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In The Presence Of Greatness ...

Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa

Saturday, 18 November 2006 00:00




Hello all from the Northern Cape, South Africa ... The terms 'great' and 'greatness' are thrown around far too liberally in a world so short of both. We hear about 'great' politicians when they are just skilled manipulators who have spit and kicked their way to 'power' and used it for their own ends and those of their masters in the shadows. We hear of 'great' businessmen when they are merely people consumed by greed and willing to crush all competition without a hint of mercy or thought for the consequences of their victims. There is nothing 'great' about manipulation in whatever form, no greatness in 'advancing' at the expense of another or exploiting the efforts of others to feather your own filthy nest. The word 'great' has lost its meaning through overuse and misunderstanding. 'Greatness' is not the acquisition of power, fame or wealth. It is not how high you can scramble up the system's greasy pole. In many ways, 'greatness' cannot even be defined by the limitations of language. 'Greatness' is something you simply know when you are in its presence. This week, I can tell you, I am in the presence of greatness and its name is Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa.

I talk with this extraordinary man several times a year and every so often he will say 'Mr. David, you need to come to South Africa, I must see you'. I always go because he is the most riveting company you could ever imagine and never have I left here without knowing and understanding more about myself and the world. It is not only in his incredible gift for words, a turn of phrase or hilarious one-liners, although that would be enough in itself. He has the face of a black man but the mind of the world, able to move effortlessly, seamlessly between languages and cultures. You are sitting with a Zulu shaman bedecked in his traditional dress and then out of his mouth comes: 'Mr. David, how long can you keep poking Satan in the bollocks before Satan wants to poke you back?' Talk about crossing the cultural divide. Credo was born in 1921 and has lived a hundred lives. By that I don't mean a hundred reincarnations. I am talking about the lives he has lived in this 'one' alone. A detailed biography would surpass the works of 'Shakespeare' both in length and relevance. He was brought up by a violent stepmother, who was a fanatical Christian. Like most black children after the arrival of the 'Great' British Empire, he was forced to follow the imposed beliefs of Christianity, especially by the Roman Catholic Church, which was, and is, to Africa what the Black Death was to human health. Its arrival on this most abused of continents was led by those vicious and depraved black magicians, the Devil's own 'Society of Jesus' - the Jesuits. They were ably assisted by the satanic henchmen of the Dominican order. The leaders of the Jesuits and Dominicans are Illuminati bloodline and thus their very DNA ensures the coldness of heart and devoidness of feeling that makes them the ideal abusers of the weak and destroyers of culture. Where there is no feeling there are no limits.

How the Africans and their children suffered in the midst of such sickness of mind and absence of soul. Credo was forced to attend a Christian mission school for Zulu children and here, at aged 15, he was beaten silly by Christian school teachers for having the audacity to paint 'Jesus' as a black man. He also attended the Marian Hill Monastery near Durban and when he took me there in 2005 the sadness in his eyes said it all. But how tickled he was to return that day in his shaman dress and symbols to this place where the Catholic Church strived, and still strives, to portray the traditional knowledge as the 'Devil's work'. Seeing him walk around those monastery grounds as the shaman that he became was testimony to the man's indestructible spirit and determination to do what he believes to be right. As a young man he was raped by men at a mine where he sold pictures painted on bottles. His 'Christian' father and stepmother threw him out on the street, blaming him for what happened and he went to live with his grandfather. It was the turning point of his long and incredible life and he went on to become a 'sanusi', the highest of shamans, and a brilliant artist skilled in the painting and metalwork that he uses to symbolise the knowledge that he carries with such dignity. It was through his grandfather that he learned of the ancient ways of Africa that had been so savagely suppressed by the colonial powers. Everywhere they went the British and other European 'empires' imposed on their targets the ludicrous Christian dogma and a false version of 'history'. It was a coldly-calculated war on the native psyche, designed to wipe the collective mind of its ancient knowledge and the historical path from whence it came. The same happened in every country and culture. The subjugation of Africa is the subjugation of the world, for the same methodology was applied in every case.

Credo has built a stone circle at his home - his Christian abusers could not divert him from the path Credo told me this week of how the colonial leaders, like the infamous Illuminati front man, Cecil Rhodes, were black magicians who learned the superstitions of the African tribes and then used them to frighten the people into submission or persuade them that their gods had returned in the form of those same colonial leaders. In this way, Cortez, the Spanish conqueror of Central America, played out the role of the returning Quetzalcoatl to trick the Aztecs into worshipping him as a god. By the time they saw through this sleight-of-mind it was too late to effectively resist. In Africa, as elsewhere, the shamans and other carriers of the knowledge and history of their people were murdered by the colonial forces. In Credo's words they 'milked the minds of the shaman and then killed them'. They wanted what the shamans knew to add to their own ability to manipulate energy and thought, but they wanted to remove that same knowledge from public circulation. So it was with Native Americans, the native peoples of Central and South America, the Aborigines in Australia and the knowledge carriers of Asia. In Europe, we had the Inquisition when the Dominicans burned and slaughtered the 'witches' and the 'Devil's children' who merely rejected the lies of the Roman Church, the Church of Babylon relocated. It was against this background of murder and suppression of the African shamans that Credo became one. Courage has never been wanting in this extraordinary soul. It is not that he is not in fear of the potential consequences; it's just that he does it anyway. The knowledge was taken underground into black African secret societies where it was passed through the generations out of sight of the colonial fascists. Only a few were willing to go through the horrific initiation rituals that made sure that only those who really wanted the knowledge, and cared for its survival, would have access to the secrets the Illuminati sought so violently to destroy.

