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how does rolex inscribe its scratch-proof ceramic bezel? atom by atom.
The bezel of a watch can deteriorate when exposed to sunlight, chlorinated water or scratches. This is why Rolex has created a special bezel. Made from extremely hard (1200 Vickers hardness) ceramic material called yttrium-stabilized zirconia, it has excellent corrosion-resistant properties, its color is unaffected by ultraviolet rays and it is virtually scratch-proof. To inscribe numerals on this hardest of materials, Rolex even developed and patented a unique process. The numerals are car ved before the ceramic hardens at 1500C; the entire bezel is then covered with either yellow gold or platinum, atom by atom, through cathodic magnetron sputtering. Finally, it is polished until only the precious metal in the numerals remains, permanently. It takes 40 hours to produce a ceramic bezel. At Rolex, no measure is too extreme in the pursuit of enduring beauty. Discover more at



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British Invasion!

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CADILLAC CTS-V vs JAGUAR XFR Different wrappers, same creamy lling: a supercharged V-8 and rear driveBy Mike Monticello BMW 750Li Evolution, not revolution, characterizes the most nimble 4700-lb. sedan aroundBy John Lamm

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FERRARI 16M SCUDERIA SPIDER Forget the prancing horse; this ones at full gallop for 499 fortunate buyersBy John Lamm VOLKSWAGEN GTI Whats German for iconic? The GTI remains at the top of the hot hatch hierarchyBy Joe Rusz FORD TAURUS After deep-sixing the 500, the big 4-door from Ford gets its groove backBy Shaun Bailey LEXUS HS 250h Is the world ready for a $40,000 near-luxury hybrid? Lexus is banking on itBy Andrew Bornhop

Lets call them the Fab Three: Aston Martins mind-boggling 750-bhp masterpiece, the One-77; Lotus rst all-new car in 13 years, the Evora; and the 510-bhp Jaguar XFR, positioned against the Cadillac CTS-V in a comparison test. The Union Jack action starts on


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ASTON MARTIN ONE-77 A $1.7 million 750-bhp muscle-bound exotic, its indeed the ultimate AstonBy Ian Adcock LOTUS EVORA Despite the Camry V-6 and rear seats (?!), its a Lotus through and throughBy Sam Mitani AUTO UNION D-TYPE & AUDI R8 V10 An ear-splitting reunion at Reims, with Audis latest and its 1930s progenitorBy John Lamm LONG-TERM TEST Better, stronger, fasterthe new 370Z is Nissans Six Million Dollar ManBy Jonathan Elfalan


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THE ROAD AHEADBy Matt DeLorenzo McLAREN VERSUS FERRARI: The wizards of Woking are well on track, building a supercar to rival the Italians AMPERSANDEdited by Mike Monticello ASTON MARTIN V12 VANTAGE: Plus spy photos of its convertible variant; full-race Ferrari 599XX SIDE GLANCESBy Peter Egan FAILURE TO DODGE A BULLITT: When the cross hairs of a certain Mustang line up on you, its destiny TRACKSIDEEdited by Jim Hall WHATS NEXT FOR HONDA?: Taking stock in its motorsports ventures; and Morgans GT3 championship THE PODIUMBy Michael Schumacher THE CHAMPS LEANINGS: Rediscovering his passion for competition, this time on two wheels COUNTERSTEERBy Sam Mitani THE TIME FOR KEI HAS COME: Is small the new big when it comes to diminutive kei cars in the U.S? TECH TIDBITSBy Dennis Simanaitis NISSANS BEV COMING IN 2010: How this company plans to save money on a battery electric


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DER NRBURGRING 24 Boris Said helps us understand the racing madness on the NordschleifeBy Andrew Bornhop WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD An inside look from Goodyear at what went wrong at the BrickyardBy Tim Considine

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THE TECHNICAL PULSE OF THE INDUSTRY At SAEs Annual Congress, its clear that auto engineers are glass-half-full folksBy Dennis Simanaitis


Focal Point


Pres e nte d



Comebacks are rarely this dramatic: In only his second race back after being acquitted of federal tax evasion charges, Helio Castroneves won his third Indianapolis 500. It was a dominant month for the talented and emotional Brazilian; he won the pole, the pitstop challenge and the race, raking in a cool $3,048,005 for his efforts. PHOTO BY ERIC DRUMWRIGHT Canon EOS 30D 1/500th at f/10.0. ISO 200. EF 70-200-mm f/2.8L lens with 1.4x Tele Extension Purchase this print (and other Focal Point images) at the Road & Track Photo Store & & &













FERRARI FILM FEST Join us in Europe for exclusive skull-vibrating video of the
limited-edition 2010 Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider. This 196-mph V-8 supercar is one of only 499 to be produced.


Plus, get driving impressions, photos and tail-out video of the 2009 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE.

This month our 5-to-Drive series takes us to The Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California, with ve vehicles loaded with the latest safety innovations. We explain how they work, and how they keep you protected.

Helloooooo Kitty! The covers come off July 9 for your rst full look at the
all-new Jaguar XJ. Fire up your laptop on Thursday the 9th because Jaguar is promising its sexiest sedan ever. 5-TO-DRIVE LEADERS IN SAFETY INNOVATION:

2009 BMW X6 xDrive50i 2009 Inniti FX35 2009 Honda Civic EX-L 2009 Lexus GS 450h 2010 Ford Fusion

Video, Photos & Stories:

Inexpensive Fun Family-Friendly Fun Affordable Luxury

Get more 5-to-Drive

For 5-to-Drive Series Photos & Stories go to: ROADANDTRACK.COM/5TODRIVE




Win this

Scalextric Set!

Weve put a couple hundred laps on this Scalextric digital slot car set (see Speed Zone, p. 112) and loved it. When the controllers had cooled, we disassembled the track and repackaged everything neatly in the original box, ready for its new owneryou, maybe. Enter to win at Read the rules and discover how you can have more than one chance to win online.

Caught testing in the tangled web of the Nrburgring, the 2010 Maserati GranTurismo Spyder breaks free at speed. The drop-top sister to Maseratis GT coupe is slated for release next year, but weve got details now. S

Plus, check out these future superstars:

2010 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 2011 Ford Edge 2011 Lexus LF-A 2011 Volkswagen Touareg
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Red Brembo four-piston front brake calipers with 12.4-inch ventilated brake discs

Tuned 208-HP aluminum alloy engine with sports exhaust and 192 lb-ft of torque

Dynamic Traction Control with Electronic Differential Lock Control

060 MPH in 6.2 seconds*

A man of limitless invention and perpetual impatience, John Cooper understood that one way to go faster was to slow down less in corners. To that end, he created smaller, lighter cars that were able to handle better and corner faster. In the process, he collected three Monte Carlo Rally titles and 16 Grand Prix wins. The 2009 MINI John Cooper Works builds on his legacy of innovation with a potent combination of balanced handling and ballistic acceleration. Powered by

a specially tuned twin-scroll turbocharged engine with Electronic Differential Lock Control for extra command, the MINI John Cooper Works boasts 208 horsepower and a top speed of 147 mph.* Stopping power is supplied by fourpiston Brembo front brake calipers with 12.4-inch ventilated brake discs. Add a tuned suspension and 17-inch Challenge Spoke light alloy wheels, and the resulting car takes performance and agility into rarefied territory normally reserved for racecars, which, not coincidentally, is exactly what it is. John Cooper would have expected nothing less. RACING IS IN OUR BLOOD.

*MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop only. BMW AG test results. Model shown with MINI John Cooper Works accessories. 2009 MINI, a division of BMW of North America, LLC. The MINI name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.


the rain transforms

streets into slippery slopes, which begs the question: did you choose the right tire to protect your precious cargo?

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E D I TO R - I N - C H I E F

McLaren vs. Ferrari: Taking It to the Streets

In the rareed world of Grand Prix racing, Ron Dennis has proven hes got the chops to rival Enzo Ferrari when it comes to winning championships and having a taste for intrigue (witness Senna versus Prost and last years Spygate episode). But, does he have the right stuff to tackle the Italian maestros other legacy, building iconic road cars? Well get a chance to see now that Dennis has restructured the McLaren Group to create an independent unit called McLaren Automotive to build the upcoming Ferrari F430 rival, code named P11. It will be the rst in what will become a range of high-end sports cars. Now executive chairman of McLaren Automotive, Dennis turned over chief executive duties at McLaren Racing to team principal Martin Whitmarsh. Unlike Ferrari, who used his road car operation to fund his passion for racing, Dennis is using the brand recognition and the technical resources of his motorsports operation as a springboard to dive into the consumer car market. While McLaren has dipped its toe in these waters before (as far back as Bruce McLarens M6GT street version of the legendary Can-Am racer, and later with the Gordon Murray/Peter Stevens-designed F1), the real impetus for full participation stems from the MercedesBenz SLR McLaren, which is slated to wrap up production at the end of 2009. Another enabler is McLarens stunning technology center located in the London suburb of Woking. While the towns name hardly trips off the tongue like Maranello, it soon could be synonymous with speed if Dennis is successful. McLarens mammoth facility houses a wind tunnel, two separate production areas for the Formula 1 racing and test teams, SLR nal assembly and an electronics division that builds all the control units for the race and street cars. It will be the ideal showcase for the well-heeled to take delivery of their exclusive mounts. While Dennis is executive chairman of the new auto company, day-to-day operations are handled by Managing Director Antony Sheriff, an affable American who hails from New Jersey and spent much of his working life with Fiat and Alfa Romeo in Italy. F1 has given us the brand credibility, Sheriff explains, adding that our experience in building 100 cars in the F1 project and 2000 SLRs provides the foundation of what we are doing today. We have the real potential to have a broad impact with a range of products. The P11 is set to make its debut in about a years time as a 2011 model. Its design, which carries many cues from the F1, was pretty well set before noted designer Frank Stephenson came on board. Stephenson, who designed the Mini and worked for Ferrari before returning to England, is said to be working on an

Ron Dennis, above, will lead McLaren Automotive in building the P11, a rival for the Ferrari F430. The Woking factory, an architectural gem, will keep building the SLR road car, above, until the end of 2009.

open-top version of the P11 as well as a successor to the F1 and perhaps even a 911 ghter, though conversations with him are usually limited to the if I told you, Id have to kill you variety. It may seem daunting for McLaren to launch a high-end sports car in these difcult economic timesno less an authority than Gordon Murray himself told Autocar that the future for supercars is bleak. In previous downturns, the main barrier to selling has been nancial. This time its different. There are going to be environmental, moral, and most of all, legal barriers as well. Perhaps this is true. On the other hand, the auto industry survived the Great Depression, World War II, two major oil crises in the 1970s and now a meltdown of the global nancial system. As long as world-class motor racing survives, as evidenced by the popularity of F1 and Le Mans, people will want a share of that technology in their street cars. Ferrari has indicated it will continue to meet these challenges with future products that reect environmental sensibilities while delivering good performance. It appears now that McLaren is anxious to join the fray. Its a street ght we wont want to miss. A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

13 &

2 010 B U I CK L ACR O S SE C XS Under the beauty lies the power of a 280-hp, 3.6L direct-injection V-6.

Available adaptive real time suspension damping and Sport mode adjust to the road and the way you drive performance features you wont find on the Lexus ES 350 or Acura TL. Inside, enjoy Bluetooth * connectivity and an optional hard drive with 10GB for your music. And the simplest and smartest in-vehicle navigation system,
** standard for one year. Its more than just a pretty face. B U I C K .CO M OnStars Turn-by-Turn Navigation,

*Go to to nd out which Bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. **Turn-by-Turn not available in certain areas. Call 1-888-4ONSTAR 2009 GM Corp. All rights reserved. OnStar (466-7827) or visit for details, system limitations and map coverage. & &


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Outta My Way!
So, whats it like in the heat of battle during the Nrburgring 24-hour? This video from the GT3 Viper of Dirk Riebersahm going hammer-and-tongs with a Porsche gives you a sense.

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Our favorite tow truck from Pixars Cars goes to Japan in this short called Tokyo Mater that gives new meaning to the line Cops love doughnuts.
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V-12 Ad-Vantage
Aston Martin thinks stuffing a 510-bhp V-12 into its Vantage is a good ideawe agree
NRBURG, GERMANYA quarter of a mile beyond a coffee stop on the Aston Martin V12 Vantages launch, the route encountered a series of tunnels. Theres only one course of action to take when youre piloting a 510-bhp V-12 sports carlower the windows, downshift a gear and nail the throttle. The 3700-lb. 2-seater lunged forward with ferocity, while the sound bouncing off the tunnel walls was like a Gatling gun. The last time I heard anything this evocative was at Le Mans, as the DBR9s screamed down the pit straight. Like then, the Astons engine note bristled the hairs on the back of my neck; who said the Italians have global rights to great engine sounds? Creating this limited edition Aston (only about 1000 will be built and right now theres no plan for U.S. sales) wasnt simply a case of shoehorning the V-12 into the space youd normally nd the Vantages V-8. Aerodynamic as well as suspension changes were required, especially at the rear to accommodate the bigger wheels and tires. With its heavily vented hood, the V12 Vantage has the menacing air of a track car, but slip into the optional one-piece carbonber bucket seat, grip the



Alcantara-clad steering wheel and it becomes a totally civilized performance car. That is, until you press the Start button and the V-12 immediately

Adhering to the more is better philosophy, Aston squeezed its V-12 into the V8 Vantages engine bay; note the heavily-vented hood. Other changes include serious sport seats and improved steering.

bursts to 2000 rpm before settling back to a steady idle. A few revs are needed to get moving, but once underway the engine is remarkably tractable and capable of pulling from 1000 rpm right through to the cars 190-mph top speed in 6th gear. A rm hand is required to change gears, but the action is more instinctive than the Audi R8s gated shifter. Although the steering on the current V8 Vantage is improved over the originals, it still falls short of the Porsche 911s intimacy. All that has changed with the more focused V12 Vantage. Bigger, 9-in.wide front wheels with 255/35ZR-19 tires and a marginal change in weight distribution (now 51 percent at the front) make the steering feel heavier, but with improved feedback and linearity. Lowering the suspension by 0.6 in. along with 45 percent stiffer springs results in a rm but not unduly harsh ride on all but the roughest of roads. Engage the Sport button and the quicker throttle response makes it feel as if youve just kicked in an afterburner. Fortunately, vented carbon-ceramic discs at all four corners unerringly scrub speed off whenever asked. The V12 Vantage is a car that challenges you to drive it hard and rewards you with a truly exceptional motoring experience. It is the most focused Aston Martin you can buy today, with the best engineering to date.Ian Adcock


Although Aston Martin has yet to officially announce it will build a convertible
version of the V12 Vantage, we have proof that development has already begun in the form of this prototype spied testing at the Nrburgring. Reportedly under the hood of this prototype (disguised as a V8 Vantage) is the same 510-bhp 5.9-liter V-12 as in the V12 Vantage coupe. Thats a healthy 90-bhp gain over the V-8, so performance should be as breathtaking as the cars styling is beautiful. Although rumors suggest the production version of the V12 Vantage Roadster could be seen this September at the Frankfurt auto show, the earliest well see this sexy droptop in U.S. dealerships will be late 2011assuming Aston makes the decision to bring it and its coupe brother here.Mike Monticello




  Will the V12 Vantage

come to the U.S.A.?

Dr. Ulrich Bez [Aston Martins CEO] has challenged us with engineering the car for the U.S., but it is a big job to meet federal crash legislation without altering the cars looks. It will be 2012 model year, at least, if we do it.

 What about aero-

crash cans, which is very different from the V-8s. Theres also a revised cooling pack installation with ducts to the carbonceramic brakes.

dynamic changes?

 The V-12 is nearly

12 in. longer than the V-8. How did you repackage it?

The engine is lower with a new sump and theres a new casting that supports the front dampers and springs and goes to the

 How did you get

Theres the new bonnet, front splitter, rear decklid kick-up and a revised rear undertray. Even the mufer was re-proled to help with airow under the car. A lot of lessons were learned from the GT4 car.

 When will we get

Japanese chap named Shunichi Ishikawa who I asked to get that racy note. He has done all of our exhaust tuning since the DB9 and just knows how to play with the internal structure. He even developed virtual NVH models.

the invitation to drive the Volante [convertible] version?

such an intoxicating exhaust note?

That would be good fun, wouldnt it? Personally, Id like to build one, so we probably willjust to see what its like.

We have a very clever A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

19 &






Two new 599 Fiorano models scorch the pavement
those wheels. Theres no change under the hood; its still the 611bhp, 6.0-liter Enzo-derived V-12. Ratios in the 6-speed paddle-shift gearbox carry over, but now change in a mere 85 milliseconds. Downshift under heavy braking, hold the left paddle back and the trans-


To spot a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with the GTE Handling package, look for the wheels. The new 20-in. 3-piece split-rim design is the major external difference from the standard 599, unless youre so sharp you spot the fact the car sits 0.39 in. lower on

mission will make multiple downshifts. Figure 062 mph (100 km/h) in 3.7 seconds, with a top speed over 205 mph. So whats new? The GTE Handling part: rmer springs and shocks, a larger rear antiroll bar (25.0 mm vs. 23.5), quicker steering and

throttle response...basically what youd expect from a Gran Turismo Evoluzione. In hard numbers Ferrari puts the roll stiffness increase at 19 percent and lateral acceleration up 8 percent with 20 percent less steering wheel angle. On Ferraris Fiorano test track and the local foothill roads, that combo made the 3722-lb. Ferrari feel like a lighter, more agile and better planted machine, thanks in no small part to that steering difference. Get on the gas hard and the GTE feels more condent as you exit corners. All this is enjoyed from adjustable carbon-ber shell seats that are functional, but would hold up well in ed in their quest to achieve ultra-quick lap times by Ferraris Actiow system, which increases downforce or cuts drag depending on the cars cornering attitude, courtesy of a porous material in the diffuser and two fans in the trunk that channel the airow from under the car out through the two grilles next to the taillights. The F1-derived doughnuts partly covering the brake discs improve both aerodynamics and brake cooling.

an art gallery. Tacking GTE onto GTB adds $30,095 to the 599s already lofty $326,730 starting price. John Lamm

Ferrari says the 599XX dedicated track car incorporates the most advanced technologies resulting from Ferraris road-going and Formula 1 research. The output of the 599s V-12 was increased from 611 bhp to 700 bhp (DIN) through modications to its combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust tracts; redline was raised to 9000 rpm (from 8400). Besides the power boost, 599XX owners will be aid-

Speaking of the brakes, the 599XXs carbon-ceramic system uses carbonber pads, which allow for smaller calipers and, hence, even more weight savings, while further pounds were shaved by the cars extensive use of carbon-ber body panels. In total, Ferrari saved 500 lb. versus a 599 GTB. Ferrari will organize a series of track days specically for owners of the 599XX in 2010 and 2011.MM

Meant strictly as a track-only car, the 599XX incorporates Ferraris latest technologies, including active aero and carbonfiber brake pads. Power is up versus the street version by nearly 100 bhp, while weight is down by 500 lb.

21 & &



As part of its game plan to keep the pipeline full of new models, Maserati is following up on the launch of the GranTurismo S by offering an automatic version of the more powerful 433-bhp 4.7-liter V-8 coupe. The GranTurismo S Automatic is more than a mere gearbox change since it also introduces the continuously adjustable Skyhook dampers found on the Quattroporte S, as well as upgraded brakes. Engage the Sport mode and the cars personality changes from a laid-back 2+2 to a performance machine with decidedly more edge. Flaps in the dual exhaust system

open for a less restricted and more direct path to the tipsresulting in a throatier note. Once underway, youll notice more heft in the steering, quicker shifts from the gearbox and a tauter ride. The 6-speed ZF-supplied automatic has smooth, quick and positive gearchanges, while providing satisfying engine blips on downshifts. The GranTurismo S Automatic gives little away to the manual-equipped versions, taking just a 10th of a second more (5.0) in reaching 62 mph (100 km/h), according to Maserati. On twisty mountain roads, the GranTurismo S Automatic comes alive. Turn-in is crisp and positive thanks to the 20-in. wheels and tires. The 6-piston front brakes provide ample stopping power; however, you have to be positive in stabbing the brake pedalits positioned close to the gas pedal to facilitate heeland-toe operation of the manual versions and you can be caught out by applying both brake and throttle at once. In addition to offering a spirited driving experience, the GranTurismo S is no slouch when it comes to luxurious appointments. The t and nish of the cockpit is rst-rate with a restrained approach to the use of wood accents. The car is on sale now, with an out-the-door price of $125,900. Matt DeLorenzo


Rumored for several years, a prototype of a convertible version of Maseratis GranTurismo has finally been spotted. But unlike the most recent Maserati Spyder, built for the 2006



model year and sporting a canvas top, Maseratis new Spyder likely will follow the Ferrari Californias lead and employ a retractable hardtop. Our photoillustration gives a good idea of

how the car will look in production form with its top upnote the cut lines of the retractable roof.

We anticipate the GranTurismo Spyder will be available with both a 4.2-liter V-8 with 405 bhp and an S version with 433 bhp. Sources tell us the Spyder will make its official debut at the Frankfurt auto show this September, going on sale early next year.MM

The disguised prototype (above) is hiding a retractable hardtop for Masers new Spyder. A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

23 &

By dropping a 2009 Subaru Forester 2.5 XT onto the underpinnings of a 2008 Impreza WRX STI, Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) has created the meanest Forester in town. The Forester XTI concept features the STIs 2.5-liter turbocharged at4 engine, 6-speed manual transmission, differentials, suspension and steering rackit even uses the STIs big Brembo 4-piston caliper front brakes and 18-in. BBS wheels. Subaru says the XTI

concept makes about 10 more bhp than the STI due to a custom SPT stainless steel cat-back exhaust. Stiffer front STI pink springs, available from the Genuine Subaru Performance Parts catalog, were added to achieve the desired ride height. Hop inside, and the interior is straight from an STI. Same goes for the driving experiencevery STI-like. While theres no getting around the Foresters higher center of gravity, the main feeling youre left

The Forester XTI concept uses both the STIs underpinnings and its sporty interior.

with is: Are you kidding me? This is a Forester?! The XTI concept scratches its way from corner to corner, the twin-outlet SPT exhaust belching out a ercer-than-STI snarl. Those stiffer front springs aid with the cars turn-in and handling is surprisingly condence-inspiring. So could you replicate

the XTI concept? Sure, if you happen to have a spare STI lying around. Although Subaru makes accessories for the Forester (such as a shortthrow shifter and STI pedal sets), STI suspension pieces wont work in conjunction with a stock Forester.

Mostly, SPT built the Forester XTI concept just for fun. Mission accomplished.MM


No doubt about it, lots of aftermarket companies sell go-faster parts for Subaru WRXs and STIs. But Subaru would rather keep your business for itself. To that end, STI (Subaru Tecnica International) and SPT (Subaru Performance Tuningkind of like the U.S. version of STI) parts are available through the Genuine Subaru Performance Parts catalogand installation of said parts wont void your Subaru warranty. We recently had a chance to drive 09 versions of the WRX and STI with a sampling of Subarus aftermarket parts. Although the WRX had only an STI short-shift kit, SPT front strut tower brace, SPT front lower chassis brace and a stainless-steel lowrestriction SPT exhaust, they added up to big changes. Most noticeable immediately was the deep burble from the exhaust, but the shift kit was also appreciated for its shorter, rmer and more precise action. Most surprising was the improved handling due simply to the two front braces. The STI had similar modications, but also carried STI pink springs at all four corners. The fronts are 25 percent stiffer than stock, the rears 19 percent stiffer with ride height lowered by 0.3 in. The result is much improved handling versus a stock STI, with more grip and less understeer (the latter a problem with the standard STI). Kinda makes you think: This is the way the STI should be. A four-outlet SPT exhaust completed the car, allowing the turbocharged engine to sing a properly less-restricted tune. For more information, visit your local dealer or You just might be surprised by the difference a few well-engineered parts can make.MM

Subaru offers upgrades through the Genuine Subaru Performance Parts catalog, including a twin-outlet SPT exhaust for the WRX and front strut tower braces.


R O A D & T R A C K &

Mr. Punch on Cigars

it just says no smoking, not absolutely no smoking.

Forget nuance. For big, bold flavor, grab yourself a Punch cigar.

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Smoke Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer And Heart Disease, Even In Nonsmokers.
2009 General Cigar Co., Inc.


True to its name. &

Coming (or Not) to America

The Fiat 500 is a pretty little car (First Drive, June 2009). However, after riding around in one that was in the U.S. on a temporary visa, I agree that it seemed competent and no more. So I hope that we see the sportier Abarth version come to America. One point: Despite what Ian Adcock reports, the Fiat Abarths acceleration and top speed do not compare favorably to the Mini Cooper S. The Cooper S wins easily in both contests. Bruce Sweetman

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Stage 10 is when you sell it at a steep discount because you feel guilty for foisting this nearly innite set of possible failures onto the poor schmuck buyer. Daniel Snow

Once again you insist on showing us a (cool) Euro-spec Ford Focus RS (First Drive, June 2009) that we cannot have. As a former owner of an SVT Focus, the RS is the car that I would compulsively purchase, if its availability were even a remote possibility at my local Ford dealer. Shame on the Blue Oval folks for holding back that RS from the States. Rich Hetzel

loaded with creature comforts. They are excellent in many ways but have perhaps lost their rawness and have been compromised too much for the masses. I hope to see the 2012 model be less practical and more edgy, just as powerful and weigh in at about 3000 lb. The substantial weight loss will bring still better handling and braking. Of course, styling is everything and I hope to see a wild Italian design as striking as the earlier Miura and Countach. David R. Anderson

and rules are exciting, but they must not force out mid-level teams due to costs. Nor should they alienate corporations that have stood by American ovaltrack racing for so long. And most importantly, without more competitive American drivers on ovals and road courses, this sport will never regain the greatness it once had. Jim Lopossa

Im beginning to doubt that Peter has ever owned a British sports car. Every one I have ever been acquainted with has been permanently stuck somewhere at the end of Stage Seven. Enjoy the fruits of your labor? Hah! You have to enjoy the labor, not the fruits. Joe Jackan

The data panel for the 2009 Nissan GT-R SpecV (Feature, June 2009) lists the specications for the car we tested, while the photographs are of a second SpecV. Either tire package, Bridgestone Potenzas or Dunlop SP Sport 600s, is available as a factory option. The caption identifying the Joe Buzzetta Porsche No. 49 at the Amelia Island Concours dElegance (Rolling Art Forms, June 2009) listed it as a 906, when in fact it is a 907 (No. 024). It is a sister car to the ones (No. 011 and No. 026) Mr. Buzzetta drove successfully at both Daytona (3rd place) and Sebring (2nd) in 1968.


Peter Egan ran out of space and couldnt include the Ninth Stage of Restoration (Side Glances, May 2009): When you remove, restore and reassemble every last nut and bolt in a complex automobile, you unwittingly equip yourself with an extremely rich set of scary explanations for every creak, whine and pop it produces as you drive it. Was that a normal tick, or did I fail to torque down the No. 3 bearing cradle bolt? Was that a standard break-in graunch or was it my crossmember weld failing? This starts to drive you mad, and you are forced to sell the car.

Great write-up on the future technology coming to the IRL/IndyCar in 2012 (Competition, June 2009). Its important to remember that Honda stood by the IRL through the years and hard times while Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford left for various reasons. Honda engines and Firestone/ Bridgestone tires, combined with long-standing regulations for the chassis, have given the series the stability it needs. New turbocharged engines, chassis

Lamborghini (2012 Murcilago II, Ampersand, June 2009) might strengthen its position by a return to its exotic roots. The newer models have become very heavy, too long, too high and too

Your write-up on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS was fantastic (Road Test, June 2009). For the money, this car is hard to beat. For $30K you get 426 bhp, jaw drop and drool style, and oldschool hybrid technology (it burns gas and rubber). Its amazing how the Bowtie boys gave the Mustang seven years to catch up, yet the old pony is still in the Camaros rearview mirror. Good work Chevy, and welcome back! David Hunt


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Weve taken a long look back at where weve been. Weve analyzed every detail of what weve learned, what weve done right, and where weve fallen short. Then we looked forward, at where our sport is headed and what we need to do to stay ahead of the curve. Weve turned everything weve done over the last 52 years inside out and made it new, not in the name of newness, but in the name of progress. That is what our sport and our programs are all about.

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E D I T O R - AT- L A R G E

Failure to Dodge a Bullitt

Normally, Im a scientic person without a trace of
superstition, but sometimes I feel like a character in a John Fogarty song, caught in the sway of unseen voodoo forces and a full moon on the bayou. Late last month, for instance, a couple of strange things happened. First, I went to a Chinese restaurant with Barb, and over a large plate of General Tsos Chicken (#27) we were discussing whether or not I should take advantage of big Ford rebates and buy myself a leftover 2008 Highland Green Bullitt Mustang that had been sittingunbought and apparently unlovedthrough the long snowy winter at our local Ford lot. As we talked, the waiter brought the check and we opened our fortune cookies. Barbs said something typically generic, such as, Your pleasant manner will win you many friends. Whats yours say? she asked. I stared at the fortune for a long moment and then placed it in front of her. It read, Something on four wheels will be a fun investment for you. Spooky. I carefully placed this small slip of papersuitable for framingin my billfold. Ive seen only one other specic, laser-guided fortune in my lifetime. That was in 1990, when the loan was approved on our present homean old mill house on a creek in rural Wisconsin. We went out to celebrate at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Newport Beach, California, and my fortune that night read: Hidden in a valley beside an open stream, this is the type of place where you will nd your dream. And now this car fortune. Uh, oh Barb said. She had good cause to worry. I fully admit I was obsessed with the Mustang. Every Sunday afternoon, all winter, I visited the carwind, snow or sleet. A few weekends it was 20 below zero, but I still went. Id sit in my van with the heater running, like some kind of FBI stakeout guy, and reposition myself at several different angles so I could look at the green Bullitt. I loved that clean, unadorned shape. Sometimes, Id leap out and go read the window stickerwhich Id pretty much memorizedand then run back to the van before


R O A D & T R A C K & &

I froze to death. Rear spoiler delete; Dark charcoal leather; Highland Green Clearcoat; 4.6L 3V OHC V8 engine; 5-speed manual transmission; Shaker 500 Audio System; 3.73 ratio limited-slip rear axle, etc., etc. The EPA gures were 15 City/23 Highway. This is how you could tell you werent accidentally standing next to a Prius of the same color. Once back home, Id ritualistically examine page 46 of our February 2008 issue, which contained our First Drive photos of the Mustang on a wet, dark street. The car was almost devoid of external trimexcept for a small Bullitt logo on the faux rear gas cap. Now theres a concept: A faux gas cap emblazoned with the name of a movie character. Long live Detroit. But this small bit of ash was offset by much good stuff. Such as 15 extra horsepowerthanks to a cold air box and free-owing exhaustalong with upgraded suspension and brakes, dark green paint and the handsome dark charcoal 5-spoke wheels that resembled the old American Racing mags from the Shelby GT-350R. Whichalong with Minilites and Lotus wobbly-websare among the best looking wheels ever made. The interior, with an engine-turned dash surface, also featured Bullitt logos on the steering wheel and doorsills. I admit to being a McQueen fan, butfor my extremely mature tastesthey could have left this stuff off. It seemed a little odd, like buying a Colt single-action .45 with The Lone Ranger on the handgrips. But you can always change grips, and you could always de-Bullittize the Mustang, I suppose. Youd just have to keep the old parts, so as not to be excoriated by future collectors for desecrating History, like those hapless souls who removed their Road Runner decals in the 60s. Kitsch always becomes cooler with time; you just have to live long enough to benet. In any case, I was drawn to the car like a moth to a candle, and knew Id eventually have to buy it. All I needed was a second omen, something to give me that nal nudge. It came about a week later. I drove my van into Madison to pick up some Lotus Elan door panels at an upholstery shop. I was writing out the check and said to the shop owner, Whats the date today? March 4th, he said, 2009. I started to date the check and then stopped and looked at the man. Whats wrong? he asked. I went into the Army 40 years ago today. Flew to Fort Campbell for Basic Trainingheaded for Vietnam Huh, he said, not terribly impressed with this information. But I was. Ive never forgotten that date, March 4th, because it sounds like a command from a drill sergeant. On the way home, I said to myself, I went into the Army 40 years ago today, and Im still here. Still walking around upright; still looking at Mustangs. This, in my universe, is what passes for an excuse to indulge yourself. A few years back, I walked out of a doctors ofce after a health scare and immediately drove to a Harley-Davidson dealer and bought a new Road King Id been looking at. Moments of mortal awareness are marvelous for clearing the mind and forcing you to buy neat stuff. So on the way home from the upholstery shop, I swung into the Ford dealership to buy the Mustang. And my green car wasgone. I went into the sales ofce and Eric Pamperin, the salesman Id been talking to, said, We sold it this morning. Shipped it to a buyer in Minnesota. A buyer in Minnesota? What did he know about this car?
R O A D & T R A C K

I was drawn to the car like a moth to a candle, and knew Id eventually have

to buy it.

It was my Mustang! How could he appreciate the car without standing around next to it all winter in a windy parking lot? Well, I guess thats that, I said to Eric. Not necessarily, he said. There still are seven or eight of them at other dealers in the Midwest. I could check on them and call you. Okay, I said. But I have to leave tomorrow on a couple of backto-back press trips, so I wont be home until the end of the month. Well, give me a call when you get back. I could have ordered one right then, of course, but I needed to think about it. When a car is sold out from under you, you feel temporarily rich and slightly liberated. You need to weigh your options and rebuild your resolve. But when I got back home I still wanted a Bullitt, against all logic. The economy was tanking, Detroit was in big trouble, workers were losing their jobs and half our 401(k) was gone. And yet I wanted the MustangI was in the mood for an American hot rod, and nothing else would do. And I had the money. Id sold a motorcycle and my 2001 Boxster S. Yes, Id parted with the Boxster, not because it wasnt the best all-around sports car Id ever owned or driven, but simply because I wanted to try something different. Part of my decades-old life is short philosophy. So last Thursday, I went to the Ford dealership to see if we could locate a Highland Green Bullitt Mustang. Eric found several 2008 models equipped the way I wanted them (no optional equipment except for Sirius Radio), but each time we called a Midwestern dealer, the car had just been sold. Spring was here, the rebates were good, and the cars were suddenly starting to move quickly. Every one we checked on was sold yesterday, last Tuesday or this morning. They were suddenly melting away like road ice in the sunshine. Finally, the only 2008 cars left in the computer were those equipped with the Shaker 1000 sound system, which occupies about a third of your trunk. I like music, but creating seismic chaos at stoplights is not part of my M.O. Plus I like trunk space. No Shaker 1000, I said. Then youre going to have to get a 2009 model, Eric said, tapping the computer keys, with a slightly lower rebate. Heres one at a dealership in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Ah, Prairie du Chien. Mississippi River town, home of Starks Honda and Sporting Goods, where Barb bought me a Honda CB350 for a surprise birthday present in 1973. We were recently married and I was just out of the Army, nishing college on the GI Bill. She took out a loan from her credit union at work because she knew how much I wanted the bike. The Honda was a beautiful dark emerald color. All good green things, it seemed, came from Prairie du Chien. Another favorable omen. Lets get it, I said. I picked the car up on Friday morning. Signed the papers, called my insurance agent (the sainted Dorothy) and took off into the rural Wisconsin countryside for a drive. Warm and sunny, the rst real day of spring. Windows down, that wonderful growl coming from the twin pipes. Nice taut suspension, yet not harsh. Great brakes, lots of ripping power, quick steering, good pedal placement and shifter, excellent seats. And that sound This is a wonderful car, I said matter-of-factly to myself. Then I slid one of my favorite discs into the CD player to test the sound system. John Fogartys live album, Premonition. Great stuff. Especially his version of the old Screaming Jay Hawkins classic, I Put a Spell on You.



*Based on a severe sludge clean-up test using SAE 5W-30. 2009 SOPUS Products. All rights reserved.

CLEAN OUT UP TO 15% OF SLUDGE IN THE 1ST CHANGE *. Nothing feels better than a
clean-running engine. But over time, sludgy deposits can rob you of that clean feeling. So choose an oil thats packed with active cleansing agents that not only help prevent sludge, they clean out up to 15% of sludge in your rst oil change. Time for an oil change? Change with Pennzoil and Feel The

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FERRARI 16M Scuderia Spider

Only 499 will be released on an unsuspecting (but lucky!) world


Between the roll hoops is a polycarbonate panel that was wind tunnel-tuned to minimize topdown turbulence. We had the optional in-dash (but removable) 16-gig iPod system. Extensive use of carbon ber doesnt end at the interior; other elements done in the lightweight material include the external rearview mirrors and the rear diffuser. These combine with such pieces as titanium springs to eliminate 176 lb., cutting curb weight to 3168 lb. Matched with the 4.3-liter V-8 at 510 bhp and 347 lb.-ft. of torque, the Spider gets through its F1-SuperFast2 gearbox in even shorter 65-millisecond shifts to 62 mph in a claimed 3.7 seconds. Top speed is a breezy 195-plus mph. To go with all this potential are Ferraris F1-Trac, E-Diff and the racing edition of the steering wheel manettino switch that can turn off everything but the EDiff. Like all Ferraris these days, the car is equipped with carboceramici brakes. The Scuderia Spider sits 0.6 in. lower than the F430 on 235/35ZR-19 and

MARANELLO, ITALYFERRARI would never call the color of a Scuderia Spider buttercup yellow, but right now it ts. Its a splendid spring day, the Ferraris top is down and were sailing along roads that wander through the hills behind Maranello. Theres still snow off in the Apennines, but here Italy has tossed off another winter, wild owers are coloring the roadsides and its so clear you can almost see Bologna. Ofcially our ride is called a 16M Scuderia Spider, 16M representing the 16 Formula 1 Constructors World Championships won by Ferrari. The rst was Phil Hills title year, 1961, and the latest was 2008, which seems long ago as the Scuderia now struggles for points. This is the folding-top edition 36

of the Scuderia coupe launched at the 2007 Frankfurt show, and like the hardtop it is a lightweight, he-man F430. The 16M inherits the coupes exterior design changes, which begin with squared-off intakes and a low center inlet that are quite similar to the front of Lamborghinis Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder. Aft of that, the Ferrari is less hardedged than the Lambo and more dramatic, thanks to its roll hoops, glass engine cover, plus the diffuser and detailing at the back. At rst glance the Scuderia looks to have a stripped-out F430 interior, owing to the lack of carpeting and the thin-shell carbon ber seats. Yet there is a no-nonsense technical elegance to the nish, with a non-slip oor surface and plenty of visible carbon ber and Alcantara.

285/35ZR-19 tires. Then theres the exhaust sound. Pass-by noise regs can be difcultthe Swiss are particularly toughand in normal driving the Spider is aurally civilized. Nail the accelerator outside the testing parameters and the sound darn near explodes. Very coolbut a note to Ferrari: Some of us like to drive quickly and not be so obvious. Pains us to point it out, but this might be too much. Then again Ferrari says the Scuderia Spider is the fastest open production car it has ever produced, which makes it much faster than the roads were running, so theres no question about exploring ultimate limits. Besides, there are dozens of post-hibernation bicyclists about. We just hope the next bit of road is as twisty as the last stretch, tucking the Ferrari into another corner, straightening a set of esses, popping up a gear and looking for a short straight. Balance is the word that keeps coming up, not just in the handling dynamics of the Scuderia, but the total experience, like the way Ferrari engineers have matched steering input to throttle response to braking effort. Quick around Fiorano? Thats good to know, but better yet is high satisfaction as you zip through the real world. Pricey at $313,350, but rare at only 499 built.


R O A D & T R A C K




ST. TROPEZ, FRANCEWHEN it was introduced to Europe in 1976, the Volkswagen GTi was the only game in town. A hot compact sport hatchback with rugged good looks and a sporty demeanor, the 110-bhp, 113-mph GTi (for Gran Turisimo Iniezione) set the tone for dozens of imitators seeking to capitalize on its success, which was based on the premise that a small, inexpensive hatch could be both fun to drive and affordable. By 1983 when a federalized version nally reached our shores, Japanese, French and American carmakers had weighed in on the subject. Sufce to say, the competition was stiff, especially from the Japanese. Yet, the GTI persevered (growing a capital I in its trip across the Atlantic) and remains as the benchmark against which other hot hatchbacks are measured. Innovative? Of course (think DSG). But also totally Teutonic, meaning that it looks, feels and drives like no other. Restyled inside and out and slightly reengineered (if it aint broke, etc.), the 2010 Golf GTI represents the sixth variation on a popular theme. Notice its once again called a Golf, VW having set aside the silliness of naming a car after a hare. Maybe someone in Wolfsburg nally read Aesops Fables. Anyway, 38
R O A D & T R A C K

Econo-performance icon

the latest GTI has a crisper look than its predecessor with sculpted rather than molded lines. The current models Audi-like front end has been replaced by a new nose with a massive lower air intake (anked by relocated foglights) and a narrow grille complete with red outline in homage to the rst GTI. This gives the car a wider, more aggressive stance, a design theme thats carried along the slightly concave-looking sides (set off by beefy aero sills and a creased beltline) to the rear end, which features taillights that are more rectangular than round. The rear bumper surround is more pronounced and blends in smartly with the ared rear wheel arches. Setting off this visual array is a well-dened lower diffuser bracketed by dual exhaust pipes. Like the exterior, the GTIs interior benets from a signicant redo, including a cleaner-looking dash and center console and a sleeker (but still substantial) steering wheel with obligatory control buttons. And, in a bow

to VW traditionalists, the well bolstered seats still sport tartan plaid upholstery. Unchanged in North America, VWs familiar 2.0-liter, turbocharged, 16-valve TSI inline-4 packs the same 200 bhp as last years powerplantjust enough punch to make driving fun. (European GTIs get an updated engine with new pistons and rings, new oil pump, vacuum pump, high-pressure fuel pump and mass airow sensor.) For those willing to wait, VW suggests that this 210-bhp Euro engine and a TDI diesel may show up in various limited-edition GTIs. As before, a 6-speed manual transmission is standard, while the slick-shifting DSG sequential shift auto-clutch gearbox is optional along with 18-in. alloy wheels, Bluetooth and Dynaudio, and a so-called Autobahn Package (leather interior, sport seats and sunroof) to name the top extras. And, for an extra $600 or so, drivers in a family way can opt for a 4-door. To keep U.S. prices in line

with the competition, numerous features found on the European GTI are not available here including PDC (Parking Distance Control), ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), and Climatronic. But the most disappointing deletion is DCC (electronic damper control), which automatically tailors suspension settings to driving demands. Instead, U.S.-spec GTIs will be tted with normal springs and shocks tuned to suit the cars sporting nature. A sprint down the sinewy side roads of coastal Provence illustrates why Volkswagen has sold 1.7 million GTIs. Wonderfully balanced, this car loves to be driven with verve. Although purists still enjoy a brisk workout with the manual 6-speed, the DSG really makes this hatch haul. Its 6.3-second 060 time and its electronically limited 129mph top speed are about the same as last years, but compared with the previous model, the latest GTI just looks right. And it sounds great too, thanks to a so-called sound pipe that channels engine sound into the passenger compartment. Coming to a VW dealership near you this October, the 2010 GTI will carry an expected base price of about $25,000. Ask for it by name. But dont call it a Rabbit.

2010 & &

FORD Taurus
Getting it right


design. Ill say it just looks good, and this has been achieved without sacricing size or practicality. The interior is very spacious, and the trunk is cavernous. On the highway, the Taurus has a quiet ride and a light steering effort. Steering wheelmounted shift paddles can be pushed or pulled for simple one-handed shifting. Sporty rev-match downshifts and smooth upshifts characterize the gearbox, and the 3.5-liter V-6 (with 263 bhp and 249 lb.-ft. of torque) provides ample acceleration and easy cruising for this 2-ton sedan. Although the Taurus is large, it doesnt feel especially so, at least until you try to park it. But on the road, its size is never an issue. On the damp back roads of Michigan its easy to nd the front-wheel-drive sedans limits, but its clear that the front MacPherson struts and multilink rear suspension have

DETROIT, MICHIGANI FEEL sorry for the Ford dealers who still have a 2009 Taurus on the lot. For the price of the dreary Taurus that still reminds us of the ill-fated Five Hundred, you can have a 2010 model, a car whose styling alone makes the wait worthwhile. The base SE model starts at just under $26,000, and it doesnt afford much in the way of optional upgrades. The SEL, the likely volume leader, costs an extra $2000, but it has paddle shifters for the standard 6-speed automatic, 1-in.-larger 18-in. wheels, heated mirrors, dualzone climate control and a variety of other upgrades that make it a realistic choice for even the price conscious. With a few options, an SEL such as the one I drove costs nearly $30,000. And the improvement over its predecessor is huge; this new Taurus is far more modern and dynamic, some say almost European in 40

been tuned to make a European customer happy. Soft springs and heavy dampers absorb Michigans ever-present potholes nicely, yet allow for crisp corner entry. Roll control is good, but if you push too hard theres a benign transition into moderate understeer that is wholly predictable. With higher cornering speeds come a proportional amount of body roll, but thankfully not as much as might be expected. The improvement is related to revised rear suspension that moves the shocks farther outboard for a better motion ratio thats now 1:1 as opposed to the

previous cars 0.6:1. Weve regularly faulted American manufacturers for their use of hard plastics in interiors. The 2010 Taurus, like the new Mustang, has gone a long way in addressing that criticism. The twin-hump dash derived from the Mustang is spongy, as are the upper door panels. Nearly every surface is pliable. Gripes are minor. The shift paddles feel plasticky, as if they were supplied by Mattel. And the standard wheels of the topof-the-line Limited model are not alloys; they are steel wheels with plastic chrome cladding. For the Limited, tack another $4000 on to the price of the SEL. That extra cash will get you lots of chrome, wood-grain appliqus, SYNC hands-free infotainment, power seats, leather trim and other upgrades. But what is unusual are the individual upgrades available for the Taurus. These include all-wheel drive, Sony premium audio, multi-contour front seats and remote start. The Limited can be further upgraded with a navigation system (with a high-resolution screen), a power rear-window sunshade, heated rear seats, cooled front seats and active cruise control. The Lincoln MKSwhich shares its underpinnings with the Taurus and doesnt offer much more by way of comparisoncosts a lot more than this new Ford. Perhaps I should start to feel sorry for the Lincoln dealers...


Fords new bull gets a little Mustang DNA inside with its twin-hump dash pad, along with other soft touch plastic parts.

R O A D & T R A C K



*Based on testing of models equivalent to PH8A 3387A and 6607 under ISO 4548-12 for particles > 20 microns.
Engine protection is the measure of a lters ability to not just trap dirt, but hold it for the life of the lter.


FRAM EXTRA GUARD DELIVERS 3 TIMES THE ENGINE PROTECTION * BASED ON THE AVERAGE OF LEADING ECONOMY FILTERS. When your oil breaks down, damaging dirt and particles can threaten the life of your engine. A FRAM Extra Guard oil filter delivers advanced engine protection with specially blended glass and cellulose filter media. FRAM Extra Guard traps 95% of dirt and harmful particles, and holds them until your next recommended oil change. Dont cut corners go with FRAM. To learn more about advanced engine protection, go to

2009 Honeywell International Inc. Printed in the U.S.A.


Is the world ready for an eco-minded midsize near-luxury hybrid?

HIROYUKI KOBA, THE DUCATIriding 47-year-old chief engineer of the Lexus HS 250h, likens himself to a conductor. And yes, this new Lexus is his symphony, an artful balance of several key elements (luxury, hybrid powertrain, advanced technology and ecological sensitivity) all directed to form a harmonious sedan. Hence, the HS name. As some have suspected, the HS 250h is based on a version of the Toyota Prius platform, even sharing its 106.3-in. wheelbase. But thats where the similarities end. The HS is a much bigger car, slotting nicely between the IS and ES in size. Whats more, it shares no body parts with the Prius; its 9.2 in. longer and 1.6 in. wider, plus it has an independent multilink rear suspension, quite unlike the torsion beam axle of the Toyota. And the dissimilarities continue underhood, where the HS has a 147-bhp 2.4-liter 4-cylinder on duty, an Atkinson-cycle engine that teams seamlessly with an electric motor/generator and a continuously variable transmission to propel this Lexus to 60 mph in a respectable 8.4 seconds and to a limited top speed of 112 mph. Total system output of this hybrid powertrain, an advanced 42

version of that found in the Camry Hybrid, is 187 hp. One key advancement is an exhaust heat recovery system that raises the temperature of the coolant quickly, saving fuel by reducing engine warm-up time and allowing the engine to shut off earlier, particularly in colder climates. A NiMH battery pack, the size of a smallish suitcase and weighing about 90 lb., resides between the rear seat and the trunk, which holds four sets of golf clubs. As an example of what Lexus calls a high-efciency hybrid (as opposed to the performanceoriented GS 450h whose hybrid V-6 powertrain makes the power of a V-8), the HS 250h is a mileage champ. On regular fuel, it gets EPA fuel economy of 35 mpg city/34 mpg highway/35

mpg combined. Thats impressive for a luxurious 5-seat sedan, and chances are good youll exceed those numbers if you use the driver-selectable Eco mode, which softens throttle response and cuts back on the air conditioning to improve economy. Theres also a pure EV mode, which allows an HS with a good charge to drive for about 3 miles on the battery pack alone, at speeds up to 20 mph. Perfect for underground parking structures and the like, says Lexus. In daily city driving, the HS gets the job done well, relaxed and amply powered in trafc. On hills the CVT powertrain can motorboat a bit under hard throttle, but on the whole the HS is a quiet and rened ride, thanks in part to triple-sealed doors and

Remote-touch controller (below right) is like a computer mouse.

abundant sound-deadening. The only real noise is the whine of the regenerative braking, which can be a touch grabby. From inside, the HS has a tall and narrow feel, and the excellent rear-seat room is enhanced by sculpted (and thin) front seatbacks. The overall quality of materials in the 10-airbag cabin looks good, perhaps not quite up to par with larger Lexi, and although the stock suspension is comfortable, the rmer tuning of the optional Touring package is a much better choice for those who like driving along with their environmental consciousness. And speaking of being earthfriendly, the HS is more than just a fuel-efcient SULEV vehicle. Its also the rst vehicle in the world to use ecological plastics for the interior; some 30 percent of its cabin and luggage area is covered with this plantderived carbon-neutral material, and it looks and feels just like standard trim. As a Lexus, the HS brims with cool new technology. Fully loaded models will have cameras galore, wide-angle ones front and rear (for those tight parking lots), plus ones to make sure the driver is not falling asleep or that the car is not drifting out of its lane. I didnt test the latter two systems (thankfully) but I did get to use the HSs new remotetouch controller, a mouse-like device on the protruding center console that will soon make its way onto all Lexus models with navigation. Its simple to use, and allows the driver to complete multiple tasks without digging too deeply into menus. And the voice commands really work. Last, all HS 250h models with nav will have Enform, a new system that, among other things, automatically noties help in the event of a collision. So, is the world ready for an eco-minded midsize near-luxury hybrid? Perhaps. Lots of Priuses do leave Toyota showrooms equipped with all the bells and whistles. Soon, though, with the August arrival of the approximately $40,000 HS 250hwhat Lexus calls the worlds rst dedicated luxury hybridwell learn for sure.


R O A D & T R A C K


And only Yokohama makes it.
Only Yokohama makes a unique compound with Orange Oil and Natural Rubber. It not only saves fuel in steady driving, it increases traction in cornering and braking.



Low Rolling Resistance (Low is best)



w l Lo iona



ist Res



Steady Driving

Cornering and Braking

Yokohama has an advanced inner liner that weighs less, yet retains air pressure better to deliver outstanding fuel economy. And these innovative tires are not only constructed to be green, they are made in a zero emissions facility. The dB Super E-spec is the future of tire technology, available today, only from Yokohama.

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Traction increase

Effect Of Our Orange Oil Compound


re e Ti

The Hyundai Genesis2009 North American Car of the Year. &

Think About It


Its nice to win awards, especially when they include the most exclusive automobile award in North America. But thats not why we build cars the way we do. No, awards arent the reason we put so much focus on innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction, and value, even though these might be the factors that made us the 2009 North American Car of the Year. Instead we focus on the all-important basics, simply because its the right thing to do. You see, we dont just want to make your next car a Hyundai, we also want to make your car after that a Hyundai as well. Find out more at

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Only 77 of Astons new supercar will be built. With 750 bhp, theyll go quickly!


ANNOUNCING YOUR INTENTION AT LAST years Paris show to build 77 $1.7 million supercars just as the global economy went into freefall, seemingly without a parachute, struck many as the height of folly. Fast forward six months and photographer Ian Dawson and I are in Astons eco-tech styling studio with Design Director Marek Reichmann to get an exclusive rst look at a car he describes as being as close to automotive art as we could get. Ahead of us is the Paris styling buck, but now in all its naked bluish gray glory. The rst production version is being hastily built to meet the looming deadline of the Villa D Este Concours in Italy, where it would win the top design award. Notwithstanding that I wouldnt see a real car for a few weeks, the clay, even in the design studios close connes, immediately impresses with its muscular stance. Its proportions are sleek and wide: Its nearly four inches lower than a DBS, yet its almost 79 in. wide, which should make parking bays at the local JCPenney seem a tad on the tight side. Although it is 4.7 in. shorter than the 186-in.-long DBS, it gains nearly two inches in its wheelbase. From very early on it had to have perfect proportions and t inside the Golden Section, explains Reichmann (the Golden Section being a rectangle of aesthetically pleasing proportions rst proposed by the Greek mathematician Euclid and subsequently used by architects and artists over the centuries). I wanted to send a signal that was about making a beautiful design and from an engineering point of view, above all, it would say Look, Aston Martin is at the cutting edge of leading technologies, adds Engineering Director Ian Minards. A key target from the beginning was chassis balance so Minards ordered a V8 Vantage mule to be built with the front suspension moved 2.0 in. forward to bring more of the mass within the cars wheelbase and give program manager Chris Porritt an idea of the cars dynamic potential. The proportions we were after suit the driving dynamics, Reichmann explains. Getting the engine to sit behind the front wheel center from a dynamic perspective is very important. And what that allows us to do from a visual perspective is to have this glorious bonnet and this fantastic wheel to body relationship and front wheel to windscreen relationship. Because the engine sits lower in the chassis it means that, for the rst time on an Aston, the hood is lower than the fenders. Does that point to a new design direction for the marque? Its a hint at where we could possibly take it. This will form part of the message of future products in terms of its visual aesthetic, is all that Reichmann would concede. A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

47 &

The One-77 is a fusion of high-end technology and traditional craftsmanship and that is illustrated nowhere better than in the sumptuous lines Reichmann and his design team have created for the aluminum body. In an echo of how Aston body panels were once hand-beaten and rolled in the days of Newport Pagnell, so is it true of the One77. This is particularly evident around the front gills and the C-pillars where the metal has been formed into an impossibly complex series of negative and positive forms combined with razor ne lines that can be achieved only through superforming and then hours of hand shaping and nishing the aluminum. Astonishingly, Reichmann tells me that not only is the rear deck from C-pillar to C-pillar a single piece of formed aluminum, but so too are the doors, which have elegant, ower stem-like mirrors (that may not meet regulations). The driver and passenger are ensconced in an enclosed F1-quality carbon-fiber

monocoque with a monstrous level of stiffness, says Minards, more than 22,000 lb.-ft. per degree. We set that target because it has race car potential, but we dont want it to be a bone shaker, comments Minards. It has to have long-distance capability and an extremely rigid chassis, which allows us to compromise on suspension settings for a compliant ride at low speed combined with track capability. Were pretty good at achieving those balances. Its only when Chris Porritt explains to you that the herringbone design on the central tunnel and the apparently seamless sculpted indents behind the seats are in fact individual pieces of carbon weave that have been meticulously cut and mated up that you start to appreciate why it takes four men from Canadas Multimatic three weeks to lay up one tub. Its about distilling everything we know about engineering, design, materials and stretch it right out there, says Porritt.

The tub itself is protected from costly low-speed damage by replaceable aluminum crash cans, front and rear, derived from Astons current product range. Cleverly, the shotguns that act as part of the front impact structure double up as air ducts to the engine and brakes. Wherever possible, Minards and Porritt have utilized known systems and technologies, so it uses DBS-sourced double wishbones and uprights operated via pushrods to inboard springs with twospool Multimatic dampers. The One-77 also uses a hydraulic rear anti-roll bar. While components such as the wishbones and disc brakes are identical to those on the DBS, the kinematics, brake pads and ABS have been tuned to accommodate the One77s lighter weight (about 3300 lb.) and considerably more fearsome performance. At the time of writing Porritt hadnt had the opportunity to verify the cars performance but he condently predicted a 212220 mph top speed, 3.5 seconds

The overall impression is of a car that

exudes attention to detail,

a car that combines handcrafted materials with space-age technology.


R O A D & T R A C K &

to 60, approximately 7 sec. to 100 and 13 sec. to 150. Cosworth, says Minards, was the obvious engine partner as it has experience working on the original Aston V-12 and had worked on the S version. The brief was simple: Make the engine 10 percent lighter, produce 750 bhp and 750 Nm (553 lb.-ft.) of torque. It starts life as a DBS block and is then bored and stroked out to 7.3 liters with plasma-sprayed bores. Cosworth redesigned the cylinder heads with larger intake and exhaust valves operated by direct-acting cams, with Denso variable timing for the inlet side. Lightweight Cosworth pistons are employed, as are new Siemens injectors together with an in-house reprogrammed ECU. Another first for Aston are the quad throttles. Porritt explains: The symmetry is very important for intake sound quality, but what we also wanted was to have each throttle feed three cylinders on the opposite side. I wanted them as close as possible to symmetrical to get a very pure

intake noise and ensure the back cylinders arent starved of air. The cam covers and inlet manifolds are beautifully crafted carbon ber protected from exhaust heat by 24-karat gold leaf. Although not on the engine I saw, expect Minards chimneys as seen on the Vanquish, venting hot air from around the rear cylinders. As if to underline that beauty is more than skin deep on the One-77 there is a new engine front cover, demanded by the dry sump oiling system, milled from a solid aluminum billet. Atop that sits an elegant carbon ber and polished aluminum brace that dissipates crash forces and ties the structure together while acting as a mounting for the front springs and dampers. Its such an elegant piece of engineering I would order two and put the second on the ofce wall


Two weeks after Villa DEste I am back in Astons design studio standing in front

of the award-winning One-77. If anything it looks even more dramatic and menacing than the clay. As I walk around the car my eyes are caught by numerous details absent on the clay: The side strakes now have LED repeaters sunk into them and the nose badge is milled from a solid piece of metal into a 3-D version of the Aston winged badge, with all its intricate facets, peaks and troughs, while the grille itself is handmade. Exterior and interior metal work is now a combination of polished trim and polished dark chrome, although Reichmann explains that as the One-77 is a bespoke car each customer can choose whatever metal nish is preferred. The swan wing door swings open and I slide, rather awkwardly, down into the cabin, threading my legs into the footwell and dropping into the leather-lined racestyle seat. Despite the low roofline theres just enough head room for my 6-ft. 2-in. frame,

With its carbon-fiber chassis, the One77 is incredibly stiff, aided by a beautiful underhood brace (left) that serves as an anchor point for the pushrod suspension. Aston badge, above, is billet aluminum. &

although an individual seat-tting might liberate a few more fractions. Its only now that I get a sense of the cars breadth and that long low nose disappearing from view. Thankfully, the raised fenders mean you can judge where the front wheels are, but One-77 drivers still must be acutely aware of the long frontal overhang. Your eye point is three meters (9.8 ft.) from the front of the car, Reichmann tells me. This example is trimmed in a combination of leathers: hard, almost shoe-like black saddle leather on the doors with the inner face of the pull trimmed in soft padded hide; pearlescent leather faces the seats and other areas, shimmering like the underbelly of a shark and complementing the shark-like blue of the body paint. The inner panels of the seats are woven leather for increased ventilation and better grip under hard cornering, while the roof lining is laser-cut black hide. Dominating the interior is the huge buttress of a center console that swoops down as if it were once molten and has solidied. Reichmann smiles when I tell him the upper air vents remind me of the innards of a sh gill. We wanted very organic, natural forms to counter the cars high technology continuing the theme of advanced and natural materials, he tells me. Look through the rearview mirror and virtually all you can see are the pushrods for the rear suspension. Theres precious little luggage space save for a small compartment that will house a soft weekend bag, says Reichmann. I am tempted to push the start button, but one look at the designers stern face persuades me otherwise. When we red



it up the other day in the viewing garden it set off car alarms in the visitors parking area. Clearly, its loud. Once the forward-hinged and gold foillined hood is open you appreciate how far back the engine is; all you can see is what is, ostensibly, a V-6 with 7.3-liter V12 markings on the carbon cam covers reminding you what is powering the beast. The overall impression is of a car that exudes attention to detail, a car that combines handcrafted materials with spaceage technology. Aston is coy about how many One77s it has sold, saying only that We are encouraged by the interest that has been shown in the car, and that some will be heading to the States. Only time will tell whether the One-77 will be a folly or a success. But no one can deny the depth of quality, attention to detail and, above all, the sheer craftsmanship that has gone into delivering this outstanding supercar.

Aston Martin One-77 Specications

List price 1,020,000 (with tax and delivery = 1,200,000) Curb weight est 3300 lb Weight distribution, f/r % 49/51 Wheelbase 109.9 in. Length 180.2 in. Width 78.7 in. Height 48.2 in.

Type aluminum block & heads, dohc V-12 Displacement 7312 cc Bore x stroke 94.0 mm x 87.8 mm Compression ratio 10.8:1 Horsepower (SAE) 750 bhp @ 7500 rpm Torque 553 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm Redline 7750 rpm Fuel injection elect. sequential port Recommended fuel 93 octane Transmission 6-speed paddle-shift manual

Layout front engine/rear drive Body/frame aluminum/carbon ber Brakes, f/r 15.7-in. vented carbon ceramic discs/14.2-in. vented carbon ceramic discs; vacuum assist, ABS Wheels forged aluminum Tires Pirelli P Zero Corsa 255/35R-20 f 335/30R-20 r Steering rack & pinion, power assist Suspension, f/r upper & lower A-arms, pushrod actuated shocks, anti-roll bar/ upper & lower A-arms, pushrod actuated shocks, anti-roll bar

060 mph, sec est 3.5 0100 mph, sec est 7.0 Top speed est 212 mph

A mechanical object of art, the Aston Martin One-77 has its V-12 mounted aft of its front axle for excellent weight distribution. And although the inboard rear suspension does cut into the view out the back glass, is anything behind you really a concern when you have 750 bhp on tap? & &

2010 LOTUS

Lotus charts its future with a new kind of sports car




Evolution, vogue, aura. The new Lotus name was derived

from these three words to convey the inspiration that went into creating this new 2+2 sports car. The Evora represents the rst all-new automobile from the company in 13 years, and the rst 2+2 since the Excel in 1992. A long time to be sure, but that the Evora exists at all is a minor miracle. Lotus spent most of the past decade in the automotive ER, never knowing for sure whether it would survive, and going through CEOs like Al Davis through head coaches. But the return of current CEO, Mike Kimberly, has brought peace and stabilitynot to mention vision, a sense of purpose and effective inspirationto Hethel. And the Evora embodies the rst car to come from his new regime. A few select journalists were invited to the rural setting near Glasgow, Scotland, around Loch Lomond, to sample what he and his chief engineer, Roger Becker, cooked up. A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

53 &

Proving its more than just a maker of the delectable Elise and Exige, Lotus will begin selling the mid-engine 2+2 Evora this January in the U.S. By Lotus standards its not a light car, but the Toyota-sourced V-6 makes 276 bhp.

