard/Prsener/Scrounging Wrecks): "A20.5 & A212 & D10.5] [Pinns: A23.7) [OrTboatd: A2.$2) (Ruslan NA: AZ5.2} (Setup: A29} Depression Clif: BII.1=21 [Crest status NA: 820.9) Depressions (Gally, Stream, Sunken Read): A6.3 [Hill Depressions BI9.3) [ININTO: A.6} [Woods: 513.2} [Leadership: 42.8] Depih: B21.122 Desperation: C13.81 Desperation Mcrae: see DM Destruction, Self: see Seif Destruction Destruction, SW: A9.73-.74 DF (Defensive Fite): AS [DFPh (Defensive Fire Phase): A3.4 Diiclt Terrala (any hex which costs = four MP or all of « uni’s availabe non-Double Time MF allounen © enter In MP}: A4.72 Direct Fie: Any fre atack requiring LOS from te fier which des not tise Indirect Fie, See C1 and C91 Directing Fire: A7.53 Direct Hit (a KIA/K resl: onthe IFT Eifects Final DR of any hit) C11.4 Direction, Random: BE Directional Aid Counter (any counter depicting «ex wit each hess ‘numbered from 1 10.610 ald In assessing the cirecion from that pon: fof the mapboard in aceordance with « dr such as Sniper Target Selestion, AR, Parachate Drift, SR, FFE) Disabled (Vehicular armament hich hae malfunctioned and cannot be repair is marked with « Disabled counter because cannot be removed Sepacie from the vehicle). D3.7 [Abundoned: D6.631) [Scrounging NA: 10.3] Disembarking: see Unloading Dispersed Smoke: A24.5 & .61 [Breczo: 525.63] [Smoke Grenades NA 824.11] > Disruption: A19.12 [Heat of Battle Surrender: ALS.5) dm (Darsaatled}: A9.8[75-K2mm MTR Passenger PP Reduction: C10.13) [76-H2mm MTR Rider PP Reduction: Ds.2) DM (Desperation Morale): A10.62 (BU Halfrack: D6,66} [Commissar 'EXC: A25.222] [blocked LOS NA: AB.1I} [ntenditon: AI0.$3] (Set Rally: A182] Double ‘Cresta: BIO.52 [HD NA: D4.222] Double Time: A8.5 [Pushing Gun: C10.3)[Wagon: D12.4}[Wire: 825.46) see aso CX doubles came number on each dr of a DR): [Bombarément Casualty Redaction: Cl.8} [Cowerisg: A7.9] (Mulipl> Hits: C3.8) 4 (Gie rol; a oll of one die): 1 DDR (dice vol; a rll of rwo oF more dicey A.1 Drift: [River: B21,121) (Smoke: A24.61 & B2S.2] [Smoke Grenades NA: A241] dm (die roll modifi) (Cumulative: A.17] DRM (dice roll modifier) (Carmuiatve: A.17} [TH: C3.4, C5-6] Dropping SW: see SW, Dropping > dud: €7.38 ‘Durnay (a? coumer wid to represet afk, unknown ni): A211 [CC: A11.19) [vs OVR: A1Z-41 DYO (Design Your Owa): H E [BC (Environmental Conaitons); 825.5 levated Rood: BS levation Change: A4.133 [Vehices: B10.4] index: | Elevation Effects levatoa Eflects: B9.33 [BU Halftrack: 5.61) [CE DRM: D5.31] [vs ‘HD Amphibian. D16.2) (Maximum Gun Elevation/ Depression: C2.6] [PPIPSR/BAZ/US RCL: C13.8] [PIAT: C13.61] FFLR (Experience Level Rating): A19.! [DYO: Hi 28) (Increase due to Massacre: A204} (Lots A16.2] (Regaining: 216.3} Emplaced Gun: Any Gun which has noe been hooked up to a vehicle ‘and fis not been moved trom