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Daedric Quests are tasks performed for Daedric Princes.

Their appearance has become somewhat customary for games in The Elder Scrolls series, and have returned in The Elder Scrolls ! Skyrim. "any of the #uests are given when the Dragonborn discovers the Prince$s shrine. Some Daedric Princes, however, will not give their #uests from their shrines. These #uests can, instead, be found at specific places or specific times. These Princes are %&ura, 'oethiah, (lavicus ile, )ermaeus "ora, )ircine, "alacath, "ephala, "eridia, "olag 'al, *amira, Peryite, Sanguine, Sheogorath, aermina, and "ehrunes Dagon. *octurnal does not give any #uest, rather she plays a ma+or role in the Thieves ,uild #uestline. The Skeleton -ey is a Daedric artifact which belongs to her and can be gained through the Thieves ,uild #uestline, but does not contribute to the Daedric .nfluence or /blivion 0alker achievements1trophies. The only Prince that has no artifact or presence in Skyrim is 2yggalag.

%&ura! The 'lack StarEdit The #uest at %&ura$s Shrine asks the player to retrieve the defiled %&ura$s Star, an $infinite$ soul gem that has appeared in other games. The Dragonborn must recover %&ura$s Star from .linalta$s Deep and, upon success, will have two options! %3 bring it back to %&ura$s shrine, or '3 bring it to *elacar, a resident of the inn at 0interhold, who helped earlier in that #uest. Depending on what you choose you$ll either recieve %&ura$s Star or the 'lack Star. Either choice will re#uire the player to enter the Star and defeat the necromancer that is defiling %&ura$s Star from within. .f the player brings %&ura$s Star to %&ura, they will be rewarded with the purified variant of the Star, which can only absorb the souls of lesser creatures 4%ranea .enith, the Priestess of %&ura who gave you the #uest will also become a follower3. 'ring the Star to the necromancer that helped the player, and they will be rewarded with the 'lack Star, which can absorb the souls of *P(s. 4The souls of *P(s count as ,rand5level souls3.

6evel 7e#uirement! *one.

'oethiah! 'oethiah$s (allingEdit The Ebony "ail is a variation of the Ebony %rmor chestpiece. The #uest re#uires that the Dragonborn sacrifice one of their followers after which 'oethiah will speak to the player and her followers. She commands the Dragonborn and her followers to fight each other to the death, with the last man standing having the honor of completing a task in her honor. The task is to hunt down and kill her champion, at -nifepoint 7idge, taking the Ebony "ail from him and wearing it thus making the player her new champion. 6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel 89

(lavicus ile! % Daedra$s 'est :riendEdit The "as#ue of (lavicus ile is a )eavy %rmor helmet, which is given by (lavicus ile after returning the 7ueful %;e. The #uest begins in :alkreath after ac#uiring the task of luring out a stray dog the 'lacksmith is interested in. <pon finding the dog, to the player$s surprise, it talks. )e then leads the Dragonborn to (lavicus$ Shrine at the back of )aemar$s Shame. (lavicus agrees to take back 'arbas 4the dog3 if the player collects the 7ueful %;e from 7imerock 'urrow and returns it to him. %fter ac#uiring the a;e, he offers a deal! to let the Dragonborn keep the a;e if the player kills 'arbas with it. .f the player chooses not to kill 'arbas, he or she will receive the "as#ue of (lavicus ile instead. *ote! The 7ueful %;e does */T count as ile$s Daedric artifact.

6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel =9

)ermaeus "ora! Discerning the TransmundaneEdit The #uest Discerning the Transmundane awards the Dragonborn with the Skill 'ook, the /ghma .nfinium. To begin this #uest, the player must go to Septimus Signus$ /utpost 4.t doesn$t matter whether you visit the outpost during the main #uest or not> it will not hinder the player$s progress in either case3. %fter recovering the 6e;icon Signus gave to the player and transcribing it, Septimus will give the Dragonborn the essence e;tractor which must be used to gain samples of the blood of the :almer, 'osmer, Dunmer, %ltmer, and /rsimer. )owever, one can not collect blood from those who suffer from vampirism even if they are the correct race, this could be because their blood is not pure. <pon doing this, return to Septimus who will unlock the Dwemer lockbo; to reveal the /ghma .nfinium. )owever, upon the .nfinium being revealed, Septimus tries to take it and is immediately disintegrated by )ermaeus "ora 4who appeared earlier in the #uest3. )ermaeus "ora then allows the Dragonborn to take the /ghma .nfinium, which will allow the player to choose to increase all of the "age, Thief, or 0arrior skills by ? points each.

