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Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is Pakistans model gas utility and a blue chip company with a sound financial base, and satisfying annual turnover.

Two Provinces (Sindh / Balochistan). More than 2.5 million customers. 3309 Km Transmission network with high pressure pipelines ranging from 12-24 diameter. 34,231 Km Distribution network. covering 120 towns and 930 villages in Sindh and Balochistan More than 5000 Employees 383479 bcf Annual Gas Sales Public limited company having its stocks trading in all major cities. 70% shares are owned by Government of Pakistan has an authorized capital of Rs. 10 billion, out of which Rs.6.717 billion is issued and fully paid up fully managed by autonomous board of directors (comprising of 14 members) The Managing Director/Chief Executive is nominated by GOP It owns and operates the only gas-meter manufacturing plant in the country under an agreement with Actaris (a former division of Schlumberger) plant has an annual production capacity of over 400,000 domestic meters Recently the company has achieved highest meter production record in March 2010 with the production of 78,000 Meters SSGC has achieved another milestone at meter plant by obtaining ISO 9001: 2000 certifications.

The main activity of the company is transmission and distribution of gas in Sindh and Baluchistan

The company is also engaged in certain activities related to the gas business including manufacturing and sale of gas meters and construction contracts for laying of pipelines. Thus the core functions of SSGC can be elaborated as under Purification of Natural gas from Sui Fields Transmission of Natural Gas from Pirkoh, Sari Hundi, Badin, KandhKot, Mari, Daru and Kadanwari gas fields Distribution of Gas in Sindh and Baluchistan provinces Manufacturing and sale of gas meters Construction contracts of laying pipelines

To be a model utility, providing quality service by maintaining a high level of ethical and professional standards and through the optimum use of resources.

To meet the energy requirements of customers through reliable, environmentfriendly and sustainable supply of natural gas, while conducting company business professionally, efficiently, ethically and with responsibility to all our stakeholders, community and the nation.

Pakistan petroleum limited

The Pioneer of The Natural Gas industry. Front line Player since 1950. Supply 20% of the countrys total LPG, crude oil and gas. Currently the government shareholding is 71%. PPL trust shareholdings are 7 %. Private investors hold 22 % of the total shares. Recently acquired, 100% shareholding of M&D and EMP Limited. PPL operates in 6 fields of Sui Adhi, Kandhkot, Chachar, Mazarani, Hala and Qudirpur. PPL together with its subsidiary holds a portfolio of 48 exploration assets.

PPL Vision:
To maintain Pakistan Petroleum Limiteds position as the premier producer of hydrocarbons in the country by exploiting conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources, resulting in value addition to shareholders investment and the nation as a whole

PPL Mission

To sustain long-term growth by pursuing an aggressive hydrocarbons exploration and production optimization program in the most efficient manner through a team of professionals utilizing the latest developments in technology while ensuring that quality is an integral part of all operations and maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environment protection and addressing community development needs.


State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is a statutory body which is created under the SBP Act 1956. SBP is the central bank of the country. The SBP works for strengthening the financial system of the country. SBP has nationalized in 1974. SBP has a total regular work population of 5,510 employees. 4867 employees are working in field offices. 643 are serving at different Departments of the SBP Head Office Karachi.

Primary Functions of SBP

Issuance of notes Monetary policy Control banks Lander of the last resort

Secondary functions

Management of public debt Hold foreign exchange reserves Advisory body to the Government SBP plays developmental role in the country.

The retailing functions of SBP are performed at 16 field offices of the Bank. The operations of these offices are regulated at Karachi Head office. Following are departments who handle above functions:

Accounts Department. Administration Department. Engineering Department. Foreign Exchange Adjudication Department. Foreign Exchange Operations Department. Internal Audit Department.

Internal Bank Security Department. Medical Services Department.

SBP Vision is to
Develop the SBP BSC (Bank) into a strong and dynamic institution, equipped with an efficient and professional human resource base, having the requisite technology and fully capable of providing quality service to stakeholders, while complementing the State Bank of Pakistan in achieving its objectives.

SBP Mission To provide reliable banking services to Government, financial institutions, public and to act as an operational arm of State Bank of Pakistan