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Name:William Vincent B.


WEST VISAYAS STATE UNIVERSITY Janiuay Campus Janiuay, Iloilo


InfoTech III

BIRTH OF A FILIPINO NATIONAL CONCIOUSNESS Nationalism finds its expression in various ways depending on the need of the people The spirit of the movement has predominantly political; however, it produced nationalistic literary works which contributed to the blossoming Filipino literature. Unifying Forces During the unorganized years. The propaganda worked individually, in the beginning, writing articles expressing their nationalistic sentiments for liberal and radial Spanish newspapers. Revival of Activities in the Philippines. As the campaign for reforms In Spain became more intense, the nationalist reformists in the Philippines were busy with their won plans led by Marcelo H. del Pilar. CONSOLIDATION OF PROPAGANDA ACTIVITIES : THE FINAL PUSH FOR REFORMS Filipino Nationalists formally organized. Since the propagandists had started their crusade for reforms in Spain in the 1880. Reforms Desired. The reformists did not demand separation from Spain for they believed that their people were not yet ready for an independent life. The only reform they demanded were those conducive to the preservation of harmonious relation between their country and Spain and the advancement of the Filipino people. Glimpses of propaganda Literature. The spirit of the movement was predominantly political, however, it produced nationalistic literary works which contributed to the blossoming Filipino literature. Masonry and the Propaganda movement. Disgusted with the role of the friars in the Philippine affairs, the Filipino propagandists in Spain affiliated with the Masonic lodges in Spain. Disappointing reforms. The collective efforts of the propagandists and their sympathizers yielded minor reforms such as. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Provincial reform 1886 Spanish Civil Code Code of Commerce Becerra Law Maura Laws

Problems of the Propagandist. The reformists had their problems 1. 2. 3. Their inadequate financial resources. Differences of opinion and personal problems The patience of the people back home was rapidly waning

Rizal attempts to carry on the propaganda in the Philippines. Rizal came home with the hope working for reforms on the Philippine soil. The La Liga Filipina almost died aborning, Rizal was arrested three days after itsfounding. On july 7, 1892 the order of his deportaion to dapitan was published in the newspaper. Rizals attempt to carry on the reform movement in the Philippines failed.