Upon rst glance, you cant imagine this car being anything other than a 2-seater, but open the door and there they are: rear seats. Also pleasantly surprising are the large door openings that allow you to gracefully slide in and out of the cars supple Recaro seats. Unlike Lotus other hardtop, the Exige, theres no unnatural bending or twisting involved with getting in and out. Once inside, youll nd a surprising amount of head and leg room for front-seat passengers. Kimberly, who stands 6-foot-5, supposedly told the project team, If I dont t in this car, you wont t in my company. Effective inspiration indeed. The shape and layout of the dashboard give you the feel that youre in a ghter cockpit, wrapping around you like a snug jacket. Yet the leather surfaces tell you that youre in something luxurious. The controls are easy to use, except for those of the Alpine navigation/stereo system, whose aftermarket nature felt out of place. The touch-screen menu took some time to gure out, and the overall quality of the graphics looked a bit fuzzy. The rear seats can accommodate a couple of children or, according to Lotus, a smallish adult no

taller than 5 ft. For anyone larger, being tied to the rack would be more appealing than spending more than 15 minutes in their connes. I think the rear seats are best used as an extra luggage compartment. The engine comes to life with a gentle growl. Transversely situated aft of the cockpit is Toyotas 2GR-FE VVT-i engineyep, thats the Camrys 6-cylinder powerplant. But after Lotus got its hands on it, the Camry is the last thing that comes to mind when you step on the throttle. Lotus remapped the ECU and installed an AP Racing ywheel and its ETCS-i (Electric Throttle Control System-intelligent); the result is 276 bhp at 6400 rpm and 258 lb.-ft. of torque at 4700. The 3.5-liter quad-cam V-6 comes mated to a Toyota 6-speed manual gearbox that sees duty in the Japanese companys diesel cars. Because Toyota doesnt make a manual gearbox for this engine, Lotus engineers had to improvise. They did a pretty good job, too, considering how natural the gearing felt. According to Lotus, the 3046-lb. Evora will streak to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and to 100 mph in 12.3. Itll top out at 162 mph. Purists will

wish the engine produced a louder, more visceral sound; on the other hand, it does allow you to have a normal conversation at highway speed and gets good mileage to boot, around 30 mpg combined. What sets the Evora apart from all others is its chassis. This new Lotus has a modular layout made up of three separate pieces: the front section, tub and rear section, bolted and bonded together to make one complete unit. This not only allows Lotus to mix and match these components for future vehicles (the next Esprit perhaps), but it can save the customer money in repair costs. For instance, if youre in an accident with only the rear end incurring heavy damage, the repair shop can pull off the rear section and bolt on a new one. Lotus took advantage of this aspect during crash tests, using only four cars for six different crash tests. And the car is solid. Not the slightest squeak or rattle could be heard when driving through the winding and oftentimes harsh roads around Loch Lomond. The suspensionupper and lower A-arms both front and rear with Bilstein shocks and Eibach springsdid a commend- &


2010 Lotus Evora Specications

List price Curb weight Weight distribution, f/r Wheelbase Length Width Height est $75,000 3046 lb 40/60 101.4 in. 170.9 in. 72.8 in. 48.1 in.



able job of absorbing all types of road irregularities. It took only a brief stint behind the steering wheel to realize that the Evora is the most solid-feeling and smoothest-riding Lotus ever. Around turns, the Evora is still a Lotus, meaning handling is the name of its game.

The steering is precise and quick, reminiscent of the Exiges. The car displays sharp reexes through left/right transitions, with body roll kept in check through all variety of corners. The Pirelli P Zero tires grip well as only a touch of understeer can be felt through sharp turns. Theres also an understeer control program built into the cars traction control system, but for seasoned drivers, its an unnecessary gadget: Careful braking and throttle modulation will get you through any challenging bend, thanks to the cars razor-sharp reexes. The new Evora is indeed a sports car for a broad range of enthusiasts. It knows no prejudice, appealing to all, whether youre a man or woman, tall or short, old or young. Its sole purpose is to inspire you to drive, which it does like no other 2+2 in the marketplace. The Evora is scheduled to reach U.S. showrooms next January, with a price of around $75,000.

Type Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Horsepower (SAE) Torque Redline Fuel injection Recommended fuel Transmission

alum. block & heads, dohc V-6 3456 cc 94.0 x 83.0 mm 10.0:1 276 bhp @ 6400 rpm 258 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm 7200 rpm elect. sequential port premium unleaded 6-speed manual


Layout mid engine/rear drive Body/frame composite/bonded aluminum Brakes, f/r 13.8-in. vented discs/ 13.1-in. vented discs vacuum assist, ABS Wheels cast alloy Tires Pirelli P Zero; 225/40ZR-18 f, 255/35ZR-19 r Steering rack & pinion, power assist Turning circle 33.3 ft Suspension, f/r upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar/upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar


060 mph, sec 0100 mph, sec -mile, sec Braking, 600 mph Top speed *Factory claims.

4.9 12.3 est 12.5 110 ft 162 mph

  What makes the Evora

different from other cars in the marketplace today?

The Evora is a classic in the making, a 2+2 that delivers a special package with its mid-engine conguration. This is a concept that others have tried in the past and, in my opinion, failed to achieve in any way that casts a positive memory.

 Why choose the Toyota V-6

for this car? Werent there more established sportscar engines available?

The Evora marks a new beginning for Lotus Cars. It is the foundation bedrock for many great products to come. But whats foremost is that the Evora has brought Lotus back into the mid-premium sports-car class, a market position that is no real stranger to Lotus. Well, at least yours truly was very much involved in those memorable Lotus Elan+2, Elite, Eclat and Excel models of yesteryear.

 As the rst new product

from Lotus in 13 years, what does this car mean in terms of the future for Lotus, especially considering its unique construction?

 That this car was completed

in 27 months is amazing. How did you pull this off?

sions is a no-brainer as the people at Toyota not only trust Lotus engineering talent and professionalism, they deliver at prices that other niche vehicle manufacturers can only dream of. The halo effect is only just becoming apparent as the walls of Japanese conservatism are dissipated by the Lotus inuence. For them, its a breath of fresh air thats breathed into their engines to create a harmonious blend between engine and chassis. Im sure Toyota will learn from this to enhance their own products for the future.

 In what capacity will we see

the Evora in international motorsports?

the way) and I encouraged interaction between all the people involved. We designed in quality from the beginning, through the right use of materials and the appropriate level of tooling that delivers quality at the right price for the Evoras 6-year total life-cycle business case.

Toyota powertrains are above all else solid and reliable, perhaps a trait unfamiliar in Lotus products of the past. With Toyota as one of Lotus strategic partners, the use of Toyotas engines and transmis-

This was done by teamwork and dedication. Everyone associated with this project had put their trust in the project leader (thats me, by

The Evora chassis will provide a great GT car if guided through the FIA rules with typical Colin Chapman air. Will it happen? We certainly hope so. When will it happen? Well, that all depends on you guys giving us some great road test reports, which in turn result in huge global sales of Evora. Then well have the budget to make all this happen! A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

55 &



Forced induction rules the day, but which car rules the roost?


WHEN A CADILLAC CTS-V AND THE BRAND-NEW JAGUAR XFR ARRIVED AT our ofces, it was obvious a proper road trip was in order. But not just any old road trip would do. We needed to take these two pinnacles of sports-sedan-dom on an epic adventure, somewhere they could stretch their really long legs. After all, the CTS-V and XFR pack some serious heat, armed with 500-plus-bhp supercharged V-8s, suitably stiffened and electronically adjustable suspension systems, big brakes, limited-slip differentials and properly sporting interiors.
57 A U G U S T 2 0 0 9 &

Jonathan Elfalan, ROAD TEST EDITOR

I dont consider myself an avid Jaguar fan, but the XFR is an exception. While the CTS-V ultimately outguns this
Jag in performance, the XFR can certainly hold its own (not to mention a gear) on a back road. The main difference is the Jag does so with the added benets of superior comfort, sophistication and a surprisingly more sonorous exhaust note. If there ever was a perfect car to powerslide while listening to classical music, the Jaguar XFR would be it.

Despite its size and weight, the XFR truly is a spry cat, one that can be thrown into a corner with a ton of condence.
Since a run up the RV-bogged California coast simply wasnt going to cut it this time, Road Test Editor Jonathan Elfalan and I packed our bags, grabbed our sunglasses and iPods and headed northeast toward Utah, in search of wide-open spaces, beautiful scenery and incredible driving roads. A few scorched tires and a couple of speeding tickets later, we found all of the above. Plus a new super sedan king. dubbed the AJ-V8 Gen III R. This 5.0liter actually takes up less space in the engine bay than its 4.2-liter predecessor (its shortened by 0.94 in.) due to the relocation of the oil pump within the engine architecture, while the weight has remained virtually unchanged. But its the 4-lobe Roots-type supercharger that steals the show here, the high-helix rotor design pretty much making supercharger whine a thing of the past. Power and torque have jumped by 23 percent and 12 percent, respectively, from the previous 4.2-liter supercharged engines, the new XFR putting out 510 bhp at 6000 rpm and 461 lb.-ft. of torque at a low 2500 rpm. Its that abundance of lowend torque that makes the Jag powerplant such a sweet piece to use, Elfalan calling it a jewel with a nice snarl, and praising the V-8s torque band thats broader and comes in lower than the CTS-Vs. Although the Caddy has more torque551 lb.-ft.its produced at a higher 3800 rpm, making it more common to find yourself in one of those wait for it moments. With the XFR, power is always there and seemingly never-ending, like a jet airplane on takeoff. Handling transmission duty in the Jag is ZFs 6HP28 6-speed automatic gearboxenhanced with additional clutch plates and an upgraded torque converter to accommodate the engines extra power. The result is 060 mph in 4.3 seconds. While its true the CTS-V accomplishes



The 2010 XFR easily ranks as one of the most impressive cars ever to come from Jaguar. What makes the XFR truly leap is an all-new direct-injected V-8

Jags new V-8, supercharged to the tune of 510 bhp, makes the XFR one quick cat. The cabin is more inviting than the CTS-Vs, with seats that are superb over the long haul.

the same feat 0.2 sec. quicker, its impressive that the Jag stays as close to the Caddy as it does, considering the CTS-V has more power, a manual transmission and is 275 lb. lighter. For the most part, the Jags paddle-shift automatic is a pleasure to use, with seamless shifts in full automatic operation and quick gearchanges in Manual mode accompanied by strong throttle blips on downshifts, along with what we believe is the industrys largest gear indicator when in Dynamic mode. Two annoyances: In Manual mode, the transmission doesnt automatically downshift to 1st gear when you come to a stop, leaving you launching in 2nd gear if you forget to shift it down yourself. And occasionally the sys-

tem wont let you downshift manually if it thinks the revs are too high. Jaguar has long been known for an ability to tune a great ride/handling suspension compromise, and the new XFR keeps the faith thanks to its computer-controlled suspension called Adaptive Dynamics. The system automatically adjusts the Bilstein shock absorbers to suit both the road conditions and the way in which the car is being driven. Switch the XFR to Dynamic mode, and the throttle, stability control, transmission and suspension responses are set to even more aggressive levels. Despite its size and weight, the XFR truly is a spry cat, one that can be thrown into a corner with a ton of condence. Its only in comparison to the oh-so-serious

CTS-V that the Jag falters slightly. Its then you notice the XFRs variable-ratio steering is too light and lacks precision, its suspension is set a touch softer and the Dunlop tires are a bit less grippy. Still, the XFR is a playful machine thats very controllable at the limit, aided by Jaguars new electronic limited-slip rear differentialit gives all the handling and traction benets of a mechanical diff, while dialing out initial turn-in understeer and eliminating low-speed diff noise. And, given a choice of Caddy or Jag to drive from Utah back to California, Elfalan and I fought over the smoother-riding Jagliterally. The level of workmanship throughout the XFRs interior is superb, and every A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

59 &

The shift linkage is much improved over the last Vs, but the throws are still a bit long. Nevertheless, the V impresses us with its interior, easy nav system and fantastic power. LEDs across the back became very familiar to the XFR driver.

feature imaginable comes standard at the cars $80,000 as-tested price. We couldnt get enough of the Jags superbly stitched leather, plush Alcantara headliner and soothing Phosphor Blue interior lighting. Sure, the automatically opening vent outlets and rising gearshift knob are a bit gimmicky, but we like them anyway. Some, though, have questioned the Jaguar-ness of both the interior and exterior stylingneither seems particularly British. But for most, what will matter is that the XFR is a fantastic sports sedan. While the standard XF and XF Supercharged were already ne-driving machines, the new XFR version jumps this cat to a whole new level of performance.



Few cars have been more heralded of late than Cadillacs second-generation CTS-V . First, the car set a lap record for production sedans at the Nrburgring (R&T, August 2008). Next, we set up a lap-time grudge match between BMWs legendary M5 and the CTS-V (R&T, October 2008), with the Cadillac nipping the mighty German. So the CTS-V comes standard with hype. But contrary to what you might think for a car equipped with a version of the Corvette ZR1s supercharged V-8, what stands out the most about the CTS-V is not its power, but rather its superb handling. Much of the credit here goes to the

use of magneto-rheological shock absorbers. The systems electronic sensors read the road every millisecond, constantly adjusting the damping to control the cars body motions. Changing the Caddys suspension from Tour to Sport mode further ups the 4-door sports-car quotient. Body roll gets signicantly checked, the car taking on a hunkered-down set, as Elfalan put it. The levels of grip and condence let you attack corners as if you were in a much lighter sports car. The variable-effort steering is quick and precise in normal use. But switch the cars stability system to Competitive mode, or fully off, and extra steering effort is automatically dialed in. The result? Near perfect weighting. Grip is plentiful &

The level of grip lets you attack corners as if you were in a

much lighter sports car.

Mike Monticello, FEATURE EDITOR

Both of these sedans are so terric, it seems a shame to choose sides. While there are few cars I can think of better
suited to long miles of sports touring than the Jaguar XFR, I have to side with the more precise-handling Cadillac CTS-V. That the CTS-V is available with a manual transmission, unlike the Jag, doesnt hurt its case, either. Im utterly impressed with the huge improvement over the old V, yet still at a bargain price. Just dont order the Recaro seats!

from the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s, to the tune of 0.90g around the skidpad and an impressive 70.1 mph through the slalom, bettering the previous CTS-Vs numbers of 0.87g and 66.0 mph, respectively. The CTS-Vs pushrod 6.2-liter V-8 (called the LSA), as with the Jag XFR, uses a Roots-type 4-lobe supercharger to achieve 556 bhp at 6100 rpm and 551 lb.ft. of torque at 3800 rpm. But unlike the raucous and beastly LS9 upon which the engine is based, the Caddys V-8 exhibits a surprisingly muted sound, even under full throttle at high revs. The Jag sounds more muscular, largely due to intake manifold pressure pulsations ducted into its cabin. Muted or not, the CTS-V isnt slow, launching to 60 mph in just 4.1 sec. and

scorching the quarter mile in 12.3, besting the XFR by 0.2 and 0.3 sec., respectively. By 130 mph, the CTS-V is 1.7 sec. ahead of the lesser powered Jag. Drag launches are one thing, but out in the real world, when youre not always in the gear you need to be, the CTS-V feels softer than the Jag low in the rev range. All credit to Cadillac for continuing to offer the CTS-V with a 6-speed manual (for the first time, a 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters is also available). The new Tremec TR6060 transmission features a more user-friendly dual-disc clutch, while the whole unit has been signicantly strengthened versus the previous T56 to handle the CTS-Vs newfound torque. Shift quality is far superior to that

of the old gearbox, but the throws are still on the longish side. Similarly impressive are the CTS-Vs Brembo brakes, 15.0-in. rotors with 6piston calipers up front and 14.7-in. rotors with 4-piston calipers at the rear. The pedal feel denes the term rock solid, giving supreme confidence when pushing the car hard on a twisty mountain road. The same cant be said for the XFR; its brakes were touchy around town and then became mushy with significantly increased pedal travel during the same period of exuberant driving. The CTS-Vs interior has seen drastic improvements. The cheap plastics of the previous model are gone and the styling has grown up, although the A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

61 &

THE Results
Performance points based on proportional scale (normalization).

060 mph time 0 mile time Slalom Skidpad Braking, 600 mph Braking, 800 mph Fuel economy, EPA SUBTOTAL

30 pts 30 pts 30 pts

2009 Cadillac CTS-V 30.0

2010 Jaguar XFR 28.6 29.3 28.3 29.3 29.2 28.8 20.0 193.5

30.0 30.0 30 pts 30.0 30 pts 30.0 30 pts 30.0 20 pts 18.8 200 pts 198.8

Subjective ratings based on points awarded in each of 12 categories by editors and scored based on a proportional scale.

Driving excitement Engine Gearbox Steering Brakes Ride Handling Exterior styling Interior styling Seats Ergonomics/controls Luggage space SUBTOTAL TOTAL POINTS (Price independent)

20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 15 pts 15 pts 10 pts 10 pts 10 pts

200 pts

20.0 19.0 20.0 20.0 20.0 17.0 20.0 15.0 12.0 6.3 8.4 8.4 186.1

17.0 20.0 17.9 15.0 16.0 20.0 16.0 15.0 15.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 181.9 375.4

400 pts 384.9

Final Standings

2009 Cadillac CTS-V

2010 Jaguar XFR

like center stack stays true to Caddys modern Art and Science theme. The Alcantara-covered steering wheel and shift lever are nice touches, although the wheel could use thicker padding. As good as the interior is, the CTS-Vs is still not a match for the Jaguars in terms of quality and presentation. Our biggest complaint focused on the optional Recaro sport seatswhile their electrically adjustable bolsters offer great amounts of lateral support, the concave shape of the upper seatback combined with the forward cant of the headrest made for uncomfortable long stints. Optional seat issues aside, the CTS-V proved to be an amazing machine, and denitely lives up to the hype that surrounds it.

As you might have noticed, the CTSV undercuts the XFRs base price by $21,230. Not small change, for sure. But Elfalan and I decided, initially at least, to judge the cars simply on their own merits


Points based on a proportional scale; points range based on percentage of top price.

Price as tested

200 pts

Price-sensitive total points Price-sensitive standings

200.0 191.8 $66,835 $80,000 584.9 567.2

regardless of price, and let the price-sensitive points work themselves out later. As it turned out, the CTS-V didnt need its lower price to help it beat the Jag, accomplishing the feat purely on its own outstanding abilities. The CTS-V won every Performance category save fuel economy, putting the XFR at a severe decit it couldnt make up, despite a very strong showing in our Subjective ratings. Although it might not look like the battle was close strictly from a numbers standpoint, people generally dont choose cars based on a points scale. This was proven, no less, by the fact that Elfalan and I were split on our personal picks Elfalan choosing the Jag and I, the Caddy. So what can we take from this? If youre looking for a supremely smooth, powerful and comfortable super sedan, you cant go wrong with the new Jag. If all-out performance is your thing, and you can accept small sacrices in comfort and quality, the CTS-V is the new super sedan king. And at a bargain price, we might add.





R O A D & T R A C K &

2 0 0 9


2 0 1 0


Cadillac, a division of General Motors, 100 Renaissance Center, Detroit, Mich. 48265;

Jaguar North America, 555 MacArthur Blvd., Mahwah, N.J. 07430;





Cadillac CTS-V
List price Price as tested $57,920 $66,835 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, dual front, side & curtain airbags, yaw & trac cntrl, Magnetic Ride Control susp, rain-sensing wipers, Rear Park Assist, dualzone climate cntrl, cruise cntrl, Bose 10-spkr AM/FM/CD/DVD, Bluetooth; pwr windows, mirrors & door locks), heated/cooled Recaro front sport seats ($3400), Nav ($2145), prem paint ($995), Alcantara wheel & shift knob ($300), gas-guzzler tax ($1300), dest charge ($775). 4130 lb 4300 lb 53/47 113.4 in. 61.8 in./62.0 in. 191.6 in. 72.5 in. 58.0 in.

Jaguar XFR
$79,150 $80,000 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, dual front, side & curtain airbags, yaw & trac cntrl, Adaptive Dynamics variable suspension damping, Active Differential Control, steering-wheel paddle shifters, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitor, xenon headlights, navigation, Bowers & Wilkins 440-watt AM/FM/6-CD w/HD radio, portable audio connectivity, Bluetooth, heated/cooled pwr front sport seats; pwr windows, mirrors & door locks), dest charge ($850). 4405 lb 4575 lb 52/48 114.5 in. 61.4 in./61.8 in. 195.3 in. 73.9 in. 57.5 in. dohc 4-valve/cyl suprchrged V-8 5000 cc 92.5 x 93.0 mm 9.5:1 510 bhp @ 6000 rpm 461 lb-ft @ 2500 rpm 6800/6600 rpm direct premium front engine/rear drive unit steel 15.0-in. vented discs/2-piston sliding calipers 14.8-in. vented discs/1-piston sliding calipers; vac assist, ABS cast alloy; 20 x 8 f, 20 x 9 r Dunlop SP Sport Maxx; 255/30ZR-20 97Y f, 285/30ZR-20 99Y r rack & pinion, variable ratio, power assist 15.0:1 2.7 upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, elect. adj tube shocks, anti-roll bar/multilink, coil springs, elect. adj tube shocks, anti-roll bar 5 37.5 in./35.0 in. 45.0 in. 24.0 in. 17.7 cu ft

Cadillac CTS-V
Time to distance, seconds 01320 ft ( mile) 12.3 @ 118.8 mph
130 120 110 100 90 80 70

Jaguar XFR
12.6 @ 115.3 mph Time to speed 0120 mph 0110 mph 0100 mph 090 mph 080 mph 070 mph 060 mph 050 mph 040 mph 030 mph 020 mph 010 mph
= mile



CTS-V 12.5 10.7 8.8 7.5 6.3 5.0 4.1 3.3 2.4 1.8 1.1 0.3

XFR 13.6 11.5 9.6 8.1 6.7 5.4 4.3 3.4 2.6 1.8 1.1 0.4

50 40 30 20

Curb weight Test weight Weight dist (w/ driver), f/r, % Wheelbase Track, f/r Length Width Height Type Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Horsepower (SAE) Torque Redline/limiter Fuel injection Rec fuel Layout Body/frame Brakes, front rear Wheels Tires

10 0 SEC 5 10 15 20


ohv supercharged V-8 6162 cc 103.3 x 92.0 mm 9.0:1 556 bhp @ 6100 rpm 551 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm 6200/6200 rpm elect. sequential port premium front engine/rear drive unit steel 15.0-in. vented discs/6-piston xed calipers 14.7-in. vented discs/4-piston xed calipers; vac assist, ABS forged alloy; 19 x 9 f, 19 x 9 r Michelin Pilot Sport PS2; 255/40ZR-19 96Y f, 285/35ZR-19 99Y r rack & pinion, power assist 14.2:1 2.6 upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, elect. adj tube shocks, anti-roll bar/upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, elect. adj tube shocks, anti-roll bar 5 39.5 in./35.0 in. 45.8 in. 23.5 in. 13.6 cu ft

Minimum stopping distance From 60 mph 114 ft From 80 mph 198 ft Total swept area 712 sq in. Swept area per ton 345 sq in.

117 ft 206 ft 774 sq in. 351 sq in. 0.88g moderate understeer 66.1 mph neutral

Lateral accel * 0.90g Balance mild understeer Slalom speed** 70.1 mph Balance moderate understeer *200-ft skidpad; ** 700-ft slalom, 100-ft spacing. Transmission 6-speed manual Gear/Ratio/Overall/(Rpm) Mph 1st,:1 2.66/9.92/(6200) 49 2nd,:1 1.78/6.64/(6200) 73 3rd,:1 1.30/4.85/(6200) 100 4th,:1 1.00/3.73/(6200) 131 5th,:1 0.80/2.98/(6200) 163 6th,:1 0.63/2.35/est(5700) 191 Final drive ratio 3.73:1 Engine rpm @ 60 mph 1800 rpm in top gear *Electronically limited. Our driving EPA city/highway Cruise range Fuel capacity Idle in neutral Maximum, 1st gear Constant 50 mph Constant 70 mph Temperature Humidity 15.6 mpg 14/19 mpg 265 miles 18.0 gal. 55 dBA 78 dBA 66 dBA 70 dBA 83 F 45% Elevation Wind



6-speed automatic 4.17/13.80/(6600) 38 2.34/7.75/(6600) 67 1.52/5.03/(6600) 103 1.14/3.77/(6600) 137 0.87/2.88/est(5700) 155* 0.69/2.28/est(4500) 155* 3.31:1 1750 rpm

Steering Steering ratio Turns lock to lock Suspension, f/r


16.7 mpg 15/23 mpg 291 miles 18.4 gal. 42 dBA 74 dBA 62 dBA 67 dBA 350 ft light Location Irvine, California



Seating capacity Head room, f/r Front-seat leg room Rear-seat knee room Trunk space



Still big and agile, but not the trendsetter it once was



ROAD & TRACK & A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

65 &

Many argue theres no need to spend more than

$25,000$30,000 for an automobile and they are correct. There are plenty of good wheels out there for less than 30 thou; sound transportation we admire. W Just as undeniably, there is something quite grand about gliding along in a big luxury sedan. Sealed in against the normal travails of life, storms both meteorological and nancial, settled into leather seats that coddle and, in some cases, massage. W Lets be honest, who doesnt enjoy a little coddling?

It does require some foreign intervention, as many of the best of these coddlers are Japanese, Italian or German, whether its the vault-like silence of a Lexus, the leather-wrapped sportiness of a Maserati or, in the case of this road test, a Bavarian BMW 750Li. This is the fth-generation 7 Series and our test car happened to be the 205.3-in.long L, the long-wheelbase version, so we got to stretch our legs in the back seat during this road test. Other than rear seat leg room, our thoughts apply equally to the 750i, which is 5.5 in. shorter in overall length and wheelbase, though only 76 lb. lighter. With the fth generation of the big Bimmer comes the sort of same-only-different elegant restyling one expects in high-dollar luxury cars. Its rare to find revolutionary design in these machines because they are their companies agships and, as such, prestige leadersand you want your agship to be a QE2, not a Titanic. Naturally the 750Li leads with the traditional BMW grilles, though they have morphed from kidneys into the aring nostrils of a ticked-off bull. Nice touch, a bit of chic aggression to lead off the elegance that follows as you ow back to the 7 Series tail. &

To many minds, the departure of the Bangle butt from BMWs big sedans is a welcomed change after that rare bit of revolution in luxury car design. And yet, while the 2009 750Li is a smooth, stylish bit of sculpture aft of the grille, it has taken on a Lexus LS look. Like it or not, the Bangle butt made big Bimmers nicely distinctive with a bit of follow me, which several automakers did with subsequent designs of their cars. While on the subject of controversy, lets get inside the 7 Series and deal with iDrive. Googling the word brings 682,000 results ranging from slavish praise to angry derision. We settle in the middle, liking the concept but not the execution in the rst three iterations. iDrive has been around about as long as the iPod, which is a similar approach to user interface. But while the iPod went through many and frequent modications to make it evermore user-friendly and a consumer must have, iDrive did notuntil now. This fourth-generation iDrive has been Audi MMI-ized, forsaking the wheel and two minor buttons for a more positivefeeling joyknob and seven buttons, giving immediate access to CD, RADIO, NAV ,

TEL, plus MENU, OPTION and the savior selection: BACK. There are also eight handy memory keys programmable to your favorite functions, like an oft-used navi destination or a sound system setting your wife (or husband) doesnt appreciate when she (he) is in the car. Matched to a 10.2-in. wide-screen display, this iDrive is a step forwardjust as Audi announces its next-generation MMI system. Both, incidentally, leave Mercedes COMAND system in the dust. BMW does keep controls a bit unsettled with its oddball E-Shift automatic transmission lever, but the remainder of the electronic attractions and the interior in general are what we expect in a European luxury car. You can also option such tricks as lane departure control, blind spot detection, head-up display, the odd-butenticing side-view cameras and an excellent night-vision system. We wish we could remove the 750Lis seats and put them in our living room. They are the rst line of coddling, offering superb comfort and support. The ride in back is also excellent, even when the driver is making tracks on a twisty road

and ddling with the ride/handling control system. Makes you feel like a diplomat or the CEO of something. Nor would we mind equipping our living room with the 7s sound system and its hard drive-based entertainment system, which allots 12 gigs to music storage space. All this is quite nice, given the 7 Series slot in the pantheon of luxury cars, but the 750Li is a BMW and as such needs to perform. Which it does. How about 060 mph in just 4.9 seconds? Knock off 0.1 sec. for the normal 750i. Or the quarter mile in 13.4 sec. at 106.0 mph? These numbers sandwich it a few ticks down on the Mercedes-Benz S600 and Audi S8 and a similar amount quicker than the Lexus LS 600h L, Maserati Quattroporte and two more long-wheelbase luxury rides we need to consider, Mercedes S550 and Jaguars XJ8 L. A tip of the hat also to the Cadillac STS-V , only slightly smaller but past 60 mph in 4.7 sec. And you can match any of those numbers with ease with not a moments drama, as bets a luxury car. While BMW once preferred V-12s for the top 7 Series model, it now opts for a turbocharged V-8. And not surprisingly for the

Back seat room, as expected, is abundant in the big long-wheelbase 7, which now has a dramatically improved iDrive multifunction controller with a large screen mounted high on the dash. E-Shift gear lever, below left, gets easier to use with familiarization. &

Munich automaker, its unusual. Remember turbo lag? Okay, now forget it, thanks to the V-8s unique layout. By putting the intake valves and direct injection on the outside of the 4.4-liter V-8s vee, BMW could locate a pair of low-inertia turbos in the vee, just off the exhaust valves. The result is not only 400 bhp from 55006400 rpm, but also 450 lb.-ft. of torque from 18004500 rpm, up from the previous 7 Series 4.8-liter V-8 with 360 bhp and 360 lb.-ft. The 4.4 turbo is mated to the 6-speed E-Shift automatic with Normal, Sport and Manual modes. It says a lot about BMW that the controls of the new iDrive are to the right of
Audi S8
Tested: 08/06

the E-Shift lever and the buttons for the less-used Driving Dynamics Control are closer to the driver. Push these buttons to swap among Comfort, Normal, Sport and Sport Plus settings, the last minimizing traction control for track driving. Affected by the modes are shift performance, throttle response, power steering
Lexus LS 600h L

Tested: 07/07

2007 Audi S8 Current list price Engine Horsepower Torque Transmission 060 mph Braking, 600 mph Lateral accel (200-ft skidpad) Speed thru 700-ft slalom EPA city/highway Length Width Height Wheelbase Track, f/r Curb weight $96,200 dohc 5.2-liter V-10 450 bhp @ 7000 rpm 398 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm 6-speed automatic 4.7 sec 112 ft 0.90g 65.3 mph 13/19 mpg 199.3 in. 74.6 in. 56.9 in. 115.9 in. 63.8 in./63.3 in. 4380 lb

2009 BMW 750Li $84,200 dohc 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 400 bhp @ 5500 rpm 450 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm 6-speed automatic 4.9 sec 120 ft 0.87g 68.7 mph 14/21 mpg 205.3 in. 74.9 in. 58.3 in. 126.4 in. 63.4 in./65.0 in. 4735 lb

2008 Lexus LS 600h L $106,035 dohc 5.0-liter V-8/elect. motor 438 bhp @ 6400 rpm (combined) 385 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm 2-stage CVT 5.4 sec 120 ft 0.83g 63.6 mph 20/22 mpg 202.8 in. 73.8 in. 58.3 in. 121.7 in. 63.4 in./63.4 in. 5115 lb &


With the exception of its superior slalom ability, the BMW 750Li slots in right between the athletic all-aluminum Audi S8 and the hybrid-powered Lexus LS 600h L. The Audis slightly smaller build and weight advantage give it a leg up in dynamics but its thirsty Lamborghini-related V-10 gives the Lexus something to scoff at. If not for the heap of options on our test car, the BMW undercuts both its competitors by a minimum of $12,000.

assist and Dynamic Stability Control, plus the shock settings on the new double A-arm front and evolved multilink rear suspension. Interesting stuff but, frankly, overkill. Normal is already comfortable enough you could probably thread a needle over a rough road on this settingand if youre into track days, why didnt you buy an M5? Its the same price. We would consider adding the 750Lis Sport option (it costs $4900) to get Integral Active Steering, the rear wheels turning up to 3 degrees counter-phase at low speeds to aid turning, but steering in the same direction as the front wheels at higher speeds for added stability. Around the skidpad in Sport Plus okay, we used itthe big BMW managed 0.87g, besting the S600 (0.82g) and Lexus (0.83g). It also handily outran that pair and the Quattroporte in the slalom. Naturally, the 750Li is smooth on freeways. For Southern California mountain roadstwisting but not serpentinewe opted for the Normal or Sport setting, with surprisingly little difference in ride. As you hustle this 2-plus-ton sedan over those roads with great ease and speed, the sensation that keeps coming back is that, as always, there is something impressively smooth and uid yet athletic about the way a BMW gets the job done. Prices? How about $84,200 for openers with an option list that can drive it over $110,000the cost of, to use todays most overused term, extreme coddling.