With wife, Virginia, a 'sangoma' or shaman taught by Credo Credo Mutwa's life would make a dozen feature films and still then they would portray only headlines. He has been abducted by alien 'Greys', a story he tells so brilliantly in The Reptilian Agenda, and he learned of, and has experienced many times, the phenomena of the shapeshifting 'Serpent People', or what he calls the 'Chitauri', the 'Children of the Serpent' or the 'Children of the Python'. Again, he talks at length about this in The Reptilian Agenda and expands further in the film we are making with him this week. When he gained access to the knowledge, he learned of a reptilian race that interbred with humans to create hybrid bloodlines, the bloodlines that became the Illuminati families who manipulate the world today. It is they who became the 'royal' bloodlines of the ancient world, the 'bluebloods' as they were known in Africa long before the Europeans arrived with the same term for their royalty and aristocracy. This was the reason we came to know each other when he asked to meet me in 1998 after reading The Biggest Secret and its revelations about the shapeshifting serpent race. The way we had arrived at the same conclusions from such diverse paths was remarkable in itself, but I was soon to realise that we had so many other things in common. When I am with him it is like communicating with my own soul, such is the power and completeness of the connection.

One of the joys of being with Credo is that while he is the carrier of the ancient African knowledge, he strips away the irrelevant and diversionary superstition and leaves only the golden truths that lie within. He knows that the knowledge has become polluted by superstition and ritual that are at best ridiculous and at worst utterly insane. This has often located his backside between the rock and the place that is very hard. On one hand there are the African peoples who have rejected the shamans way for Christianity or western 'culture'. They think he is either evil or crazy. On the other are those 'shamans' and their like who retain the superstition or sell their alleged abilities to the largest piece of silver. They think he is undermining them and their nice little earners. There is no one like Credo Mutwa, even in his own land. During apartheid, he was stabbed many times and nearly burnt alive by a mob in Soweto, the black township near Johannesburg. He had been quoted out of context by a white newspaper that the blacks despised, but still they believed it and attacked him outside his home. His then wife, Cecilia, was raped and he was stabbed many times before petrol was poured over him. Just as they were about to set him ablaze, one of the riot leaders shouted to stop. By then he had only seconds to live.

Amazing creations adorn Credo's home that he makes from scrap metal Yet still his spirit refused to surrender and he has gone on to this day working to awaken his people to their plight and hold back the tide of western 'culture' that has threatened to sweep away what is left of the knowledge and traditions of Africa. He has endured the death of his son, the murder of his sister and highly likely murder of his shaman aunt. He has survived many attempts on his life and battles on, despite diabetes (purposely given to him) and prostate cancer, which he is currently holding at bay. He continues to help others at his healing centre in the Northern Cape with his fantastic wife, Virginia, herself a shaman, or 'sangoma'.

Like most true healers he is far more concerned about helping others than himself and he and Virginia have had great success in treating people with AIDS, which is ravaging this country and so many others in Africa. Their treatment includes not only herbal remedies from native plants, but also changing the psychology of the patient. Western AIDS 'treatments', he says, are killing Africa - on purpose.

He and Virginia charge nothing to treat those with AIDS because, as he says, 'how can you take money from people who have nothing and suffer from this disease?' There are others who claim to be 'traditional healers' that charge large sums for AIDS treatments that mostly don't work. Credo is far from popular with many groups in South Africa because of his work and the fact that he doesn't do bullshit. He also attracts hostility from those who exploit and abuse their own people. For instance, he knows a plant that breaks the addiction to drugs, but when he began to grow it and the treatments proved successful, he was visited by armed drug dealers, fellow black people, who told him that if he didn't stop, he and his family would be killed. Concrete hearts come in all shades of colour.

More Credo art Credo's dream is to build a hospital based on the traditional ways to keep the knowledge alive after he has gone and while I was here the local authority agreed to give them the land to build it. Now only raising the money remains and the dream is reality. He and Virginia are training as many people as they can so that new generations can know that there are understandings of life and the world that they will not be told in the schools and universities of the 'new' Africa. He is now 85, but despite his many challenges I have found him as lucid as ever with a memory a 20 year old might die for. Effortlessly flow the names from the ancient tales across the world, the similar words from different languages, the world leaders past and present, the places and their legends, as hour after hour he has shared with the camera a knowledge that can truly be called unique.

The Tintiner family in South Africa apparently took control of his books, from which he gets no royalties. The very thought turns the stomach. It is a constant agony to him, as any writer and creative talent will understand. Your books are like children to you and we are now seeing what can be done to end this appalling injustice. But the film we are making with him here will allow all to share the contents of this man's library of knowledge and wisdom. For me, leaving this place will bring so much sadness, such is my connection to this remarkable soul. His love for his people and the world, despite all his agonies, challenges and rejections, will always be one of my most enduring experiences. Credo Mutwa and greatness are one and the same. ............................................................................................... For Credo's DVD set, The Reptilian Agenda, click here ...............................................................................................






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