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Personal Information
Address: S.Hari Krishna(babloo)
S/o: S.Mahender Hno 13-127/3/b Raghavendra nagar,Near Church, Medchal, ,Medchal (village &mandal) Pin Code: 501401 RR Dist,Andhra Pradesh,India DOB:17/07/1991 Website: E-mail: Home:9666456587 Mobile: 7569059970

To establish my self as an Engineer in a organisation with a motivating, competitive and learning environment where my technical and managerial experience can be put to use.

2008-2012 2006-2008 2008 Graduate student in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING
Pulla Reddy Institute of Technology,Wargal.Andhra Pradesh (Persuing With Aggregate of

(10+2)UnderGraduate Student In MPC (MATHS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY)

New Government Junior college,Secunderabad,Andhra Pradesh. New Little Lilly High School,Jeedimetla, Secunderabad

63%) 78.9% 79.3%

SSC(Secondary School Certification)

Semister Projects
Kernelsoft Technologies:
o Kernelsoft is an Embedded Mobile platform development company. Kernelsoft has a Vision of providing the technology driven solutions with its own manufacturing, ensuring the retention of technology for a longer time and position the company is unique Brief Project Description:Making Official Website for the Organisation OS Used: Windows 7 Tools Used : Dreamweaver,Expression web,Photoshop Language used: asp,aspx,HTML,CSS,Spry Duration of Project: October 2011 to January 2012

o o o o o

The Music Store Application:

o Brief Project Description: Create an ASP.NET MVC application from scratch based on the Music Store Application Add Controllers to handle URLs to the Home page of the site and for browsing its main functionality Add a View to customize the content displayed along with its style Add Model classes to contain and manage data and domain logic Use View Model pattern to pass information from controller actions to the view templates OS Used: Windows 7 Tools Used: Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC SQL Server Database(Express edition or above) Language used: c#,Html,CSS Duration of Project: October 2011 to January 2012

o o o o o

College website for Fest(Conoscenza):

o o o o o Brief Project Description: Fest for Conoscenza a National Level Technical Symposium . Event conducted at Pulla Reddy Institute of technology OS Used: Windows 7 Tools Used: Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Flash Language used:HTML,CSS Duration of Project: October 2011 to January 2012

Friends In: A Social Networking Web Site:

o Brief Project Description:Social Networking Website with features like Virtual community for friends, sending and receiving messages,add,block,unblock friends, Post testimonals OS Used: Windows 7 Tools Used : Dreamweaver,Photoshop Language used: PHP,SQL,Html,CSS Duration of Project: October 2011 to January 2012

o o o o

College Logos(Including Branchwise Logos):

o o o o Brief Project Description: Making of Branchwise Logos in College for all Departments OS Used: Windows 7 Tools Used: Photoshop Duration of Project: October 2011 to January 2012

Technical Skills
o o o o o o o Professional Photoshop Artist Professional Application User Of Dreamweaver,Expression Web,Wamp,Xamp Web Designing using HTML5, PHP, HTML, JavaScipt, JQuery Can Develop and Publish a Web Site Programming languages C, C++, C#, VB Database Languages Oralce ,SQL, SQL,Server 2005, SQL Server Express Edition 2008 Multi-tasking, creative, excellent team player and can work independently.

o o o Got an Internship to work with Kernelsoft Technologies for the Development of Windows Phone Application Working with social Media for developing Road Maps, Android Apps Worked with KERNEL SOFT TECHNOLOGIES for development of video drivers in WINDOWS CE (Windows Embedded Software)

o o o o o o o Made An Official Website for KernelSoft Technologies Made An Official Website for Osair Technologies(MNC) Worked On the development of WEBCAM Drivers Using Windows CE As a Part Of InternShip At KernelSoft Technologies Organised Paper/poster Presentation for CSIT Depts for Conoscenza A National Level Technical Symposium at our College Succesfully Designed a Web Site For College Fest(Conoscenza),Brochure,Poster Made an SMS channel for my College for Sending Information and Alerts to Students Daily Worked as Class CR for Two Semesters

o o o o o Highly achievement oriented with an ability to develop effective strategies. Ability to work individually and team player. Easy Adaptability to various works environments Ability to work under time and accuracy pressures Self motivation and hardworking nature

o o o o Making MY Own Web Site Templates for Different Platforms Hard core PC Gaming Making Dreamy Pics,Fantasies,Abstracts,Logos,Advertaiments Using Photoshop Making Short Films, Fan Made Videos

I have furnished the entire details about my academic career, which is true to my knowledge. Place: Date: