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Healthy Life Skills Final Exam Study Guide Exam 1 - Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 Know definition of health and definition of wellness.

. How are they different? Good health is a means to attain what goal? A) Highest possible quality of life Define resilience. Ability to bounce back Understand the ecological model of health and wellness. Know definition for health promotion. Know definition for disease prevention.- stop the development Name one aspect of health that is within your control. Know each of the stages in the Stages of Change Model; Preparation is the signing up at a gym stage be able to identify each one in a particular situation. Stage happens as a whole process What is sense of self-efficacy? I can do this! Know what SMART stands for and be able to identify an example of a SMART goal. D) I will eat one snack daily What is one of the best types of website to research health issues? By educational website .edu Define health literacy. Obtaining and using health information List characteristics of mental health. Identify symptoms of depression. Know warning signs of suicide. What percentage of Americans report that finances are a cause of stress? Know about the stress response. What happens? Identify personality types and characteristics of each (Type A, Type B). Type B- cool and less easily frustrated. Type A- gets frustrated easily and excitied. Define hardiness take it for what it is and do your best no excuses eustress -good stress, fight or flight, and homeostasis. What makes it more likely two people will develop a romantic relationship? Proximity (30 miles) Define assertiveness standing up but not violent towards other aggressiveness, and passiveness. Understand the importance of using "I" statements. Allows you to be clear without blaming or accusing How do men and women tend to communicate differently? Men tend to believe the goal is to fix the problem. Women just want to talk about it. Understand spirituality. Does it require religious participation? Do not have to be religious participation Spiritually connected people are more likely to receive support from others. Define circadian rhythm. What's special about young adults' circadian rhythm? Stay up later and wake up later Define melatonin-makes you go to sleep and the light makes meatonin slow down insomnia, and sleep deprivation. Know the 2 cycles of sleep and what happens in each one. N-REM deep sleep, REM is for creative side Identify characteristics of a sleep-friendly environment. NOT- give yourself a variety bedtime ritual dont read a bunch or watch a bunch before sleep. How does sleep affect health? Prevent cancer and diabetes obesity heart attacks, repair body tissue, improves natural immune system NOT TRUE- Good nutrition is better then sleep Aspect of personal health is- Lifestyle

What stage will he quit smoking- ACTION True- Results must be repeated by other people Social support is the most important in mental health Brain is most developed in the early 20s OCD- someone who washes hands everyday At risk of developing a stress related illness Eat well, exercise, get plenty of rest to grieve right Bi-Polar Shops till you drop and then gets into debt Fatigue -when you are depressed Social media helps get more friends than in a mile radius NOT responsible for successful marriage- High value placed on independence Meditation and prayer show- Reduce the secretion of stress hormones How does service learning help in community- be involved in lives of others Men like to verbally compete Which of the following is true sleep walking disorder Sleep walking may be brought on be sleep deprivation and medicine Nocturnal eating disorder- raiding your fridgerator at night and not knowning Exam 2 - Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Which fatty acids are most dangerous to your health? What percent of calories should come from fat? What guidelines provide ranges representing intake levels of essential nutrients that ensure adequate nutrition and are associated with reduced risk of chronic disease? List the macronutrients. Vitmanis are not What are trans fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fats? Whats the main purpose of proteins? How do you determine the amount of protein you need? What are antioxidants? What is their purpose? Whats the purpose of fat? How much water is required daily? List the functions of water. Understand food allergies. What time of life marks the most significant drop in physical activity? List the four components of cardiorespiratory training.

Understand the importance of cardiorespiratory training. Understand resistance training. What are the benefits? Target heart rate zone- What is it and why is it important? What target heart rate (percentages) does the ACSM recommend for exercise? What is the most recommended type of stretching and why? Define health-related fitness, skill-related fitness, physical fitness, and exercise. How can you turn light activity into moderate activity? Know how to determine THR. What are benefits of physical activity? Give examples of vigorous-intensity exercise. Achieving a healthy weight for life depends on? Understand which weight loss plans you should avoid. What is a long-term side effect of severe calorie restriction for women? In what area (body) is it most dangerous to carry fat and why? What is the greatest influence on Americas weight problem? How do hormones affect body fat percentages? Understand how genetics affect obesity. How much more likely are obese people (than people at a healthy weight) to die before reaching their expected life span? Being overweight is having a BMI of what? Obesity is having a BMI of what? Define and understand muscle dsymorphia, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. How much weight loss (lbs. per week) is healthy? What are symptoms of low body fat? For anorexia, what is the most important part of treating this disorder? Understand the prevalence of eating disorders in America. What is calorie restriction? Individuals with eating disorders share many of the same thought patterns as people with what condition? How many ounces is one drink as defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism? Which factor is the strongest influence on binge drinking on college campuses? What is the best way to cope with a hangover? The human brain completes its development during which stage of life? Describe the best way to break a pattern of excessive alcohol use. Of the all carcinogenic substances in tobacco smoke, which is most damaging to the lungs? What is the average number of attempts required for successful smoking cessation? What percent of all cancer deaths is it estimated that smoking plays a role in? Understand the risks associated with tobacco and what in tobacco is harmful. Who needs the least proteins? the lighest weighing person! Which fatty acids are most hazard to health- TRANS fat artificially Water does not put energy into nervous system