H E A D -TO - H E A D

0 2 0


BMW of North America, P.O. Box 1227, Westwood, N.J. 07675-1227;







060 mph


List price Price as tested

$84,200 $110,170

Type/layout Valvetrain Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Horsepower (SAE) Bhp/liter Torque Redline/limiter Fuel injection Recommended fuel Transmission: Gear Ratio 1st 4.17:1 2nd 2.34:1 3rd 1.52:1 4th 1.14:1 5th 0.87:1 6th 0.69:1

Price as tested incl std equip. (auto-leveling xenon headlights, climate control, keyless entry, pwr windows, mirrors & door locks), sport pkg (wheels, rear steer, trim) $4900, NightVision ($2600), luxury seating pkg ($2500), radar cruise control ($2400), rear entertainment pkg ($2200), premium sound pkg ($2000), convenience pkg (soft close doors & trunk) $1700, driver assist. pkg (lane departure, blind spot) $1350, HUD ($1300), instrument panel leather ($1200), rear and side-view camera pkg ($750), ceramic controls ($650), sat. radio ($595), gas-guzzler tax ($1000), dest charge ($825).

alum. block and heads, twinturbo V-8/longitudinal dohc 4-valve/cyl, variable timing, chain drive 268 cu in./4395 cc 3.50 x 3.48 in./ 89.0 x 88.3 mm 10.0:1 400 bhp @ 5500 6400 rpm 90.9 450 lb-ft @ 1800 4500 rpm 6800/6800 rpm direct premium 6-speed automatic Overall ratio (Rpm) Mph 14.44:1 (6800) 37 8.10:1 (6800) 66 5.27:1 (6800) 102 3.96:1 (6800) 135 3.00:1 est (5700) 150* 2.39:1 est (4600) 150* 3.46:1 1800

Time to distance 0100 ft 0500 ft 0900 ft 01320 ft ( mile) O

07 Audi S8 O 08 Lexus LS 600h L O
130 120 110 100 90 80 70

seconds 2.8 7.3 10.5 13.4 @ 106.0 mph

mi: 13.1 @ 108.7 mph mi: 13.8 @ 105.1 mph Time to speed, sec

4.9 sec
0 mile

13.4 sec
Top speed

150 mph*

Curb weight Test weight Weight dist (with driver), f/r %

4735 lb 4905 lb 1265 lb 1155 lb

50 40 30 20


1260 lb 126.4 in. 63.4 in./65.0 in. 205.3 in. 74.9 in. 58.3 in. 6.7 in. 14.0 cu ft 5 38.5 in. 36.0 in. 2 x 19.3 in. 53.5 in. 44.5 in. 31.3 in. 65 deg 9.5 in.

1225 lb

10 0 SEC 5 10 15 20

0120 mph 17.1 0110 mph 14.4 0100 mph 11.8 090 mph 9.7 080 mph 8.0 070 mph 6.5 060 mph 4.9 050 mph 3.8 040 mph 2.8 030 mph 1.7 020 mph 1.0 010 mph 0.4
= mile BRA K ING


68.7 mph
*Electronically limited.

Wheelbase Track, f/r Length Width Height Ground clearance Trunk space Seating capacity Head room Front: Rear: Seat width Front: Rear: Front-seat leg room Rear-seat knee room Seatback adjustment Seat travel

Test Notes: ACCELERATION In Sport+ mode, simply come off the brake with your left foot as you oor the throttle with your right. No power braking is needed in the 750Li as it only causes unwanted wheelspin when launching the car. Test Notes: BRAKING Even from speeds higher than 80 mph, the 750Li is extremely composed under hard decel. The brake pedal gets progressively rmer when ABS is invoked, and the pulsations can be felt but are very mild.

Final drive ratio Engine rpm @ 60 mph in top gear *Electronically limited.


Minimum stopping distance From 60 mph 120 ft From 80 mph 207 ft Total swept area 790 sq in. Swept area/ton 334 sq in.

Layout Body/frame Brakes Front: Rear:

front engine/rear drive aluminum/unit steel 14.7-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers 14.5-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers


160-mph speedometer, 7500-rpm tachometer, coolant temp, fuel level


ABS, dual front*, side and side curtain airbags, active front headrests, traction & yaw control, TPMS*, adaptive brake lights, blind-spot system, cross-traffic camera, night vision with pedestrian detection, electronic seatbelt pretensioners, front seatbelt force limiters *Government mandated.

Assist type vacuum, ABS cast alloy, 19 x 8 Wheels Front: Rear: cast alloy, 19 x 9 Tires Goodyear Excellence RunOnFlat Front: 245/45R-19 98Y Rear: 275/40R-19 101Y Spare tire none Steering rack & pinion, variable ratio, variable power assist Steering ratio variable, 19.1:1 overall Steering-wheel diameter 15.0 in. Turns, lock to lock 2.2 Turning circle 41.7 ft Suspension Front: upper and lower A-arms, coil springs, elect. adj tube shocks, elect. adj anti-roll bar Rear: multilink, elect. adj air springs, elect. adj tube shocks, elect. adj anti-roll bar

Lateral acceleration* 0.87g Balance mild understeer Slalom speed** 68.7 mph Balance moderate understeer Lateral seat support average *200-ft skidpad; **700-ft slalom, 100-ft spacing.

Our driving EPA city/highway Cruise range Fuel capacity

Basic warranty 4 years/50,000 miles1 Powertrain 4 years/50,000 miles Rust-through 12 years/unlimited miles 1 Includes no-cost regularly scheduled maintenance.

Test Notes: HANDLING INT E RIOR NOIS E Transient handling Idle in neutral 45 dBA dynamics are remarkably Maximum in 1st gear 67 dBA good, especially for a Constant 50 mph 61 dBA car thats as long as Constant 70 mph 64 dBA the 750Li. At speed, T EST COND IT IONS the rear-steer system Temperature 77 F articially induces some Humidity 23% understeer, causing you Elevation 350 ft to dial in AUG Umore S T 2 steering. 0 0 9 69
Wind Location calm Irvine, California

15.9 mpg 14/21 mpg 330 miles 21.7 gal. &

What Matters to You?

Today, America needs fresh leadership to lead us as a nation out of this economic crisis. Leadership must come not only from our political leaders but also from the average citizen. The exporting of American jobs is a trend that must be stopped and reversed. When I walk into my local hardware store, I typically find 85% of the goods for sale are manufactured 7,000 miles away. Recognizable American brands have been forced by shortsighted management and buyers at large national chains to build factories overseas just to save a lousy $.50 on a tape measure. To these ruthless buyers, it is all about the money. Rarely are product quality, the political system, human rights, animal rights and environmental costs to the planet considered, not to mention the cost to our society of exporting not only jobs, but an entire factory! At MacNeil Automotive, we are doing our part for the American economy and for our 300 million fellow citizens and neighbors. My philosophy is that if my neighbor doesnt have a job, sooner or later I wont have a job either. For example, we used to have our All-Weather Floor Mats manufactured in England by a company that used antiquated, inefficient equipment. They made a decent floor mat for us, but we thought we could build a better floor mat for our customers using modern American technology, American raw materials and skilled American workers. So in 2007 we transferred all of our floor mat manufacturing back to the United States. Today, we build the best fitting, highest quality automotive floor mats in the world, right here in America. Our machine shop is equipped with 17 CNC machining centers including four 4 axis mills and one 5 axis mill that produce between 30 to 50 injection and thermoforming molds per month. We have one shift of highly skilled American Journeymen toolmakers and apprentices, but our machines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is not a more efficient tool and mold making operation in the world - and guess what, its right here in America.

2009 MacNeil Automotive Products Limited &

Furthermore, all of our CNC mills are manufactured in Oxnard, CA by Haas. Our 1,000 ton injection molding machines are made in Bolton, Ontario of American and Canadian components. Our thermoforming machinery is made in Carol Stream, IL. The raw steel and aluminum billets which make up our tooling are sourced from American steel and aluminum mills such as Vista Metals in Fontana, CA. The raw materials that make up our All-Weather Floor Mats, FloorLiners, Cargo Liners and Mud Flaps are manufactured in Bellevue OH, Arlington TX, Wichita KS and Jasper TN. Our forklifts are made in Columbus IN and Greene NY. Our warehouse racking is manufactured in Tatamy PA. At MacNeil Automotive, we are also very aware of sustainability and our responsibility to the environment. We are proactive in controlling waste and recycling all of the unused raw materials from the manufacture of our tooling and products including: aluminum, steel, rubber, TPO, TPE, paper and cardboard. As you can see, we are as dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing the finest automotive accessories for our consumer and OEM clients as we are passionate about supporting the American economy, preserving the American industrial infrastructure, and keeping the money in our family, a family of 300 million people from all over America. Life is simple; be good to your fellow man, be kind to animals and the environment, and place building a quality product, supporting your country and your fellow American worker before profit. And, one last thing - lets all do our best to balance family time with work time as our children are the future of America. Sincerely,

David MacNeil, Founder/CEO

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Rock n roll and race cars raised havoc with my hearing for
decades, and now the 1939 Auto Union Grand Prix car has raised my hearing threshold a few more decibels. A starter motor that sounds like its off a vintage aircraft turns over the 3.0-liter 3-cam V-12, and the rst tentative cylinder rings suggest this is a gut-powerful, low-revving engine. Yet when it clears its throat and catches, the V-12 revs with ease, a sharp-edged roar as the tach needle climbs, heavy gear whine as it falls back. If you must dim your hearing

Then Ian McFarland climbs into the wide seat of the mid-engine machine, reattaches the steering wheel and roars off down the straightaway, headed toward what look to be vintage racetrack pits. Squint a bit and you could almost see Hermann Paul Mller rushing up that same straight on July 9, 1939, winning the French Grand Prix. You read of how the sight and sound of the German Grand Prix cars gave pause to the English and French as war loomed &

Audis R8 V10 can trace its sporting lineage back to the wonderful Auto Union D-Type Grand Prix car of 1939


ahead in 1939, and this explains it. Sure sounds like a low-ying piston ghter plane. We were at the Reims circuit in Frances Champagne district. Home to many French Grands Prix, Reims hasnt been used for racing since 1972, but has been preserved and its pits spruced up to look as they did decades ago. Bonhams, the auction house, brought the Auto Union to Reims for a demonstration as the car is to be auctioned at this years The Quail concours on the same

weekend as the Pebble Beach Concours and Monterey Historic Automobile Races. Best guess is that the rare German Grand Prix car will bring $7$9 million. We brought the Audi R8 V10 to photograph with the Auto Union. Why? Its a family thing. Ferdinand Pich, godfather of the R8, is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, who designed the rst Auto Unions. Porsche had one of the most inventive

minds in the automotive businesshe created the rst gasoline-electric hybrid more than a century agoand Pich is cut of the same cloth. The grandson took Porsche race cars from 2.0 liters to the Le Mans-winning 917s in short order. Inspired the rallydominating Audi Quattros. Proposed to win Le Mansand didwith diesel power. And made certain Bugattis Veyron has 16 cylindersjust like his grandfathers original Auto Union GP design. A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

79 &

We know the R8s heritage. The race car with the same name made its debut at Sebring in 1999 and won Le Mans ve of the seven years it raced there. Audi created the mid-engine Le Mans Quattro concept for the 2003 Frankfurt show with a 5.0-liter twin-turbo Gallardo V-10. Now Audi gets back to V-10s with the latest R8, normally aspirated at 5.2 liters with 525 bhp. We used the same Reims straight as the Auto Union to wring out the V10 with its sub-4-second 060 acceleration. So smooth, none of the Gallardos raspy edge to the exhaust and thenwell, speeding nes in France are hefty. Thats Audis current history, but the matter of mid-engine machines goes back almost 90 years. Edmund Rumpler started the trend with his aerodynamic sedan and Benz took it the next step to the Tropfenwagen (teardrop car) racer. That was 1923 and while the engine-in-the-back layout had technical problems, its advantages were not lost on Ferdinand Porsche. Hence the Volkswagen and, still today, Porsche sports cars. But also Auto Unions Grand Prix cars, beginning in 1934 with the V-16-powered Type A. As it proceeded through the Type B and C versions, the 45degree V-16s output climbed to 520 bhp (thats only 5 bhp less than the current R8 V10), enough power to match its chief rival, Mercedes-Benz, though the mid-engine Auto Unions were reputed to be more difcult to drive than the front-engine Mercedes. Considering just the Grandes preuves counting toward the championship, Hans Stuck won for Auto Union once in 1934 (Nrburgring) and 1935 (Monza). Then Auto Union found an ace in the hole, Bernd Rosemeyer, and in 1936 he won three of the four points races to become European Champion. In 1937, Mercedes struck back, Auto Union winning only once (Rudolf Hasse at Spa). With 1938, the formula changed to a 3.0-liter engine and Auto Union suffered two heavy losses. Porsche left for Mercedes-Benz and Rosemeyer was killed in January on a high-speed record run. Eberan von Eberhost, who had worked with Porsche and was brilliant in his own right, stepped in to create the D-Type Auto Union. Based on the principles of the Porsche cars, it was ultimately powered by a two-stage Roots supercharged 485-bhp 60-degree V-12. Front suspension on the frame of substantial tubes is Porsches now-classic twin trailing arms with torsion bars, the rear a De Dion layout. At 165.4 in. long, the GP car is 9.1 in. shorter overall than todays R8. Tazio Nuvolari, regarded by many as the best of his era, signed on to drive the car. He won for Auto Union at Monza in

Ever wonder where Audi got its 4-ring logo? It dates back to Auto Union in 1932. Although these two German cars are separated by some 70 years, they both employ a powerful mid-mounted engine. The Auto Unions V-12 has three camshaftsone that operates the intake valves via pushrods, and one exhaust cam for each cylinder head.


1938, with Mller leading a 12 placing at Reims, two races before World War II ended racing in 1939. Phil Hill touched on the matter of the Auto Unions engine placement and handling when he drove a D-Type in 1980 and wrote in R&T: No doubt it (the forward driving position) wasnt an easy thing for the drivers, but I have to wonder if the problems werent more psychological than real. Drivers of that era expected to be behind the engine, feeling every lateral excursion the car made and, lets face it, their reactions were conditioned to this level of perception. Whos to say the driver shouldnt have been up front all along where it wouldnt be necessary to suffer the unnecessary discomfort of every side movement? Phil added: It isnt at all difcult to understand why it was a man like Rosemeyer who was the only one who could tame the V-16 Auto Union, in which all the D-types traits were amplied by still more power and those swing axles. He was not only enormously talented and a very successful motorcycle racer, but also had no previous experience in racing cars and so had no preconceived notions on what was normal in racing cars. After the war, Mercedes was able to save most of its GP cars, but Auto Unions headquarters were now in East Germany and many of the cars were carted off by the Soviets and stripped for study. Russian-born American, Paul Karassik, searched out many of the Auto Union remains, including chassis No. 19 and a complete drivetrain, which are the basis for the car we saw at Reims. Restoration of the car was done by Crosthwaite & Gardiner of Buxted, England, which has not only brought several Auto Unions back to life, but also created exact replicas for Audi and others. According to Dick Crosthwaite, the frame, suspension, driveline (minus cylinder heads), even most instruments and cockpit pieces are original. And now beautifully nished in a machine that will give you the shivers when it coughs, then lights up. You can hear it on By the way, Crosthwaite and Gardiner are building a replica of Ferdinand Porsches original Auto Union, a Type A. The customer? Ferdinand Pich. A U G U S T 2 0 0 9






2009 Nissan 370Z Touring

A sports coupe, uncompromised
AFTER COMPARING THE NISSAN 370Z TO the 2008 Porsche Cayman S (April 2009), a sports car of similar performance costing nearly twice as much, we came away respecting the Zs dynamic potential, but were probably more impressed that Nissan could stage the assault at such a cutrate price. Well, the Z did end up losing that battle, but as they say, the war (over your hard-earned Benjamins) is what ultimately matters. The 370Z distilled down to its primary purpose is the only car within a mile or two of its MSRP to provide all the essentials of a pure sports coupea taut, responsive chassis, no more than two seats, a manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive. Compromise, like having rear passenger seats, could have spruced up its utility rating, but wouldve diluted the essence of what makes the new Z the contender it is. Having had a first-generation 350Z long-term car in 2005, albeit with more than a few rst-generation teething problems, we admire the formula Nissan adheres to...and has greatly refined in producing the new Z. Under the hood is the latest iteration of the VQ-series V-6, the VQ37VHR, displacing 3.7 liters and producing 332 bhp at 7000 rpm and 270 lb.-ft. of torque at 5200 rpm. The new VQ not only produces more power and torque while revving to a higher rpm, but feels more polished than the 3.5-liter it replaces, which certainly has increased its overall drive appeal thus far. The suspension also underwent an overhaul, gaining a livelier double A-arm setup in front with a revised rear multilink thats a marked improvement over the 350Zs, greatly enhancing both the handling feel and turn-in crispness. The interior of our 370Z is a huge step up in execution and quality, replete with power-adjustable heated leather and synthetic-suede seats, Bluetooth phone connectivity and a premium eight-speaker Bose sound system with dual subwoofers and satellite radio (all part of the $4530 Touring trim package). The rear chassis brace that once formed a blockade for anything you attempted to throw in the trunk has been relocated up against the back of the seats, for a signicant gain in cargo space. And although most of the silver interior accents are plastic, they dont appear cheap, which makes a world of difference from an owners standpoint. Of note, even the standard interior of our previous 370Z test car outshined the Porsches leather-heavy cockpit in our subjective ratings. For your inner enthusiast, the Sport Package is a no-brainer option considering what you get for $3000a much needed viscous limited-slip differential, huge 19-in. RAYS forged alloy wheels shod with wider and stickier-than-stock Bridgestone summer tires, upgraded Nissan Sport brakes, front and rear spoilers and, of course, Nissans proprietary SynchroRev

Inside and out, the new Z is a more aggressive and impressive car than the previous one. Its hard to believe it still starts under $30,000.





Match 6-speed manual transmission. For those still unfamiliar with what a SynchroRev Match transmission is or how it works, heres the story: Its a traditionally shifted 6-speed manual gearbox with speed sensors on each gears synchronizer. This allows the computer to match engine speed with road speed with respect to each gear. This innovative gearbox is almost magical in how it calculates the exact amount of throttle needed for ultra-smooth downshifts every time.

So far, SynchroRev Match has proven an asset on track (at least during the times we remembered not to heel-and-toe), but weve yet to discover its true place here in the real worlda neat quirk (or unintended consequence?) is the ability to blip the throttle at speed simply by shaking the gearshift from side to side while in neutral. With the improvements Nissan has made to the new Z, we are glad to see the company has also managed to keep it affordable. Over the next year we plan

to nd out if any of the old 350s ghosts resurface in this latest incarnationwere absolutely sure its soul remains.
2009 Nissan Total miles Miles since last report Average mpg to date Best mpg (avg of 3) Worst mpg (avg of 3) Repair costs to date Maintenance costs to date Delivered price 370Z 3343 na 21.0 25.8 18.0 $0 $0 $38,470 A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

83 &


SAEs annual meeting was anything but moribund

Just as two of what are now known as the Detroit 3 were on the verge of Chapter 11or worseSAE International held its Annual Congress in that very city. Youd fear that such a confab would be moribund indeed, but as a whole engineers are optimists as well as realists. Giving the opportunity to advance their art through interaction, they offer a bright future (if only they survive the all too dismal present). Heres a sampling of things discussed, including several that surfaced for the rst time. There are also a couple of updates based on happenings following the annual get-together.
As described in Technology Insight: Assessing the Obamacar, June 2009, the federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard for 2020 requires at least 35 mpg from cars and trucks combined. Indeed, the feds more recently moved the
R O A D & T R A C K

time schedule up to 2016 and raised the goal to 35.5 mpg. This average certainly sounds daunting, as its some 33 percent higher than our 2007 eets 26.6 mpg. On the other hand, engineers feel that technical challenges are in a sense the easy part. Other critical aspects are governmental action in regulatory matters, automaker

lead timeand customer acceptance. A point of customer concern (and education) involves a new cars EPA Fuel Economy Estimates afxed to its window versus its actual CAFE contribution. The latter comes directly from basic EPA testing. By contrast, in an attempt to match real-world driving, the window sticker reects more extensive evaluations involving faster acceleration, higher speed, air conditioner use and cold-temperature operation. Generally, these yield mpg numbers that are some 25 percent less than those used in CAFE calculations. Thus, for example, that hypothetically average vehicle contributing 35 CAFE mpg might get only 26 mpg in the real worldand its window sticker will show this number, not its CAFE contribution. Some are concerned whether the average buyer will understand this nuance. Indeed, others ask, will the average driver & &

even care? Gasoline is once again a relative bargain in real economic terms. (To check this out, experiment with the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator, at For example, 1980s $1.25/gal. equates to $3.23/gal. in todays dollars.) How sensitive are customers to mpg? And, for that matter, to what extent do they care about being green? Particularly in the current economy, buyers of just about anything tend to be risk-averse.


Plug-in hybrids are certainly the shiny objects admired by todays baby raccoons. (See Tech Tidbits, January 2009, for the origin of this wonderful metaphor.) But will President Obamas goal of 1 million plug-in hybrids by 2015 be achieved? Likely not, say most specialists. For one thing, product planners are already working on whatll be available in 2015. They see lots of advanced internal combustion, plenty of conventional hybrids, rather more diesels than todays trace percentage, more ex-fuel cars, but only a small percentage of plug-ins. Why the pessimism? In a word, batteries. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle requires considerably more battery than its traditional hybrid counterpart. With lithium being the technology of choice, the knowledge base of (and confidence in) nickel/metal hydride batteries is lost. Technical panelists raised the question of an optimal balance of plug-in performance. Should it be a PHEV40; i.e., with the Chevrolet Volts proposed 40-mile range? Or is it better to trade cost, battery weight and charging time for a PHEV10? Its likely diversity will prevail, albeit in small volume.

Even the California Air Resources Board has said corn ethanols overall emissions are

worse than gasolines.

Vehicle (NEVs being legal only on venues of 35 mph or less). While youre deciding, gure that the battery makes up roughly half the cost of a current BEV. Some say theres need for battery cost reductions by a factor of 40, a real challenge especially if expected in a few years. (By contrast, and only a little offtopic, specialists say fuel cell costs now need to come down by a factor of 10.) A tidbit gleaned on battery degradation: Surprisingly, temperature extremes when the vehicle is stationary account for 40 percent of the aging. Another 20 percent is related to extremes of driving temperature, with driving mode accounting for another 20 percent. Multiple other factors, recharging parameters and the like, contribute to the remaining degradation. What of the Better Place concept: swapping out spent batteries to augment conventional recharging? This company has plans with Renault-Nissan of establishing such a BEV network in Israel (see Tech Tidbits, July 2008). Also, in a recent Yokohama, Japan, demonstration, Better Place has shown an automated battery-swap taking about a minute, the car involved, a modied Nissan. However, others express less enthusiasm for the concept and its business model. A chief shortcoming is having to duplicate the most expensive part of the carits battery packto support the swap-out. (even after subsidies) and car buyers havent exactly ocked to this difcult-to-nd fuel that gives their cars roughly two-thirds the range of a gasoline ll. The idea of raising the ethanol extender in gasoline from its current 10 percent to E15 or E20at least in part to appease corn ethanol producershas tradeoffs as well. All but really old cars have proved OK with E10. However, its not clear whether todays ordinary (i.e., non ex-fuel) hardware can handle something like E20. Almost certainly, small engines in lawn mowers and the like can not. And, even if materials are compatible, automotive engine management computers arent


In fact, similar discussions ensued concerning complete electrification of the automobile. Given the urban intent of a battery electric vehicle, is 100-mile range a good BEV target? Or is there a larger market for a more modestand less costly BEV50? Think about a BEV with more performance and utility than todays Neighborhood Electric


Corn ethanol is considered at best a transitional fueland, at worst, a political boondoggle. This is particularly so now that gasoline prices have dropped, even the California Air Resources Board has said corn ethanols overall emissions are worse than gasolines, producers of it are seeing red in their ledgers


R O A D & T R A C K &

necessarily programmed to expect such a high percentage of ethanol. Some suggest political pressures are foisting a major experiment on the driving public. In the midterm there is enthusiasm for cellulosic ethanol, the sort derived from non-edible feedstocks. This is still a edgling business producing a mere 1 percent of ethanol output in 2008. However, the Department of Energy has funded 13 demonstration facilities to drive this technology.


Although their future is cloudy (and, yuk, what an unappetizing metaphor), algae are getting a lot of attention as a potential biofuel feedstock. Whereas an acre of soybeans, for instance, can yield 48 gallons of oil annually, algae can provide 1200 to 10,000 gal./acre/year. The algae thrive in brackish non-potable water and actually feed on CO2. Some 180 companies around the world are working on this technology, albeit with considerable business risk. One such process, related to me by old tech friend, auto journalist and fellow SAE member Bob Brooks, has been developed by Algenol Biofuels and undertaken by Mexico-based BioFields in the Sonoran Desert. Bioreactors depend on algae, enzymes, CO2, sunlightand seawater. Their output is ethanol, oxygen and fresh water. The algae arent harvested; rather, they give a continuous production of ethanol vapors. A rate of 6000 gal./ acre/year is already achieved; its expected to reach 10,000 by the end of this year with a theoretical maximum said to be as high as 40,000.


Honda had a neat cutaway of its experimental Extended-Expansion General Purpose Engine, a single-cylinder powerplant intended for portable generators, lawn mowers and the like. Particularly noteworthy is its Atkinson cycle featuring an expansion ratio distinctly different from its compression ratio. Weve come to associate the term Atkinson cycle with hybrids. Indeed, everything from the Toyota Prius to Ford Fusion to &

2009 Purolator Filters NA LLC, USA


Heres a call-out to the purists. Guys who choose Purolator PureONE oil and air lters because they know what you get out of something is directly related to what you put into it. PureONE is the most efcient oil lter on the market99.9% efcientto trap microscopic contaminants that can harm your engine. Its also 100% covered in textured grip for easy installation. We invented the oil lter. And we continue to perfect it. Save up to $6 by logging on to
TM &

though, is this clever valve timing only simulates different strokes. By contrast, the Honda has a multiple linkage of its connecting rod and crankshaft that gives an actual difference in piston travel. Like the original Atkinson Cycle, circa 1886, its intake and compression strokes are shorter than those of expansion and exhaust. Thus, as well, theres a difference in displacement: 135.2 cc for intake/ compression; 203.6 cc for expansion/exhaust. Compression ratio is 8.5:1; expansion ratio, 12.3:1, and one result of this is a 20-percent improvement in fuel efciency. For a neat video displayed at Hondas SAE exhibit, check out hondaatkinson. Chevy Tahoe to Mercedes ML450 hybrids all claim Atkinson operation. What sets this Honda apart is its genuine application of the Atkinson principle, as opposed to a merely simulated approach. With these others, a delayed closing of the intake valve effectively renders a reduced compression ratio. Power suffers a bit, but conventional timing of the exhaust valve brings about a longer expansion and enhanced efciency. The tradeoff blends well with a hybrids electric motor interaction. (By the way, add forced induction and you get whats known as the Miller Cycle, as featured a while back in the Mazda Millenia.) The important point,

PureONE oil and air lters


In contrast to the battery cost challenge, specialists expressed confidence about lithium sourcing and safety. A lot of the worlds lithium reserves are in Bolivia and potentially in China. Other signicant sources, though, are Argentina, Australia, Chile and our own Nevada dry lakes. Choices of electrode chemistry have mitigated lithium safety concerns. More crucial, some say, is where the batteries are to be fabricated. There would be more condence with evolution of a strong domestic manufacturing base.

Purolator Classic oil and air lters


Certainly an SAE Annual Congress can never be faulted for lack of variety. Heres a sample of the Technical Papers I accumulated, with brief gleanings as to their Tech Tidbits potential. 2009-01-0525. Design of a Flywheel Based Energy Storage and Distribution System for Rural Villages in China. 2009-01-0775. Computational and Experimental Investigations of the Flow Structure and Vortex Dynamics in the Wake of a Formula 1 Tire. 2009-01-0779. International Product User Research: Concurrent Studies Comparing Touch Screen Feedback in Europe and North America. 2009-01-1306. A PhotovoltaicBattery Powered All-Electric Rickshaw for the Indian Market. 2009-01-1312. Mechanical Hybrid System Comprising a Flywheel and CVT for Motorsport and Mainstream Automotive Applications. 2009-01-1335. Drive Cycle Fuel Consumption Variability of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Due to Aggressive Driving.

BreatheEASY cabin lters

Who can you trust to protect your engines oil? The air your engine breathes? The air you breathe inside your vehicle? Purolator PureONE, Classic and BreatheEASY lters. No other brand keeps
TIDBIT: Our kind of research!

2009 Purolator Filters NA LLC, USA

TIDBIT: Some 30 million Chinese have no access to electricity. Such a system is engineered to be maintained and repaired by local craftsmen.

TIDBIT: Toyota F1 Motorsports Division supported the research.

TIDBIT: Germans performed better than U.S. drivers in a secondary task of entering a phone number, but worse in the primary task of simulated driving while doing so.

TIDBIT: Current gasoline rickshaws are really crude; their drivers suffer high respiratory morbidity.

damaging impurities from you and your engine better than Purolator. Keep it Pure.