*ote! % glitch has been found for the /ghma .nfinium allowing the player to read it several times, thus leveling up as much as they please. 4see /ghma .nfinium 5 E;ploit section3 This glitch has been fi;ed as of patch =.@.

6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel =?

)ircine! .ll "et 'y "oonlightEdit

The #uest .ll "et 'y "oonlight awards the Dragonborn with either The Savior$s )ide or )ircine$s 7ing. To begin this #uest the Dragonborn must travel to the +ail underneath the :alkreath$s ,uard 'arracks and speak to Sinding. )e$ll give the Dragonborn the (ursed 7ing of )ircine. )e tells the Dragonborn that the beast in the woods must be killed. The beast reveals to be )ircine, who then tells the Dragonborn they must go to 'loated "an$s ,rotto and choose to either kill Sinding for the )ide or spare him for the 7ing. *ote! 'oth reward items 4The Savior$s )ide and the 7ing of )ircine3 can be retrieved following these steps. :irst, when the Dragonborn begins the hunt, Sinding will speak with them. The Dragonborn must select the option to spare Sinding$s life. *e;t, after all the hunters have been killed, the Dragonborn should speak to him. %fter the #uest complete notification has appeared, Sinding should be killed. )e should not be skinned yet. The Dragonborn must then go outside and )ircine will speak to them, where they should select the option A. failed to bring down SindingA and wait for the dialogue to finish. The Dragonborn should now have the 7ing of )ircine, with the curse removed. The Dragonborn should now go back in the cave and find Sinding$s body, skin it, and )ircine will appear again. %fter the dialogue, the Dragonborn should now have both the Savior$s )ide and the 7ing of )ircine.

6evel 7e#uirement! *one

"alacath! The (ursed TribeEdit To obtain olendrung the Dragonborn needs to approach the orc stronghold 6argashbur. There, a female orc called %tub re#uests assistance with lifting a curse from the settlement. The first part of this side#uest re#uires Troll :at and a Daedra )eart. This #uest eventually leads to killing a leader of the giants and then either killing or letting the orc chieftain die. 6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel =9

"ehrunes Dagon! Pieces of the PastEdit "ehrunes$ 7a&or is the dagger from /blivion that was previously used by the "ythic Dawn. .t can be obtained by completing a simple chain #uest. The first part of the #uest involves visiting with a descendant of the assassins of <riel Septim .., Silus, who runs a small museum dedicated to the "ythic Dawn. .t holds several items from /blivion! the (ommentaries, "ythic Dawn outfit, the sheath to the 7a&or, and the page from the "ysterium Bar;es. The first portion of the #uest has the Dragonborn gathering the pieces to "ehrunes$ 7a&or. %fter that the player must then meet Silus at the Shrine of "ehrunes Dagon, speak to "ehrunes Dagon himself, and kill Silus to complete the #uest and earn the reward. 6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel C9

"ephala! The 0hispering DoorEdit

%sking )ulda the bartender at The 'annered "are in 0hiterun about rumors turns up gossip about 2arl 'algruuf$s son, *elkir. Talking to the 2arl reveals that *elkir is troubled and he asks the Dragonborn to speak to him. *elkir e;plains that a door in the basement is telling him secrets. ,oing to the door, a voice orders the player to open it. *elkir will e;plain that the 2arl and :arengar Secret5:ire are the only people who have keys. The player must pickpocket the key from one of them in order to gain entrance to the door. .nside the player will find an Ebony 'lade, along with a book providing a warning to whoever uses the weapon. The #uest then completes. "ephala will e;plain, however, that the weapon needs to be recharged with the 'lood of Deceit in order to increase it$s power. This will re#uire the player to kill friendly *P(s 5 for every two *P(s killed by the Dragonborn, the weapon increases in power, adding D to the strength of the %bsorb )ealth effect 4up to the ma;imum of 893> killing =9 friendly *P(s will ma; out the strength of the %bsorb )ealth Enchantment.

6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel C9, completion of main #uest $Dragon 7ising$.

"eridia! The 'reak of DawnEdit Dawnbreaker, a one5handed enchanted sword, can be obtained by speaking to "eridia at the Statue to "eridia and completing her #uest. This is a simple #uest that re#uires the Dragonborn to find her beacon, and then to Alead "eridia$s lightA through the dungeon underneath her Shrine. .n order to do this, the player must activate pedestals with little glowing balls of light, in se#uence throughout the dungeon. The dungeon itself is filled with Draugr and (orrupted Shades, and is somewhat complicated to navigate. %t the end the player will have to defeat a powerful *ecromancer, "alkoran, who apparently defiled her Shrine. <pon defeating him, the Dragonborn will retrieve the sword, Dawnbreaker, and receive "eridia$s blessing.

% glitch can occur that will drop you to your death. /n P( To survive the fall, open the command bar 4E3 then type T," to activate ,od mode. after you survive the fall, you can type T," again to deactivate it and continue playing legitimately. This #uest is also good for gathering gold as the many Desecrated (orpses in the shrine can hold up to =99 gold each.

6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel =C

"olag 'al! The )ouse of )orrorsEdit The "ace of "olag 'al can be found in the city of "arkarth. /nce walking through the main gate, outside of the A%bandoned )ouseA, a :ollower of Stendarr will ask the Dragonborn if they have seen anyone entering or leaving. ,oing through the conversation will trigger the

#uest The )ouse of )orrors. Fou have to enter the house then go through it till you get to a small shrine which contains the 7usty "ace 4"ace of "olag 'al3. The shrine will speak to you and tell you to find a certain priest, who has been captured. /nce you get back to the shrine with the priest the shrine will speak then the priest will turn hostile, and then you have to kill him with the "ace of "olag 'al. /nce this is complete the player will be rewarded with the "ace of "olag 'al. 6evel 7e#uirement! *one

*amira! The Taste of DeathEdit To begin the #uest the player must go to the bartender in the Silver5'lood .nn or talk to 'rother erulus at the <nderstone -eep )all of the Dead entrance. Something has been eating the dead and he needs someone to investigate. erulus will give the player a key. The player will then meet Eola in the )all of the Dead in "arkarth, where she will accuse them of being a cannibal. She then asks the player to meet her at 7eachcliff (ave where they have to clear the cave of Draugr. %fterwards Eola will have the player bring 'rother erulus from "arkarth to the shrine. /nce there the player must kill erulus and eat his flesh. *amira will then speak to the player and grant them her ring. The 7ing of *amira grants the user with ?9 e;tra points of Stamina and feeding on corpses grants a bonus to health regeneration.

6evel 7e#uirement! *one

Peryite! The /nly (ureEdit <pon finding the shrine, *ortheast of "arkarth, the Dragonborn should speak to -esh the (lean. )e will ask for a silver ingot, a Deathbell flower, ampire Dust and a :lawless 7uby. /nce these items have been obtained, the player should talk to -esh again to have him make the incense. The player will inhale the incense and begin talking to Peryite. )e will ask for the player to travel to 'thardam& and kill an elf named /rchendor. %fter he is slain, the player can return to Peryite and claim Spellbreaker. 6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel =9

Sanguine! % *ight to 7ememberEdit This #uest gives the Sanguine 7ose, which is a staff that summons a Dremora for G9 seconds. This #uest can be prompted by entering a drinking contest with a mage in a bar1tavern named Sam ,uevenne. <pon finishing the Drinking (ontest the player will wind up in "arkarth, in a temple. )owever, the player has to find or get approached by certain people in the game 5 most of the time causing an inconvenience to the player as they will be asked for money as reparations for what the player did as a result of the drinking contest.

6evel 7e#uirement! 6evel =D

Sheogorath! The "ind of "adnessEdit 0abba+ack is a staff, given by the daedric prince of madness, Sheogorath. The "ind of "adness #uest is started in Solitude when talking to an apparently insane homeless man, named Dervenin, who claims his master is on vacation in the Pelegius wing of the castle 4*ote! .f the player cannot find Dervenin, they can go to The 0inking Skeever and ask the 'artender if he has heard any rumors. )e will then tell about a weird old man walking Solitude. 0hen the player investigates, they are transported inside the mind of the mad king Pelagius. There, they find Sheogorath who offers the player a bargain! escape Pelagius$s mind, and he will return. %t the completion of the #uest, he rewards the player 0abba+ack, a staff that when cast transforms the target into another creature, summons a minor creature to attack the enemy, summons a lightning cloud and, in one case, completely destroyed the enemy, scattering coins all around, and more.

6evel 7e#uirement! *one

aermina! 0aking *ightmareEdit Speaking to Erandur, a follower of "ara, in the 0indpeak .nn in Dawnstar will begin a #uest to end the nightmares, 0aking *ightmare, which involves a visit to the *ightcaller Temple. %fter following all the #uest updates, the player will reach the end scene, as Erandur casts a spell to destroy the Skull of (orruption, a Daedric weapon which has been causing the nightmares.

)ere the player can kill Erandur as aermina commands and take the Skull as a reward, or let him complete his spell to destroy the Skull. .n the latter case, he can become a follower.

6evel 7e#uirement! *one