its setup hex during the scenario [EXC: {it set up on a paved road). Such «| Gun (and it: maaning Infantry) are enitled to a +2 Emplacement TEM), C1.2-.3 [Air Bursis EXC: 3133) Encrcloment: A7.7 (Pllbex EXC; 820.32] (Rout Effecis: A20.21) Enesching: 27-11 [CX: 4.91] [Prisoners: A20.5] [Russans: A2S.21} Wire: 526.4) Envenchmenss (foxhole, torch): B27 (Air Bursts: B13.3) (Elevation ‘Advantage vs: 39.33] [Stacking: A5.6] Environmental Coneitoes: ste EC guivaleney. DYO: 1.74 Errore: A.2 ESB (Excessive Speed Breakdowr): D2.$ [Platoon Move NA: D14.21) cape: A20 55 EX (Example) EXC (Exception) Exit of mapboard: A2.6 [Extinguishing Attemprs; 824.72 [Falling Rubble: 24.0] Extent of Eror: C14 F (9 French manufecure counter symbol: D2.3 Factory: B23.7$ [Backblast peraltes NA: C13.8) Fail t Rost: A10.5 [RtPh Surrender: A20.21] [Withdraw from Mele: ‘AL 16] Fanaticism: A10.8 [Bate Hardened: 15.3] Fas: Turret Traverse: DI.31 Fue: 410.64 FF: counter abbreviation for Defensive First Fire FFFE (Fite For Effet; used to resclve OBA fre): C1.5 (Mises: 828,62} {Offboard Effect: A2.51, C32] Routing: A10.51}[Shelloles: B21] [WallHede: 9.34) (Wire: 826.52) see also Inatrect Fire FFE Vision Effects: C157 FFMO (First Fire Movement in Open Grosnd; a —1 DRM. vs ioving Infantry in Open Ground, provided no other DRM beneficial o the tacgct applies): A46 [vs Broken units: 8,19) (Bypass: 8.32), FFE: Ci.51) (HA: B10.31) [Loadirg/Unloading: D6.5] [Road Use: ‘A4.132] [Woods Road: B13.31) PENAM (First Fie Noa-Atsault Movement; « —1 DRM vs moving Infantry, provided the target i ot using Aseaslt Movers): AM.5 [PFE 1.81) (Unloading: D6-5] FG (Fire Group): A7.5-55 [Bore Sighting DRM: 6.44] (Halftrack (Carrer: D6.64- 65] (Heavy Payload NA? C.7] [Letdership: A753] MOL: 22.6111 [Spraying Fire: A9 52} [Vehicular AT 81 & DS 68) Field of Fie: A9.21 Field Phones: C123 Field Promotions: A18 Final DR/de (a DR/dr afterall xpplicable modification ty DRM/ 2 whlch prevents Flame from becoring w Blaze): B24,721 Hand-to-Hand CC: 12:31 Harassing Fire: C1.72 (CH: €3.75] [FFE indrance NA: C1.57] [Pre- Registered Fie: C1733) Hizardous Movement: A4.62 [To Hit DRM: C6.5) HD (Hull Down): 4.2. [Bocage:B9 $22] [Bow Mounted. Weapons: 'D4.223) [CH C3.7) [Elevated Read NA: BS.21] [Elevation Bifects vs wall: B9.22,-33) [Setup on Cre: D4.221) [Tresch: B27. $2] (Wall 4.21} (Water Otstacle: D163} HD Maneuver Attempt: D4.22 [Armor Leader: D344) [Setup: D421] HE (High Explosive; «type of stack including DC, aerial bombs, end al forms of Indirect Fire): (rs CE: D331) (CH! C133, C3.7-.74) [German 28LL & 40LL EXC: 4:3) (FT Use: C.6) [Limited Stow: age: C8.8} (Marsh: 16.31] [To Kill Table: C7.34] HE Equivalency (ase of AP/APCR/APDS/ATRIHEAT on TFT): C8.31 HEAT (High Explosive Ani

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