TIDBIT: Flybrid describes its F1 Kinetic Energy Recovery System. A road-going KERS simulates a 21-percent contribution of the energy needed for the US-FTP75 driving cycle.

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195/65 R- 15 $82 205/40 ZR- 17XL 139 215/45 ZR- 17XL 146 215/50 ZR- 17XL 158 235/50 ZR- 17 173 235/35 ZR- 19XL 218 245/35 ZR- 20XL 248 255/35 ZR- 20 263 285/30 ZR- 20XL 279

205/55 ZR- 16 $146 205/50 ZR- 17 176 245/40 ZR- 17 209 245/45 ZR- 17 178 255/40 ZR- 17 220 225/40 ZR- 18 208 225/45 ZR- 18 216 Potenza RE92A 245/45 ZR- 18XL 233 P225/55 ZR- 17 $121 255/40 ZR- 18 261 265/35 ZR- 18 270 Potenza RE050 275/40 ZR- 18 275 225/40 ZR- 18 $208 285/30 ZR- 18 349 Potenza RE050A 245/35 ZR- 19XL 280 225/40 ZR- 19 $278 275/30 ZR- 19XL 313 245/40 R- 19 301 HTR Z 275/35 ZR- 19XL 308 205/50 ZR- 17 $65 245/35 ZR- 20XL 307 Potenza RE050RFT 245/45 ZR- 17 71 255/35 ZR- 20XL 303 245/45 ZR- 18 $317 P275/40 ZR- 17 94 275/30 ZR- 20XL 325 285/40 ZR- 18 398 P315/35 ZR- 17 115

R- 14 $56 P165/70 R- 13 $45 R- 14 49 P175/70 R- 13 47 R- 14 52 P185/70 R- 13 49 R- 14 49 P175/65 R- 14 49 R- 14 56 P175/70 R- 14 49 R- 14 56 P185/60 R- 14 55 R- 14 55 P185/65 R- 14 54 R- 15 55 P185/70 R- 14 49 R- 15 56 P195/60 R- 14 58 R- 15 57 P195/70 R- 14 54 R- 15 57 P205/70 R- 14 57 R- 15 57 P215/70 R- 14 58 R- 15 60 P195/60 R- 15 61 R- 15 61 P195/65 R- 15 56 R- 16 81 P205/60 R- 15 67 R- 16 82 P205/65 R- 15 61 R- 16 66 P205/70 R- 15 58 R- 16 85 P215/60 R- 15 67 R- 16 84 P215/65 R- 15 62 R- 16 69 P215/70 R- 15 61 R- 16 87 P205/55 R- 16 73 R- 16 91 P215/60 R- 16 68 R- 17 91 P225/60 R- 16 74


P185/60 R- 15 P185/65 R- 15 P195/60 R- 15 P195/65 R- 15 P205/60 R- 15 P205/65 R- 15 P205/70 R- 15 P215/60 R- 15 215/70 R- 15 P205/50 R- 16 P205/55 R- 16 P205/60 R- 16 P205/65 R- 16 P215/55 R- 16 P215/60 R- 16 215/65 R- 16 P225/60 R- 16 235/60 R- 16 235/65 R- 16 P215/55 R- 17 P215/60 R- 17 P215/65 R- 17 P225/55 R- 17 P225/60 R- 17 HTR 200 175/50 R- 13 $51 225/65 R- 17 175/70 R- 13 45 P235/55 R- 17 185/60 R- 13 46 P235/65 R- 17 195/60 R- 13 49 Assurance 205/60 R- 13 54 TripleTred 215/50 R- 13 53 P185/70 R- 14 175/65 R- 14 52 175/70 R- 14 49 P195/70 R- 14 185/60 R- 14 49 P195/60 R- 15 185/65 R- 14 57 P195/65 R- 15 185/70 R- 14 52 P205/60 R- 15 195/60 R- 14 53 P205/65 R- 15 195/70 R- 14 55 P205/70 R- 15 205/60 R- 14 56 P215/65 R- 15 205/70 R- 14 58 P215/70 R- 15 195/50 R- 15 72 P205/55 R- 16 195/60 R- 15 56 P205/60 R- 16 195/65 R- 15 66 205/50 R- 15 74 P215/55 R- 16 205/60 R- 15 57 P215/60 R- 16 205/65 R- 15 66 215/65 R- 16 215/60 R- 15 62 P225/50 R- 16 225/50 R- 15 82 225/55 R- 16

215/45 R- 17X$144 225/45 ZR- 17XL 138 235/40 ZR- 17 159 235/45 ZR- 17XL 150 245/40 ZR- 17XL 174 215/35 R- 18XL 144 225/35 ZR- 18XL 198 225/40 R- 18XL 176 235/40 ZR- 18XL 209 235/50 ZR- 18XL 189 245/35 ZR- 18XL 218 245/40 ZR- 18XL 193 245/45 ZR- 18XL 230 255/35 ZR- 18XL 229 255/45 ZR- 18XL 223 265/35 ZR- 18XL 252 265/40 ZR- 18XL 218 275/35 ZR- 18XL 229 225/35 ZR- 19XL 198 235/35 ZR- 19XL 223 245/35 ZR- 19XL 263 245/40 R- 19XL 311 255/30 ZR- 19XL 285 255/35 ZR- 19XL 252 265/30 ZR- 19XL 252 275/30 ZR- 19XL 303 245/30 ZR- 20XL 299 255/30 ZR- 20XL 276 255/35 ZR- 20XL 247 285/25 ZR- 20XL 323 295/30 ZR- 20XL 379

Assurance Fuel Max

Eagle F1 GS-D3 Eagle GT

$80 74 81 79 84 79 73 85 79 106 99 93 90 103 90 87 94 108 92 121 114 92 123 119 100 127 105 205/55 ZR- 16 $143 225/55 ZR- 16 167 245/50 ZR- 16 173 215/45 ZR- 17XL 160 225/45 ZR- 17XL 159 225/45 ZR- 17 158 225/50 ZR- 17 168 225/55 ZR- 17XL 185 245/45 ZR- 17 208 255/40 ZR- 17 207 255/45 ZR- 17 229 275/40 ZR- 17 234 285/40 ZR- 17 245 315/35 ZR- 17 323 225/40 ZR- 18XL 192 235/40 ZR- 18 227 235/50 ZR- 18XL 196 245/35 ZR- 18 213 245/45 ZR- 18XL 231 255/40 ZR- 18 265 255/45 ZR- 18XL 234 255/55 ZR- 18 217 275/40 ZR- 18 294 285/35 ZR- 18 290 295/35 ZR- 18 307 245/40 ZR- 19XL 330 245/45 ZR- 19 243 255/35 ZR- 19XL 272 255/40 ZR- 19 298 265/30 ZR- 19 287 265/50 ZR- 19XL 208 275/40 ZR- 19 272 305/35 ZR- 20 429 245/35 ZR- 21XL 427

$76 87 94 97 108 102 94 101 99 116 113 117 119 112 127 126

Assurance TripleTred

continued P225/60 R- 16 $116 235/65 R- 16 119 P215/50 R- 17 142 P215/55 R- 17 141 Eagle F1 P215/60 R- 17 133 Supercar P215/65 R- 17 115 P235/45 ZR- 18 $289 P225/55 R- 17 144 P255/45 ZR- 18 128 235/55 R- 17 140 Excellence ROF 235/65 R- 17 135 195/55 R- 16 $220 P225/50 R- 18 152 195/55 R- 16 207

195/55 R- 15 $72 195/60 R- 15 64 195/65 R- 15 64 205/60 R- 15 67 205/65 R- 15 72 215/60 R- 15 68 205/50 R- 16 87 205/55 R- 16 89 205/60 R- 16 79 215/55 R- 16 90 215/60 R- 16 87 225/50 R- 16 95 225/55 R- 16 99 225/60 R- 16 85 205/50 R- 17XL 110 215/45 ZR- 17XL 98 215/50 R- 17 110 215/55 R- 17 120 225/45 ZR- 17XL 102 225/50 ZR- 17 113 225/55 R- 17 114 235/45 ZR- 17 113 235/50 ZR- 17 125 235/55 ZR- 17 121 245/40 ZR- 17 130 245/45 ZR- 17 113 255/40 ZR- 17 124 215/45 ZR- 18XL 125 225/40 ZR- 18XL 116 225/45 ZR- 18XL 129 235/40 ZR- 18XL 134 235/50 ZR- 18 153 245/40 ZR- 18 135 245/45 ZR- 18 143 255/40 ZR- 18XL 159 245/40 ZR- 19XL 190 245/35 ZR- 20XL 149 255/35 ZR- 20XL 147 265/35 ZR- 22XL 132

Ecsta ASX

195/55 R- 15 $68 195/60 R- 15 59 195/65 R- 15 61 205/50 ZR- 15 66 205/55 R- 15 68 205/60 R- 15 62 205/65 R- 15 62 225/60 R- 15 66 195/50 ZR- 16 70 205/40 ZR- 16 81 205/45 ZR- 16XL 77 205/50 ZR- 16 75 205/55 ZR- 16 74 215/50 ZR- 16 92 215/55 ZR- 16 78 225/50 ZR- 16 75 225/55 ZR- 16 83 225/60 R- 16 79 235/60 R- 16 78 205/40 ZR- 17XL 69 205/50 ZR- 17 96 215/40 ZR- 17 89 215/45 ZR- 17 88 215/50 ZR- 17 97 215/55 R- 17 94 225/45 ZR- 17 88 225/50 ZR- 17 99 225/55 ZR- 17 96 235/40 ZR- 17 99 235/45 ZR- 17 98 235/50 ZR- 17 114 235/55 ZR- 17 96 245/40 ZR- 17 108 245/45 ZR- 17 98 255/40 ZR- 17 108 255/45 ZR- 17 108 255/50 ZR- 17 118 275/40 ZR- 17 118 285/40 ZR- 17 136 215/35 ZR- 18RF 106 225/40 R- 18 93 225/45 ZR- 18 123 235/50 ZR- 18 131 235/45 ZR- 18 125 245/40 ZR- 18 137 245/45 ZR- 18 136 255/35 ZR- 18 170 255/45 ZR- 18 145 265/35 ZR- 18 177 275/35 ZR- 18 183 245/40 ZR- 20 166 255/45 ZR- 20 151 245/30 ZR- 22X 195 285/25 ZR- 22XL 195 285/25 ZR- 22XL 244 255/30 ZR- 24 184

Ecsta SPT KU31

205/55 ZR- 16 $73 225/50 ZR- 16 79 205/50 ZR- 17 102 215/45 ZR- 17XL 89 215/50 ZR- 17XL 102 235/45 ZR- 17XL 99 235/55 ZR- 17 94 245/45 ZR- 17 98 255/40 ZR- 17 105 255/45 ZR- 17 101 255/50 ZR- 17 116 275/40 ZR- 17 119 285/40 ZR- 17 131 215/40 ZR- 18 118 215/45 ZR- 18 119 225/45 ZR- 18 110 235/40 ZR- 18XL 117 235/50 ZR- 18 129 245/45 ZR- 18 132 265/35 ZR- 18 175 275/35 ZR- 18 176 275/40 ZR- 18 166 295/30 ZR- 18XL 185 215/35 ZR- 19 119 225/35 ZR- 19 146 225/40 ZR- 19XL 160 235/35 ZR- 19 139 245/35 ZR- 19 152 245/40 ZR- 19 172 245/45 ZR- 19 166 255/30 ZR- 19 159 255/35 ZR- 19XL 173 255/40 ZR- 19XL 176 275/35 ZR- 19XL 183 275/40 ZR- 19XL 193 285/35 ZR- 19 188 225/35 ZR- 20 137 245/35 ZR- 20 109 245/40 ZR- 20 127 235/35 ZR- 20 153 255/35 ZR- 20 109 275/30 ZR- 20 213 275/35 ZR- 20 207 235/30 ZR- 22 179 265/30 ZR- 22 188

Avid TRZ
P185/60 P185/65 P195/70 P185/60 P185/65 P195/60 P195/65 P205/60 P205/65 P205/70 P215/60 P215/65 P215/70 P205/55 P205/60 P205/65 P215/55 P215/60 P215/65 P225/55 P225/60 P225/65 P225/70 P235/60 235/65 P215/60 P215/65 P225/55 P225/60 P215/55 P225/50 P225/55

Pilot Sport A/S Plus

Pilot Sport PS2

205/55 ZR- 16 $131 215/55 ZR- 16 145 225/50 ZR- 16 168 225/55 ZR- 16 181 225/60 ZR- 16 140 245/50 ZR- 16 165 205/45 ZR- 17 182 205/50 ZR- 17 161 225/45 ZR- 17 169 225/50 ZR- 17 159 225/55 ZR- 17 189 235/45 ZR- 17 181 235/50 ZR- 17 189 235/55 ZR- 17 205 245/40 ZR- 17 193 245/45 ZR- 17 178 245/50 ZR- 17 222 255/40 ZR- 17 184 255/45 ZR- 17 217 275/40 ZR- 17 225 285/40 ZR- 17 269 225/40 ZR- 18XL 205 225/45 ZR- 18XL 202 235/40 ZR- 18 205 235/45 ZR- 18XL 204 235/50 ZR- 18 196 245/40 ZR- 18 233 245/45 ZR- 18XL 234 255/35 ZR- 18XL 251 255/40 ZR- 18 221 255/45 ZR- 18 212 265/35 ZR- 18XL 234 275/35 ZR- 18 248 275/40 ZR- 18 235 285/30 ZR- 18XL 308 285/35 ZR- 18 288 225/40 ZR- 19XL 245 235/35 ZR- 19XL 269 245/35 ZR- 19XL 269 245/40 ZR- 19 288 245/45 ZR- 19 272 255/35 ZR- 19XL 269 255/40 ZR- 19 299 275/30 ZR- 19XL 289 275/35 ZR- 19 328 275/40 ZR- 19 323 285/30 ZR- 19XL 353 245/30 ZR- 20XL 275 245/35 ZR- 20XL 248 245/40 ZR- 20 368

205/50 ZR- 17 $187 185/65 R- 15 $103 205/40 ZR- 17XL $85 205/55 ZR- 17 177 195/60 R- 15 108 215/45 ZR- 17XL 98 225/45 ZR- 17 191 195/60 R- 15 145 215/50 ZR- 17 118 235/40 ZR- 17 212 195/65 R- 15 111 225/45 ZR- 17 105 235/45 ZR- 17 195 205/60 R- 15 106 225/50 ZR- 17 123 235/50 ZR- 17N0 212 205/65 R- 15 105 XL 245/40 ZR- 17 236 205/65 VR- 15 131 235/45 ZR- 17 115 245/45 ZR- 17 219 215/60 R- 15 85 245/45 ZR- 17 115 255/40 ZR- 17 122 255/40 ZR- 17 242 225/60 R- 15 133 215/40 ZR- 18XL 122 265/40 ZR- 17 262 275/40 ZR- 17 285 205/55 R- 16 125 225/40 ZR- 18XL 125 335/35 ZR- 17XL 457 205/55 R- 16 149 225/45 ZR- 18 143 225/40 ZR- 18 259 205/60 R- 16 120 235/40 ZR- 18XL 139 225/40 ZR- 18XL 239 205/60 R- 16 171 235/45 ZR- 18 145 225/45 ZR- 18XL 225 205/65 R- 16 124 245/40 ZR- 18XL 145 235/40 ZR- 18 288 215/55 HR- 16 125 235/40 ZR- 18XL 267 215/55 R- 16 151 245/45 ZR- 18XL 155 245/40 ZR- 18XL 286 P215/60 R- 16 131 225/35 ZR- 20 127 XL 255/35 ZR- 18XL 304 225/60 R- 16 131 245/35 ZR- 20 129 255/40 ZR- 18 298 225/60 R- 16 140 255/35 ZR- 20XL 126 265/35 ZR- 18XL 316 225/65 R- 16 132 275/35 ZR- 18 340 235/60 R- 16 137 295/30 ZR- 18N2 416 215/50 R- 17XL 155 295/35 ZR- 18 385 215/50 R- 17XL 169 335/30 ZR- 18 436 215/55 R- 17 139 235/35 ZR- 19 332 XL 245/35 ZR- 19XL 341 225/45 R- 17XL 175 245/35 ZR- 19XL 341 225/55 R- 17XL 167 245/40 ZR- 19 266 225/55 R- 17XL 178 Harmony 245/40 ZR- 19XL 318 235/55 R- 17 162 P175/70 R- 13 $70 255/35 ZR- 19XL 368 225/55 R- 18 179 P175/65 R- 14 83 255/40 ZR- 19 362 225/60 R- 18 151 P175/70 R- 14 79 265/35 ZR- 19 365 245/45 R- 18XL 217 P185/65 R- 14 85 265/35 ZR- 19XL 384 P185/70 R- 14 86 275/30 ZR- 19XL 391 P195/65 R- 14 97 275/35 ZR- 19XL 368 P195/70 R- 14 86 285/30 ZR- 19XL 427 P205/70 R- 14 93 285/35 ZR- 19 448 P205/75 R- 14 86 295/30 ZR- 19XL 497 P215/70 R- 14 98 305/30 ZR- 19XL 530 345/30 ZR- 19 480 Pilot Exalto PE2 P185/60 R- 15 101 255/35 ZR- 20XL 397 205/55 ZR- 16N$141 P195/60 R- 15 99 XL 275/35 ZR- 20 376 225/50 ZR- 16N0 159 P195/65 R- 15 85 285/30 ZR- 20XL 418 P205/60 R- 15 99 Pilot Exalto A/S P205/65 R- 15 102 Pilot Sport A/S 225/55 R- 16 $130 P205/70 R- 15 99 Plus continued 205/50 R- 17 194 255/30 ZR- 20X$330 235/45 R- 17 168 P215/65 R- 15 111 P215/70 R- 15 97 255/35 ZR- 20XL 305 205/55 R- 16 113 275/30 ZR- 20XL 308 Pilot Sport A/S P205/60 R- 16 111 275/35 ZR- 20XL 355 Plus ZP 285/30 ZR- 20XL 287 245/45 ZR- 17R$205 215/65 R- 16 104 295/25 ZR- 20XL 338 275/40 ZR- 18RFT260 P225/60 R- 16 115

Primacy MXV4

Avid W4s

195/50 R- 15 $64 195/55 R- 15 70 205/50 R- 15 87 205/55 ZR- 15 85 195/45 ZR- 16XL 90 195/40 ZR- 16XL 88 205/45 ZR- 16XL 91 205/50 ZR- 16 89 205/55 ZR- 16 92 215/40 ZR- 16XL 94 215/55 ZR- 16 95 225/50 ZR- 16 88 225/55 ZR- 16 95 195/40 ZR- 17XL 87 195/45 R- 17XL 89 205/40 ZR- 17XL 88 205/45 ZR- 17XL 101 205/50 ZR- 17XL 99 215/35 ZR- 17 102 215/40 ZR- 17XL 101 215/45 ZR- 17XL 103 215/50 ZR- 17XL 117 215/55 ZR- 17XL 119 225/35 ZR- 17XL 114 225/45 ZR- 17 110 225/50 ZR- 17XL 115 225/55 ZR- 17 120 235/40 ZR- 17 120 235/45 ZR- 17XL 116 235/50 ZR- 17 120 235/55 ZR- 17XL 121 245/40 ZR- 17 113 245/45 ZR- 17XL 119 275/40 ZR- 17 131 215/35 ZR- 18XL 133 215/40 ZR- 18XL 134 205/40 ZR- 18XL 129 225/35 ZR- 18XL 133 225/40 ZR- 18XL 134 225/45 ZR- 18XL 151 235/40 ZR- 18XL 155 245/35 ZR- 18XL 154 245/40 ZR- 18XL 154 245/45 R- 18XL 171 255/35 ZR- 18XL 173 265/35 ZR- 18XL 187 215/35 ZR- 19X 160 225/35 ZR- 19X 172 235/35 ZR- 19XL 178 245/30 ZR- 19XL 188


205/55 R- 16 $134 215/55 R- 16 124 215/60 VR- 16 119 225/50 R- 16 125 225/55 R- 16 129 225/60 R- 16 125 205/50 R- 17XL 145 215/45 R- 17 162 225/45 R- 17XL 154 225/50 R- 17 174 225/55 R- 17 160 235/45 R- 17 154 235/50 R- 17 153 245/40 R- 17 171 245/45 R- 17 173 255/40 R- 17 176 225/40 R- 18XL 194 235/40 R- 18 195 245/40 R- 18 207 245/45 R- 18 203 245/50 VR- 18 220 255/35 R- 18 220 255/45 R- 18 218 265/35 R- 18 224 265/40 R- 18XL 222 275/35 R- 18XL 237 245/45 R- 19 234 255/35WR- 19XL 255 255/35 R- 19XL 253 255/40WR- 19XL 242 275/40 R- 19XL 268 275/40WR- 19XL 265

ADVAN Neova AD08

205/50 205/55 225/50 205/45 205/50 215/40 215/45 225/45 235/40 235/45 245/40 245/45 255/40 215/45 225/40 225/45 235/40 245/40 245/45 255/35 255/40 265/35 285/30 295/30 225/35 235/35 245/35 255/30 255/35 265/30 275/30 295/30 continued

245/35 R- 19X$188 245/40 ZR- 19 199 255/30 R- 19XL 237 255/40 ZR- 19 207 265/30 R- 19XL 212 275/30 R- 19XL 220 275/35 ZR- 19 217 275/40 R- 19 227 225/35 ZR- 20XL 136 ADVAN 245/35 ZR- 20XL 153 Neova AD07L $192 245/40 ZR- 20XL 144 175/55 ZR- 16LO 255/30 R- 20XL 158 225/45 ZR- 17 271 255/35 ZR- 20XL 153 ADVAN A048 275/30 ZR- 20XL 166 competition tire 275/35 ZR- 20XL 181 195/50 ZR- 16L$219 285/30 ZR- 20XL 193 225/45 ZR- 17LT 259

R- 15 $121 R- 16 145 R- 16 158 R- 17 169 R- 17 161 R- 17 170 R- 17 178 R- 17 187 R- 17 198 R- 17 204 R- 17 217 R- 17 219 R- 17 226 R- 18 222 R- 18 217 R- 18 242 R- 18 248 R- 18 255 R- 18 254 R- 18 272 R- 18 260 R- 18 282 R- 18 329 R- 18 333 R- 19XL 265 R- 19 272 R- 19 283 R- 19XL 295 R- 19 294 R- 19 301 R- 19 306 R- 19XL 316

R- 14 R- 14 R- 14 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 18 R- 18 R- 18 R- 14 R- 14 R- 14 R- 14 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 18 R- 18 R- 18 R- 20

$61 63 62 63 69 62 70 66 78 70 70 78 71 89 77 77 103 82 80 105 86 97 85 105 98 98 93 96 102 104 107 108 $60 62 66 63 70 66 76 69 75 74 73 71 77 80 82 101 78 93 97 108 119 109 112 117 114 118 124 118 112 131 155

Advantage T/A
185/65 195/65 205/60 205/65 215/60 205/60 205/60 215/60 215/60 225/60 225/60 235/60 215/55 225/55 225/55 235/55 225/60 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 18 $69 72 77 76 79 82 96 92 94 87 88 104 118 119 126 108 115

g-Force Super Sport A/S

g-Force Sport

Avid H4s
P185/60 P185/65 P195/60 P195/65 P185/65 P195/60 P195/65 P205/60 P205/65 P215/60 P215/65 P205/40 P205/45 P205/60 P215/60 225/60 P205/40 P215/40 P215/45 P225/45 P225/55 225/65 P235/45 235/55 235/65 P245/45 P255/40 P225/40 P225/60 P235/65 255/45

Traction T/A H
185/65 195/60 P195/65 P195/70 205/60 195/60 205/55 215/55 225/55 P235/45 P245/45 R- 14 R- 14 R- 14 R- 14 R- 14 R- 15 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 17 R- 17 $55 58 49 68 75 68 93 90 107 122 133 $87 91 89 106 97 118 114 114 113 117 159

205/50 ZR- 15XL $91 205/45 ZR- 16XL 102 205/50 ZR- 16 105 205/55 ZR- 16 102 225/50 ZR- 16 114 225/55 ZR- 16 125 245/50 ZR- 16 120 225/40 ZR- 17XL 116 205/50 ZR- 17 132 205/50 R- 17XL 126 215/45 ZR- 17XL 114 215/50 ZR- 17 128 225/45 ZR- 17XL 123 225/50 ZR- 17 138 235/45 ZR- 17 127 245/40 ZR- 17 147 245/45 ZR- 17 138 255/40 ZR- 17 146 255/45 ZR- 17 163 275/40 ZR- 17 141 215/35 ZR- 18XL 147 225/40 ZR- 18XL 129 235/40 ZR- 18 147 245/40 ZR- 18 151 245/45 ZR- 18 168 255/45 ZR- 18 174 275/35 ZR- 18XL 198 275/40 ZR- 18 176 245/35 ZR- 20XL 168 255/35 ZR- 20XL 199

Traction T/A V
P195/55 205/55 205/65 205/50 205/55 P215/50 225/50 225/55 215/50 225/50 245/45 R- 15 R- 15 R- 15 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 16 R- 17 R- 17 R- 18

P185/65 P185/70 P195/70 P185/60 185/65 P195/60 P195/65 P205/60 P205/65 P205/70 P215/60 P215/65 P205/55 P205/60 P205/65 P215/55 P215/60 215/65 P225/60 P235/55 P225/55

Traction T/A T

R- 14 $59 R- 14 55 R- 14 65 R- 15 69 R- 15 65 R- 15 59 R- 15 62 R- 15 65 R- 15 71 R- 15 70 R- 15 63 R- 15 69 R- 16 76 g-Force R- 16 74 T/A KDWS R- 16 72 245/55 ZR- 18$169 R- 16 89 R- 16 85 Traction T/A Spec R- 16 85 P215/60 R- 17 $101 R- 16 83 P215/65 R- 16 84 R- 16 97 P235/60 R- 16 113 R- 17 93 P235/65 R- 17 112

195/50 R- 15 $77 195/55 R- 15 83 205/50 R- 15 84 205/55 R- 15 85 205/60 R- 15 74 215/50 R- 15 96 225/50 R- 15 99 225/60 R- 15 96 205/40 ZR- 16 77 205/45 ZR- 16 79 205/50 ZR- 16 84 205/55 ZR- 16 85 215/40 ZR- 16XL 98 215/55 ZR- 16 80 225/50 ZR- 16 87 225/55 ZR- 16 94 245/50 ZR- 16 109 255/50 ZR- 16 118 205/40 ZR- 17 86 205/45 ZR- 17 118 205/50 ZR- 17 111 215/40 ZR- 17 99 215/45 ZR- 17 107 225/45 ZR- 17 114 225/50 ZR- 17 102 225/55 ZR- 17 102 235/45 ZR- 17 105 245/40 ZR- 17 134 245/45 ZR- 17 118 255/40 ZR- 17 121 255/45 ZR- 17 126 275/40 ZR- 17 142 225/35 ZR- 18 137 225/40 ZR- 18 137 225/45 ZR- 18XL 148 235/40 ZR- 18 142 245/40 ZR- 18 158 255/35 ZR- 18 168 265/35 ZR- 18 182 275/35 ZR- 18 187 275/40 ZR- 18 169

Exclaim UHP

195/50 R- 15 $59 195/55 R- 15 64 205/50 R- 15 68 205/55 R- 15 69 195/50 ZR- 16 69 205/40 ZR- 16 79 205/45 ZR- 16 73 205/55 R- 16 74 215/55 R- 16 76 225/50 ZR- 16 81 225/55 R- 16 82 205/40 ZR- 17XL 70 205/45 ZR- 17 90 205/50 ZR- 17XL 96 215/40 ZR- 17XL 83 215/45 ZR- 17 86 215/50 R- 17XL 97 225/45 ZR- 17 90 225/50 ZR- 17 97 235/45 ZR- 17 97 235/50 ZR- 17 112 245/40 ZR- 17 106 245/45 ZR- 17 98 245/50 ZR- 17 113 275/40 ZR- 17 121 215/35 ZR- 18XL 94 225/40 ZR- 18XL 95 225/45 ZR- 18 111 235/40 ZR- 18 120 235/55 R- 18 123 245/40 ZR- 18 133 245/45 ZR- 18 134 275/35 ZR- 18 168 275/40 ZR- 18 154 215/35 ZR- 19XL 115 225/35 ZR- 19XL 131 235/35 ZR- 19XL 142 245/35 ZR- 19XL 150 265/30 ZR- 19XL 162 275/30 ZR- 19XL 177 225/30 ZR- 20XL 145 245/35 ZR- 20XL 120 245/40 ZR- 20XL 133 255/35 ZR- 20XL 113 275/35 R- 20XL 208 285/30 ZR- 20XL 197 295/25 ZR- 22XL 293


Hours: EST M-F 8am-8pm SAT 9am-4pm


Pricing Effective July 1-31, 2009

Prices Subject to Change

2009 Tire Rack &

Ask about our Tire Road Hazard Service Program

Sumitomo HTR Z III

The HTR Z III (High Technology Radials-3rd generation) tire was developed for sports cars, sporty coupes and high performance sedans and is designed to showcase Sumitomos technical resources by providing high-speed handling stability along with traction on dry and wet roads. Like all summer tires, it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Five Rib Asymmetric Tread Pattern

Large outboard tread blocks promote responsive handling, high-speed stability and dry road traction.

Wide Circumferential and Long Lateral Grooves Continuous Inboard Ribs

provide drainage that helps evacuate water to increase wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. improve tire longevity by resisting irregular wear associated with independent rear suspensions.

205/50 ZR- 17 XL 215/45 ZR- 17 215/50 ZR- 17 225/45 ZR- 17 XL 225/50 ZR- 17 235/45 ZR- 17 235/50 ZR- 17 235/55 ZR- 17 245/40 ZR- 17XL 245/45 ZR- 17 255/40 ZR- 17 275/40 ZR- 17 215/40 ZR- 18 225/40 ZR- 18 XL 225/45 ZR- 18 XL 235/40 ZR- 18 XL

235/50 ZR- 18 245/40 ZR- 18 XL 245/45 ZR- 18 XL 255/35 ZR- 18 XL 255/40 ZR- 18 XL 255/45 ZR- 18 XL 265/35 ZR- 18 XL 265/40 ZR- 18 275/35 ZR- 18 275/40 ZR- 18 285/30 ZR- 18 XL 285/35 ZR- 18 295/30 ZR- 18 235/35 ZR- 19 XL 245/35 ZR- 19 XL 245/40 ZR- 19 XL

245/45 ZR- 19 255/35 ZR- 19 255/40 ZR- 19 275/30 ZR- 19 XL 275/40 ZR- 19 225/35 ZR- 20 245/35 ZR- 20 XL 245/40 ZR- 20 255/35 ZR- 20 XL 275/30 ZR- 20 XL 275/35 ZR- 20 285/30 ZR- 20 XL 265/30 ZR- 22 295/25 ZR- 22 XL

For a complete list of sizes and prices visit

NOTE: Like all summer tires, the HTR Z III is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Sumitomo HTR+

The HTR+ (High Technology Radials-Plus All-Season traction) was developed to meet the year-round driving needs of sports car, coupe and sedan drivers by blending dry and wet road performance with light snow traction. HTR+ radials combine Sumitomos high-tech, ultra high-performance materials with their All-Season technology.


Five Rib Tread Pattern

Independent shoulder and intermediate tread blocks and a continuous center rib enhance dry cornering and stability.