Proteins- main purpose to build and maintain body tissue 8-12 cups of water 2,000 calorie diet! Vigor is know as what kind of fitness- Health Related Fitness Vigor intensity example- jogging Weight is not part of the group Dynamic is not apart 4 popular stretching techniques Static stretching is for general fitness Intensity increases a light activity to moderate Late high school freshman year college- Physically inactivity occurs Target heart Zone- point where your stressing your cardio vascular system for a maximum benefit Obesity is BMI over 30 Overweight BMI is 25-29.9 Abdominal Fat is greater health threat because more easily enter your bloodstream Obese people are 4 times higher more likely to die before they reach their expected life age Growing availability of unhealthy food- biggest problem in America 1-2 pounds per week is healthy loss Avoid plans that drastically change your eating patterns or else you wont change To achieve a healthy body weight it depends on LIFESTYLE Muscle dysmorphia-person who doesnt think they have enough muscle False with eating disorders- in the last 30 years it has declined Osteoporosis- eating disorders Despression is common between eating disorders Throwing up is buleama nervosa

Exam 3 - Chapters 10, 11, 14, 15 What is the most commonly used illicit drug among persons aged 12 and older? Marijuana What are common reasons people take drugs? Medical and Non-Medical (recreational) purposes What is a substance that causes changes in brain chemistry and alters consciousness, perception, mood, and thought? Psychoactive drugs How do addictive drugs affect the brain? Define & describe the terms withdrawal symptom, drug overdose, drug tolerance, psychological dependence, and physiological dependence. Define & describe the terms stimulant and depressant. What is the most popular stimulant? Caffine U.S. economy spends $193 billion annually for drug use. What does most of that money go towards? What are possible long-term effects of marijuana? Chronic Bronchitis What is the most effective approach to drug abuse prevention on college campuses? Which age group will be significant in determining prevailing sexual attitudes in the 21st century? Hormone replacement therapy for women increases the risk of what? What causes the excitement one feels when sexually arousedsuch as increased heart rate and vasocongestion? What is the most significant concern about sexting? What is the most sure-fire way to avoid STDs or unwanted pregnancies? Define & describe sexual dysfunction, abstinence, and vaginismus. What causes erectile dysfunction in men? What is the leading cause of death in the United States? Define & describe the terms atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, and myocardial infarction. What is the optimal range for blood pressure levels? Define and describe prediabetes, Type-1 diabetes, and Type-2 diabetes. What is the most important non-controllable risk factor for cardiovascular disease? What is the leading controllable risk factor for all forms of cardiovascular disease? Understand the diet that best supports optimal cardiovascular health. Visceral fat, as indicated by abdominal circumference and lack of physical activity, appears to be a strong indicator of risk for which type of diabetes? Define and describe angioplasty, coronary artery bypass, and coronary catheterization. What percentage does Type-2 diabetes account for among all cases of diabetes? What percentage does Type-1 diabetes account for among all cases of diabetes? What determines which type of cancer an individual is diagnosed with? What is the most significant risk for most cancers? Understand the risk involved with sun exposure and its affects on the different types of skin cancers. Understand the diet's effect on cancer. Know which types of diets are associated with cancer and which reduce the risk of certain cancers. The leading cause of cancer death is attributed to what type of cancer? Define & describe the term Melanoma. Know where it originates and what happens if its untreated. Define and describe sarcoma, carcinoma, and carcinogen. Define and describe risk factors for prostate cancer. Define and describe risk factors for breast cancer. What are the recommendations for reducing sun exposure? What is the minimum sun protective factor (SPF) that is recommended? List the characteristics to be concerned about when evaluating skin for changes in mole.