Circumferential and Curvilinear Grooves

evacuate water from the footprint to enhance wet traction and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Sumitomos Reverse Pattern Siping

adds strategically located biting edges in the tread pattern to increase light snow and slush traction.

195/55 R- 15 205/40 R- 16 205/55 R- 16 205/60 R- 16 215/40 R- 16 215/60 R- 16 225/50 ZR- 16 225/60 R- 16 245/50 ZR- 16 205/40 ZR- 17 215/40 ZR- 17 215/45 ZR- 17

215/50 ZR- 17 225/40 ZR- 18 225/45 ZR- 17 235/40 ZR- 18 225/50 ZR- 17 245/40 ZR- 18 235/40 ZR- 17 235/45 ZR- 17 235/50 ZR- 17 XL 245/40 ZR- 17 245/45 ZR- 17 255/45 ZR- 17 275/40 ZR- 17 215/35 ZR- 18 225/35 ZR- 18

Hours: EST M-F 8am-8pm SAT 9am-4pm


2009 Tire Rack &

Ask about our Tire Road Hazard Service Program

Extreme Contact DWS

205/55 225/55 225/45 235/45 235/50 245/45 275/40 225/45 235/40 235/40 235/45 235/50 245/40 245/45 255/35 255/40 255/45 265/35 275/40 235/35 275/40 245/30 245/35 245/40 255/35 275/35 275/40 265/30 285/30 255/30

R- 16 $97 R- 16 104 R- 17 122 R- 17 127 R- 17 149 R- 17 129 R- 17 149 R- 18 143 R- 18 149 R- 18XL 181 R- 18XL 179 R- 18 175 R- 18 159 R- 18 169 R- 18 211 R- 18XL 202 R- 18XL 189 R- 18XL 225 R- 18 211 R- 19XL 181 R- 19 231 R- 20XL 211 R- 20XL 199 R- 20XL 253 R- 20XL 159 R- 20XL 242 R- 20XL 231 R- 22XL 291 R- 22XL 305 R- 24XL 349

Extreme Contact DW
205/55 235/45 235/50 245/45 275/40 225/45 235/35 235/40 235/45 235/50 245/45 255/40 275/35 275/40 255/40 275/40 245/30 245/40 255/35 275/35

ContiProContact Direzza DZ101

175/65 R- 15 $79 P185/65 R- 15 74 195/55 R- 15XL 97 195/60 R- 15 66 P195/65 R- 15 56 195/65 R- 15 64 205/60 R- 15 79 205/70 R- 15 67 205/65 R- 15 69 215/60 R- 15 79 215/60 HR- 15 77 215/65 R- 15 71 215/70 R- 15 69 225/70 R- 15OWL 73 235/70 R- 15OWL 79 205/50 R- 16 115 205/55 R- 16 102 P205/55 R- 16 91 205/60 R- 16 109 P205/60 R- 16 92 205/65 R- 16 79 215/55 R- 16 102 215/55 R- 16XL 104 215/55 R- 16 111 P215/60 R- 16 77 225/50 R- 16 122 225/60 R- 16 81 235/60 R- 16 113 205/50 R- 17 140 215/50 R- 17 131 215/65 R- 17 96 225/45 R- 17 132 225/45 R- 17MO132 225/55 R- 17 129 235/45 R- 17 131 235/55 ZR- 17 136 235/50 R- 18 139 245/40 HR- 18 159 245/40 HR- 18 204 255/45 R- 18 198 245/40 R- 19 228

R- 16 $107 R- 17 138 R- 17 159 R- 17 145 R- 17 171 R- 18 161 R- 18 199 R- 18 181 R- 18XL 186 R- 18 189 R- 18 199 R- 18XL 227 R- 18 245 R- 18 237 R- 19XL 239 R- 19 245 R- 20XL 224 R- 20XL 255 R- 20XL 212 R- 20XL 295

ContiSport Contact

ContiPro Contact SSR

195/55 205/55 205/45 225/45

R- 16 $141 R- 16 137 R- 17 202 R- 17 172

225/45WR- 17BM199 255/40 ZR- 18 248 225/40 ZR- 19 290 255/35 ZR- 19 285 285/30 ZR- 18 $288

ContiSport Contact 2

195/50 R- 15 $61 Z1 Star Spec Signature 500 195/55 R- 15 69 195/55 R- 15 $86 205/65 R- 15 $76 P215/70 R- 14 $74 P225/70 R- 14 78 205/55 R16 89 205/50 R16 102 205/50 R- 15 61 P205/60 R- 16 81 P215/65 R- 15 80 205/55 R- 15 74 205/55 R- 16 101 215/55 R- 16 89 P215/70 R- 15 75 225/50 R16 119 195/50 R- 16 71 225/50 R- 16 95 P225/70 R- 15 79 205/40 ZR- 16XL 77 215/40 ZR- 17 118 225/55 R- 16 96 P235/60 R- 15 86 P235/70 R- 15 82 215/45 ZR- 17 125 205/50 R- 17XL 104 205/45 ZR- 16 78 225/45 ZR- 17 129 215/45 R- 17XL 97 P255/60 R- 15 92 205/50 R- 16 83 P255/70 R- 15 89 235/40 ZR- 17 141 215/50 R- 17XL 109 P275/60 R- 15 95 205/55 R- 16 77 235/45 ZR- 17 135 P215/55 R- 17 111 P295/50 R- 15 119 215/45 ZR- 16 123 245/40 ZR- 17 156 225/45 ZR- 17XL 101 215/50 R- 16 87 245/45 ZR- 17 146 225/50 ZR- 17 112 Firehawk Wide Oval 215/55 R- 16 84 255/40 ZR- 17 161 235/45 R- 17XL 110 205/50 ZR- 16 $104 225/50 R- 16 83 225/40 ZR- 18 166 235/50 R- 17 122 P205/55 R- 16 109 225/55 R- 16 90 225/45 ZR- 18 173 235/55 R- 17 118 P225/50 ZR- 16 118 205/45 ZR- 17 112 235/40 ZR- 18 182 245/40 ZR- 17XL 121 P225/55 ZR- 16 116 245/45 ZR- 17 117 P225/60 ZR- 16 114 215/40 ZR- 17XL 89 245/40 ZR- 18 187 225/40 ZR- 18XL 108 P245/50 ZR- 16 125 215/45 ZR- 17 90 245/45 ZR- 18 189 225/45 R- 18XL 127 215/45 ZR- 17 125 215/50 R- 17 90 255/35 ZR- 18 225 P225/60 R- 18 121 235/50 ZR- 17 152 225/45 ZR- 17XL 97 265/35 ZR- 18 241 235/40 R- 18XL 126 245/45 ZR- 17 143 P255/45 ZR- 17 175 235/45 ZR- 17 99 275/35 ZR- 18 246 235/50 R- 18 144 265/40 ZR- 17 159 245/45 ZR- 18XL 141 P275/40 ZR- 17 160 245/40 ZR- 17 110 Direzza DZ101 XL 245/35 ZR- 20 96 P285/40 ZR- 17 176 245/45 ZR- 17 99 continued 255/35 R- 20XL 136 225/40 ZR- 18 145 255/40 ZR- 17 109 255/35 ZR- 18 $158 295/35 ZR- 18 235 265/40 ZR- 17 127 265/35 ZR- 18 153 P255/45 R- 19 219 245/40 ZR- 20XL 235 215/35 ZR- 18XL 105 275/35 ZR- 18 155 275/35 ZR- 20 242 XL 225/40 ZR- 18 115 215/35 ZR- 19 120 P295/40 R- 20 246 225/45 ZR- 18 137 225/35 ZR- 19XL 131 Firehawk Wide 235/40 ZR- 18 120 245/35 ZR- 19 155 Oval RFT 245/40 ZR- 18 131 275/30 ZR- 19 209 SP Sport 9000 P245/40 ZR- 18L$212 245/45 ZR- 18 156 255/35 ZR- 20XL 124 285/50 ZR- 18 $178 P285/35 ZR- 19 295

Direzza Sport

SP Sport

Firehawk Indy

Ventus R-S3

225/45 ZR- 15 $124 195/55 225/50 ZR- 16 123 205/50 205/55 225/45 ZR- 17XL 142 215/60 255/40 ZR- 17XL 152 225/50 XL 245/40 ZR- 18 211 215/50 215/55 265/35 ZR- 18XL 264 P225/55 285/35 ZR- 18XL 300 195/60 R- 14 $75 195/50 ZR- 15 77 205/50 ZR- 15 94 225/45 ZR- 15 99 225/50 ZR- 15 99 205/45 ZR- 16 96 205/50 ZR- 16 95 205/55 ZR- 16 97 215/45 ZR- 16 102 225/45 ZR- 16 106 225/50 ZR- 16 98 245/45 ZR- 16 113 215/40 ZR- 17XL 114 215/45 ZR- 17XL 114 225/45 ZR- 17XL 114 235/40 ZR- 17XL 122 245/40 ZR- 17XL 126 245/45 ZR- 17XL 125 215/35 ZR- 18XL 145 225/40 ZR- 18XL 157 235/40 ZR- 18XL 161 265/35 ZR- 18XL 206 315/30 ZR- 18 268


R- 15 $70 R- 16 75 R- 16 73 R- 16 71 R- 16 88 R- 17XL 92 R- 17 92 R- 17 96


Ventus R-S2


185/60 195/60 185/65 195/60 195/65 205/60 205/65 215/60 215/65 225/60 205/50 205/55 205/60 215/55 215/60 225/50 225/55 225/60 205/40 215/45 215/50 225/45 235/45 245/45

R- 14 $45 R- 14 49 R- 15 52 R- 15 48 R- 15 52 R- 15 51 R- 15 54 R- 15 54 R- 15 55 R- 15 56 R- 16 69 R- 16 72 R- 16 59 R- 16 78 R- 16 60 R- 16 81 R- 16 85 R- 16 64 R- 17XL 63 R- 17 74 R- 17 89 R- 17 79 R- 17 88 R- 17 89

205/55 ZR- 16 $81 225/50 ZR- 16 91 225/55 ZR- 16 92 245/45 ZR- 16 102 245/50 ZR- 16 98 205/40 ZR- 17XL 76 215/40 ZR- 17 83 215/45 ZR- 17 86 215/50 ZR- 17XL 104 225/45 ZR- 17 91 235/40 ZR- 17 98 235/45 ZR- 17 102 245/40 ZR- 17 103 245/45 ZR- 17 103 255/40 ZR- 17 105 P255/45 ZR- 17 110 255/50 ZR- 17 125 275/40 ZR- 17 121 215/35 ZR- 18ZRF109 225/40 ZR- 18 95 235/40 ZR- 18 117 245/40 ZR- 18 135 265/35 ZR- 18 154 285/60 R- 18 119 225/35 ZR- 19XL 140 235/35 ZR- 19ZRF148 245/35 ZR- 19ZRF157 275/30 ZR- 19ZRF176 255/35 ZR- 20 135 265/50 R- 20 139 275/45 R- 20 125 275/55 R- 20 128

PZero Rosso Asimmetrico


225/45 ZR- 17 $133 235/45 ZR- 17XL 154 245/40 ZR- 17 221 255/40 ZR- 17N3 229 235/40 ZR- 18XL 255 245/40 ZR- 18 251 255/35 ZR- 18 295 255/40 ZR- 18 269 255/40 ZR- 18XL 282 255/45 ZR- 18 259 265/35 ZR- 18XL 277 285/40 ZR- 18 418 235/35 ZR- 19XL 320 235/45 ZR- 19 310 245/45 ZR- 19BM269 255/40 ZR- 19XL 325 255/50 ZR- 19 176 285/35 ZR- 19 423 295/30 ZR- 19N1 433 315/35 ZR- 20 431 295/35 ZR- 21XL 249 205/50WR- 17 $244 205/50 R- 17 233 225/45 R- 17 198 225/50 R- 17 274 245/45 R- 17 309 255/40 R- 17 283 205/40 R- 18 260 225/40 R- 18 262 245/40 R- 18 333 255/35 R- 18 359 245/45 R- 19 433 275/40 R- 19 454 245/35 R- 21XL 509 275/30 R- 21XL 576


225/45 ZR- 17X$185 235/45 ZR- 17XL 224 245/45 ZR- 17XL 275 225/40 ZR- 18XL 225 235/40 ZR- 18XL 283 245/40 ZR- 18XL 289 245/45 ZR- 18XL 284 265/40 ZR- 18XL 362 235/35 ZR- 19XL 332 245/35 ZR- 19XL 367 245/40 ZR- 19 379 255/40 ZR- 19XL 396 265/30 ZR- 19XL 399 275/40 ZR- 19XL 409 285/30 ZR- 19XL 466 295/30 ZR- 19XL 465 245/35 ZR- 20XL 407 255/35 ZR- 20XL 409 265/35 ZR- 20XL 476 275/35 ZR- 20XL 387

PZero System Asimmetrico

205/45 ZR- 17 $206 225/45 ZR- 17 173 245/50 ZR- 17 313 225/40 ZR- 18N3 214 265/35 ZR- 18N3 305 275/40 ZR- 18 375 295/30 ZR- 18N3 392 245/40 YR- 19X$370

PZero Rosso Direzionale




31X10.5 R- 15C OWL $158 P 245/70 R- 16 $133 P 225/75 R- 15OWL 148 P 235/70 R- 15OWL 33X12.5 R- 15C OWL 195 LT 245/75 R- 16E 147 P 235/75 R- 15OWL 35X12.5 R- 15C OWL 222 P 265/70 R- 16 E E OWL 149 LT 235/75 R- 156P OWL LT 265/75 R16 LT 265/75 R- 16 205 136 LT 30x9.5 R- 15OWL LT 285/75 R- 16D OWL 204 P 245/65 R- 17 D 266 LT 31x10.5 R- 15OWL LT 305/70 R- 16D OWL 234 LT 325/60 R- 20 E D OWL P 265/70 R- 15OWL 423 LT 325/45 R24 LT 315/75 R- 16 243 LT 215/85 R- 16E OWL LT 265/70 R- 17E OWL 209 Scorpion STR LT 225/75 R- 16E OWL LT 285/70 R- 17D OWL 261 P 205/70 R- 15 $97 P 235/70 R- 16OWL 33X12.5 R- 17D OWL 235 215/65 R- 16 121 LT 235/85 R- 16OWL 35X12.5 R- 17D OWL 291 P 215/70 R- 16 119 P 245/70 R- 16OWL E P 235/70 R16 118 LT 305/60 R- 18 296 LT 245/75 R- 1610P/OW 153 LT 245/75 R- 16OWL LT 305/70 R- 18E 309 P 255/65 R- 16 235/50 R- 18 180 P 245/75 R- 16OWL LT 325/60 R- 18E 293 265 P 255/70 R- 16OWL LT 325/65 R- 18E 338 P 275/45 R- 20 213 LT 265/75 R- 1610P/OW LT 305/55 R- 20E 317 P 305/50 R- 20 LT 325/50 R- 20E 348 Scorpion STR A LT 265/75 R- 166P/OWL 35X12.5 R- 20E 350 P 235/75 R- 15XL OWL $109 P 265/75 R- 16OWL 35X13.5 R- 20E 381 P 265/70 R- 15 116 P 275/70 R- 16OWL 120 LT 285/75 R- 16OWL P 225/70 R- 16OWL 137 P 235/65 R- 17OWL P 265/70 R- 16OWL P 245/65 R- 17 155 P 235/75 R- 17OWL OWL 162 P 245/70 R- 17OWL P 265/70 R- 18 P 265/65 R- 17OWL LT 265/70 R- 17OWL E

Radial F-C II

Scorpion ATR

Dueler A/T Revo

Grabber UHP
$121 132 126 140 145 163 147 169 174 142 178 148 179 166 137 153 200 181 146 172 198 147 150 154 187 202

205/70 R- 15 265/70 R- 15 215/65 R- 16 215/70 R- 16 225/70 R- 16 235/60 R- 16 235/70 R- 16 245/70 R- 16 255/55 R- 16 255/65 R- 16 265/70 R- 16 275/70 R- 16 235/65 R- 17XL 255/60 R- 17 275/55 R- 17 255/55 ZR- 18XL 255/50 ZR- 19XL 285/45 ZR- 19 275/55 R- 20XL 285/50 R- 20 295/45 R- 20XL 295/50 R- 20XL 305/40 R- 22XL 305/45 R- 22XL 305/40 R- 23XL 305/40 R- 24XL 315/35 R- 24XL

Geolandar A/T-S
$69 100 86 87 91 87 95 98 94 96 99 102 115 124 136 119 156 189 124 134 125 128 154 154 156 264 230 205/70 R- 15 215/70 R- 15 LT 215/75 R- 15OWL P 225/70 R- 15OWL P 235/70 R- 15OWL LT 235/75 R- 15C OWL P 235/75 R- 15OWL 30X9.5 R- 15C OWL 265/70 R- 15 31X10.5 R- 15OWL 32X11.5 R- 15C OWL 33X12.5 R- 15OWL 215/60 R- 16 215/65 R- 16 215/70 R- 16 LT 215/85 R- 16D OWL 225/70 R- 16 LT 225/75 R- 16D OWL 235/60 R- 16 P 235/70 R- 16OWL LT 235/85 R- 16E OWL P 245/70 R- 16OWL LT 245/75 R- 16E OWL 255/65 R- 16 P 255/70 R- 16OWL P 265/70 R- 16OWL LT 265/75 R- 16E LT 265/75 R- 16D OWL 275/70 R- 16 LT 285/75 R- 16D LT 315/75 R- 16D 225/60 R- 17 225/65 R- 17 225/70 R- 17 235/65 R- 17XL P 235/70 R- 17OWL 245/65 R- 17 LT 245/70 R- 17E 255/65 R- 17 P 255/70 R- 17OWL 265/65 R- 17 LT 265/70 R- 17E P 265/70 R- 17OWL P 275/60 R- 17OWL 275/65 R- 17 LT 315/70 R- 17D 37X12.5 R- 17D 225/55 R- 18 265/60 R- 18 P 265/70 R- 18 275/60 R- 18 LT 275/65 R- 18C OWL 305/45 R- 20

Dueler H/L Alenza

31X10.5 R- 15C OWL $167 33X12.5 R- 15C OWL 203 35X12.5 R- 15C OWL 228 LT 265/75 R- 16E OWL 220 LT 285/75 R- 16D OWL 216 LT 305/70 R- 16D OWL 246 LT 315/75 R- 16E OWL 255 LT 265/70 R- 17E OWL 228 LT 285/70 R- 17D OWL 280 LT 305/65 R- 17E 253 LT 315/70 R- 17D OWL 282


Latitude Tour
P 235/75 P 265/70 P 215/75 P 225/70 P 225/75 P 235/70 P 235/70 P 245/70 P 245/70 P 245/75 P 255/65 P 255/70 P 265/70 225/65 P 245/65 P 245/65 P 255/60 P 255/75 P 265/65 P 265/70 P 265/70 P 245/60 P 265/70 P 275/55 P 255/60

HTR Sport H/P

255/55 285/60 275/45 275/55 285/50 P 295/45 305/50 265/35 285/35 305/40 P 305/45

R- 18 R- 18 R- 20 R- 20XL R- 20 R- 20 R- 20 R- 22XL R- 22 R- 22 R- 22

$108 114 117 126 129 133 126 153 195 158 159

R- 15 R- 15 R- 16OWL R- 16OWL R- 16OWL R- 16 R- 16OWL R- 16 R- 16OWL R- 16OWL R- 16 R- 16OWL R- 16OWL R- 17 R- 17 R- 17OWL R- 17 R- 17 R- 17OWL R- 17 R- 17OWL R- 18 R- 18 R- 18 R- 19

$123 139 127 161 117 149 139 142 135 147 159 148 167 169 169 172 179 182 194 186 187 142 203 183 108 $276 280 347 428

Latitude Sport

P 205/70 P 215/75 P 225/70 P 225/75 P 235/70 P 235/75 P 265/70 P 215/70 P 225/70 P 225/75 P 235/70 P 235/75 P 245/70 P 245/75 255/65 P 265/70 P 265/75 P 275/70 225/65 235/65 P 245/65 P 255/75 275/55 P 275/60 255/55 P 285/60 275/40 P 275/55 P 285/45

R- 15OWL R- 15OWL R- 15OWL R- 15OWL R- 15OWL R- 15OWL R- 15 R- 16OWL R- 16OWL R- 16OWL R- 16 R- 16OWL R- 16 R- 16OWL R- 16 R- 16OWL R- 16 R- 16 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 17 R- 18XL R- 18 R- 20XL R- 20 R- 22

$111 116 113 120 116 123 150 Grabber HTS 139 P 255/70 R- 15 142 P 225/70 R- 16 126 235/75 R- 16 117 P 235/75 R- 16 133 245/70 R- 16 144 P 245/70 R- 16 143 P 245/75 R- 16 159 P 255/65 R- 16 159 P 255/70 R- 16 152 P 265/70 R- 16 173 P 275/70 R- 16BW 139 P 275/70 R- 16 133 P 255/65 R- 17 165 LT 265/70 R- 17 155 P 265/70 R- 17 165 P 275/60 R- 17XL 255/55 R- 18 158 LT 275/65 R- 18E 185 LT 275/70 R- 18E 199 275/55 R- 20XL 234 183 210

$90 91 91 95 97 94 95 112 103 104 122 118 123 112 116 128 139 170 165 137

255/55 ZR- 18XL 275/45 ZR- 19XL 275/45 ZR- 20XL 295/35 ZR- 21XL 295/40 R- 22XL

Latitude Tour HP

Ecsta STX KL12

325/35 R- 28XL $812

Grabber AT2

205/75 R- 15OWL


$75 215/75 R- 15OWL 77 235/75 R- 15OWL 92 255/70 R- 15OWL 83 215/70 R- 16 96 225/75 R- 16 89 235/65 R- 16 95 235/70 R- 16 99 P 235/70 R- 16OWL 107 245/70 R- 16 107 245/75 R- 16OWL 126 255/65 R- 16 133 255/70 R- 16OWL 98 P 265/70 R- 16 92 265/70 R- 16 89 265/75 R- 16OWL 106 235/65 R- 17 98 235/65 R- 17OWL 104 245/65 R- 17 108 245/65 R- 17OWL 94 255/60 R- 17 108 265/65 HR- 17 100 265/65 R- 17 117 275/55 R- 17 113 275/60 R- 17OWL 108 109 P 245/60 R- 18XL 255/55 R- 18 127 275/60 R- 18 122 255/70 R- 18 111 265/70 R- 18OWL 136 169 119 Vanco 2 D 116 C 195/70 R- 15 101 119 107 125 138 130 114 137 151 123 Vanco 4 Season 167 C 195/70 R- 15D 155 C 215/85 R- 16E 182 LT 245/75 R- 16E 275 140 176 Parada Spec-X 157 continued 285/50 R- 20XL 183 295/45 R- 20XL 167 305/50 R- 20XL 185 255/30 R- 22XL Geolandar H/T-S G052 265/30 R- 22XL 265/35 R- 22XL 265/60 R- 18 $140 265/40 R- 22XL Parada Spec-X 285/35 R- 22XL 285/40 R- 22XL 225/65 R- 17 $107 285/45 R- 22XL 225/60 R- 18 142 305/40 R- 22XL 235/55 R- 18 148 305/45 R- 22XL 235/60 R- 18 142 285/35 R- 23XL 245/60 R- 18 151 285/40 R- 23XL 235/55 R- 19 162 305/40 R- 23XL 245/45 R- 20 142 285/40 R- 24XL 245/50 R- 20 160 295/35 R- 24XL 255/45 R- 20XL 141 305/35 R- 24XL 255/50 R- 20XL 155 315/35 R- 24XL 265/50 R- 20XL 141 315/40 R- 25XL 255/40 R- 20 145 315/40 R- 26XL 275/40 R- 20XL 141 XL 325/35 R- 28XL 275/45 R- 20 131 XL 315/35 R- 30 275/55 R- 20 141

CrossContact LX
$91 94 102 96 99 112 107 106 105 108 121 111 119 121 117 128 122 129 131 133 131 131 156 133 105 154 158 149 153 $88

$108 92 110

$135 139 142 192 206 165 186 198 224 164 154 157 179 218 204 316 339 339 379 716 482 1050 1978

P 225/70 R- 14OWL P 205/75 R- 15OWL P 215/75 R- 15OWL P 225/70 R- 15OWL P 225/75 R- 15OWL P 235/70 R- 15OWL LT 235/75 R- 15OWL P 235/75 R- 15XL P 235/75 R- 15XL OWL LT 30X9.5 R- 15OWL LT 31X10.5 R- 15OWL LT 33X12.5 R- 15OWL P 235/70 R- 16OWL P 235/75 R- 16 P 235/75 R- 16OWL P 245/70 R- 16OWL LT 245/75 R- 16OWL C P 245/75 R- 16OWL P 255/70 R- 16OWL P 265/70 R- 16OWL LT 265/70 R- 16D OWL P 265/75 R- 16OWL LT 265/75 R- 16OWL C LT 285/75 R- 16OWL E LT 305/70 R- 16OWL LT 315/75 R- 16D P 235/65 R- 17 P 235/70 R- 17OWL XL P 235/75 R- 17OWL P 245/65 R- 17OWL P 245/70 R- 17OWL P 245/75 R- 17OWL P 255/65 R- 17OWL P 255/70 R- 17OWL P 255/75 R- 17 P 265/65 R- 17OWL P 265/70 R- 17OWL LT 265/70 R- 17C OWL LT 275/70 R- 17C OWL LT 285/70 R- 17D OWL P 285/70 R- 17OWL LT 315/70 R- 17D OWL P 255/70 R- 18OWL P 265/60 R- 18OWL P 265/70 R- 18OWL P 275/65 R- 18OWL LT 325/65 R- 18E P 275/55 R- 20OWL P 275/60 R- 20OWL LT 235/75 LT 215/85 LT 225/75 LT 235/85 LT 245/75 LT 265/75 LT 265/75 LT 8.75 LT 9.50 LT 235/80 LT 245/70 LT 245/75 LT 265/70 LT 275/65 LT 275/70

Destination A/T

$91 P 225/70 R- 14OWL 84 P 215/70 R- 15 OWL 92 P 215/75 R- 15OWL 98 P 225/70 R- 15OWL 94 P 225/75 R- 15OWL 235/70 R- 15 104 P P 235/75 R- 15OWL 105 LT 235/75 R- 15C OWL 101 P 255/70 R- 15OWL 102 P 265/75 R- 15OWL 108 LT 31X10.5 R- 15C OWL 117 P 215/70 R- 16 139 P 225/70 R- 16OWL XL 109 P 225/75 R- 16 102 P 235/65 R- 16XL OWL 105 P 235/70 R- 16XL OWL P 235/75 R- 16 109 P 245/70 R- 16OWL 133 P 245/75 R- 16OWL 110 P 255/65 R- 16OWL 119 P 255/70 R- 16OWL 119 P 265/70 R- 16OWL 146 P 265/75 R- 16OWL C OWL 122 LT 265/75 R- 16 225/65 R- 17 139 166 P 235/60 R- 17 235/65 R- 17 175 P P 235/70 R- 17XL OWL 192 P 245/65 R- 17OWL 132 P 245/70 R- 17OWL 123 P 255/65 R- 17OWL 122 P 265/65 R- 17 135 P 265/70 R- 17OWL 122 P 265/75 R- 16OWL 126 P 275/60 R- 17OWL 132 P 235/65 R- 18 129 P 245/60 R- 18OWL 265/60 R- 18 133 P P 265/65 R- 18 151 P 265/65 R- 18OWL 134 P 265/70 R- 18OWL 155 P 265/50 R- 20 167 P 275/55 R- 20 183 P 275/60 R- 20OWL 144 195 142 161 150 159 270 145 167

Destination LE

$90 76 87 89 89 95 93 98 95 100 109 88 94 94 102 99 98 104 99 116 109 114 125 125 109 112 114 115 125 119 127 131 123 108 132 125 129 144 125 133 139 169 158 155

Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar

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2009 Tire Rack & &


R O A D & T R A C K &


The Japanese giant shocked the world of motorsports when it abruptly announced last December that it would not be participating in Formula 1 in 2009. An insider at Honda, who asked to remain anonymous, gives us his take:

ON HONDAS DEPARTURE FROM F1 The decision, while made public late last year, was actually made earlier in the fall. Honda is a frugal, no-nonsense company, and when the writing was on the wall that new car sales were going to be horrible for some time, the company couldnt legitimize spending $250 $300 million a year on something like F1, employing hundreds of people to race two cars in one series.

WHY DO YOU THINK BRAWN GP HAS BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL? Not taking anything away from what Brawn GP have done, but after the absolutely dismal Earth car of 20072008, the company focused almost all of its efforts on the car for this year. To get an idea of how important this was, toward fall of last year, Honda CEO (Takeo) Fukui held a video conferencenot to talk about Hondas dismal car salesbut

the horrible state of Hondas F1 program, which he called an embarrassment. HONDAS FUTURE IN INDYCARS? From what I hearand this could certainly change as a result of the current state of auto salesHonda will continue in IndyCars, even if the formula switches to a 4-cylinder turbo. The company is looking forward to competing with other engine manufacturers.

Formula 1

once used in F1. Octane? Lilley explains that an F1 fuels Research Octane must lie between 95 and 102, roughly 9198 by our pump standards. Octane isnt as big a concern as other characteristics like volatility, density and individual hydrocarbon composition. In fact, it has been suggested that, with its soaring revs, F1 combustion occurs so quickly theres hardly time for preignition. Volatility can be adjusted independently of octane by adjusting different hydrocarbons to optimize the fuel for, say, the track temperature. And although density adjustments seemingly create only minor improvements, remember, this is F1. Ideally, Shell could bring a unique fuel to each racetrack based on numerous factors such as climate, length of the pit lane, length of the straightaways, etc. Racing Technology: Fueling the Competitive Spirit, January 2006, and archived at gives details.John Lamm


While we hear a great deal about how much fuel goes into a Formula 1 car at any pitstop, what do we know about what goes into that fuel? Great question for Shells Dr. Lisa Lilley, who can be found in the Ferrari garage at every Grand Prix. Dr. Lilley explains that 99 percent of the F1 fuel has the same composition as pump gasoline. That other 1 percent? She isnt saying. In fact, the regulations give tight limits for each member of the hydrocarbon group, only certain percentages permitted of paraffins, olens, di-olens and the like. Whats left is some wiggle room for each, with fuels optimized for different circuits and conditions. At each venue its tested by the FIA to make certain that it complies with the regulations, that it isnt one of the exotic brews

with its all-new Morgan Aero Super Sports race car at Rounds 1 and 2 of the International FIA GT3 Championship held at the historic Silverstone circuit. In the rst race, Dimitri Enjalbert and Johan-Boris Scheier outpaced an Aston Martin DBRS9 by 10.5 sec. with the new Audi R8 LMS nishing 3rd, nearly 24 sec. behind the winners. In the second heat, drivers Maxime Martin and Gal Lesoudier scored an even more pronounced victory in their Morgan Aero Super Sport by crossing the nish line ahead of a pair of Audi R8 LMS cars by nearly 19 sec. Said Charles Morgan: It was just incredible to see the new car dominating the eld. The competition is extraordinary out there, with works-supported teams from all of the major manufacturers. For me, one of the most exciting things is that the two races were won by different Morgans, and this bodes well for the rest of the season.
beat Vilarinho by nearly 2 seconds in the Round 1 race and crossed the nish line rst by nearly 5 sec. over Autotecnica driver Gianmarco Raimondo of Canada in Round 2. And while outright race victories have eluded her since, runner-up positions in both races at Virginia International Raceway and 2nd-, 3rd- and 2nd-place nishes at the triple-header events at Miller Motorsports Park have put her in a commanding position. All of her racing success is not going unnoticed. Chaves has recently signed a sponsorship agreement with Caf de Colombia, the marketing arm of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. A U G U S T 2 0 0 9

Watch Out, Danica Gabbys Not Too Shabby!

Fifteen-year-old Gabby Chaves of Weston, Florida, is taking this years Formula BMW America championship by storm. At the halfway point of the season, the Eurointernational team driver was well ahead of her nearest competitor, Brazilian teammate Giancarlo Vilarinho. Chaves let the competition know that she was a driver to reckon with this year when she dominated the opening event in Puebla, Mexico. There, she


Britains Morgan Motor Company scored surprising victories

97 &

Nrburgring 24
Stand back as 220 cars attack the toughest track in the world for 24 hours! BY ANDREW BORNHOP PHOTOS BY WOLFGANG GRUBE


TRIVIA QUESTION: WHO WAS THE LAST American to be the overall winner in a European 24-hour car race? If you managed to remember Davy Jones in the TWR Porsche at Le Mans in 1996, well, were mightily impressed. But youd be wrong. The honor actually belongs to a tall curly-haired NASCAR driver and sports car ace who won the Nrburgring 24 back in 2005, piloting a factory-run BMW M3 GTR. Thats right, Boris Said. Hes the road course maestro whose colorful personality and speed behind the wheel have earned him quite a loyal following. Understandably, Said is proud of the Nrburgring win, calling the 24 one of the best motor-racing events in the world and a highlight of his career. Of all the races Ive done, the 24-hour at the Ring is clearly one of the coolest, reects Said, whos raced in the event four times. Besides his 2005 victory, Said has nished 2nd overall and had two DNFs (one mechanical, one crash). Thats a more-than-respectable record, perhaps partly explaining why hes enamored of this race thats basically unknown to Americans and takes place on a track far tougher than the Circuit de la Sarthe in

98 &


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France. Disagree? Take a look at the 13page feature story on the Ring in our February issue, or watch some of the videos on our websitewere condent youll change your mind. The Nrburgrings mix of elevation changes, blind curves, crazy camber changes and seemingly endless tough sections make it the most difcult track in the world, and to compete on the crowded circuit for a full day boggles the mind. Think of this, says Said, there are 230 cars on the track, and only 33 pit stalls. And the track itself (a 15.8-mile mix of the Nordschleife and the modern Nrburgring Grand Prix circuit) is the biggest challenge. Youll lap slow cars every three laps, and its not unusual to pass 40 or 50 cars in a single lap! Moreover, Said says the weather is a huge variable. Its real easy to be caught out on the wrong tires for a whole lap. Just because its raining in one spot of the Ring doesnt mean its like
R O A D & T R A C K

Is there anything more cool than seeing an R8 LMS catch air in the heat of competition? Nope. But the V12 Vantage (blue car), Lexus LF-A (white car, above) and crazy fans complete the Nrburgring experience.

that all the way around the track. And then there are the fansthe Ring is crazy with them. The 24-hour race draws more people (some 235,000 this year) than the Daytona 500, most folks spread out around the circuit and setting up camp within the Eifel Forest in their own particular ways. Whats more, theyre allowed incredible access all around the circuit, and although they certainly like their bier, theres a good understanding and respect for whats taking place on the track. After one of his DNFs, Said says he spent hours goofing around with the fans. Particularly fun, says Said, is Captain Ahabs hillside section, where the fun and games are nonstop. So what kinds of cars compete in the Nrburgring 24? For the most part, they are production-based sports cars and sports sedanssome highly tweaked, some not with gasoline, diesel, CNG and hybrid powertrains all represented. Indeed, the mix at

this years 37th running of the ADAC Nrburgring 24-Hour race was particularly rich, with the usual smattering of Porsche 911 variants, privately run BMWs and the like complemented by some factory (or factorysupported) efforts that included four Audi R8 LMSs, four Volkswagen Sciroccos, ve Aston Martins (one V12 Vantage and four V8 Vantages) and a couple of Lexus LF-As, the last seeking to improve on their dismal performance in last years race. All told, there were 220 cars in 27 classes. Victory this year went to the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR driven by Timo Bernhard, Marc Lieb, Romain Dumas and Marcel Tiemann. This marks the fourth time in a row that Porsche has won the Nrburgring 24, and the winning Manthey Racing team set a distance record of 3933 kilometers, bettering the previous mark (set in 1996) by 101 km. Despite this, it wasnt an easy win, as & &

the race itself is getting increasingly competitive each year. The pole-winning Ford GT of German Dirk Adorf led for most of the rst hour, only to spin while lapping slower trafc. And from that point on, all through the night and well into the morning, the winning Porsche RSR had a great battle with the fastest of the Audi R8s, which by regulations were allowed to carry 20 liters more fuel, which meant they could stay out for one lap longer than the Porsches. To counteract that advantage, admitted Bernhard, we had to take more risks and turn one qualifying lap after the other to stay in the lead. As for the Audis, the No. 99 R8 of Marc Basseng, Mike Rockenfeller and Frank Stippler looked particularly impressive, leading for nearly 17 hours before a driveshaft problem sidelined the car in the Karussell section. After repair, the car returned to action six laps down but still able to nish an impressive 5th overall. Of note, all of the new GT3-class Audi R8s nished the race, led by the No. 97 car of Christian Abt, Jean-Francois Hemroulle, Pierre Kaffer and Lucas Luhr, which experienced no problems in taking 2nd overall and 1st in GT3, only one lap behind the winning Porsche. Audis motorsport chief Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich seemed satised, and despite some mechanical issues with the other three cars, he said the teams ndings will be incorporated into the customer versions of the R8 LMS, which will be delivered this fall. Earning a double victory this year was Aston Martin. Driving a mildly modied version of the new V12 Vantage, company boss (!) Dr. Ulrich Bez teamed with Chris Porritt, Richard Meaden and Oliver Mathai to mount a conservative but progressive race pace that saw them take the

All through the night a great battle for the lead ensued between the Audi R8 and winning Porsche, also shown below in the Karussell. VWs Scirocco, right, finished 15th. Hey, is she wearing driving gloves?

lead in the SP8 class within four hours of the nish, and never look back. Their nal position in this public display of endurance: a respectable 21st overall, while another Aston, a V8 Vantage, won the SP10 class and nished 31st overall. Like Aston, VW won two classes with its Scirocco GT24. Vanina Ickx (former F1 driver Jackys daughter) teamed with Peter Terting, Klaus Niedzwiedz and Thomas Klenke to win the AT (alternative powertrains) class, driving a CNG-powered Scirocco that nished 17th overall, well ahead of many more powerful cars. And in SP3T, a class for cars with 2.0-liter turbocharged engines, VW took its third consecutive victory, the car of Jimmy Johansson, Florian Gruber, Nikki Thiim and Martin Karlhofer nishing an impressive 15th overall. Former World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz was in another Scirocco that ran well, but it got caught up in an accident not of its own making. As for Lexus, it treated the 24 like a private test held in public for its two V-10powered LF-As, ones race ending with a

re and the other nishing 87th overall, 41 laps behind the winner. Their presence at the Ring, with one of the cars in a at-black paint scheme, suggests strongly that Toyota is still testing and developing this front-engine supercar, which boasts a rear-mounted transaxle and a top speed in excess of 200 mph. Production LF-As, depending on the world economic picture, may go on sale in 2010 as 2011 models. Of note, BMW seriously considered building some M3s, much like the ALMS GT2 cars, to compete at the Nrburgring this year, but pulled the plug late in the game for economic reasons. Had the program come to fruition, we know of one American who would have jumped at the chance for a ride: Boris Said, the only American winner of this wonderfully eclec tic and awesomely challenging race.


R O A D & T R A C K & &

NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE PAY FOR A car or how powerful its engine is, how big its brakes are or how sophisticated its suspension is, ultimately, the ability to accelerate, to stop, to turn, indeed our very safety, depends entirely on four small patches of rubber that touch the ground. Of the myriad advancements in the automobile over the last 100 years, probably none is more underrated than the technological breakthroughs that involve those postcard-size patches of rubbermany achieved or rened in the heat of competition. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company supplied tires for Henry Fords first racers in 1901 and has, at one time or another, dominated virtually every kind of racing since. Goodyears were on the rst cars to lap Indianapolis at 100 mph and 200 mph and notched 30 Indy 500 wins. Among them is Arie Luyendyks victory in 1990, which at an average speed of 185.981 mph is still the fastest 500 ever. In 1996, Luyendyks four-lap Indy qualifying speed of 236.986 mph was also the fastest ever. Although Goodyear has scored a record 368 Formula 1 wins, more than twice as many as the nearest competitor, it is best known today for its support of NHRA drag racing and NASCAR. Making 150,000 race tires for the latter each year is arguably the most difficult and technologically chal104
R O A D & T R A C K


Goodyear may be the sole supplier in NASCARs Sprint Cup series, but its a tough task

Where the Rubber


lenging task in motor racingand one thats not always appreciated. That was the most pathetic excuse for a racing tire Ive ever been on in my professional career. So began a rant from Tony Stewart after the Atlanta NASCAR race last year, one of several events where Goodyear apparently stumbled, bringing a tire that lasted well but had such little grip that the drivers said it ruined the competition. Worse, at Indianapolis the designated tires wore so severely theyd only last 10 laps. It was a frustrating and humbling experience for the company that has made NASCAR tires for 54 years. It

was also a public relations nightmare, as drivers, the press and fans all pointed to Goodyear. In fact, it was a bum rap, says two-time NASCAR champion crew chief Tim Brewer. First of all, says Brewer, now ESPNs on-air technical expert, Goodyear drew the most difcult form of racing in the world, because they have the heaviest cars, 3400 lb., and they have to run at high speed in excruciating heat for a hundred miles or more. And nobody knew anything about the Car of Tomorrow, which, by the way, was intentionally designed not to handle. It &

He was a hardworking farm boy. She was an Italian supermodel. He knew he would have just one chance to impress her.

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was like a perfect storm last year. Well, I dont know about perfect, laughs Stuart Grant, Goodyear Racings General Manager, but it sure was a storm. Look, what Brewer said about the difculty inherent in making a NASCAR tire is true. Our car weighs more than twice as much as, say, a Formula 1 car, and has much less downforce and smaller tires. And yet, that NASCAR car races at much higher average speeds for longer periods of time. On the banking we put loads on the tires unheard of in any other kind of racing. At 185 mph, the right front alone will see over 4500 lb. Think about that. Thats 1000 lb. in excess of the weight of the car. But we know that and we accept those challenges. Grant says racing is in Goodyears DNA and that it has produced many innovations, such as the inner liners the company pioneered in 1966; in a sense, this was the rst run-at technology, a version of which is still used in NASCAR tires. Then there was the Gatorback rain tread pattern developed in Formula 1 in 1984, designed to sweep away water; within a year, that pattern was adapted to Corvette street tires. That was the origin of the almost ubiquitous directional sweeping tread patterns seen today. In this computer age, says Grant, the biggest technology transfer from racing to street tires is the tools our engineering people have developed to react to the challenges of competition, to model new designs accurately and quickly and get them on the track. The great struggle in 2008, Grant admits, was trying to keep up with the NASCAR teams rapid and relentless changes to make the brand-new Car of Tomorrow (COT) faster. One radical change the teams made had been banned by NASCAR when it was tried years before, but so far has been allowed with the COTthe practice of lowering the cars onto their bump stops for an aerodynamic advantageleaving the tires as the only suspension medium. Last time that worked, sniffs Brewer, was on a Conestoga wagon. But to Goodyear, it was just one of many adjustments. We were chasing a moving target, says Grant. You know, we make tires for all three NASCAR series, not just the Sprint Cup cars, so we have to make from 3500 4000 tires for each race weekend, 6500 for Daytona. That takes time. Last year wed do a test, nd a good tire solution, then go back and make them. By the time we got to the race, the teams had made so many changes, we ended up racing a completely different car than wed tested. And sometimes the tires that tested great no longer worked. It took us a while to get a handle on that. &

The suspensionless Car of Tomorrow gave Goodyear headaches at Indy 08.

At Indy, Brewer says there was a different problem. NASCAR asked the teams if they wanted to test there. Oh, no, we know what to do at Indy, is what they said. Well, they didnt know, because theyd never run the COT there. Goodyear was aware how rough Indys diamond-ground surface was, but it had always rubbered in by race day, resulting in normal wear and grip. Not so with the COT, they discovered. With 400 lb. less down-

force, greater slip angles and much less grip, the tires actually produced smaller-particle wear debris, the rubber scuffed off that normally lls the gaps in a track surface and provides traction. Instead, it just blew away, a fact conrmed by rubber dust-covered spectators outside Indys Turn 2 suites. Goodyear has since done extensive testing and analysis and brought a softer compound to Indy to nd the right balance between rubbering in the racetrack and heat management. During practice before this years Day-

tona 500, a tire failed on Ryan Newmans car and teammate (and owner) Tony Stewart slammed into him, eliminating both carsand prompting yet another public rant blaming Goodyear. In fact, it was later found to be a puncture, and while no apology was heard from the Stewart camp, other drivers came to the tiremakers defense. I think they do a fantastic job, said Jeff Gordon, and I think they learned a lot last year with this car and are only going to make improvements this year. I wouldnt want to be on any other tire than a Goodyear. By the 10th race of 09, the voluble Tony Stewart had even changed his tune. As odd as this is going to sound, Ive been impressed with how hard Goodyear is working. They continue to not sit on their hands. I mean, they keep trying different things and keep trying to nd combinations that make it better for us. ESPNs Tim Brewer, never one to mince words, is even more emphatic. Listen, if Chevrolet or Ford leaves us, its gonna disrupt us; if Toyota leaves, its gonna disrupt us; but if Goodyear leaves us, brother, we all go home.

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I have to say I really like racing motorcycles at the moment. It is just big fun really. It is so direct, sensational. The interesting thing for me is that I still can learn a lot, whereas in driving there is nothing left for me to improve on or even to prove. But you know, I have always been a motorsport guyI love racingso this is a kind of new challenge for me. It is something totally different than what I did before, because here the competition is just for fun. Do I plan on racing motorcycles professionally? I dont do it to reach something, I am way too old to really get into it, but I just do it for fun. I just started a short time ago, I do not have years of biking on my back, so nono plans to start a second career.
and after races, often at Maranello, when the different technical areas come together to discuss the results of the race and try to nd out which direction to go, both in development and for the next race. But it also means testing road cars, or any other things. I raced 11 years for Ferrari [winning ve F1 World Championships], and there are a lot of people there who I still consider friends of mine. The relationship with Ferrari is obviously very strong, so it was only logical for me to still be connected. Besides, Ive always been good at going down to the focus of a problem, listening, getting input from different sides and then identifying where the problem lies. Ferrari nds this useful, and I enjoy it. A lot of people tend to think that Im advising the drivers, but Kimi is a World Champion and Felipe was nearly World Championthey dont need to be told how to drive a Formula 1 car. Its really more on the technical side that I help, discussing with the engineers and also sometimes translating the driver feedback into technical information and vice versa. I also watch the competitors and look at the solutions that theyve foundstuff like that. With the new rules in Formula 1 this year, there was a limited amount of testing prior to the season, which was very valuable time for the current drivers, so I havent yet driven this years racing car, the F60. And with the new testing regulations, its getting more unlikely. But Im still one of the test drivers and Im prepared to do it. However, I have given a lot of input into the development of Ferraris recent road cars, also in testing themlike the 430 Scuderia and the new California. One of the other things Im involved with are my karting ventures, the Michael Schumacher Kart and Event Centre (in Kerpen, Germany) and the KSM Motorsport (Kaiser, Schumacher, Muchow) kart team. I love kart racing and I will enjoy working with the team and my partners. That I also contribute to developing young talent makes it even better. I grew up with it, I owe everything to this sport and I have never distanced myself from it. When I was a child, I always imagined working in that area somedayback then, Formula 1 was too far away for me. A nal note: Many people have been wondering how my wife, Corinna, feels about my new motorcycle racing hobby. She has been very understanding. She knows me well, and she is happy when I am happyas I am happy for her when she is doing her horseback riding.

I just want to enjoy


in racing, and this is what I am doing at the moment.

Surprisingly, there is not a lot that can be taken from four wheels to two. For me, it is just that I know a lot of racetracks, so when I go out there on a bike I know where to go. The rest is really different. In biking, there is much more involvement with your body obviously, which probably is the biggest difference. So far, I have done some races with KTM, and last year most of the races I did were in IDM Superbike, which is the International German Championship motorcycle racing series, riding a Honda Fireblade. That was cool, and I will probably do these series again this year. One of the things I was looking forward to most after retiring was not having xed plans and schedules, and just living my life. So really, I do not know. I do not know exactly what I want to do, or where I want to go. I just want to enjoy myself in racing, and this is what I am doing at the moment. But I have not given up on cars or Formula 1 altogether! Im an adviser in the true sense of the word, sharing my knowledge and experience with both the Ferrari Formula 1 team and Ferraris road car team. It means, for example, attending meetings before
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Large reinforced tread blocks enable a stiffer shoulder area for enhanced cornering. Staggered tread blocks enhance lateral stability for better handling. Stress control waves the wavy pattern of the shoulder blocks inside edge minimizes uneven wear and tire noise. Using variable pitch techology, the size and shape of the tread blocks is varied to help reduce pattern noise.

Three wide grooves quickly expel water to enhance wet traction.

Optimum sipe placement (nearly 700) promotes effective all-season performance. Aqua Cut Tusk Grooves have been specially designed to promote outstanding water evacuation. Tapered bead ller balances responsive cornering performance with the comfort of minimal road noise to deliver a premium driving experience.
Available in 16" to 19" sizes for premium sedans and coupes

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Mesh X













Sizes: 15, 16, 17 Finish: Silver with blue undercut stripe, Black with red undercut stripe












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FN01R-C Hot Version






















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Eagle GT







Avid Touring S

Assurance Fuel Max




Ecsta AST









Fuel saving tread compound helps reduce energy loss as the tire rolls and saves gas over the life of the tire. Wet and dry tread zones enhance all season traction.

Conti Pro Contact


g-Force Sport

Ventus HR II

Ventus V12 EVO K110



Primacy MXV4







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DynaPro ATm RF10


LT X M / S

Wrangler DuraTrac







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Whats Hot Down at the Slot?

were made happier still with slot cars. Ah, the heady ozone-and-machine oil aroma of a small, overworked motor; the scratchy tactile feedback of the controllers wiper arm sliding over the resistor; your cat swatting cars off the track in Turn 2 And theres the fantasy aspect. For a few glorious hours, you were Denny Hulme in a Can-Am McLarennever mind that you were weaving past the legs of the dining room table, not through the esses at Riverside. sssssssszzzzzzzzZZZZZZZTTTzing! (that zing part is when it ies out of the slot, barrel-rolls 14 times and comes to rest beneath the refrigerator). While I remember the HO-scale setsand heated debates among friends on the merits of Aurora AFX versus Tyco cars1/32 scale really seems to be

Many happy childhoods

on the resurgence. The bigger sets are quite a bit pricier and take up more space, but the cars larger size enables more realistic handling and incredible detail, on the level of a Tamiya static-display kit. And the recent digital revolution allows for crazy lane-change action, allowing up to six cars to run on two lanes. Each car is electronically bound to a specic controller, not a lane, so when one invariably ings itself from the racing surface, it can be repositioned in any slot. Oftentimes, a non-digital car can be modied for digital operation through a small circuit board/LED sensor upgrade. Sound like fun? Well, Scalextric has generously donated the set and the other cars you see here. Enter to win this slightly used equipment at

To en details, see for additional .com/win ck roadandtra

Slot Car way! Givea ter and


This set, with its bent gure-8 layout, packs a lot of action into a roughly 9 x 5-ft. space. With a well-timed press of a button on the controller, one lane-change section allows any car to switch slots, while the section pictured above allows an outside-in move. The detailing of the Porsche 911 GT3R, Dodge Viper and Aston Martin DBR9 is superb; at right you can see the longitudinal front-mount motor, the lane-change circuit board alongside it, and the LED lighting system. 112

R O A D & T R A C K &







Old-school racers should warm to this tinplate Maserati 250F, complete with a Juan Manuel Fangio driver gure. As its description implies, the body is formed of thin sheet metala throwback to the old production methods and theres excellent detail in the nned drum brakes, exhaust system and ller caps. Its a limited-edition piece with the production run capped at 5050 cars.






These are great bedtime reading for both the young and young-at-heart. The Scalextric book (shown open) documents virtually every slot car and wind-up toy produced since expert U.K. toolmaker Bertram Francis made the rst Scalex tinplate models shortly after the end of World War II; Schleichers book deals with digital cars, and offers performance tests of a huge variety of models, sample layouts and modications to both cars and track. Go to the website for a free online edition of his slot-car magazine.

-?10;:@1?@5:3;29;018?1=A5B-81:@@;#  -:0*A:01>%"  

2;><->@5/81? 95/>;:? :35:1<>;@1/@5;:5?@4191-?A>1;2-F 8@1>?-.585@E@;:;@6A?@@>-<05>@.A@4;805@2;>@418521;2@41F 8@1> H ;:1EC188:@1>:-@5;:-8:/#>5:@105:@41'%

""!" ""%"  )
&"  # )  "!%"  )# # )!"$  '( " ! "#"! ""%"  )" # )%" !! "# " ""$ '( " !


For the ultimate in slot-car portability, this sophisticated app for the iPhone or iPod Touch simply cant be beat. Run on an existing track, or build your own that you can e-mail to other friends who have the game. The action is amazingly shtail, then y out of the slot with too much speed; a little colored tail extends from the car to give a visual indication of throttle. The controller is a pressure-sensitive button that offers a surprising degree of modulation for both gas and brake. To boot, there are numerous camera views to choose from, and a very catchy soundtrack.



You can re-create the 1955 Mille Miglia in 1/32 scale with this 2-car collector set that has Stirling Moss and Jenks in the open-cockpit 300 SLR, plus its modern spiritual successor, Mercedes SLR McLaren. This non-digital limited-edition pair (our photo cars were No. 6160 of 8000) comes in a beautiful display box with a credit card-size certicate of authenticity.






The Time for Kei Has Come

Since the government announced its new Federal
CAFE standard for automakers doing business in the U.S. a few months back, the media buzz has been focused on electric vehicles. Next year, well see the rst wave of mass-produced electric cars on U.S. roads, leaving one to wonder how smooth the public transition will be going from gasoline to electric. Public perception is one thing, but asking Americans to adapt to a new lifestyle is quite another. Were a reluctant bunch when it comes to changeremember what happened when we tried to switch to the metric system? So, having our home outlets converted, creating charge stations on every other block and getting used to the time it takes to fully charge a car may take a while. In the meantime, I say bring over the kei car. These small-yet-efcient Japanese creations have been roaming the streets of Japan for years. The kei car represents the largest segment in Japans automotive marketby far. And its easy to see why; in Japan, where fuel is pricey (about three times that in the U.S.) and roads are small and narrow, these affordable, fuel-efcient cars are ideal. Kei cars, whose engines are limited to 660 cc by law, have yet to make their way across the Pacic because they were deemed too small for us (a Cadillac Escalade could eat one of these things for lunch). However, with the recent CAFE announcement, as well as the appearance of the Smart fortwo, isnt the time ripe for Japanese makers to bring them over? Mitsubishi has struck rstwell, sort of. The Tokyo-based company has announced that the i, one of the most popular kei cars in Japan, will be coming stateside. But instead of giving us the gasoline-powered version, the company is sending over the i MiEV, the electric-powered variant. See Tech Tidbits, July 2008, and Eclectic Electrics, March 2009. My question is: Why not also bring over the normal i? The base i S, which is powered by a 54-bhp inline-3 with variable valve timing, is priced below $11,000 in Japan (the i MiEV will be priced around $30,000 when it gets here in 2011 or 2012). The base i gets an estimated 48 mpg and is one of the cleanest burning cars on the planet. Despite its diminutive size133.7 in. overallthe i seats four adults comfortably, with the front seats easily holding a couple of 6-footers. Mitsubishi isnt the only player in the kei-car game. The perennial leaders of the segment have been Suzuki and Daihatsu. Suzuki has long been atop the kei-car molehill with cars like the Wagon R and Alto; its new Cervo SR is getting excellent reviews in Japan. The 4-seater is powered by a 64-bhp direct-injection turbocharged inline-3 and gets around 55 mpg. Imagine the impact the Cervo would have on Suzukis sales volume here in the U.S. Daihatsu, now owned by Toyota, caters to the sporty crowd with the Copen, a longtime favorite for enthusiasts on a budget. This little front-drive retractable-hardtop roadster has a 64-bhp inline-4 that allows the 1825-lb. car to act the part of sports car on twisty roads. It looks and feels like a VW Beetle thats been washed in hot water one too many times. Maybe asking Americans to live with anything less than 100 bhp is unimaginable, but theres nothing stopping the carmakers from putting a bigger engine under the hood (thus creating a new species, kei car plus). In fact, it has long been rumored that hot home-market keis actually have more power than the ofcially cited (and regulated) value, with some pumping out as much as 80 bhp. In whatever form, kei cars make sense here, especially in urban areas where parking space is limited and the average commute is generally less than 20 miles. Sure, it would require a signicant amount of cash to federalize these cars, but maybe the government can subsidize these costs. I say Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota and anyone else wanting to market these cars in the U.S. should roll into Washington D.C. together in a giant kei-car caravan and present their case to Congress. Build me one with rear-wheel drive and just enough power to get the rear tires loose, and Ill drift one there.

Isnt the time ripe for Japanese makers to

bring them over?

Daihatsus Copen roadster might be a huge hit in crowded cities such as New York. Top of page: the Suzuki Cervo and Mitsubishi i.


R O A D & T R A C K &


Truly Unique

Time travel at the speed of a 1935 Speedster?

The 1930s brought unprecedented innovation in machine-age technology and materials. Industrial designers from the auto industry translated the principles of aerodynamics and streamlining into everyday objects like radios and toasters. It was also a decade when an unequaled variety of watch cases and movements came into being. In lieu of hands to tell time, one such complication, called a jumping mechanism, utilized numerals on a disc viewed through a window. With its striking resemblance to the dashboard gauges and radio dials of the decade, the jump hour watch was indeed in tune with the times! The Stauer 1930s Dashtronic deftly blends the modern functionality of a 21-jewel automatic movement and 3-ATM water resistance with the receiving compliments, please return the watch for a full refund of the purchase price. If you have an appreciation for classic design with precision accuracy, the 1930s Dashtronic Watch is built for you. This watch is a limited edition, so please act quickly. Our last two limited edition watches are totally sold out!

True to Machine Art esthetics, the sleek brushed stainless steel case is clear on the back, allowing a peek at the inner workings.

Not Available in Stores

Stauer 1930s Dashtronic Watch $99 +S&H or 3 easy credit card payments of $33 +S&H

distinctive, retro look of a jumping display (not an actual jumping complication). The stainless steel 1 1/2" case is complemented with a black alligator-embossed leather band. The band is 9 1/2" long and will fit a 78 1/2" wrist. Try the Stauer 1930s Dashtronic Watch for 30 days and if you are not

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Isnt it About Time for a Turbocharged Small Pickup Truck?

Why havent manufacturers of small pickups offered the option of a small gasoline turbo engine recently? It seems it would offer a good combination of efficiency and power. The last one I remember was built by Toyota in the mid-80s. Jeff Woodford

Small pickups seem to have been passed by during the recently concluded truck frenzy, probably because there was more prot in larger trucks. Thus, we havent seen much new in small-truck development. Taking your thinking further, why not a small turbodiesel pickup? It would make useful truckfriendly torque and power along with great fuel economy, but costly emissions concerns and what we believe is a misunderstanding of the market have stymied this interesting combination. A turbo gasoline engine with modern electronic controlsdirect fuel injection perhapswould also be a breakthrough. But any turbo technology adds expense, a real issue with such a priceconscious market as small trucks. There are also good reasons why the Toyota turbo pickups went away. The small-displacement engine was anemic off-boost, dangerously so at high altitudes where it could take all afternoon for boost to arrive. A cheaper, simpler, but larger four-banger worked better.

plugs in the 2006 Explorer engine. It sounds like a lot of trouble to change these parts out for a negligible power gain. More aggressive aftermarket parts might seem an easy solution, but most of these would incur emissions legality issues, however. Better yet, just bolt on some real power and torque with an emissions-legal Explorer Express (888-397-5673; Roots supercharger for the 4.0-liter. At around $4000 the supercharger is simpler to install and provides power gains you can really feel with no compromises in daily-driver operation.

cold air intake is poor scal economy. Also recall that a Mazdaspeed3 is not a Miata, and changing the cold air intake on one will not necessarily replicate what a cold air intake will do on the other. Having the Nissan 370Zs computer blip the throttle on downshifts only smooths the gear exchange during clutch engagement. As you correctly point out, it takes throttle matching in the middle of the gear exchange to relieve the stress on the synchronizers.

How would Joe Citizen go about purchasing a new car, but have the engine dynamically balanced at the factory? I would think this would make the car last just that much longer and make ownership more comfortable. I have always wanted a vehicle where all the piston/connecting rod combinations weighed exactly the same and the crankshaft and camshafts were dynamically balanced but have never been able to justify it. Am I being completely ridiculous or is this something possible, short of tearing down a brand-new engine and having this work done at a high-performance machine shop? Mark Cook


Recently you improved the power of your Mazdaspeed3 by adding a cold air intake. I have a 2007 Mazda MX5 Miata and was considering this, not expecting the power increase you received, and was wondering what this would do to your mileage since no gears are changed. Would it be better or worse with similar driving habits? Also, in your test of the new Nissan 370Z you talked of the engine blipping the throttle during downshifts so heel-and-toe pedalwork is not necessary. I thought in heeland-toe downshifting you were to let off the clutch as you go through neutral and blip the throttle before re-engaging the clutch to go to the lower gears to help the synchronizers, or is it just to take the strain off the engine as you engage a lower gear? Dan Gutteridge


I have a 2004 Ford with the 4.0-liter 6-cylinder sohc engine. It is rated at about 180 bhp. I noticed in the February 2009 issue of Road & Track that the new Mustang offers a 4.0-liter sohc six, but now with 210 bhp. Given that these engines are not exactly the same, what kind of changes have been made to raise the horsepower with the same displacement? More importantly, can these changes be retrotted to the 2004 engine? Dick Schmidt

Because the cold air intake improves engine efficiencyrather than simply shifting the powerband to a higher rpmthe driver can either take advantage of more power or greater fuel efficiency. To get the latter the vehicle must be driven only to the cars original performance level. We should also note such improvements are not linearthe benets of a cold air intake are greater at high rpmso in the real world buying a

Are you sure about the 180-bhp rating? Our research shows the 4.0-liter at 207 or 210 bhp for years before and after 2004. Hardware changes of note are a plastic, equal-length-runner intake manifold in 2002 and a new calibration, improved emission controls, new camshaft and new spark-

Do you have a technical question?

Send it to, or Technical Correspondence, Road & Track, 1499 Monrovia Ave., Newport Beach, Calif. 92663. Be sure to include your rst and last name, hometown and state.

Yeah, youre wobbling toward eccentric here, Mark. No factory is going to gum up their assembly plant with a special order engine having a more thorough balance job. The only way to get that is to tear apart the new car for a eld modication. Of course, it wouldnt be worth it. Sure, a factory balance can typically be improved a little, but in reality youre letting perfection be the enemy of excellence. Real-world compromises such as minor variations in manifold shape or slight variables in fuel injectors or carbon deposits will thwart the glass-smooth experience you seek. Curiously you mentioned balanced camshafts. We have never seen such until very recently in a 9000-rpm drag racing engine. A 4-valve, 4-cam unit, the engine suffered for years from a bad vibration at high rpm, which was cured by dynamic balancing the four cams. Not only did the vibration end, but the modication also gained a little horsepower (which was already more than 2300 bhp anyway!).


R O A D & T R A C K & &

Braking from 80 mph, ft.

Braking from 60 mph, ft.

%*$ $)')%- $)!$%$


)%-%' $)%,!$ ( !$%*'(&!" $()$)( !+,-

 %*%*",!$)   !'()&'!.%'%$% %) '&'!.("*( $,!$ 
$()$)( +'-#%$) 

        *' :/34#/4#3*+6'#7#9;7''134#,'3+3 01'/ 40 -')#- 2'3+&'/43 0( 4*'  /+4'&4#4'3+/%-5&+/) "#3*+/)40/#/&#/#&#'8%'144*'1206+/%' 0(5'$'%#)' 020-&'2#44+.'0('/429#/&7*0 *#6'#6#-+&'.#+-#&&2'3306+'7%0.1-'4'( (+%+#-5-'3+/%-5&+/)#--'/429&'#&-+/'3)06'2/+/) 4*+337''134#,'36+3+4777*(.53%0..937''1 34#,'34#243
 #34'2/+.': 0/   /&3  :;0/
 !0+& +/4*'1206+/%'0(5'$'%#/&7*'2'120*+$+4'&$9 -#7 10/302 #%*'44' +-+1#%%*+ '&+#  +.+4/''/429 1'2 1'230/ 02'.#+-#&&2'33 1'2 %#-'/&#2.0/4*-9'/4291'2+0&

5-0910 $54,860 V-6 300 Acura RL1 TL SH-AWD1 7-09 $43,995 V-6 305 TSX 7-0810 $32,060 I-4 201 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione 1-08 $253,750 V-8 450 Aston Martin DBS1 3-0910 $276,140 V-12 510 V-8 380 V8 Vantage 1-0811 $127,200 Ameritech McLaren F1 12-97 $1,131,120 V-12 627 1 5-09 $49,975 V-6 265 Audi A4 3.2 Quattro A5 3.2 Quattro 7-0810 $48,565 V-6 265 1 10 A6 3.0 Quattro 7-09 $56,025 V-6s 300 R8 1-0811 $133,045 V-8 420 RS 4 6-08 $70,785 V-8 420 1 Bentley Continental GT 8-07 $189,495 W-12tt 552 10 1 Continental GT Speed 5-08 $226,555 W-12tt 600 V-8 414 BMW M3 Coupe DCT 12-0810 $65,000 M3 Sedan 6-08 $59,050 V-8 414 1 X6 xDrive50i 7-08 $73,925 V-8tt 400 Z4 sDrive35i 7-09 $57,500 I-6tt 300 135i Coupe 5-08 $43,670 I-6tt 300 1 5-09 $50,895 I-6td 265 335d 335i Coupe 8-07 $45,720 I-6tt 300 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 2-07 $1,482,700 W-16qt 1001 1 Cadillac CTS 12-07 $43,620 V-6 304 Chevrolet Camaro SS 7-09 $34,180 V-8 426 Cobalt SS 11-08 $23,510 I-4t 260 11 Corvette 1-08 $56,185 V-8 436 Corvette Z06 5-08 $79,595 V-8 505 Corvette ZR1 2-09 $117,000 V-8s 638 1 10 Malibu LTZ 3-08 $28,340 V-6 252 Dodge Challenger R/T 12-0810 $39,055 V-8 376 1 Charger SRT8 3-09 $46,125 V-8 425 Viper SRT10 4-0810 $92,535 V-10 600 10 Viper SRT10 ACR 4-08 $98,110 V-10 600 Ferrari Enzo 7-03 $652,830 V-12 650 11 $248,903 V-8 483 F430 1-08 599 GTB Fiorano F1 5-07 $319,408 V-12 611 Ford GT 12-03 $150,525 V-8s 500 10 Mustang Bullitt 7-08 $34,705 V-8 315 Mustang GT 4-09 $33,340 V-8 315 Shelby GT500KR 10-0810 $83,300 V-8s 540 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L 11-07 $30,595 V-6 268 FCX Clarity1 5-09 $600/mo. FC 134 S2000 CR 12-07 $37,000 I-4 237 1 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L V8 5-09 $42,000 V-8 375 Genesis Coupe 2.0T 7-0910 $27,500 I-4t 210 Genesis Coupe Track 7-09 $30,345 V-6 306 1 Inniti G37 Coupe Journey 7-09 $45,045 V-6 330 G37 S Sport1 3-0910 $39,8154 V-6 328 $65,475 V-8s 420 Jaguar XF Supercharged1 6-08 XKR Coupe1 8-08 $98,525 V-8s 420 512 Lamborghini Gallardo Spy. 4-0810 $255,761 V-10 Gallardo LP560-4 11-08 $251,260 V-10 552 10 Gallardo Superleggera 4-08 $255,745 V-10 522 Lexus IS F1 6-08 $64,205 V-8 416 1 LS 600h L 7-07 $106,315 V-8/Elec net 438 10 $72,505 I-4s 240 Lotus Exige S 240 9-08 Maserati GranTurismo1 8-08 $118,525 V-8 405 1 10 Quattroporte Sport GT 2-08 $128,925 V-8 400 10 $22,130 I-4 167 Mazda Mazda3 s 5-09 Mazdaspeed3 11-08 $26,640 I-4t 263 1 Mazda6 s Grand Touring 1-09 $32,790 V-6 272 R-2 232 RX-8 R3 12-0810 $32,580

271 275 172 354 420 302 479 243 243 310 317 317 479 533 295 295 450 300 300 425 300 922 273 420 260 428 470 604 251 410 420 560 560 485 343 448 500 325 325 510 248 189 162 333 223 266 270 269 413 413 376 398 376 371 385 170 339 339 168 280 269 159

4085 3955 3385 3495 3940 3605 2840 3810 3765 4125 3650 3785 5350 5170 3670 3585 52704 3460 3340 3960 3570 4470 3980 3860 2995 3285 3190 33254 3680 4100 4185 3445 3430 3230 3195 3865 33904 3520 3590 3885 35454 3575 2790 4015 3390 3470 3700 3670 4160 3880 3810 3595 3320 3825 5115 2065 4350 4125 3035 3145 3555 3110

6.2 5.9 7.5 4.2 4.1 5.3 3.4 5.9 5.5 5.5 4.3 4.5 4.3 4.0 4.3 4.6 4.8 4.8 4.8 5.3 4.8 2.6 6.0 4.6 5.4 4.3 3.4 3.3 6.0 6.2 4.9 3.4 3.4 3.3 3.8 3.2 3.8 5.1 5.3 4.7 5.9 8.6 5.3 5.5 7.2 5.7 5.4 5.2 5.0 4.2 3.8 3.2 3.4 4.2 5.4 4.3 4.7 5.4 7.5 5.7 6.2 6.3

15.3 14.7 @ 97.8 14.7 14.4 @ 99.1 18.8 15.5 @ 91.1 9.3 12.4 @ 115.4 9.2 12.4 @ 114.9 12.6 13.7 @ 104.4 7.7 11.6 @ 125.0 15.3 14.4 @ 97.5 13.8 14.0 @ 100.6 13.8 14.0 @ 100.8 11.0 12.9 @ 109.8 11.2 13.0 @ 108.1 11.0 12.9 @ 108.5 9.9 12.5 @ 113.4 10.0 12.7 @ 112.4 10.5 13.0 @ 110.4 12.5 13.4 @ 102.8 11.7 13.3 @ 106.7 11.9 13.4 @ 104.0 13.4 13.8 @ 101.4 11.9 13.4 @ 105.1 5.5 10.2 @ 142.9 15.0 14.5 @ 98.2 10.5 13.0 @ 111.1 12.8 13.9 @ 104.0 9.5 12.6 @ 115.7 8.0 11.7 @ 123.7 7.4 11.4 @ 125.5 15.8 14.6 @ 96.6 14.8 14.5 @ 99.0 11.4 13.2 @ 108.8 8.2 11.7 @ 122.8 8.0 11.6 @ 122.6 6.6 11.1 @ 133.0 8.8 12.0 @ 119.6 7.0 11.2 @ 129.3 8.8 12.2 @ 121.6 12.6 13.7 @ 103.2 12.7 13.8 @ 104.0 10.2 12.9 @ 116.0 14.5 14.5 @ 99.8 27.3 16.8 @ 84.3 13.7 13.8 @ 100.8 13.0 13.9 @ 103.8 18.7 15.4 @ 90.8 14.7 14.4 @ 99.1 13.0 13.8 @ 103.2 13.1 13.8 @ 103.0 11.4 13.4 @ 107.7 10.1 12.6 @ 111.9 8.8 12.1 @ 116.9 6.9 11.2 @ 129.5 8.1 11.7 @ 121.3 9.9 12.6 @ 113.8 12.6 13.8 @ 105.1 11.8 13.0 @ 104.5 11.7 13.3 @ 106.2 12.9 13.9 @ 103.8 20.0 15.7 @ 89.3 13.8 14.1 @ 101.3 15.5 14.7 @ 97.5 16.4 14.8 @ 95.2

1305 1285 1305 181 191 175 231 1305 1305 1305 1875 1555 198 2025 1555 1555 1555 1505 1505 1495 1555 253 1555 1555 160 190 193 205 1185 1425 1655 2029 1779 218 196 205 190 151 1455 1555 1305 1005 1505 1495 1375 1495 1555 1555 1555 1555 195 2025 195 1705 1305 150 1775 165 1305 1555 1315 1485

126 114 137 105 111 119 127 125 114 126 112 118 121 116 116 113 116 116 114 116 115 111 118 115 121 119 111 106 127 138 124 116 109 109 114 109 117 130 115 121 132 129 109 120 124 118 118 118 113 121 108 112 114 116 120 116 112 116 132 120 131 122

226 198 240 196 193 212 215 224 201 227 196 204 213 199 205 195 208 206 204 208 205 199 206 200 214 212 189 183 228 249 220 198 187 188 194 186 199 234 202 211 242 241 204 218 214 211 206 212 198 209 188 192 204 201 216 201 194 200 230 212 232 218

0.86 0.93 0.84 1.02 0.95 0.91 0.86 0.86 0.91 0.85 0.98 0.94 0.86 0.90 0.93 0.95 0.90 0.89 0.91 0.92 0.86 0.94 0.86 0.87 0.92 0.93 0.99 1.10 0.81 0.80 0.88 1.01 1.12 1.01 0.94 0.97 0.99 0.87 0.93 0.93 0.82 0.82 0.99 0.86 0.85 0.90 0.89 0.92 0.88 0.90 0.99 1.00 0.98 0.93 0.83 0.99 0.95 0.91 0.86 0.86 0.83 0.90

67.3 68.0 63.8 na 71.4 69.4 64.5 66.2 67.1 64.1 71.1 70.0 63.2 66.2 71.1 72.9 64.9 66.2 70.6 70.5 66.4 68.0 66.6 66.8 70.0 69.2 70.6 73.4 63.8 63.6 65.8 70.2 73.4 73.0 71.9 71.2 69.5 66.4 69.3 66.8 63.4 64.1 71.7 63.8 67.6 69.3 68.4 69.1 66.8 69.4 70.6 72.1 71.3 70.9 63.6 73.3 71.0 67.7 66.8 68.7 64.2 70.8

17.04 17.22 21.04 14.04 na 13.9 11.5 18.32 19.04 19.04 14.0 16.22 12.52 11.0 13.1 14.62 14.04 21.6 20.0 25.52 23.92 9.04 17.22 17.04 20.42 16.1 17.52 12.2 18.04 17.04 18.52 14.04 na 13.3 12.2 10.04 15.04 16.04 19.04 13.04 16.04 na 23.44 18.04 22.04 18.02,4 19.02,4 na 16.04 17.22 9.3 10.04 11.04 13.92 20.8 19.04 16.62 12.3 22.04 20.42 22.5 16.6


R O A D & T R A C K &

Our Fuel Mileage, mpg

mile, sec. @ mph

Horsepower (SAE)

Top Speed, mph4

0100 mph, sec.

Curb Weight, lb.

Price as Tested3

060 mph, sec.

Make & Model

Torque, lb.-ft.

Slalom, mph

Engine Type

Skidpad, g


Braking from 80 mph, ft.

Braking from 60 mph, ft.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG1 6-08 C350 Sport1 9-07 CL6001 8-07 1 CLK63 AMG Black Series 8-07 1 E63 AMG Wagon 7-07 7-0710 E320 Bluetec1 1 10-0610 S600 SL63 AMG1 8-0810 2-09 SL65 AMG1 SL65 AMG Black Series1 3-09 1 7-05 SLR McLaren Mini Cooper 10-0710 Cooper S Clubman 7-0810 Cooper S 11-07 John Cooper Works 2-09 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 8-07 Lancer Evolution GSR 3-08 Lancer Evolution MR 9-0810 7-0710 Lancer GTS1 Lancer Ralliart 11-08 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE Coupe 8-07 1 Altima Hybrid 3-0710 GT-R 5-08 Maxima 3.5 SV1 9-08 Sentra SE-R Spec V 6-07 Versa 1.8S Hatchback 4-0710 370Z2 4-09 Pontiac G8 GT1 6-08 G8 GXP1 3-09 Porsche Carrera GT 6-04 Cayman S2 4-09 911 Carrera S 4-0810 911 GT2 12-08 911 GT3 RS 4-0810 911 Turbo 5-08 Rolls-Royce Phantom1 8-0610 Ruf RK Coup 11-06 Saab 9-3Turbo X SportCombi 10-0810 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo 9-0610 Saturn Astra XR 3-08 Aura XR1 5-0710 Shelby GT500 Super Snake 12-07 Smart ForTwo passion coupe 3-08 Spyker C8 Spyder 3-07 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 12-0710 Impreza WRX 11-08 Impreza WRX STI 3-08 1 Tesla Roadster 2-09 1 Toyota Prius 5-0610 Yaris S Sedan 4-0710 Volkswagen CC3.6L4Motion1 7-09 GTI 6-07 Rabbit 4-0710 R32 12-0710 Volvo C30 Version 2.0 11-07 C70 4-07 S80 V8 AWD1 6-07 1 5-0810 V70

$63,930 $44,500 $148,775 $138,300 $93,660 $59,375 $160,000 $159,750 $198,175 $304,350 $455,750 $25,650 $29,100 $28,850 $31,450 $27,694 $33,625 $40,840 $21,990 $29,915 $25,515 $26,000 $72,880 $34,940 $22,715 $14,005 $33,740 $29,995 $43,280 $460,400 $65,780 $94,815 $198,875 $143,955 $135,470 $346,650 $245,000 $44,755 $602,442 $20,330 $26,269 $70,670 $15,625 $296,785 $17,640 $28,660 $39,440 $118,400 $29,195 $16,355 $42,630 $29,290 $19,845 $35,430 $27,700 $40,400 $56,025 $34,410

V-8 451 443 3920 4.1 9.7 12.5 @ 114.4 1555 113 201 0.93 69.3 15.12 V-6 268 258 3630 5.8 14.8 14.3 @ 98.2 1305 135 241 0.81 63.8 21.04 V-12tt 507 612 4810 4.1 9.6 12.4 @ 114.8 1555 119 211 0.86 62.6 13.02 V-8 507 464 3810 4.1 9.6 12.4 @ 115.0 1865 115 199 0.98 70.6 13.92 V-8 507 465 4510 4.1 9.5 12.4 @ 114.8 1555 118 210 0.84 64.5 14.2 V-6td 208 388 3860 6.7 17.2 15.0 @ 93.2 1305 129 232 0.83 62.0 24.0 V-12tt 510 612 4985 4.4 10.8 12.8 @ 109.9 1325 120 215 0.82 64.6 13.04 V-8 518 465 4420 4.0 9.5 12.4 @ 115.3 1865 120 211 0.89 66.6 10.0 V-12tt 604 738 45554 3.7 8.1 11.8 @ 121.6 1555 115 202 0.89 67.4 13.4 V-12tt 661 738 4215 3.9 7.9 11.8 @ 126.3 1995 112 192 0.99 70.3 14.2 V-8s 617 575 3860 3.5 7.5 11.5 @ 126.1 207 107 186 0.97 69.6 18.04 I-4 118 114 2545 9.1 na 16.9 @ 82.2 126 121 212 0.86 68.1 31.0 I-4t 172 177 2845 6.8 18.2 15.3 @ 92.1 1395 120 213 0.89 67.2 27.04 I-4t 172 177 2665 6.4 17.7 15.0 @ 92.6 1395 122 214 0.85 67.9 29.82 I-4t 208 192 2655 6.0 14.8 14.4 @ 98.9 1475 121 210 0.91 71.3 27.04 V-6 263 260 3570 5.9 14.7 14.5 @ 99.3 148 121 217 0.84 63.9 19.62 I-4t 291 300 3555 4.9 13.3 13.6 @ 100.9 1625 124 217 0.97 71.7 15.02,4 I-4t 291 300 3630 5.1 13.7 13.7 @ 100.2 1625 119 206 0.94 70.9 15.9 I-4 152 146 3110 8.5 24.1 16.5 @ 86.0 1255 126 226 0.82 64.7 23.04 I-4t 237 253 3540 5.4 15.1 14.1 @ 97.2 1305 129 227 0.84 66.7 17.32 V-6 270 258 3200 5.7 13.9 14.2 @ 101.2 130 130 234 0.84 65.2 18.72 I-4/Elec net 198 199 3540 6.8 17.5 15.2 @ 93.9 1135 136 242 0.76 58.8 37.04 V-6tt 480 434 3800 3.4 8.6 11.8 @ 116.5 193 108 191 1.01 73.4 17.52 V-6 290 261 3610 6.1 15.4 14.6 @ 97.7 1495 121 219 0.86 65.4 18.8 I-4 200 180 3075 6.6 16.9 15.0 @ 94.2 1305 134 246 0.87 65.3 22.12 I-4 122 127 2725 9.1 25.5 16.7 @ 84.1 120 135 232 0.78 63.2 32.52 V-6 332 270 3360 5.2 12.8 13.7 @ 103.9 1555 115 208 0.98 69.5 18.72 V-8 361 385 3910 5.0 12.3 13.5 @ 104.9 1405 119 221 0.85 64.3 16.04 V-8 415 415 4000 4.7 11.1 13.1 @ 109.4 1555 120 221 0.88 65.0 17.82 V-10 605 435 35304 3.6 7.0 11.3 @ 131.6 205 124 199 0.99 71.1 11.04 F-6 295 251 3100 4.8 11.6 13.3 @ 105.6 171 111 195 0.97 70.8 17.82 F-6 355 295 3295 4.1 10.3 12.6 @ 111.9 182 111 193 1.00 72.5 19.04 F-6tt 530 501 3265 3.4 7.7 11.5 @ 123.9 204 108 187 1.03 75.9 15.04 F-6 415 300 3215 3.9 9.0 12.1 @ 116.6 193 115 201 1.04 75.6 18.04 F-6tt 480 457 3550 3.4 7.9 11.7 @ 121.2 189 110 194 0.99 70.4 17.22 V-12 453 531 5810 5.9 15.3 14.5 @ 97.4 1495 123 219 0.77 57.9 11.7 F-6s 440 347 3210 3.8 9.2 12.2 @ 115.7 1705 117 200 0.96 70.1 14.9 V-6t 280 295 3910 6.4 19.2 15.0 @ 91.8 1555 127 225 0.80 65.1 17.3 V-8tt 750 700 29004 3.3 6.0 10.6 @ 139.8 250 119 210 1.03 69.9 13.04 I-4 138 125 2820 8.6 na 16.6 @ 84.4 1295 120 213 0.87 67.0 23.04 V-6 252 251 3660 5.9 15.3 14.5 @ 97.7 1155 132 241 0.77 61.9 19.04 V-8s 605 590 3915 4.4 9.1 12.5 @ 119.9 1505 118 204 0.93 68.4 15.6 I-3 70 68 1825 13.3 na 19.2 @ 70.5 905 130 230 0.72 57.6 32.04 V-8 400 354 2985 4.4 10.3 12.7 @ 112.0 160 120 204 0.92 67.1 18.0 F-4 170 170 30554 8.2 22.9 16.1 @ 85.6 1205 138 249 0.79 64.2 21.04 F-4t 265 244 3230 5.1 13.5 13.8 @ 101.0 1405 124 221 0.87 67.0 22.22 F-4t 305 290 3360 5.0 14.1 13.6 @ 98.2 155 119 209 0.90 69.8 16.02,4 Elec 248 276 2750 4.0 11.1 12.7 @ 105.3 121 119 210 0.92 68.6 132/chg4 I-4/Elec net 110 82 3090 9.7 46.04 17.3 @ 80.4 101 135 256 0.72 61.6 41.04 I-4 106 103 2295 8.5 25.7 16.6 @ 84.4 120 129 226 0.79 63.7 32.32 V-6 280 265 3855 6.1 15.5 14.5 @ 97.0 1305 127 225 0.91 66.5 19.22 I-4t 200 207 3255 6.3 16.8 14.9 @ 94.0 1305 120 210 0.89 66.8 17.32 I-5 150 170 3140 8.1 21.9 16.0 @ 86.3 1305 127 234 0.82 63.3 23.04 V-6 250 236 3720 6.0 16.3 14.6 @ 95.0 1305 134 237 0.85 65.9 18.2 I-5t 227 236 3200 6.5 16.3 14.9 @ 95.8 1495 122 218 0.85 66.3 22.82 I-5t 218 236 3785 7.5 18.9 15.7 @ 91.2 1505 120 217 0.83 65.0 25.82 V-8 311 325 4080 5.6 14.3 14.2 @ 99.4 1555 123 210 0.85 64.6 16.3 I-6 235 236 3530 7.3 18.6 15.6 @ 92.3 1305 131 230 0.82 63.0 21.54

Our Fuel Mileage, mpg

mile, sec. @ mph

Horsepower (SAE)

Top Speed, mph4

0100 mph, sec.

Curb Weight, lb.

Price as Tested3

060 mph, sec.

Make & Model

Torque, lb.-ft.

Slalom, mph

Engine Type

Skidpad, g


Pro-Plus & Sport-Plus

Suspension Packages
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Performance Handling Package



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Pro-Street-S Coil-Over Kit


Data apply to the model at the time (issue date) of testing. Legend: For engine types, I is an inline design, F is a at and R is a rotary. The number following the letter is the number of cylinders or rotor chambers. An additional letter, a t or an s designates turbo- or supercharging; d designates diesel; FC designates fuel cell; boldface=extremes in that particular category, excluding nonproduction cars; red=newest entries; na=not available, na/U.S.; 1automatic transmission; 2comparison test; 3price at time of test, some estimated; 4estimated; 5electronically limited; 6DIN bhp; 7from previous test; 8altitude-affected; 9aerodynamically limited; 10Road Test Update; 11performance data, no sideview. Back issues: $8.95 each ($10.95 Canada; $15.95 other foreign) in U.S. funds. Send check or money order to Road & Track, Back Issues, P.O. Box 50191, Boulder, Colo. 80322-0191, telephone (800) 333-8546. INTERPRETING THE NUMBERS: Factors that affect test numbers include air temperature, barometric pressure, condition of track surface, tune of test car. When comparing cars performances, look for the Significant differences in each category, as listed below. This is the amount of difference that is meaningful. ACCELERATION numbers are obtained using drop-clutch starts and lift-throttle shifts. Significant difference: 060 mph, 0.3 sec.; mile, 0.5 sec. TOP SPEED is typically as reported by the manufacturer, but occasionally we measure it on a closed test track. Significant difference: 5.0 mph. BRAKING distances are initiated when the pedal is touched, and just enough effort is used to avoid wheel locking; on cars equipped with anti-lock braking systems, the ABS is fully invoked. Significant difference: 600 mph, 10 ft.; 800 mph, 15 ft. HANDLING is quantified two ways: The skidpad measures steady-speed cornering grip around a 200-ft.-diameter circle (run in both directions). The slalom, run through eight cones spaced at 100-ft. intervals, samples both controllability and grip during transient handling. Significant difference: Skidpad, 0.02g; slalom, 1.0 mph. OUR FUEL MILEAGE is measured largely during urban driving and basically falls between EPAs city and highway estimates. Significant difference: 0.5 mpg.

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Nissans BEV Coming in 2010

Nissan is introducing a BEV, battery electric vehicle, to our shores next year, and Ive driven it already. Sort of. That is, it was a mechanically correct prototype, albeit one clothed in the guise of an older Nissan Cube, the companys boxy city car. The actual EV will be shown at one of this years upcoming auto shows, maybe Frankfurt, maybe Tokyo. (Provided there is a Tokyo Motor Show this year; alas, there have been rumors to the contrary.) In any event, here are details of the Nissans EVs mechanicals and, even more compelling, some insights as to how it will be brought to market.
Its no joke, but Nissan engineers as well as their boss Carlos Ghosn have hinted that itll be Batteries Not Included. Or more precisely, youll buy the (as yet unnamed) Nissan EV, but lease its lithium battery pack. There are several reasons why this makes business sense. First, the EV buyer/battery lessee puts out rather less cash and a bit less angst. Recall that these days a battery pack makes up roughly half the total EV cost (see Eclectic Electrics, March 2009 and archived at Thus, by leasing it, you get more battery for the buck. Also, what with battery technology improving (though hardly at Moores Law pace), youll not be stuck with todays technology for the life of the car. Its foreseen that an upgraded lease, no doubt at an upgraded price, could supply your EV with the latest battery technology. Also, of course, a lease would transfer to the next owner of the car. Theres a third aspect of this business model involving a second life of the battery. In time, perhaps 10 years, the pack will have lost its optimal recharging capability to the point that its no longer acceptable in an EV. Ah, but your local utility could still bundle it together with other aged packs and use them for off-peak storage of electricity. This is seen as a cost-effective strategy for electric companies to accomplish whats called load leveling. Its also essential if these companies are to exploit renewable sources that are inherently intermittent; wind and solar, to name two. Having the battery packs leased will simplify carrying out this second-life option. Its not clear what consumers will think of all this, however. Nor has price been disclosed, though Nissan says its aiming for the bell-curve peak of the car market. Im guessing high $20s/ low $30splus batteries, of course.

As for the driving, consumers will nd the 2010 Nissan to be a state-of-the-art EV, about Sentra size with unique EV styling. Its AC motor propelling the front wheels will have torque aplenty, enough to chirp the tires off the line if you insist. Its range will be around 100 miles based on the LA4 urban simulation (which includes lots of stop and go and even a quick dash onto the 101 freeway). Like any EV, though, dont expect 100 miles if you do much of that tire chirping. The car uses an innovative lithium battery developed jointly by Nissan and NEC, the latter now having manufacturing responsibilities. The basic cells use advanced manganese electrodes chosen for thermal stability. These cells are fabricated as laminations, not as conventional cylindrical cell shapes. This gives a packaging advantage when theyre combined into modules and ultimately into the nal battery pack. Therell be three recharging options: a typical overnight recharge using 110-volt house current; a 4-hour recharge through a 220-volt/40-amp line, the sort of thing supporting a home clothes dryer; or a super-quick 20-minute topping off requiring a 3-phase 480-volt/70-amp industrial-grade hookup. Nissan is devising home units of the 4-hour variety costing perhaps $400 plus installation.


Theres an expansion of safety information in this months single-car data panel. We cite the more innovative features becoming prevalent these days (i.e., blind-spot monitoring) and additionally those required by law in new cars (i.e., Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, TPMS). Also cited are headrest types that are beyond the basic required ones (i.e., active headrests).


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2009 Rossion Q1 1 of only 4 cars per month allocated to the USA. The Rossion Q1 was recently featured on The Robb Report Cover and will be featured in upcoming episodes of the Speed Channel program Supercars Exposed. The Rossion Q1 offers a unique combination of blistering performance (0-60 under3.3 sec), stunning good looks and exclusivity, A Bespoke handbuilt Supercar at a Sports car price. Visit us at or call today at 1 954 788 1001 for more infomation.

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47/ !9+,9,+ > ,=,9@ -(*;69@ 67;065 !90. 4(5<(3: ;663: :/6>9664 )96*/<9,  403,:

05(3 @,(9 -69 ;/, "(.6+( %67 $ (5+ ( ),(<;0-<3 690. 9<:; -9,, ,?(473, 05 /05( 3<, > 5(=@ )3<, 05;,9069 0;;,+ >0;/ -(*;69@ /(9+ ;67 *65=,9;0)3, ;67 :7+ (<;64(;0* ;9(5: 40::065 690.   ,*2,9 <967(   
 403,:  1974 JAGUAR XKE-V/12 ROADSTER

,(<;0-<3 ,?(473, 6- ;/, 3(:; @,(9 6- 796+<*;065 -69  %@7, 3,(405. )3(*2 > 9,+ 3,(;/,9 )3(*2 *36;/ ;67 690. */964, >09, >/,,3: +,(3 *64)05(;065 6- -(*;69@ ,8<074,5;A :7+ ;9(5: 40::065   >09, >/,,3:  
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These valuable coupons are only good when presented at your nearest Harbor Freight Tools store. Offer Ends 11/7/09. Coupons valid in Retail Store Only. Coupon not valid on prior purchases. Coupon cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. This coupon cannot be duplicated in any manner including photocopies and computer printouts. Original coupon must be presented in order to receive the discount.

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LOT NO. 46163

15" x 13" ALL PURPOSE

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These valuable coupons are only good when presented at your nearest Harbor Freight Tools store. Offer Ends 11/7/09. Coupons valid in Retail Store Only. Coupon not valid on prior purchases. Coupon cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. This coupon cannot be duplicated in any manner including photocopies and computer printouts. Original coupon must be presented in order to receive the discount.


These valuable coupons are only good when presented at your nearest Harbor Freight Tools store. Offer Ends 11/7/09. Coupons valid in Retail Store Only. Coupon not valid on prior purchases. Coupon cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. This coupon cannot be duplicated in any manner including photocopies and computer printouts. Original coupon must be presented in order to receive the discount.


These valuable coupons are only good when presented at your nearest Harbor Freight Tools store. Offer Ends 11/7/09. Coupons valid in Retail Store Only. Coupon not valid on prior purchases. Coupon cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. This coupon cannot be duplicated in any manner including photocopies and computer printouts. Original coupon must be presented in order to receive the discount.

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At Falken, we believe a race is not just a race, its a test bed. Our rich motorsports expertise spans from Japans Super Taikyu endurance racing to Germanys 24 hours of Nurburgring and now the prestigious American Le Mans Series. As a result, ultra-high performance products including the FK452 are born. The newest addition in the FK Series, Falkens agship luxury sport tire, covers the application spectrum from OEM sizes to exotic staggered tments for sport-tuned automobiles while delivering a perfect blend of road gripping performance and daily driving comfort.

13649 Valley Blvd. / Fontana, CA 92335 / Tel: 800.723.2553 Fax: 909.466.1169 &

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It sips gas. Its available with XM Radio and a Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. * But be warned. At 20/27 mpg city/highway, it can become quite habit forming.

The Honda CR-V. Something new to crave. 1-800-33-Honda

EX-L model shown. *The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System is available on EX-L models in the U.S., except Alaska. See your Honda dealer for details. 20/27/23 EPA-estimated city/hwy/combined mpg for CR-V 2WD models. Use for comparison only. Actual mileage will vary. XM subscription available after 90-day trial period. 2008 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. &